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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  June 27, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> right now at 10 a young girl suffers electric shock at mgm national harbor. how did it happen nent first place. "foxin goes earch for answers. rc and theh for a suspeccaught ob camera attacking a woman and why the case i considere to be so bold and organizers of women's march at it again. thousands of women planning civil disobedience in the district. the reason this time. newst 10 begins now. thousan of people visit
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mgm national harbor hoping to have a great time of recent visit to the hotel and cino turned tragic forly a local . their 6-year-old daughter was hurt when she received electric shock from outdoor fountain. >> how could something like this happen and with similarcr fountainsoss the region should you be concerned. melissa howell live at national harbor. how is the girl doing tonight.or >> repr: jim, prince george county fire tells us the little gl is in very critical condition tonight. the incident happened out here mgm national harbor and raised a lot o qfuestions about what could have possibl went wrong. it happened late t at a water fountain outside of mgm. family membersell "fox5 the girl was shocked when she touched a metal railing near the fountain. a security guard that rushed to help her was also shocked and is expected to be okay. >> we spoke with smart services group a company that specializess in elericalwork fod residential projecten including installations of
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founins. an incident like thiss very rare. >> if y get in betwee the electric and the ground you're going get hurt. so, that's why we have special. safety devices things with older these sorts ructures where the wiring was installed 1ars ago. but, we have safety codes and regulations that are supposed to protect us from this and so that's why it's unusual. you know, that's -- it breaks my heart a little bit to hear that this happened. >> reporter: now, since the incident, mgm released a st aement saying, this is horrible accident and we are heartbroken. we offer our supportnd ayers for the family. we are fullyng coope with the prince george country fire an ems department to investigate incident that occurred at outdoor area of our resort last night. and that area has been closed to the public while investigators and our enginee
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engineers conduct a corehensive assessment ofthe si. now a private investigatorsr foe casino are working with invesgators from the county to figure out what led to the incidents that leftar a -old girl in critical condition. for now reporting live in oxen mill, melissa howell, "fox5 local news". >> a live look now at the steps of the supreme court and this time yesterday we saw the running of interns where those decision where passed on tt reporterscover the court and big news today the court itself justice anthony kennedy droping a bomb shellnou announcing his retirementes. that tak effect until the end of july. simply time for to step us and down. he's 1 yean old athe court for more than 30 years. and while supreme court justicent aments are life tirjs justices like david sui suitor, sandra day o'conner and john paul stevens decided to leave on their own. present trump said today he had known out the retirem sometime and is alreadyoving forward on a replacement.
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>> we willegin our search n for aew justice of the ited states supreme court,at will begin immediately. and hopefull we're going pick somebody who will be as outstanding. so, i just want to thank justice kennedy for the years of tremendous svice. he's a very spectacular man really is spectacular man.d an know that he will be aroundul hly for a long time to advice and i believe will be teaching and doing other things. so, thank you. >> reporter: now, the supreme court is made up of nine right now there are four liberal justices f andive conservative ones. judyice kenneas appointedep byublican president ronald reg an.on ssues from abortion, same sex marriage, gun rights, gay, rights voting riingtdz and campai law he's often the
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swing vote to decide if the court swings with the liberal >> irst issue is how the president proceeds and how leader mc conn wl worksh shumer and members of thel senate. see whether that happen good.or track records is not >>, if it's not an individual who has broad and bipartisan support, they're going have a hell of a fight on the supreme court nominee. because we don't want somebody awho is j rubber stamp off a right wing checklist. >> a debate will continue from here. the supreme court iat the end of its term. it's not scheduledo reconvene until the first nop october. justice kennedy departure meansil president trul have is a second opportunity to nominate a justice. he haid he alreadyas a list of 25otential candidates. shawn. >> t.nk you, sarah >> a local judge is on president trump's list of candidates beingd consi to replace justice kennedy.
