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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  June 26, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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right now at 10:00, a fox5 exclusive on electionni ght. a cruption scandal involving booze and cash. how i leads to more questions aboutca your lo leaders. churc targeted. vandals i hit not once, not twice seven times. what detectives scored that was so dturbing this time. plus, don't mess with a veteran and his cctruck. >> an aent 20 miles away fr my house where the car's been overnight. i just don't find that h acceptable. ow the people he trusted tot fix i ended up making the
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damageven worse. the news at ten startsight now. this, of cour is primary night in maryland. voters decided on races including which democratepill face rlican larry hogan in noveer. right now supporters are at two watch parties for the two leading candidate. former ncaa pda cte and richaun baker is in college park. >> update.ed as those numbers come in but first a fox5 exclusive. >> it is the biggest corruption scandal to hit prince george's county in years. >> members of the county liquor board busted forribery and tonight we learn a new layer a whistle bwer who said he came but topyears ago leaders refused to act. fox5's lindsay watts vestigates. >> the fbi called it operation dry saloon.
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bribes, corruption and liquor. so far eight pe plebeen convicted including two former maryland statetedelega >> i'missed off. rate it. >> at the center of theda scan this man, david, who serd on the prince george's county liqu board. thousands tolic officials paid because they wanted a new law that would let them sell booze on sunday. >> our goal is to put fierce into the criminals who are o there committing corruption. >> fox5 has learned that year befo the fbi arrested, a whistle blower c forward to the state with evidence he was breaking the law. >> it became quitedisconcerting towh me he was doing. >> franklin jackson wasf chair the prince george's county liquor board f years serving alongsidesun. he says in early 2014, he found out that months earlier, sun held a campaign fundraiser for then lieutenant governor anthony brown. it was who sun invited who
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caught his ioatn. >> people who owned liquoror st. people who were attorneys and represented liquor store owners. and at the fundraiser, david sun actually solicited and select collected several thousand brown's political campaign. >> they said they can't solicit political campaigns from people they're toverseeing. atime the state controlled the liquor board so jack n went to senat doug peters the head of the delegation. he said pers already knew of the >> it did not concern him and,c in , instead of him reporting it to the for, which is the action that i thought he would take, he actually communicated to david sun that i had expressed these concerns to him. j >>kson went to then governor martin oh maley himself, writinn this letter ask for sun to be removed from the board for illegal behavi. oh maley's former chief of staff confirms the governor got a
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complaint about david sun and investigat but he says because it was a personnel matter, he can't what the investigation found. he did point out that sun resigned fro the liquor board a few months after the complaint was made. >> while sun didgn resi he did so on his oay termsing he wanted to spend more time with family. and despite those accusati he broke the law, he quickly got anotherovernment gig as an expert in the d law. >> gooternoon madam chair, meers of the committee, david sun from prince george's county. legation chaired by peters, e assisting with legislation that wod let some prince george's county liquor stores sell on sglund sheriff peters, prince george's county alcoholse beverages licen salaries and >> thank you madam chair,ngf i could bri up david sun, he's our legislative lee answer son for the senate. >> sure. >> a year after his resignation, he returned to work on the liquor board. >> why do you believe he wasre
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d when he had this past on the liquor board. >> it wasnb uievable to me that theyould rehigher him. >> many of the bribes that landed sun and his cohor in prison centered on tha sales bill and sun's position on rthe l board. to thisay jackson says he can't comprehend why shetate never took action. difference to correspondr to an corruption. >> we learned it's not last call yet for opera dry saloon. an fbi source tells fox5, t investigation continues. a spokesmanco forngressman anthony brown says he attended, he says all campaign expenditurnd disclosures from that period comply with the law. a statement from senator doug peters says he is running against a trump administration contractor so it's no swsprise fox ne would be part of thi last minute smear. the facts are clear senator peters had been a voice for
