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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  July 4, 2018 10:00pm-10:59pm EDT

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statement. akers used statutewmrew 10s rht the dmv the nation's 242 birth day. independence day events kicked off across the region con storts fireworks and parade honoring our nation's freedom. >> here'sok a live lorom tower cam tonight. a fireworksre still lighting up the across the region tonightks. lf hour ago. the thousands of people from around the
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world filled the mall tonight to take in the aen you'l.c. traitiond. cori coffin starts us off night with the latest. cory. >> reporter: hey, ladies, now nt mass exodus after incredible end to the day. we've been out herall day. the vibe has been very positiveeverybody haseen ving. good time. we were able to talk to people from around the nation an omundt why they came ou ft here. they said it's the fireworks. it was hot. it was a very spirited day. taketen soohomynately we don't haveor pel . ladynl i want to you i talked to people fromralia doond f ?uem why, why and they said it was rhi one woe and knew she had to come seeow
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it. in person we spoke to park police who talked about really keeping everybody safe out here and just tactics they used. they double up force and hav help from d.c. and from maryland and from virginia as well. anden though they had a fevew pple eo minor callst comes to heat-related illnarests stayed safer and ther hi tue ay back to you in the studio and hopefully we'll have thatsnkor rt eplyn ol state parks were turned away people started lining up sandy pointark next to bay bridge as early as 4 a.m. by 9:30 in the morning the itrkpah a 1500 spots taken. with the big crowds maryland naturalouicy it's best to travel in groups to n g>>et when people thfirst group
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has cold drinks and other folks have theburgers. sou you kno don't want that to happen. so we say, please, all come in as a gro. it will make you happier. d you k it makes us ha bsee tpp wrt ex t t o. crowdsppyouan for the rest of the week and into the weekend. escially since t weather looks really nice and the best advice. is to come early orft t >> and heads up, do not swimthew 42 gnsee of spilled by the naval academy golf course into that c and started at a bumping ation two days ago. it will be closed july 106789 anyone coming in contact with the water should wash with soap and watter. >> let's check in with caitli caitlin. we were looking outside at the washington monument and the flags we really blowing out there. >> yeah a bit of breeze pick up which is good.d that helpeing us relief as we take a le look outside right now. fireworksoo l like oh, i
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still see a few. there we go. that's beautiful. and thankfully we had a dry night as you continue to see those fireworks erupting over downtown d.c. that is just such nice thing to see from above. of course being, on the grounda. they're ongoing and the weather held out for us and anyha showers we he far north and west of town have all but dissipated and it id.c. was hot was one and it's still very warm out there 87 degrees in thetri district at this hour 10:00 with still a hint develop3. it's humid. wis shifted east at h 7 miles an hour. cloud cover earlier this evening and bit of breeze does teatlsre h. rain cooled where they saw the l78 gaithersburg and stil nsbu m seemy 84 baltimore a 5 and 84 h. overnight tonight, we barely it's really, it's really, really warm night. ae favthe pafew b habeveen. 79 we fall to under
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cloudy skies. heat continues into thursday. if you have to lead back to work remembeby 8 a.m. it's only 2. we'll rise into the low 90s with a chance yet again.rstorms morengn the thunderstorm tim and when we got a break sarah.he heat still coming up, >> in annapolis on this 4th of july aual independence day parade also honored victims and survivors of the capitol gazette shooting. staff from t paper were part of the event that they typically cover. "fox5" lindsey watts has more from annapolis. not even a week ago this hecity went through torror of a and today, some of the rvivors joined first responders and marched in the independence day parade and it was definitely emotional to see the group. some of the people hiding un tr desks onhursday and five co-workers were killed. photographer who says, he's out here every year covering the event. and of courseif, veferent this time around. >> he says the response from onokers was v moving an
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he sawe the lov and the death of the affection from annapolis -- depth of affection fromnnapolis. i never expected to see.ething urnalism it's fwhoot you're in for. you know it's part of the deal but you are not in for something like this. my career prepared me for a lot of things but nothing like thistoe ll ts ther. ha're all good people. e west'r any .ivisions we're going to get tough everything. andust thanks, thanks to annapolis. >> we spoke to a fatsemhe ritingsu a sign that says thank you first responders. she was at the office thursdfiay. >> she was hiding under a desk. and she called me whispering, that she was trying to