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a graduate of yale law presiden appointed h in 2006 and was added to the white house list in november. somepeculation because judge cavanaugh klerkdz for kennedy it may have made kennedy m comfortable with his decision to refire. >> this week started beautifully and we're keeping our eye on storms across the region. t looking likeooking like no now.>> most place have not seen much in theay of rain today j shawn,, and the cloud hung tough today. that capped mperature and atmosphere was not able t bubble up like it usually does what we expect thunderstorms. the areaound tonight. wanted to mention we are still continuing to watch out to the west. we see thunderstorms out there and also see one that is more of downpour that i've been watching here right on the line between charles county anoust. mary cy that is movingds t prince
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frederick. brief, heavy rain for you. there fairly isolbeed. theren a bit more crossing through the hancock and hagersto area and moving to pennsylvania and widen out little bit. a bit more still back to the west. through west virginia and lanothere that i'm watching up closer to the area.sburgh so everything moving prchty mu from west to east proaching the wood stock area southern end of thish and bottom line we can't rule out another thunderstorm especily in overnight hours. frontal boundaries and moving back to pittsburgh. and in parts of our area a rumble of thund tonight. harth nat risk for strg guvi whipped and heavys downpour. upper level energy rewith waiting to move on buy. i wanted to show you future cast. 10:30 tonight we're not seeing this in prince george joint
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uth. we are seeing thisr active and i future cast is right this may expand by 12:30 into western suburbs across the northern district to the marginal risk area storm reprix denter towards baltimore and 2, 3 in the morning and out of here. so by the time you start thursday ife have anything left it's probly just a little bit of cloud cover. but j tt wanted youo be ready for than case hear a rumble northeast of d.c. tonight and should continu moving maybe the main threat of gust of storms on the strong side. are you ready for a heat wave. that's what we will be talking about in the 7p day forecast. i'll detail that comin up in a little bit, shawn.ue m thank you, s >> an sexually assaulted a woman in the middle of busy street during the heart of the h morninghour. and tonight, policeyo need help catching him. take a look video. man in the brew shirt followed a victim along new mpshire avenue northwest. he lifted up her skirt and fondled her and it happened on june 13.
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if you recognize the manor anythingbout him call d.c. police. >> "fox5" in fairfax county six ficers are on administrativeav live a naked man died incu their ody. and police wese called to ov and possible domestic, christopher paul became unresponsive when officers thought they experience to aid health emergency. how officers tried to boater on anne arrundel county is over the scene. the boater wept over board somewhereke in the ches bay. crews searched between kent island and harrington harbor south. crews will resume that serve tomorrow. >> meanwhile the fall out from confronsttion between aurant owner and white house press secretary sarah owner of red hen in lexington has resigned from local siness group. stephae will bees said it was in best interest for him
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to step down. she asked her to leave the restaurant. protests lined up outside over the past few days and restaurant remains closed for the te being and expected to reopenen next week. well, 2 it 4 had hours ago we we counting down prime aarry result and waiting for loresults ical race that is too close to call. last check just a couple hundred votes separating candidates for montgomery county executive at least o demoaticn side. markeler shan and blair aare neck and neck. fox a5 is keeping close watch they're only 500 votes apart and totals don't include absent tee or provisional ballots. we talked about therlier in the week. because of that technical error up to 80,000 voters across the state mayave to cast provisional votes and those won't be counted until next wee. >> coming up tonight, s elementarychool principal and teach rear now n on administrative leavettfter ing into a fight on school grounds. >> teacher at september of the all isga takinl action
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and lindsay watts is here with more. >> she is climbing this was not an argument she was assaulted and students saw what happened. those new details nlut. >> s a newarning tonight for anyone plan ooing a trip dato f to a beach where alth officials say what is in theimater that left a swr like this. >> pets going missg. 30% more pets are lost. why next week is buzzest day for shelter and keeping your pet safe during tat time. for shelter and keeping your pet safe during tat time. we'll be back after the break
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lindsey watts has new details tonight, lipcy. >> shawn, after this happened two weeks ago ardmore near springdaleic. school offls wouldn't say ft. fight was physical ort
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verbal. bu the teacher is now saying she wasssaulted and what's sworse elementarydents witnessed what happened. the are no criminal charges here. but the teacher crushfield was grted a restraining order against her principal, georgia gregoryth. say picture of gregory. pretty incredible something like this would happen at elementary school. police and aanceance respondemb responded. new details on what led up to this. she says there was miscmunication about t schedule for students that date and is clming gregory got angry called her sxlitive and accosted her in the school parking lot. here's her attorney. >> as my client attempted to walk away, the principal blockeder hath and physically bucked her, attacking several times, preventi my client, miss crushfield from leaving. what we now know, there were students who were doing
