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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  July 18, 2018 7:00am-8:43am EDT

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that took the life of a so-year-pod girl. ce need your help to track down the >> damesident trumprocol nt he mispoke whenag defended russia mndling the 2016 electn. >> i said should have been t i don't see any reason why it still the backlash. co g p republicansryuentin conchisorni.erte the allr stagd randord as theheduture o freshs fr agency status. "fox5" morning a 7 a.m. star now. >> good morning to you it's wednesday, we're happily through the ek, jewel 18. >> if you are just waking up here's a live look outside. and it cop tip to make ushour happ to see blue skies.
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septemrnr itl us. >> low humidity how about that let's get a. check quick o check on weather and traffic. "good day" so >>bility is amazing, sunny and brightment coming up, erin. >> >>p 1 is inner loop toilson bridge, >> erin, thanks, tucker, ank you, breaking overseas the twelve boys and soccer coach rescuedav from that c in thailand last week havero been releasedm the hospital. >> before they head home e world in a news conferenceo for the very first time.e s u. she joins us now with more. everyone is anxiously awaiting to hear from them. >> everyone is waiting toar them speak out for the first time this story gripped the world and finally all twelve boys and coach get to you all mentioned youthand as associating team and coach
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reedisasss or dpeel. l eft the hefm.l tpitaosimand mini bus to head to a conference certainty where they will talk with need from around the word. that happeng any moment n and thor i its aredworkyki re tape out ever the cave in dramatic fly weeks and doctors say they'll be released released early. i we getmmediate english translation. we can share wt's coming out of this as boys and coach speak out. beaver within talking about this for weeks nows andis nothing short of a miracle. everyone is waiting to hear the details of you know, why they enter the cave and what was it like an there of
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course, i actually saw this interv gripping interview by one of the australian divers and he was talking about how he was confident of getting boys out and not 9 00 portion confident he could get them out alive and the visibility and darkness they face going underwater and any slight movement could knock oxygen mask off. and they could they had to pull the bravest out first and said date all of t thembe sort of in a calmer mental frame of mi. and they alsoat rehearsed this ion in a pool before they actually did the intense rescue opetion. so we're all waiting for all of this to come out. very drawm attic three day rescue operation. autopsyy, thank you. >> that's where they're expected to arrivee government center in tie land. >> closer to home and developing overnight in maryland up suspecttors are tryingsoo locate urce of gas odor in homes ingo montry county. dozens of homes had to be checked last night after
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reports ever a gasolinedor was coming from the storm drains. this happened in the 8 0 block of conestoga way in potomac. hazm crews did not check explosive levels. 7p:0 turning to new details of murder of g 10-year-oldirl in d.c.. newas will you rele video shows u moments leap to davidly shorting in northeast. >> provided a look at thets vehicle and su who unlearned terror and d.c. police headquarters, good morning, man.
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>> and makiyah didor not su that attack. of four adults injured one said to be in a baltimore hospital in critical conditio condition. w we want to show you surveillance video. police want to get it out and help idectify these ss. take a cse look. it shows a black four dirni finty sedan with rear bumper miinging andaper plates and pulls up into the court regard and four d suspect tressed in black and one white hoodie jumped out the vehle and opened fire on the neighborhood. law enforcement sources tell "fox5" dozens r ofounds with r were fired in attack that lasted ten second. >> and residen were out raimd:00 a.m. really in shock about such a brutal attack and such a young victim. and tyard.ardco
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>> i'm all nerve whus i cam out of my house. but lately it's been more than usua here. and guess i'mlways afraid for myself and children of the community. >> and that's what so manypeop. many children outside playing now investigators were bac o scene yesterday gathering more evidence for this canhe detectives there along with friend and photographs and many others they're helpingany t the can and asking for the the pub luck's help. if you recognize that black four door infinity sed with rear bumper missing call police or text theman ymously 50411.
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>> bacto you in the studio. >> all right. all s game for the record books. both teams combined for ten home runs. they'll never are more th 6 homers since pain resume hit first one in 193 with. matt sherzers started national league. he became the first reigning cy young whi to start a mid herzer had four strikeouts an two innings even as fharper e both at and tinal was 8. >> yes, it was ae. great >> okay. >> i believe we're going yes over to tie land. >> and we see boys right after seeing those images of them in that cave far underwater nowd.
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now get a look at seeing thfo in unis it looks like shilling and happy resolve boys have is one to remember. when i'm having a bad gray what's amazing i have been read august lot about their coach who for ten years prior b toeing a skoch buddhist monk and he meditate askede them in ten days they were down there and attribute a lot of theiing able to make it through to ndfulness and meditation. >> is that the more incredible. >> yes. >> so there they are lk at that soccer balls and wild boards and uniforms on. >> that doesn't lift the world spirit i don't know what will.