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sean government and alwayill be. meantime spouseman in the fbi e saysn a small tip can make a big difference. he's urging anyone with information about this case or any investigation case to call, lindsay watts fox5 local news. >> let's take you back to the r primaryults tonight in maryland. >> one of the hotly contested races is for the democrat nomination for governor and sarah simmons is watching those numbers come in right dnow. >> mar is a bluer than bluer state. republican larry hogan usuallyp lar a recent poll showing he has a 71 percent approval rating but democrats of coursewanting to take over and reclaim the state house in anpolis. nine candidates were on the ballot. looking at the numbers right now coming in. percent reporting, this is for the democratic primary foro govern ben jealous forr ncaa 9 p, 3rcent, rushern baker running as well at0 percent. obviously this race not being
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called at this pot. and next up here we're taking a look at the other candidates as well running in the race. now another one that we are looking ats coming up here, senator benefit c done, who we are able t say has won democratic no, ma'am nation, he easily beaer seven oth candidates who ran against him, chuck chelsea manning who served time for leakingd class documents. car don is for his third time. voters alsoivrince george's exe. the big race, the winners will meet in november fha a ce to succeeds rushern ker. righ now we don't have those numbers in and available, but we'll continue to wch that throughout the night.ts ten democrare on the ballot the top contenders are prince george's county orstate'sney angela also brokes, former congresswoman donna edward,
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hues, math is is the loan ic republ running in that case. in montgomery county n voters are picking a potential w succesho was not allowed to run again because of term limits, so what we're looking at, robin thicker i the one republicanng r and six democrats competing in that race. they include several counsel members and businessman david blare who received theon washingtost endorsement. coming up at 10:30 h we wilave more results of some of the othe big primary races that are going a ons well sean shawn. >> thank you a lots of num wrs and namese're be talking about it throughout thet. nigh mobile app for primary coverage, we'll h ae the resultss they come in tonight. >> other news of the night right now breaking news out of montgomery county where there are bad backups on the beltway because of a crash. happened between dark purple and connecticu avenues. this is video from earlier this evening, correct? at leastne
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vehicle crashed and apparently e person was seriously hurt. so that's what's happening on the beltway right now. meanwhile president trump is savoring a major victory of the preme court by five to four decision the justice is upheld the travelban. restricts people from five mostly mlim countries plusa vene from entering the united states. the high c irt weighedn on the third and most recent versi that was issued las september. >> new details tonight after police responded to what they described as a large unruley crowd in northeast monday night. fox5 learned they arrested four people forlt and arrested to do podly harm. they gathered to protest. they tried to deescalate, they baby.r sprayed a woman holding a it a stemmed from a viral deo outside martin luther king's barber shop. a stop and frisk operation. they issued ata sment who says the community desves ans
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and an investigation should be completed as soon as possible. >> coming up, imane taking your car to the dealership for repairs and finding out that it got inton accident. >> a virginia man has a story to at thership allegedly mployee caused the story. the c storying up next. >> and a tree fel on metro bus full of passengers. how it is effecting residents in on local neighborhood tonight. hey sue. >> shawn and jim we had a beautifu day to . we have to mix things up a little bit tomorrow. expect showers to be around as early as the morning commute. window we'll time it out and let youha know w you should expect for your fox5 local news at five will be back at 10:00
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welcome back. racist graffiti slashed church pews and broken glass and windows. onehurch in and and detail had to endure. the church has been hit seven times and police believe it can all be connect.ed.
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fox5's angali hemphill is live with more. >> jim, these incidents have been circulating. somenlmes they happen o one or two days apart from ea other. so far the culprits have left behind tens of thousands o i dolln damage like this broken window. they've even sent a young church volunteer to the hospital. >> it's very shocking obvious and there's been a run of emotions at first we were sdo glaobody was hurt. . >> repster: d of parishioners spent t theirsday evening cleaning up after vandals smashed and slashed through their church sanctuary. this time also leaving behind racist messages of ha. >> the fact that it has escalated to the point where they now have signature on it. you know, makes us wonder what he ultimate goal >> reporter: past or says the incident started back in may. the most recent was overnight. many times, theak culprit bre into the building. so far they've smashed more than a dozen windows throughout.