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survive. that somebody came in and shot theditors. building. the and this i didn't hear anything for almost 40 minute. she was in there dhuringhorrifi. anve she sd. and i wanted to thank the first responders who saved herr tlihe quick ofponse, i may have been paa seeing signs that ,y we're annapolistrong. . but, also, a strong sechs community and so much support for those who lived through such tragedy. in annapolis,s ws".sey ,ne "fox5 local a woman who scaled the statue of liberty is in police custody aer a four-hour standoff. is is brand new vid you're looking at here o the
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situation as unfolded. ople were forced evacuate liberty isla as a precaution. as officials tried to get her down. the woman walked around the base of lady liberty and even laid dow at one point. and authorities tried t talk her down. but she refused to leave. this went on for about two hours. and then finally around 6:30 all dime an end. officers with ropes and climbingea greached her and put a harness and ropes on her to bring her down. the woman was taken into stody. ear today 7 protesters re arrested for happeninging the statue of liberty.stal of it said abolish ice. that protest was over immigration customs and enforcement. the group rise and resist said climber was not affiliated with theirce protest. but coming up at 10:30 we'll hear from new york officials about bizarre enter counter and how much time behind bars the woman is fashion developing tonight, maryland congressman stepy t hoyer is in hospital being treated for pneumonia. according to a spokesperson
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the house minority whip was admitted to george washington hospital in the district tuesday. the 79-year-old is restin and eated withted with antibiotic antibiot congress returns monday and congressman hoyer is looking forward to being back at work soop. >> happy happen fouj ever ju to everybody, great day. happy fouj ever july to everybody, great day. mel ania and i are honored to celebrate american independence with the heroes who protect american independence. and the men the women, of the united statese military our finest. thank u very much. president trump and first ladyst ho traditional fouvrnl 4th of july and he proposed space force. earlier today he played golf
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at his club in sterling, virginia. >> coming up tonight a teen agenerir vnia charged with murdering a gas station clerk. we'll have details of that story ned. an the race against time continues. the extreme measure press cue crews are taking to rescue young boys a their dmoch thailand in a cave. >> show pride and patriotism. tools one man used to turn his nrawn american plue
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plaque male w bringckman bandana and no shirt and black pants. o >> sunoceasewn. blood eevewhryer clerk is no mul >> just after 1:00 this morning witnesses cald 911 to say a black male in bandana tryingido rob people e sunoco franklin farm road. one caller said the m tried to ste his cellphone before he was able to drive off. they arrived within three minutes and found 19-year-old mohamad abdulabhe outside and he killed the clerk an with onehi smaxtd asarried police were wrapping up members ever the tightmm knit unity came to you station to offer support and learn what happened. none of them said they knew
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him well saying he just arrived in the country. the gas station is owned by 7-eleven andio regl managers that came to the scenedeexplain. several pple that live in the neighborhood stopped by toer leave s and offer coolences all of them saying the people that work at the station could not be nicer. >> i haveot lived here for that long. five or six yes. they all knew me and especially when i would come in wit my partner they knew we by name and face and what for. like they really cared n ane exactly say the family my heart u thatof'mnd iu a anyone who wass io e a to contact them. >> man's body was found in
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potomac by the key bridge this morning. been in the water forle.m had there's no word yet on the victim's identity nor the causof his death >> tension mounting at the scene of a cave recuse in tie they areing to free a dozen young associating players and coach.ew foxs correspondent of senior affairs correspondent gr palcot has more from london. >> reporte revere buddhist monk leading prayers at the moux cave where twelve boys and sorng keevrp waitress cue. >> it won't beasyf you don't know how to swim and if you're inside a cave and good environment to learn in. trapped for alm two weeks more than a mile bethw surface. cold a flooded a massive rainfall in the forecast their best chance may be to swim ou out.nce may be to swim >> we had boys try on masks and practice breathing and the
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water s aeam is strong it would be risky. >> sending dive teams to guide the bost out is l best option butly ext risky. emphasizing the difficulty which experts say goes well beyond what recreational differ would experience. >> it' extremely complex and needs training and the diver is tothere alone but trying to bri out a quhoyd has experience diving. >> they're doing their best to bump the water out ofe the cav accepteding in heavy dnggi drilg to grade opening raein stae efrtsthor falling >> the team went there with hundreds of pounds of gearenin including caveg equipment and submers iblz. >> rai expecting to twlooingtn weeks forcing rescue teams tope s up their plans.
