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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  June 26, 2018 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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>> you believing downp. and medical zone. firsederally deserved prince interestre fox >> tucker and erin we'll start with you, tuck good it's comfortabl out there. temps 50s and 6 of 0s and low 0s with gorgus afternoon ahead. i'll have the the details coming up, erin. >>:00ing straight up roads upper malboro 301 is is southbound rosary roaand take a closer look at that and delays in outer loop in college park. back to you guys. >> let's get to headlines we'll start with maryland primary polls opied including
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democratic main aarry for governor of aen montgomery and prince george counti. >> today'sno vote t be all that smooth. number of vote ebbers impanged in tens of thousands. bob barnard live in polling place cabin hn, maryland this morning and we saw that number grow more than expecte expected, b, good morning. >> good morning, steve, allison 0s of yesterday it was 1870 roughly. now it's as many as 80,000 maryland voters will arrive the polls today t ands one just opened you can see there fo here doing last minute cam paining for the candidates and some folks showing up. basically the state board of electiss saying 0,000
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maryland voters t changed address or affiliation at mva kiosk or online betweenpril of last year and june 5 last year deposit have that information forwarde because of technical glitch to. >> these people alerted by email if they registered their email address with mva are told when we goat follow place they'll top the polling workers here are aware of this and trained toandle this. and that your vote filed provisionally tod will be counted before the final votes are talli. we're not sure if tha means ultimately or by the time the polls close at 8:00 tonight and ortly there after will your provional vote sew up in the final numbers. were spold your vote counts
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you don't seelo thet today. they did it professionally. , debate over the immigrationce ri is happens this morning. at the white house president umphe is predentalted practice of turng paren over to prosecutesers for illegally crossing bored ep and meanwhipu, house republicans are struggling to push forward on new immigration bill. they'llgs consider op today before congress takes recess on jewel 4. the pentagon says two at the tech text military basis will be used to house undocumented immigrants. defense secretaryames mattis auns nod yesterdis for the s and good fellow air force baseill be used. adults and children and the other used for unaccompany is.
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>> ships production of some the dn and response to tariffs inacted by the european unionse in re to president taxes on imported steel and aluminum.w white hous says the president trade policies are a huge bennett of the american economy and on twitter president trump said surprise that harley davidsonould be ultimately they will not playing which had hurt us batdly often train. >> et wall stre will keep oop eye on it arrest dow dipped three times in the last ten days. and the drop comes amid confusion about the trump rade policyion confusion about the trump rade policyion with china and investors - and stop american techales in china a. coming up on 7:05 tue>>ay
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morning. hello. >> beautiful yesterday. >> georgous. we went tthe zoo. i was inspired by your story that wouent to the zoo a couple weeks ago. >> did you see the pandas. >> it was closed because they might be pregnant. >> what did you think. >> everything else except lions and tigers and bears>>. elephants. >> reptile house. didn't do that.y >> inquir cox. didn't do that.y >> inquir cox. >> small arm dill you have ever gone down the hill and then you have to go >> halfway through you. >> when the girls are down. okay. >> sure enough on the way back. >> that's a big hill. >> comfortable someday. nice afternoon toenor outdo low 0s di time eyes. 6 ofeg than agencyal and i marshall 61, 63 with, dull.
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all right. wind off ocean today. high president bush oar to east. that will deliver very pleasant temperature-wise afternoon. we'll have clouds. we will remain dry. enjoy today. those of us that don't love mid up toer 90s w llove i'll have that momently. >> love toy. >> tod is another day trip going to portrait gallery. >> that will be great. >> we're doing stay indications we're not your else. >> have to. this is nasty on beltway. oute loop vandoren street a crash blockingan enter l. we have right laneft and lane getting by. why do you do that for me. tucker runs by so weird and always do doesf it in front o me it matches my attention and i lose track what i'm looking at. outer loop vando approaching scream causes bigg delays, there's a
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chancen then this one just cleat outer lone from 355 to george a. also most after a har d through rockville. since school is f outor summer traffic 270 southbound it be lighter and 5 sam0. treptding lightser for summertime months. keep in mind it five mob ten minute ride 301 seratz and then the inner loop from branch avenue to wilson bridge 17 minute ride as usual heier volume and metro online and we'll keep you posted. sentencing day forormer virginia tech student convicted of killing 13-year-old girl to hide his relationship with h. 13-year-old girl to hide his relationship with h. days
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a "fox5" excluasve. hes continue between authors in community in north eastvi d.c. rd yes only on "fox5"growing tension that continued as large crowd was confronted by d.c. police again last night this call comes on heels of another video that surfaced this weekend on what many call illegal and ne cutsler joins us liver with the latest. >> ll the neighborhood, the community at large, this smotion proyl over last month as a afirm in the end three people were arrested and two people september to the hospital. now, take a look at video that is at the enter of thisve corsy. a group of men standing outsid nk's barbershop. offirs search one man they say had a bb gun and the officers allow him to le and that led them to serve the other men for illegal weapons. some believe the man with bb
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gun was undercover copn a claim that police chief, news jp am denies are ares the police went up and nd a bb gun and wott or never could have officer had had a bb gun iniswaste back fak we'll take a clok leook le wooo wody corn program to see if there was inappropriate behavior by officers. >> h statement however doing little to cool things . police were back in the area lastan night. the situation escalated and community members say a woman holding a bade was sprayed and two people hope to the young men and fwhem my communicate try into the frayed anymore. they'll fight back. things will get .
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>> now the aclu was in the neighborhoodesterday asking questions c andhief newsam said h w accidentl conduct internal investi live in north we can also in the district theis sea on for a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman in the due evening.pened before 11 sunday in the 2100 block of new port i placen northwest. police say the suspect t approachhe woman from, behindached under her skirt, and sexually assaultthe . police are looking into whether this case is related to a nrly dozen other sexual assault cases in the dupont circle in georgetown neighborhoods in the past five months. >> and still no word are what sparked aire in south east d.c. where fox on you s can how my those are. there's alose up. on cue.on firefighter suffered minor
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yrz nobody at that him to was hurt. >> killed on the job and this morning what was ambush.s say 6. a former first was ambush.s say 6. a former first fuxt xt ♪ ♪ ot ect your pet with the #1 name in flea and tick protection.
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fron with the #1 name trusted byets for nearly 20 ye
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>> well theurn family is welcoming a number member this meet sully the service dog. he'll bhelping out the former command-in-chief. sully is trained to do thingske lietch the phone and pick things up off the flo sully is named after pilotsul sully sul epberg whor planned lat that plane on sudden sonin .
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george h.w. bush posted this of himselfnd sully and clinton.d he posted thisdhoto of himself anresident clinton while clinton visited him in maine. president bush wore a pair of ll clinton socks for the occasion. >> hopelly bill deposit end up with these on and say you're going to wear these. >> friend. >> they loong like friends. >> great. >> great come rod sdmri sully was the star hat show. >> just like pandas are the star of the show at the natial zoo. nowul al because yod not see them yesterday doesn't mean they're not bus. >> we're waiting to see if she back pregnant. it's a time we all get excited for in the nation's capital. >> beautiful. >> big bambood that's one of the signs doesn't want to each tha? muc much. >> re >> yeah. might be preing pregnant. na that we know that wasad
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her or not. >> 85. these are yesterday's highs. we hit 5 reg app national and 83 fulles and baltimore 83.rm no high if you're curious don't leave for work or camp until you write these things down. 87 nor high. we're a few degrees below average and we'll do it againyt comfortable. low 80s. lots of 50s. winchester and frederi and places like that front royal. in thes overnight. conoortable. a lot of humidity. winds off ocean today. and wind out onorm and east we see cloudyness. in and out of cloud this afternoon. partly surprise any and dry day. get out and take the family on a field trip. >> i looked at your whole extended and tre may be showers tomorw. >> so we're doing stuff snrd andt hea on around here. big timeeat bit weekend. mid 90s.tu saayen sunday, monday we
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kept hea promptly into the 4th. >> you should do your air condition next couple days. air conditioning for the weekend. >> steve. >> get out and enjoy today. >> i told the family we're doing national -- ou>> yave to do that. they're looking forwa to >> you can always find a pool for after the portrait galler gallery. >> tucker is like -- le left the paevrment bored him with my small talk. >> we have signsicant delay 70 through 8 0 now. 14ap mile hour average. hop off and take 3 a55. ann san i the studio. that's why he left the party. he wanted to say hi. blocking twoenter lanes vap dooren street. causing a significant delayst that point. it's going against normal rush. upper malboro 31 southbound rosaryville road crash as well
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and 66 sun glare. grab shades tun sudley roa and the parkway. and in theain lanes that's exit ram there in prince william parkway.v slain in better shape. retch and metro on time.h 9st5 back to you. developing in california this morning thanks erin fire captain dead after shot and killed while reporting to fire at retirement home. >> a 7-year-old map in custody charged with his murder. lled out that attack.ecaly holly jos us with the details you. >> the fire captai was nearly 20 year veteran of department and second fireghter was shot during the attack after authorities say the suspect opened fire on them within >> today is tough day foremen and women of long beach fire department we'reur in moing.
