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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  July 17, 2018 5:00am-5:49am EDT

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>> today on "fox5 morning". >> a 10-year-old girl lost her life here today. all the hopes and dreams that her family had for her is gon gone. >> mavxed begunmen open fire killing a smalchild. learned her name and details about wha police are doing to solve this hoific crime. >> they think it's ruia. i have presint putin he just said it's got russia. i will say this. i don't see any reason why it would be. >> out raiming and disbelief law makesm
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makers own both sides of political aisle after presidt trump sides with vladir putin against the u.s. intelligence committee. >> there it is. >> center field and bryce ha hasba thrown his in the air and won the 20 t-mobile home run derby. >> nationals outfielder bryce harper wowetsown crowd on national sting the stageet for t stahe all star gat great 9/11 dollacketcket offer offer. starts right 5 a.m. >> and good morning to you. thank for joining us. >> is tuesday. it is july 17 j00t past 5: now. we have our gaping in plkee. in the studio and erin down near the bat park. e's all ready for the all star game. everybody is wondzer wha g will bee time. >> we have a chance for shows and storms today. the best news is that it does look like it will be through
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before the game. much like yesterday. we'll show you future cast and bout the risks comingcoming u p up. hi, erin. >> beaoriful mng to be out here. breezy.l little sticky. no complaints which you get to cover the all star game or prev it rather. eyes on the roads and we have a crash enter-er isville th latest for that one. >> 5:02 it is the time now several stories developing overnight first d.c. we learned name of night whatn opened fire last rty apant courtyard. 10-year-old vicm isidentified a. around last night several people were gathered in the 300 block of 53 northeast when a black sedan drove up. four masked men jumped out and started shooting in ground. surveillance cameras show suspects and car. four other people were hit by tbulletshey're all recovering and also developing montgomerynty 11 p.m. in veers mill road neart connecavenue a car hit a utility pole and snapped the
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car in half and the vehicle caught fire. he was able to get out. c the road waslosed several hours overnight and all lanes are open at this hour. >>5:303 is the time now andes ident trump facing backlash for lawmars on both des of aisle. they're calling him waex, shame full and disgraceful after ati one-on-oneng with russian president vladimir putin and it appear the relationship is on the rebound. itft was dayer russian operatives with indicted for medling during the 2016 election. mr. s tru siding with putin saying he has confidence in america intelligence but reit railted that putin denied the allegations. >> did youeleallyieve that someone from the russian influenced the united states and influenced choice of hill millions of americans.
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>> i have great confidence in myintelligence people and i will tellt you that pres put up was and powerful in his denial. >> many law makers in also reminding the president that russia isur not o alli. >> russi woman and recent graduate of american univerity accused of beingig a n agent. the fbi says 29-year-old maria buxt ty n adds was trying to influence american politics. she's accuseded ofestablish establishing back lanes ofn communicatiorom kremlin to d.c.. appears she tined to gain influence through the national rifle associa and national prayer breakfast. ba ty na is charged wit conspiracy. >> excitement has been building for weeks and guess what? no more count downs. mlb alltar game day is today. auto. started off with a bang live
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tside at the national park with b morks ow exciting, bob barnard. >> holly, good morning to you,s right now is a busy place. sprinklers going here in the outfield. they're watering grass this morning as we pan left you'll see in center field stand out there they're power watching eats. ctthey're ally leaping the whole ballpark. power washing seatsn center field. hometown hero bryce harper whipping home run derby with 8ather ron pitching 49 miing monies that stadium beat kyle squashier of the bs and final 'roid 19-18 home runs were at least 440 feet.u could see he was wearing d.c. flag ahead band. to win this thing he hit ten dingers in the final minute and two twepty second i'll show you a tape from l a
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facebookive the fan shot of his buddy who just retired from the air force thisug guy ht one of bryce harper's home run balls out in the stands here. rath excite, exciting. we spoke to this recently retired air for ther veteran afte the game. >> it's been a c dreamome true and waited myhole life toome to home run derby and i've been stationed in washington d.c. twelve years. united states air force andbeens event tonight and catch my favorite players home runli ball. eve it was number 16. last round. 16 or 17. i'm still in shock. >> so last night contest big can till first of a gates onep l star g iamecoyomeu at 4:30 this afteoon and couple of local squirz will be singing national anthem and major league baseball will honor 30 recipients of medal of honor before the game tonight. we've been think about it.
