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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  June 25, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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encoter in that same neighborhood. but tonight, police did make arrests. this is th video at the center of the controversy, police searchedan mutside of nooksbarbershop. members are questioning wther th police search was legal or ethical. melissa howell is live with more. mel? reporter: you know that nse interaction rapid up dyte ta between polic and community members. the road was covered with police and residents just that a big brawl. we got video taken that we want to show yo you can see police having an interaction with the community members,ow we were told by commissioner anthony lorenzo green that heaid polic told him they were out here to do checkup on the business but that is what it escalated to. he tells us who people were injured and had to beo taken a nearby hospital.
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i'm told by community members that a woman holding a baby was maced. g people held to thround at this point. you know, a lot of folks are up in armst. and we spoke with the commissioner i wa you to listen to what he had to say but we als had video we wt show you of the previous incidents in front of nooks, what sparked the outrage that we have seen happening in the days following that incident. >> young men and women in my community are not afraid anymore. they will fight back. things will get hot. the man need to get adoff. stop that talk about we need to be vigilant in on you community. against your own black and brop? i don't understand that. >> reporter: the comlissioner thereng out dc police as well as the mayor, he sent a leer to dc chief of police petet the incident had happened june 13th. he said he was told by the
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police chief there was going to be an investigation into what happenednd he asked for a publiclogy but he was out here again in outrage with community members to see police cl with community members. at this point, we're still going to be reaching out d toc police to see what's next step might be but as of right now, the feeling out here in the community here in front o nooksrs barbep is very yotense. backu guys. more breaking h news,rs before t polls open in maryland, motorist administration s d19,000 people could have issues following a computer glitch. we're learning that number is more like ,000 voters. problem began in april of las year, when new software was installed on the motorist vehicle website and walk, urge kiosks. people who changed the voters were affected they were not submitctd to theions board for processing. officials say they discovered i
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to update the voter roles. larry hogan said they will not be turned away. thisdo could cse confusionnd maybe eveng lines tomorrow. some democrats crying foul sang this is an attempt at voter suppression while others are demanding at e h of the nva be fired. it happened j before 11:00 last night in the 2100 block of newport place. according to the police report. suspec approached from behind. sexual assaulted her before running off. >> that the shocking. that's horrifying, i live right hope they do something here now to raise awareness to make sure people know it's potentially not aafe area geatct from somebye right in te
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head. so you can get better i would say but youay need help for th. this isn't first time this has happened arounre he we told you about aleast1 sexual assault cases in the georgetown and dupontt circle areais occurred over the last five months. police say they're looking into whether most recent incident is connected to any previous assaults. crews were first on e scene of of a a fears fire ba in the district. flames tore through this row house on prout street aund 2:00. fireghters battled a couple of hours before extinguishing the fire, they a got out safely. one firefighter did suffer minor injuries and it's unclear what started the fire. we now know the identity of a tractor-trailer driver killed in a fiery crash on the wooow wils bridge last week. row dell jonesde wore town ashed on wednesday, the other trucks also caugh fire. jones was killed at the scene,e seven people were injured in that crash.
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bridge was shut down several hours, creating a traffic nightmare in the area. a womanni in virgi claims she was sexual assaulted during her massage by this n. this is 51-year- omar mohammad. investigators now believe mohammad may have victimized other women. if you know anything ctact fairfax county police crime solvers. two guns confiscated at bark wi airport within two days, a maryland man arrested saturday after tsa officer found a load they conated the gun and . arrested tman. two days earlier another man was arrested for trying to bring a gun through sec,ity chirp so far 12 guns t year have been detected this video has gonevi ral. man cycling in the middle of a road but not just any. on a five-lane highway in northern virginia all during rush hour.
