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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  July 12, 2018 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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yesterday openly questioning the value of the military alliance that has defined anrrican foreidegny foloric ie 4 o each nresp pcountry's t dp britain the president will meet with prime minister theres may this evening and then the >>queen tomorrow. ow to the latest on violent crash that kil a fairfax county teen. frnds and classmates gathered last night at the burke community church to share memories of connor mcgowan. mcgowan was driving a 2005 jeep along fairfax station road tuesday with two other teens. he veered off the road slaming into a tree. hist vehicle lefngled on the side of the road. fox5 spoke with me of his loved ones who shared the impact he had on their lives. >> it's just going to be really weird because he's not going to be, like, there fny, nice, he w as alwaysout going. >>di derve a death
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like >> poly alcohol was not one is still in the f since beenengecer r has released. ere fs 5 iinh . routeden disappearance of relishahed. rudd vanished four years ago from j aust eight years old. her body has never been be 12 week. an age progression photo of what she would look like n. you're looking at it onen your . activists are hoping that the age progression image of relisha will hp solve the last.caatum w person fio>>ocal aus group of girls taunted his teenaged son who has autism. it happened inside a locker ro a pubtomli a pool in boyd's maryland. tom rouse and his son gregory are regulars at theow indoor center. rouse told us their routine wo cinsrupted when three young
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locker room and taunted him. he sayshe women refused to and they started pointing at o allf us and half dressed and we're like -- i'm like what is goingyn, son's standing next to me naked. he's able to recover froit, i'm able to recover from it but i don't le being put in that pition. i felt so>> violated. rouse followed up with police on tuesday night whenn' he hadheard back froea theyed ts they are aware of the incident. filed.ncng c wk'sr t major leage baseball all-star game right here in d.c. a big all-star surprigllris-- surprise popped up at freedom plazae downtown. the livre the annie. >> reporter: surprise. you've got the lif sizedphrs bh the national and american league. ha dooli t injury,.ttle he's
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out for 10 days so he will notin be g in the game but it's really cool, guys. they've got the big all-star game emblem, they've got the big life sized national league, americaig league s up. so, this is reall giving f ur just on te heof manyavorite e things that fans can enj around theistrict over the next few days. starting tomorrow, there's even morein off five days f oor all-star festivities. you've got the fan fest at the convention center. they'll be signing autographs. friday night the armed services classic. on saturday morning there's a big 5k run, the nike color the sday legends and celebrity game, big name stars in d.c. athletes are coming toou town've got jamie foxx, you've gotn joh the wizards, redskins cornerbac
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josh norman and bill nye the science guy will be taking to the field as well. home run derbyust learned thislg that bryce harper will be ins it. this i his second timeat parting in that and because of all of these events there are lots of roadclosures w o let's sh y of some of t ahe roadth crelosue the convention center as nats park. i will tell you thearking restrictions aroundnd both marks go into effect this morning at 6:00 a.m., so that i. another note, if you are headed o ut to any of these events including monday and tuesday night for the big game, keep in mind that metro will be opened later on monday or the hday night run derby as well as the big game so, mastercard as as mlbell w picking up the tab to keep metro opened lat. that's theatest from freedom plaza. back to you. >> fox5 yourome for the all-star festivities. next tuesd we are taking morning show on the road for all-star special coverage live
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in and around nats park. then our specialoverage continues in the evening.ea majorgue baseball pregame show at 7:30, the big game at 00 all right here heck of today's forthast with mike as who is sitting by. another hot day i'm assuming that another hot one but very low humidity today and a tomorrownd even into saturday. >> my hair thanks you. >> yes, everybody's hair thanks me. you're welcome, hair. [laughter]t, >> other than that's a lot i mean, sunshine, comfortable. it's good. >> okay. >> it's good. it's all good. 're happy here in d.c. in iegrees outside right now but feels veryorble. 73 for quantico, 72 at leonardtown, 60' off to the north and west. 65egrees in gaithersburg, 69 this morning at dulles. 64 up towards frederick. nice t pleasant start to day. quick look at the satellite ande radar. clearing skies out from some clouds that hav moved in overnight and expect temperatures to t out i in the upper 80's today with, again, low humid,y. all r that's a check of your weather forecast.
