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tv   The Final 5  FOX  June 30, 2018 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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. time your final 5 this friday night. condolences comforting after deadly capital gazette shooting. tax cut celebration and more troubles for tariffs. president sets a date for supreme court nomination. rally dc and across countriment big decision south of the border this weekend. final 5 let's do this. ♪. >> we're going to start with the afath of capital gazette newsroom shooting.or invests believe the had long mmering feud with the paper. at one pnt he sued for defamation and lost.os five people l their lives in the targeted attack. see them rebeccamith sales assistant. gerald fischman editorial page writer and editor.
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rob hiaasen capital gars editor. wendi winters reporter and columnist. john mcnamara reporter and dedicated m of the e. community. neighbors covering neighbors. hours afr the shooting capital gazette said put out a rape every. they did tod look at front page. five shot dead at the capital.e see pictures there ofe those whlost. all killed in the line of duty. inside someoignant messages. opinion page is mostly left blank. at the bottom, you see it right there, today we're speechle p. thise intentionally leftk thursday's shootingt office. see the nes of the victims. tomorr will return to purposef offerin reader's informed opinion about world around them so that they may become better citizens. >> president trump meantime taking ae chance to mak first official statement on shootinal of c gazette. look, we can't overlook the fact manyimes president has called
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reporters liars fake news end knees of people in the past. ed to today he took a >> journalists like all americans should be fear from the fear of being violently attacked while doing their job. my government will not rest until we have done everything iu crime and to pro innocent life. we will not ever leave your side. now let's remember this: as many of you asked s yesterday throughout the course of the coverage, this guy, this gunman, not going to say the name. at no point do we have any indication that anything he said was motivated by anything other ihan the a against thipes, hope maybe you can connce tho around you who may have a diffehent thought about tmedia, we're not all bad fact, everybody ir we not enemies of the people out there. viim. t to keep that rhetoric
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ng forward we're all human beings we're all mayor of annap calling for change. gavin buckleye says knows the office, been there before. office brett see easy to get to. short walk revolving doors i o receptionn plan newsroom. he said no place to hide. earlier todaynne cutler spoke with mayor how he's amazed i think we all are newspaper published today. >> i can't imagine what it's like. i have to commend these guys for dedication. look journalists don't tey m semall towns. they do it because they just love journalism and inow it wasaying how, you know, who wou in your j training you're trying to be y a teaou think you've got to worry about a trying to be a journalist have to worry about c someoneoming into youdonewsroom. i t know what's happening to society, we nee toreset and do something about it.
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>> go fund me accountre raised than 163,000 gran help to medical expenses z. six month anniversary of tack plan. celebrating with business owners recent growth economic miracle.. ap said to that point tax cuts add 17la dol to month see paychecks. >> president says average worker seen a lot of benefits from the package. >> six months after tax cuts more than 6 million workers have received bonus pay raises an retirement account contributions. >> tax cuts impacting federal budg. larry kudlow claimed deficits coming down pidly. the opposite is being s to happen because of tax cuts. n
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estimatesational debt rise 2 trillion dollars by 2027. they say estimation, calculations due t taxcuts. calculated risks. youope h the economy grows. what happens by 2027 i can't tell youoing to happenm 7-days fro now. meanwhile canada tried t rain on thes president' celebration parade. >>e tariffs som items subject to taxes of t to 25 p feroont thinm mowersotor boats amounts to 12.6 billion dollars. they simply had to take action. >> canada has no choice but toa ta withre a perfectly reciprocal dollar for canada's and will be hit. we will not escalate and we will not back down. >> look, i know it's a serious
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matter. she said dollar, i dig that when canadians said dollar and not dollar. we have a canadian here on the floor. sorry about that paul. >> come's few weeks after president trump imposed duties steel and a loam why from canada and other close allies tting national security. also threatened tariffs on trucks cars auto parts. some sew employ to srt talks on and a half at th. take effect on sunday. >> can't let canada get him down. switched a gnd building suspense for key decision coming up, of course talking about nominee of sceedur retired supremt justice anthony kennedy. cancel plans, set dvrs, book reservions ten days from now know who it is. president rrowed down to five choices. short list includes two women, no word on janine per row and
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judge not on the he interview on monday. may mee in new jersey. abortion, roe versus wade. they say inappropriate. democrats vowing to fight the nominee especially in turn out to be hard line conservative. fight either way. you nominate, >>to down in dc sight seeing taking annoying family in the town ones you don't coe t see too much. experience dc crowds. massiv rallies planned across the coury tomorrow. protesters calling for end t president's zero tolerance immigration policy, by the way fo the most part suspended for the time being. a preview of what we can expect yesterday. nearly 600 people wrapped up in reynold's wrap or at le thermal blankets, they handed out at shelters out there, thermal blankets made ofll myla. you wi arrested at the officeil ding. protest part of d of civil
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disobedience oanized by organizers of women's march under umbrella f gamilies belong together. a lot of groups supporting marches in other cities across the country. march in dc start 11 lafayette t scare across from white house. expect to see that last unti 2 o'clock. anned across the country.rious d youy see p much everywhere there's going to be one. expect to see that taking center stage in the media over theen d. rallies come day before election, south of theat's bein in mexico's history.88 more than illion registered voter get aelhance toect the next president. more than 180,000 mexican living abroad mailing in llots. voters in the u.s c payinglose attention including border states. want to see how the new president will deal with president trump. former candidate andres man we
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will lopez or because of initialsok he is outsp critic of immigration picies and proposed border wall. expectn to crack down o dr swept through the country. according to the last three polls ahead by more than f 20 po. you listen to president trump don't trust the pos. that's more than half the vote by the way. i >> this mans honest man. we think exco get ahead.>> believe if we don't haveig a chanht mexico is going to a worse. there are lot of people being killed ppearing. there's people in mexicoho don't even have running water. the time is n >> the other key issue is economy in mexico. poverty rate more than 43 percent. mexicans a proceed sent 29 billion dollars back home. friendim t young joins me to talk a little bit everything. ♪ b after theak.
