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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  June 30, 2018 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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stores say that way for the sum. will be back in use by holidayp ng season. >> and sport brand adidas waring customers about possible security breach may have expose some data.ny affectsone who made purchase oneb wte. adidas says unauthorized param to e. e-mails and homemo addresses a the compromised data. mpany working with securityll firms as wes law enforcement to pinpoint the cause of the breach. >> how about that? itting a buzzer beeter against new yorkr libe three tenthse osecond to seal the 10 and 5 record. take on phoenix mercury tomorrow at 7:30 inar capital one a. >> shooting held of unarmed black man. why a georgia officer is how
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facing manslaughter. >> caps have a new coach.ta ils who's filling the position. victims of gazette honored by baltimore copy of tal gazette in the press yard. that's the seat that theit cap has in the prs box every night. flu
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. new video out of texas shows a c teenagerrashing pickup truck right into at. walmar here it is. reportedly alln an attempt to run over his girlfriend. here it is agn. caleb wilson has been charged with criminal mischief and two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. witnesses say he was arguing with his girlfriend in the parking lot before this incident. police say he caused half a gemillion dollars in dama fortunately no one was hurt. new tonight newr police
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office in georgia has been criminally charged in the fatal shooting of an unarmed an african-americ. this comes just days after a police officer in pittsburgh was charged with shooting a black teen. georgia police officers presley. on june 21st, he chasedd 33-year-ol anthony green and a passenger, eventually shooting green inrn the back. atto for the victim's family is s aaking outbout the arrest. >> it is a rare occrence i the united states of america where a police ofcer is charged for kling anyone, particularly a african-american man. > t g lawfuleorgia police department released officer p presley'ssonnel file. he was hired despite multiple reports ofpp inapriate beavior, including use of c marijuana, twoar crashes and a physic fight with his wife. he had also been warned by a sergeant about poor decision-making. at least nine people are dead andal s others injuries
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after fuel tanker crashed in happened on a bridge in lag gos. the oil carrying tanker burst into flames. 54 vehicleson destroy. ight family and friends mourning a man who found new life a hobbies after losing both arms. he was doing his favorite thing, pale boarding when he expectedly w odrut for three f from paddle brding group using prosthetic limbs. tried cpr. iends released a statement. you can see it there on the screen. >> ather black bear sighting in our area caught on camera in maryland. viewer st us this video. see th bear roaming through the frederick. at one point president bear at stopped to l the man recording and then took off.
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this is the second bea sighting in our area in 2 days. just yesterday woman b spotted bearind her house in manassas virginia. >> maybe looking f air ar conditioning. look at fur coat. were expecting warm weather and more warm weather as we go we will have theorecast for end. you coming up in just ten seconds seconds. all right. weather headlines olet's get it. we areng expecti warm weekend, but also nice and sunny and dry weekend. so we've had many unsettled weekends, it' nic finally get a dry one. temperatures are gradually rising day by day, dry and sunny. unfortunately high heat and ind degrees. also looking at hotid hol week
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as we transition int next week, but it doesn't look asas intens robably sunday, monday, that looks be the hottest in the wh e 79 degrees now in. wide range of temperatures. there are 60s in cooler area low 70s north and west. when you get into dc, close to 80 degrees. same with annapolis,baltimore, urban heatndsland affect. arouhe water temperatures 70s. 74 quantico, 71 in fredericksburg. quiet outside lot of sunshine this weeken it's been a while since we've had prolonged period of dry and quiet weather. we're getting that today and through the weekend and much of nek. low temperatures overnight it is warm. 737 low temperature in washington. 86 in 68 in gaithersburg, 60 sho tng up in mountains. warmt quickly throu the day tomorrow thanks to bermuda high pressure system. it is holding strong. thin about this heat is adds up. each day feels a little more
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intense than the other few ksth ien don't really get much relief around here when this hot and human. 90 air temperature but feeling like 100 plus. weekend forecast, air te deraturessn't tell it all. 59 degrees with some clouds feeling like 100 degrees atme tiin the afternoon. 97 osunday, feeling like 100 to 105. futurecast though doesn't show much. just a few passing clouds an as withe get into the afternoon torrow. same thennin with sunday. fair weather cloud that is we saw today. moisture kept at bay. high pressure system just too stlong. accuweather 7-day forecast.s number 97 on monday. 93 on tuesday. towardshe 4th of july, 92 degrees. putting in a chance tore thunderstorms doesn't look widespread, wednesday, thursday, t to that point where the ridge is breaks down, might see thunderstorm or two pop up. certainly not anything major. you can see the trend is for 90i being to the beas weekend, good one to do it. wear sunscreen, looks hot but
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cooler than thety . 88 saturday, 09 onsu ay. ocean 70 degrees an rming. feel pretty good in the rwocean. othee little cooler but otherwise nice hot weekend to be at the bea. look at 7-day, tishaver to you. >> thank. big news from washington capitals today. w coach, coach resi promoted todd reirden to be the next coach. he'lld h have bigheas hugely su thur year run which ended with the team capturing first ever stanley cups. caps made another big move day resigning michael kp knee to for year deal worth 10 million doll >> meanwhile celebrate at ice scale, public skate and photo opportun sy with thetanley cup. sessions free and open to the public. if you want to llskate, i cost you five bucks. >> a story f weirst reported
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last night as gears up to host baseballs major league all-star game, mastercard is picking up theor tab late night service for metro. extra trains will be in services and sta will stay open past midnight to get fans home from the events at nats park. etro selling limited edition tr >> comcast had internet and tv service affected. identified two separate fiber cuts to network. seco comcast out age in a couple weeks. >> firsthand account of what >> people were too caught up in trying to go safety to realize, ok, this is the man that we have a prior history with. >> how one man says henc knew somethininnati # stir was happening. back aer the break.flu at havertys we know everyone has different tastes.