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greg palka fox news. >> health experts are raising concerns abo the boy's mental state after spending two weeks isolated in the darkut pointing there's likely not only physiological considerations but probabl psychological considerations toake into account during rescue efforts. meanwhile a telephone ltre saung through the cave so that the boys can communicate withy f members. >> many resides of parkland florida took a different approach to 4th of july this year. a begunpman that killed 17 peoplepark larpd land in february. they posted this triggers like loud bangs from fireworks can bring floods of memory from violence. the city held a professional fireworks show and sent a resident text alert before the show began. >> a massachusetts man tookpatrw level. auth mvk cane swent hours
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turnin his green gloos a sea of red, white and blue. stencilsfieltpainpeople fm all t ave been stopping by to takene phoichbanu mie irali.ry >> i would be afraid rainsh thal the hard work. t>>haetot were talking about e possibility of rain here in our area. ddi we deposit, actually. no rain here si tel.oc l at all today. so it was totally dry. that's hd to do for fourth of july. let me tell you. we have many where we're battling showers and storms and live look outside right now at the washington monument it looks peaceful and down at the mall came to anst end and everyone scattered and gott back home with comfort of airen conditioning and maybe not home yet. i suspect there's quite a bit of traffic and air conditioner f will be needed inull force as heat continues to thursday. worst the heat wason mandady bt
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there today, 93igh temperatures and dils 94 at bwi. heatdvisories have been opped for whole area. it's still mild out there tonight. that's the prob lem with these very hot, humid air masses in this part of the world. you don't cool off at night. it is currently 7 in washington and 85 in annapolis and we saw 7p 0s backhere to the north and west. let me show you one more time. that is the rain cooled air. 7he0 ster and 5 haagers do you anne and i bet it's too steamy. 81 mannasas a 79 in fred ricksburg. so, for tomorrow, it's a loft same. we've still got high pressure parked over u h wee a little bit east. we're still hot, we're still humid. r everyry of high pressurehepe system which favors areas to the west yet again as we saw today. moun taps, western maryland to o pennsylvania. so spoft thunderstorm is in theft no.eonercaal esly west of washington. otherwise it is haze didn't, hot and humid yetga. 9 the is the high temperatur
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tomorrow. in d.c. so some places may feel better like annapolis, 6, w8itthat humidity still high, heat index values in upper 990s. not crazy high heat index values we had but still uncomfortable. uv index tomorrow very high. be careful with strong sun. there's relief in the 7 day forecast. i'll be back to show you that litter on in the newscast. for now, sarah, shawn back up to you. >> all right. virginia department of transportation getting a little creative with the holiday messaging. we'll show you the that is going viral. >> nndew video of another bearhting in north virginia. a man spot a bear roaming trash cans. we'll tell you who he is blaming u for thenvited guest. >> and even zoo animals got in on 4th of july celebrations today. this bear at the cenal florida zoo inarlando enjoyed patriotic treat. look closelyel la the bear smacd on red, white and b
10:22 pm
popsicle while she cooled down ikol side. >> almost looke the bear in the jacuzzi yesterday. >> maybe the cousin. >> right. >> we'll be right back. celebration♪ ♪
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>> another bear was spotted in a northern virginia neighborhood monday in cente centerville. a man was taken taking out his trash and well, look who he spotted righ there. apparently thisid is v that came from one of his surveillance cameras on his house. yes, there's a br out there, uh-huh saw black legs which i thought was a dog and this bear backs out of the strash can just maybe four or five feet from me and he looks at me and i look at him and then you can see on the video, i ptty quickly reversed
10:26 pm
