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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  June 29, 2018 5:00am-5:58am EDT

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>> ♪ >> today on fox5 morning,. >> she was always so alive and so funny and just full of energy and always positive. >> hours after a gman killed five of the co-workers, the staff at c theitol newspaper in annapolis honors the victs' memory with a special edition about the shooting and the friends they lt. we're also learning more about the gunman and what police say was a long history of online harassment directed at the newspaper. >>0ithin 6 to 90 seconds y had the annapolis city police anneic arrundel pol sheriff's department on site. >> an outpouring of suppooc ose quick response prevented
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a horribleroituation f becoming a muc tragedy. fox5 morning at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. >> ♪ g >> andd morning to you. thank you for joining us. >> it i friday. it's june 29th and mike erin are both standing by tth talker and traffic. he mike. >> plenty of sunshine all weekend expect temperatures to be very hot, into th 90's. hi,foabout next week and theur erin. >> rightso now we have much breaking news we're tracking on thelu roadsding a road closure in montgomery county. utility work. maryland 193 at et franklin avenue, a closure on bw parkway northbound and four inbound. we'l have more as we come. coverage on a developing story out of annapolis the deadly shooting at the capital newspaper. >> just a few hourshego the paper poste cover page of today's edition. tragic headline five shot dead at the capitol along with pictures of the victims. this a we've learned more about the suspected gunman overnight.
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>> fox5's anne cutler is live ioln ais with the latest. anne. >> reporter:bo that ld gazette an indication of that newspapes resiliency their dedication to journalism. take a lk. theeadline is short. is very powerful. now, inside the papenames the victi and it lays out the harrowing events that unfolded yesterday afternoon behind me. court records name the suspected gman as 38-year-old jarrod w. ramos of laurel. those records coming outov night. police have not yet confirmed that but ramos is duene in an arrundel county court a for a bond heat 10:30 this morning. he is currently facing five counts of first degree murder. police sayhe suspect was armed with a shotgun and three smoke grenades when he entered the building that houses the capital gazte around 3 3:20 p.m. yesterday. the response was swift. authorities arriving oncene in just 60 seconds and agencies from across the area
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ordinating to evacuate more than 170 people from that building. targeted attack.e shooting a ha>> we knowt there were threats sent to the gazette through social media. this personas prepared today to come in, this person was prepared to shoo people. this intent s to cause harm d as i've stated before the vestigative p of this is going to b thorough and it's going toe take time. >> it's a tra scuation but there wereop some very brave le that came in and kept it from being even worse. >> reporte now, here's a look at ramos' apartment where authorities were searcng and gathering evidence until very investigators continue to question in suspect. the motive remains under investigation. we are following thisve loping story verylosely. information is pouring out andwu
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as soon g as we it. live in annapolis, anne cutler fox5 local news. >> thank you anne. the front page of today's capital newspaper on the inside pages of today's edition, some very poignantak messages. e a look. this iyothe pin page. can see it'sot mostly blank. the at the bottom says today we areec speess. this page is intentionally left blank to csmemorate the victimf thursday's shooting at our office. it lists the names of the victims and then says tomorrow this page wil return to its steady purpose of offering our aders informed pin about world around them that they might be better citizens. >> this mning we're learn more about the victims what they did at the newspaper and the lives they lived outside of the news room. 65-year-old wendi winters was a community correspondent and columnist with the capital before taking over special publications at the paper. her daughter told the s baltimun that her life was a gift to everyone who knew her and the world will not be the samithout her. alsosc killed gerald
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hman. he worked at the paper since 1992. fischman leaves behind a wife. rebecca smith was that recently hired at th capitol a salesistant. her boss says she was kind and considerate andeemed to really enjoy working i the media businessmith washn engage. jo mcnamara a newsor who spent nearly 24 years at the paper. his passion was covering sports which hean did fory years before taking on the news role just recently. mcnamara is survived by his wife. rob hiaasen. he and his wife just celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary. ey have three children. mber who shared theth impact the victims all had.ut >> w them the world doesn't know what their politicians their elected they don't know the score of the basketball game between severna a parknd broadneck so this has just been really hard. >> two other people were treanjd for their iies following the attack. one was taken to anne arrundel medical ceer the other victim taken to shock trauma initaltimore.
