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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  June 22, 2018 5:00am-5:55am EDT

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and foxe age o wife and global trade could happen in radar. there it is this morning. about two weeks the u.s. will rain heaviest down far towards d begin >> new this morning, president pro tip for fruit loversab trps making the cover of giant has unbeliev produce prices. fredericksburgpe creulpe ar somt "time" magazine again. know going floodingons. his son. >> happening today, theropean theover showing a crying so you'll never have to choose between your favorites. inrnreoh he little girl with the president i thought i was your favorite.o od>>chao ts aloayng o the natn'r eutory that a looming over her with the southern half of the beltway caption welcome to america. take a frek at giant's produce prices. and through the morning hours today this is likely to be the image marks a tumultuous with us so t do grab patrol seeks more clarity abouti an eve order weekkl of bach over the t umbrella as you're about to headut and about as there's reversing the practice of president's zeolerance fustre8:ca,wi sho b 8:30 this ms immigration policy andng ofou rn.ab y not that widespread separating migrant lawmakers onl sepa migrant children from their parents. raject one ition reform bill and delay >> some are saying the flotus but the pointeing rain made a fashion fl with a likely as we get our way through the morning hours. as we work our way into the virginia's governor orders an jacket. investigation into the the green colored jacket is treatment of detained migrant from is a are a but ha zara. trnaper off children after allegations of abuse surface at a facility inen teatnssconithre lots of clouds around and again, that spotty andoah. drizzle and as we head into d.c. sniper appeal. a new sentencing hring is her spokeswoman insists there the evening hours we could get a littlee heeady rain try and mo is no hidden message behind thes jacket. wo she removed it when ordered. x5 morning at 5:00 town, 8, 9, 10 o'clock tonight. she arrived at the t we'll keep an eye on all of that fou y seven-day forecast. starts right now. as detention centerpr trump tweetet what about tomorro it could the jacket. he wrote ttheen message refers . annger t o t cloudsrs g aoftblly fgafime. >> ♪ >> good morning to you. believe we're seeing be and we p thank you for u joinings. >> it's friday.
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it's june 22nd and of cours mike and erin are both here. team iset compl thunderstorms for your weather and traffic is the first thing we're going to saturday afternoon. talk about little difrent on sunday. mike we'll start with you. >> lad'rs good morning. looks drshr p-moreine, we tracking rain this morning, particularly stho,stoo s,ghli those of you waking up in virginia though it is trending thahat' cs weather. erin with traffic. towards we'll let yw how long it's going to last and what >> 5:55 right now. we're taking a look at t about that weekend. answers coming up. hi erin. roads. traffic is on 295 direcon >> what about that weekend, mike? we need to know. traffic is quiet despite the rainnd metro is on time. to and from the bottom side of take that,ha friday. the beltway to the 11th street 5:01 right now. bridge. problems 95 coming throh laurel. let's get you to t headlineswite in fact to and from t baltimore beltway to the starting with a mother and son capital beltway you are wide opened there a well as bw separated at the u.s.-mexico border are reunited overnight ngparkway. movings over some heavier rain inri virginia. inur area. t now the inner loop looks >> their case settled for n great by the wilson bridge. but how hundreds of other immigrant families will be the light rain there south of that point we are seeing air.ited remains up in the heavier rain through sfford coming u from fredericksburg. fox5's melanie alnwick following all of these outer loop looks good in college park. no problemshere. developments live from caps ol hill forthis morning. and w seeing quiet good morning, mel. conditions 66 despite some >> reporter: goodd morning, heavier rainssalling through mana right now. an senior administration you can see some road spr. officials have td the watch for the potential to associated press that about hydroplane. other than yourds roa metro rail lines on time. 500 of the some 2300 kids have i'll let you kw if anything been reunited but there really seupops 6 a b o'cloutck hour thisy, traffic isda fx5rier