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california fircaptain david roseahi lost life monday in the name of duty when respon responding to reports of explosion at longme beach rent home and one residents started fireing ain gun. >> 60 seconds going two loud boomsing you heard wheniv firefightersed they found blown o windowsen a fire they extinguished and c whenws were serving building 77-year-old resident thomas kim onpied fire hitting two firefighters and one resident. >> brought the paramedic dow down. they carriedim down that got shot and p a fire truck. >> preliminary investigation indicates kim intentionally set the fire to lure first offenders to his room. >> dozens ofirefighters lined the streets saluting rosea's body as taken from the hospital ands courted to injured firefighter ernesto
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torres was treated app released and expected to make a full recovery. unidentified resident is in critical and stable condition. d captainavid rosea was a 17 year veteran of department and was 45 and lves behind awife an. kim was arrested on suspicion of murder, arson. police rekovrtd a firearm vaepin not deed a motive for the deadly shooting. allison. >> hard case. alley, thank you. >> residents and friends of antoine rose forced to say odbyes lai to rest after a week after heho wt at a traffic spop in pitburg. n he was youarmed and was riding a car matpting descrin of another vehic connectsed to a shooting when police pulled him over roseaas ran and shot three times in the back by police officer michael rosseld.
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district attorney is now investigating this ips denlt. >> a medical break through first fedly approved how marijuanabe-based drug could a game changer for those sufferin seizures. >> and good news for amazon prime members. new discounts in store for you ands we take you to break a repreview of this week's zip trip. we're headed to community many of you seep and heard of.e leisure world in silver spring. i'll be there. tony, tucker and erin. thisno is a zip trip the gene public can come to. operty trust us you won'tr want to miss a moment of the operty trust us you won'tr want to miss a moment of the fun we'll bringox you o5". get ready to nrid style with the zip tripsfox5dccom and enter your chance to one a lease on 20 19 ak you're ra tlx. all finalists must attend the final zip trip august 31 to be
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>> 7:23 now. have brea news out of howard country this barn has essentially just burned to e ground. and the barnctyelto the universi
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this icott city. you can sendit is still smon smongi smoldering folly quarter road and "fox5" above right now part of the barn collapsed. it was use totd store hay. big loss for university of maryland barn in ellicott city up. there. hi there i'm rob stone in moscow f fox coverage of fifa wupld. day 13 sees two more groups. denmark a, frnd australia taking on peru. those two matches kicking off multaneously. same true later inup 10 ices land meetotia and nigeria. enjoy those games and stay tuned for world cup tonight for a recap of the action.rn >> l tina will be must s a full day of world cup5" action. fit pregame action 9:00.
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denmark, france, 10:00 playing for number one seed this afternoo nigeria and argentina they'll go head to head 2 p.m. n between the games is" " world cup special you do not want to miss here at noon to ty throughhursday. american soccer legend john harks will join tucker barns and marina marraco live from rfk where they will broke down the best plays at 10 and looking ah to 2:00 plays and s de. united players will thereby. we tl be live arounhe region for fan wch parties and everybody that gets inlved and promise we'll safe messy for 2 sglaem all right. did you also international soccer star tucker bnes. >> i said our legend. >> tucker barns. >> oy. tucker barnes, yes, 66 washington. i can't waior f the special today. exciting games this afternoon argentina who ever -- those of
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>> it's a must-win >> whoever thought messy would not advance. we'll see what happens. mido low 0s. partial sunshine. winds north and east off the ocean. high pressure here getting ready wind off the ocean andno dry afternoon and temps low 80s today. with warm fron and hererow comes heat for end of weekly. partic next weekend. mi90s. saturday, sunday, monday. >> 7:26 now and keeping eyes on roand a dmatic jam cam fashion. here we have it. congestion sudley road touse belt way. stop and goff tra looks g you jamthrough fairfax. 95 northbound to 43 minutes, main lane dale city to the beltway. hov moving better. beltway to is 4 streetll bridge slowest around pentagon and outer loop college park,
7:27 am
95 to spur, 347 minutes breaks up after georgia avenue. that's worst of it in marylan maryland. back to you guys. straight ahead at 7:30, primary d polling problems. >> polls in maryland open now. they opened0 minutes ago and could mean big proems for tens of thousands of voterstcgrh first t came pact the way you cast your ballot. everything you need to know way you cast your ballot. everything you need to know next. ♪
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♪ live look right now in ellicott city this morning. that's all that's left of the ouniversityf maryland barn up there. the barn only stored hey. the good news did a not have animals inside. no injuries wther they be human or animal rorted. just a loss of the structureai itself. n this is the university of maryland hey barn up in elliot
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iccity livetures courtesy of skyfox. ♪ let's take look at our top stories on this tuesday morning. police and a community in northeast washington continues to grow after l crowd confronted d.c. officers last night in the deanwoodommune n self arrests were made and two people. were injured they had to be taken for eatment at a l hospital. it was also reported thatld woman hog a baby was pepper sprayed on the scene. steve? president trump expected tom meet withembers of congress at the white house today. they'll discuss what's happening at the southorn br. the president has hauled the practicerosecuting parents illegally crossing the border. in the meantim house republica republicans strrwgling to push fod a new immigration bill that pould keeparents and kids all eyes on wall street thig morning fol a dramatic dip yesterday. the dow dipped for the ninth me in the past ten days. the nasdaq was it's down ptwo-point 1%. this comes a mid confusion about the trump administration's
7:31 am
trade policy with china. our other big sry this morning, primary day in maryland where theolls opened just about 31 minut ago. lot on the ballot today including democratic primary for vernor all the state's coressional seats including district six in our area. county executive raises in montgomery and prince george's county. tens of thousan of voters could face problems at the pol a computer glitch did deliver some voters requests for change of address or change o politicalty p tar elections. >> that means they'll need to cast a provisionald balance l bb ba joins us live with more. all theknow if you plan on votiy in maryland. good morning. bob. >> reporter: good morning, steve and allison. yes. this hopefully won't be a surprise to the people who do have to file provisionally this morning, because we're tol that state board of elections mailed out something like 74,00l e-ma to those who had registered their e-mail addresses with the mva. th their address
7:32 am
since april of last year till june 5th of this year. that information never mad it the state board of elections. those whong cha that information eitr at kiosk or online with the mva. so hopefully, it won't be a great surise. we're toll the polling plaes and officials here are aware of this and have been trained to handle this. join us is nahid, vice-president ofco the montgomy ty board of elections. thanks for joining us. >> thank you foraving me. thank you so much. >>t seems like a lot of people are voting alrea. >> yes yes, yes, yes. >>eporter: pretty good turnout. >> 81,000 voters affected. >>t' reporter: i now 81,000. >> reporter: a l of people. >> since friday a. >> reporter: couple days ago it was 20,000. it'sone u. >> 81,000 friday night. that's the finalne o 81,000. >> already state send us enough provion and we will count every votch we get.
