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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  June 23, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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like, in quantico, 72 annapolis, 73 in cambridge. you see a lot of low 70s and upper 60's it will be mild and muggy and with that and some of the rain could be patches of fog as we head to the start of the day, but the big story had it's going to be about ten degrees hotter and still humid out there for the day on sunday. as you headoughout the day. by noon 84, 90 by 4:00 p.m.,0 to maybe 30% chance of showers and stms as we head throughout the rest of the afternoon, few , st ocean city, 86. ocean temperature arod 69. here's futurecast. dryinghings thout. there isolated. by heafternoon, slightly better chance at a coupl of showers or storm poppi up but no severe threat from that.
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bigger story f sunday is gab t heat and humidity. by monday and tueay dropping humidity dropping temperatures.e high pressur start to shift in and we see a little bit more of a northerlyri b bringing in air. youtart to get the wind a little bit more southerly and that's where we start to see the heat and humidity return. 72 for tonight, partly cloudy mild and muggy, 90 tomorrow, hot andumid pop-up shower or storm,ay seven-dorecast. low to mid 80'sonday and tuesdaes much l wednesday and thursday, start to pump up then temperatures ahe humidity and rain chances maybe an isolated shower friday and bigger story th the heat returns 93 beneath
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days. >> thank you. n on the immigration debate and presint trumpli zero toleranccy with the election still five months, democrats fighting proposal, weear more now from garrett tenney. >> we haveo be strong. >> reporter: las vegas saturday trying to deflecting. suggesting in a tweet it was former prehodent obama w kept themped in foil >> they said look at this sight, look president trump,k loo at this picture. 2014 it was president obama, pointing the blame of the democrats. our issue i strong borders, no crime. their issue is open borders. let ms-13 all over our country. >> reporter: as immigration debate across the country
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densefies a group of proteste blocking group of parents and children. >> in florida, hundredsook to the streets to demand action while a core ris of lawmaker took aim at the president >> 70 here, the 2300 acros the country, when will they a be reunited >> this is not who we are as a nation plain and simple child use. >> reporter:xecutive order allows for parents and k to be reunited for only 20 days. and so the department of justice asked a federal judge for an exemption. in las vegas, dan sprinr fox news. > dozens of healtare workers demonstrateded outside george washinon university hospital supporting 150 housekeeping and
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employees. the contract expired at the end of of 2016. the union that supports the works says it's time for contract dispute to end >> we've been negotiating over a year and a half with little to no movement. >> workers have demanded a pay raise while union and hospital management have held talks and there is still no resolution. the feds areiving metro a deadline toix r cars that are not save for visually impaired riders. it's the rubber between car barrie on the seven thousand rail cars, a visually impaired customer fell on to the democras . after mistook the opening.
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they and when the t issue addressed by e of the year. one o the signature eating. it will rap up tomorrow.rb ecue fans have come to dc to check it out. the bat raised millions for dc charities. the proceedshi if t career's event will befits the capital area food banks, and u.s.o metro. the barbecue festivalme infor meed another big events. dozens of men got a chance to clean up, get beards cleaned up. ten most facial hair friendly in the country. thebershop was set up today while donated on a dollar for eachl f trend.
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it is lieding the fight to end prosta cancer. didn't know that we were one of the top ones with facial hair. concerns or a plant ouow fing i. it can cause third degree burns and permanent blindness. delta saying nort to cen dog breed coming up.
