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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  July 3, 2018 6:00am-6:53am EDT

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and reuing young boys. iokt s0 >>tioon. fll over 1 blockinrorocofenngbe o roorking. f dloen a youd mother takes on of epa. >> fourtr eve july frenzy te delay from security t preparao the travel rush. what you need to know ahead of the july 4 holidayin h the >>le 2 maybegee t sbl gd nation'sal c. (birds chirping, a ruook, ig mess. we'llte latesteth for northeast d.c. today. 96 this afterno >> howanympcated boys yesry >> let'set t headlines now at 6:00. breaking right now. "fox5" on the scenepl of que shooting in northeast d. cvrkts this sayly look at the ene on the 1700 block of benning road. we're told we observed about 41 evidence park areen the cases and appear to be shell
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all the victims are conscious no word on sus mctoyvts. >> also developing overnight in district. car slammed into a 7:11 convenience senator northeast it happened after midnig 900 block of eastern avenue. we're told one person ha to be extricated from the car and taken to the hospital with serious injuries. no word on what caused the car >> and northwest d.c.ilding. dllice investigating a dea shooting and officers respond 400 o blocksecond street around 6:00 yesterday afternoon. >> getting the latest own capital gazette shooting in an run dell counthopolice say suspecteoter gerald ramos sent threateningetters on the day of the massacre and vowed to quote every person presen he is due in court for preliminary hearing july 24 in the meantime president trump denied request to lower flags
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for victims. meanwhile, yesterday a celebration of life was held for capital newspaper journalist rob hy ci n at the nar re cente annapolis. he was writer turned editor and taught at university of maryland and celebrated his 33 wedding an virsy and wife's birthday the day he was shot and killed. >> absolutelyri my beend i would not have though anybody could be so lucky. i know it's wered to stand and say i'm lucky. but i am. >> more memorial services are scheduled t for laters week. >> happe now a sigh of relief in thailand where the twelve poise missing trom socceream and coach have been found alive. >>nd holly morri ljoins us now with tatest. joy in this say miracki notice ma i'm tell you ts story gained worldwide attention and now a desperateth search e missing boy team is over.
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navy rescue teams found them yesterday after flapped flood cave step long days. doctors sayve eone show in stable cdition.boys range in ago skoch their soccer years old. the next step though t itos gem safely out of the cave. there are a lot of risky options so crews s they're going to precede carefully. navy jury seal team willhen makehat final call. in fact, some estimate say it ould take a month t get those boys out. nonetheless the fact they were found alive and in relatively good condition is truly a miracl. allison. >> holly, thank you. >> and july 4 holiday kicks offer tomorrow. all across the clouds. >> meanie alnwick down at the mall with a preview.od goorning, mel. >> good morning,li steve, son.
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so many activities going on down here tomorrow from morning until evening and behind me you have smith sew sewnian folk life festival and and independence day paradegan 1 11:45on citution avenue and capitol fourthcert and then the fireworks display at 9:00. you can see even here we've got security screening tents and fencing all around the area. we have the road closures beginning at:00 this nowional park service has given us oapf secure zone showing 8 access points which on and round 10:00 in tin g. the screening closes 9 p.m. as you know a large crowd symbolic events and unfortunately those can be a target for threats but d.c. police and parkolice say they are constantly watching and making ajumingt their securitytos if necessary >>avealan as window every year we to make adjustments that are benefe
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it's nothing that should impact the folks coming down to the m >> all bags, persons and packages ar subject to serve. >> so here's some of the things that -- ino should be a surprise you cannot bring with you.ap ons, aming in addition, no alcohol, no glass or grills. no drones. that's one thing they specifically had to mention this year. and no tents that would the block somebody's view. we're told you need to give yourselflenty of time to get rough security screening in y past there's been long nines f areot in line and wanted to see firerks by 9:00 you will nobt able get through. give yourself plenty of time.