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cleanup duty, who were in the window, who witnessed the incident. >> in this let to parents the school district acknowledged deat stus could have seen what happened. there also may be video frosc ol surveillance cameras. a sc spos spokesman doesn't know what was captured on video butrt it wa of investigation. crutchfield and gregory remain on paid leave. crutchfield told the ceo wants damages for his clients and principal to be fired. . het ays whappened was callle nation of years of ms between crutch afield gregory. we tried to reh out to gregory for hery. side of the stor principal union representive tells me there is more to the story and gregory is waiting for investigatn to be completed lindsey watts, "fox5 local news". turning to politics now. house reject aid major immigrationda bily. the measure represented the gop strongest effort in decas to find a compromise
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on key immigration issue like dak a. border securit and border wall. compromise bill would have provide aidathway to citizenship for so-called dreamers and provided the proposal to stop the administration practice of separating filyseparating famile border. ahead of of that vote, imgrant family and alliesd gat freedom plaza in d.c. to demand the administrion reunite families separated at the border coming a day after a federal judge ordered thousands of migrant kids to be reununted with their parents in0 days and younger kids in 14 days. >> i community to serve i wants families that se better. and this country derve better. and we going to change this. >> tomorrow more than 1,000 people who opposed administration policy plan to march from freedom plaza to department of justice. meanwhile a n call to change the logo of arlington county coming from a local attorney
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that asked the county to change this logo and she's i t he past because she saysws it sho robert e. lee memorial cemetery. events including those in charlottesville should make the change and county leaders say they don't have the m dey to it all rightmoving on. >> we have a warni for owners on 4th of july. orw rep shows 30% more pretty lost between july 4 hadd anthan any other time year. the 5th of july is one ofbuz buzzest days for shelters. only 14% of lost pets actually get returned to owners during that time period.. experts warn pet owners should not take pets to fireworks display even small one. there's tips t keep them say. keep them indoors make this el safe put windows up and t it v on and make sure your pet is wearing an id or tracking device if they stray away from home. >> here we are. within thet week getting
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ready for the 4th of july. >> sue is coming quickly. wee watching thunderstorms possibly. >> yeah, acally, mothernature'. that's far norm and west.we ek from today, shawn, jim, we'll be wrapping up fireworks optimal and it looks li as we start looking towards next week it's going to be hot. and looking live at the capito. it's a not as utally hot tonight as it has been other night. boy, is it humid and that is a great shot tonit do no doubt about it. most of the area is dry. we continue to track a couple showers and stormnd north a west. and talk about that in a minute. and i want to you get ready for this t,. we are expecting another heat wave n we may not hitom 90 trow but we'll be close. we're headed to upper 80s. we have frontal boundar coming through early morning tshowershat does not have much cool air new. going to sour winds tolabor the west and create a down sloping effect to heat us up and high pssure sliding off the coast and we'll be clearing out in the afternoon if we even have any clouds left by then. maybe a quick,
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spotty shower near the by because ofhe bayffect as this warm sayre comes in and tomorrow headed for upp 80s if not near 90s. some spots hit 9 the 0 and that may be the first day of a stretch hat will take us th the weekend mean next week. and high pressure in the bermuda high position on friday, and here comes the heat again and we're going to keep that humidity around as well. it certainly is in place tonight. we know that it's nan going here over the next few days and you g need toet ready for temperatures thatsoill be holter thanwith the overg worst of this likely coming in terms of the heat over th weekend. and wanted to check temperatures with you right now. 78, look at windsut of the south. and it's 79 in frederick and pretty even temperatures around the region when khiingter cooler as they are 70. and what you have to get ready for is this. that humidityigs reallyh. and dew point temperature 72he in d.c. and 76 in wquanticohen those dew points at or above 0 msture in the air uncfortable and
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hard to cool we'll at continuing tonight. we only drop to 4 tonight. we're still watching for the possibilit of a shower or storm. and mainly north and west of d.c. and they could pass i throughn the overnight hours and for the most part if we start with a few clouds tomorrow and maybe aow passion er during the afternoon at the bay it gets up to 9 the degrees. the hot stuf rolling back into touxt just in time for the move july to start. we'll talk about that 7p day foreca in a few minutes. jim, shawn. >>n the police a police police loyvr is charged inad ly shooting after i police officer. >> a find that the action ere intentional. and they certainly brought aboutt the resulat he was looking to accomplish. >> we have new reactn tonight from the family of the up armed teeger that was shot in the bk. plus, you won't believe how this crazy case of road rage ended. how this crazy case of road rage ended. back after this.