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erin como has got your traffic. how ls trafficking erin. >> right now i'mal justking in because we ve a new issue. wisconsin avenue northbound 's in northwest before willard eenue. we have somtility workk twoy lanes in the chev chase area. keep in mind because volume is so light we don't see any slowdowns but i still wt to make you aware of this.n wiscavenue northwest by willard avenue you may be dealing with some issues there. aside fromhat one, we are seeing quiet conditions on all of our majors including 295, 395, the beltway, no problems as you make your way outn arlington or a majors in maryland looking good aside from t wisconsin of a utility work we're dealg with. 95 looks great, 66, 270 and 50 out in virginia and maryland quiet. i'll let you know if anything else pops at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter for the latest. >> comingp on fox5 morning, do you take vitamins every day? >> well, researchers are weighi in. why the average healthy person might wantdi to h certain vitamins. >> as we het to break, the me is 4:36, the temperature
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75. back in a moment. i'm jidean and uh,
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>> we're back at 4:39 with what's hot on the web. >> holly morris joins us with the stories you'rengaging with the most this morning on social media. >> good morning. facebook has been slapped th a fine. penalty of about $800,000 is the maximumnd allower the data protection act. the fine is f facebook's involvement in the cambridge analytica privacy scandal. taking vitamins may be a waste a timend a waste of money. a new study published by the american heart association finds vitamins doolittl do littr nothing. calcium and vitamin n supplements show benefits. the exceptions pregnant women who need prenatal vitamins and certain people with vitaminci
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encies. oprah winfrey is getting into the restaurant biz. she's investing in the health driven restaurantrue food kitchen. the chain curre operates 23 restaurants in 10 states including virginia and maryland and says the mediaiconm about the deal. true food kitchen bills itself as a healthy organic made lom scratch seasona restaurant chain that focuses on anti-inflammatory diets. winfrey says she was impressed knew shed to be a partately of the company's future. > nominations for the 70th prime time emmy awards will be revealed today in losngeles. the annual awards ceremony honors the best of television. an finally, forbes magazine has released its fourth annual list o america america's richest self made women with kyleigh jenner on the cover. theoungest member of kardasan jenner clan who turns 21 in august is the youngest woman on the list. forbes reports that jenner h built $900 million fortune in
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less than three t yearshanks in large part to her wildly popular makeup line. kyleigh also earns money from endorsements for brands like puma and pac sun. is she itself mad self madee made. [laughte >> walking free. >> we hear from a maryland man who spentre nearly th decades so pri a cri h di fdn't corommit. >> heading to break right now, this is a live lookside. it is, let's see, 4:41, 75 degrees. yes, taylor swifterforming last night here i.n d.c if you're watching, taylor, good morning. >> ♪ >> ♪
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esre's a look at the stori it is july 12th.r you today. stormyrrd. dlsan iepolice took the former adult fofilm actress into custr reportedly allowing a customer toouch her at a strip club in cumbus ohio. avenatti calle the arrest a setup and politically motivated. danielte is ed to be released on bail and charged with a misdemeanor. >> the founder of papa johns pizza out for good. john schnatter respect signed late last night. the resignation came after he siologized for u a racial slur durina conference call in may. forbes reported schnatter used
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the n-word during a media training exercise. he had already stepped down as papa johns last y over backlash that the company got for schnatter blaming poorsm controversy. good morning to you. thank you for joining>> us. today is thursday, july 12th. let's get over to mike thomas and see c h like moreh consistency this weather. it's going to beore of theme . >> more of the same. e of tetter than more ofhe the out theren laterthis afternoon. so, really nice. really nice weather pattern settling in here for mid-july and we're going to keep the drytreak continuing in d.c. today. so not bad for mid-july. in fact i'dow sayn right grade for mid-july out there ou- great for mid-july. we're starting to need rain a little bit. relatively soon.get some humidity does creep back in by the weekend particularly on sunday into monday. that will be the --ime where you're really start t
