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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  June 27, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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right now add mringttive and criminal investigaons in the case are underway. police chief ed rossler is due to give app update sometime this morning. >> over to maryland minutes george is investi ating homicide upper malboro. they were called to biping ham toplace and f a man outside shot. d hed on the scene and rightes now dete are working to fis suspects an a motive. >> time now is 4 had:30 we're following one closeace from last night's prime aarry result in maryland. >> just a few hundred votes separate candidates for montgomery country executi. ne cut rear is joiningm us livemontgomery country with the latest in this storyment we were talking about a really, really close as you can get right anne.y votes here.uple hundred when you hear the expressio every vote counts this is what they're talking about in this very exciting montgomeryoun county executive race. the veteran council member
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markel jvrmingridge and david blair are neck and neck. let's take a look at mbers with 251 of 255 presignate reporting and blair has 34,277 vote andel judge written has 347p 29. and due toic tal error 80,000 voters statewide may have had toio cast provisl ballots and those won't be counted until next week. th>> ande dpochb nor's race. ben jealous won the domingion be rushern bakener that crowded prime aarry. gem us garnered more than 220,000 beating bake are by 60,000, more than 10%. this is the future we will ben crewing on november 6
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when w win the general election, p theption of maryland is not just our ambitious. we got this let's go win this. larry hogan has no idea what's about to hit h. thank you and god bless. gives jealous a shot at becoming state's first black governor and sets up a battle between progrive candidates and popular rep incumbent and facing larry hogan who hopes to become the first gop governor in maryince since 19 1954. hogan was unchallenged for his party nomination and he's popular in the state where many democrats hold electedce offi live in montgomery county anne cutler, news". local >> thanks, anne, top prosecutor angela alsobrookse woprimary for prince night vying to fillhe seat
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other contenders.and beat out she will face republican jury math is in sglov to latest on immigrants parents and children separated at the u.s. bored. jm in california ordered u.s. border authority to reunite separate families in 30 days. ft. childuln are qger than 5 they must be reunited in 14 days of order. more than 2,000 children were se prated fromarents in recent weeks and placed in gove contractedracted shelters t shelters. >> white house secretary sarah sand certifies getting secret service protection coming after she was thrown out of virginia restaurant because she works forid prest trump. protesters gathered outside the red hen in lexington, y virginiaterday. upportingied signs president trump and others asking for one person wasted. red hen has been in the news since sarah huckabee was asked to leave. the vawnts is guest criticism
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and support for the move. >> eye leap c defended her husband from a group of gry protesters. the two were secretary cho can be heard saying leave my husband alone. 5-had vote yesterday justices ruleds the president ha authority to determine who c can enterounty. they called the ruling vindication. supreme courtemustices are ning the ban saying it's attack on muslim religion and followers. >> time 4:34 headed to maryland for zip trip this week and community many of you heard about but never been to. we're l talking abouteash you're world. allison and tony and tucker and erin will be the. >> and get ready to ride in mmstyle thier with "fox5" ziprips go to now tgh
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august 19 ept to win a 20 19 acura tlx. five finalists will be drawn. you must be present win. one winner will be selected at the final zip trip. you must be 1 or older and complete rules are available at >> 4 had:35 is the time n >> two screens. >> it's aeryice vehicle. >> very nice vehic. >> somebody will be happy. >> you know we're not eligible.>> rats. >> anyway it has a sun roof to leaveop the t on epht for da today, like that transition. nothing like letting the rain in. it's nice enough car that y meansou're rich and you can have it cleaned.>> and only has anway. >> it's not really yours. we wept off inre another
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ction. talk about the weather, mike. >> it's going to rain this afternoon, right? >> chance t of storms lhis afternoon. most of the region waking up so 5 to 10 warmer than yesterday. 71 the day -- current temperature out in d.c.. 68 a gaithersburgnd dulles and 67p mannasas take a look atte sat and radar around the region. en the sun roof for the time being. go for. it say very few of us showers pop up herem along the front. it's more the cold front that will bringorou showers and ms. watch for afternoon storm. tomorrow, cloudy, coupleshowers. clearing it outrnor the aften and look at that here comeshe 90s. stick ago around. i'll show you how long in the day. few more mines. erin, over to you for traffic. >> 4:36 eyes on the roads quiet start to this what is i wednesday, thursday, i will not cheat you that day.