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even cut cor to the church's sound system. but they've never stolen anything. one time, it even got violent. >> the fourth time would be when they encountered the young man grabbed the fire extinguisher and hit it on the head of the young man and he took off. e young man ended up at the than he was okay. >> reporter: meanwhile, members of this mainly white congregation are concerned for their safety, but. >> we won't let hate win. >> the church, in general, is veryti ional about being welcoming, a s it is that thatub maylesome people. but what it does is, it just ener geezes us to do even morea we hope that the person that's doing this would come to the point where, i ift is something that they are troubled by in the mind, ironically, we
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would be here to help. it doesn'to have t end up a situation where somebody getshu , somebody gets killed or worsan >> reporter: you cee what looks like members of law enforcement here late tonight. theyore also wng with the church here to help bee up security. but if you have any information, you are urgedrf to contactax county police. live in and anddetail,ll angal he fox5 local news. >> close call for passengers on in alexandria a massive treeor in n beauregard street fell on top ou as. no one was rt. took down power lines and damaged car nearby. the power lines knocked out lights for some people in that neighborhood. former national security agency employee will spend five years in prison for leaking classified information. reality winner worked as ant. analys today she pled guilty in federal court in georgia. she growed to the plea deal as part of an agreement w
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prosecutors for a 63 month enison sent. she's been in jail for a year after she was caught mailing top secret documents to an on line mediasource. no date set for sentens. >> meanwhile top the removal of the peace cross memoria in bladensburg maryland. they've asked the supreme court to reverse aower court's ruling saying it violates the separation between church and state. it honors the servi of w war one vets from prince itgeorge's county. stood sinceve925. rnor hogan is in support of the oss. sue a ruling until after iso summer recess. >> some alexandria side seets have became popular side short cuts using waves and google maps. people are fed up with the congestion so the o cityf alexandria has put up temporary no right turn signs. they hope it will prevent users et around certain side street to getde around lays. they also hope to get mapping companies to account for the new
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restrictions. >> going to cost you more to ta an uber or lyft. dc voting unanimoly to raise takes taxes onri rideng appears. six percent up fro just one percent which means a $10 ride will carry a $0.60 tax. they plan o using the money to help metro. it t effect october 1st. >> not too bad a night sue palka but i understand it will get hotter. >> eventually but before we get hotter we have t get wetter you may have noticed clouds started to increase a little bit tonight. we certainly had ay beautiful though, no complaints. a couple ofot sp central virginia and western virginia c may have had aouple of showers but by in large it was a great day and these temperatures gaill ain and the humidity was stillomery crtable today. we got up84 degrees, actual high for this time of year, definitely bargain territory there. and as we look at temperatures tonight, is verycomfortable, ot goinge probably
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the 50s as we did last night.tao weinly have great numbers winchester 68, dues 73, ma nasse 71, culpeper 79.he here in sdrikt 73 but notice the wind dection coming out of the southeast eventuallyghat's to start bringing in more humidity and in terms of temperatures over the next several hours you can see we keep t clouds around, keep the temperates near 70 and about five in the morning we may start n ande showers moving i ready for for your wednesday.u loots lik the morning commute might feature showers and thunderstormsw tomafternoon as well. quick peek, there's not much out there right no f stray light showers through southern and central virginia but definitely more in the pipele and as i widen out the picture, a warm front is going to come through with a few showers and a frontal boundaryn to keep eye on later in the that means tomormorning starting out probably on the wet side, 73 degrees with those showers moving through the 95
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corridor,e could get a break of sunshine by noon of 77 watch for afternoon thormgs by 4:00 o'clock with a temperature of 80. we'll time itput comin in a few minutes. shn. >> first thing's first, breaking news ond this mar e action night we have an announment here. jamie resist kin, incoming congressman out o district eight, remember tharimary he had a veryough primary he fought two years ago. he didn't have to worry about that tonight. he carries district eight and wins the democratic nomination with 90 percent of the vote over two other challengers. >> a virginia veteran i furious. he took his truck to tsh deip to be repaired after someone t boned him. inead of fixing his truck he claimed someone at the dealership did this and wrecked his truck again. fox5's evans lambert in alexandria tonight with the story. >> the veteran says an employee took his fordro f onem the lot
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all the way across county lines nearly 3 minutes away to prince william county and crashed it. >> what i thought was a good f set my family is kind of not an as set anymore. >> navy veteran matthew peck he took his truck to the shop and th is how he got it back with f sa totalled more $10,000. he says the dam e wasn't fro before he took it in. it was caused by an empyee at jerry's fords taking it on a test drive. >> the employee was tryin to teo give it enough time to fhaure out w was wrong with it. >> becker says the td 16 for f one 50 had just been repaired at another place and needed one last part from jerry's fon'. het expect to find out an employee would crash thear truc ly 15 miles away in proal county. o he said you need to talk our lawyers now because this is getting too complicated and please leave. >> now becker is waiting on the company do make tngs right. his truck is wrecked and not
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drivable. fox5 spoke to a manager at jerry's in alendria who says it's not unusual for mechanics to test driva car overnight. himsays she doesn't blame for being upset and called it an accident the insurance company is taking careof. he says he wants people to realize their cars may end up miles from where they take them to get repaired. i'm definitely go to check and make sure any place is taking my car, they're going to treat it with respectotnd take it overnight, and need to test drive it that it's done within aeasonable distance. >> and again that wasep evan lambertorting tonight. once investigators find out who wrecked the truck, they could charge that person with unauthorized use of a vehicle. >> on the way, did you k that a tick bite could make you allergic to red meet. >> n b only true cases on the. how a t bathe of they insect could change m what you eatore years. a dog being trained to perform
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cpr. this happened. we'll explain after the bak.