7:33 am
we will count them. >> reporter: will they be counted in time for tonig when the tallies are release idea. >> no no, because we have to do research on the provisional if they're regisotred to v or resident of montgomery county, lookand, but we'll start at them next thursday. not this thursday. next thursday and be out until h or 8th. somee bs change bed -- soe tonight someone declaring victory andex thent week you find out, oit-- >> if really, really close race but if it's like 25% to 75%, so it won't change. because we know how many provisional we issue. so we know how many democrat, how many republicans. we will count those and we know the same with absentee votes s which wert counting on thursday. >> reporter: what do you say to those who say i didn't do anything wrong, i went online or went to theged my vote and now you're t, eliolinge
7:34 am
when we find o who wins eithe county exec or the democratic nominee for governor, my vote won't be in that tally today, maybe in a week or two, but that got to be pretty disappointing for some folks. >> it is. were we're so sorry. it'sot board of elections fault. it's mva fault and they did not do. dthey not submit the data to voters. we didn't even know that until week ago. >> reporter: when you guys call eight technical glitch it's more human'trror? >> we don know. no, technical glitch. don't know. i'm not with mva. i don't know what happened. we don't tnow hhe whole detail. having a meeting today 11:30ing to through to see what went wrong. but the state boa of elections is doing everything to help the voter to u helps to go through all ofhis difficult time. >> reporter: all right. thank you. >> thank you so much. thank you very much. >> reporter: tnks for joining us. >> thank you. >> reporter: that's the deal, guys. if you're caught up in this, you'll fill out not electronicallyut a paper
7:35 am
ballot a provisional ballot which as we're told will not til week. interesting development. it always seems to be something, guys. >> all right. a lot of ballots, though. that are questionabl thanks bob. 7:35. 81,000 she says the newest number that would havto be provisional. s get a check on our tuesday rnes.ast with our guy tuckerba >> yeah. it looks absoluttay fanic. >> that's a good thing. >> ne and comfort this morning. overnight lows back in the 50s already heard of end the march. low 60s and low 80s later today. enjoy a beautiful afterno dealing with cloudiness but no rain or thunderstorms today. 66 now in washington. regionally look at the fours up that in new york. binghamton 48 this morning. new york sn a very comfortable. we got one and awo half more days of comfortable temperature and thenhe heat really bids around here ft end of t week noon the weekend. i'll show that youom cg up but there's a live look at yourr satellite/. fairly quiet out there. our winds are off the ocean today so we will see cloudiness
7:36 am
from time to time kind of a partly sunny afternoon but again dry condition today with highs in the low 80s fairly comfortable day. okay. heat wave on the seven day coming up.erin? >> right now, keeping our eyes on the roads. this a look at metro right n. 7:36. off loading yellow linet national airport with a door problem. delays to moun verno square so caution there. now, big probl have picked up on 270. there is a crash right nowne blocki lane out by 80. 270 southbound from 70 ton past 80 frederick big big slow downs. we're up to 63 minutes from 70 to 121. watch for bailout traffic as well. al n 95thbound before prince william parkway disable vehicle blocks the left shoulder. really heavy volume right now in those main lanes as w as the exit ramp thi morning. outer loop after van doren r now crash moved over to the shoulder and right lane but some outer loop because blbecoau osef at rosaryville road.
7:37 am
495 inner loop of the beltway 23 enminutes brancue to the wilson bridge. only the yellow b line delayy national airport. still ahead arc medical details of the first ever federally approved marijuana based drug and how it could help those battle its battling epilepsy. >> amazon prime disunts. new deals for dc are primemembe. stay with us much it's 7:37. ♪ pass passion. thshontendorses ans
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for prince george's county ecutive, praising alsobinoks fog "responsive, diligent and detail-oriented" and for "doing anutstanding job" as state's attorney. as county executive, alsofeooks would be "focused,a" and "would be a strong advate for our schools and eparing children gela alsobrooks: it's time to fulfill the promise of prince orge's, and i know we can do
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♪ fda approved the prescription drug made from majuana. it called ediolex it's designed to treat of epilepsy that begin in childhood. it has an ingredient can reduces seizures in some people with epilepsy.ic fdaials say the drug reduced seizures when combined with other epilepsy drugs. it could spur more research into marijuana which reliance illegal under federal n law. >>orthern virginia, closely watch vote in loudoun county. the school board will take up how elearmel mntorch syaysoo t . rotheposal calls for no less than 40 minutes of recess for kindergarteners and no le than 30 minutes for first through fifth graders. the board would vote on a picy which splits thatime into morning and afternoon recess sessions.
7:41 am
new virginia law thaone whichgot allows schl systems to count recess as part of the instructional day good news for amazon prime mbers now. d.c. area who food shoppers amazon primeembers can now start getting discounts at groceries wthole foods beginning tomorrow. you'll get 10% and discountsn other products. it's something they rolled out slowly. ten statesetble to g the discount d,c, virginia, maryland not among them until now. from the basketball court to the big n screen upext kevin sets down with nba star cyrie everybody to go cha about his new role in the new movie uncle drew which looks funny. ♪ it happens every timi've g. and every time, she wins. it's on me.
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but you have theb&t app with zelle and can pay the bill before she even leaves the restaurant. beth! bb&t. all we see is you.
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we're ch out what's on >> 7:43. good day d.c. today. all right. the new movied c eighth grade is coming of age story about growing up in the snapeatm former youtube beau will who will join us live along with th stars of the new film. >> kevin mccarthy better with t you tour co the d.c. area tonight. he'll perform life special performance f plus it's football like you've never seen ylessuartavouerback. we're giving you insiden look at what it' sse help from the ht >> veryl. all right. >> tucker barnes will have your forecast coming upn jusn seconds. gorgeous day yesterday and we'll do it again today yesterday. with a mix of suudn and clos. partly sunny day.
7:45 am
daytime highs lthow 80s. is a few degrees below normal.ay normtime high is aboegut 87 des. so a few degreles below n delay later today. showers not todaye. maybomorrow. we'll get a fhowers with warm front coming through that will be our best chance for rain this week and we'll heat it this is the kind otf hea so strong i don't think we'll get thsderstorms here thi weekend but a l0sot of 9y saturday and sundayrs. current num i mean really coul't be more comfortable for this time of year. i feel great out here. 50s north and wesng this morni. look at frederick 59. hagerstown, winchester 59 degrees. rdand leonawn you jumped to skate about an houyou wer1. so very nice there annapolis 68. 64 in mansas. dulles 63. everybody off to very comfortable start and not a l of humidityo contend with early this morng. high pressure right over he jut to the east of new york and our winds ahere off t ocean today. ow ainds out of the north a n ndnd that wil give us a little bit of a cloud
7:46 am
deck thinos after. so kind of a partly sunny day buou the rain y see south and west of us staouys sths afternoe ould keep it dry for your afternoon hours which is grehe f weeks. really pleasan ar hmht b autroun nd here later today. okay. setup for the end of the w reald setup the bmuda highhe retu flow you get those winds out of theth this time of year out of the tropi wcs and yu knowt you get. tropical a h. azy, hot and humid our friends. hh and h and once these fellas move in, they are often a little slow to get out of here. sot looks like wll be in for extended period of heat and daytim highs will cook into the i guess it didn't make any sense. erin didn't seem impressed. >> cook into the 90s around here to the end of the week and into the weekend. lease sure world zip trip can't wait on friday. we'll see the residents of lease sure world. we can't wait to see the,m and
7:47 am
saturday, sunday and monday temperatures will be weltoin the 90s. >> i wmpressed. i was just preoccupied. >> you want to see what i wd preoccupie with. >> take a look at this nasty dela. whatre's 103 minuteslate to. that's -- >> two hours t minutes. >> two hours ten minutses. that two hours and ten minutes? >> no. you have 103. >> i saist it. >> 103 is an hour 43. >> thank you. steve. l it soundede you said 130. >> sorry tucker's credit. sorr tucker i might have said it backwards but stevews me. needless to say k a nasty delay out there. there's aerrash -- [ laught ] >> there's a crash by 80 this is not funny it's serus it's backing up traffic fro 70 to basical09lyn hou 1r and 43 my dela 355 dealing with a significan significant -- [ laughter ] >> b alout traffics well. be prepared for that. also this crash outer loop aftea van doren csh block the right shoulder
7:48 am
heavy delays remain passed vatn dorn stree so we're dealing with those heavylow downs as well. i'mlmost trying tucker made me last so hd. i hate had one that happens to me. crash 301outhbound at rosar rosaryville road in upper marlboro. 270 southbounasd delay. h blocks the shoulder 66 eastbound at 28 and we have some heavolume in addition to that crash a lf congestion. an hour and three minutesro sudley road to the beltway. i'll gather my thoughts and emotions and be better nt hit. back to you guys. >> tha you so much, erin. today in the district the city council will vote on attacks increaside fe sharing companies. the proposal would raise the tax from 1% to 6%. so, for example, on ten dollars ride the tax wo from ten cents to 50 cents. ride share companies lyfme issud a stait would have a disproporte impact on the districs mosle po. they call the tax increase unfair. metro taking steps to improve
7:49 am