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. ♪. elcome back t final 5 on this early saturdayg. mornin as always on fridayights we got in good friend t young because he's the only one who takes my calls on friday night. >> you lk really good tonight by the wasu >> i don'tally. >> i'm talking to mylf. i look fantastic. froo>> gyodiend. >> good to see you. >> what's gng on. >> can we talk about something nightsn the news? something good hcepen for on. >> look, you've been down. the absolute hard stuff. all of >> yeah. >> part >> you get beat up too for this too. i have to say, members of the media,specially local media, you repor on everything that happened and you don't deserve the treatment you get a lot of times. >> can you come in all toot sg cnn is another conver>>tion. sent out a tweet the other day and jim acosta liked it. >> we had tim come in the last
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couple weeks. i like to let tim go off on tangent and i ring the bell when he's done. talk about supreme court.ou sly big deal coming up. chuck schummer, chuck schummer has said. i like you're smiling. chucker schumm says coming t new supreme court trying to invoke same tone. v ote during election year. >> best of luco not going t happen. trump isut going t this through, get it done by october like he said it would get done. that's it. ta look at the ages of other members of the court, ruth bayederur ginsb n85. bike around and he's 79. >> yeah. >> trump gets a second term he has three more picks.e we'rl deb to be locked away in jail nd the of 2024. >> all of us. >> yeah, i'll be in air rt conditione of the joule. i'll wave to you in your non-air conditioned part as part of the medi medium. >> that was a good break, clean
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eak. to move to next topic. >>ng i've been tv for a while. i know how to stop for next segment. >> marco rubeo not happy. he p thinks we hotty mouths. >> the f word is now routinely used in news stories. it's not face risk. who made that decision. i don't know what prompted thist i think had to do with capital gazette reporters on cnn dropped f bomb on cnn in times of duress. >> the entire democrats campaign has been f ebomb. they no policyer othhan f trump. entire dnc campaign. >> true, shouldn't say true specifically. a o lotf people saying it's anti trump vote. some people saying n putting enough ideas forward. talking about courseness of speech and interactions. think about do i have to go bk to access hollywood tape.>> for. he needs to talk t writers before he starts droppg
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tweets. a couple years ago trying to be cool. they dropped favorite hip-hop song and all of them usedhe f bombfreqlynt. cool with it there,ou it hip crittenden. talk to media people. e of debates. marco broke up in >> tiny hands. marco rubeo, wears niceot s. s' very edgy,ikeship-hop. >> he says the cleveland browns andff saints face o in the super bowl. >> may n or mayot be chip pen dallens dancer. t remehat conspiracy theory. >> i don't know if we have -- n last certaot least. one other thing we've been talking about, harley davidson which annoinced they're g to move a lot of their operations when it comes to motorcycles sold in the eu, were the not happy aut that. using operations outs of opera to europe.
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he said don't c bee about ouit. really think people are that upset about this if they're urp january.l harries just to they're not going to sell european harleys in the u.s. >> donald trump is always right about everything. >> i think of harley that's cut cute bike z. donald trump thoroughly research this had bere he made that statement i'm sure. you interpreted the statementin rrectly i'm not sure how. we don't get into the details of how you're wrong. bikers are big basef his. you've done work with him. i know when we've had a lot of rides you talked to a lot of these people. >> i was number fou bike in rolling thunder covering it. i was one ofirst journalists doing journalism once in ahe while. y say the meaning journalism taking on loose rm. >> wrong i'm mic, right i'm journalist they'll be a little upset because they misinterpretedhat the president said.
