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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  June 26, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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because of course a major victory forth president today. it was a close dision s a five to four. the ban restricts travel from several mostly muslim countries including see mole yeah. also includes iran, lebanon, no. lnd convenient what arge audience. the ban dis slims or exceeds presidentu trump's ruling. president trum& called the ruling a vined did i education. they plan to introduce a anti discrimination. legislatio we're going to take a closer look at that tonight on five at 6:30. reaction is pouring in from the supreme c trt's decisiono up hold the ban. oneroup been a fears opponent. the struggle continues. we have to engage. h we stille hope in our society. we have hope in have h in our court system,s, we but we have more hope o in will to create change and
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provide equal protection for people irive of their faith. the group expects theuling to be a major issue come he election time. marylerd vot have a few more hours to cas their ballots. today's primary vote has been, well, far from rfect. in fac a computerrer ror at the motorcycle failed to send c addressnges and party affiliationhange s. tom fitald isard of election live at a polling station in silver springs. tom, how did that affect things today in. to today, shawn, says turn outd- is lig but this situation with these registrations, boy, this is bausing aig concern throughout the state and here's why. you've got 830,000 maryla voters. they went to kiosks. they went to websites of the maryl motorcycles administration. they updated their information. thatt never ma over. all of these people that go to the l polls
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today andng they're bei told they're voting in the wrong place. a woman came up to us and says she's in the wrong the maryl asked board of voting and asked them what they are going to a dout ing to delay any voteswe today. start when electrics and early roang and then we move into and tea and professionals and so we expect another ten to 12 days of voting so it's possible tha results mig profes, but that's the process that we're used to and we're prepared for tt we c tell you aeady democratic lawmaker throughout the state are furious over this and they are demanding answer om the add mrgs, republican governor larry s oglawmak hers calling for the hd of the m v.a. to step downver all of this. m v all of this on a. computer glih keep in mind there may s hea about this this
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summer,al jist bruce die point says some members o the maryland assembly are not going to wait until they reconvene in janu and over the next couple of weeks may convene a hearing in the state toet to the bottom of the situation. the general assembly will be dealing with this andhey're not going to wait until the january legislative session comes around . there will be hearings this summer bause the level of concern and for some the level of outrage is e highnough that this needs to be addressed immediately. lots of questions about this. keep in mind the big race we're keepi an eye on gubinatorial primary, been gel is, rushern baker, they're at the top of thateap. this could be a close race. these questions over registreyion, thould delay the results in that vote. we're going to havep to kee a close eye on this as these polls tonight. fox5 local
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news. >> a s former nationalecurity agency analyst admits she leaked classifiedma ition. the woman, reality winner entered her guilty plea ifederal court in georgia today. winner agreed to the plea as part of an agreement with prosecutors for a 636-mont prison sentence. she already spent the last year behind bars aer mailing top secret documents to an online media sourc last year. winner 's mother spoke out after today's hearing. it hurts to know that she is going to be serving five-year prison sentence. iteaurts. atste can move forward. we can start serving that time. can start serving that sentence. >> winner's decision to pled guty is consideru adminis atratn its effort to go after leak ers the judge did not yet set a date for her sentencing. a sback for president's trump former campaign manager manifold they
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rejectedn argument to throw out chargesrought by the special counsel in the russia vestigation. man ford exceed ed his authority because his current case was unrelated to russian election interference . now to a fox5 clusive. a dv superior court judge dismissed all charges against a marand man a viewg body cam video apparently none of the footage backed up a key part of the case . fox5 a's paul wagner is live tonight with the story. >>reporter: the case against ge fge thompsonell apart last month after footage from police body worneras totaling more than an hour failed to show thompson giving officers rmission toearch his car. he was on camera and recorded thentire time, but despite that prosetors what the d.c. attorney general's offee took th case to court and lost. that's george thompson tanning outside his honda minivan last officers pulled h over for
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having bad tags. by his own account he's umployed and home sless livering out of his car and drove into d.c. to wrist it his mom. he's cooperative and helpful answering all of the officers' qelstions tng them where they could find his wallet . what follows is an exchange between two ofve the officer whether they haveis permon to search the car. where'she wallet? i. do you want to get consent? i already did. oh. to search? you got consent to search? >> yeah. three times the female officer asks a consent, but at no time and remember, thompson is alwayser ona does he tell the officers they have permission to searc what happens next is what gets thompson into real trouble. the ofcer who pulled himnotices a gs