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>> all right. sometime before september. hi, airportmo, grning. >> good morning, right now taking a lk a 6:07 at the road rhode island avenue northeast montana avenue new crash scenee caution causing delays we're starting to wake up and see traffic along the area we'll show what you else you're facing on the roads. water main break in mannasas to get to in a moment. police activity. this is scene of quadruple shooting in northeast. 00 block of benning road. ey cleared activity to right ulne andder. left lane getting by. hower watch for that active scream. as we move things along once again volume starting to pick up. kenilworth southbound jamming up a smith as you pass benning road and malfunctioning traffic light, sheriff road northeast and 45 street treat that as u would a four way stop s and bayooridge g
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and best travel tis before 8 a.m. and after 8 p.m. ited will be crowded back to you guys. >> still ahead, president donald tru inching closer to nominating supreme cou justice and what we're learning with recent meeting of candidates. administration contedtrump while a.ct. restaurant. this time the head of e while a.ct. restaurant. this time the head of e scott pruit we're back in 30 ♪ happiness is powerful flea and tick protectiofrom nexgard. nexgard kills both fleas and ticks all month ng. and it comes in an easy-to-give tasty chew. so you'll be happy y you're keepingr dog protected with nexgard. no wonder it's the number one choice of vet for their dogs and yours. see your vettiinarian for more infon on flea and tick protection you and your dog will love. nexgard. the vet's #1 choice.
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>> in boise nine victims of refugee families were attending a birthday party for -year-old girl satur night when a man attacked them with a knife. the 3-yeaopold wping those stabbed andfo unfor unately she died. pl>> 1500e attend that vigil. >> in the bahamas one victim injured in the boat explosion carry wing tourists expected tore air-lifted to florida hospital overnight. 2 it-year-old snev any schaefer is aspiring dan ers and had to have both legs .mputated at result of blast her mother hurt in explosion and go fund me page raised more than 0,0 for that family. a tennessee couple celebratinged 15ding anniversary the wife died. there were twelve people on boar including ten americans.
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>> about a week from now we'lltr see who presidump gets tots fill kennedy seat on the the president with four potentialep rcements. >> i'll beit meetih two or three more and we'll make a decision the person who i chosen will be outstanding. >> the president focused on two people although everyone is still in contention. the president spente 45 m with each con it happeneder and this is president's second supreme court appointment in less than 18 months. >>ry secretaf state pompeo deering uper for a trip to north korea. t to travel tll on thursday and scheduled to meet with kim jong un. it will be third known trip north and comes three wee after summit between kim and trump and comesver kim's commitment to denuclearize. >> caught on camera, another very publicti confronta involving a member of president tr cabinet.
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head of e sat three tablesaway u ter. kristin pink is her name. he surged him to corrupt pruit to resign >> we deserve to have somebody at epa who does actually protect the environment and believes there climate change to bep fill all of including our children i urge you to resign before your scandals push out. >> pruit listened to her for a wheel and then got pp and lef left. ost today on facebook. it's gotten more than 1 45,000 views. >> they were targeted by someone who said they whoa attackhem with an axe. in a tweet, paul thanksed capital police for arresting that suspect. in western ken condition a maned threat tonill him and chop up his family with axe.
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>> disgraced mov producer harvey weinstein charged with sex crimes against wan. weinstein performore sex act on the woman in 2006. wipestein is scheduled for arraignment. a lawyer f the 66-year-old mogel said he will pleadty not guil >> still ahead a "fox5" a reported hatemes in half of districts are not fully t prosecuted andhis morning "fox5" is pressingwe for ans >> let you go to break with a live look outside on tuesday morning. a "weather traffic on the morning. a "weather traffic on the 5s" next. saving people money on car insurance.