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mindfulness.ign up for andfulnes >> and we'll deep dry later today with much lesty. great visibility on the camera this morning. looks like it will bere a g day in washington. 67 ndlles 69 bwi marshall d cooler temperatures and less humiditygh and bri sunshine. soan, othe you know making sure you protect your skin uv index is high and will be a great afternoon. 8 degrees. easy. >> easy and good. , tuck.ks >> yesterday. >> hopefully seem good on the roads here. >> up for natalse not the . wishful thinking. :09, 95 northbound etsell road this is say crash express lanes hov looking good and
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beltway past that point because of that as you try to get to 14 street bridge. 25 minute trip. and pentagon. 6us6 e of earlier crash. metro rail line on time an 270 roll assume southbound guys. airport thank you very much. >> happening today accused russianilpyl be back in court today for hearing the fbi arre maria butina on sunday. oey made it monday where she was indsd on ch of conspiracy and aking as foreign agent and she is ruian citizen that first started coming to u.s. in 2014 and she again ebtd u.s. event three bloz 2016 election on student veeso study american university she recently fraud.
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her time in u.s. she developed back channel with politicians on behalf of russia. president trump tries to walk back his most controversial statement a a meeting with vladimir putin. mispoke and as maureen ume tells us it's done nothing queue the the critics. mo. >> he's trying to meet with the cabinet later today that's whato he's expected t do. there's clearly a cleanup white house.derway at the >> realize that there's need for some clarification >> some need for under statement as president trump met with group of at the white house aftersm cri following press conference monday with russiannt pre vladimir putin and this response to a question whether it was true russia medled in 2016 erection. >> i don't see any wherein it would be.
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>> h the president fix. >> the sentencshould have been i don't s any reason why it wouldn't be russia. sort of a double negative. >> a double teing any that lights say deposit go over well with democrats. >> the president trump tried to squirm away from what he said yesterday. t's hours light and in theon g place. >> ts dem canant hearing to h appened behind closed doors for trumpin and put. there was one call question the u.s. translator and talking tough on russia. >> i think the russian need to know that there's a lot of us who fully understand what happened in 2016 of and reaoty better not happen inn in 01ai 018. >> as for the president he is hopinghat this correction is enough >> so you can put that in and i think that probably clarifiethings pretty good by itself. >> and the president saysha despitet he calls the fake news media the summit with
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president putinas a great success and just a short time ago he tweeted s many people at higher ends ever intelligence loved my press conferen povsh answer we gotta long well with truly bombered many haterso see a boxing match. >> that tie ty soer team released from cave and about ready to tell the natioabout their ordeal. look agoive live pictures fro a press kvrnlts we'll writing look agoive live pictures fro a press kvrnlts we'll writing back. back.
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>> it does feel good out. there today humidity finally gone.g gea fwraek. it absolutely gorgeous. you know who else is feeling good it today. >> who is that. >> ol ydalack jaiquawn jarrettledge a loyal follower on twiorer is other a all of us and big birthday today turn 50. we hope it's a great one. we'll say the same for steve chenevey steve. hopefully he's doing something special too. >> special by taking time off for himself. >> beautiful day for all birthdays and for all you know what if it's not your it will and i beautiful day. >> e we'll tak. >> it is. >> event i turning 50. >> feign not turning 50 or close to but not. reagan national 2 mt 79" and asterisk next to all airport numbers areowaying huch rain we got yesrday.
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bwi 3.35" and extraordinary amount of rain in a short period of time an hour'sime and those rain totals gene news after a couple of very dry weeks we're back to where we should be as far as needed rain for most of july. 71 is washington. bottom line today mid up toer 80s. bright sunshine. low humidity and rain free afternoon and front cleared u can see it well east of r a couple absolutelywe're info beautiful days. sunny, brigh, beautiful averages, cool, comfortable night and no 90s. >> that's at birthdayto all of us in and of itself. >> all right. erin, what are you going to give us. >> in neverg fun tucker goats give us greatews and i'm by the way this is teible too. 5 northbound etsell road crash every day this time youa
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weird walk across the studio. is it time for more koov he. coffeeak time. it's like a celebration walk. blocking right shoulder and lane and causing delays from beltway to 1 street bridge almost4 a half hour delay. volume by the pentagon. 11th street bridge backingp. hour delay sudley ro beltway and taking you 95 and upper and outer loop heavy in college pa2 to 205. metro is on time. that'syo g theneood . back to you. >> hundreds of taxi drivers plan toutrotestside the airport authority office in ar ing reasoned to. they believe the aportauthorityi preferential treatment to ride sharing likerun and lyft they callhem unregulated vehicles that routinely post