dave safety for its worrs transit agency will soon roll out a pilot program that uses arm bands and signal boxes to communicate the location of workers and trainh-ch as.rm bands earlis year. metro plans to use nearly 200 of them over a sixioonthd. transit agency hopes the pilot program will fulfill recommendaon from ntsb to improve safety aftersh in 2016 killedr. the tic giant hog weed plant founds clo as alexandria. the plant was originally found in clark, rocking ham afand uier counties. if you get t sap of one of thes p giant hog weednts on your skin, i can cause burns or worse. if you get it into your eyes, i. take a good look at what i'm showing you here on the screen. host, experts sev teeayhere n's. the plants have been growing in those locations for yea but if you do see something tha ltks like thi ws heed giant hog weed plant please don't touch
7:50 am
it. u should call t virginia department of agricultund a consumer services. you canoogle that number and expert can come out to identify that plant which can be dangerous. ♪ good shots of it, though. >> right there. >> let's head out to nevada right now. check in withthevin my before he boards his plane we don't want to make you late for your plane this morning, kev >> steve and allison, good morning to you. causbei'e iinm 'm sit iddle of t the airport here in reno i'm boarding at 7:55 your time so 4:55 where i am currently it's kind of crazy i've been here for a couple daysheor tovie bad time of the he wl royal the with kyrie irving.bout to watch he's a brilliant basketball player for the boston celtics but in new film cald uncle drew. cle is based around tepsi max commercials that went viral. they made a movie out of i. shack and reggie miller and also kyrie ikeing. i spo to him about the idea of where the uncle drew voice came
7:51 am
from and just basketball in general aa the ide of this line between bei an arrogant player and i think it's aen interesting that he talks about and also i kind of thr movie trivia towards his way abou famous basketball films. watch this. >> talk about finding uncle drew' voice. it's an amazing voice. i've seen the prosthetic element that goes along with it. >> yeah.d >> how did you finhat voice. >> where did it come fro >> it came from kind o wfching and observing a loft the older generation. really slow methodical sequential in ter hms oow they convey message i try to add somewhat of my youth to that as. so uncle drew almost became w migrate wine as time less he just was aging but his mind and his body were just kind of becoming more and more youthful the older he got. so the voice was definity the hardest part to remai consistent throughout the whole entire film. >> you say in the movie about the fine line between arrogance and confidence. >> yes. >> i think that'stin interes thing because i'm wondering as a player how much confidence do
7:52 am
you feel like you have to have en you're on that court and nick control's character tacony-palmyra arrogant element. what is that line for you as a player? >> it's just -- it's really really subtle. and the perception of what everyone else is going to sayref you'onfident or you're arrogant, um, you're one or the other, um, i think you have to find that kind of internalal nce win yourself that you have the bief that you can accomplish anything that you want not just ien the gam of basketball but in life but when it comes with the game your preparation will always set you free out on the floor and m it look seamless. when you good it that emotion out there and you're like, heyi ctually practiced this hundreds of times and it showcases in the game, then why >> he talks about i love the game but tthe game didn'ove me back. >> um-hmm a. nd it's kind of powerful if you think about i because his character essentially quits afte this momenf like getting blocked by nicl'k contros character. i was curious at trt earlier of your career when you were a kid playing was there a moment that kind of hit you like
7:53 am
that thayou had to jump over and kind of get -- yeah. >> can i ask what the momt was? >> i had sy, man man. long nba career as of yet, butting you know hopefully -- but it's, you know n my lifetime i've been teste a lotf times, you know, and got to persevere as well as, um, when you -- when you go on those specific moments, they really test you mentally and physically. >> how do you get past them. nk about. that's all i think about at least. redemption. provingot to of one else but proving to myself that i can redeem myselti if that situaon or similar situation com across again and i'm going to kill it. that's ain i'm thinkg about if i fail this onte time i'm kell i the next time. no one is getng in the way of this. everyone is just going to move out of the way because they see i want to accomplish this so so bad that i'm going to do it. >> this i a hypothetical scenario. all the greatest basketbale of all tim on a team together and thers a final buzzer about to happen andou'll pass the ball
7:54 am
to the player that you want to make the shot. it's jesus shuttleworth, billy hoyle or unclerew. who do you -- >> uncle drew handsown. >> definitely. >> hands down. >> he has it. >> hands down. >> he has it. [ laughter ] >> i got to give a shout out assistant new director kyle for that last question because i think a lot of basketball players get asked that question a lot. what dream team of all t phe players. layers i mentioned jesus uttleworth h got game, billy hoyle is white manan't jump uncle drew the movie he's promote ate i'm literallyo boarding in the next 30 seconds. my wife lauren turns -- having a birthday today. i'm flying home and i cannot wait to see her. i'm landing around 3:00 o'clock so we'll go dinner tonight. i love you sh and you're my true romance and just want to say thank you for being in my lifend thank you. i love you very much. i know her father-aw watches of morning. damien, hlo. i love you. thank you for connectingauren and i. tomorrow mor guys in the studio >> happy birthday to lauren. d >> yes. >>'t miss your flight.
7:55 am
you don't want to make had on her birthday. >> that was sweet. thanks, kev. >> hopefully no delays and i will see you guys back in studio bright and early a 6:50 tomorrow morning. we have dell torro a a bunch of great stuff coming up this week. >> go. >> get on the plane>>, kev. we'll see you tomorrow. >> bye-byeku. did you hear kev was trying to name h beard yesterday? >>rying to name it. >> what did he flame it. >> did he get one? i think somebody suggested hairy styles. >> the beard itself was named harry styles. >> okay. >> hairy -- >> i didn't know that was a thingd. .>> yes exactly. >> all right. >> tucker. >> these are the kind o things we work here on fox5. 66 nhi inngton. cloudy skies bei reported at reagan national. part sunny todaynd low 80 80s we have our winds -- i just went too fast. winds out of the north and east at eight off the ocean. so we are going to get cloudiness tho contend w but it should be apple's apartment day. low 80s an dry day for youle today. better chance we get
7:56 am
showers tomorrow afternoon and then the heat builds in around here particurly nex weekend look at saturday, sunday, monday mid 90's. allin i remember many fourth of julys going down to the mall growing up and it was like7 degrees. >> so -- it the it was the best. >> oh, those days. >> yeah. >> ient down to the mall every year since i've been here fourth of july is my favorite day unfortunately we have huge breaking news coming out of frederick right now. all southboundan of 270 right now are shut dn with serious crasheen in urbana. it's really bad traffic out there. so justast 26 a lanes blocked you'll have to detou at 26. you can take 355 or secondaries watch for a ton of bailout traffic. you're basically parked well over an hour delay from 70 through 80 again you have to detour there. that's causinge overflow traffic with big delays 355 southbound trying to get into alternate maybe even swing up and take 70 just be ppared for these issues. i'll let you know as soons they're able to reopen a lane but a big csh scene and that's
7:57 am
ide from that outer lp after. van dorn street crash blocks the rit shoulder. bepador tshat. and then we also have this crash just cleared. 301 at rosyville road on the southbound side. more updates c toe on that 270 mess. we'l b be rigack. ♪ ♪ at havertys we know everyone has different enstes.
7:58 am
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m with more styles and c fabrics to choose from. celebrate your independence with furniture that fits you. havertys. life looks good
8:00 am
♪ glitch is affecting the way voters cast their ballot. whatto voters n know coming up in a live report. i> tensions boiling over a northeast d.c. cmunity following the controversial search of aroup of african-american menn that some call illegal search. this morning, we have exclusive video oft a clash night between police and residents in d.c.'s deanwood neighborhood.>> > and a medical milestone for the first time federal health officials approved a prescription drug made from marijuana. how it could be live changing for those battling epilepsy. >> before the news though 8:00'clock how about a live look outside. going to be a nic day. not too hot out there but surely summertime. weatonr and traffic coming the 5's for you. >> we'll start the 8:00 o'clk hour with the maryland, the
8:01 am
polls just opene about an hour .go across the state lots on the ballot today including the demratic prima for governor in maryland all the states congressional seats includingistrict six in our area where there's no incumbent running of course those big urcal races in o area, too. the countycutive seats and montgomery and princeeorge's county. >> today's vote mayot all that smooth as we learned lateast night the number of voters impacted by a computer glitch in the tense of thousands. >> f5's bob barnard is live at a polling place in cabin john, maryland, this morning. bob report roar this is the clara barton community center i just want to show you this is the b sampleallot if you're voting in the democratic primary yodisa today. have to pick four of the 33 candidat running for the montgomery county council at large just one of t races. hopefully you did your homeworko want to als show you this is what o of these provisional ballots looks like. now, 81,000 maryl voters will be if they go to the poles polls today voting provisionally on a paper ballot like this and you can see here this poll pg place
8:02 am
there have been two of those already who have ct provisional ballot and that is beuse of ah technical glitc between the mva and the state board of elections. people who went to the mva between april of last year and june 5th of this year to either change their party affiliation or change their address, tt information never updated to the state board of elections. so those people up to 81,00 casting ballots today will have at 7:30 we had a chance twi spek nahid, the vice-president of the montgomery county board of elections explaining how thosho votes,se provisional votes will be tallied. >> we have to do research on the provisional to see whe rer they'reegistered to vote or they are residents of montgomery county, maryland. but we cillount -- start looking at them next thursday. not this thursday.