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ner suffered gunshot wounds. vethe injuries are bd to be superficial possibly fromok br gas caused by the gunfire. >> in a move that's become all too familiar following the mass shooting there is a go fund me account set up for the newspaper. in a matter of hours it has reporter from bloomberg government named mattie alexander set up the account. the posting urges people to give what they can to helpem the newspaper's oyees with money forneedical bills, repairs and other expen weiln tinuing story. you can get updat ton our web sitel we also be tweeting out any breaking detailsm fox5 d.c.. and we will also post updates onur facebook page. >> ♪ >> 4:35. let' cget a ack of the forecast today with mike thomas. >> maureen, good morning. we have partly cloudy skies to start the day but more clear skies than clouds out there to be honest with you. 74 degrees outside. it's a pleasant start to the day. humidity isot terrible, icthough, it iseable out there and as we move ouray
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through the course of the weend humidity will continue to build. 74 in.c., annapolis waking up to in baltimore and 60's have in off to the north and to the west of t town,hough they will be quick to be replaced with th's and 80's as we roll ro tagugain, very,ery qui our region. high pressure is shielding us from any ofhis rainfall that we see out to the west here. some of tho clouds will cometi across from time to . other than that, just a sunny and bright day on this. zip trip friday, don'twe forget e headed to leisure worl. later on this mor 92 degrees your daytime high r today. getdy for the heat wave. it's just begthning. that'ser. off to erin for traffic. >> 5:zero seven right now. and we are keeping our eye the roads and we do have some utility work. we're dealing with downed wires. 4100 block of brandywine street between river road and wisconsisi avenue, it's clo that road. so just off wisconsin avenue just use caution there ide from that one several r doteahengue i witssh clurarlo. have a closure on bw
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parkway n at or19th8 as well as four inbound at dower house. any questions at erin fox5 d.c.. >> coming u fox5 morning,n congresswomaxine waters canceling a series of events after receiving a death d.c.'s s says hello to district and then he finds a bar to watch the world cup. >> of course. >> heading t l break,e look at arlington. the tim right now is 5:zero eight. it's 73 degrs. we'r back after this. . 5:htzero eig
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>> ♪ >> column become to fox5 morning on a friy. you're looking live at the beltway in college park. everything looks to be moving along just fine right now. 5:zero ne is our t right now. we of course are going to continue to follow the latest in the t shooting at capital gazette. thursday's shooting reignited deba m on socialia about gun violence. >> david simon the cre cor of the hit hbome show the wire slammed florida senator marco rubio for a seriesf tweets he sent out after the simoning rubio for suggng was part to blame for the shooting rubioeted i'm not>>rting.we it's terrible for country. lack of trust in vulnerable to ttoavvenefas. we arellblfois
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mess. sorry, that includes many i media. >> simon responded by enying theator is unfit to be a citizen. at this hour rubio stillt has no tweeted hisiv condolences for tes lost in yesterday's tragic event. >> representative maxine waters canled her upcoming events in abama and texas this weekend because ofriome ous death threats. >> comes after waters called on people to protest members of the trump administration in public over their support for the president's zer tolerance immigration policy. waters says individuals have threatened to shoot lynch or cause her serious bodily harm. >> nearly 600 people arresd protesting theru tmp immigrants. they're being chargedla with unul demonstration. now, among those arrestedn washington state.pully from more events are planned this weekend outside the white house. s >> paul manaforteduled to appear in court today in
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alexandr manafort has been in custodyth since june 15 after a judge concluded that he violated thisretrial release. he faceseveral charges including conspiracy against thunited states andne conspiracy to laundey. >> it's official. one of soccer's biggest stars s joining d.c. united.t stars wayne rooney arrived at dulles airport yesterday greeted by excited fans waiting to see the star. >> yeah, he spent several minutes signing his name to all sos of things. also taking dozens of selfies with fans. d.c. united annoued yesterdayci that rooney has ally he will wear the weoarr nine. >>uend g the game afterward. y we teased that and didn't -- which bar t did he go to and -- in the news we give you the details. >> yeah. >> 5:11 is the time. coming up on fox5 morning singer ed sheeran at the suewect of a legal battle. >> actress scarlett johansson says it wasn't me in anc reeum about tom cruise. >> heading to break right nowli look at the beltway north of the american legion bridge. it is 5 o1.