7:19 am
saferty and securitrisks to grivrz and the public. >> well if you i comn northern n or fromorthern, what are your biggest complaints. pick one. >> all >> well, today vdot is looking for long term orlutionsd look flock and other issues andtureing to outside help.d bob barnar is here with the story outside crystal cityand the hack-a-thon. i love that ter, bob. >> what they're telling us is more datathon but hack-a-thon soundsnteresting basically what-do the wants is ideas fropeople in the community to help solve traffic issues especially here in northern virginia joining us is rob carry, thanks for having us in. loor behind10th usen he we have calm and
7:20 am
they're going tbe a bunch. of people later thorpe it starts at 9. >> data andechnology change every biss in the country. it's no different than transportation. we're looking to take the vast amountsdata we have and of bring together experts in data science and block chain and data analytics and with great ideas that willet move traffic area cots state. you guys ou mentioned you ide thiwhite board h with fyeda ideas from yesterday's session. two day sessi. you guys build the road and then we take them. and we clock ourselves and then you're asking the people who were in they communities to to come one the ideas to make it easier to get around and get where you're going is that it? we have tremendous uts to build roadsoj and manage ects and get projects on time. when youet to data science you get to proamming that's not v do. swim lane. we don't have the expertise depth of expertiserin
7:21 am
thorough event like this and bringing that in allows us to unleash data in positive ways it wouldn't botherwise. >> this is series of events. anything come o of virginia beach to help ease coneston. >> distractingadrashes we as much as drunk dving. one app is to incentivise people to not use their phone while driving. >> what you have at stake are cash prizes a check for it 000 not only wp cash but work with vdot on some solution. >> that's correct.we e not only gettingh prizas thr cough sponsorships for this we have the ability to bring the the teams that we think have a lot of potential to come and mentor them and expose them to even more of
7:22 am
our experts and technology as well as data inside vdot to take this on to the next level >> robanks very much.e. thanks for having n us appreciate. it let's do a quick thing g g ybere i get this perch from the tenth floor here you can see meto out ther. reagan airport. and trains right here. so all kin of transportatio coming and going. roads are the worst, as you know, and here today they're trying to come up mith ideas aggravating, guys.less >> at least they're working on i >> at least they're trying. >> we're talking bryce harpe will thomas it be in d.c.. crossing fingers sgle wildfires destroying homes out west and here locally we're f recoverom strong storms west and here locally we're f recoverom strong storms and flash flooding.
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>> this was scene after the intense storms at the george washington parkway, arlington. you can see several cars stranded there in high water and some people abandoned their doors are car trucks and vehicle away. >> newvacuations o nights in oregon as a fire continues to burn in wasco country two miles east of portland thated plays is fuel by high winds and has grown to more than 22,000 acres. it's burned at least one home
7:26 am
and several oer b >> wild weatheruiings coasting o coast, sgluk it'that time of year. fire season starring out west. for us winds out of north, north we at. daytime highs won't number 9 be 0sut upper 0slo with of sunshine. owyou can s quis going. fyhiet shong tw you that here ie front pushed way to sea and high pressuture o builds in 0s thisonut a in win chest they ere anshowers saturday and sunday thisunday, surprised, it's time to jam it. >> yeah. >> 7:26 now. >> and let's go r it and see what we're up against right now. 66 of eastbound still getting
7:27 am
and as you after 123 biggeash r can s w u as we move things over this morning 3 with 95 northbound now 3 with 2 minutes to 1tw b is 4 street bridge. earlier el rrad candsh ourle, 30 minutes, aine jaoutnd from maryland line top. rp insight int his free agency stawts coming up ne . as we go to breakre doing wita liook s in thailand. they're rescued and spen out for the first time and smiles they're rescued and spen out for the first time and smiles on your faces
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>> live look at the pretty blue skies out there. going to be gorgeous one today. will h feelum like a lot less than it's been in theast so that's good. 71 degrees right now a 7:30. let's take look at our top sties on this wednesday morning. youth soccer team rescued from a flooded cave in thailand is right now discuss ordeal at a news conference. you're looking at it live here. they along with their coach were ase thed from the hospital earlier today a few a daysad of schedule. doctorsnd psychologis are at the news conferencpi hel to filter questions. the group end the the cav june 23rd and were rescued ima atic mission that truly captivated the world. >> d.c. police released surveillancep video leadi to the shooting in northeast that claimed the life of a ten-year-o girl. you can see dark colored infinity sedan pull up, four gunmen jump outerwne is a rewar.