8:03 am
rsxtday. and the result will not be out 're so sorry about this it's t board of election fault. it's mva fault. and they did not do. they did not submit the data to m.d. voters. we didn't even know that until week ago. >> reporter: soha ts the situatn. every vote wil be counted, ain there have been two of those provisional ballots c here at this onl poling precinct here- in montgomerycou. we're told that tolling place judgesra areined. they're aware that this may happen and, again, your vote will be tlied butt just won't be registered in the numbers that come out tonight and they're pretty confident thf there's a wide enough margin between candidates that theho tally ofse provisional ballots pecbably won't aff the races they will be cnted if the races are tight, who kns, guys? the road.have a big impact down bob, thank you very much.
8:04 am
let's get to fox5 exclusive right now. take a look at this video you'll om on see on fox5. a glimpse at the latest tension between authorities and a northeast community. >> those tensions continue to grow as a large crowd confronted dc officers last nige following video that surfaced this weekend of what many are calling an illegal f stoprisk in d.c.'s deanwoodd. neighborhoo fox5's anne cutler joi us live from police headquaers with the latest now. anne? >> reporter: well, the neighborhood, the community at large growing increasinglyed frus and last night emotions did boil over as a scuffle broke oetween many residents there on sheriff road and did. colice. at the end of it allthree people were are a revved, two people were hospitalized. take a look at the video that's at the center of this controversy. a it shows group of men staoutsid. officers search one man who they say had aeebee gun. the officers allowed him to leave. but that led them to search the other men for illegal weapons.
8:05 am
some believe the man with thatee beeb gun was an undercove cop cop. a claim police chief peterha m denies. >> we freaiently get compls in that area about people out there smoking marijuana, drinking, that kind of thing. the police went up there.they ft wasn't on an under could haveas officer. just a guy that was up there had a beebee gun in his istband. they continued to search the area for potentially additional weapons in that'r area. we going to take real close look at the body warn cameras since if the was any inappropriate behavior by our officers. >>eporter: his statement however doing little to cool ings d police were back in that area last night and the situation calated community members say a woman holding a baby was pepper sprayed. and two people, again, hospitalized. fox5 obtaining exclusive video of that b ywl. >>ng men women in my communitynd are a not afraid any more. they are notai afr.
8:06 am
they willac fightk. things will get hot.>> reportere area asking questions on monday anew chiefsham says that his department will conduct an internal investigation live in northwest, anne cutler fox5 local news. ♪ 80:00 s tk. nice starthe day, tuck. >> a lot of sunshine out there. it going to be 80s today. very very comfortable ornight. rly this morning temps in the 50s north and west. so no complaining. c>> who isplaining? >> no one is complaing. >> you g the perfect haircut for this weekend. >> nice and cool. >> warm afternoon. low 80s later today. but lots of heat on the horizon i'll show s youeven day in a couple of minutes but let's focus on our tuesday. reagan nional 66. again nice and comfortableot a lot humidity to start your morning. dull up in baltimore 63 degrees satellite picture so high east up towards new york and winds off the ocean today out of the north and tastt will help spread some clouds in ourry
8:07 am
sunny day kind of partly sunny afternoon but most importantly a dry afternoon. so another chance to dry out last couple of weeks.'ve had the stretch that back to may. what do you thinkf this map? >> okay. not a sevenay. that's a today page. >> oh, yeah. >> shows you hour by hour.ev st you're going -- what's itgoi. i have the answer. partly sunny and 80. .> that's very coo >> 80 and orange. >> and orange, yeah. or maybe you're like what is it going to be at 9:00 o'clock >> 74 and yellow. >> and mostly cloudy. see? you get that? >> now, am, is ther method for the color coding?e >> nop >> okay. [ laughter ] >> all right then >> i like your colors, tuck >> you're welcome. >> you couldave made anything up and we would have believed you. >> right. >> beep beep. reat job. >> wonderful effort. >> i had my suspicions i'll save it for the commercial. >> fair enough. right now, eight cory 07:00. take a look at this. an hour and 39 minutes you see what we did there i did math
8:08 am
myself, tuck. >> one hour and 39 minutesge to from 270 to past 80. did open up one lane. so one lanes getting by. the right lane and shoulde remains blocked but one left lane is opened. 6-mile backup and huge delays 355 super backed up with t bail raffic heading from frederick into urbana just watch for those delays. this o cer looprash by van dorn street moved over to the right shoulder. residual delays lingering. 66 pretty heavy traffic, 61 minutes right now sudley road to the beltway. earlier crash blocking the shoulder by 28. 395 northund almost a hour to the mainthe beltway in lanes to the 14th streetth bridge. express lanes looking a little bitov bette lanes out there. 95 northbound almost an hour as well from dale city toyhe be and the main lanes express lanes much better conditions there. t anhen we have 18 minute drive from 66 to the legion bridge. heavyre volume the and through tysons e aslwell. that's your traffic, guys. back to you.♪ ♪ check our other top storiess now eight minutt the hour today sentencing day former
8:09 am
virginia technt s convicted of killing a-o 13-year girl to hide his relationship wh her. david eisenhower faces up to life in prison plus 15 yers for stabbing death of nicole lovell back in 2016 hlleged accomplish nataliepe kee will stand trialep intember being an actr sews sorry fo of brrr before the fact a ceiling the body. >> firefighters responded reports of an explosioncht a long retirement home and one of the residents started firing.eaol adosav did died ye searching the building. police say 77-year residents thomas ks his name opened fire hitting rosa. another firefighter and a resident. treated andeased from the hospital. he's expected to make a full recovery. the rident is i critical but stable condition. kim was arrested but at this point authorihat shooting.
8:10 am
let's get to major break in pennsylvania murder mystery. authorities arrested suspect in a 25-year-old murder case. in 1992, christie mrick was beaten sexually assaulted and d strangled toth in her townhoe. dna evidence found at the scene summit to do a lab in virgin which generated sketches of the suspect. eventually it led to the arrest. turning now to the debate licy.the nation's immigpotion >> today the president expected to meet with members of congress ssey'll d what's happening at the southern border. the president halted the practice of turning parents over prosecutors for illegally crossing the bor with reporters, the president emphasiz his desire for strong .ders >> we want strong borders a we want no crime. strong borders, we want no crime. d theemocrats want open borders and they don't care about crime. >> meanwhile house rtrublicans areuggling to push forward a
8:11 am
new immigration bill they will continue some opt today before congress takes recess on july 4th. th pentagon meantime says two texas military bas will now be used to house undocument immigrant. defense secretary james madison sand good fellows air force base will be used. one to house adults and children. theo other house unaccompanied minors. homeland security says about 80% ofre the child who cross the boer arr unaccompanied>>. president donald trump firing back at harleyr davidson the company announced that it is shifting production of some of its motorcycles overseas. currently, harley davidson headquarters is in milwaukee, wisconsin. the decision is in response tac tariffted by the european union following president trump's imposed taxes on imported steel and aluminum. the white house insists that the president's trade policies are quote huge benefit to the american economy and o twitter the president said in part "surpriseav harley dson of all companies would be the first to
8:12 am
wave the white flag to surrender i thought hard for them and ultimately they will not pay tariffs selling to the eu which has hurt u.s. -- us badly on trade". >> 8:12. still to come school is out for the summer. parents, if your kids seem to be sleeping more don't be alarmed. why it'so let them get a new ztras. >> it's summertime>>! aught on camera a bicyclist riding down ay bus northern virginia roadway as cars and trucks speed by. the question is is it legal to do this. we'll break it down. ♪ ♪ here's monethfor pizza. here's wi-fi password, but, if you go online while the boys are onlinelo the internet cw down and... they don't like it. you guys don't have fios? [mrs. nnings] oh-no.
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8:15 am
>> kevin liked it. >> he's so cute.t. >> right. >> um-hmmie. >>r i love your picture. >> look at thatead of hair. are you sad? >> rember when y had a delicious head of longai h. >> when i had my long hair we never put it up in the bun. >> now t the bun ishe man bun. >> yeah. >> the precursor which is the baby m bun.
