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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  July 24, 2018 7:00am-7:39am EDT

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tuouwe thirnmo s, u reit le wa f frnloing l ts will get out of here coming up, streaming mod we'll erin. >> 7p:0d ghriur.ndfnanrnil tucker. flooding in annapolis right now. detour around that. prtiacce2 it it 70 camera. l'lwe next. warningfira es t'ses r hnelitter?his s, u . nobody hasw ! it's unscented! (vo) new tidy cats free & clean unscented. powerful odor controlwiee t f agdyraes. tidy cats free & clean. when no scents makes sen. se♪ yon at
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yeandstda y no w ford ifgoil the jobf but. >>. it sure is. >> trying to make things better. >> tucker barnesg. good >> 7 radar. twlaz all the action is at apeun d. batch of heavy rn ai artlong 8 un 1dersgarmin octff a again rad alavy at times and pens.ti
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all ouessto thth iattr for our m th otential finhee in very high rning sethre toveri dowou toongbaecortlcr all right. ink ingous orobls insteas msejuu about tho closunds hdenxfayon d
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ink ingous orobls insteas msejuu about tho closunds hdenxfayon d we'll be right back.
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hour ago. ngie shni mip heights metroi station on the d.c. maryland bordert the was a deadly stabbig ofcers in chevy chase just
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thter midnight they found aaron > atstta ade astusiceay mioon onle oklahoma s
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olyade wil fdhatount wabilityms covering this school district, heefuswas my first time in t ed con tns thelbi ste
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>> i would like to think it is. um, having the opportunity to j down today i theginning ofn making sure that we a continue o keep an open communication betweenlves and the m o. um, we havengo n yewai that ourn cou each and ntrents trust us again and that had 'rwebeen trying to talk tmpo ffntralol i oice.ys >> ii ulwot as yto a fix this?wodntt'nge >> wt wihatou ald weee real dor
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have mhanismo a iuditresshe ight. yes,n april fox5 exposed some school executives got raises of 35 to 50 overraed ae som cs for a tala right.yers their >> i have started the process of makingur se currt p sca to own make sure that it's aligned with other f or the future iviromp mistangkes. >> if we've done something we need t own sure we
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studentsaker mig >>nt us chr right check back in with. goodorning. >> been ms. at t fl a asheav floodingry risk here we did have tornado warning an hour ago fairfax county and reportsutihink it was thas jefigh school in fairomfaxfe county ofou wd dama. right around the time thetornadg was issued. the weather service will likely
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send somebody out to take a look that damage. storm trackeradar all about the rain now and it'seavy particularly just south and east the city. soutrnarandes countyhe county, saint mary'sy, upin into caer countyvyea rainn finllgards but the isso north and for better or worst fire hose has been turned on us h for the dayer today, and you can see all of that po the nth tay. of that will we'll beusoo skihowers thet potentr tnderstorms oria heavyhu rain for rsother 24 plus. i think it mayerow afternoon before things qut s. there' ts've had frast couple o. it is just notding beoi gervey through standgin w 8 highs with a again off
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in>> erin. >> 7:36. keep our eyes on the roads, a oi nri potomac moing please use caution tkedhef rofairfax cou ptholyeic standin. practice turn around don't drown. abeway onf oodinga h to direcarng plesticlon northb. we're up t wet, soggy conditi td
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he t potential to hydroane. take it. 66urni int a parking lot sudley roatohe t minutes. slow trafficouestb ondf the dank conditions and aki i parng coll, 43 minutes to fetrom 95 to the spur. get an ely start take it slow this morning. as you c t seehe inner loop bottom side of the beltway 23toe ilresolinne delays continue from that on-going ustpat'sul youids. ho 8.
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s ou va the t's choe.
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gesy p, uh ncen pathe bi reall i d o powd used inno reported. we were t about this with
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ringaltz crakickser>>ar rlisht i okay. well in the meantime speakingf food yelp is helpingt youic p tn . t one rena williams apparently in orguesst whaoo f herband hus italy for s >>thtoasls conli. t. >> h happy. do hesn'stpy take't d gesucoto e
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5 are with also some v healthy come with fr your owetyet.e test tresbo d. s.c other ways you can enjoy the beverage. maybe in atlner than just throwing them baceitk. >> all right. in the hopeittle piece ofis wourdo amnd forecastn seconds. >> pretty much directed atally.
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you know wasn't of the secrets is moderation you guyde. ration. >> absolutely. >> right. >> moderion in all things including rainfall. >>es. can we get some moderation. >> i wish we could we're getting excess and here's what happens when e youxcess of anything. 77 now in washingto it region, and the rain is heavy. in this little spoke of rainact showers is just developd veea h rraiounnd a now into prie george's county, calvert county, charles county and pushing up through khe city tind of eastern half ofity you inys are going t te boern s ioag up 270 e fe ho her h aasnee turned on for t day bheot tnge any let uod g thep s and aoerstr thhe day.ou miget break.