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more than five thousand h americave developed an unusualll agy all due to tick bites and the allergy is toat r me all caused by the lone star tick. researchers are worried because it's expecte to bene of the worst seasons in years in particular bites. people effected don't ta immediatelyrt kneeing like hay fevers. b often ite delayed for hours. and there'so treatment that red meat allergies fade in three years time. >> this veo of a police dog in maid wentviral. see the dog on camera performing cpr an officer. that's poncho, runs into the season, struck the fallen officers with his legs several mes, stopped, placed his ears on his chest to listen for a artbeat.
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see aazing is this t police dog or a dog period do that sort of thing. >> ye. >> animals are just incredible h what you can tea them and what theyan learn. >> inincreasedably so. >> coming uptonight, onhe wrong side of the law. >> a police officer'y own cam video shows him violating the law. it's a story you'llee only on fox5. we have the exclusive video coming up next. and another round of protests ints pitrgh after an officer shot and killed teenager more on the protester's calls for justice coming up. ♪
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we'reack now with a fox5us ive. a dc superior court judged dismissed all firearms charg against a maryland man after viewing police body cam video. five officers cameras were recording last november during a traffic stop.
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apparentlyhe none footage backed ut a key par of the ul wagner reports. >> therg case against geo thompson fell apt last night footage totally more than an ho failedo show thompson giving police permission to search his car. thompson was on camera and recorded the entire time. but despite that tdc attorney general's office decided to tak. that's george thompson standing outside hisonda minivan last november when dc police officers pulled him over for having bad tags. by his own account,he's unemployed and homeless living out of his car and drove into dc to visit hismom. he's cooperative and helpful, answering all of thers of' questions, telling them where they could finds his wallet. what follows is a between two of the officersrver wh they have permission toch sear the car. >> hey. >> where's the -- >> it's right here.
10:31 pm
>> wallet? oh. iyo got u. >> you want to get consent. >> huh? >> want to get consent? >> i already did. >> oh to search? you got consent to search? >> tyeah. >> threees the female office asks about consent, but at no time, and remember, thompson is always on came does he tell the offers they have permission tosear what happens next is what gets thompsono real trouble. the oicer who pulled him over notices a gun permit in his wallet and ask him ife has guns in the car. >> is your gun in there? . >> reporter: thompson the tells the officers he has a bag ollf guns a legally owned and registared inyland that are disassembled. he explains he's an unemployed > car. oh, my go >> put him in handcuffs? >> yeah. >> holy. >> they're all disassembled.