8:16 am
>> that's pretty amazing. i have to admit. >> um-hmm. >> gorgeous. >> a man ahead of his times there. >> that's right. love your picture. send us your child's picture go to our facebook page fox5 d.c. xavier looks like a soccer player there. >> he does. >> yeah. >> he really does. >> ready for special world c action. >> all right. hopefully watching games later today. >> future tm usa. maybe we'll get to the world cup. >> we people like xavier to take us there. >> yes, weo d. nning numbers yesterday 85 reagan national. dulles and bwi marshall. normal high is 87. we are looking at a very pleasant afternoon. we'll be in the low 80s curren currentl 66 glorious degrees in d.c. much of the area in the 50s this morning. we got clouds out there early. and we'll be dealing with some clouds from time to time today. so kind of a partly sunny afternoon but it should be pleasant and again temperatures a few degrees below what we would typically be dealing with here in late june. high pressure off to our and east and winds off the ocean. so thap will help it
8:17 am
relatively cool and again weav will h some clouds today but we will dry this afternoon. next chance forain and really our only chance substantial chance in the next seven days is tomorrow with a warm front and then the other big weather feature is the heat which really builds around here. friday, saturda sunday, monday. well into the 90s. mid 90s around her saturday and sunday. great pool b weatherut, you know, plan accordingly here because it's going to be extrem& heat for several days. i'm not make sure your itioning is working a your pets are ready to go and the rest of it. >> serious heat. okay. >> headed down to the soccer special. >> yeah. we'll be watching. >> steve and i were glued to thd tv yay. >> we watched yesterday. >> you like the blue polos those are quite night. >> you guys looked sharp. >> erin was a little jealous. the cooking got to wear one. >> hel, we watched all of it and saw cooking whomo. >> erin looked blue in great in her blue, too. >> thank you schve. >> i wat you. appreciate the compliment. >> i s you had a che on. >> steve likes to get me to beg.
8:18 am
for the compl put the fishing line out. reeled in. right now traffic advisory u.s.r capitoleet closure on e street from new jersey of a southeast to south capitol street. use he virginia avenue as an alte aate to getund that police activity. look at still an hour and 3 minute delay 270 southbound past 81 right lane and shoulder one left lane is open, delaysr are 6 miles now. because of that earlier closure and that heavy delay 355 southbound also dealing with a lot of bailout traffic so all my friends cmuting from frederick trying to get through urbana you're up against a really r nay rideht there. please allow for that extra time. teugt'ianot't a ride you want tt stuck in but unfortunate allot of viewers stuck in that mess from what um ooh hearing on twitter. metro aail rail linesre currently on time right now that's good news, guys. >> good news there. >> wanted to join you toast desk i want to he should you something right now. 8:18. aught on c a viewer sent us this video. it's a man riding his bicycle along right there in the middle
8:19 am
of major highway northern virginia. it happened on june 15th in the southbound lanf route 28 near chantilly and that was during rush hour and you can see vehiclesdriving aroun the cyclistbviously going well below the posted speed limit. speed on route 28 is 55 miles an hour. now we did ask police if the biker was breaking any laws ands it out not shockly he is. bicyclists cannot be on t any rd 45es h a ave frankly that's just not safe. >> nope.>> it's really frustratr drivers. i feel like it's >> totally irresponsible. >> you're going at speed and then this happens and as a mo mrist you know iean it's not -- it's not equ fight even need toar roads you make sure you're on the side, give cyclists the room they need. this is totally irresponsible. i'm sorry. >> even if he's paying attention god for bid he sways and accidentally falls over in traffic. anything can go wrong. >> or a car that doesn't expect a be to be on the road. money doesn't payon attenti >> you're speaking about the practice so nobody does this
8:20 am
again. >> ill it's ial that's the bottom line. >> justbv reminderiously share the road. side roads with cyclists. >> o course. >> cyclists have to have respect for the vehicles. i think'm really on ten about something you would n expectnd to see. >> you wouldn't say watch for bicyclists.n antistate sometimes to situations likect that erin, thanks so mh. speaking of traffic, take look the a this. this is -- what going on w here man captured riding down i-95 in south florida while clinging to the hood of a car. the car was going about 70 miles an hour down the highway no word why this man was on that vehicle or if he was able to get off that car safely. we just don't know but this of course is make the rounds of will go viral.ness like this so, um, don'tas know. what could be some possible e this and just out and outate o like demonize or talk abo it. i mean, this person could have taken his car, who kno?
8:21 am
somebody wou be in distress here. bottom line it's really hard to watch that video. >> don't know at this point what the back story was there. we do know straight ahead a womas final wish goes viral how her family a friends honoy as a teacher. >> good dog. the amazing tck this police k9 was caught doing on camera. ♪ ♪
8:22 am
getting a cancer diagnosiis difficult. getting an appointment with a specialist shouldn't be. at cancer ent centers of america in philadelphia, you can see a cancer specialistas little as 24 hours. you'll meet with a physician who will discuss trent options, answer your questions personalized care plan learn more about cancer treatment centerof america and schedule your appointmentt
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> wish before passing away from cancer aas instead of flowet attendance to donatehackpacksin filled school supplies for students i need t. you canhose in attendance honored her wish. just like ao teacher. tr the very end to her students. that's just beyond awesome. >> that's veryice. >> um-hmm. how about this a police in spain showing off cpr skills on his humanandler. duringllraining. this is a just an act but look at the dog actually trying to get the cpr going. that's poncho trained to jump on oefficer's chest self times. [ laughter ] >> poncho even stopped and places his ear onhe officer's chest. >> i can't do it. >> as if he was listening to the beficer's hat. >> more news blocks likehis. less new blocks like motorists on cars. >> poncho right there the officer wakes up and says good
8:25 am
job, phicho. ifs was real you'd saved my life and you'd get big tat. >> poncho. yeah. sckt mentioned loo at his tail going. good b. >> loving it. >> there's look outside right you no. mike thomas is here with the forecast. tuck is running off to head down to rfk for the soccer show at noon. forecastooks gre mike. >> forecast looks beautiful. cutest part was the police light on the bacof the dog. >> there was so much going on i didn't see tha a adorable. >> precious. rything would you thatvideo lov. 66 degrees outside washinghen. cool, calm and comfortable to sta the day. 59 forde freck. 69 in gats bug. leonardtown 60s. don't get used to it we've got some more heat and humidity moving into town for the next few days. today one eooy. showers down to the south don't the south today here in d.c. fen g clouds from time to time. plenty of sunshine othwise. here's a look at your planner through the dayoday. 77 b 11:00 o'clock. by 2:00 o'clock into the 80se go and then the 80s will stay through the afternoon. all right. check of the forecat erinit is
8:26 am
back w traffic. >> coming up on 8:26 right now. i can tell that you we do have police activity it's in the district right now. u.s. capital traffic advisory closure on e street new jersey to southeast to south capital. us virginia avenue or d vet southeast as alternate. all lanes raveeopened on to 270 southbound at 80 after serious crash had all lanes blocked and one lane getting byw right n still 80 minute hour d 20 minute delay from 70 to 121 but things are rapidly clearing. st watch for those residualving. delays and a lot of bailout traffic on 355 southbound. typical delays crawling along kenilworth southbound from thela vy volumetre bet yourie 18 mdgia new yor bladensburg road ank hour delay 66 eastbound from congestion from sudley road to the beltway and we're also dealing with some very slow traffic 95 northbound 40 minutes from dale city to the beltway. crossing the mixing bowl 395 backs up withou anr delay in the main lanes from the beltway to t 14th street bridge. metro rail lines curre on
8:27 am
time. that's your traffic, guys. >> straight ahead 8:30 a medical milestone. approved prescriptrug madeally from marijuana. what it could mean for those with epilepsy. >> now that school is out for the summer why parents should le your kids get a few extra z's. we'll tal w about ith the doctor next. it's 8:27. ♪
8:28 am
i feel ready to shine. some whitening toothpastes only remove surface stains, colgat optic white high impactite is d. it has hydrogen peroxide, to wa ten four shades for sibly whiter smile. trust your smile to colgate optic white.