7:31 am
>> happening today at whehite house president trauma talks wit his cabinet following a summitsi withan president vladimir pin. the meeting comes one day after hn.erump clarifiedemarks ithe o the president said he misspoke and accepts our i community'sli conclusion. >> it was all star game for the record bks a .siopxth strghnon mid s rs it te classic victory s. like the home run derby rig. >> right. >> was last night's performance byisanny machado last as an oriole? well, several sources hort stop w star be traded today to the dodgers. when asked about t trade mors last night, machado sd he hasn't heard anything from his agent. and of course the future of bryce harper is also a hot tic
7:32 am
especially this summer here in d.c. fresh off his home run derby win, a lot of nationals fans arx wondering what't when he becomes a free agent at the end this season? some believe his next move could be worth half a billion dollars. >> joining us now t talk more about it is mlb network rid yo host and also from 106.7 fm the fan and fox contributor grant paulsen. goodning. >> good morning, guy. how are d you. >> we'reng well. but we got fingers crossed we want guy to stay here in d.c. whatre the odds that bryce harper remains with the home team? >> well the good news i think h the odds ave gone up a little bit over the last few days as d.c. really embraced him as their true ambassador you saw he was wearing hisead bandnd nna he of days. frustrati,im of f late.imave hisas beenown. he's atl bitver
7:33 am
00. dn'tun o a ground ball recently we've been taking calls tone had changed maybe people dywere to see see bry ll. llovceee m one theome run the momentum is pose going into the secivit year. ace his agents scott borisve ryy. d harper reeely where the mosilt money the nationals may have an opportunity to pay him the most money andp him around the nearlyn is how much money a c $300 million. >> the question is he really worth that? i mean, you know, at what point, grant, is it a slump or is it maybe a helready peaked in his career? i look i understand he's only 25 years old he's got a lot of game playing left inim. but in this final year batting .214. heading into the all star break have 23e runs.e time he does so how do you really determine his value at this point? >> well, i think part of his value to the i nationals which
7:34 am
different than his value to other tms is tha the nationals because they're still in infancy as an organization dv note their cal ripken, jr. they don't he their tony hwynn who spis entire agree in a city and thef icon ohe town for baseballer. e would be value you go to nats park every single kid wants to be bryce har and wears his jersey and not somebody else's standpoint as an organization. specific to how he plays, there's aoft 40 home run, 100 i's mvp ciber seasons a of him. debates that.that anybody is a down year for him. but the big question is, i think it'sr a fai question you raise, is he worth 300 million? because i think there's a case to be nobody i wts totorhath a payroll even though there's no salary cap. you've got other quality young outfielders like 19-year-old juan soto. adam eaton hittingr ove .320 you .rsplayeor too can helpeyor ygu
7:35 am
o are much cheaper as well y areou better served saving your money like rendon and turner. ayi would saybe you are. so that certainly sething the nation tseu' m hark lerner -- tr ld gu'veoot it mean to be able to kpor say,e retires having never played elss nationals baseball at that point maybe as a hall fame player. there is something to be said r that. >> he will were, speaking ofg hm and the greatest nionals ambassador with the wardrobe we talked about the home run derby but did you see his outfit last night? i mean holly was looking at it closer. i just sawte the red, and blew the nats colors of course when he opened up that jacket to ha all the monuments it certainly seems like he' sending us a littleinnge w sta. >> yeah, reall really engenred v had otu tngs. showcase his personality.
7:36 am
g is h a lot less fun this year and that generally happens when you're hitting 100 points or so lower than you normally ru. dbyethe poiwhnting to his hd band the dc flag or just t scred telling them howuch heappreciate ltiple times that night, he got so many warm great ovations over the last couple of days as you said celebrating d.c. with his style. an hally deloieve that we are gd ere. kind of a fresh srtta ttr deeis. the feelings toward him on our phones yesterday as a radio show and just being in thelpark b fav if i was his agency led stt bore ve hal tlyheappyau i ltas thinks fans very much appreciated theyr morning.s entireswa all star i'm not forgetting he shaved his beard or at least trimmed it
7:37 am
when the yankees came to town. nonetheless -- [ laughter ] >> thatas a wg, too. >> i w know. he's got winnings for a lot of people right now. >> right. >> we appreciate you again, thanks, grant. >> thanks, grant. >> myids got one of the harper jerseys. >> i hope harper is a lifer as a nat as well. >> we need that cal ripken, jr.f >> thatnchise player. you tucker need a knock off of his suit last night from the red carpet. >> i put it of my twitt you want to see it. >> i'm going right nowd i hearbout it. >> and custom loafers>> nice. >> well, you know. being an outfielder an great there pays off. hey, weather wise we'll pay off, too. sunny, bright and beautiful. 71 now in washington. we're looking at daytime highs in the upper sny, bright, beautiful day with less humidity. can't complain about that and a rain free day. gorgeous couple of days.oon. temps om in the f 80s nextew days. ery. >> humiditas making us s cranky yesterday. right. i agree with you. and the hair and just -- like
7:38 am
your skin felt sticky. >> you had to peel your clothes off, tuck. . >> okay. all right. traffic, there's ale dd car poor tucker bw southbound after one nateic bs r sa labldine causing big delay. 95 better bet. 50 worried the bay bridge disable vehicle blocking right lane. metro still on time. we'll be right back. keep it to fox5 news morning. ♪ rewofcal brewery is sending soms overseas. >> plus cut it out the move tst steer ts away from a famous home. that one in fact.insiges cy bith