direction and gous back into the e. but i was tally startled. >> barry turner i would have done the exact same thing. look how close the bear is right there. >> oh, wow, right. there by the way, virginia animal control believed this ybe the same bear they've been tracking a week a permanently the bear and it was seen limping on route 28 a parentally h ts e'at we keep seeing. >> and apparently his son threw out a that attracted the r any food rea attracted for,or the most part. >> that makes good sense. >> and the virgiofa department mor to get an importantu message ac oss this 4th july. the agency says in 2016 nearly 200 people were killed in crashes involving alcohol. vdot is trying to draw attention to the problem with a typical take on the he welcome tronices mge board. you're not a fire work, don't
10:27 pm
stafford county. virginia department of transportation notes taxis and ride sharing services like lyft can get people home safe limit don't drive drunk. that's what they're saying. >> find lyft free codewnom ty ge rides up to $15 g there and look i believe we posted theon code there fight. >> coming up, cecebrating independen day at the national mall. >> cori co w festive 'tis kicke. cori. >> the weather held off and people had a lot to do. we'll have a wrap up of the festive 'tis especially if you missed the fireworks show. >> but, first, very special surprise for onerida family that fourth of july. as their father returns home from dloyment. luke melloon has been deployed in africast for the pa year and every year they celebrate e holiday together at the brandon paradeda. to, luke's surprise kept f theamily tradition alive. to, luke's surprise kept f theamily tradition alive. we'll brightack. pats
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. the national mall wrapping up a a filled the mall tonightment cori coffin has beal down thl day and joins us with a recap of everything that went on, hey, cori. >> we were a to brave the cl outside here. there's ne.e are b most people ha been able to kind of c tar area here from the nationalt with maybe a few more people lefter de ed a lot o ndundaroday who spent the day a the world raerlly. they all hcommon. they came o here to see the fire works display. it's amazing. despite being a hot day i everybodys in good spirits. >> fitting finale to nation's independents dace. the holiday began as warm as predicted with the parade before noon. with the concert several hours away people stayed cool adds best they >> it'ly hot.
10:31 pm
you know? it's 4th of july in d.c. you know?we were not in triple t indexes wwouldn't know what to do w with ourselves. >> exactly.eel as patriotic. patrets sweat i lesson there. >> how has the day been so fa far. >> hot. >> reporter: are you going to be here for a few hours. >> that's the plan. >> yes. >> if it doesn't get tune bareably hot. >> reporter: even the would not keep people away he infamous grandrand finale finale. >> what are you most looking forward toeeing. >> fireworks. >> i've seen videos on u fwub the fireworks. >> i'm from sydney, austr. i want to go home and say you know what i've about there for the 4th of july and look at pictures. >> reporter: filled with the best in patriotic fashion it was a day of peace and teams beging n months ivance to make sure it stayst way. >> people may think it's recurrence every year and we look at security.
10:32 pm
we look at year's events and implement those into security plan every year. >> reporter: you, u.s. panork polwic ke get help. they double up service. they get hem perfect d.c., maryland a vginia to make sure crowds stayeaceful out here. we knowet iene ni they h maverunning extra treeains to make sure they get the crowds in and out for fireworks. theyun will be hopen rng trains until 11:30. live at the national mall. cori coffin, "fox5 local news" l>> and here's aook at other stories we're following tonid in annapolis theis than chte the parade instead of i covet. staffers moved as they walkedra the pa route less than a week aft five colleagues were gunned downn their newsroom. >> happy fourth of july to everybody. great day. >> the president and first lady hted a picnic for y li famthere at the white house. members of the cabinet were
10:33 pm
also at the picnic. earlieray he golfed a club in northern virnia. >> developing tonight the woman that propertytu thee of liberty to be he vac yaitd today is now in police custody. e she climbed the of the statue to send a message t her goal it protest separation of migrant families. fox's sve rapoport has more. >> reporter: high trauma on 4th of july a woman climbing sped stool of statue of liberty protesting separation of immigrantamilies. officers tried to con vicinity woman to come down and she refused. >> at first w she not fraendly with us. but took time to get dialogue with her a get a rapport with he to trust us. earlier 7 people were arrested for holding a banneris that read h ice over the base of the statue. activists with group rise and resist hung the banner to protest president trump immigration policy. this woman ihaffiliated the group and facing a other ch.