8:29 am
look at the panda. look to t left. >> how cute the panda just
8:30 am
chilling out like. when i went to the national zoo yesterday, of course the panda house closed because there's some speculation that our sweet big panda girl mei xiang might be preant or it could be a pseudo pregnancy. we'll find outoon. she's eating less. they say she's built, doing sting things and they just want to give her some ece a quiet. not exactly surehi w member of the first panda family that is, but life look at the panda cam. >> g news when the panda exhibit is closeikd le it yestes have the panda cam. >> we've got the panda cam. >> today maryland voters head to the polls for trimary election big races on the pal lot democratic primary frn gove all of the states coressional seats including district six which is our where there's no incumbent ruing plus the county executive races inontgomery and prince george's county and many polls across maryland opened at 7:00 thi morning. ey'll close tonight at 8:00 but a computer glitch is causing big problems for people
8:31 am
who update updated their voter information through the motor vehicle administratios website or kiosk. we're talking 81,000 people uld be affected. >> also this morning, tensi and outrage between d.c. police a community in northeast continued to grow aftge a crowd confronted dc officer community. in the deanwood self arrests were made. two people were injured. they had to be taken to atreatma hospital. also reported that a woman holding aay baby helpered at that scene. debate over the nation's imgration crisis continues this morning. at the white h president trump is expected meet with members of congress. they'll dcuss what' happening at the southern border. node the presi has halted the practice of turningts paren o iy crossing the border. essentlly the practice of separating families which has been in the news so often that's been halteil mee, house republicans are struggling to push forward on a new immigration bill. they'll consider some options or by congress takes a breefeak on july 4th. >> let's get to the health watch
8:32 am
now 8:00 forty one. medical milestonehe for tirst time federal health officials in theves ad a marijuana basedru prescription d could be a game changer inng tr people with epilepsy and joining us with more our dear frienr. mike cirigliano. let's start with that, dr. mike. i mean, how big of aroh is b th? >> well, it's such exciting news on so many levels, allison. steve, goodorning. the bottom line is,hat this is the first fda approvedarijuana drug, and it ishi epidiolexch is a drug that containsbd or can bow dial. thisee hasn shown scientifi scientifically to reduce thet onse and the incidence of two very rareco and so basallyhis is a sea changehe and i think federal government is going to need toij
8:33 am
getuana out of the category of heroin because it does have bonafide medicinal nguses. >> that's to be the key is how far this can advance. you have one federal agey obviously approving this for the first time. >> um-hmm. >> but federal government still not approving marijuana as a whole. so we'll if that helps one other. > mike, i want to switch gears a little bit andut talk our teens right now. school is t out. maybey want to sleep morho but maybe wuld encourage that for their health and hearts sake. >> the problem we have in this country is that we're all sleep deprived. no one knows that better thathe. when it comes to our teens, only -- two-third of kids are barely getting enough and one third are getestings than seven hours of sleep at night. and the guidelines say if you're between 11 1 and3, you should get nine hours and if you're 14 to 17, you should eight
8:34 am
hours of g sleep. basically, veryreew kids a getting that and that canea lead tort problems down the road. it can lead to obesity highbe blood pressure, dias and heart attacks down the road. we've got to get our kids to get more sleep and put the i pads away at night before they go to bed. >> all right. but aren'tei weng helicopter parents if we do that and isn't that bad for them? >> well -- well, well, allison. you know, i a physician, i have two young children, and i had to bite my nails while i was watching them on the playground jungleymecause i knew that if i was helicoptert paren might be causing them morel emot distress down the road even more so than havg m as their father. so the bottom line is that if you want to be a good parent, you need to let your kids grow and experience live, and without too much risk of danger, but let
8:35 am
them fai let them make the decisionr whethe to go one more rung up one more rung down. your kids b will more well adjusted later on in life. >> good advice there. but imagine if those children were driving and the stress that that would have. >> it's so hard. that's what allisonwis dealing right now, mike. >> very hard. i'm putting the air brakes on in the car. it's ridiculous. >> well, i got a late start in i life. perh won't be around to see that or'll be -- [ laughter ] >> pleasantl adid he meantednd i'll just -- oh, whatever. okay. >> you can outsource tha to some else. exactly. >> yes. yes. yes. >> mike, thauc you veryh. we'll see you soon. always good to talk to you. >> love you too. loveou back. >> 8:35. dr. mike to weather mike.r. good morning. 're waking up to nicee steve. temperatures after yesterday's beautiful 85 d are for your monday. 83 aulles. bwi83 as wrml. al high should be closer to 90 he were luck out yesterday
8:36 am
luck out again today with those highs holdi a little blow normal. right now reagan national 66. not bad at all. dulles 6 bwi63 degrees as well. satellite/radar showing nice and calm conditions just kind of a few clouds coming overhead from 'stime to time. thathe only concern for today. think your eyes go to the rain down to our sou t. don't worryt will stay down there. a frontal boundary stalled out it's stuck down there it's not heading in our direct l so we'lluck out today in the rain department keep it dry, 83 degrees. part slyunny beautiful tuesday for us here in the d.c. region. tomoow more clouds in place a little cooler at 82 a chance for showers during.fternoon hours forl keep an eye on that you. you. erin, take over on traffic. how does it l. >> 8:00 arthritic. take a l right now we're seeing things start tg to clearraffic moving a little better.ou 270 sbound from 70 to 121 just an hour delay into urbana we were ser than about two hours 355 a lot of bail out traffic. outer loop 95 to the 270 spur 36
8:37 am
minute trip heavy o flowf volume inner loop looks really pleasanr th. southbound kenilworth 18in minutes. marylae to the 11th street bridge. heavy volume. specials toll east capitalin meo raes on time. a lot of heavyolume out there, guys. back t>> you. legal trouble for former astronaut. ing his own now >> from the white house to the tv screen the new job former press secretary sean spicer hay have lined up. ♪ ♪
8:38 am
life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach tearing each other down
8:39 am
without prenting new ideas, it's why so many people hate politics. so am i surprised that my opponent would rather attack me than talk about her own agenda? no. but that doesn't mean i'm going to join her. i'm angela alsobrooks, and i know we can do better. edwe can give our kids ucation they deserve, we can keep our neighborhoods safe, we can create jobs. and instead,her, let's build up prince george's county.
8:40 am
treatment after being hospitalized again for an overdose. sour with tmz says that police officers responded to herome for an od oh and monday afternoon just hours after she had -- or before shead been bailed out of jail. this morning she's in stable condition and she's getti treatmenthis all comes on the hf lack lear being placed on involuary psychiatric hold .ast week buzz aldrin the former astronaut remembered for the apollooo 11 m walk filed a lawsuit against two of his own children. aldriniled that lawsuit in florida state court early june againstis son andrew and daughter janice. he claims his son and daughter misused his credit cardser by trring his money without his consent. to slander his name byngmpted
8:41 am
that he suffred from dementia. aldrin is looking to remove both inviduals from any con of his bank as well as social media accounts. well, you'll see sean spicer on television again soon. the former trump press secretary is working on a tv show where he'll interview guests about a variety of topics. they call that a talk show. n according to the york times the show whiche would called sean spicer's common ground would feature spicer interviewing public figures and have respectful conrsations onto sports to marriage. no release date for the show y yet. dvr alert. ladies if you've ever been pregnant, you may have experienced so brain.d pregnanc is it a real thing? w yes. butll take a closer look a the science people say. >> all right it's also world cup day e and will preview today's matches coming ence people are stalledscientis.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
♪ it is day number 13 now almost two weeks into our world cuper cove. y couple great gamesou today right here on fox5. tfirst upugh the pre-game show worldtup today gets underway in 15 minutes. we'll flip on over tos fox5 channel 20 for good day did. the face off betwe denmark and france starts at 10:00 o'clock this morning. those two teams should both advance but they're fighting for the number one seed. then this afternoon niger and argentina will go heath to head is set for 2:00 o'clock.and thn
8:45 am
for those two teams. that should be another good today. lots of good action.en in betwe the games, fox5 world cup special it is must see television. it is right here at noon today. through thursday america soccer legend john harkes will join our socceregend tucker barnes and marina marraco live from rfkiu m they'll break down the besthelays from t0:00 a.m. game and look ahead to the 2:00 p.m. match but super awesome special parties mike thomas and annie yu will be bringing us all thect an. >> fantastic. all right. lookingorward t that. should be fun. in the meantime speaking of mike and get ak at our forecast him today. hi, mike. >> should be great games todayn especial nigeria versus are a jean tina. big one thiser afton. we'll bring i was preview starting t at noon. sun and clouds mix today more sunhan clouds out there right now for sur. temperatures below normal today 'tbut that doesn mean we'll be at all.