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wallet and asks him if he has guns in the car is there a gun inhere. thompson then tells the officers he has a bag of gun s, all legally owned and registered in maryland that are disassembled. he explains he's an uneloyed security guard and is living out of his car. he oh , my god. ty all disassembled. thatma doesn't er in d.c. m georg soins charged. but it ultimately did not hold up and her why. well, at that point once the searchoi gins at thatnt it's all bad. it's all constitution ally infirm. it's a total violation of the fourten dment. for example, the statements thatn mr. thompso later makes are whas called afr other words,s as the weapons that are found. all of that is i admissible in court. david been wits did notps defene on in court, jack gilmore d. he was unavailable to comment
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and tol us today the officer who initially made the stop stuck by his story on the stand and claimed he he had gotten permison t consent to search. been wits says these body w havy defense attorneys go to work. the body worn camera a games ofs . been wits says arrest was one officer's side in this case but the failure to get search ruined it all. when we first met thompson he admitted what he did wasli wrongng us then that he hoped the judge would hold some mercy. no misconduct allegation was filed against the officer who made the stop. as for george thompson he's working again, buttill homeless. in the fox5 ns room , i'm paul wagner. >> le arerning more about that deadlyhractor-trailer last week on the woodrowdg wilson bri the crash killed
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the 6 dri06 year old row├║g del rge of bordentown, new jersey and injured several other people . jones was involved in a deadly crash before. a man by the same name who wld be the same age as joneses was involveo in aer truck crash 25 years ago. three peode were k in that collision. at the time jones was charged withaggravater found not guilty. >> a close call for passengers on a metro bus in alexandria this afteron. a massive tree on north bowing guard street fell and landed right on the bus . ng aly no one was hurt. the tree also brought down some poweron lines. tht several neighbors are whout powmpletrep, county polic they are asking for the public'sol help tove a series ofnd break-ins a vandalism at an anne arrundel church. the recentn bet election lutheran found graffiti that
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racial and racial slurs. somed people callee of the first f lady's recashion choices a foe paw. now it's considered fashion forward bec buy this ja we'll take a closert look that story and all the day's politica headlines ahead at 5@6:30. itas been preserved for centuries, but som t oft may be about to change, so what exactl is happening near mount? vernonll i can tell yous it me want to go visit becauseon d want to see some any changes outre. that's such an ionic spot, isn't ity im to have to tell you that our run of two gorgeous dayn a row has to be interrupted t bring some showers and srms through. we'll b right back.
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it is an ion view, george washington's state mount vern ofnlt it is just gorgeou there, but there is a new campaign that is aiming at preserving the view that is directly across from there. dominion energy has planned toil d a natural gas compression station across the river from it . they say you won't be able to see it from the home. still some aren'tla sure. matt ack has the story. >>reporter: i'm sitting here on the front porch at mount vernon ment take a lk at that view behind me, but there is a concern that that view may not look so gre if a planned development actually goes through. it'scr planned as the river ind. visiting mount vernon is almike stepping back iostn time, l theo look as it did when he lived here. part of that experience, the view. it's very relaxing me thought to myself i was going to come this way just to sit here for just a few
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minutes. aura bancroft is visiting from micgan. s and 87 million visitors havenjoyed but view over the years now many worry what a natural gas station across the river in maryla t could do that view. i think that would be atroash just. when you first told me that i went, no. you see the ridge line that's a dferent color, it's right in that aa there. doug brad burn is the ceo of mount vern only he tells us charles county has already saidto no the compressor station but worries dominion avenuewill find a legal avenue for us is not really the size of the plan, the fact that is in the view area that we don't know what might happen in the futurey dominion energys it has worked with mount vernon for two years now to find a place that won't impact the view. a spokesperson doesn't want to hurt the vie w designed the facility specificall to make sure that it is not visible. the folks that are fighting this
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reallyay it's t to get aggressive. they're not only contacting peoplct to c leaders in the area they also ask that they start making comments on social media, buildi up support so this development doesn't take place. at mount vernon, fox5 local news >> fox5 as in munlt, maryland tonight. amazon just opened its second brick and mortar in georgetown back in march and like the georgetown store every book is either a best seller, a new releasor has an online rating of at least four stars. it now has 16cr locatiooss the country. so good to see inov book to store, though they people want to have books to read. i still buy books. i do, too. i like to flip my pages and nowhere i am. we stare at a computer screen enough i feel
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like my eyes need a print and read actual print >> especially when they have a little coffee shop there. it's very le i it's a good come boavment especially when it's a nice day. we probably won't be coffee. it's nice today, though . yesterday was beautiful as well. as behind the capital live you can e the clouds are beginning to thicken and that's howe're going to role through the rest of the i evening butt should be dry theng. we've been tracking a couple showers west of d.c. tonight, but i think that's where they will stay. we all get inn shower thunderstorm activity tomorrow. they are going to returnment i don't think a it's day, but i thin h we mayave to dodge them as early a theorning rush hour. temperaturts are ainly in bargainto try today. the average is 87. we still see a lot of places because o clouds and showers that are only in the low 70s. that's pretty unhea of in late june including winchester at 73.