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president is always right. start from that baseline.ev yone else is wrong. >> seeing canada with a lot of tariffs an that sort of thing. do you think thisill play well. >> i was thinking back listening to ope sngegment about the dollar. i'm worried when ihe bap liquor in canada are they going to hit me on the way back. you're supposed to declare it if you will. >> i'm comic, not asteporting . >> that's true. >> that's donald trump logic, i owwant to thrhat out. >> i appreciate that. >> listen'm that's wh worried about. i'm not selling my cheese over there i have a c plant down the street. >> i did not know that. learning more about you every da >> you don't work, you don't eat. weopen add cheese bl secen to canned dachlt it's really affecting my business. ck tim ising around. back after this on the final 5. ♪ ♪
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♪ south l.a. is very medally underserved. when the old hospital closed veople in the community li with untreated health problems for years. so, with the county's help we built a new hospital from the ground up and having citi as an early investor worked as a signal to others to invest' with cs help we built a wonderful maternity ward and we were able to purchase an mri machine. we've made it possible for the people who live herehe to lalthier lives and that's invaluable.
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p p test test p p test test . grew up in the age of howard stern, on fm, cool to listen to you didn't want warrants to know l you'reistening to it. >> he had the show throwing bologna at womes butts. >> sious xm stuttering hn. in his latestcast he duped the white house believing bob mendez. >> donald trump is nev wrong. found white house number online. talked to jared kushner, said h go call from the president on board air force one. take aen list >> hi bob. >> how are you. >> how a you? congratulations onng ever. we're proud of you. congratulations. great job. you went through a tough tough tuation. and i don't think a very fair
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situation but congratulations. >> by the way, just toea l this out the, bob mendez had a >> yeption trial. >> that he was acquitted, deadlocked. >> it was a dead -- yeah yeah. >> yeah. i woul't expect he was so happy to hear from new jersey democrat but here we are. >> hehere's thing with donald trump by the way. everything isreat with him, amaze. >> fantas >> hey, you went through a tough time. i wanted to go --im jong-un, great guy, great fellow, loves his people. and he gets you in the back end. >> you can at thatting about immigration, some other things, whhouse is not saying anyt more, but the poe lit co is reporting administration scrambling to figur out what the hell went wrong there. >> hi bob. >> that is t ultimate of ultimate -- now that stuttering john is 85 years old he finally got his big hit he can retire. >> he's done.>> no secret amerit forward. one state love it is more than the rest. alabama we're looking at you.
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st fast forward in the ente country. why the pnt enjoys alabamae know so much. >> i love this plac e we svery record in alabama. love alabama. it'syo special. thu very much. >> in fact, i said if i lost i think i'm going to move t o alabama or someplace in the south. >> you know, i knew donald tru is always right. he's gng to move --. >> that's a line the fans eat it up.he said that about west virginia e said he would move to west virgin >> listen he means buy up all th property and put up casino. he lost, casinos everywhere. trump steaks trump wine, hats low on our head. amazing in the south. >> lot of cities livep it u on six figure salar places like alabama. san francisco considering to be lowincome. housing costs in bay area
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uncontrolled. $117 l,0 ea income housing in california. by comparison new york city not exactly cheap, $83,000 is threshold. >> what's it here. >> that's good question. >> you're the locr, reporte ou're supposed to now this stuff. we're like we got to be rightbe nd 83,000. >> i imagine somewhere in between mr. >> i'm glad report came fm hud. understand the plight of the people in the areas andeady t represent them. >> 117,000 on family of four. i think m family raised family of four 35 grand a year in pittsburgh. >> i t i can beat that with less money in suburban baltimore growing up. that's pretty bad. that's crazy. don't live there. why would you live there? . >> i b meanton is the same way. came from boston, so expensive to live there. you have the high end jobs, the academic jobs, a lot of, thoughs
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bio tech jobs. ppies that are vegans.eral hi makes no sense whyhi ts are so expensive. >> who would be vegan. >> that',me. >> back after tim young, everybody, back5.♪ .
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welcome back. sound asleep tonight. vladimir putin. russian strong man be in a position to feel goo about himself. summit with president trump officially in the books for next month, maybe he is. president trump will talk to him about everything. it's hard to emergency theid sa ent recently this week continues to take rus it comes
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discount the intelligence committee. doubt he'llh do muc with p face-to-face. kim jong-un anyindication, expect a lot of flat re. >> topic of john kellies future the white house, sources say he may b planning exit soon. without called it predictly fake news. front runners speculation just like seeing with scotus. this is the first time kelly future up for debate. shawn spicer,nd hope hicks and gary cohen. you get it. bottom line, o chieff staff gig, stay tuned. john kelly tonight tossing and turning. that is it for the final 5 anher week. busy week and tough week. hopeou have areat weekend. morning crew here at 7 a.m. i don't want to get themearly, 7 p.m.
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have a good night. see you next week. good night. ♪ ♪
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. now on "extra." gwen stefaniear tears. her powerful interview of w finding loveh blake after her marriage blew up. >> it started off writing a sono of all a anger and betrayal andr falling in love. >> opening up withip his relati with her kids. >> how special is that for you? >> and why she's ready to walk into the weekend like -- >> breaking couples' news. the true about jaime foxx and kaygh mcenan katie holmes break up news. in the extra feed, j-lo's


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