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doesn't seem to be any organized pn yet forgetting united.t of thosere kids as you mentioned, just moments morning at 6:00 ago, one of those reunions did a.m. sno ts been just over a weekce happen at bwi airport. take a look at theeo vidhat ed tagore where un was obtained by fox5. denuclearize therem ngpeninsula. and here you see the mother the president says they're already moing moves t do so deilsde evi ahead. s and seven-year-old son darwin. together again after a mth. >> uber drivers definitely now they crossed the border in driving up sales with tha arizona in may requesting pro tip: gianraspberries for prices on produce. john.. option so how much did theymaket asylum. she says her son was rped strawberries for amy... from her arms by immigration what's a jicama? ea y ts?r j s thatry and much more aad thanks! take a fresh look at giant's produce prices. officials. she was backed by aup legal at 6:00 a.m. advocacy. >> ♪ >> ♪ she was able to pay bail then went to federal court in d.c. this week suing to get her son back. they do plan to live in texas while she waits for her polical asylum claim to be proces od. now heren capitol hill, there was little progress on a >> all right. is our time. there's your destination, mo. long term solution that would prevent situation like these it's a live look at the reston town center this morning. as one hard linemmigration that where our trip is going to be today. bill failed and house publican leadership decided cker is going to join us inou14t to hold off t vote on a second bill. now, that one does allan all off and then mo is going t families caught to go out i there, tonys going crossing the border to be held to be there and erin is going
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together funds detention to be there. should be fun time. facilities. it also provides a pathway to even thoughhe weather may citizenship for iaca not entirely cooperate, i hear we've got it covered so excuses not t come out, recipients buts in exchange for border wall money folkex d a new merit bas l system >>cuses at all. we want to see everybody out ther rain or shine fox5 knows egal immigration and how to put on a party right. department went toourt come out to reston virginia. tryingn to ove the flores right now there's a little bit set. that's the one that limits theen time that migrant ch can of light rain shower activity. be detained with their nothing overly heavy. nothing to stop you fromco families to 20 days. ng out. off to the north and west ofng the trump administration is to 20,000 detained migrants at town the i-81 towards harstown down through the are pf military bases so you can see thatho even th the steadier rain. along the i-66 a south of itnd rt of letting up on tha tso be that's where some of the zeroerance policy in some heavst has beelpeperldsubeuse ways, in others, if they areng 20,000 migrants it meat of high standing water from they are planning on stopping heavy rains that fell during the overn hours.g them and detaining them. so,ll of t still a little bit of chaos. up at 95 and getting ready to we can tell you as far as the head ioericksburg, heavy, heavy immigration bills go, looks rain to stantrt your day there. like next week they're going here in de., there'selblir to pause, do some reworking, lile bit of tweaking hereand thp st w oabff tole the north and wt for a vote nextk. wee live on capitol hill, i'm of town that's trying its best
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melanielnwick, fox5 news. to kind o hold back that (birds chirping, a running brook,) rain. so as it continues to push its ahh. the new deer park sparkling >> thanks,. 5:03 is our time right now and are getting look y northward, some of this is is made with real spring water. inside of agi vira facility going to weaken. ♪ o we expect, you know, some of that is housing migrant itrefreshing and delicious, theseke heavier poc of rain idchildren. now, thieo is from a will startig to becomehter you don't need slo-moodels to sell it. facility in bristow, virginia. pockets of rain as we continue real sprinwater, >> it was released by the depament of health and human to rl through the morning real fruitlavors hours. so, that should helps out alitt. and refreshing bubbles. services. just what's refreshing real. the new footage comes just one gned an executive order to all the flood watches are down to theouth today. these set to expire as we head into the 8, 9ck o'clo prevent migrant families from being separed at the borde hours thisti morning. ntation into allegations onal weather service had said they do expect those to expire as the rain conh nues to weaken ththe morning hours. 75 degrees d.c., 70 of abuse at a facility that gaithersburg. temperatures will noth move all that as we work our way houses migrant children. through the day today. shenandoah valler juvenileom there'your planner kind of by 11 o'clock and into the cent he says he's concerned about afternoon teaperatures kind of what he calls disgarbing dy in the lower 70's. tions of abuse of the but by ter afton hours, it children being house tre. the facility says the claims ar without mteit. should be more on and off >> four minupast the hour right now. shower actdyity. let's get to a fox5 clues not so much a rain today. i wouldn't really call it a with. we are learning even more washout through the daytime about the excessive and hours today. we'll talk about the wkend inapopriate salar increases right now the seven-day in prince george's county forecast. 75 again today. schools. an audit shows ty add up to saturday it's n a washout but pretty good chance at some hundreds of thousands of point during w the dayll have the chance for some of dollars. those showos and thunderstorm come acrossob w yan