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them, not so much. we let you keep an eye on yo business from anywhere. the others? nope! them, not so much. et get internn our gig-speed network and add voice and tv f $34.90 more per month. call or go on line today. >> all right we're getting off to hazy start at the beach this morning someocal beaches as it iswen
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4th of jek. a lot of people spendinnd holiday weeke. nice. if you're up this morn 6:15 ocean ci you're still at the ach. >> still at the beach. >> you're whipping. >> that's the good thing. >> let's check in with tuck barnes and get a forecast for:1 of5. >> did you get closer to the watery bet you'll have plenty of heat plenty, and the 8 up in baltimore at bw iment marshall. we'll g h intoottest time of year. again temperatures ten warmer than nat spots yesterday. tempsot right now nn comfortable side at least not in d.c. 82 degrees. and close proximity to water annapolis 81. 7p 7 leonardtown and 7p
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quantico a few storms fired up towards not a comfortable start for anybody here as we have warm temperature. 'wrestlingive. you will feel the humidity the moment we stepped out. mannasas,isp warmin sticky start to the day and maybe a thunderstorm. an gthunderstorms youet is widely scattered. nothing like a cold front to drive any storm activityoda today. anything we get will be wildly scattered later this afternoon. igermudah set up here. this frontill not get inor a few more days. we have a c fnceew showers kind of fire ago long andce best chanorth afternoon west of townith of humidity. and temps in the 90s later today. real q look at future cast. there we go. 3 with:00, maybe a shower or storm.
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and you ca see not terribly impressive. lot and lots of water and main sure you were pro teching juror sln it be a southern later partly cloudy, humid, dry, any storms will be whiteerd sketched as well. gets better by end of week. afternoon,riday .ot as hot lower humidity saturday and something to lock forward to with erin. >> 6:17 metro delays. we'll start with those. rest of met rerail lines on time. take at ookmannas oas. the way s location. n k eyndorwar6. blocking all lanes. police are out there. 66 eastbound you can see the line of yellow through mannasas.
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volume building to fairfaxhb. ound kenilworth red zone looking good eastern avenue heavie volume connects around benning road. watch for that one. this is live look at 66. you see traffict speed and we're seeing nooiing nice conditions across 14 street .ridge all area bridges looking good. no problems key bridge roz lind to george town. as you can see vom you'll is d.c. police rescued a yorkshireer n from up attendedda car yey. no word on where jack's owner was at the time. >> one of amazon biggest sales of year days away now. and this year amazon is giving yoe morme to get in on details next. >> and as we head break. these two boston police officers going viral thanks to
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their rep decision of "good morning america" ed in the patrol car. >>heir goal was to celebrate the 4tt of july. >> stand be side her and guide the 4tt of july. >> stand be side her and guide her♪ her♪ bold meets sweet with dunkin's new brown sugar cold brew.kin's eetly balanced with brown sugar.
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ice cream inspired iced coffee is here at dunkin' in the flavors you love, cookie dough, pistachio and butter pecan. what's your flavor? america runs on dunkin'. >> welcome back at 6:211 is on july 3. yeah. it is warm out there in that picture sort of tells the story. it loo likeks imight have popup storm.tu possibility. that might bea look at the forecast. watch "fox5" morning and be prepared out there and get rdy for another scorcher out there. let's look at what is going on in our business world.
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good news for amazon prime members company is expanding annual prime day. first a check of marks a n today so faip full. ining us from fox business network studio. treacy harasko. >>g good mornin happy tuesday for >> i'm sed you're not off today for the big holiday tomorrow taking a two day holiday inn middlele week. i wl be offro tw. markets will be closed tomorrow and markets got half ayy shutting down 1 paex eastern time. right now we are seein relatively good start to this tuesday. extending some gains we saw yesterday right now. futures are pointing out.s dow future by i think at on point the dow was down 200 points and managedo bounce
6:23 am
back and end up in positive up 35 points foray. >> okay. let's look to amazon. prime day is most upon us. full disosure i never get any great bgains and maybe shyear it will change because they're expaing. >> amazon that is six additional hours of shopping. mark calendars for monday, july 16. oe dstart 3 with p.m. eastern time.he so that'sn you'll be able to start gettingls all dea. it really is epic day of sales for amaz. they are constantly update what they have available. they're expanding their deal to wle foods which i don't think theyffered last year and maybe you can se on grocery this year. >> i reall want to try and get on this.