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american craft beer company bad out of england which represents a small select group of u.s. craft beer brands in the uk market. now it's the second largest export market for craft beers. tour buses will no longere swinging by a hou made famous the popular sitcom full house san francisco board of supervisors voted yesterday to vband commercialehicles from the street after neighbors
7:42 am
complained. residents say the netflixeb r cr brought back crowds tose h their neighborhood. the original creator of the shod people via social media to respect the neighborhood. and all american favorite. the meat institute will h annual hotdog lunch on chiolap l odll t hotdog month, and today in fact is national hotdog day from 11:30 this afoorekclnoc a thousand lawmakers and staffs expected to a tender event along with major league baseball legends tims , lou piniella anday knight. more than 3500 hotdogs and sausage products will be served. am it ott w om oneho dow tht tte >> well, i think i oidknnly read that from whend abo year.le hkeotdogal day like last >> oh, okay. [ laughter ] >> the only reason. >> what are the qualificationski for wor there. kevin mccarthy is coming up with the fte bear the break. newe'll talk about themo e t
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♪ welcome back to fox5 morning on this wednesday, 7:45 is our time. we'r at 71 degrees. we'll bring you on good day d.c. today. >> absolutely. i'm really f excited to go out you the story of awesome herog dogs. a local group training them to be r wteali tfel o miss it. >> also on the show today, rapper ti joins us live to dish on his new show the grand hust hustle. >> plus real housewives of atlanta porsha williams will be with us to help
7:46 am
us dish on all theeb celty dirt. alwa onhe fforeooorcast, but you have tot ten seconds. forecast.sded. break from the humidity the cold hont come rough and it isas going to r afuyea dllay upper0s. ott a l. dry conditions expected this afrnoon with plenty sunshine. so of cfourse we had the record rainfall yesterday i'll sumw you thosbers in just a second we'll be in for a really nice couple of days. today, torrow into friday for our zipry humidity. so, again, take a break from the humidity. always nice this time of year. all windshield wip were on yesterday look at -- remember w had a trace of raiall through e midday yesterday and tn this arrived. most of it falling in about an hour's te 2.79-inches the
7:47 am
asterisk for reagan, dulles and i marshall record rainfall. look at btimore 3.35-inches and that put... look caref at yourngton. much more comfortable.there's winds out of the north this morning. 62 in gaithersburg. 69 in. quantico 71 in fredericksburg. nhout out this morning qut conditions just a few clouds left over from our front fr yesterday which will get as well eas of us, east ofn see ocean city thered we are in a re pattern for the next ouplef win low 60 if's you're north and. ad a couple days in the 80s in fact overext out.
7:48 am
we dos n0ot or aboveso ts ltle. te o ts age. we'll take it, a,>> ra reep beep. >> take it no matter what it is. >> in, look at this traffic right now. >> i don't want to look. >> why? >> it looks awful. >> 395 northbound at edsall road crash blocks the righthoulder. explains and hov lanes looking good. main s lanesuper jammed. 34 minute trip hajority of t volume starts to break up after edsall around the pentagon it eats h. 66 still holding stead a with abn hour delay from sudley road to th. beltway what we were dealing with there was an earlier c after 123 that had big slow downs and then 270 southbound 50 minutes to get from 109 to the local lane splat split. th crept up to a bigger delay in the outer loop still parked with 40 minute slow down 95 to the 270 spur. crawling along average speedsil under 15 m an hour by new
7:49 am
hampshire avenue. inner loop loo good. half hour del under that dalee . city to the beltway in the main lanes express lanes look so much beer and inner loop holding steady with a delay branch avenue to the wilson bridge of about 19 minutes0 northbound normal volume lines still on time thisrao il mo back to you. ♪ >> thanks erin. all right. you know that music that means it's time to talk zip trip. leaveot of believe it o days aw from our next one. we're heading to winch,ter v have a road trip. kevin, aie anducker will be out there along north loudounre et. tucker of course has as always will get things started at 6:00 a.m. reil of the crewl get there later and they'll be there until 11:00. so sp by and join the gang. and get ready to ride in style this summer with our fox5 zip trips. go to now through august 19th enter for your chance to winea a two-y lease on a new 2019 acura tlx. five finalists will be selected by random dra an august 20th. all finalists must attend the
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final zip trip event on august 31,018 in order to be eligible to win. one winnert the final zip trip trip. 8all entrants must be 1r older and the prize is provided by d.c. area acura dealers. complete rules available at ♪ sp kevin. >> helfloea. >> good to see you this morning. >> holly. th yerchhis white shirts left this morning i through this shirt >> no, no, no. it was planned. >> iedwas not p. >> all along. >> blind spot new movie coming out this friday very powerful film i'll let clip speak hi ts then wlllfiter detail abs nd it t look at this clip andr i'll set this. >> bro. shoot.
7:51 am
don't shoot! [ gunfire ] >> mr. hoskins -- >> so this film specifically as character you know him most from jefferson lafayette's. thomas hen amazing actor h witnesses a white lkve shooting a blacan unarmed in thattu ation much it's the concept blind spotting we look at people and don't sul the trul story of who they are it's like a blind spot in a car when you look -- you can't rlly see the full picture. >> yeah. >> you kind of judge somebody and his characterpecifically he just gotten of and o he'sut a convicted felon. sut wheneople see him,know, is i the felon aspect of him a lot more to that story. so spoke to both digs and castle the co writer long life friends who wanted to bring this story to t big screen. they include poetic versus throughout the film.