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ning as well not looking too nice with osotf& auditors looke at all pay. clouds and a few showers around. suay's the better of the two >> i think that they violated days. more sunshine, still a spotty the process by giving raisesen storm in the afternoon but a that wer authorized. tter chance of getting wet it's disturbing. on satur versus sunday if i'mow thinking abo many that makesse teachers we could have hired, gh on sunday 90 degrees. money that we could have put that's weather. erin is back with traffic. towards school supplies, towards student ap exams. >> that's right. right now at 5:48 we have utilityork in gaithersburg. >> a school spokesman says dr. e frederick avenue southbound at reaking news. not gotten a chance to fact summit of a right lane an immigrant mother and sonr blocked. check the numbe or and anr ot tt rain. officially respond to this separated at the b last question. he says i fort is a month are reunited overnight look at this how heavy it is t . in our area but the fate of confidential matter. hundreds of other families he's also said he's refusing still up i the air this all media intervifs for the rest his time as ceo. fromitstillreenecause morning. investigation ordered into a virgini facility that >> the new developments in the detains immigrant youth. 2002 beltway sniper case. volume is light. what critics say is hapning inside there and the new a federal judge ruled lee boyd rain is slowing it down muchtc h out for theen potal to action taken overnight by malvo must be granted a new state's two senators. sentencing hearing. hydroplane. it was just 17 years old when 66 eastbound looking good despite rain there. and john allen mohammed fox5 exclusive. 395 same story. killed 10 people across the we uncover new information aboubl questiona raises a little bit light rain in maryland, virginia kind of d.c. reap. heas originally sentenced to fgetting the worst it right doled out to central off now. ad"'thi wanro workers in the prince george's county school system. multipleitife wut parole uber payoff. terms in prison. sures inee the district. your r share driver is raking it in. the supreme court has ruled what'she b lin t juveniles can th cannot b finand 6:30 p.m. friday until 5:00 a.m. monday. follow police direction pay over the past year. pacting streets around to life in prison without a fox5 morning at 6:00 a.m. vermont avenue, k street.
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we'll keep you updated on that starts now. chance for parole. but t'e caution buts exciting. back to you guys. >> it's friday. >> ♪ >> 5:49 ishtur time rig now. >> ♪ we all happy that it is >> good friday morning to you. with independence day rihet it is june 'rnd. that. perhaps not so happy thoh around tor c w r, oia >> if you just waking up here's a live look outde about the rain, mike. this morni >> yeah. leading up to the fourth ofs we'll take a live look at >> yeah. reston town center that's of our region. two where we'll be for today's zip increases.otential for fires trip. so we hope you come out and nds on where you're wak up this morning. a lot people will consider b if you're in maryland you'redr fine. conditions you're in sparklers tosafe but it say hello. we'll check in iith tuckern turns out they can be justous an just a second. virginia little soggy. weather and traffic coming up >> but is maryland's te on the 5s. coming. >> maryland's time will come. oi>> oh, they'reng to get >> ♪ >> at 6:00 a.m. let's get to it. >> not as bad as virginia is moments.e the headlines getting it this morning. >> but i have astigion. hand held sparklers and they give them >> right. >> zip trip today in reston. to their children thinking that that's the safest and >> that's the answer. [laughter] saneest wayf celebrating the p thear but bring yourre umba. fourth of july with the >> say goodbye to the straight patriotic sense of america we really want people to think hair i've brushed out this morning. again and to understand the >> exactly. adstorm tracker r showing the rain. you can see it trending off to north. hazards those sparklers posed. again, there is more stase air a we like to call it >> fireworks use is expecte across northern portions of tu int a brawl withgh this came maryland. we dom expect that this will& weaken ait as it comes northward but it's starting to push into loudoun fairfax county. i-81 corridor soggy.