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evan lambertn chantilly with the reaction to the bold cyclist. >> reporter: pple are flying right past us and if you can imagine a bicycle in between these lanes, you don't have to imagine it. just look at this video. ♪ . ♪ . shot by a driver on june 15th on the southbound lanes of route 28 war the interchangeith 50. s you can seeeral vehicles was i didn't feel going wellte below thed speed limit. rginia law said bicyclists ileg? interstate highrys, ones with on and off rams but the department of transportation said i l local law enforcement dide how to enforce it and fairfax county police told us it isllegal for
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a cyclist to be on any road where the speed limits above 45. drivers told us they were stunnedow to see daring that cyclist was >> i think he's crazy for one. i don't know wt i would . i definitely o make sure i'm of his way. >> it's bold of him. i don't know why he would do that? that's my firstuestion good explanation.d a pretty >> reporter: for the roads where cyclists are allowed, virginia law says t they should be as far to the right as possible. marina, sarah? >> bold is the right word there. >> yeah, there a few word i can think of. still to come, the dc restaurant feeling t fall-out aftea different restauran with same name didn't serve the
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. t was a fantastic day, looks like we're getting a -over pleasantly warm and i suggest you soa it up because i got steam ht on the seven-day forecast. pi'll let you know when that' rolling into town coming up. sarah? on "the final 5," the president on the camign trail in south carolina but even he didn't sound completely confident in the candidate he was stumpingfor. that's "the final 5" tonight at 11:30. at
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transgender wan posted her story after an employee demanded to see her id befe she could use the rest room at . charlotte used it anyway without showing id but was removed from the bar. lelice wered and confirmed there's no law requiring idsr to enter rest rooms.she told usd not believe it happened in a city as progressive as washington, dc >> i got angry at the thought of
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some who's not white who the bank going through a lot of noto feel comfortab call the police, i don't want this to happen to any lgbtq person again. statementing they're working and the multi-cultural organization on training itsem oyees, but they tell fox 5 the company has yet to finalize training details. the backlash over a restaurant's choice to not serve white house press secretary sarah hackabee-sanderss being felt hundreds of miles away here in dc. saturdayt, she was asked to leave the red head restaurant in lexington where t o telling her the staff didn't want to serve her. president trump followed w up tweet accusing the lexingtf restaurant being dirty. to i decisions now impacting restaurants w similar names including the red hn northwest dc. rtheestaurant received death threats, people posted nasty review on social media a the
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front door was egged. owner michael freedman sd they welcome all diners. >> we woke input to obviously negative reviews, negative comments, some threats the restaurant, some threats to the business, some threatso the livelihood, death threats, threats of vandalation all thotf mistaken identity >> the restaurant posted an explanation on facebook and sign #not that redhe hoping people will uerstand they are a different restauran and serve the entireit coy. the incidentf ourse set up a hugee d with maxine waters encourage be people to continue snubbing memrs of the trump administration. waters was addressing her supporters in l she made the remarks, president trump accused congress woman
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waters for having an extraordinarilyow iq and should be careful what she wishes for. back at home, more and more federal department of homeland security are facing threats. agency saidee there's b a sharp increase in the number of general threats aimed at employees and it's impacting rkers in the dc area, one reporting a burnt and decapitated animaln us lawn be nationwide the department received about two dozen threats. the threats often posted online. president trump is repeating his positionan andts people stopped at the border and they cannot come into the counegy's meaningal immigrants. in a series of tweets, trump indicated he f plsoint is too time consuming and expensive. president trump is placing the blame on the democrats. >> we want strong borders and we want no crime. strong borders, we want no
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crime. the democrats want open borders and they don't care about crime. >> it's a message he real estat rally in south carolina while the president continues t toalk about strong borders. his press secretary told reporters elier they're running out of recordses to house migrantfamilies. sarah sanders added no cha to the zero tolerance poli. a us army sergeant badly injured while searchingq in ira received a special gift. david manual this lost both legp when heed on an explosive toearn how to walk and run.had earlier he was presented w wlit a refurbished vehicle to help him g around. >> i don't reallyor look gises, becau i chose this job and this was part of what came with choosing this job. knowing that other people are willing to reach a out to
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perfect strange they've never met. don't know anything about a try to help them. th's just showing us what the america spirit should be like. >> today's presentation too s place before thert of the proceeds willenefits luke's wings that supports wounded servicme mbers. an incredible deed. i'm loving today,innd i k you said it's going to be somewhat similar tomorrow >> it won't stay that way all week. >> eecially late june this doesn't happen often. we get another one tomorrow. buthat might be it for a little 'swhile. >> therehe bad news >> after we get to friday and beyond, it looks really kind of steamy around here. so many dmas a rdays in a row. tonight is delightful.