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culpeper 75. manassas 74. fredericksburg 74. we've had more cloud cover down few showers and then you compare it with frederick, maryland, degrees. things chaep a bit on t gloomy side. firsts and foremost,he warm front is going to come through, humidit will be notably higher, showers around forth morning commute, a little bit of extra time might be needed, but not a lot. temperatures only in the upper . 30s t the low eight 3 may have to dodge a couple ofto thunderss in the afternoon. one or two could be on the strong side, especially west. how t abouts temperature, not badin, 82-degrees with our showers and storms in the recast. once we clear that out haib the's an early morning shower on thursday, but after that full steam ahead to sunshine and that gets our temperature popping right up to 88-degrees. so above average agn by thursday. for tonight just clouds increasing. our temperatures 69-degrees, winds continuing out ofea the sst at five to ten with just a fer
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show out to our west. they'v been very light. tomorrow about 82, morning sh sers,cattered thunderstorms in the afternoon. winds pumping in the sou at ten to 20 keeping the humidity around ases well. you can he see the diminishinghehowers down to south and west but you can also see that a he we have another system that we need to keep an eye on. w ase look in the last line started break into two chunks. tonight, d.c. around the beltway pretty dry here are the light showers we've in motion for the last hour. not much to see there. taking you forward through the evening hours we can see ourolouds starting increase and now can see the moisture beginning to develop for the morning rush hour. you'll see it soo ince ral virginia and southern maryland. aeittle extra needed especially north and east . possibly a littletu less re around at the noon hour but we'll havs to watch thi because there's still some
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lingering showe as the bulk of thest wave with the warm front moves upnd to our nor east. as we head into the afternoon cook up a little bit more heat, a few showers and storms around in the afternoon and evening and maybe even as a late 10:00 we'll watch those west of interstate 81 o as frontal boundary gets closer. wa h forho showers. by 4:00, maybe a few thunderstorms to dodge at 80-degrees, your fox5 seven day forecast, we have got some hot stuff to talk bsme ease you into it gradually on then the lid starts to rattle on the pot on friday at 92nd we're boiling ay saturnd sunday at 95-degrees. great pool weather or beach weather. looks like we'll be srm freehis weekend but with the0s low still in the forecast monday and tuesday we might have a few shors to dodge. a week from wednesday, fourth of july. >> can you believe it? it's roling so fast. i'm glad i'm
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not the only one. >> thank you, t sue. fast. it is summer and school is out and many kids are hoping o hopping rather on their bikes to bt around,ut we have a warning for parents tonight. and who knew ild come to this. how some gps apps are causing grid lock on some side streets in one local. commu we'll be right back. cheddar puffs.
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taking the shortcuts traffic congestion has become easiero waiz and google maps. but according to wot radio neighbors who live alongay east p in alexandria are fed up. now the city is installing temporary no right tuhe signs. t hoipt wil prevent drivers to use the roads from. they are hoping to get mapping companius to adj based on these new restrictions. get ready to pay more like uber
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or lyft. they voted to race taxes from one percent to 6 percent. it is expected to race mil of dollars for metro. it wl have a disproportionate impactn the district's mostti vulnerable comes. the tax will go into effeob oner 1 . with summertimehe ing up the conversat sn on afety is as important as ever. hundreds of thousands of kids are hurt in bike accidents every year. a study from nationwide children's hospital found every hour l ateast 25 kids are treated in emergency rooms for bike-involved injuries . nearly half involveen childrennd to 1 at least half of the kids who got hurt ar boys. the best thing parents can get is a helmet, studies have shown you wear the helmet you cut down byour fold
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the risk of hospitazation. the most comn are cuts and scrapes and yes, fractures. >> this might be the cdeest vi you're going to see allif day ande saving. the puppy paramedic that could save your life. back after this. n
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viducation and victory that's how the e inedi t is describing his controversial travel ban. as you can see from the run down on the side over there, this is thest hosse story at six:30 it. we have to be safe s and we have to be secure. at a minimum we have to make sure that we vet people coming into the country. we know who is coming know where they're coming from. we just hav to know who's coming here. q. of course that is president trump, sharply divided supreme court made its first substantive ruling on a trump administration policy. j chiefustice john roberts wrote the majority opinion. heejected the claim ever anti musli bias and says th h


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