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hagerstwn frederick maryland seeing some rainfall coming down andhe t's the heavy t steadiest of it dowhe south where there have been parents o tfrheom opposing some flooding problems around culpeper, several roads closed te punches tn hentpiled won topern down there due to high standing water. 75 stillas inhington. 70 inai gersburg, 73 quantico. winds are out of thet. don't expect temperatures to move all that much. may start to slowly fall as w head throu the afternoon and wisconsin finds itself in a we may be kind of 70, 71 by the time we get to the predicament. it wasocry outte q lunchtime hours. in fear but not for long. clouds and showers on and off ofcials with the wisconsindeparl throughout the day today. forecast coming up.end >> that's weather. resources provided aadder erin take it away on traffic. and the bedr climbed up and keeping our eyes on the re with its mother and compute and traffic is lookingic reallye despite that rain the other cubs. as mike'l mentioned you need >> got bears stuck in inps umbrella, p your basements, bears stuck in cars. >> i know. >> poor bears. patience later but if you're up early metro isn time and >> 1 minutes before the hour. let's take a look at the roads are quiet. stories tt you're engaging i onn't have any complai the virginia majors, maryland with the most this morningso on majors or secondaries in the al media using our realtime news tracker. district. traffic looks great on 301 at >> first up reanne may be the five split there. making a come back without problem free on 495 inner roswithoutroseanne. ashington oxon hill accokeek look good. same story in college park. abc says they picked up t any questions erin fox5 d.c. connors without the lead on twitter. roseanne barre.
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we'll let y know if anything of.e pops you need to be aware th toying with the notion n thank you. coming up on fox5 morning a woman accused of spying for of killing off roseanne's character. russia is expectedo accept a the episode w appear in the plea deal. >> more protests in pittsburgh related to the police shofing same time slot roseanne had death an unarmed black the show was canceled last teenager. >> we are heading to break. this is a live look atndhe ma side of the wilson bridge. it is 5:08 right now and month after barr p.t add racial tweet >> new study on hi school high a 75 drees. back after this. >> ♪ >> ♪ discussion. the cdc asked 15,000 highde fdb andho holersce's what they foun. 6 percent ofyhose surveyed say suffered two or more concussions over the past 12 2 percend they experienced four or more of these head injuries. thee dc saysmust be done the keep high school athletes safe. >> singer demi lovato dit wh single titled sober appears she may have had a relapse after being sober for she sings daddy please forgive me for the drink spilledn floors
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etshlle' g any official statements about her sobriety. neoculopardi >> heyome back to fox5 >> ♪ a site has blocked late morning on thisriday. it minutes past thenes ni i night host john oliver after hour. live beaiful picture. look how vibrant those blue he mocked chinese presiden pre t skies't are. sun up yet. the capitol of course from the mall. it's going to be wet though. 75 d nrees right. grab your rain gear before youh. >> ♪ we continue to flow developments from pittsburgh in the deadly policeg sho of a unarmed teenager. large crowds of protesters marched and called for justice in thehooting death o today is national take your antoine rose jr. cell phone video of the dog to workday celebrating the incident appears to show rose connection betweenan hum and running fromolice tuesday dogs. first observed in 1999 in thuni. night. police say the video might not the day aims to encourage tell t whole story. they say the vehicle rose was in matched the car involved in a drive-by shooting. he trso shelterston police detained one other person w was in the vehicle. they claimed firearms we nationals on july 7th. inside. rose, however, w unarmed. >> g t to we've also learned the offir involved had jusbeen sworn
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hours befo you are looking at the moments a surveillance camera anteorha won wr inrawi on b junl capturedsuvn aitting a hundred feet. now, this happening in santa caifornia. police say the accused the crime 18,20 complete rules/c aonteilabstval. hit the woman dragging her 130 . ride in style this summer with our police say the suspect has a fox5 zip trips. go to now criminal history and that right now offials are throughth augus and enter working to determine if it was for your chance to win a two an intentional act. >> the georgia woman charged year lea on a new 2019 acura with violating the espionage act has accepted a plea deal. tlxng reality winner has been in jail near augustfor more than a yea now. federal court records show w .e winr wi be that the pleaas deal inte entered today and a hearing is selected at that final zip trip. age or older.ustofe 18 years set for tuesday june 26. the p is d.c. federal prosecutors say wtiner leaked informa about russian hacking of state area acura dealers. election systems leadi up to the 2016 presidential election. the federal docket report does not indicate what charges co wteord because i'm zi oput trieally might get. california man dying of.