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see humid coming back in. then we get unsettled next week even for tr all game on tuesday it does look like we'll have to dodge the risk of thunderstorms. m ientioned how dry we've been. we have had no measurable rain, just what we call a ace, which is less than a .01 ofn off to the earliest- we're off to the driest early j so, again, so passing thunderstorm every now and thing though it' not in the forecast today. 76 degrees, mostly cloudy well,n clouds out there to start butnd humidity is nic low. it feels comfortable. you don't have to get too far away from d.c. to get temperatures back into the 60's in fact as a close montgomery county temperatures have fallen back into the 60's this morning. 71 for richmond.wn. off to the northrg pith comfortable 62 this morning 60 in columbusinghamton new york always the cool spot at 56 degrees. satellite and radar clouds
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overnight have cleared the region. with it humidity is clearin the region as well. expect a nice afternoon a lots of sunshine today. 14 hours 41 minutes of daylight to enjoy that's another minute less than yesterday. sunris today at 5:53, this morning, sunset 8:34. thank youmanda for that beautiful t sunset photohat you see behind me there. let's get over to the fox5 accuweather 7-day forecast. 88 your daytime high today,9 up. weather looks fantastic for thurmont, low humidey. come on out and a party with us a thurmont, maryland, tomorrow. then saturday and sunday heat comesac t uc humidity saturday, more humidity sunday and then to next week yes, thunderstorm risks are back. 96 on monday, 94 for a have to dodge somethunderstormse afternoon. all right, that's a check of your forecast. off to erin for traic. >> 4:47 right now. we're keeping our eyes on the malfunctioning traffic light.
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sendaries in the districtvery lp before 5:00 a.m. metro service does pick up at 5:00. we don't have delays. want to use caution in chevy chase wisconsin avenue northwest before willard avenue there's utility work blocking a few lanes. again, volume still light that's a not causing major slowdowns but if tha utility work lingers it could start tngo slow thi down. kenilwor looks great. new york avenue problem free. secondaries outside the district look good as well a in maryland and virginia. not seeing any problems on 270. look how light tha from frederick into clarksburg. any questions at erin fox5 d.c.. want to makeure you get t work or wherever you need to be on time this thursday morning. i'li'm excited tomorrow is friday. man that spent nearly three decades in prison f a crime that he didn't commitmen jerome johnson was initially accused of a shootin that happenedmo a aanhear b herime t awheny auies at the time h teenaged gil wh lin mur hdekerdoim
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that put himd bars for 30 years.ehin b after connecting with theda tlantic innocence project, johnson was released last of this,. all ofhe things t he's been through, it's made him >> some people would ask how is that possible?l, >> welhen you get grounded you realize tha everything happens for a reason. the best let it get of you. you have to understand that this is the process of making yoa better perso >> johnson is just one of 28 other wrongfully cvicteden in the midatlantic innocence project that they helped to free in the d.c., maryland and virginia area. >>here's a hearing this afternoofor security changes proposed at the nationaloo. the zoo has had to dealrionsn wt this after a mstony ,well spring break were u to mor tity
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crowds. feg p ndl the zooee additiona in orderse to gaps in existing fencing. the hearing is opened to the public. >> metro boa set to extend parking fees through the end of the year. the board will vote on the issue at meeting today. then in the fall they'll decide whether or not to make the changes permanent since february metro has been charging a two dollars parng fee on saturdays and at 13 stations with par vre traindkic manar passengerse charged a higher parking fee than regular metro> riders. >>ming up, cha ching. the fcc may be cashing in on your complaints. >> hm. so h much would you have to pay the fcc to do their job? details ahead. >> as we head to break right now, the time in a moment. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> man harassed a woman for wearing a t-shirt with puerto rican flag shirt. he asks areou a citizen. the woman can be heard a oing thefficer for help and telling him she's uncomfortable. the officer is seen walking away while the man continues to harass that. w other officers later arrive and helped. >> got a complaint for the fcc? get ready to possibly pay up $225 to be exact. the agency will meet on the fee. until now they have not had to deal with consumer complaints.