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it's hot there already. 73 degrees. 're back after this. >> ♪
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>> 5:15. we connue to follow the latest in the capitol newspaper shooting. ve people were killed after capital news room;, wspaper news room.police are calling ita targeted attack and say the gunman had a vendetta against the paper. >> jarrod ramos walked into the building with aho sun first responders arrived within one minute stopped thet suspecnd helpedple from the building. ramos is reportedly not cooperatingith investigators. police are still working to determine a motive. >> ramos had a long contentious history with the newspaper which included a lawsuit and years of harassing the paper's journalists. >> ♪ >> coming up on quarter past the hour right now, time for us to talk a little weather. there's a live look outside and mikeou also des as our
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crack research department and what did you find out aboutwent. >> where is that. >> first garten probably.der >> i think it's more like that. my accent is not the [laur] >> sounds like thengland and belgium embassies were doing a >> there you go. you got the answer. >> there you go. >> welcome to can't wait to watch you play for d.c. united as early as next week. sizzling summer heat around town across the region today, tomorrow, sunday, even into next wee around so get ready wee starting a heat wave here in d.c. here in washingn, 65 towards gaithersburg, 68 towards dulles, martinsburg is at 65 degrees to start theay here. satellite and radar nice and clear out there. sun starting to rise. you saw it ine the last liv shot. bi and plenttt you light up a bright blue skies this afternoon with just the occasional passing cloud. a beautiful day h de in. and you can see temperatures once the sun does up will be quick to rise from thehe 70's
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into t 80's by 9 o'clock th morning. and then into the 90's we'll go ding the afternoon. expect a high here in d.c. today of about 9degrees with again, just a passing cloud or two. 92 is your daytime high here in d.c. 90or annapolis, 91 quantico,87 leonardtown or you and we'll be up near, if not over 90 off to the north and west of town asis well. weekend high pressure off the coastline gets ki stuck here and it willust continually bring in the heat and humidity from the -- from the south overf the course saturday and sunday. expect both days to feature temperatures in the middleel 90's. ing like a hundred degrees plus. in fact, we're going 95 degrees for yourhi daytime on saturday. we're goida 96 ony. plenty of sunshine both day head to the beach, head to the pool. do whatever you need to do to stay cool. be going toen to be going to weekend forecast for the 85 d on friday. saturday 88 degrees. please wear the sunscreen this weekend. u.v. index extremely high. sunday 90 degrees, looks hot.
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ocean temperature not so bad. we hav ocean temperatures about 70 degrees this time of year. here's again as i iex please beg the sunscreen on. ait's at0 out of 11 so nearly extreme there for the u.v. index alleekend long. so, plan on the extra you're going to need it. ou degrees daytime high. 95 there inroom or., 96 on sunday but remember both days feeling like a hundred. he te putdelots of water please this wreekend. we don't want anybody having any heat stroke effects. we head into next week, we keep the mid 90's mt of the day does look dry. there could be a pop-up storm t two butt's not something that terribly concerns me at this time those thunderstorms you see there. we'll keep an eye on it. erin is bach traffic. >> 5:17 right nre we' keeping our eyes on the road. mike ts is a stinky situation.ra overturned tor-trailer closing pennsylvania avenue northbounddt dower house carrying manure. >> uh-oh. so t cleaning that. rough situation out there.