7:52 am
so t actual characters start going into poetic versus throughout the movie to kind of tell the sry. ianted to talk about thate bainter weaving that, not taking us out of the movie but what is the specific blindnt spotting e they felt in their lives where people looked at tm and not seen the full picture and judged just their looks or who they think th are. watch this. >> every time you come around aster in my own town.eeling like ♪ >> i'm a big fan how you inter we've theuper poetic elements into the movie. poetic versus are so beautiful to listeno. but i'm wondering the idea of th i wutri bakingnggin us out of but they're integrated perfectly then there's aoment you have this line about precious. was thatmproved or w that actually a scripted moment? >> that's scripted. >> that's in there. >> wow. y eah, yeah. we needed to get, you know, it's practical,ight. we needed to get from sit bay to
7:53 am
rhyme with end of me. >> it's practical. >> end of me comes. >> practical poea p tricks. >> that's the life we livin in since the beginning we're stuck >> bringing in those poet yet tick versus into a film without neli too into themt w was the ni but when you hit them they work. >> we start with very conventi stuff and miles sort of throws the lay up for colin toand t line and we bud dynamic more more than he can treatment throughout the whole fm. all these scenes where miles is sort of being aaln tc certain difnt cadences tonfe make something soundppealing which is all sort of a layup for colin who's trying to find languageor what he's going through and also leads to some of our climatic scenes at the end. >> you are the convicted felon, mr. hoskins. you arent now thail proven
7:54 am
otherwise. >> enough.rwise at all tes. stop! >> don't shoot, don shoot! laughter ] spotting blew myind.nd it makes you think about how you look aal people ork topeople. um, is there a specific moment where you -- each of you felt blind spotted specifically? it justetayed with you? i'm sur it's happened a lot to everybody but was there a moment for you that you genuinely justt fel it happen right then andpp there? >> iens all the time. people are always more compcated than you can imagine them, right.n y this through le comin when i was on broadway the earlyarts of discussions around hamilton abou like, david digs was homeless plan living on the subway with no formalwh training happened to accident on broadwayn. i'm artist. >> he trained. >> you know, the was a particular way to sku that sto a that was little bit based in some half truths but like it's
7:55 am
ignoring -- it's seeing just the face and not the faces. it's ignoring all of t context that you're not conditioned to see. so the whole idea of blind spoto you have work to see the rest of it. >> it's a truly fascinating thinis because h character, i genuinely think he's a good pers but because he has this convicted felon aspect to his story line, you fine out what happened and why hent to jail for the time wte tha he did, ani think it's fascinating that like you look at someone like that a and people lt someone like that in the film and they go, you're a convicted felon. means you muste aat badth person or soha rinmethkeg >> without seeing the whole picture. so it's interesting. exactly liklooking at a b spot in a car. you don't seein everyth. so obviously emotional different. >> bliom spot in a car simes you don't see a a >> right. it's true. again, as youhe saw in t clip in the beginning of the hit you saw the police officer shoot the maa horrible thing that happens but it's a really interesting thing how it all portrays because it's
7:56 am
david's journey to kind of meeting up with thatolice officer at some int a what happens. >> thought provoking. >> very thoht provoking movie movie that peo need to go out and see to support original films like this and those two guys you just saw in t interview life long friends who wrote the script together and they perform in the film as well and they're. ama movie opens friday. i'll have the review friday. >> thanks, kev. >> thanks, guys. >> good morning, tuck. >> have you heard a show called knight rid w? >>h hasselhoff. back to hasselhf. >> yeah, yeah. >> he's getting married the end of the july. just want to let you know. hi 73 now inngton. might want to do a sry northwes. sunny, bright a beaut upper and i 8 l promise the date for all three area airports. much quieter next couple of days. upper 80s. erin? >> 7:56. weather is pleasant unfortunately roads have been a particularly in virginia. 39 northboundt edsall crash blocks the right shoulde delays from the beltway to past edsalle
7:57 am
road getting to 14th street bridge it's going to taku yo3 minutes this morning. you're also backed up onee the street tun from the third and 66 has been pretty nasty delays lingering mixed in with normal congestion. an hourivnd f sudle mey road to. if you have any alternates just toward the beltway crowded as well just give yourself extra time. westbound side looks goo and unfortunately 270 no crashes to report. but heading to the beltway because the beltway is heavye 9 to theocal le. metro is still on s time. keep it to fox5. we'll be right back. ♪
7:58 am
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al lthank you very much for joining us thiss 8: a.m. on dnesday morning. it july 1reh.'s 's what's on theoxrn. breaking right now, smiles youth soccer team and their coach rescued from cave in thailand last week. now out of the hospital and speaking for the very first ti time. late night drama. howreedhell a and the record that wa smashed. plus, bryce harper stealing the show on the red carpet. pre-game. we'll have a look at the amang suit somet like wisdom martin were wear >> somewhere in my closet, right? also ahead good is your memory? turns out your brain could be lying to youcinge finds your earliest memories might never haveually happened.