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>>epublican congressional candidate katie arrington is ready again to hit the mpaign trail after survi a horrific head-on collision. accident just days after scoring an upset primary victory over representative .ark sanfordo return to the trail ne week with fundraisers and meetings with supporters. >> special dedication to senator john mccain. it's dicated a missile destroyer to the senator. the arizona republican's name has been added to the u.s.s. john s. mccain which has been namedor mccain's father ander grand. it comes as he's currently battling brain cancer. >> 4:54 is the time. he's mike thomas. >> let's do a little hurricane date for y how about we take a look at what chris just did, which is get downgradedd from ane catego hurricane down to a tropical storm and continues
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to re off to the north and east getting out ofoohe immediate neighd here and conditions along the beaches in terms of rip tides should improvelthough not a a hundred percent out of the ods yet. the remnants of beryl are going to follow chris up the coast as we head intoen u'ti to oiuardhe up if you'rekeep heading to the beaches for a litt bit of high surf and some ripit currents. sae and radar locally clouds clearing the region and low humidity taking over. hour by hour temperatures very seasonal rising throh the 70's during the morning hours, 80'smey lun and upper 80's as we wra things up during the second half of the afternoo today. seven-day forecast, 88 today, up to 89 tomorrow. both of these feelingood and temperaturesalue low and temperatures w th 90's arekacot t muc bh humidity, though, sogo day as yo sund, mix of cloud and sun, heat and humidity back, humidity sticks around all through the ef ly part oxt week and storm chanc return as well by the time we get to monday.that's weather. erin is back withom traffic.
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ing up on 4:56 right noon keeping our eyes the roads, metro service picking up a 5:00. so far no reportedth delays. 're on time. things looking real nice in southern maryland. no problems as you come up through brandi brandywine on cl. quiet 210 through accokeek a well as fort washington looking good. not seeing any problems out the beltway in maryland, bw parkway, 95 route one looking good.things on 32 in columbia quiet.270 at speed. seeing very nice cowditions right on the beltway, entire sch, no problems onthe an a of ourrea bridges. and also really nices conditions aou make your way outlv on peania avenue. secondaries in upper marlboro. if you have any questions at tterin fox5 d.c. oner. maouayocop you updated but n ns outinmpla this thursday morninghe gettire you need to be. more traffic in just a few ♪ >> ♪ c
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>> ♪ >> two breaking newsri sto. stormy daniels arrested a strip club. what she's accused of and reaction from her lawyer. the founderapfa johns pizza resigns overnight after
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admitting to using r aial slur. rattling nato. president trump hasor harsh word one of our core allies as he wrap final day at the nato t summit. >>he hot seat.le embatt fbi agent peter strzok will be grilled on capitol hiller today. lawmak are investigating bias at the nation's to that agency. this as the president calls outzok's lover for dodging a subpoena to testify herself. fox5 morning at 5:00 a.m. starts now. >> ♪>> good morning to you. thank you for joiningss. >> it' thursday. it'suly 12th. we're g you're with us on this penulmate day of theweek. how about that. mike andri e are with us thisle t's talk a little bit about this pretty great weather we're having. >> ladies good dorning. another gray here in d.c. honestly i don't have much to say. ow humid, temperatures in the upper 80's. hi, erin. >> beautiful day and quiet roads, what more could you ask >> not before thanks, erin. we'll


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