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>> last so thises day of shoppi. n >> this year i'll get a bargain sdmrxt okay. >> letnd with best and cd sales he went in and few u up. it's going to significantly reduce offerings they have in stores. it's down to 2727 according to receive. because best buy ed is the way people pox. >> they want to make better use ofhi stores by switc things up. they want to offer cds. vinyls and ways to d buyumb tall pu the cd sales generated in017, 1.1 we really are
6:25 am
seeing a significant decrease in buying cds and bre online somewhere. it's about a while. >> people are gng book back to vinyl.>> it s tin it's inter. >> there will be me vinyl than cd sales. >> it's the same sounds quality as digital music. vinyl is different. i don'tave a placeo put a d.c. do you.
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>> that has been the over nights low best i can tell. lowtime you see overnight above 80 you know it will be uncomfortable afternoon. atck to mid 9er today. heat indexs 1 i 00 to 105 and heat add viery until noon. lots of water. if you're outside make your you protect your sk. don't leave nimals i thiss a heat wave. there you go. right through end of week. we get reliey fand look at saturday's highs mid 8le 0s for the weekend. >> in a weird twist mr. brownie now wants top sit outside and bathe himself in a sun. >> wants sunshine
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>> wants to sun himself. >> i'm with brownie. >>he i'm like get in touse >> good spf in. >> m should put spf on m. >> or a hat. >> hll love it. >> gw parkway uthbound cra blocki left lane. causing delays coming down as you make your way towards bridges. give yourself extra time. dealing in the district crash montana avenue northeast. aside from that one 1700 block odof benning r police activity from squad ruple shooting blockoning lane. keep it to "fox5". blockoning lane. keep it to "fox5". we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back to "fox5" morning. you are looking at scene in mannasas this is cause of water main break this is sudley road before6. all northbound lanes are blocked as they deal with thiswa r main break. rt will be l in just a moment. she's al giving you up to the minute detail on what's going on here. best work around, et cetera, please continue to watch, again this is mannasas. thank you you sky f. we'll have weather an traffic on the fives at56789 first at 6 of the national mall. tomorrow, hundreds of thousands of people expected to deaccepted on mall tojuate t ceit's annual security challenge and federal law
6:31 am
enforce. and there will be multiple security check point. if you plan to attend remember all bags and packages are subject to be searched. as melaniend have a good time. meantime developing overnight. one person treated after a third vehicleame trapped in 7-eleven inven in northeast a northeast. happened after midnight 900 block eastern afterortheast and crews ca indicated vehicle in the building and victim transported to the hospital weapon serious trauma oughtic injuries. >>es thetigation cop continues into what. anywhere bodies were found in bill bert run park. family members werworried when he he did not return his daughtero mother asnn safety upgrades comg to busy intersection in prince jornlt county six months after a teenag was hit and killed.1
6:32 am
route 30 brandywine has hundred of crews that come through it comes after 16-yasr-old derrek stanton w hilt and killed in j his son should nth meo adet saf.y >> i wouldn't want hisly leg ton like. he and his dad war supposed to go to sisco prob. i be his legacy discovering something weapo the computer w and crosswalks. he c wasssing where he was supposed to be. it's not his fault there's no crosswalk down there. because of that he has to lose his life. he's not the first. i just pray he's the last. maryland state police are still case.
6:33 am
>> let's get to a "fox5" exclusive called toction after "fox5" investigation revealed nearly after of hate crimes againstpl peo d.c. lgbt community are not fully prosecuted. the cases are often too hard to prove. advocates don't believe prosecutors are not enough. >> i have you ever from where a person left me deaded in a neighborhood ever my own apartment. i didn't show up for court i was wounded. >>of u.s. attorfice declined on camera interview with us. they emailed a statengnt in part "the u.s. attorney office is committed to investigating and prosecutingid indivls who carry out bias related crimes in the disvictims of columbia ." time for morning line. we'll check on sports in the area.