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>> that doesn't matter in dc. >> reporter: so george thompson is charged but it ultimately d >> at that point once the search begins i at that poit's all bad. it'sll constitutionally infirm. yoknow, it is a total amendment.of the fourth fople the statements that mr. thompson later maims are what's called a fruit of the poisous tree, in other words, as well as the weapons that are found. allhaft is inadmissible in court. >> david benowitz did not defend thompson inja court. gilmor did. unavailable to comment and told us today the officer who initially made the stop stuck by his story on the stand and claimed he had gotten permission to consent to search. benowitz says these bod worn cameras have now changed the way defense attorneys go to work.>> game changer in the district of columbia and around the country for these i types ofssues and her types of sglieshsit bz
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says the law and the arrest was on the officer's sides on the case but the failure to get the consentne to searchd it all. when we first met george thompson last november hete tod what he did was wrong, telling us then he hoped the judge would show some mercy. dc police told us today there was noct misc allegation filed against the officer who made the initial tffic stop. he is not under investigation. pas for george thompson,e is working again, but's still homeless. in the fox5 news room, i'm paul wagner. and as we continue to follow the latest in t maryland primary because there are results still coming in we want to get you updated on other top stories. fairfax county police looking for help involving series of break-ins andandalism at churches in and untail.nd detectives fou graffiti that included racial and slurs.ious another incident back inay a urch member was assaulted with a fire extinguisher. >> meanwhile did eisenhower
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sentend to 50 years in prison for killing this 13 yearld girl. he killed.hills alleged accomplr keepis set to stand trial in september. >>. rend the sup court upheld president trump's travel ban in a five to four vote theustices ruled he has the a determine who can enter the country. opponents are disappointed they call the ban discriminatory because it restricts people froy muslim countries from entering the us as long as with people from venezuela and north korea. now the update on the primary results. >> sarah simpson with thet lates numbers and she's joining us now with more. an by the way, sarah, let's o sends it over t you we're getting news richaun baker isnc coing on the democratic side. we're just learning that right now. but go ahead. thatust came i here to the news room. >> all right. thank you very much jim. th 62 perce reporting here,
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as you said, richaun baker, 31 percent, ben jealous at 39 percent, but as you mentioned,ow ce. just n conceding in the ra so that is the, wherere we' at with the prince george's county race g forernor there. all right. let's get to the race for prince george's executive, just a short time ago fox5 confirmed former congresswoman donna edwards has conceded thes race a well and has offered congratulations to and la brokes. she is the prince george's county states attorney and is t expeo face jerry'sy math i sayon in tonight'sballot. another closely watched race for the sixth congressionalhn seed today laney. he served onend term felons run for president on the democratic side, state delegate miller is facing a fields that includes businessman david drone. you can see right here 58 she was at 32, and of course
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he's pen smells of his own money, $10 million on had . on the republican side amy hober was considered the front runner in tonight's race. testimony. state attorney, they're excite competing in tha we will continue to monitor results' theyome in and we mr. bring youes thet as the night continues to unfold. >> all right taking you these are the rushern bak watch party. it looks dim as we got the word a time ago, rushern baker conceded to his challenger b gel as former ncaa p head. he will face larry hogann the fall. >> we're still waiting to hear official ker. 40 percent for baker with thete other cans picking up the slack, a big and crowded field but p we've beeaying attention
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most of the night and we'll keep you posted. ben jealous on his way to face larry han coming up in november. >> keep it right here on fox5, on air onine and on our mobile app, complete coverage of all the primary results as they come in tonight. ep watching the particular m, i scan theile app, we will keep y update. >> the associate press is now declaring ben jealous as the winner of the democratic primary for governor in the state of onmaryland. >> f the water. >> a charter boat in flames. six people on bod, the ram billion to save the passengers. plus you can now get your personal iced piece of history. ye7, a photo with the stanley cup. sue. >> better wear red for that photo. an exciting time for sure. jim, shawn, keeping an eye on a changing weather situation for tomorrow. d a few thunderstorms to dodgete as well. your full forecast and that seven day, minutes away.
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university of maryland introducing new athletic director don evans. he spoke of his personal history of redemption having lost his job of uad atversity of georgia. he also sketh of recent death of jordan who died on the practice field. >> we lost a member of our family. a young man who, just with his smile, warmed up a room. a young man who loved chipotle thursday. which his roommate isoing to continue.t see whate was really about by the people who filled the room.
