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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  June 24, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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announced its own pass called subset. the news at one s one starts right now ahead tonight o contrsial police encounter in the district. tonight video of the confrontation ispread ing on social media and an ancs commissioner i speaking out . votin registration blunder. theror thatfould affect thousan people when they head to the polls on tuesday in maryland. a good deed caught on camera. a man in prince george's county is approached by five officers but it's w happens next that leaves him full p of gratitude. video of a police stop in the district is ming the rounds on social media tonight and it's raising some serious questions. shows what some are calling anllegal search from last wednesday near dean wood. tonight community members and act activists want ass. police officials have not responded to
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my questions tonight. we're, though, fpongeari chief peterisewsham in response to the advisoryio neighborhood commissr who brought up concerns about this video. we will hair that in just a moment, but we want to show you the video. here it is are you touching my bag? based on the gun i recovered off the guy?t a. that w me. get off me. this video is now goingir v on social media creating anger in the community. it happened last wednesday int the 35200 block of sheriff road northeast. several young men are gathered outside a barber shop. police pull up andind a gun on one man. that gives them reaso to search all the men sitting outside the barber shop. eveli more tng to them they say the man found with the gun was let gand allow to drive away which you can see later in the vedeo. they belie the man found with the is working with police. it's rsing
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questions of whether this search is ethical or illegal proting a letter to lice chief newsham from anthony lorenzo green. w also spoke to one of the men who was searched by police who asked not to be identified d.c. quad roneses every and mess with young blacken in the community policing, that's exactly wait is. itn' domatter how much you diversify the pol department, it's still the same tactics and methods and the way i see it is why are we still doing the same thing decade after decade after decade expect ping a different result. in t response to the outrage over the video chief newsham responded i party will ensure tha a full and complete investigation will be conducted if police misconduct isll sustained take the appropriate measures to address theli mettan police department is committed to fair, unbiased and constitutional
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policing. i am hopeful that the community we serve doesn't take any police misconduct and that to the men and women of this agency. they have notd answere us if they'velanted that gun on the man or i mf that was an undercover officer. what a h weekend it been, muggyvee' got it all. but tonight finally some dry weather . next week mht actually start off kind of knees . let's check in and get the details. at least a couple of nice day there. monday and tuesday we'll get some nice days in there before we bring the heat back forth end of the week. stormractor radar, things quiting he one loan shower left. that will push offshore again in the next halfllour. be quiet tonight and really quiet forth next couple of days. it's 73 in d.c., 75 out of dull area, in
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hazes towrntion 72 in west nister, 73 in cambridge and 77 in annapolis many as we head through the day tomorrow it's ing to be cooler, a little bit less hid so 74 to start theei day. seventy-t by noon, 84 by 4 p.m. that humidity really ally starts to drop, though, as we head towards tussments here's why, high pressure starts to move over us. as high pressure shifts in, the winds become a little bit more norly . the dewpoints drop the temperature a bit. here's what happens afterhi thagh pressure shifts become off to the east. the winds turn more it lterly and we're talking e big tim heatwave lat next week and on into the weekend. we'll talk about that seven day forecast coming up a bit later objection to the form a virgi restaurant has come under fire asking white house press secreta sarah hug bisand toars leave when she came in for dinner oveow the weekend a restaurant in the district is