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planningt. planning for it and for it the ae starin washington. >> thatas l and 20 seconds whmientenu bryce was hig them out of the park last night that's aa memory implan night that's aa memoimplanted i. it was so much fun and i know more fun tonight. thank you, sir. >> it was story book, you be bet. >> urse our all stard deed. coverage. erin yfi see an eye on c you just saw bob he's inside nat's park and they're power washing seats and steve, allison, tucker they'll all step up to the plate at 6 a.m. this morning you don't want to miss what they have planned all morning long it will be super fun and special coverage continues this evening starting 5 p.m., jimra, sa, live and pregame show beginsun 7:30 and of course, game time, 8:00 you can see all of itig only rn 5"er he
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>>. >> you're the man of the hour. what's the warm going to be like. es>> hot, s, i humid, likech asckt y ter orms todaand eeit lls f have a pretty 's dochance storms earlyrnaften. it 70 alreadythnd q id ndte and radar. acalm srmer popping up in west virginia and western portions ofsy pennhed tiaafoo atto's bngth us gthoof a showersatern today. 9 di time high. partly surprise next humid tonight after storm get through. keep that in mind. stms would say between jacket. . and 5 or 6:00 tonight keep your guard up. guys or to that is reporting live from nat's par park. >> bob barnard has a great views in the park and we're
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right outside acr the street. calm, road closures in place down here. be prepared if you drive to all star game tonight leave early we're dealing with congestion in the area bec of that. metro staying open late tonight to accommo fte everyoneor the all star game and right now metro is on tim time. first we want to show you we alook the maps we have csh odbrdo acks matchen road. rlo we move things alongside from that crash in virginia we're uiseeinget conditions and volume starting to pick up and no delays on 6 despite congestion gwing he 27pry land looks good ande have more to come. >> coming up on "fox5 morning" the trump administration ordered to stop deporting reunited family. >> and once in a lifetime trip turns trang whik a lava bomb strookz a boat full of of toists. >> it's 5:09t' as 78
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degrees. weke bac with more "fox 5 weke bac with more "fox 5 news" afr this. >> 5:10 is time and developing now a wildfire near yosemite national park turned deadly. one firefighters died trying to create a fire brake line over the wkend fire began friday and broken
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thto man 9,000 acres yosemite nationalre pmains on ep. >> 23 with with peoe explosion sent lava flying through a roof of a tour bolsl thof. them to see the kailuaolcano as it plung into the ocean and one broke a rns. several otherbuuffered >> trump administration tem rearly asked to stop deportation of families more than a week after reunited them they're working to determine who the parents are of 7p 1 children separated at the boreder. administration has until jewel 26 to reunifydr and temporarilyp for atation of familie least a week after reyou nighting them. >> new york police dllartment wi allow disflip airydings to mr forward in choke hold death of garper. he was unarmed when we was stopped in 201 is 4 for
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selling cigarettes he was place philadelphia ahoke hold and he was announced dead at the hospita >> a drug that cop taken valsartin organic chemical ndma that may cause cancer. studies have shown it can be tox iing and can cause tumors. >> amazon pme day suffering technical setbacks. >> d demi moore destroys bruce willis in surprise roost appearance. >> we're headed to break with a live lk alternate's park. our team is assembling to bring you allng the details st 6:00. allison, steve, tucker down there. much mome toe as "fox5" much mome toe as "fox5" morning continues.
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twz opened fired a plaque
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suv drove up andel m djuasmpkeed out and shooting a ornt i survilapdmaahki plaque four door it llshowedect ave at management approveinggene a strike. dispute is over allegedol y'edalled notiations. >> you can now get $1 nats tickets all thanks to bryce harper he won last night's home run derpy beforhe big win nationals tweeted they would offer $1 oaf for each r he hit. heme hit 41 homers and ticket prices are now $1.