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cancer is suing chemical giant much you w jusso storm trackeroi monsanto ove cims a popular we killer is to blame. dwayne johnson is one o thousands accuser the maker of roord up his cancer diagnosis. he says monsanto failed to warn users of the dangerous risks associated with its keyin edients. the world health organization t however claimed the key ingredient in roundup is and has always beenor harmful humans. >> the herpes virus may play a role in the development of alzheimer's disease. aew study shows blzins riddled with aimer'snt ain high levels of two rains of the human herpes virus. testing found the viruspe aredit to interact w genes previously linked to new survey of high school across the nation finds having concussion within --ort reported having a concussion year. the last according to the cdc slightly more than 15 percent say they suffered at least one 6 percent of r cpondents said theyered two or more concussions.
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>> hm. >> coming up on tof o morning social media erupting in a firestorm over the message on the back of melaniarump's jacket. >> and the only capitals c ever to win a stanley cup signs a new deal wit a rival. >> heading to break, live look at the wilson bridge. it's 5:12 right now. 75 degrees. we're back with more news, weather and traffic. >> ♪ i was there for it all.
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civil rights... vietnam... feminism. but revolutions need to come home. so i became a teacher... saved ten-mile creek
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on the county council... and passed a fifteen dollar minimum wage. .even extended my house.. so there's more room for my family. develoents should add value. it why as county executive i'll make developers ho invest iols and infrastructure, and i'll never take their campaign money. developers will think that's a revolution! >> let's take a look at the top stories we're flowing morning. this friday presidenmp's recently signed executive ordern the immigration crisis is leaving many with more questions than answers. th president has yet to offer a clear plan on how the 2300 children already separated from their parents wille reunited. during a cabinet meeting at the white house president trump defended the temporary d congress to findress to find a vote on the so-called compromise bilshwas that ed back until nexteek. >> a virginia bill inspired by the ashanti billielase
5:15 am
be signed into law. it wl act as an amber ale for adults. police wilshe was from prince gs county and went missingem last ber from her job in virginia beach. her body was later found in north carolina. th current law made it tfficult for police to immediate action for billie becaus ashe was 19 was considered andult. >> former washington capitals coach barry trotz has signed on to coach the new york islands. he's expectedo sign a five ar deal valued at $4 million a year that's $2.2 million pay raise for money he was earning to coach the stanley cup winning capitals. barry trotzed had asked leonsis the owner of the capitals for a five year, $25 million contract to reflect h status as a top coach. >> troy brown heading to the distri the. washington wizards selectias brown out of ore the 15th overall pick in the 2018 during his first only season at oregon brown averaged 11.3s, p 6.3
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rebounds 13.2 assists per me. >> all right. quarter past the hour right now. mike thomas pack wit back with . we want the friday forecasthe which trolls into the weekend forecast. >> right. good news is parts of the weekend look better than todaydo . cooler with the showers around the region but again, som improvement for the weekend. we'll talk about tint com up. that's your headline of cours for today and there are those rain showers coming up from the south. of course if you're waking up this mning in fredericksburg it's certainly hitting your roof rather hard down towards culpeper, madison county there's a flash flood warning oufor you until 10 o'clock south there and you see tthe- down in that direction. now, theres what we call more stable air across portanns of marylthis morning. meaning that ashi all ofs it will, we should start toich se break up a little bit intensity but in the meantime, it is making for a very wet start to the day across portions of fauquier county, appahannock up through prince william and now starting to push into fairfax
5:17 am
county loudoun countynd will eventually cross the potomac and wor i its wayo portions of maryland as well. big picture front sll pretty far down to the south and it's ough the north. time workings wr it's going to take all day to get up through the d.c. area and because of that we'll keep the clouds around and we'll keep the threat of showers around just about all day today for your friday. so certainly bringhe umbrella. futurecast showing rain i oshingts way into d.c. by 7 o'g .f heavy stuff in there during the morning hours today but watch oas we continue t roll through the day how the hea stuff kind of fades away through the mid tnio late mor hours and then by theno aon, it's more hit and miss, it's more spotty, it's more light, it's more drizz but even through the evening commute hours we could still see at least some uff coming down. it just shouldn't be the heavy stuff. so, as we continue to work our way through the second half of the day today, small improvements. just not a pretty day. herelo where flaod watches are this morning. again, all down toth the sou of d.c. and these are to