8:46 am
still b nice warm just pleasantly so as we work our afs today. showers back in the forecast as we head through tomorron afte. second half of the day. morning hours look dry ladder halfanf the day we get showers and storms and then behind it we're going h really here, friday, saturday, sunday highs in the 90's. heat and how old will make a return 66 degrees outside right now. feels great. winds keeping humidity at bay. it'srt comfole. pittsburgh 63. bihamton 54 degrees. new york city 66. again this looks more like spring than summer t outhere to start the day and again as you just saw in the poking through nicely thisiv morning. someff clouds just to our south. rain showers down there. they'll stay away today.e but much yesterday, some of the cloud cover with them will occasionally below up and over us. so we'll see clouds from time ta nice day get oside enjoy it high press is our friend this time of h, happy weather and that's exactl e we'll have laten today with nice goodsu weather,
8:47 am
y conditions, comfortable nlower 80s some upper 70s for daytime highs across the region. here's your day ahead planner for the day. 72 degrees by 9:00 o'clock and into the afternoon 80s will take over. should be a nice feeling nice looking afternoon. later on this week ohat airf high pressure gets off the coase up comes t heat check out your seven day w forecastatch out for showers tomorrow and beyond it. for zip trip on friday ading to lease sure world. great weather for it just hot andhen the weekend same kind of deal. 95 o saturday. 96 on sunday. all right. that's weather. steve and allison, bk to y. >> mike, thank you very much. 8:47. time for today's social circl >> wisdom, maureen join us with ending this morning.r are , let's start with you. >> okay. let's do that. here's a qoustion for all moms out therepr. nancy brain really a thing? a lot of expecting moms suggle toind the right words or focuse on tasks than bthey were pregnant. researcher say pregnancy causes huge changes in the's w brain and they say some of that drastic schedule lifee due to
8:48 am
changes during pregnancy. >> hello. >> exerts also say it is normal to have memory lapses when you're busy or maybe you're just short on sleep. as fhe specificeneurological link b pregnancy and memory, there is crently no research being done on whethers ch in the maternal brain coribute to forget nullness experts say that deasn'tn so called pregnancy brain doesn't happen and i can a test to that. >> let me get this straight. let me get this straight. research che did research to determine if that a woman who is carrying another human being inde her wholele body -- >> a human. >> may have have pregnancy rain. >>ht. >> i'm just saying. we nee i tonto the study business because that wasn't a no brain. >> do a study about research brain because that's a duh. really? >> you're carrying another human being. >> words oftisdom. happens, right. >> al -- >> i think we all agree. >> of course. you're growi a whole -- >> whole person. >> whole life. yes. you'll forget that you didn't takehe trash out. >> okay. >> whatever. we're in agreemento. we alseed to come up with
8:49 am
study ideas i do agree w you wis. ha're sleeping on some ce. >> there you go. what do you have? how about this? how about loggingff for good? nearly half of social mia users they've gotten ridden at least one of their accounts in the past year ag cla privacy concerns are the reason. trust in websites like twitter and facebook prompting 40% of people with sialedia accounts to thirty eight anothee least one ofm according to this study this trend spanned across the glo and found collective outrage ovary peteed online privacy violations 62% wa more regulations on platforms likek fac and twitter. that's an interesting study because again if you don't need for businesses, you really social media the in first place. >> if i'm being honest the reason i don't use some of it i just don't. a it's not privacy thing. i just havkind of falle out of love with some of those soci media sites. >> me too. >> by default maybe. >> me too. you know what it's so funny. it's one of these sort of madeut
8:50 am
now. like if you do step awayt from whatev is, facebook, your life will really go on. you know what i r mean? iteally will but there's some fear of or ssmi too. but, yeah, if i honest physical i have to to do it for wor i might be on one and it fould be for me to be on one. >> maybe twierbe for the inform. facebook to me seemsor like glied address book any more t i getired about reading about everybody drama that want to put out there for the world. >> t there. >> at the same time if you do want to get in touch with that person you haven't talked to in three years you don't know any other way to get a hold of them there. >> that's the best thing about r it. thet of it is just likert ainment if you want to call it that. >> exactly. if you want to call it. >> all right. >> wisdom, maureen, thank you very much. >> appreciat it. time is 8:50 preview of this week zip trip we'red heade to community that many ofou have seen. >> we'll tell you would you it when w come back. ♪
8:51 am
let me tel you more about the p trip we are going to lse sure world in silver spring, maryland. i'll be there, tony, tucker, erin now is it's not a sip rip trip in the general sense we love to meet new public but the to leisure world.nnot come out vate prope we'll give you the tour and mean
8:52 am
all the 59 residents at lease sure wld. stay tuned friday. >> we promise we'll be right back out in the community next friday and everyat friday after thor the rest of the summer an we invite to you ride in style with our sip trips go to through august 19th enter for you 19 act occur rah tlx5r lease on0 finalists selected by random august august 20th. all final lift must attend the final zip trip august 31 to be eligible to win. one winner will beected all entrants must be 18 or older. the prize provided by d.c. area acura dealers. acomplete rulesvailable at >> in the fox beat we're going back in time to the0s. >> the upcomingovie bad times. r eloyal hits theaters later this year and it's about what happens when a group of strangers meet at run down hotel in lake tahoe california. >> kevin mccarthy on his wayla back fke tahoe right now that's where he sat down with two of the film's stars check it out a.
8:53 am
>> hey snd allison it's kevin mccary i'm here in beautiful lakeahoe f bad time at the el royal i'mitting down with the entire cast including the dud himself jeff bridges and cynthia for the brand new mov check out this clip of the interview right he here. >> you obviously in the color purple my wif saw it she cried. she said it was amazing. >> thank you. singing on stage. idea of >> yup. >> with a live audience. >> yup. >> versus sging in a film when it has to be quite on the set. how different for you is that? >> i project 93 way. i try a i think what happens is it change changes with the sm singing, because the song the colo purple some them require me as small as this and them require me to belt the whole thing out with the '60s style it isn'tl realyut yelling that much. there's a feeling to it that needs a l it's more like you need soulfulness to it. it doesn't need too much like push or force
8:54 am
you still need to project so you can hear everything. i think projection is different to volume for me. so i p stillject. i just make surthat the sound is right. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> jeff random question for you. growing out my first beard. you are the king -- >> beautiful beard. >>rook at beard. >> your beard, man. your beard. you're the ultimate beard guy. >> do you have tips i'm going through a phrase it's straggly and itching. what it's your advice on growing a beard. >> you would what i w say, ad is the top of yourdhe of your i think you would loo great and this is my favoraie hut, shave that thing, man, bald with that beard. wouldn't l hek cool. >> ooh. >> and so wonderful the bald thing you get the slick tng but then the first day after the first shave you get a shark kind >> ooh.. >> and then you go to the velvet. [ laughter ] >> you would love that. will you do thator me. >> i'll do it for you.
8:55 am
>> i'm kevin mccarthy here in beautiful lake tahoe fox5 localt news. >>hank you very much. how about this? >> a police dog who is being praised in chicago after findind 1500s of pot. narcotics dog sniffed out the marijuana during ato trafficp on saturday. the chicago police department posted photos of the msive bustn its facebook page saying th street value of more than $1amillion. mari head to do california -- had heed to icago from california and tt police dog can thank forgetting all those drugs off thee's proud, isn't h >> yes, he is.e. and beautiful. to australia we go. apan oe mnad to sock sorry field he didn't seem to want to leave. a coach eventually that to chase the kangaroo off in a pickup truck. >> pretty good goalie. >> aww having fun. >> no it's not cute. because they were kicking balls at him toeave. >> aww poor guy. >> i didn't lik that >> he knocked them away thougha. the nof the soccer team
8:56 am
mpeting at the world cup is the >> jump it. there he goes. ing some work posted a videoo on a course there must have been i don't know what you call eight pack. >> kangaroo cvention. >> yes. at least 50 o them hop across theairway one after another they didn't stop. >> i hear they're not the friend lee yesterday of creatures. >> i hear toot. he the locals don't love t as much. they have a little bit ofude. >> wouldn't you if you were had that awesome with a littleaby in the pouch bocking. >> i don't like that eit. >> no. >> any way, okay. >> i'm sure they could i kickt back much harder. i'll get a wha a group of kangaroos is calle by the time you're done. > i will move on to traffic. i have a lot to talk aut. > i'm s side tracked. i keep getting the ggles. >> perhaps a brewed of roos.
8:57 am
>> look at the drive times. even though school is out i was bragging about how quiet was, not the case. a lot of heavy traffic heading into the district. has improved greatly since earlier crash at 80 up it dad mn time. mike thomas tell me it's a pool day. >> it i d a pool it's going to be nice day maybe onoo thel side at 83 degrees. heg t up.ry we'll tk more on good day. what's i >> a mob, a troop or a court. . >> troop of roos. >>t i t likhae a court. ♪
8:58 am
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