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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  November 4, 2018 7:00am-7:09am EST

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.entedcacuto ke.n ittanks r joings us for" "this morning. >> i'morcoi ffhafo start off thein week. how are you doing t in etleeast not as much as ihinkseb r>> a
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outside at the united states it is sunday, november 4, 2018, you're well rested andext. bright and early this morning is gar cigar tos todhiakor tni. >> i tell you wha do i need tot, show you the heautdlinulest is outsi capitol. clear skies beautiful sunday i think we ulhad ve in advance of the rain undtotuel start coming l a some would say plaezat 32ght t. win khiringtceame.rg below freed frederic 36. there'sk a few clouds up here to the north andt wes. that moday. are. high pressure. thers a west virginia intnoern
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nohwrtesrnte and southeastern parts of pennsylvania and it does look like a wtrend through thes c inin f sunsh dunl terla .omorr fow and it does look lik your monday morng0 or so for a lot of usle. sts lower 6pper0s. apdinopelgy four people bee acanaput ins tree lanemo. on what happened, good mornin
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morning. >> good moing to you, partmentt appearsire.ha tdil smrexe c ctynimuteen c rescue state fire broke out in a kitchene lasni still remains, uthankfully, its appainntly conta to d, anoring ti'llniut some are wake upannts i were arrested rediuengscdine were
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fi orst engine encountered fire conditions on level apartment and firere wasra cceon kind that apamert have been disaccompliceed and we're wor working to relocate now with assistance of red cross. >> reporter: all of this blockun of beac support to the sdozensithd impactim7:s04. arrested to lennsyania dl 20he dpennsylvaniaou,herince george buneeplson icusty this
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morning after making a bomb tharat at bucks falirnia ion afn allegedly to workers tha bhekpt. police were cectahnonician was . e thman onrd yet on any criminal murder of a woman found dead inside a hotel room. police respond todd a call about a possible deathed in the hotel in the 1700 block of g.fferson davis highwaymoin inside that room they found 20-year-old natasha rivera4-ld e poene when police arrived and. lice are investigating this ey aedthre bin clapseddu dsth cm
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the amazon distribution neon stinceb. e wchto whi you i d
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>> another confirmed tornado brought damage to mt. airy in carol county downed trees and partially toppled buildings. . roof collapsed at a tj maxx d>> roa l your we'll t w adlyga syo. w adlyga syo. >> >> synagogue 's morng b"fox 5ews morning"ille right back. synagogue 's morng b"fox 5ews morning"ille
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