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the man accused of driveing a carcr into a d of protesters in charlotteille last year killing one and injuring dozens more faces hate crime charges including one connect totd death of heather hyer. she was in a group counter protesting white nationalist rally when speeds sped down the stree p andwed into the crowd he's facing murder charges in vir vur for her death. prince geo county police officer accused of shooting a teenager is now charged with homicide. he is charged in the death of antoine rose jun investigators say the officer shot the teenager three times fromraffic stop related ton a separate shooting. da called the shooting >> i find that crossfeld's actions were intentional and they certainly broughting about the result that he was looking to accomplish.
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the charges against the officer? one count of criminal homicid homicide. evidence supports third degree murder there's dooubt in my mind. manslaughter, voll tarry manslaughter andnvoluntary manslaughter and we feel we have the rights to argue murder in the first degree. >> attorney representing ter te family says while pleased with the charge they have a long way to go to get justice. >> biggest moment of relief in that meeting was when we had an opportunity to see the incidenthat took placerior to his shooting. e district attorney, his investigators, all confirmed that antoine rose was in in way involved in the shooting. if he had survived thaints dent as he should have, she would not have been charged he had. done nothing officer roseld is out of jail on $250,000 unsecured bond. nioming up tot, a local man dd whi in police custody. >> fairfaxnt cou complaining what happened. we have the new details comingu. >> and women's march returns
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to d.c. tomorrow and immobilizing in nation's capital of family detentions at the bored erp and one organizerxplains why they're planning civil disobedient♪ i'll rise like the day, i'll rise up♪ i'll rise unafraid, i'll rise up and do it a thousand and times again♪ ♪ times again♪ ♪ .
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>> we're back with top stories tonight a fight at elementary a school between principal and teacher turned l into aegal ttle and a key judge is ste stepping done the affect it coulde on laws nationwide. first tonight y ang child is critical after aderagic nts at mgm national harbor. melissa how well is on theci story. >> offis tell us a of-year-old girl is in critical condition after injuredn byinterest shock.