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the commission expiresowe'. the question will it r on our nat'snai par sglaid be le 4our up if you g look 3 with, . west. good morninltimore 7ba0 . everybody does waking up to 70 or better. atnsou ne isn the moup tanz normmuch ht
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and west ring a humid start. why do we have a cold frou ttone of southerly warmth and moisture. temperatures heat up quick withis sunshin morning. scattered showers come together as a lup of storms a little later on this afternoon and are expected to push throughout district. again out ahead of it a nice surge ever heat expect hot and humid today and even tonight ll the game if you go once t take a while for te tompesatur drop. still goingy, by 2:00 out to west cdo i and that reaches d.c. region, le andng i for m outost pubd eas then and continue the driving
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thing later tonight. let's do the forec. 2 today. beautiful next couple days in d.c. and s chances back by the week. erin airport roring live from nats park geing you rdy you know he it mike thomas it might be cal and quiet now. a lot of road closures means a loft traffic cop juston. consider taking metro. they're open to accommodate allg the fans to all star game. metro is on time. let's take a look at maps and casmedsraid move over to the shoulderndke your wayt out to 2d afterhingst yowe oann and 70roo utyat innereig slow downssmith
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erany questions and o erinfoxdcn twitter i'm enjoying the start to all star day. we're back with what is hot on the web and the stories you'reos engaging wit on social media. >> wisdom is back he knows what's trengd, hey, wiz. >> amazon prime dayot off to a rocky start. the site crashed an hour at 3 p.m. as online retaileraunc unched prime saixtz instead of finding signer deals there was ut, oh something went wrong on our end. issued appears resolved. >> ceof bay sdos isef j richest man in modern y.orhi his network hit 150 billion sterday. ll gates takes fwhubow spot ed by warn must haveet and circumstanceburg. it happeneen over the week adds a hugh sick festival in oregon. shelton says he was drippin
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drippinging a lot on sunday he asked fans to post video t some called out f sheor showing up intoxicanrete it off. >> if you get roasted who betrd good zippihe two ss roost willei o.yesterday netse ai nrixd straier thing secondngpiseo iidthar i a that seas will be next bighe cong u oest blood testing labsrg in currenty follows victim to hacke >> i hop droppingburgers and returning to breakfast aable. >> s we head to break of coursebao n wat's park they are setdy and
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ge ninsi rea for the gatdebigrre gngam set g orready a big morning. we have a wonderful preview of all things all star you don't want to miss. right now though we want to turn our attention t business headlines. american farmers and imacidtrpabr'se ci oseerica's biggest foe isuropean union r>>netiexrgostinr
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cu. inacco maitito d g hut the s ofmie medical reco kspee.kibrthst bon ortcove ehe except t fallout for fou papa. aler ilnnua and requesheted he used racial hose you canorarily >>n useyoce sellingin.
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birthday. o harnveing, gh wonge no tt m so lgonoty 0 so faheig n 9 yesterday we yet to cooled off. .4 and itarting up.3 hu it's fasty out out start theat gth lorms d.c..ks lo'sw sotatme
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come 8 5:00he'sondh expect sunshine checis hk thigex pe 90 tst y and%. it'sheametid .rtt's weather off t air for traffic. air >> hey, hernngmid y,l thomas. it'schae mgo to ac n's park as we gear
5:27 am
up for all star game tonight. ep your eye on the morning commute. metro is osetimeice tonight to e alstar ge.fansow ews's take a l at camerasd atan. rights as deali w arash dp on 9inhg gsso5 uthbound3 a2 there please use caution northbound side rubbe neck delay we'll keep you and look at mingextans bralmtine and look at mingextans bralmtine continue as well
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al michael keulanbe saul stig -tafs thk th'l ysl'l back to y >> let pi
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nowet try rash in ve.ereling sor pole wiren bl hpuicelto the su tnooas. sad s nd o ohalileirasilled.