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4:36 now. disabled truck 23 and i northwt and impacking i street asto welur around that one. otherwise i traffic quiet 50 out at 202 it. no other slow downs. issue 95 garrison on norm bound side. that cleared. 2770 widecl openarksburg. yesterday morning rough companies there. any questions en d. koorks on twitter iser. >> power fullwm new york laers makes mistake of under estimating challenger lead touping set on primary tuesday. >> popular 9 the 0s snack making a rurn to stor shelves. >> let's look at commute on route 301oute 5 brandy wipe. 4:37 is the time. temperature is 71 degrees. "fox news morning" back after temperature is 71 degrees. "fox news morning" back after this
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>> time had:39 we're back with stories you're ep gaming with in social media. >> goodorning, first up we begin in new york state where democratic representative joe coully suffegd a sho deneat bid for reelection and upset by 28-year-old alexandria ocasio coezho never held office. he washought bison some to be speaker of the house. he was staunch critic of president trump. even the president was surprised saying perhapsu coully should have be nicer and more respectful toll his president. >> and voters are allowing access medical marijuana it allows them to use canabis. s speet a law tit k from passing. tirri cruz tesed on capitol hill andce his expe as sexual assault
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victim. the me too movement gave him the strength to come forward. he was groped by a hollywood agent industry party under february of 2016 is. yesterday's hearing was about the sexualault survivor bill ofig rs. legislation would etsablish for survivors and encourage them to speak up. >> skywatchers a great treat tonight. straw beforey moon in view. rising in the east around the rprise set and slowly making its way across the sky before and finally the pop 90ssn k planters cheese balls making a coupl back. company behind the cheesy snack will relaunch them for a limited time starting next month. craft hypes will start selling can sisters of cheese balls and khurlz for a buck 99 on ju first. and those are trepingd headlines. >> all righty. thank you.
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>> fair favrm county police say a man sufalred a medic emergency as officers were trying to take him into custody. he later died at a hospital. it hopped when officers were responding to a home on e man was 31. in alexandria. administrative and criminal investigations. are underway >> former naacp president ben jealous defeated rash urn baker. proposals include unitedhealthcd raising state minimumne to 15 dollars and hour. if he wins he owe would be maryland first black overnor. >> angela also wbrooks in the prince george county race and she beat out donna edwards and anthony muse and will face
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jerry math isn telephone. >> today is wednesday, june 27. let's bring in michael thomas and talk about the weather. i heard him say rain earlier. i'm hoping for clearer skies. wh do i know. you have them coming wisdom later thik. in fact maybe more than i bargained for lots of sunshine and er high atures. but, today,kl more ts than sun fortunately a two nice days in a row. we can't explain too much. today is best chance of rai showers all week. more clouds than sun as we work ohr wayough the afternoon hours today. the more sprise that peeks throh later on today sharms. best ce of storms around the region will be like that 5 to 10 so:00 time frame. i 5 maybe earlier west of up to ohat's your key time frame watch-out for. it won't rain every minute just the fivend houow when
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scattered storms are most likely. was move beyond. we'll dry things out like wisdom wants and get the sunshine back. we're really going to heat thing up. heat index values saturday and sunday expected here in d 71 is outside right now a nice comfortable and winds light and calm and againll we' kick things out of south tod and that brings back heat and humidity as early as this afternoon 6 in rich mopped. warm front draped across thehi regions morning lifting that couldk up spotty showers through theorning hours a hit and miss with those. 's this guy west, this cold ugont slides h later today. into there more humid air mass. that giving us chance for showers and storms. here's future caste, yo his morning patchypatchy green t green. we'll work our way into the
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afrnoon. spotty and west virginia home at thahour. 6, 00 hourses ist chance at storms. we'll keep an eye on that. here's another way of shing. it warm front this morning bringing showers and cold front this afternoon bringing thunderstorms in tweenthere. temperatures reach the roar 8le 0s a little lateris on th afternoon. let's quickly, quuklyw you the "fox5" once we get beyond thers thtorm threat today we clear it o and warm it up. 99 the 0s back starting tomorrow. that's warm over to airport for traffi. >> 4:48 now eyes on roads metro service 5 a.m. and over reported delays there. traffiover 14 streat bridge lookt. klosh you're inim north west s practicing traffic as you make your way 23 with andtr i st norm west. volume light and not causing major slow downs.
