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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  June 26, 2018 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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twist in the giant corruption scandal. your news a 11 starts right now. we begin with breaking news right now. former naacpresident ben jealous has won the maryland democratic nominationrn for gove tonight. this is a live look at the watch party in baltimore. >> speaking right now is his running mate susan turn bill. we wil hear from him coming up as soon as he takes the mike. >> he will now face larry hogan on nember's ballots. first black governor. this i just one of the key races we're keeping an eye on. jim mos re. >> lot of big races across the state. we mentioned the race for governor. a big win for benjealous, 40 percent to richaun bakeers 30 percent and other candidates onb theallot making up the rest of e amount there. we should say rushern baker did make the call to ben jealous, h conceded about 15 minutes ago or so moving on, what we want to do is
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from rushern baker or are we ar going to keep going? let's hear from rushern baker from a few minutes ago. >> beforer walking ove here, i talked to mr. jealou talked to ben. icon grate late him on a hard fought campai i told him we're going tong do surehe is victorious inve ke noer. because the main thing is we need to get a democrat back in annapolis so that we can actually have healthcare for everybody. so we can actually raise themu m wage. so that we can turn an education system that's gone down under hogan's admistration and turn it back up. >> so look, right now one of the huge races around here a one that's getting a lot of tightion is an extremely replace leggett as county to county executivright now neck and neck. david blare, you've seen his ads everywhere. was a sca date who was out there front and center for most of the campaign here. but look at the margin between
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him and -- and that actually, i believe, guys, i bieve the name is spelled wrong in the graphic, but mark, you can see about six hundred vote margin right thereo a very tight race in that and on the other side on the gop side robin thicker the only gop candidate running. in the prince george's county executive race, states attorney angela alsobrooks also coastin tovictory. donna edwardsed eing the race. brks will face jerry'sy mathis on the side in november. democratic voters also choosing who they wants for prince george's county. in that race they are compiking, lookse braveboy is in the lead on that one, a canning ryland incumbent ben car don om easily winning. ven candidates, the one that got t most attenti was
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manning, the army veteran who leaked information to wikileaks. more in a sarah back to you. >> following breaking news in the alexandria section of fairfax county right now. police say a man suffed some sort of medical emergency as officers were taking him into stody and he later died at a ap hospital. thpened while the officers wereesponding to a domestic call at a home on mison court. we're told the man was 31 years old. police say there is an administrative and crimil investigation currently underway on this. they plan to provide more details tomorrow morning. voring a major victory from the supreme court. the justices upheldeshe ident's travel ban by a five to four decision. the ban restricts people from seven mostly muserm countries froming the united states. there were seval versions of this ban. theh court bayed in on the third and most recent version issuem last ber. >> we have to be tough and we have to be se and we have to secured. at a minimum, we have to make
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sure that we vet people coming into the country. >> the onus i on us to protect liberties that may beze jeopardi by rash or impulsive presidential action and we have an obligation to legislate. ed the high court the president has the power to hodecide w can come into the country. opponents say the ban is discriminatory. they argued previous staments that mr. trump made when he was a candidate showed his bias against muslims. of vansm attacks at a a string northern virginia church. we are talkingis rac graffiti, urch spews slashed and broken thndows. bethlehem loudo n county ran churchow been hit seven times and police belie the cases could be connected. fox's angali hemphill is live o with morn this tonight. angali. >> sarah, whoever is doings thi already left behind tens of thousands of dollars of damage like this broken window here.