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ibesiclews s a v el m someyrzhelocal hospitalsnd hun lifean and open fire an staa
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shomunity to say no losi her familyis g to beanedou tr ave you wk with us to our ce illegrmiral itworkhied ihand been iltotileht >> small touete iestiinntouongaup and e t c or thetsspsun c ao dacptedot "
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>> 5:35 're acki mro aer bweti msispland heunionnd trtomve ped.etagit
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andu re a fesgh st ti up tondnt tf40ome tg w t thisw u s perspectiv in they
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guy ughthindossta last night haerein cuccess last nightwheree hotesa oth intasnt i o. futoo 90 aroundve t gorat
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ni increase i of thunderstormsthn news iis think tims bly part f ute afternoone' likerow, obeautiful road y p kshze ceuiet becaust'se thatel a nn ooowk l park loting trr-trailer a crashtoac with only shoulder getting by. afnoving because of
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that. androutes m one southbound we'll hit more traffic continue. continue. ask
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>>mp president facing backwm flash laers own both of aisle andssi law makers in calling thesident wea disgraceful
5:42 am
this comes after one-on-one meeting withnt vladimir putinnd that relationship is on the thd.ayuns aftertibo twelve you russian intelligence operatives were indicted for medling. he never interfered with the he lerks. president siding with pine satisfying h has confiidence . russian womanrebi a foreing a yr anth a ina high lehigh valley it gapeapspe nitional s h owe what t mheodn historyp.
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>> takut tal♪e >> we're indeed taking youal out to thel game you this morng as all star tuesday in the natios cap we've been waiting so long andtit's ly here. major league baseball all star
5:46 am
game tonight. this morning we're getting things started as we sgt a good porti of the morning crew already down there. >> first time the game is back in d.c. since 1969. so it should be exciting down there. and thankto bryce harper home run derby to inat b last night. nats fansli are eble for one dollar tickee for different games and those eligible gameset are ben the dates of jewel 31 is to august 5 and two games againstew york mets followed by three games against cincinnati reds and gamesht. s h ieavy,it's it'sit humid. we need it to be drin aga this afternoon michael thomas. will seawh we see. >> much like yesterday. storms rumble through mid aftern yesterday and clearing downti f t and stick and sckmede latery. afternoon storms likel really modelshtee:0 alonng and then dngrying out fryiomn
5:47 am
itth der things out through t all star game. shuld there be a spotty nk, owsuerulk of activit is well east by the time we get to:00 tonight. nice s middle of weeketting up for us wednesday, thursday, here look georgous m a wnditore sunshine and low humidity. couple days worth enjoyingmi co up in d.c.. 7p 8 t outhere how and 76 rich mopped and beckly west virginia 69. pittsburgh at 72. cold front outest. it's this scattered shower activity in west virginia and western portions of this morning. it's going tosh pushing over the d.c. area. later on today. and for the beraim.ngt l theiv s clds these increase throughout morning hours though hot and. h. temperatures peak in the middle 90s as we head through early part of the day. 12 it:00, watch out. i 81 cold front crossing you and gets toyxt 95. future cast 4:00 in d.c..
5:48 am
that's a good things. soop ter gets through the beer and they by 8:00 tonight look at that we clear things out and beaches dealing with thunderstorm activity and here in town we're drying things out just kind of scattered clouds out there. withwe n'it h m and here's all star game four cast. 5 by this by 2sh.erow an by the80 i one or two stormd ws rotormis linste of s crosses later today. thyear heatike o intense at much there. thursday gorn us asut wellriyigm for that and this weekend things get more unsettled.thst weekend looks like sunday trers versionsaturday. again details on that to be eeaermined as we headgh
5:49 am
thhr t wit.h traffic from nats park. hey, erin. >> it's turning into such a beautie.l morning out her the sun ist usrise.tistar debts spite the humidity and nice cool breeze keeping us on po and let talk traf fi nof proceed closuresw. place aroat congestion. metro getting all star game it best opening and they'll be accommodating riders open later. let's look at maps and camtas and talk about currentn commute. 5 southbnd to get fg lot occoquan rivereve bridge taz takes 34 had . crash involvingstemi tractor-trailer after route. is is all lanes are blocked. that traffic is not any ti soonme. southbounhop off before the ak awatch. that's an absolu parking bberothe side. lert's show what you you're al with for your morning