10:34 pm
d plaicod point once we listen we o you come down. that would be the best way. and i think turping point was we had a good rapport with her and we got her further. i think she realized her time was up up there. >> liberty iikand was h associated during the police action and fourth of july is normally one o "the buzz" est daysthe year and thousands were forced to wait and see in playsing heat how things would wrapev up. st rapoport, fox news. p oison mystery. british police are on high alert after two are poisoned by a nerve agent. >> and pperty we'll tell what you it's all about and it all has to do witht muir ral thas painted on side of building n and city lieryoshr.awn, we got lucky this year. no fireworks interrupting our firework as thunderstorms stcaed far away. n see a few up towards norm andest dissolvenorm and wer the past couple hou and as we looked towards tomorrow
10:35 pm
we had a chance of obably towards west.n the it's another hot and humid on one. whera leaf relief is m coming front for daughter cas cast. coming front for daughter cas cast. we'll returafter
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investigate says they were poisoned with a nerve agent and their daughte.ussian spy the man and woman ares unconsciou and in critical conditn n. other residenthe area are now concerned about their safety. i have a 10-year-old son we live seconds awe and he plays out here with his friends. it's a bet a concern. especially as youer hand lther places as w via largeing. >> counter terrorism officers
10:39 pm
are joing t investigation. they believes thi a criminal act. a building dispute led to unflatterraing mu of rhode island mayor weara ing now toil. hard to see here. the muir ral is tied to longstanding dispute between this mayor and building's owner. aley cled health inspectors deemed tun safe. mayor says the mural dsn't only forer him. >> he has a right to do that. i would wish that he would think about what he is doing to the neighborhood, how he's representing hillselfhe t. >> well, thet awho you saw painting says he deposit have anythg against the mayor he was hired to do the job. >> well legend continues number 11 for j chestnut here at nathan's. >> depending champ joey chestnutet a world rod at hot-dog-eating contest scarfed0 ownhot dogs in 10
10:40 pm
minutes and it's 21,000 calories. he beat his own record when he hate 72 hot dogs. today marked 11th win at the annual contest. >> i don't know how he breaks is year after year doing that, aming. >> is there anyone who can i don't remember there's a lady from virgisa known a black widow sonya somebody>>. idn't she win some year. they have stomachs of steel. >> it's a special talent. >> it is special. wow. >> allmiight. ng up. how cast of hamilton celebrated fourth of july on the baseball diamond. >> and stanley cup making its round treraiseness of >> and stanley cup making its round treraiseness of pediatric sevrment nt
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that killed a map in langley park. the victim was shot and ki. there is no word onictim's identity or what led to shooting. s no word what caused a deadly hire inire in waldor f waldorf, maryland it broke out barry hill road when firefighters aived they discovered a man inside the home and started cpr. he did not survive. it's a battle against wildfires i and weathern several western states now taint flamesork hard to con intensely hot temperatures across west are making matters worse for crews. 100 homes in callol mountains are destroyed forcin hundreds to ecuate there. similar situation in utah near a popular fishing resort and california wildfires are sending a thick layer of smoke and ash south of san francisco .>ea.