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also catching heat becauseso its al called the red hen. fox5 a 's teisha lewis has t story. >>reporter: red hen restaurant heren northwest has no relationship to the red hen restaurant inrg lexington, viia where a waiter says his boss asked him to ask white ars leave. sanders was sarah sd reportedly dining with her family whoas also asked to leave. the incident has sparked defte on both sides o the aisle. i mean it's deserd, you know. he may can feel what it you b like toe kicked out of somewhere except not for her whole life. one in five star reviews fill the faceboo and yelp pages after a surf at the rtaurant posted on facebook saying i just served sarah hug bisanders for a total of two minutes before my other than kicked her out along witf seven o her family members. a
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sanderlso tweeted about bng refusedded service moments what they're doing is intolerance. it's called justice, you know. poetic justice, that's exactly wait was while s applauding the restaurant for pushing back against the trumpdministration , others are t chastisinghe restaurant owner for ing intolerant. even s the red hen rest trabt in the district unrelated to the red headt restauran in lington is doing a.m. daij control. this is the third trump administration official who has been forced to leave a restaurant within the rest twrant in the past week. tush a lewis, fox5 local news. >> some people p are taking sanders' side. representative bob good lot tweeting what happened last night is very unfortunately and doesn't reflect upon theind and caring people of lexington that i know
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kudges also speaking out whilean the restaur should have served, san politics have become so toxic it's affecting how we tre each other. i feele th restaurant should have toned her. again, i think president trump has created thisince he's become president and even before he's basically given people license to state things that arey ugl and those thi then turn into actions that we can now \see/seament earlier today p abouteople gathered along the text/mexico bored tore sprotest theeparation of illegalld immigrant chin and their families. former housing annex san san tone ohio mayor said this is an issue about what isight and what is wrong. th is notul who we sho be in
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even though can play soakerd. ison in the the world is still a prison. they need love. they need tch. this child abuse p>> earlier todaysident trump tweeting his frustration ove the immigration debate saying people crossing the bodder illegally should not be entitled ded to a day in court we now know the identity o bis clis killed inhe district yesterday. he is 19 year old malik blis he was riding onen of his tires got caught into a streetcar rail. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. we're learning more about a deadly crash, what happened in frederick, maryland overnight. it happened on route 340. two vehicles h collidedd on. robert watkins ofer hagown, was driving into the wrong lane when he crashed into a car driven by eric barryan.
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watkins died in the cash, woman passenger suffered serious injuries while the other driver was also hurt. both men were driving even though their lens tdasdevoafnghtd it is primary but some people couldo run problems voting because of a clericallerror. here's what leaders sayre was a computer glitch with people who went toth motor vehicle registration or kiosk to make change whens their addressesr party affiliation. the changes were ot submitt to the elections board for prosing. the problems occurred between april of last year and early june of this year . despite the problem,on electi officials anoel jibl voter will be turned away but voters must verify their registration using the state website so they c use a professional balance objection to the formonight a man hairs his surprise and gratitude whenh officers came tois aid during the night.
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this is prince george's county finest. look at this. look at this, they actually took time out to help me. - this is- i need this t go on record, fox d.c. y'all know me and what one of thes onerreds said in thehe midd said you know what, i know y may feel like this is historal but this i what we're actually called to do. want to get it for historicaoiny
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to show how wean c interact with people and things can be positive. i'm greatful thaim \he/e ' on the proactive side, and the prince george's county police department who took the time to notnly help me but to assist in me getting home safely . never in my 352 years of living have i everen exced this so i thank you so much g and bless you. still ahead, a good start to the workweek, but then the temperatures are going up. that's right, when we come back, mike will break it all down. stay with us.