6:34 am
story of good news, bad newfotis the way the team has been on the they lost last night. they're e if. >> matt sherzers settled down. solo home run by randone and it was enough them. lost lun oft ahe one over 500 and max lost four orve last fihots. >> the oriole or ts national. hat hurts. >> it sounds like orioles. >> it's not. it's the nats. so indicates. >> y biggestngriou glove ever tbaseball game and still ss the f >> trying to be funny you. >> better make it work. >> with a huge glove.f you bring it as a prop
6:35 am
it betterork. >> baskeall courts fans digesting court news set to go to la. it's not official until frye th league after out placing bx . fifa world cup in the round of 16. the match-up is 2:00 here on "fox5". columbia and england and earlier game at 10 featuring switser land and sweden and that's here at fox sports 1pl player's coach with the samep. >> it would be >> y >> i car about something. orioles are 3-7 over the last ten games. >> better. >> better than nats over the
6:36 am
last ten. >> i'm sorry i was confused. >> things are being looking up. >> plann0 30 ball. almt.>> we are going to be. we are going to be humid. down to nat's park make sure you have mrentstive water. >> how about hazy. . >> hazy here too. >>ht tou tgahimes. it' 6:0hey pr right will be. fuchbility 82 right now in washington. 79 w york,nd 74 hadton extreme here are. e>> that was aw. >> that's a classic. >> hazy, hot, humid today. maybe a popup storm. not much relief until firday we're keeping it to to the 0sz ea sdi. heat add v asrynoon. feels like 100, 105 today
6:37 am
>> style cool erin. >> is itpa too tddle board or okay on the water. >> how are you about falling in.y >> i'm about that. >> sometimes when you are out there in middle you're like why did do i this. >> it was a good idea. >> one of the worst things i did was take paddle bk by jeffersons in mid-july. >> they have a little personalizeed fine an go through. >> suddenly rot northbound in 66. one right lane squeezing by and that's causing bigge delays. we'll switch from frim delaysto glen monts. 'll look closer at gwp crash continuekmas we continuekm
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>> tuesday morning. indiana nine police collectively arrested 92 people during a operanvil. this is summer crackdown on u.s. 31. for six days authorities adh otl pras police dogsnd of 129 people arresteded. they're facing nearly 00 drug offis seized cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and in the -- the orangeha pill signature
6:41 am
grpegaann werdeback sitrie he . >> a tex m family s on facebook hoping to shaom share friends ad timestoteve hershornilckredmor0 burn sit 30 minutes and conam wash it offer. determine toll gist say the it aure but once you've grt if it works for you >>yo do remember the man that saved a toddler from dangling from a balcony in paris. he wasffered citizenship because of his heroic efforts from the president of france. he just started a job with the
6:42 am
paris fire brigadeer month of training he's been hndr in france. congratulatis to him and nice move by president mccrone to offer citizen snp exchange for heroic deed. >> it's the best. >> thanks for that story, appreciate it makes me feel bet sdmrer if you plan to fly somewhere this rules what you cng through securityin are chang. details of what we can do for through securityin are chang. details of what we can do for you next. here's money for pizza. here's the wi-fi password,
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>> back at almost 6:45 we're a few days away from zip trip. we had a great time world. e'this week w headed to woodbridge inrince william coun. tony, tucker, 6 a.m. and we hope this see you tooge antting ready to nrid style. "fox5" zip trips, and enter for your chance to win a year lease on acura t. five finalists about you be one oneermi will betted. and the prize is 18 or oldersht. >> all rig why. good morning, tucker barnes. >> looking forward to wood.