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she put her hands on railing ployee tried to help areadem. exd is cted to be okay. as of right n we know mgm is cooperating th investigators and shut down that area toguest. we also spoke with electrician who told us an incident like this is rare to see in newer structure and this time we know mgm the harbor has their own investigators also working withnty investigators to figure out what happened and how to make sre it doesn't happen aga evenus supreme court jce anthony kennedy said it's t for him to step down and he's 81 years old and been on the court for more that 30 years. at's now setting the same for a nomination battle ssth criticalues like abortion and gay rights happening in esident trump said today he had known about the retirement sometime and already moving forward on replacement. lindsay. >> fights between a principal and teacher.r the teinvolved is
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claiminghe was physically assaulted. and now her attorney is going after the school district for .damingz the fight happened add more elementary in prince george coty. teacher's attorney says he wants the principal to be fiicd because she got physica al. a union rep for the prescriptions pal says this more to the story and she's t speaking out until the investigation is complete. >> earlier we told you about a man that died in the custody of fairfax country police and they're complying the t side of story. here's "fox5anjali hemphill. as they were trying deescalate mr. paul's behavior he on his own accord caused himself to fall to the floor. at this time, the officer seized the opportunity to mr. paul as he was a threat to his ownac physical this was done by firsthan cuffing mr. paul. and then using a nylon
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supplemental restraining device to stop his legs from violentlyicking. as a matter of poll circumstance the fairfax country fire and rescue medics stayed out the home whenwhen m i ntrol, the medics were thenr called in to provide a medical assessment of mr. paul, which i can say that no physical use of force was used agannst mr. mr. paul nor wy other type of weapons used against him. >> fairfax country police chief ed rossler says the two officers that first responded to the home off mission courtda y afternoon were both trained in crisisve interion and mental health awareness. but he says 31-year-old christopher paulesisted and when officers restained him to prevent him from harming himself or others he became unresponsive. paul was row announced dead at ital.o investigators say this started when a1amily member calledd after pssibly being
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struck in the head. when police arrivedun they fo paul inside the home naked andng experi a medical or mental health crisis. right now it's not clear if drugs were found at the scene but paul. was not armed meanwhile "fox5spoke to a neighbornd long t family friend who is shocked and baffled of what unfolde his mother was deeply concerned that chris was having seizures and she called for help with the police to restrain him so that medal treatment could take place the overdose i'm cvinced is completely false. he had troa le with aand so he did have you know some t never any history ofbu. drugs. completely shocking for us. we didn't expect it. and wonderful kid. seems to be in great helm. really,d. really surp >> medical examineras not released paul's official kaz death and six officers involved were ald place on
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nd wnistrative lever we know there is body camera footag ever te incident for now they're not releasing it. anjali hemphill, "fox5 local news". hundreds of thousands of people filled downtown d.c. for first women's march. tomorrow, hundreds or thousands are expected to march again and what organizers are calling a disobedienceth. of civil ey're protesting separation of migrant familie families. >> on tuesday a federal in california ordered trump organization to reunite children separed from families within 30 days and 14 days for children under 5. march organizers say more needs to be done and they're hoping to sesdsage of administration with active civilisobedience. >> we want to accepted eye strong message that rallying and marching doesn't seem enough and we don't see enough from the processf demobilization and we don't
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trust him when hsayse was not going to separate families. i what there's atgu la dia two ghts ago up accompanied top a flight to houston to new there's still children separated from families and women coming to say we're ready to step up activism. >> our civil disobedience is non violent civil disobedience it's an opportunity for women to accepted a message in a different way. we won't give details of what it will lok like that's not the point of civil capitol police will have their hands full with powerfuit powerful, passional womening coming and going to be trained in non violence and engage in powerfulct and be part of long legacy ofle nonnt civil disobedience in the country. >>activist will gather saturday lafayette parka cross from white house. >> up next a man flew from new zealand to dulles to meet a girl he met through a videome
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. >> we find out what he haon him and how they managed to stophe man. >> and it's time fobears. where this bear was fou romeing a neighborhood. first, sue, y over to. >> i didn't know summer was a primet for bears. that's scary, jim, shawn, every season is getting be bear surprise. this was pretty remarkable. dulles 79, bwi 7 certainly it was humid and et didkt us from seeing strong ternderstorms during th afternoon andon and eveten evening. so what's ahead for thursday? here's a glimpse maybe a morninshower. we climb though up to about 8 or degrees and that's beginning. we're talking about the weekend and what you can expect at the beaches allp weekend and what you can expect at the beaches allp comingnext. pats pass a n zealand
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flew to see a girlete in a video game. he flew to dulles and was armed with knife, duct tape and pepper spray. the girl's mother to skip to leave and warned him she was armed. he threw a large brick through their window >> he reached into the door and attempted to get in the house and the lady shot twi he was hit once in the neck>>. r conditn. once he is released from the hospital hll be charged wi a number of crimes including breaking a entering and intent commit rain, robbery or murder. >> there's a warping tonight if you plan trip to one particular beach in florida. >> what's on theeach that left swim were mrepttive
10:41 pm
bumps and bruces. >> and folwing massive reruptions in haw new video inside a citeer showing volcano drind of lava. we have that after the break. volcano drind of lava. we have that after the break. stick aroun
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>> road raim in florida angry motorists confront a driver in plaque s. v and getsut and watch. it here weo. flexing in front unches car's grill at that point distant whork when the suv runs into the man he walked intthe hood before walking his own car. we don't know what started the the incident. wenonoww what filled a law resort. >> stoneman douglas failed to cougdn't front the shooter d the massacre.