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look goi on way to u station. no problems as you make your way 66 right now. wide open mannasas andairfa fairfax. you're look going inside the beltway. beltway itself is quiet and 395 all lanes looking good. any questions erinfoxdc o twitter and we keep you in the know if anything develops you need to be a ware>>f. 4:49 now. we'll take to you "fox5" exclusive a veteran back from byxandria mechanicuck wrecked e 2016 ford f-150 was repaired at another car place and needed one last part from jerry's ford and he dropped of it and an employee took his car to prince william countyt and cashdz i and it resulted in front end damage totaling more than 10,000. >> the employee was trying to test dri it and they needed to give it enough time figure out what was wrong withy it and the said, well, you need to go tal our lawyers now because this is geeing too come placated and pleaseleav
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leave. >> i'll check and make sure that if any place is repairing my car they're going to treat my car wit respect and not take it overnightndf they do need to test drive it it's done within a reasonable distance. "fox5" spe to a manager at jerex that's aldria who said it's not unusu for mechanics to test drive a car overnight. she doesn't blame becker for being upset and called it an accident the insurance company of the dealer is taking care of. >> national nate of american harvey pratt beat out the competition. it's called warrio circle of honor featur stainless steel circle featuring life, death and unity and set on a carved stone and water flowing over will be at the natiol mall september of 20 19 the projects will cost billion. >> potomac nationals could ve a new stadium class a
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affiliate perha to move from woodbrge to fredericksburg in 2020. the club's home since 1984 was deemed not a up to standards by minor league baseball forcing team to fupd a new >> coming up on "fox news rning" virginia governor signs scuff order to help out new and growing families. >> new warning fromte virginia about quality of bike helmet. >> his ishampshire avenue. time 4:51, 1 is the mperature. time 4:51, 1 is the mperature. back aer this.
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we like to party‚ô™ it's a party happening here. welcome to "fox 5 news morning".
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it's wednesday, june 27, 4:53. looking at this morning's eaalth hines. faerps that work for state of viinia have a new benefit. they have eight weeks paid throve care for newborn or child. >> he hopes is accept ane ex paid leaf is critical ti. meanwhile with summertime heating up ankids hing ploutside to bike or safe sti imrtant as ever new research shows 2.2 million kids injured in bike accidents every year. >> children's hospital shows every hour 25 kids are treated in emergency room bike related injuries. half involve children so to 14. 75% injured were boys. >> and new report on bike helmet safety. they found that note mel mets sold in the russini not doing
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a good job. >> we looking at 30 adult cyclist were killed in crashes or motorcles in 2016. >> how abo this? barbie has a new job. mattel amouseed barbie career of the year. barbie is now robotic engineer with safety glasses, laptop. >> and the doll comes with three loading lessons and work bookcomputer programming. >> good f bashry for this year >> 4:55 is the time and let's check in with michael thomas. >> tracking threat forhu showers anderstorms later today. we had a two day break from it and todays the day we make up for those and pay our taxes so to speak ithe warm department satellite and radar warm front south and west that moves through later this monk maybe shouldhaew showers.
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bettnce of storms this afternoon as blue line cold front comes through the regn a little later on today. here's hour by hour planner and you seehe threat fo showers. 00 hour youree threat fo showers and beyond that, thunderstorms threats takeove takeover. best risk is later on second half of afternoon into earlyen ing hours, 5, 6, 7:00 tonight will be early chance for. 2 it today. 90 tomorrow. showers do linger into tomorrow morning and we should 90 is the daytime high and mid 90s weekend is it a and sunday expect it to feel like 100 plus. get out to the pool and beach and stay cool. >> checking the forecast with erin for traffic. >> 4 had:56 now keeping eyes on roads and i can till traffic moving fine rig now. metro services picking upt 5 a.m. and they're on time rooing right now. no reported delays traffic look going 6 the 5. problems outside the beltway coming fromuo b.
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whether you come fromk tread fred, maryland look great inside the district kenilworth and no problems as yo make wary out it a disabled truck. traf light and not causing slow downs. good.ookn khan t mannasas, centerville no problems and you make your ll as 3395.beywe quiet as problems and you make your ll as 3395.beywe quiet as more in a few.
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>> we got thiss let's win. larry hogan has no idea what's about to hit him. >> maryland democrats rally behind ben jealous is thing stapling stapling for political battle between progress ivz a cservatives control of the free state are you united in 30 days or else. and a any judicial ruling onti separation of migrant families increases pressure on the whitehouse a capitol hill to get comprehensive immigration reform approved. >> breaking overnight, man dies as fairfax county polic try to take him into what wew about why they were ahis housen the first place. >> and "x5" mor at 5 a.m. starts rights now >> and good morning to you. thank you for joining us. halfway through the week,


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