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. as people travel for the fourth of july holiday a lot o
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country facing temperatures which could push triple digits over the weekends and some areas caus maj problems already. >> fox laura engel has more. >> first summer heat wave of the season hitting midwest before making its way north after a storm bringing heavy wdds rain hail to st. louis area thursday tens of thousands are caning up damage without power as temperatures close inn triple digits. >> we always recover but there's a lot ofda ge, a lot of damage. now we got a flood coming so we've got to clean everything up before we get flooded for the holiday weekend too. >> in chicago national weather seicrvess heat warning through saturday night, creating dangerous nditions. elevated chances oft stroke and dehydration. >> it's more than just an inconvenience. people, everyo a, can have probnd it can be dangerous. >> the city encouragingdise tok out one of the many cooling
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stations especially infants the elderly and those with chronic erd the swelt ining time for thend. temperatures in new york city expected to reach the mid 90s saturday with aav heatw expected to last thrgh t july 4th holiday. af firsthand account o a deadly aack that left five jourlists dead. >> it's chaos,ic thee was kind of shambles. unfortunately we saw -- we had to pass two bodies of our colleagues which was nothing that nobody should ever have to stomach. >> we're learning more about the when i saw shooting at the . capital i told my wifes jarrod ros, no doubt in my mind jarrod ramos. >> tonight community honor fallen and vows to move noforwa. >> i donw what's happening to our associate. we need to reset and do >> your news>> the are vigsrt t
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place throughout maryland to honor of the five people gunned down at a newspaper. gazette and planned tol as al many people as sed gunman 38 year-oldrr ja ramos. police say he hadns a grudge t the paper because of storienan back in 2012 after he was convicted of stalkin former assmate. >> today hearing from intern of capita gazette who said at first he thought he was hearing fireworks. >> i heard a second pop and after that i still wasn't positive what was going eon. i was afrnough to grab my keys and id ran towar the back exit of the officeui ickly recognized this is a malicious situation, he's here maliciouo do hm to us.e's here we immediately ran and got under one of the desks in the f back corner of the offers. it was chaos. the office was kind of in shambles. unfortunately we saw -- we had to pass two bodies of our colleagues which was something that nobody should ever hav to
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stomact just unfortunate somebody would come into a place thatep only rts truthful stories that are factas b and unleash hell on the >>office. "fox5" has team coverage, melissa howell at vigil for the victims. recorded anjali hemphill who thesp mokoments police led the this building houfsses s>> everal offices not just the ital gazette. tonigh st t woe a woman who le appointment here on second floor when someone stopped her because she heard gunshot down below. >> when i was home watching the news i rlized how close i actually came to be killed myself. i was on my way out the door. >> insteadarjorie rock chose to stay inside dentist office and watch from the window. she dot know what w sheas filming at the time but she would pture closeu jarrod ram ld out by police in handcuffs.
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>> he was very calm, almost like he s expecting to to happen. >> her phone would also bein rollwhile heroic efforts by ryrst respondersing this woman out to safety and running to active shooter situation pwith guns drawn. rock watched aht chi yac particular and frightening scene unfolded outside while caulking musiclayed over dentist office speaker. >> put your h keep your hands in the air f me. >> minutes later rock wld find herself one of thosedeople s he. a dentist office witheple very up. i remember some one saying he was still numb. th responders were so eellent i will -- i never felt like in .