5:18 am
expire by 8, 9 o'clock this morning. w the natieather service says yes we're going to let these expire which is good news be they don't anticipat expand them since the rain is expected to lighten up as we continue to work our way rough the day today. 75 your current temperature here in d.c., 70 in les.75rsburg, 71 at dul today, may even lose a few degreess work our way into the waking upo ftdethnounon.rsto may see some sun before sunsetha though and t should set us up for a pretty good one o sunday, just a very isolated thunderstorm here and there. and then we continue our weather into next week. that's weather. erin is back with roads. how do they look erin. >> not terrible, how about that. metr is on time. we have utility work mike in you're traveling i gaithersburg. frederick avenue at summit avenue. caution. right lane blocked. left lane getting byin f 270 wide opened at speed. s watch for tlick spots as mike mentioned. rain coming to the area. in fact you can see heavier
5:19 am
rain down the 66 eastbound stretch. few extra minutes needed. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. t on twitter. more come in a few. >> ♪ >> all right. 5:19 is our time. means it's time for us to talk about the stories that you're engaging with the most this morning on social questions over first lady melania trump's jacket that read i reallyon't care. do you? she wore it boarding the plane as she traveled to teits to an immigrant child detention center. mrs. trump did not wear it during the visit. a lot of celebrities said it sent the wrong message as the first lady was tackl such a sensitive topic some posting moronic.mb and president trump and his eledst son both to shrug off the. controv edild trump shared an version. it featured the photo of a crng robert de niro crying with the caption fixed it. >> scott pruitt has spent even more taxpayer money o
5:20 am
security expenses than the millions that was rectly announced. turns out some of the $4.6 million waspent on radios and accessories like holste and travel chargers and even special clothing like tactical a pants tactical polos. >> next, the teenager was tackled and slammed to the ground by a texas police officer at a summer pools party received a settlement for the incident she was 15 when she was seen on viral video being thrown to the ground. three years later she'll receive more than >> oscarominated actress amy adams is speakingp a an eye opening expernce when she was mistaken for someone t else onset. alks about how she was grabbed aggressivelyhe when mistakenr body double. she says she went into complete producer mode demanding her double shouldn't be treated that way. she says that's why she chse safer roles. >> 5:20 is our time right now. coming up on fox5 morning a
5:21 am
new ruling from the supreme courtill change way you shop online. >> and delta airlines issuing a says it will protect its flight attendant. >> as we go to break let's look live at the white house at this early hour. it is 5:21 right now. we're atee 75 degr you're watching fox5 morning. don't go anywhere. wee coming right back. >> ♪ >>♪ hi
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(birds cing, a running brook,) hi ahh. the new deer park sparklinsp is made with rring water. ♪ it's so refreshing and delicious,n' yot need slo-mo models to sell it. real spring water, real fruit flavors and refreshing bubbles. just what's refreshingly real.
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>> welcome back to fox5 morning. today is friday. you're looking at oxon hill on this beautiful friday morning. all right. getting you caught upap on whatpening in the news. want to turn our business headlines right now. the supreme tourt rulinghat states can begin forcing online retailers to illect sales tax ef they don't have a physical locationn that snte. the dec over turns a 1992
5:24 am
precedent barring that from happenin >> states have long argued that they were losing revenue consumer advocates say a lot of ct may now be passed on to you the consumer. president trump tweeted about the dision calling it big victory for fairnesss well as for consumers and retailers. now, the price of some american goods will be going up very soon and that's because new tariffs from the european union go into effect today. those tariffs will impact $2.8 billion worth of exports from the u.s. >> that includes peanut butter orange juice motorcycles and the action from the e uh comes one month after president trump put a tariff on steel analuminum coming fromu countries. delta reports flight& attendants are bit b pitbul em limiting passengers to onepor person. theha ces go into that effect july 10th. >> the new i.r.s. 1040 form will be w released nextk and
5:25 am
it will look a little bit different. treasury secretary steve mnuchin aounced the new form will be the size of postcard. >> existing form for filing dividual tax center city two pages long. mnuchin sayew form whes n t timu spend filling out taxes. samsung is finally bringing its gold galaxy x9 to the unit states. >> the phone has been called sunrise gold. it was released in 11 countries before making it here. another color version in burgundy red has come out for the s9 but it's n available here just yet. >> hm. caowi just ask i didn't you were allowed to take on more than one emoonal support animal. >> i was thinking the same thing.or why would you need mthan one. >> right. >> okay. thoughts on the news. all right. let's get thoughts on the weather mike thomas. what are you. think >> ing t taynk. somebody was trying to bring like a turkey. >> a peacock.