10:45 pm
>> taylor reportedly hid insideset and medena saw the shooter carrying guns and 17 died and 17 were injured. >> dozens ever fans gathered to honor slayed rapper they pai their respects. police arrested and charged dead rick williams with first degree murder they say he killed the rap are at a mor cycle dealership. tornado went through the towneureka. what was the damage. uprooted industries andro destd buildings and one is in critical condition. >> there is alsoed in the creator on kailua volcano in hawaii. there's flight resictions near the voll kapo. it's not often we get to see it up close.
10:46 pm
this is from the u.s.ol ogical survey. the grown through over the area. i don't think this is. it hopeful will you i. theif you have been to national park in the last two yearsou're used tohis view of creator. eand f of viewing the creator up closup is in the air. footage from usgs shows ush why. holly mahumamawho sdmz amaids maidsing to see from the drone the expansion of the sumatr rater. welcomeologist say with each explosion the creator expands. >> this is getting deeper and deeper as sxloss continue to happen. >> what does that mean. well, i'm not entirely sure what it means. youe wouldthought whatever gaz oing on initially that the mag ma would have dripd out and gone to the east
10:47 pm
rift sdob. that happened early days may. since that timeoe the dit mean it's continuing torain. >> it's hard to predict what will happen next becsse too dangerous to observe the voll kapo directly. researchers rel on early quakes and gravityrs to tand the eruption and another lingeing question.. will >> molten lava comeso back t the summit. but, when we can't say. that's the history. mantleat deep some at so it was stopped in the east rip zone. >> reporter: thatin is so ating. never gets old to me. fantastic report and quite intrig. sorry they're still deal with
10:48 pm
it though. we have to get ready to deal with significant heat. i'll let you know when it peeks. i'll let you know when it peeks. full forecast in 10 seconds. it'ser nice fwraek high, heat this weak and the break is about to end. we vo owe do have still the chance of a couple of showers or thunderstorms tonight. i'm especially watching mmunities nor and west. and maybe just maybe lingeowng er on early thursday morning. thursday should generally be a dry day. as we head into the arm we do think those temperatures will be heating up and thattarts morrow. you seevakumaran upper 0 if not near 9 the 0 tomorrow and 's all 90s on the 7 day forecast each if we head to nourj of july, next week.