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you might shtee a couple of hous whend oudy it' hopotential for imbedfded thunderstorm i'm loo a developing right tlineheisfm po canavinseenhehis mngnite'fhaain sere tshe l h tndor actyti again, this pattern i fsa more days. phighurress east. this areaf low pressure i can't o move. it just kind of bums into and is t gettingt' all of that of year has got a tha ls whyot we're getting so muchnd h avygag
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dg ed tx. ooodayyminuteut youtit news. >> the c on>>ce tt'good to ing ftunately atocd
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station road atunter that road a c also deangerngckedig o hig ds ng oth back out there. as in winchester v have a. this friday's zip trip t usakate
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resthe of t uyo you'reki t theal waehe c back to meher becau i eof ghengntic iheer d i cia's mison w use a selcalp hse line, yo
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hammer. i loveu to line. when you deliver beautifully written dialogue like that as actress do you just -- does it just feel awesome to say something>>it d you don't have g ht it doefor a lot of the heavy lifting for >>t says volumes about ytheour . alhe>>we ten, alan. a bunch of grown úhave be having thisn berlin wet sanv i the movie whic is a great line. >> touhee'rre job. helaughter ] t premier. thank you so much for coming back to me. s gpreciate ita ael bne.
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the first day tomug g like k and i w have that bac inrv was wi t her on the as
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airl havepeeloreone >> gd mnkorhang you.s le.s hthseeness ucof t theown .
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da tay i to tals. ryat oilsose floin roadwayod er ting aynd eak neireborh t traff iic tn wih more flooding intifley road the lorainhe forto and right l n
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you love.
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nalk p petoleic
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bout crime d stop and frisk framed. northe v large treeelln o insid this morning moreakin our h reg. veraeveral people in their sl h. tips on how to find a how to ke, plushether to purchase pet insurance. first though live loo outside i ete to tell you of the same rain, rain aai more r we'll ha weather and traffic coming up. let's get right to the headlines now at 8:01. tfatart wit ah inct. stor dmv for a few hours now and they st keep on coming. >> there's a look at the radar on the sid of your screen showing more rain notifying froa the south and ts leading to w in fairfax right
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now. they saw hvy stuff now, bob? >> reporter: not good, guys. there are any number of stree u that arenderwater right. is o isowlosed. n take a look. notor gho is in this car gottuck sn i. this is cek here in burn road clearly the creeks i . we believe the person has been eed you can s there's piece of y hator the oths theri.ed doors there. but, again, this is wood bwen road. were over on avenue earlier. her.thing. it is closed heavy
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for the last hourr o, ee duts of indt' thiss is just e of any number let tashahis t p are underwaters morning. again, there was s bomneeoieve r mp ety okay.ndhetanbued. show youe tid o vrivean over in burke, virginia, where n lastight a tree appears to be an oak tree,0 feet tall according to fairfax county fire 8:45 l tree around night fell on to this a house killing woman who was inside. her husband was in a different part of the house. o tyumknow of, and, again, thet authors hieeeed ground theyevbe
7:51 am
, it was tut noarike thatch treute into t the house v i ones we just sawrewvdnalth cot this road prosperity avenue alle th r of these creeks that swell whenlnable or underwater s morning. not a good seen here, a guys,ll ssacro n. bob. very good example of what chapp. please be extra careful this morning. mornnow, developing right nowouh ing. asma far as stabbing in metro station in police now f confirmt thaedrnceas is sti treatment.
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officers responded to that station in chevy chase just after midnight weeer td olit std accessed by thebl bush bay on te maryland side. police said the man died he didn't. he's at the hospital. the the suspect frightening standoff last night that led montg tery county police shoot a man in silver sp after the man barricaded himself inside his his three-year-old child hostage. odortegor:anie alnwick is ve me. ad tha boyer ofnehohbor aoonddei believed to beupstrs herrt we,ne
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fdeuscit t before 8:00 o'clock last 911 n call cameoman was screamie call taker heard a male vce you had broken intohi t boyfrie-yr-i itderuc suh fell you tuseaseed f
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tat the time police then said they saw perwiows inside the ho. they saw him writing on the w windowst appeared to be blood on tolaswi wow there nextt door, and this morning you can also see a things out in oo dr of the house. forcibly. we ceanth tel you will l thatast night the subject after police shot him he was taken to the hospital. we're told in grave condition. no update on his condition this morning. and this investigation isilver spring, melanntie alnwick, fox5 news. ♪ain in > that live shot. >> letrea g'sht r hig weit raiho
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buasinue. rn half of the city. eastern half of tunhety partsfnne arundel county o down into charles coun. we're getting w cheliod af wel. reaw a report us ieenn washed away. so unfortunate 5inches of rain the past couple ofnd a those csy as we've just got rainne8ea hvy ho. the's live look at u oucan yee arll that rain down to ourall that's kinnodh ofere every odut itnu witell f ccern at your house we're sinrtgob b a cs stuck out in, you know, stuck out o.