5:26 am
>> emotional support peacock. ople have gr ideas. right now beautiful. look athat shot. gorgeous shot out there this mornitg of theol. sun is rising across the d.c. region and so far so goody so downtown but you don't t haveo go too far to the south to get into the rainfall tivity. so, 75, mostly cloudy here in the city to start the day. winds out of the east and means don't expect these temperatures to move all that ab. we head into theway afternoon. wnere is that rain we're go i-95, waking up inni fredericksburg thisng to a lot of rainfall down through culpeper county. in fact, there are flood warnregs down in that eavy fell just about all night long. here in town, watch as i put things in motion. you can see everything is kind ofn trending our direction. it'sadlow and ste but it is expected to get here over the next cou of hours. already starting a little bit of light rainfall activity in what about the weekendip. forecast? will the rain stick around. details coming up.
5:27 am
>> still no problems on the roads which is what we like to see thisng time of m even despite the rain. metro il lines on time so we like that. s kenilwouthbound looks good. all of our northwest secondarie quiet. relatively easy start to this friday mning. 50 westbou inside the beltway at speed. outside the beltway through keep i if you're headed to the bay bridge maybe you're starting this weekend early, you're in great shape.s metro in time again. any questions at erin fo d .c. on twitter. i'll let you know when anythingll changesly we' be right back with your:30 half hour. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> thanks for waking up with us this fridayorning. there's a live look outside. gorgeous picture oflhe capitouilding on this early friday morng, june 22nd. 5:30 is our te. >> we're heading to fairfax county to visit rton virginia. we have rain in the forecast but we'll be there rain or me out.or oucozip trip. we would love to have you join us. we're joining you too in your hood. why not. >> exactly. we're joining you in your home right now. so, good morning to you. >> yup. friday morning. okay, let's talk about our w and our traffic. mike thomas, you've got the word first. >> yeah, ladies, good morning to you. is morning.king theth rainfall coming up through central virginia, just starting right there in a reston just couple of raindrops this worning. how longl it stick around? i've got unswers comingp. hi, erin. >> i'm hoping iy the time get out to reston around 9:00t' a.m.s gone. right now traffic is flowing.
5:31 am
we're crash free and metro is like this calm start to friday despite the rain. >> ♪ >> as we come up on 5:31 we begin within breaking news the ongoingfa bormily saga. a mother and-o her seven-year son separated at the border a month ago were reunited this morning in our area >> fox5's melanie alnwick live on capitol h the full story plusthwiil what's net for the thousands of other children spate separated from tr parents. mel. >> reporter: good morning, a seniorn administr official told the associated press that about 500 of those children have been reunited with their parents but there doe't really seem to be a true plan of how to get the rest of these kids back withheir parents but we did witness one such reunion atooking at bom ain together again after a month. asylum.ossed the border inn mayg
5:32 am
shes her son was ripped from h arms by immigration cioffial bs she paid bail then went to federal court in d.c. this week suing to get her son back. they plan to live with family in texas whi she waits for her politicalm asylu claim to be processed. on capitol hill, though, there was little progress on a long term solution as one hard line immigration bill failed and house republican leadership decided to hold off on the vote for the secon bill. that onell as migrant families caught at the border to be held together andliunds detention facies for them. it also provides a pathway to citizenship for daca exchange.s but there is an there also be money for the border wall and a new merit based systemeg foral immigration. thursday the justice department went to court trying to overturn the flores settlement. time that migrant children can be detained with their falies to just 20 days. now the trump ainistration is making plans to hse up to 20,000 detained migrants at
5:33 am