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that. detour around southbound side rubberneck delay just outside the beltway so upperarlboro commuters sorry about that one.ra earliesh that was closing all lanes of bway parkw move to the shoulder. oand 32 residual delay in lan the northbound side from 198 to 32. 95 is looking great north and southbound. we'll keep you posted on that one. as you move things over another crash in temple hills that's branch avenue southbound at allentown road blocking the shoulder. then we're dealing with a nnecticut avenue. circle atco it's under investigation. watch fort delays. look a this one. this is an updat for you for saturday for the weend. saturday and suny red line friendship heights and grosvenor free shule buses operate between grosvenor strathmere medical centerip friendsheights stations ems closed so big pro th right now metro is on time. more to come. back to you. erin.appreciate it. 5:18 is our time. the storiesou're engaging with the most this morning on social media. >> singer ed for $100
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infringement for his hit 2014 song thinking out loud. sheeran is accused of coping and exploiting parts of marvin gay's song let's get it on. he's being accused of usingelodn his grammy award winning song. sheeran has faced infringement claims in theast. >> actress scarlett johansson the record straight. she denies a claim that she auditioned to be in a relationship with tom cruise after his divorce from nicole kidman. now johanss says "the very idea of any person auditioning to be in a relationship is so demeaning." cee claims sd after an interview with a member of crse's scientology securit team. >> members of the south korean t soccerm beat germany yesterdayhe in one of biggest world cup upsets and now members of the team have to return home and serven the military. in south korea there is a law that men between age 1 and 3 have to serve two years in the military.
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a petition is going around urging moonpt jae-in to star players from having to serve their mandatory two year military service. t >> finally,o game three of theld college wor series between oregon state and arkansas. oregon state beat aansas five to nothing to become the 2018 ncaa baseball champions and the shining star of the game was oregon state freshman kevin able. o hits, two walks and theks to nine innings struck out 10, threw 129 pitches and retired the final 20 battersha the faced. this is oregon state's third >> impressive title. >> i know, right. >> okay. >> draft him now. coming t up, t.s.a. is asking that you be patientve with themr the next few days. hit showseinfeld leading to a w legal battle. >> as we head to break let's take a m life look orning at the white house. sun starting to peek its way through this morning and it's going to be felt because it's ing to be aot one today. we're at 73 degrees right now. 5:20 is our time. we're coming right back. >> ♪ >> ♪ what about him?
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let's dot. ♪ come on.umr, add a w member to the family. s mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> welcome back to fox5
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mo five:23 is thein time. route 50 at sandy point at the toll bridge as you head east to the beach. everything looks like it's moving along just fine right now. let's turn our attentiono business headlines. filling out those 1040 tax forms will get easier thankse to a new reduction. today the trump administration will roll out a new shorter version of the 1040 form.hi >> earlis month u.s. treasury secretary steven mnuchin says the form will be the size of a postcard. they hope this will simplify the process by making filing easier for taxpayers. toy could be one of the busiest days in t.s.a.
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hireory. they'll scree than 28 million people for travel over the fourth of july travel period which starts today throug july 9th.h this comes at a time w travel is already at its peak. the number of passengers passing through t.a. screenings is u about 4 percent this year. big pharma is revamping its marketing practices in the wake of public awareness of the opioid cris. a new report shows there was a 33 percent drop in pharmaceutical company payments to doctors related to opioids. >> 42,000 people died of opioid overdoses in 2016 and about 40 percent of those involved a prescription opioid. there is a newaydu your doughnuts. starting july 2nd, dunkin donuts will beap having fries& rently. that's going t avaable at participaotinge locations across thent cou tryhe. doughnut fries a really just mini churros. fried c rolled in sugar. whatgh's not to like. an order of five will go for about two dollars. i could go for some right now. >> right. >> i just saying. just days after mcdonald's too gsdd binreakfast menu a
5:25 am
writer from seinfeld wants credit for it. spike ferristtoproto wry line. >> now he wants his piece of the pie or muffin. he tells tmz has no hbeef with the golde arches as long as thehecks come in the mail. how much does he want? sit down, son. a billion dollars. really? it's not clear if he's serious orin t jte joking e mcdonald's will be like really, a billion dollars. >> yeah, because mcdonald's just said you're a joke if you ask for a billione seat, sir. >> 5:25 is our time right now. mike t tkholeseather.n i hey, mike. >> hey, holly good morning. you mentioned it during the live shot earlier of folks he i do think it's going to be probablynd s far of the summer for the beaches with lots of sunshine and hottart the heat wave 'cause we didn't.