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we specialists miker flesh her spoke with us on tshe ah rn blackstone virginia. >> reporter: confirming the
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dangersspiecies. this weed is mutual towerg up to 14 feet with white flowers three feet across,e purplpots >> those two featur plumber spots and those course white hairs really help distinguish it from cow snip, queen anne's lace all can look similar >> it's anel. it will come back year after year. leave removal up to the expertiser with a p knowledge and the pper gear. >> some kind of suit to tyvek suits would be appropriate >> what would you do? if you spot it? don't take chances call
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officials of course don't storm surge it. it is a high likelihd it is one of those look like plants, but agriculturalicials don't want to table chances, we have all the contact information on line at in great falls, anneutler fox 5 local news. a warning in anne arundel, the hunt for chinese crab is back on. smithsonian released this flyer today. they're asking boaters to report sightings because they cause erosion and threatens levie esapeake beach.ottedch in you're asked toake a close-up photo. take note of where the crab was found and then contact theta envirol research center. more information on website the battle against hunger
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entered way. earlier, a new community coverage opened up in stuff. spring. silver springs church working together to make this happen. they will help collect produce thatbe otherwise w thrown out. bringing it to the kitchen. food will then b in need. those delta is banning pit balls from traveling as service annuals comin after repor of flight attendants being bitten but being b mety criticism. >> reporter: don't tell military veteranto r his pit bull is a threaty' >> the most loyal and awesome dogs. people just don't know. >> reporter: delta airlines are banning them updating the policy
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stating the travel season is here a nc ahend t sevvey eral sha empl were bitten. araine veteran needs his dog to travel >> i'm not very well connected withpeople. when i'm not around and out and about and stuff helps me just dealing with my anxiety >> tre's been an 84% rise in incidents involvement support on the side of it doesn'torly withkers on animal rescue foundation >> i think a policy like that ct in aor blanketm doesn't servehe t needs of the people. we wan everybody to feel comfortable. that means travelingh service dog >> they haven't defined whetherr to conside pit bull dog which is problem for thosepoopd. >> he ads it would be hard for
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anyone to find al pit bul in these pictures an airline representative toht they have the or responsibilities to say based on that dog's look that they're unable to board with their person >> daniel trains pit bulls an an afghanisn war veteran and based on behavior pit bulls are denomination of choice. >> i was unemploye for years. now i work here >> we reached out for comment fr delta but did not hear back but have to rely on the website the other hope airlineses don'tdopt the same policies. rob malcolm fox news. separation has been a topic of intense debate. when we come back we'll talk about the impact separations have on children.
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ti ang can have influence on the personality. >> do you believe this execuve order signeded by the president today -- excuse me this week, does it do the right thing? will it fix the problem >> g i'mlad to see the predent sign that order. issue is how quickly we can
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reunite the kids with pares. longer it goes on the more concerned. science shows in some kids, e ability to socialize. with th the worse case ised called diso disorganized att meant >> is that what your book? >> my hope is not only will the be quickly reunited but as a society,e can use this sad incident as aab teach moment and becom makeup more whereim o the rtance of early attach meant and howhat becomes alldu
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inals. my book is looking at the effect of theong-term effects. on the relationships we have moments, do you think this could be one and move on >> t would be my hop because what the literature shows, people who come out of early childhood, way secure attach meant has the best opportunity to have successful lives, comfortable wi intimacy,th 'reresilient, such as illness injury and a loss of who lovedone. people with secure attach meant are generally e ablnjoy long stable long retionships. >> coming up s a newtudy
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median student debt loan is $41,000 . the food on amtrak routes across the northeast is getting a a bi of make over, you can getut veg to impro passenger experience, amtrakd also it was going to refurbish passenger cars on its northeast regional traets with ing and lighning. t's safe to say not all star wars fs were thrilled about the last jedi movie and some are takingeiatters into rands to basically remake the e a group fans setting up a remake saying remake the last jedi. last jedi director ryan johnson
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weighed in saying he hopes the remake actually happens. that's a gd attitude to have. the news at 11:00 is startsno camera v of a police confrontation the drir with a plus time magazine is defending the cover photo that has become the facee immigration and white house presetary sarah sanders was kicked out of re aurants. another restaurant is feel heat on social media. newsw. starts no thanks forp staying u late. a res ihe center of
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kinsgender wasuta leebra. anne cutler joins us now. >> reporter: sheororks the human rights campaign, she has a staggers 148,000 followers on twitter and tonight the followers aren an .up they told her she could not use the women's rest room. she argued that was discrimination. then claims she was forciblily removed from the restaurant. she was celebrating a friendly badge let and said the situationscalated to the point she calledpolice. but she did respondingfficer affirmed her rights under dc law, reaction has been swift.yo r bowser taking to twitter addressing the incident saying i'm so sorry this happened to you. i'm glad dc was there to
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represent the truec value we don't accept this in washington, dc and cuba libre restaurant posting a statement saying'r e extremely sorry and that they plan to immediatelyin r their entire staff to iure this does not happen again. climber tells fox 5 this isn the end of the road saying she plans to file a claim on monday. the rai came deadline in this area earlier tonight and now it appears the heat is on the way. mike bennett is on the way. the rest of tonig dry sunday, may be a couple of showers and storms out there. i believe the bigger story on sunday is going to be the heat and humidity around. ataste of what's to com as we head towards the end next ek an onweektend.


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