military bas. so, you can see that the admistration does plan to continue its policy of zero tolerance but trying to see what it can do to kee those families together for longer periods of time and facilities to house them.he meanwhile, t house even though it did take a step back, they plan on usinghat time to tweak the bill a little bit and try to garner more votes andt hopefully tha bill will come up for a vote next w melanie alnwi fox5 news.m >> thank you mel. we ak getting a inside of a vir inia facility that housing migraeo children. a from a facility in bristow, virginia is what you're going to see it was releas o by the departmf health and human services. this footage was released one day aftersiresident trump ed an executive order to prevent migrant families from being separated at tde bor the new video also coming after virginia governor ralph dnortham ordere an investigation into allegations of abuse at a different oufacility hng migrant children. the complaints are coming from a shenandoah valley juvenile center. northam says he's concerned about what he calls disturbing
5:34 am
allegations of abuse of the children being housed there. the facility says thelaims without merit. now overnight virginia's twok senators mar warner and ti kaine sent a list questions about the claims to the head of the office of u.s. refugee resettlement. >> 5:34 is our time. a woman was hit and killed while tryingos to crnew hampshire avenue in lvsier spring. the accident happened aroun 11:20 just inside the beltway. the driver stayed on the scene. no word on whether they will face any charges. new hampshire avenue was closed for several hours but it hasince reopened. >> now to a fox5 exclusive. we're learning evou more ab the excessive and inappropriate salary increases in prince george's county schools. this tim an audit shows that they add up to hundredou of sands of dollars. last nht we justot new detailsgabout an invtion launched by the school system. auditors looked at all emplee pay in the human resources department and what they found was major misusend of s adding up to over $300,000 all to the taxpayers'
5:35 am
dime. >> i think that they piolated rocess by giving raises that weren't authorized. it's disturbing. i'm thiing about how many teachers we could have hired,y monehat we could have put towards school supplies, towards students' ap exams. >> a school spokesman saysax dwe not gotten a chance to fact check the numbers or officially respond to this investigation. he says for now it's a confidential matter. he'slso said he's refusing all media interviews for the rest of his time aseo. >> 5:35 is our time right now. time for us tok t weather with mike and its go egg to be a wet one today for most. >> yeah, absutely. f virginia start to the day this morning. out -- just go down-9 i not even that far from d.c. get down towards fredericksburg w hch is about twors to the south there, very, vero heavy rai start the day. flood warnings in effn. parts of the region down there and several road closures due to high waters as well as rai has been kind of ongoing new the overnight hou. up the i-81,ht lig but still steady rain out there and now coming up throughhe i-66
5:36 am
corridor as well. far so good across most ofl ce maryland. southern maryland different story but mos of central maryland is t waking uphis morning but you see how the rain is slowly working its way off to the north and to the west here so in d.c. i don't suspect we'll stay dry for much longer here. futurecast kind of showing by 6:00 a.m., 73 degrees with some raiershower activity out e. we'll keep the rain in the forecast through the morning hours. as we led into the ahoernoon ituld become more attered and more -- not as heavy we'll put it that way, kind of light svattered on and off ety but still not the nicest looking of fridays withly today. how about the weekend forecast though? saturda 87 degrees. not a washo but there is the better chance of storm on saturday versus sunday. sunday is the dri of the two days. 90 degrees on sunday afternoon. all right, month are details on the w dther -- moreetails on the weather comingp. hi erin. >> taking a look outside. we're wide opened despite some of that falling rain. metro is on time and 95 is at
5:37 am
speed com up from stafford through quantico. no problems over the 14th street bridge. ande at speed on the main and noroblems on the freeway to and fromee the thirdt tunnel. eleventh street bridge is wide w opened andre problem freele ando pomatocon nice and quiet. problem free on gw parkway. we this liaule penguin grillingse it's the cutest graphic we found this morning. 2018 national barbecue bat saturday and sunday 11:00 a.m. on saturday through sunday at 7:00closures in place. i'll have all that information on -- twitter as well on erin fox5 d.c. >> a whole lot more world cup excitement you can catch right here on fox5. regame show, that's atk 10 o' this morning. then maureen its iceland versus nigeria. >> my familys in a tizzy
5:38 am
about that. >> 11:00 a.m. another prega show 1:00 p.m. the match kicks off at 2:00 m. >> a lot of good games. 5:38 is o still to comeontroversial cover time puts the president on their cov he probably won't e enthused. >> plus fashion fail. melania trump turning heads in her jacketecause of where she was going and what thjacket said. details ahead. >> ♪ columnist
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