10:45 pm
one minute it seems like it's going away and next minute it's flariagain. so we're on watch. more than 900 buildings could be in the fire's path. fire work shows were cancelled because of itwe and peore urged to stay indoors due to poor air quaty.2500 residents wo evacuate. >> heavy rain sked houston, texas today. me areas got more than 7 inches of rain. some strand cars and forced cancellation of concerts. despite heavy rain city lead rz say they will havs fire tonight. and ifin it's not rain there, they wouldig do fireworkht aout now. hu also tonightrricane season in full swing. forecasters are out with a new updated forecast and could mean fewer storms for 2018 but doesn't mean you should let your guard down. reag megy tells us about this year's new forecast. colorado state university released seasonal forecast and says the east coast and gulf of mexico will experience
10:46 pm
below average hurricane seaso season. that's for reasons. one, the water temperature in the atlantic ocean right now and two, we're in el nino watch and if el nino fully sdechz it's typically known for suppression atlantic hurricane seasons >> obvious lit big concern people should not get lax dac daceical when you forecast the seon and if you forecast above average season in season most portions of coastll wiot be impacted but it takes one storm to make it active for. that's the most important point every year you need to be prepared for everyer h cane season. iss phil clotsback a oientist at col state university he and other experts are behind the for khaingt t which lowered the number of hurricanes from 7 to 4. >> i think it's moreit interest's possible it
10:47 pm
>> i'm relieved. >> i think we're due for a big storm ins thirt of the world. pened sincehappened since 20 2012.>> he with not get aarr gud down. i like to say you can predict five storms for s ason or sa storms storms for a season. all it says is one really bad one to sort un your day and can cause billions of damage even if you gets nothing the rest of tason. >>t happened in 199the same prediction of fewers her was made and hurricane andrewormed. deadly category five hurricane destroyed bahamas and florida. >> this is info tationalool not preparedness tool. we never tell people we're forecast above average season you have to prepare more or mess. rardless prediction it's a good time to make sure you have emergency eparedness kit prepared for food,er for three days, flashlight, batteries, first saidupplies and plan on how to communicate with family if you lose power.
10:48 pm
and remier, hurricaneeason officially ends novemr 30 on upper east side, reagan methy, "fox5 local ne". >> we do have anything tropical to discuss at thent mome. funl a break fm the heat as we head to the weekend. i'll have a look at the forecast in step second pats passer thundorms and we is had them dissipated ander warm weaths we head to overnight hours. still barly getting below 80. in metro thursday, thunderstormely we need that for some sech rved relief as we head to the weekend. ich looks much more comfortable and therefore much
10:49 pm
nicer. meaning yocan be outside without breaking a sfwraet just sitting there as i'm sure man dwriv iu y didtdoors today. let's begin with stormtracker radar. earlier showers but diedor everything north and west of us. rtthey didn't make iher south and east than northern ntgomery countsy and extreme loudoun cou if you were under those downpours today it would have brought a halt to outdoor plans. it's dry. 87 washington andti 5more or annapolis and 4 baltimore and 70s northnd a west clearly being in aanore september are you see how hot itow is a long it hangs on toicrds quant. even at this hour heat index into 9 the 0s and hallmark of a heat wave in our area. can't cool off at night and won't do that tonight. bit of wind out of east. anything helps. 5 to 10 we saw flags blowing earlier at national mall. it's nice to get a beze.let's b. fox refutu cast says hazy.
10:50 pm
thunderstorms bubble up yetag n towards west. riding edge this high pressure system over us. and it's warm and unstable enough to get downpours from hagersto through fronts royal andriur1 uteto extremern maryland you guys have a chance for showers and thunderstorms. they try to drnd sou eastward. we'll see by about 7:00 you trweto get a sho or two in here. but ikn just doow if that's going to happen. we'll see if that happens tomorrow. but there is a chance. howe, the best chance will bees out towards the w. friday is a different story. we start off okay. just reallyaus tri hingazy. erin front plowing through the arho everyone seiwers and storms and it might be earlier in the day. here's noon. scattered showers and storms and they're out of hereby about 5:00. you canha actually see t drier air coming in from thert hwest. working its way into ouran area. that will be great. because high pressure moves in over the weekend and asiceable drop in humidity well as the temperatures. hi s in the 0s and 0s at
10:51 pm
that on saturday. fantastic., also feeling so looking forward to this weekend as we trade in the heat and humidity for ggeous summer weather. 3, sunshine there on saturday. 85 sunday. earlier this week and even today it was too hot to be out by the pool o bch. you have noobt air concern. we'll change that as we head towards day. accuweather 7p day forecast. mo9rrow. thunderstorms west. with p friday we all throughout the day. much nicer over the weekend and then that heat creeps bac in monday, tuesday, wednesday, watch temperatures not get crazyet hot but gack into the 9 the 0s. quick check on that beach forecast. is weekend looks fantasticmo. ing clouds saturday sgiving way to clearing ski mostly sunny and nice su. that's a look at th7 day for kaxingts sarah back to you. all right. stanle cup trophy continues to make proundz. today capitol defenseman john charles took it to the
10:52 pm
national health system in the district. smallest fans fighting to getwe . each patie received a spaeshl capital kids club kit. he used his day with the cup to raise awarenessf pediatric cancer. caps fans were able to see the stanley cup up close and personal bethesda lane bethesda row all proceeds benefit michael moeser foundation that workso rai money to find a cure for pediatric brained cancer call dipg. i never heard dipg until the time our son was diagnose diagnosed. and it is deadliest form of brian cancer and impact schl page kids between 4 and 11 years old and unfortunately survival right n is nea zero percent which is devastating and median isvival from diagnos nine months. >> it's tough setting up for an event like this you knowwh michoa have been the happiest to behe here of all t thousand fans out todayl.