8:01 am
>> wow! >> filling in the details with okay.ood stuff. w about a live look outside. no g mindes here. toe as h n as we've seen andth rain will hold off a little bit. so get o there enjoy weather the 5's 8:05.oming up 8:01, though, let's get right tohat is breaking the 12th tha boys and coach trapped inside a cave for re than two weeks a finally telling their story. >> this is the first time that they are speaking to theublic since being rescued earlier today. released fm the hospital that is. fox5's annie j yuoins us now far. what they've been sayin >> good morning, wisdom and allison. fact the n conference is still going on rightwa now. i able to listen into to a lot ift. the story of course gripped the inworld fly all 12 boys and their c getting to home today but again happening right now, is a news conference wheret for the time since being rescued, the youth soccer team thin coach are sharing details of their terrifying ordeal. the boys left the hospital just before 6:00 o'clock our time
8:02 am
this morning and boarded mini buses to head to a conference center in thailand they were expectedo spend a week in the hospitalateceiving trents but doctors say they were wl enough to be released a little early, a day earlyf. lots tears, but also lots of smiles at this event. all 13 were able to thenk doctors and nurses face to face. they hugged and you know the boys said that they were speechle that they would like to see the medicalm tea again and then they took their seyts, and her are right here on the stage 3thai navy seals who stayed witness bsigned the cave were also ats pre.ct sdtrh have returned. their mental statete is quite good. hopeful the boys can go back home and lead a normal life now and the boys also gained about six and a half pounds on average since they werecued from the cave last w reek aess you rememr they lost about 4 pounds. in fact the children said that they were loordng forwa to many delicious meals. so the group was trapped for more than two weeks before an international team of divers anm rescuers got out of the
8:03 am
cave. it was a dramatic three-day mission. theyoys said had no idea what their future was going to look like as the sat there in this dark flooded cave. but the first hopeful moment came when they heard one of the rescuers speaking out to them. the boys said theis lned very closely. the coach ordered one of the older boys to he knew a little h denish torch and approached the y hthveskimlirateas how are you? he was able to respond, we are fine. and then he was asked how many of you are here? and mick said there were 13. the dive responded with brilliant. they were so happy to have boys ages 11 to 16 andhe coach who is just 25 years old the also went into detail why they enteredashe cave which wyou know, big question out there and rea ally simply it was right h g einlotore ihit t before, and
8:04 am
he mentioned are you guys up for this? theyll knew how t swim. they wanted to explore the cave as they got deeperhere, becausen i a lg cave obviously, theylizedea that r the water wasoogisin lat and, you kno the boys said at first they didn't f l frighteneditas almurose lik ay d about this before, how you have someone had to be the that cave. >> right. >> for over two weeks and it was really the coach. the coach told them you haveotay hang strong. we are going to getfhiut o.soe th now. >> lots ofetailsigisht r comingo it's iblreeddinc asked the teamoc a nurfses, were the children obedient during the recovery? and, you know, the nurses and dtors were like, they listened to every instruction. they ate what was givenm.o the they took all their micine they're loo forward to going home and having tse delicious homemade meals, andhe reallyy seem -- we've seen a lot of
8:05 am
smines com out of the boys. >> right.ea >> and them. >> imagine being a parent, grani would never let them go. i'd be going to schoo together. >> the lighter moment the host asked if they were able to watch the world cup final gam to hoyaiital s thered were lots of cheers. most of them rooted tfrce. ea>> well, the won. won again. >> amaze you thi about the fact when they got out there war a period they w out in the hospital and their relatives couldn't even talk to them. >>ec stisell theyo were getting treated at the hospital. happen. end >> going home now. t anhank you. >> 8:05 is the time. developing closer to homelic po hope you can help them find thed gunman who o fire in northeast apame courtyard courtyard. thhoer killed t-year-old no i wsuoueillan videoht, you cn a dark see sedan pull c o and start shooting. law enforcement sources say 50 to 70 shots were fired.
8:06 am
as far as tuss che goes it's missing its back bumper and had paper tags. to maryland now inspectors are trying to locate the source of a gas odor in montgomery county. ecked a ofterutchad to be odor co from storm drains was reported. this was in the 9800 block of atwsecoga way in potomac, det any explosiveve oas. alyswa kdin okay..hat street. weather is going to be absolutely beautiful today. no beautiful yesterdayot s afternoon f. rainor much of the area dialing back the hum forne and the next couple of days. >> that's good, good, good. >> feeling moreike spring. still going to be a warm day per 80s but you take out t humidityquation and the r in tiful afternoon.rn into in fact beautiful morning.