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89 degrees. itsheld b today u.p dulles 87, bwiee 88 degr normal highs are up once aga up to 88 degrees this time of year, so we're getting there towards what's typically our hottest time frame of the year. so, no surprise that we got 90's in the forecast. reagan 74 this hour, bwi 71 des. there's sateelluiet conditions region.he d.c. there's some high thin cloud ouver trying to come in of the north but as theun gets higher in the sky that should quickl m 11 a ind that's a very hotoco' start. 90 by 2 o'clock. 91 by 5 o'clock tonight. stay cool out there, folks.. that's wea erin is back with traff >> and more crashes unfortunately. souch to get through today at 5:26. look at all of these flashing lights behinde. we have a crash involving an overturned vehicle out in silver spring. all lanes of southboundue georgia are blocked at connecticut avenue rightow. that is under investigation. that's causing som big delays
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right now this morning in silver spring. so, we'll keep you updated on th one. you have t detour around. now, aside from that, there's this crashnvolving an overturned truck that was carrying manure. it's not smelling soot out in upper marlboro right now as they clepesyanboun at dowerlv house road. sorry for those southbound drivers as well. may want to keep those windows rolledp. metro i current time. we'll j a he more f itter. we'll be right bac with more as we continue on fox5 morning. >> ♪ >> ♪
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shoot pple.wasd pre to his intent to cause harm. we d have fatalities and we do have serious injuries. >> it's a tragic stiotg in annapolis is crazy. it's ridiculous. this doesn't happen out here. >> ♪ >> top story at 5:30, the deadly shooting at the capital newspaper news room in annapolis maryland. w >> five peoplee killed. overnight we learned the suspect jarrod ram months officially chargedf with five counts orst degree murder due in court at 10:30 this morn >> we're learning new details >> the newspaper managed to print a brand newed dig this morning, the headline says it all. you can see it there. five shotead at the capital photos.ith the victims' >> tho victims were all t
5:31 am
employeehe paper. four of them wereis journal and one worked in sales. we'll have much more onshose vi in just a momentwe but first ant to get to the latest on what we know about the alleged shooter. >> fox5's anne cutler is live in annapolis this morning with the very latest. anne. >> reporter: good morning. here is that paper really showing dedication to journalism here. that headline is bold, it's simple, five shot dead at the capital. and inside this paper detailsnt the harrowing eve that unfolded yesterday afternoon. now, court recordsd release overnight give use the name of suspect. it is 38-year-old jarrod ramos. police have n confirmed that yet but ramos is due in court in anne arrundel county c for a bond hearing at 10:30 this morning. he is currently facing five counts of first degree m sder. poay that suspect was smoke grenades when heedhree the building that houses the catal gazette around 3 3:20 p.m. yesterday. the response was swift.