5:50 am
ride. n that'sot the only problem. ligh con just john is building we'll srt you you out with something good in maryland. nothing like we're sneeing virginia this moy ci involvingarrng a bscinoat tr of when lava bomb hit it happenedhawaii bigle. island one w fracredend fouor'r y several ots suffered severe burns. coastgua says that boats cannot get closer than 984 feet from where the volcano
5:51 am
lava is enteing the sea. >> nine animalsd from jaguar attack at the new orleans zoo. they announced the death of a named rusty. a 3d-year-ol saturday before zoo scheduled openin the big cat was cap durd in an hour and eventual death toll three alpaca and fox and emu. >> cvs pollizeed for the incident afterideo surfaced and went viral. man on video was dubbed coupon carl by bell online. no action was taken wheed officers a. meanwhile, we are followinmore fallout from founder of papa john's racial slur the company evicted john snyder from
5:52 am
removedrs imantmarn weso from al marketing materials and is request heing sp making appreances. heame under pressureer media aft report stated he usedd to brips country school board memberd earur chair of bos he accused unks and pushing him her about wor mk toget youanks cannot b un unlawful. there will dube a full hearing next week. caaignrailftern survivoring adrer h.ea the accident happened days d her to be hospitalizedaerk sad ck if june. she suffered a fractureba veheln r broken rib as well as
5:53 am
other injuries that required surgery. yesterday in south carolina she aded opponentssdr suggestion that supporters were playing card in reference toaccident. le bone this isrd play or game in any way,r shaform le andns reprehele.rwise isvi that is why i'm going to ask -- no while she was recoveringivee toca 5:53 is the time a the store stories you're engaging with most on social mediah wit our realtime n airport mature seens ktrac backh ielook at those stor>> s. partutho of northern michiganer discovckage from wre 19 a s aawnd theutssing in 19 wreckage last week there st. iingins u and it appears to ba reported missing carrying michigan couple. beforene was on radar
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and gray hair and new emogi for bald people too and cocks a serhero anticipates kangaroo.ou there have it happy he mothy day. nu>> france ces to celebrate the world cup win. check this out the country held a victory parade i paris and estimated 300,000 fans gathered to give the french team a ho ees welcome. the team road around in on ep top tour bus as blue, right and red ske filled the sky behind this area where they >> fun was had by all. >> absolutely. that's what happened when you win. >> we're whipping. you know what, d.c. is winning >> time.. >> capitals,ll atar game, bryce harper homrun derby. where else do you want to be michael omas. >> you want to be here in d. crngs and want weather t dry and i thibenk by too night'l
5:56 am
webe drying things out and we have to dodge thunderstorms this afternoon first. let's get to it. llsateit west of up to that's a cold front west virginia andestern portions of pennsylvania bringing showers this morning. here's herthsbility of storms ughout the day today. kind ever t thathree to fiveoc o'cl time sfraim when our warmodels are sho the best chance. 00 right there it's only at 10 prosecution ance. i think we a good chance drying things out by game time. it's pregame hours we have to tch for.92 it today t daf are gorgeous, wednesday, thurneay, sunshi, 80s. midity comes back this weekend. that's weather. min is live fro nat's park this morning wish traffic. it looking, erin. >> it's a beautiful day down here weather-wise. breezy. in terms of roadse is a clot of closures around nats park and metro on time.o i wantmove things over to a cam ravrment we have big problems in virginia we need
5:57 am
be aware of if you head southbound. delays tractor-trailer crashro after e 1 is all lanes currently blocked. traf is basically at a stand still back to the beltway. take 1 is southbound to get around thaand keep it to "fox5" 6:00 hour coming 6:00 hour coming we'll be right back.
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rn he massive name and new clues that theadt l coul to the ghaun in i willagedy. >> de today. powerfulesn washingtonhis morningack in following one-on-one meeting wi russian counterpart andhi om both side of harsh criticism is is facing from democrats and republicans inak tthere is. >> hartperom in hi'ss stadiumom nationals sliring bryce harper dlound year's erhome run d champ. just in tir for all game right herin the nation's cap taling. the special a star coverage you don't want to miss.


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