10:49 pm
9. clouds decreasing around the rear. if you have them around tomorrow morning. i don't think they'll last lo. friday, sunny, hot, 92.he bothse days will be on the huminoside. here's what you want to get reor over the weekend? we'ven beelking about biggest heat saturday anda the bermud high that sets up often in summer heat waves doing it again. and as that hold very strong atmosphere and pumpsn the sormly whipped. itill feel like heat index of 100 higher and very good weekend to head to the pool. and we have not had that many fantastic weekends for. it hot and humid saturday, 5. surprised just a few cloud with temperature of 6. again get wrd for the heat index and. you're hydrating the wroundz a little bit westta
10:50 pm
inters 81. i noticed something tried to hook newspaper frederick just a lit bit ago and we still have rather potent up pennsylvania west of haikers town and still more activity to come through west strginia. ill think there's a chance in next number of hours that we'll see some of that moving across the northern and western suburbs and another linebu back to the pittsh are. a weak front. there's upper level energy up there asell and the weak front we'll cross that late tonit andarly tomorrow morning and that's why we have ahance in the afternoon. high presse does not get to island of bermuda. it's on its way. we'll kline to upper 8le 30s in many areas if not winds out of the west may get temperatures cooked up fact what we start at dayt or 15
10:51 pm
nos. it while leem lick 3 to 2 it 00 as we head to friday ach. gvrp you'll get relief out of beaches. water temperature makes the difference. 5 saturday. wear that suncreen. sun hot, water marmd up. sunday will likelget close 90. your "fox5" accuweatherp day forecaid heat wave is ered three days in a row at or above 9 the 0 and you star that friday and keep it going throughout weekend and mid the 0s and monday 95. s spottytorm possible monday few storms also possible tuesday at 92 and 4th of july kright noweeping it dry stay tuned for tha.t want to foil fireworks. >> there's a new warping about sea lice. you see lifeguard going into the water because somebody was
10:52 pm
attaed by these things. theseiny jellyfish known as themb jellyfish and they can lead a rash in your skin. secure ep some salt and witch hazel. >> closer to home there's sm smuer that's cording to annual port by chesapeakeun pay dation. improved water quali a glasses are helping. >>. the smithsonian plays tribute to plaque pap they arth are. on saturday the national me assume of national art will host a hearing 2 . visitors arencouraged to participate and they will see a variety of vista long withes slides from the movie and national museum of african-american history and procedure will host african fashion and film. more them virginia are spotting bear inside neighborhoods including
10:53 pm
community in prince william country. >> this was postedn triangle virginia. there are more than 17,000be s across the commonwealthic. gameials say there's never been a fatal attack by a black bear on a person despite more interactions pthple every year. >> that is a bear. >> i was told to run in the use with the kids. it's what iveryone was freaking out for a second. he kind of looked -- you started through and then he air there a he was probablyhe maybe like taller than me if you were signature out.>> now, one myth you should know if you see a bear stapingd up idoes not meanthe b. bears stand on hind legs to got ar bette look at surround sglingzrfy see a on his happened legs i'm going to take off. don't panic just slowly creep away. >> we should not lay down and
10:54 pm
play dead? that's a story for another day. total story for another day. >> it is. >> maybe we'll demonstrate sometime. >> we'll talk. w e will not. >> up next atsu 11 eillance video ofsa gmaritan takingn down a attacker. an a little girl is in the hospital tonight after receivin tk shot at mgm national harbor and expert complains how t csld have happened entered. >>ic backing up t for hours. more coming up at1. 1
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>> joe jack sop di today and passed away in las vegas after a long battle with cancer. jack sop had come to peace with his life tweet ojune 24 "i have seen more sun sets than i have left to see he timerises when comes and whether you like it not, the sun sets when the time comes. the father of 11 children from gary, indiana engineered music careers of jackson 5 as well as launching solo careers of music icons michael and janet. his monumental d successid not come without controversy. michael jackson famously said viin iew that his fimher beat hnd frightened him as child joe did not denyng this argui his tough stifl parenting kept his quids "out of jail and kepts hem right""
10:59 pm
in db the rock and roll hall of fame h honoredim as best entertainment manager of all times. blic figures taking to swit twitternews broke of his death to pay tribgee to the le. reverend jesse jackson saying "joe sack son, brother be loved patriarch and creator of one of theost tap eling entered musical dine stiz we will reremember him as long as his family music plays" and his daughter la toil will always love you and you gave u strength and made us one of most famous families ithe room and i'm appreciate yeahtive of that we ill never forget our moments together and how you told me how much you cared. he is survived by his wife katherine and their children maureen, jackie, tito,ier mai main, la toyrl ain, randy and janet. joe jackson was 89 years old. in los ang anita vogel fox
11:00 pm
news. >> right now at 11 supreme court surprise. justice anthony den di i steppingown and local judge y be o president trump short list of nominees and a tragicen at at national harbor. what we learned about the electric shock at outdoor fountain that sent a little girl to the hospital. >> and a fight at local school not between students but principal and teacher. tonight a new tst in the investigation. your newowstarts.


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