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weekendoller coaster humidity up and down with the rain a little bit up and down this week, too. what a surprise . g we'red now. we're goo the next couple of days. ll we' talk all about it. take a look at this. this is the we much there's no rain right now over d.c. we did stos earlier this evening, a cup of hours ago. what we're left with is skies starting to whle tempes starting to drop off a bit as well. and the due point start ing to come down, too. this is what is left on stous ty
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shower continuing to drop t off on that gets tough, m a stray isolated drizzle tonight. should be dry ionight. drynto the day tomorrow as well. the heat was reallythere. ninety-one a reagan. dulles 87 bwi89-degrees. e'll drop the temperatures a good five, six, seven degrees or so t headg into day tomorrow. for toniot starting become less humid through thevernight hours. for tomorrow and tuesday actioner pretty comfortable start to thek. wor it will be a few degrees blow hou. we'll be dry in the rain though. by wedne andsn't last, thursday we start to he see a o couplef scattered and srm pockets pop up and by the end of the week wire ' talking about some big heat coming. seve ny-three right, winds out of the south, southeast
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other tempera lles, 74 i fredericksburg. f tif seventy-two for you and culpeper . off to the north and west, 72 in cumberland. seventy-five in hagerstown, 77 in annapolis. due point wise ta've seen themrt to come down now. earlier today we saw wpoints in the mid 730s asno far h as dulles and d.c. you u've got to go a little bit south to getnto that. especially as youoweadards martinsburg and cumberland we're seeing the dewpoints drop back into the low six 06s. there's some of that l cooler air haing out in the northeast, hanging out towards pittsburg detroit 66. binghamton 606789 we'll get in on the cooler action by tomorrow night. there could be a couple of nights where y could leave the windows open. tomorrow, tuesday we get theunshine
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going. high pressure should real have its grip over the region lieu a least tuesday. seventy-on foronight, clearing skies becoming less humid through the overnight period. temperatures in ther 60s theo m. ea a t dry day. here's your seven day forecast. temperatures into theid eight 30s tomorrow. low eig 30s on tuday, both days we'll hav low humidity. eighty-six as we head into wednesday. scattered showers and storms on wednesdayo probably a a 4 350 percent chance of rain. a dryer friday, saturday and and sunday b at that, 93, 94, 94. we' going to be smoking. ninety-four, o boy. enjoy the early dayses. enjoy the nft coup days. >> coming up, world cup dayen
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. highlights from day's reaction from around the.orld. ld
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six teams in action today and harry scoring a hat trick to a record win and yeah pan forcing draw. first let's take a look at when colombia e poland p runs. colombia has a goal. combia keeps their world cupft hopes aliveer falling to japan last week. g they the win against poland winning three to zero. they will try advance past the group stage.
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record settle a new record haf, theor most ever the country in world c play. the highlit was harry cane's hat trick. england adding another goal in the second hf. panama fans still hadrtmre a their first of world cup in group japannd aon gol remain in the running. they diede's look at media l around the world. never before, four international level until now. cane it's finished\
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n there's angoal and it's two-two. japan two, son gol two . hey want t make some nice in the knockout round. (to the middle, poland's world cup hassenned. colbia three, poland nil. woming up thiseek , fox5's you is going to have special coverage of theworn tomorrow. american soccer
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legend john harks will join tuck er barnes and myself live from rfk stadium. we'll break to fans at watch parties arolk the region. make sure to tune in tomorrow through thurs at noon right her on fox5 a. it sounds like it's goin to b great time. fter the break we will get a final check y ofour wakeup forecast. stay with us. .
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for your early terminaon fee. go to we are pandaatch tonight. zoo keepers at the national zoo are keeping a very close eye omay shunning to see if s theyhiel give birth in the coming days or ifs she's experiencing a pregnancy. who want to be pregnant when you actually don't gethe h pandaouse is closed to the public to keep
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the area quiet. zoo keepersth y he could be pregnant s much she's built a nest. she's notti ng as much and is sleeping more but thoseouame signsld also mean she's having a false egnancy. that sound awful. i don't get he this whole not eating thing during pregnancy. i can tell you when was pregnant i ate erything in site. hopefully she ist pregnan and hopefully we'll havee a little panda beart the zoo. whenn't get to see the i pandas they wep nag or something. y have anotheu brelp u as at home.ex yes and then we'll bring it back the end of the week. you get a couple dry days and a low humidity days monday and tuesday . and some showers return by mid week. e're going two days. the final fiv coming
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up after the bak. thanks for being here.
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ahead t on the final five, don't work yirks celebrities have arrived at the border socr. >> sorry hollywood. members of the trump administration to juss at h for nowomhehe media coverage of a summit with kim jong un almost i tree sonsabella . the white house un veilla theirn for piece in the region. the president hits the campaign trail. that's your final five. let's do this. thanks for joi. ng us ton the executive order that president trump signed last weeo did little calm the debat


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