5:32 am
authorities arriving on scene in just 60 seconds. agencies from across the area coordinating t evacuate more than 170 people from the lilding. police cal the w know that there threats sent to the gazette through social media. this person was prepared today to com in, this person was epared to shoot people. his intent was to cause harm and as i've stated before, theat inveive part of this is going to be thorough and it's going to take some time. >> reporter: now here's a look at ramos' apartment where authorities were searching and gathering evidence until late lastht nig as investigators e motive remains underct. investigation. we are, of course, sollowing tory very closely. we're going to bring you any updates as soon as we get
5:33 am
them. well expect to hear more from officials later on this morning and again, ramos ins due i court at0:30. live i annapolis, anne cutle fox5 local news. >> we are als learning more about the victims of this trapedy. theital newspaper wrote up a piece about each of the five victims to honor them. let'sell you a littl bit about each one. first up, 59-year-old journalist rob hiaasen was the editor at the capital gazette in annapolis. over the yrs hiaasenas worked in veral news rooms from the baltimore t sun to palm beach post. hiaasen is described by his co-workers as a generous man, serious with a soft sid humor. 33raelebedditengd anniversary. and yesterdil he wasled on his own wife's birthday. he leaves behind three children. fischman was the editorial page editor at the capital gazette. fischman worked there more than 26 years and had many awards accolades. he's described as shy but rye
5:34 am
and witty and known for in the office at all hours. 56-year-old john mcnamara was a sports reporter at the capital. mcnamara worked at the newspaper for more than 24 years. he loved everything sports. his co-workers described him as a great person and a jack of all trades.mcnamara leaves h. wendi winters worked in public hilations and fas before she moved to maryland. shis described as a wonderfuloman dedic and a fantastic reporter. winters leaves behind four children.ea r-old rebecca smith was a recent hire at the capital gazette. partment as a salesales assistant. her co-workers sayad she m sure the office ran smoothly. she w thoughtful, considerate and willing to help. leaves behind a fiancé.
5:35 am
they had a 75 plus years of journalism experience. >> 5:35 is our time right now. checking our other top stories, representative maxine waters canceled her upcoming events in alabama and texas this weekend because of some seriouseath threats. comes after waters called on people to protest members of the trump adminisation in public over their support for theresident's zero tolerance immigration policy. waters says individuals have othreatened shoot lynch or cause her serious bodily har d i appear court todayn alexandria. manafort has been in custody since june 15th after a judge concluded that he violated his pretrial release. he faceseveral charges including conspiracy against the united ss and conspiracy to launder money. >> 5:55. we're at 73 degrees already and mike, we're going nowhere but up, right. >> nowhere but up this afternoon and into the 90's we go. and then into the 90's we'regoie
5:36 am
weekend. if you have outdoor plans, plan on getting into the pool, doing some grilling this weekend you'or got a good weeken it. you've just got a very hot wesend for it a well. ook at the a live capitol, sun is rising across the d.c.nd reach a those temperatures will be on r the ather quickly this morning as well. 74 outside right now. it's not so bad. nice and comfortable particularly north and west of town where temperaturesave fallen back into the 60's. satellite and radar shows nice and calm and clear conttions across the of our region to start the day here. not just for today but all the way through the weekendll as . here's your afternoon temperatures. we're going 92 today here in d.c., 91 quantico, 90 fredericksburg, upper 80's nort and west of town but even tse areas that don't manage 90 today still gng to feel hotnder the sunshine and if't you do that 90 today you'll certainly do it tomorrow. look at that, mostly sunny, 95 e in d.c. we keep it right on going into sunday,6 degrees and again, hottest weekend so far of the h suere in d.c. all right, that' the forecast. off to erin now for traff.
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hi erin. >> 5:37 and we problems right n. at a overturned vehicle inlook silvere spring,piringer letting us know allutanesndoruna avenue currently shut down at connecticut avenue. traffic is beingte dd so watch out for big delays around that intersection. inu mpe aarlboro. delays to and from the beltway because of a rubberneck delay. as you make yourut chevy chase circleay's t a crash there at conutctic shoulder. or're dealing with quiet o 5 londokincog pretty good but ahae for the red hen restaurant in lexington, virginia as i we learns now the target of a cyberattack. >> and of course, our the dea dr shootingan in marylwill that
5:38 am
continue. we'll have a closer look at how the community is rallying t behind employees at that newspaper. ♪stay with us. >> >> ♪
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