10:53 pm
mi would have been -- had as much time as anyone to seat cup and meet john.ol >> today's eved out quickly and raised $100,000pg reseveral. if you want to make a donation make one on the defeat dixt pg b site. >> an 86 of-year-old woman is winning over fans at the world she's one of oldest volunteers of the game. she spends her days chatting with fans and agsin questions when she learned russia would host the game she want to be part of excitement. she admits a she's big soccer fan but favorite player is port began christian owe ronaldo. >> it's your home for the world cup. we return with five games. uruguay versus france 10 a.m. friday and afternoon game beteen brazil andelgium i friday at 2 p.m. and some good k 9 ns out
10:54 pm
of montgomery county. after in a drain in my opinion rockville. >> my we would love youk >>at the pple it t rk tocue that little guy. heot stuck down this little pipe. montgomeryounty rescue lowered a special tool toll snaingt puppy and bring it ck to the surface. it's clear he won a lot of fans. poor guy. >> glad he's okay. >> a local town known for reworks cancels the event. >> why the showot did n go on. this fourth was extra special ho family tradition was used this fourth was extra special ho family tradition was used to surprise his family.
10:55 pm
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(birds chirpinah a running brook,) h. the new deer park sparkling is made with real spring wer. it's so refreshing and delicious, you don't need slo-mo models to sell it. al spring water, real fruit flavors and refreshing bubbles. just what's freshingly real.
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>> celebrate♪ce brate good times, come on♪ ♪ let's celebrate♪ there's a partyn goi right here♪ >> that's right, americans you can see still celebrating the nation's 242 birthday fromcoast. parades, bar b queues, naturalization ceronies and fireworks and more. here's a recap from the epdistrict. >>ter: here in thehe naceo nace's capital nationalve national archiis marking the 242nd birthday with annual celebratn of declaration of .ndependence >> we hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal. that they areed e by their creator were sirn alienable
10:59 pm
rights life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. >>llisonllison seymour wasthe e. the declaration, billd of right magna carte. >>nd hundreds gathere for the parade some special guests at today's nats game. sorng star and newly acquired d.c. player wayne roopy tweeted this photo and d.c. cast of hamilton singing star spangled banner on th baseball diamond. >> your newsr is fa from at 11 starts now. >> right now at 11,le brating america and honoring fallen. how annapolisommunity is paying tribute to five people gunned down in the capital-gazette >> scaling lady liberty. a protest triing airs standf police and closure of
11:00 pm
libertisland. why she says she did it. >> plus, too close for comfort. a local man comes face to face th a bear who he is blaming for the closeen koyrpt. your news starts now. >> today marks our nation's 2 ousands of people nationwideh of celebrat america's independence. >> of course thetiost cipated events in our area was fireworks show on national mall. here's "fox5" cory cori coffin with a recap of the festive 'tis, hey, cory. >> reporter: tens of thousands of people are make thring way home a an incredible ends to the day. talk to peoaround thes able to country and ina round the world that came all the way out hereon to our nati's capital to the national mall toll witness our indendence day fireworks display. it was a sweltering day. but it was certaly a spirited one no less. >> fitting finale to nation's


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