10:42 pm
the people who showed up. a represention of his life. so let us not forget jordan au mcnair, bec he will forever be a part of who we are. >> i the meantime an outside organization i conducting a investigation into mcnair'sat h. got some exciting news for caps fans. soon you're going to have a chance to t pe aicture with the stanley cup. the washington caps say the trophy will bready for its close up at the caps fan fest. this is june 30th at the kessler capitals iceplex. there are rules. no selfies or oth phone photos. yes don't even takho your p inside. a photographer will be on hand to take allf the pictures for you. fans will be limited to just one snap sh. you can do a solo or a gup shot. stanley cup ptos will b taken between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. so don't even try t selfie. >> on the way unprovoked attacks
10:43 pm
against the homeless. >> new video showing the suspects shooting at the homelss with paint bal guns. the damage they leftlu behind. >>s the app said to catch a cheating spouse but now venmo is causing serious emotional problemsith millennials. more on thee unexpected effects it seems to be causing. as w get a lebreak,ge park, richaun baker is on his way toe concede the to ben jealous. keeping an eye on this for you. at ten continues.
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followings breaking in the maryland primary election. county executive rushe baker, prince george's county rushern baker is concedi right now in the maryland governor's race. he waste dd a short time ago by ben jealous. let's t listen ino what he's saying to his crowd of supporters tonight. >> thank our supporters f the hard work they've done. nour work is done. this is, youknow, a bitter sweet night for me, but it is
10:47 pm
about the work we have torr do ow. so i know that you're going toy know, please have a drink. have a couple. i might have one. because tomorrow we have to do the work of makinta this s better. you know, i never got into public servicee so i could hav a title. i gub intolic service because i wanted to change ec people's livesause people had changed my life. parents in the world, ildn't be standing here today, and i want to thank my mother, 0 less th calyn baker for being here. ter for o thank my s ing here, give her af round applause. and my nephew who worked his tail off.
10:48 pm
now, you know i've said this throughout the campaign. it's v important when you see my daughters at an event. you know, i am so proud that my wife raised three y amazingoung adults and who have lived and died with men every campaign... >> you've just been listening to ruchern baker there as he wased ing to the maryland governor's race saying he will continue tomorrow doing the work we talked to him earlier a few weeks ago here at five at 6:30 and he said if he did not win he would supporthoever the democratic nominee wase against th incumbentli rcan larry hogan. ben u gentlemen will face larry hogan in the again this is ruchern baker conceding tonight. hopefully we wil f hearrom ben jealous coming up and we will bring that to you live as sn as we it.
10:49 pm
tense moments caught on mera a boat off of fort lauderdale catches fire with six you can see the smoke billowing as passengers look for help. a famy who was on vacation saw the moneying and raced to make the rescue. started in the engine dea and s to the boat but everybod i was okay. >>estigators are trying to figure out what staed a fire that caused majoram de at a georgetown restaurantwingo's ate e told the fire spread to the roof and a flower shop next door. two fire fighters were treed bu no one else was hurt. ather forecast. a check onwe yo what a beautiful day we had followed by, or preceded by yesterday which was absolutely delightful but get ready to grab while we have a few showers mainly in western communities tonight and they have been very ty.
10:50 pm
we're going to see more tomorrow. showers and storms are going to be around.e we'll morning showers, make a break for part of the day, not going to rain all day long, then we'll have to dodge some storms in the afternoon. i think most of theng day is goi to be cloudy and thoselouds have an impact on our temperatines keeping it the upper 70s to low sunshine back on thursday, mht be an early morning shower but that will bhee it andn get ready for the heat to roll into town. really gets und bway in aig hurry on friday but thursday will feature temperatures getting into the upper 30s or -- or upper 80s as well. ere am i and what month is this? let's talk about tomorrow, showers and thunderstorms our temperatures abt 82 degree shower thursd but we passing definitely warm up as bit as we brighten up. the humidity will be back as well, thursday going to be about 88 degrees. just wt to show you where we areinterprets of temperatures. gaithersburg 70, win chest shall comfortae a 66 degrees and culpeper 69 and if i'm hearing
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ten secondsilorrectly wel go ahead and show you that seven-day forecast because we wants to show you we are going to be gting hot on friday, 92, mida 90s satur and sunday and a chance of storms monday and tuesday but we can'tch dit the heat yet.ab the umbrella for tomorrow, showerso may woudown that morning commute just a little bit. sendint back over to shawn and jim. >> some elected officials in rgnnsylvania join pittsbu residents in atprotesting the h of antwon rose. he'sck the bla teen that was shots and killed by a pittsburgh police officer. on tuesday a crowd marched to downtown pittsburgh in the latest c theyhanted and demanded justice. the protesters are demanding the prosecutor in the case leave his post for failing to convict the officer who sset ro a family member says they will not rest until there is a conviction. >> someone in inou saiis is