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the temperature dropped downs i the low 70' and we're headed to the 6s and some suburban areas will heador the 50's. this wasn't a badt all. 85 definitely warm but 87 is average and dulles at 83. bwi 83 with humidity that dropped throughout the day. bargain territory, they don't doubt. check thepe temtures 74 in the distrith. winds are oute northeast. within direction matters this time c ofeer and when it's out of the etht andeast in late june it can be comfortable. a lot of places in the 60's, winchester down to 63. martinsberg 65. gaithersburg 67, frederick at 68, so is 6anassas at8 with culpeper 67. dc one of the warm spots, quan sco one of the warpots but everybody will be comfortable as we head to about 65 here in the stringed. with the east-northeast wind and hey, reminr maryland voters get outhi and do yourng tomorrow.yo don't get to complain if you don'tvote. 83, no problem getting the ut
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tu we hope and the humidity should stay comfortabl high pressure in this position brings in a comfortable flow ofd air, it'sry for the most part, can't rule out spotty showers and higher elevations along interstate 81 likely to the west. but this highill keep us in pretty good shape as we go through the day tomorrow. a i remember thenother dry day, no doubt about it and thatill keep things comfortable. looks like my cli doesn't want to move let me check space bar, we'll get the map moving. don't kw why wants to do that. they g hung up and this one is definitely hung up. and i'm sure my proricer is thed to hear that. so let's see if we cano jump t the seven-day forecast. t i canell you this much, tomorrow's temperature about 83 we get later into th
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this high pressure system will push allay the w down to the southeast overtimesland of bermuda and in that position, it's a south wind and that will get our temperatures up and over wethat starts on saturday and t temperature 9 rising to2 by about friday. i rlly do have all of this in my head. do we need graphics? not sarah, back to you. >> we'll check back with you a little bit later. maybe it will start working again. traffic could be a little easier for some virginia drivers in t morning thanks to a brandne bus tunnel operating in a rosslyn. look, riders have beeng waitin for this a longtr time. o first announced it in 2016t saying i would open same year but particular the sat unfinished. until now. it going through a new building between north moore and lynn.. st that toxic pnt giant hog alexandria and virgini
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but experts say it's not the reas for worry, if you get the zap on your skin. it can cause blindness if you get in it your eyes, it has been found in clark,ng rham and fauquier counties but experts say there's no evidence the weed is spreading. weed has been google i the locations for years. if you do see something likeanhe t hog weed,ou don't t it. an expert can come i outdentify the plant and hopefully take care of the situation. >> we're officially on panda watch again, zoo keepers are copying a close eye on her to see if sheet give birth or if one of thosepseudo pregnanci . we've seen be she's showing sign she is do could be pregnant. more, but they can also mean
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she's having a false pregnancy. >> it will be wait and see. sue will hopefully have the rest of your forecast >> a bizarre interruption of a soccer match, after the eaeak. , after thk.
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. get the seven-day up, a p if not
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romise you i will tweet it if it will come up. re we go, let's see if it will at least load the old-fashion way. there you go. yes. all rit. it's the manual version. so 83. you may want to say, ok, i would rather have not s this, here's where we start seeing things change by thursday, it's about 88 degrees, not wee have showerand thunderstorms on wednesday. those thunderstorms off and on main until the afternoon, but can'tm rule out in the ternoon hour with a quick shower, things starting to upward thursday, friday, about 92 we're still sunny and hot and this is what i'm talking about the weekend mid 90's, it's still inhe mid 90' monday. and some signs that this will continue certainlyhrough the 4th of july at or above 90. o this would be third heat wave of 2018 get ready for that and enjoy the next couple of days. rah and marina, over to you.
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>> it's exactly what we need to know. the seven-day forecast. >> thanks, sue. sometimes a ballg you'll see a squirrel or bird on the field. in australia, it's kangaroos. that's what they got goingon, hopped into the stadium and on to the field durin a women's match yesterday. players officials tried to chase it by kicking soccer balls. that didn't work. come on, bring it. >> oh, finally, after a half hour delay, a coach hopped in to pickup truck and chased the kangaroo off. that's the funnit video of the day. that's fancy foot work >> there's such a tight gag see it jumping over thell socce "final 5" ee is up next with the >> have a good night.
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. i'm being o told it'sf the other lower rated on late night. this is the "fil 5." let's d this. ♪ . ♪ . ♪ . i'm jim lokay. president trump ineneral electi south carolina. bested katie harrington from a house seat. badly injured in a car crash but he also took aim at the primary opponent tt


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