8:07 am
r73 atgan national. 70 dulles 72all. there's your satellite/radar. front is east of uveing up shine mother nature will cliffan temps in the upper 80s and a splendid afternoon >> i g to plan my day. nn>>ap yishe. always beautiful this time o winchesternet down to seear 82. where i'll bey. hopefully good weather as wl >> ul weather friday morning. >> il trim my hedges today s'lince ink tt will ihi b. es is alwaysrecommended. >> be careful, though, if you . m some poison ivy don't try ta . >> yeah.aot>> >> erin, over to >> tou i y'll blow up my butterd ohangnut t i too. you know. he. no>> in wisdom isax r tele qug. the
8:08 am
kni yowour new nickname. >> i'll take it. thank you. [ in ofhtlaerugnoouteour y loop. thshat's causing some delays thu as w. right knotless crash blocks thet edsall road crash is blocking the rir.t sho and then as you make your way t, 395 northbound from t belt to the 14th street bridge 35 minute trip you're all backed up. we'll keep updated. metro iim eens o know wisdom's super hero >> okay. .e'll come up with that o > i the time. there are new details thisou morning ab a russian woman chh nghtea d.c. 29-year-old maria about tina will be back tn courtoday. >> she was inn dwighted on charges ofsp conacys a foreign agent. itx5's boboi barnardns ussistrtn h flive more on heron allegnections in the united states. good morning. >> reporter: good morning,
8:09 am
allison and wisdom. she has detention hearing a federal court ler on this afternoon. she'accused o tryingo gain access t to organizations in washington that have american ps on behf of the russian government. maria about tina is russian citizen who first started coming to the u.s. to attend sponsored election on a student visa toef6 the 29-year-old was well known in republican she s ahtoutaed moscow called rr arms and hosted nra members in russia. a shettended the group's annual convention in louisville, kentucky, in m 2016. in september 2016, she sent an e-mail obtained by the fbi quote we have only two months left before the u.s. tim eele fgor a. in a series of direct messages via twitmeror ono election nighm
8:10 am
going to sleep, it's 3:00 a.m. .rs.reher ord that according to the affidavit signed by a 15 year veteran fbi special arrested sunday on a charge of conspiracy to act as an unregistered agent of the russianen govt. the nra is n named in the affidavit. her lawyer said in a statement agent of the rusa is not an e fatednal inerio the united states on a student visa". in 2015, shortly after trump announced his candidacy,o he flewlas vegas to ask the candidate a >> i'm visitinm russia. >> ah putin good friend of obama, putin. [ laughter he likes obama a lotue. >> mstion if you would be elected p as asident what will be your foreign politics especially in the relationship wi my country? >> i believe i would get along very nicely with putin. >> reporter: now, it is alleged that miss butina was
8:11 am
hoping to a range a meeting between then candidate donald trump and the russian president vladimir putin. againstithout registering as a foreign agent. her attorney is telling the washington post that she is re rely just a student who is interested in politicsndill nam. guys? >> bob barnard reporting. thank y let's get to the other f triopde to search for psible victi afterwo mall planes collided over the everglades. this happened yesterday.responde bongdies in the wreckage and thercould be a s fourth.e both plains were from a nearby night school. it is not clear what caused that crash. officials at a louisiana zoo now know hag escaped its ee closure killing nin animals they say the three-yearld jaguar named valero bit through thel stainles stee enclosure over the weekend of theoo now plans t rebuild and make several changes to the jaguar enclosure. good move. one o those changes stronger
8:12 am
materials used to house the animals. no brainer? >> yeah. >> okay. easy. new thisning, we have learned a secret service agent who was traveling with the president in scotland has diedf. the agent was part of the president's security detail during the weekend visit. on sy the agent suffered a severe str ae and die hospital yesterday. the secret service says the agent was a 19 year veteran of the agency. this is the first agent to die on the job in about 13 years. founder of papa john's now saying ikewas a mista to step down as chairman. john schnatter resigned ltweekir amedia training duestningow t s company' board investigated the ci. it has howevered r his image from marketing materials and kicked him out of his oice in his headquarters in kentucky. he plans to fight back he hired the same lawyer wre repnts disgraced movie mogul harvey
8:13 am
♪tein. 8:12. a story that everyone is talking about. friendly basketball game takes n bizarre tur inside of a northern virginia gym. >> why one of the players wante police called. we'll headr from another player wh witness the entire game or welcome guys! hi! you are gonnae neighborhood!otally wired . igood? tics can move crazy amounts of data atn azspfiee. aso you can stream,e, andoptic nwatch 4k shows all at .ce kid's right about that!e see! we arnna hafuhe 0%ericve smught about that!e ch woo 100% phenomenal.
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8:16 am
>> just on time. >> all right. absolutely. >> good time to get cute. >> let's do it. >> okay. done. >> tha cute. >> done. >> that's acute smile. we got ava nicole >> hi ava nicole. >> time for our fox5 first five phot. of of the this is ava nicole. >> hello. >> celebrating number four. big fourth birthday. >> yes. hi big girl. >> i love your outfit ava t.cole. all righ classy and sassy.a is both >> um-hmm. you can be both. >>eminds me of my friend wisdom. >> classy sassy. >> that's two words i never heard mentioned with my name ever in my entire 27 years on this planet. >> i just called you classy the other day. >> i called you sas >> that's the first i've heard those two phrases. ava hasth biger and a little brother. >> aww. right in between two k brothers. >>now they love her up, too. >> so cute. >>all right. >> classy and sassy frien
8:17 am
the away. >> you setayak ready. you don't have to get ready because you stay ready. >> i'm doing a little free style beeuse i didn't pen to write anything down. ava nicole, you're on a role. you're wearing your what iai sd. birthday, have a day, you're on way -- >> you can't say day and day. >> what i did say. >> he can. you can. high queue. of [ laughter ] stand corrected. ohavingre a great day.goodbye. >> yeah. >> nice. [ applause ] >>va nicole now you're set. >> give me a fake clap. s the bar very very letow. ava you areeboo dark ck weathertoutui we will be in thepp sidbunhu aatmiou
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