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they've also s a young church volunteer to the hospital. >> it's veryhocking obviously and there's been a run of emotions. at first we were so glad nobody was hurt. >> dozens much parishioners spent their tuesday evening cleang u after vandals smashed and slashed throu their church sanctuary. racist messages of hate. hind >> t the fachat it has escalated to t pointhere they now have a signature on you know, makes us wonder wtht ultimate goal is. >> reporter: paster says th incident started back in may. the mos recent was overnight. many times, the culprit breaks into thebuilding. so far they've smashed more than a dozen windows throughout. even cut cords to ure ch's sound system. but they've never stolen anything. one time it even got violent. >> the fourth time would be when down stairs and thiserson
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grabbed t fire extinguisher and hit it on the head of the young man and he took off. the young man ended up at the er. thankfully he was okay. >> reporter: meanwhile, members of thisnl mai white congregationre concerned for their safety. but. >> we won't let hate n. >> the church in general is very will being and it is sad that that may troublesome people but what it does is it just ener joyses us to do aven morend we hope the person that's doing this would com to the point where, if it is something that they are b troubledy in the mind, ironically we would be here to ithelp. doesn't have to end up a situation where setebody g hurt, somebody gets killed or worse reporter: into the p tor says they're working with law
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enforcement to help beef upse rity, but if you have any infoation you are urged to contact fairfax county cepoli live in annanda fox5 local news. >> a p nhone scam ming its y through fairfax county virginia. he claims h is with the sheriffs office. he claims there's a warrants out for your arrest for failing to report for jury duty. he says to buy $2,000 in money cards and give it to him on the courthouse. if you get a call like ts hang up. they say they will never call tstanding warrants. hreatsou fo >> now to a fox5iv exclus all a veteran wanted to do wn he got home from afghanistan was to drive his truck. afteromeone in his neighborhood ran a stop sign and t boned him head it in a shop and instead of fixg it a car dealership wrecked it again. the veteran says the employee
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took his for f 150 allnthe way acrossy lines nearly 30 nutes away to prince william county and crashed it. what i thought was a good as set for myil fam is not an as set anymore. >> navy secret ran matthew becker took his truck the shop and this is how he got it back with front endamage which he says totalled more 0,000. but he says the damage wasn't from before he tk it in. it was caused beside an employee at jerry's ford taking it on a test drivg >> he was t to test drive it and they nded to give i enough time to figure out what was wrong with it. >> reporter: becker says the 2016 ford f 150 had just been repaired at anoer place and needed one last part from jerry's ford. he dnt expect to fd out an employee of jerry's would crash therl truck nea 15 miles awaync ine william county. >> they said you just need to talk to our lawyers because this is too complicated please leav >> nowhe's waiting on the
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compy to make things right. had is truck is wrecked and not drivable. fo spoke to junior's in alexandria who said it's not unusually for mechanics to test drive a tru overnight. she says she doesn't blame becker for bng upset but calls it an accent thedealer's of.urance company is taking care er says he wants people to realize their car may endfr up miles where they take it to get repaired. i'm definitely going to check if any place is repairing my car that they're going to treat my e itwith respect and not t overnight if they need to test drive it that it's done wiin a reasonable distance. >> that was evan lambert reporting. they identify tha employee, ce that person could fac charges for unauthorized use of vehicle. >> up next, saving george washington's view. the brewing battle over pla for a proposed energy plant across the potomac from m vernon. >> and lands situate watts has e fox5xclusive tonight. >> we have' been working this for weeks.
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it is a major scandal involving brzeery and and tonight we have deals from a whistle brewer. >> we arewe trackingrs and thunderstorms that are going to be visiting us on wednesday, spoiling our run much two gorgeous days. when you can expect them and what to expect when we through them. >> coming up on the final five, ru pop star who head arrange that infamous meetiew has a n music video and it features trump onimators, hillary clinton impercent nateors and much more. catch the final five tonight at 11:30.
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now to a fox5 exclusiv it is the biggest corruption scandal to hit prince george's county in yes. members of the county lgageor board and lawmakers bted for bribery. tonight we learn aboew a layer to that investigation. a whistle blower says he came forward years ago to report illegal activity but top state leaders refused to act. .ox5 lindsay watts investigates. >> reporter: the fbi calls it operation dry saln. bribes, corruption afternoon
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liquor. so far eight people have beenlu convictedding two former state delegates. >> this is not tolerated. >> i'm pissed r:off. >> rep at the center of the scandal, this man, david sun, who served o the prince george's county liquor board. >> no comment. >> reporter: h orchestrated a cash for vot scheme. liquor sto owners paid they wanted a law tt wouldause let them sell booze on sunday. >> the goa is t put fear into the comminals ctting >> reporter: fox5as exclusively learned that a career before the fbi arrested sun, a whistle blo came forward to the state with evidence he was breaking the law. >> it became quite disconcerting >> reporter: franklin jackson was chair ofe the pgeorge's county liquor board forrs yea serving alongside sun. he ss in early 2014 14, he m found outths earlier sun ld a campaig fundraiser for ieen lenant governor anthony brown. it was who invited that caught jackson attention.