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oey were going to ar hkeap cnf to us. >> it wouldn't be until later she would learn fr journalists and staffer of capital gazette one floor below them from killed. g i actually started think about the fact there were more victims and i thought about the person that i saw was decease d the factha jtse twa h work, like he does every day and he was going to go home afterwards in a few hours a his family was expecting to come home. andthat's bothered me. he was never going to go home again. i feel so badlyormi fes. >> rock says she still has not been hble to driveer car off of this parking lot but she's told it could be as early asfi tomorrow when she nally come pick it up. >> inpo annas, anjali hemphill "fox5" local news. >> it's been an emotional evening in annapolis. dozens of people gatherunia chu
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killed. wendi winters member of that church. reverend calledinters beloved pillar ofnd her communi said she died a hero. >> visitors will see a display thxpat esla tin events that unfold yesterday and itrovided information e about the five pkilled. the names of the victims also were added to the museum's journali memorial. that memorial lonersore than 2000 journalists fro around the world killed wle reporting the news. >> thiicevening memorial es and vigils from held in annapolis to honor of theze fiv tte employees killed. hundreds of people turned out. "fox5" melissa howell was at one of those vigils. she spoke with a father of one of the reporters ior the gazette who nside the building wn the gunfire erupt. >> just being outer htoday you can tell the community coming togeer and vowing to come back strongeren ever. people walking to the waterfront at dow up to annapolis, holding
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up capital gazette paper. she vowed to out a paper and they did. holding handling a held a moment of silence near the docks. we got a chance to eak to a father of one of the witnesses of the shooting. he is glads to shaveay his daughter safe and sound and he feels for thes that have lost ledne o ♪. >> it was the worst day of my life. >> john and his daughter were among those here tonight in downtown annapolis remembering the victif thursday's deadly shooting. his daughter was inside the building when shots rang out. anything to help her.o and she was stuck int tha building, next to athad person wi gun tragedies like this need to stop. this needs to be the end. >> hyse hsagav ask
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for. but for wendy winter's daughter who attended the vigil in h hon of mother and another buildi that houses the capital gazette all she has tonight are memories of what she describes isth her er's profound work as journalist and her love for her children. >> this is far too soon to lose my mher and it's just awfu she was a fantastic woman,gr a t mother, and an amazing reporter. and she was doing her job. she was doing what she loved to >> cross the state today, maryland flags are being flown at half-mast to honor those who lost tright here in small town f back strongerol than ever. live in annapolis "fox5" local news. tell you more about the five people. 59 year-old rob hiaasen
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assistant editor around columnist the capital gazet he worked different news za ortion physicals baltimore sun, palm beach st. 61 gerald fischman was cap gazette's editorial page he hadar. worked more than 26 years. communityers editor, reporter spent early part of career in new york city working in public relations an fashion before moving to marand and teaching journalism to high school students along the way. rebe smith 34 years old new hire. les assistant and coworkers say her job to make sure the office ran smthly. >> fifth victim, john mcnamara o editor reportef bowie blade. >> updates on website as well as social media>> channels. president trump pla to move quickly toppoint nominee to replace antho kennedy. >> he told reporters air fce uding twoin womencl.owed down t
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demoats vowing to fight the nonee especially in he or she is hard line conservative. >> all right. let's check in with caitlin for the forecast. >> real quick check of the forecast guy as we take a live look outside. probably say it in one warm to you, you already know what it is, it's going to be hot this le t's get straight to it. temperatures into the90.n with air cditioners working over time. think cool that you thoughts. 39 reagan 90 at dulles 09 bwi. not in the 90s now surpassing midnight and 80 degrees in washington. get away from the city a little bit cooler. temperatures in 60s 70s nothing for miles. clear skies. overhead.ur despite the fact that it will be sunny and dry tomorrow, have a cod orange air quality asing due to inc humidity.
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unhealthy sensitive groups. limit outdoor actity ifs that includes you. look at planning forecast. heating up very quickly. high uv index, heat index values above 100 deges at times in af the ternoon. 798 a.m., 19 b.y noon 95 high tempetureac tomorrow. weather 7-day. 97 even hottern suaye 100 to 10. aysuhot.isory coming for. take the edge off the heat. tuesday, by independence y itself, sti looks very warm. chance of thunderstorm here or there. wednesday, thursday frid, that's not set in stone. i think primarily we' talking about a dr sunny stretch, very hot. heat indexalues over 100 sunday monday. no rain. take it. >> this he summer, i suppose.welcome to summer. >> that's going to wrap it up for us new. final 5 is next. make it a great night. back here withony t annie at
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. time your final 5 this friday night. condolences comforting after deadly capital gazette shooting. tax cut celebration and more troubles for tariffs. president sets a date for supreme court nomination. rally dc and across countriment big decision south of the border this weekend. final 5 let's do this. ♪. >> we're going to start with the afath of capital gazette newsroom shooting.or invests believe the had long mmering feud with the paper. at one pnt he sued for defamation and lost.os five people l their lives in the targeted attack. see them rebeccamith sales assistant. gerald fischman editorial page writer and


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