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>> there's a winshive ot., we'll hear fromker barnes in ten winshive ot., we'll hear fromker barnes in ten seconds main headline maybe a storm toda g. ives us rief. bu they'll be widely scattered and i'm afraid no real relie saturday with we get a stron ld front to the area. 90s in the yesterday's high 95 reagan national and 95 dulles a 98 baltimore. normal high 88. right there again today h noling overnight.05 this is one of the1 annapolis e.d 7 a 7le47 hagerstown the ida
6:47 am
73 culpeper. nobody cooled off at overnigh. dew points 70. yoube get thers 70, 75 very oppressive not only hot, but humid this morning and thahiszy afternoon with daytime back inhsig the d,k, washingtonnaor btetut couplenfly u thatex is heat warning towards philly. heedto 15 later this afternoon. future cast. let's find a storm together. woo. not that impressive. quick shower or storm popping up by 2, 3:0oo in the afn and we'll see if we can get a few more going later this evening. it w ll look ike this
6:48 am
tomorrow. which is good news of course for the fourth and then any storms you gets will be widely scattered. had there we are the:00 hot and out h look at the weekend erin perfect pool weather saturday, sundays. >> i forget the name of the place i'm going. >> west virginia >> near harper's ferry. >> harper's fairy i'm searc searching for. >> it's cool thereou >> y read my mind, welcome back. 6f:48. sky fox imannasas over sudley road. nohbound side. secwlane gets by before of 6 t seri oghfnodew that. use caution. switching things over to show what you else they tnk. >> and 8 minute ride. green zone beltway to 11 streetridge. seeing nice conditions t calm
6:49 am
before the storm. for thewini m. as you make your way 9 the 5 southbound you're quiteit through laurel. take a look at bay bridge. beautiful sunshine. light volume. bridge bef 8 inslg lraonic get stuck as everyone tads to beex back to you guys. >> raidshireing company lyft expanding to buy motivate a
6:50 am
bike share company. lyft wants to invests and expand newly acquired bike business. not clear c whichities til will target. next time you fly you may have to show screeners yours snack snacks. tsa nts travel others put food in place pick bipz for screening and to help some food c look like parts of explosive. >>n. steve >> allison. >> g to see you. >> gd to see you. >> we remember the first". .heov obviously steven king. ngwhat we're doi is chapter 2 cong up out weedrttaililm f.
6:51 am
idult versions of character ctat oo>>. it'sma. >> is to irritatha first "it" was scary. ilpenny wise wbe returning. he's ho we have jessica chastain playing beverlye. areer versions of yo oungerld isaiah mustafa are mike and jesste is -- h billder is in. >> from thin >> and andy beam plague stanley. as i mention the the first trailer. i lining how they're doing this. if you look in the book and mini series it shts to older character as it cos back. d haunts them.
6:52 am
and itry very. i mean initia film that's scene aloneand bond freaky. steven k greatest wr of all you see the younger actors and older versions of character in the photo you just now. i'm looking forward. >> they're fil right now. >> i have to wait until a whole year.n that p made a cop of moneyichaells films in college specifically falling down. whenothato sit with hum i sat with him before it's surreal i love the game fallg plays hank prince william aunt man. we'll show trailer here. if you're not familiar he's father of angelinail l character territory wasp.c cop cement of the film is early on 30 or0
6:53 am
hank 4 pims wife wipt to quantum g to freindmal his wife now. and his sometimes i feel like im pt qua item wod. >> they're 30 years younger than they currently look. how do you scary yourself as actor when you're that much longer decade wise. watch this. >> how do they do thesecene scen i. i knows digital. do youry yourself fferent since you're younger >> the. momen not conscientiousy . you have to be a little -- they put punch and then they measure dots they put all over you and then you're free toe act.
6:54 am
you would aware physiwhether is invom notlove th the fact that when i i se ld me and michelle five when thy would be playing mn pfeif fe re w.s 'leneungecead i said michelf >> if you saw theirhaelst dou fn 40 years younger and it's cool a hea ply ear tex ind one of te
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