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>>ho people owned liquor stores. people who were attorneys and represented liquor store ownersn actually solicited and collected sesral thousand dollar on behalfsf anthony br political orcampaign. >> repr: the law says liquor board employees can't solicit donations who they're overseeing. ard so then went to the head uoo of the prince george's delegation he said peters already knew of theis fuer. >> it did not concern him and,f in , instead of him reporting it torn the or, which is the action that i thought he would take, he actuallymu comcated to david sun that i had expressed these concerns to m. >> reporter: jackson they want went to martin oh maley himself asking for sun to be removed for the board for illegal bear. oh maley's former chief he have
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staff concerns he got a complaint abonden david sun a launched an investigation because it was a personnel matt, he can't say what the investigation found.oi he didnt out that sun resigned from theoa liquor b a few monthshe after complaint was made. well, sun did resign he did so on hiswn terms saying he wanted to spend more time with family, and despite thoseon accusati he broke the law, he quickly got another government gi as an expert in the law. >> good afternoon madam chair, meers of the committee, davidn sun deleg prince george's county. >> reporter: hwas hired by the senate delegation chaired by pe legislation that would let some prince george's county liq stores sell on sundays. >> sarah peters, prince george's county alcoholic beverages license salaries and inexpect expect source. >> if i could bri up david sun, he's our legislative liaison f the senate. >> reporter: then a year after his resignation he returned to serve on the liquor board.
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>> why do you think he w rehired when he had this past to serve on the liquor board. >> it was unbelievable they would rehire him. >> reporter: many that landed the cohorts in sun's position on the liquor nd board. can't comprehend why the state never tookon . >> all those things point to an indifferenceo corruption. >> reporter: we've lrned it's not last call yet for operation dry sa fon. anbi source tells fox5, the investigation continues: a spokesman for congressman anthony brown says he remembers the t fundraiser in questhat he attended he says all campaign dndations s tors and disclosures from that period complit wthe law. s tatement from senator doug peters says he is running against a trump administration contractor so it's no surprise fox ws would be parts of this last minute smear. the fact is clear senator peters
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had been for clean government and always will be. mewhile a spokesman for the fbi says in a case like this even the smalles tip can make a big difference. he's urgin any information abouthis or any corruption case like t thiso call investigators to the number on the screen. lindsay watts, fox5 local news. >> all right. sue's here with a look at wha wa beautiful day, although i hope we enjoyed it today because that maye all we of it this week. >> exactly things are going to change as we go through the rest of the ek. tomorrow is our deshowery thuntorm day. not as pretty as today. we start to see those clouds coming in tonight as bell. we can't rule out a shower i the overnight hours and get ready tecause ink they'll be here for parts of the morning commute, especially along the 95 corridor. but tonight, just kind of quiet out there and 84 degrees was our high temperature. we'll be rightround this tomorrow, maybe a little bit cooler becau c of thelouds and lack of sunshine. dulles only 82egrees tod and bwiro 83 and temperatures ad
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the region still pmftty ortable but we're not going to drop into the 50s like we did in my spo yesterday. those clouds are here and they'll yie s showers andtorms around tomorrow afternoon. so to get you ready for what you should expect. 82to degreesmorrow, morning showers, maybe a break midday but can't rule out aer scattere showt the noon hour and then 'll watch to see if we get some showerss and storm developing in the afternoon a few of which b ce on the strong side especially west of dc with that temperature of 82. have an early morning passing shower then we get up to about 88 degrees. wanted to show you temperatures right now. nice temperatures out there, mid 60s to low 70s, 73 for t b distut again not expecting this 'em to drop into the 50s tonight. and as we check our local radar, not much showing up, maybe a spotty shower west of richmond that is it butge we expect thato in the overnight hours. we have a couple of systems getting a little bit closer, i'll t widenhe picture and you can see a little more activity that is on the way in