7:56 am
don't try to drive through i take it very seriously here the floodi g concerns are ooing to increase today with all the rain we're getting this morning. flash flood watch in effe xpl atde'sd. we're likelyct to see aitional floodarnings. i'll have those for you and ttt om line rain in the forecast thderstorms earlier we had a tornado warning it' possible we could seee a few mor of those later today as watch wingl. all. thanks so much, tuck. >> check in with erin c morhe te >> good morning. tucker mentioned allt that incl weather moving through the area so much rain and we have a lot ofs there. not a prettyike tre almost at ad weel. 'r abeocalsuse of floodin bob bd brought you live reports from ou prosperity avenuet because of flooding. practice turn around don't drown that i just one of flo soding this morning. we also have flooding in vienna hunter s road.
7:57 am
dealing withinlo fod cg montgomery county from 70nboutn popes head roavera locionsaiealt thaterat and h slour m don'trownmres toda slow ite miv down. watchororlitelly running inthe r ♪astov t♪
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eare exarolhe
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inoinct idt eer en asi notrmeliar t?t. iniea the and lar adtphere atiwhy ten
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barbershop, ther teheot l ofmisl ice. >>ast w infonhe ter t nd ing.ijuanathecavof the dcuis very goodrtt that
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department and the communitye verin clay terrace, and we can'e fighting amongst ourselves when stuff like this happens. we have to work together and i think we're gting the o> also,ust t perhaps real information that it people that were tdhere. u >> right. t'dhaes >> that's the thing i thihat t. >>the stops were lawful. at the epp of the there myself. ldisc i atone to t ahe polial trehe departmen tnd
8:08 am
about w andose dial logs becausu earlierfu stabbinghath. d.i'm >> thatno person isn grave conditio a ds-tsh fipri ap stioasnol invhavet.d we body came in themeasageran's aft sthe ofs us have gia pn't tan te
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ti it. sono gng>> pose. threy dve.siay t >> right. that's jot nturormaon on acc an sobsequent b we --t nio o t ofo. ilns ying to get to the>> b cottom o t .no realrict,.hi ieft >> nice to end on that positive. chief newsham thanks for joining us asck a s break and check thatta fkeorecat coming up next as the rain
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continues t fall in d.c.
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ju'mst sth gdy oodss her all tht
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is n
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f y t it, u v koherw. i've got to with adm tucker in a
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minute. but just about an hour ago we could see thehrn teeng the sn wa in height and now the three part is cover. so we're between three and to ear feet of heit just in t th sghd bha a road. s>> coming ut f taken over. n gpood dayere's what'smi ahead h .ht note lke itodayit is smeoo we knowrt it's sandal seasou and flip-flops c be the per addition tony outfitfe but t asf summer sandal safety.&ee >> we gm sid w humity ofre the tropickerosuce o.eryay a .th ae.
8:34 am
incextrehtyt vedepilo ste wve livase he.thsad
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warning that extends here out into prince william a fairfax today when we had very heavy rn on the western side of the beltway. big picture and off day today. heavy at times parcurly p aroscp look at the moisture to our sossuth sunetfortunately being a squeezed heavy rainrt s t today wil oflu'll add taio ts today, and i'm justncery somed serious v signs or serious issues with flooding, andsa tu possibility we could see some sjin bthgeautti custhat kind of acrssu wurreayt raing t the
8:36 am
aseb people o witho tod y deve.lopmental dissable ths that's until now. >> this w distream >>! yesld schoo lotd remember s pla yers, can't is a too often.
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>> go, go,o. >> i'v been tdha t really into playing. >> it's hard for me to even be ttng t. >> butli onhae thisheield,re's one rul is welcome. everyone can play. that's whatut i love it. >> this league is unique. of player has autism or some o o rmee n.dsun >>ad possiblee. aisi hone me can be snde accept >> you heard his bind the basebl organization. he's the expanding here in the washington, d.c. taylor, great tore y seea. a for
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haviveryth mingry much, sir, for around here to visll. so thaitsts y weic. wi>> y rigouhtnk y.. 'she t p tv you were like this is great. ymi pne a asessoor pyer issn ue. ildn' pelnt what one on thepectrum mentors throughout years who have so geo hi tspotin heab to provide atlantaat the unitedtes. and for verys tmsoehe sta
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here in d.we als lorte are ore bmba imilphadel sir. >> on the spectru ycouldn't play it en wha is smu you?roughout phycal skills bea ahe e'val skills.ut ite ioment theo northern virginia metro d.c. area. io mp slips of
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touch wars out beenust so imene. stav o gam.he in over with our o te i ysean fein oam programi participants playing a real nine inning game with majorbaseik y . >> against professional baseball aypler p from may joy and minor league it agasein too. if you'd like to travel we'll irkve>> tt's asomeea s otrme.d >> dallas, grg tenth 2018. look it up on ias gng to askor o yi hd you
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peeo that, d y in your direct communy t, pre butn a calle that, d y in your direct communy t, pre butn a calle meanti hel l oatereoudotwse[ ca hu
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some of the blaigst rig. eve nht okay? wech officially add brand new show fox5 weinstein, nick smith, britt mck hen wreuy lambert and marina like it or not weekbat mesm nightst 007: awee o at 9:0 f5our
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enteyort ylienainmflas fodt te . d>>.o hea>> w .argo spr ltl
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