10:52 pm
targeting homeless people with a paints gun. they began about a month ago. the most recent was sunday nig a reporter in saint louis was there when the suspect launched his attack and sped off in a car. one of the vehicle tempts said he was sitting around with friends when he wasasitt month. >> next thing we know, boom, boom, i'm hit,'m i hit. one guy run, one guy ran, one guy, you know, everybody running for their lives. >> the attacks have taken place near a homeless shelter in thet e victims say the attackers are sending a hurtful message and they're hoping police will make some arrests. >> they once walked on the mn bu life on earth has been tough these days for formerbu astrona al dran. the 88 year o sued of his children and former businessge mana om his account without rfr money permission and slappedered him by saying he haddementia. he recently underwent testing and a psychiatrist found him
10:53 pm
capable of handling his own money. >> venmo the app that lets people transfer money to each other is creating anxiety amongi millens. the app social feeds with i shows friends transaction and what your friends are doing leaves people fee ng leftout. also people they'redateing on where they're spending their money. people say it's part o a bigger phenomenon where younger people are always looking to have a good time. >> it was only a matter of time. e first lady's i don't care jacket sells for $39 now sold out on line. you c find on e bay bids up to $895. melania trump dresm critici when he boarded ais plane toit separated families at a detention center in texas. >> next a warning about a new scam making the rounds in the dc area. >> plus an historic view but there's concern that could soon change the fight brewing at
10:54 pm
mount vernon. >> a veteran claimg a mechanic is responsible for t damage to his truck. s thoseries and the latest election results comingp at 11:00
10:55 pm
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10:57 pm
politics now, house speaker paul ryan is urging democrat maxine waters to apologize for remarks s made urging people to harass members of the trump administration. democrats are coming to wat defe ae. fox'sx curt has the latest. when word spread a very restaurant haded r to serve sarah huckabee sanders those that opposed pretty much started cheering. the press secretary deserved the rude choes. >> you make choices in life and there c aost to being an accomplice to this cru deceitful administratn. >> theefining feature of a free society is that you can tell one of the most powerful
10:58 pm
people in the goverent get out of my restaurant. n msnbc says trump have be soci spa rye as. most onprotesters trenting othe trump aids especially aftergr democratess women maxine waters calledor for may continued a ragsment. >> kicking our political enemies out ofemembers striptease, heck lending them in public may feel good but it isn't a solution. >> threatening women and children what is problem with leu people on the >> david axle rod drew criticism for taking sanders side. kind of amazed and appalled by the folks on left whothmplored expulsion of press secretary and h family from a restaurant. trump opponents are using family separati in the poureder to justify the tactics. and the president uses hish language in the countryles as in
10:59 pm
theseip cl >> if you see someone getting ready to throw ano tomato k the crap out of them. i'd like to punch them in the face. >> if obaci administration als had been had r heed in similarfashion. it's not hard t imagine both liberals and conservatives switching sides. the tribe warfare is a positively arrived media environment and the toxic nature of social media. while this has produced a vicious cycle that could spiral out in washington howard curts, fox news. >> rig a nowt 11, vandals targeted a local church multiple times with racist graffiti and smashedow wind how one incident turneviolent. >> then, a veteran took his truck to a dealership for repairs, but instead of fixing it, he says they did thousands ollars in damage. and the fbi sting that busted loca lawmakers and others for bribery. now exclusive details on another
11:00 pm
twist in the giant corruption scandal. your news a 11 starts right now. we begin with breaking news right now. former naacpresident ben jealous has won the maryland democratic nominationrn for gove tonight. this is a live look at the watch party in baltimore. >> speaking right now is his running mate susan turn bill. we wil hear from him coming up as soon as he takes the mike. >> he will now face larry hogan on nember's ballots. first black governor. this i just one of the key races we're keeping an eye on. jim mos re. >> lot of big races across the state. we mentioned the race for governor. a big win for benjealous, 40 percent to richaun bakeers 30 percent and other candidates onb theallot making up the rest of e amount there. we should say rushern baker did make the call to ben jealous, h


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