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our direction and this is likely what we'll be dealing with tomorrow aftern now here's the set up, a warm front going to come through and that will bring our morning showers around. then we'at have tch a cool front in the aft noon than could produce the showers and thunderstorms.temperature range low 80s, the humidity is b goin e noticeably around in the atmosphere tomorrow afternoon, wind directi is goingo change as well. rn tomorrow mog 73 degrees, expect showers, not everybody sees them but i think the 95 corridor will. by noon we cod see a brighter sky, not a lot brighter but a little break of a sunshine with temperature of 77, and then any time after two,three, 4:00 o'clock, the possibility of thundersto so are those storms that we see tomorrow g to be strong or severe? there's an isolated chance they could be on the see this marginal you notice that runs right along the interstate 81orridor and west. we could see a couple heavy downpours, maybe some gusts of winds as though come on through. again not everybody is going to
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see teature tomorrow right around 82 here locallyr then we gets through tomorrow, thuray's a brighter day and a warmer day at 88 degrees but the heat really returns friday through the weekend as high pressure just o t coast, the bermuda high is going to get things pumping around here and our third heat wave of 2018 gets underway starting friday with a temperature that gets up and over 90 degrees. so ready for th. seven-day frid 92 degrees, the weekend, 90s, looks likell we' have a dry weekend, sos gre pool time, thunderstorms in the forecast foronday and tuesday, still some low 90s, so could be puttg in at least five days in a row at or below 90. so get ready for the heat wave, grab your umbrella for tomorrow and don'tre go anywhe fox5 news at1:00 is coming right bac
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p aer plant could change the historic view at mount vernon. the ladies association wants dominion energy to move its
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natul gas which would go up right across from the estate. we talked to visitors who are not fans. >> i think it would be y atrocious. ou first told me that. >> you see that ridge line, it's a different color? right in that area there. >> asm san for d sgh money onenergys the view will not be ruined. he says the company designed tt plan so it will not be visible from the potomac at mount vernon. >> before we lve you tonight, we don't want to give you an associated press alert just primary for maryland's only open house seat that is cing from the associated press justoming down right nown the democtic wow.ary in maryland. >> wre watching those. >> yeah, we've been watching those numbers closely so things are really coming in right now at this point. >> so aepingn eye on that. also trying to keep an eye on ben jealou who won the
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democratic nomination forgovnor. we know his parents have been up but we have not heard from him yet. keep an eye on social media, we will bring that to you as soon as itappens ne the mea last check of fact. >> little bit of rain action tomorrow, might have dodge a few thunderstorms in the and tomorrow, about 82 degrees for our wednesday hig temperature. and then that's the last relatively cool day for quite while. we start jacking up that heat on thursday, we get up to about 88 degrees, a dry ayday. , 92, weekend is the pofk he heat waive with temperatures in the mid 90s then it looks like we scale bacl atle bit into the l 90s mond and tuesdayan with another ch of thunderstorms. >> just a quick re ben jealous won the no, ma'am dogs, angela alsobrooks won, more detailings with jim cing up next. >> have a great night
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coming up on theiv final f
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primary night in maryland and we now have ourselves agovernor's match-up. trsportation secretary elaine chow going head to head with protesters who came for her man. the supreme court got the win on the travel ban plus he's not worried a tariffs tanking the economy and he awards a metal of honor a to word war two that's your five. les do this. > hi everybody it is primary night and the most cluesly watched has been the democratic primary in maryland's governor's race. former n beating ruchern baker. we're going to go live t jealous headquarters. he's speakingno right let's listen in verbr iefly. >> we've come a long way since those days and we have come long w


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