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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  November 4, 2018 10:00pm-10:33pm EST

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nndot i we knnow that i w speul aythfi.cers ws herehe hat they s we'll take you sominhie g videow e down the block from where w teo are.i
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he retnee and thre. that s was shot and injured and usrighpetct now he the hospital. e icor, atas rd says this could have been so muchwo our staff were hit. you know,s it' a dangerous environment t that we live in and is daerous. tht i'm thankfulweoterffic kno o m to start noto ves l was taking t
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sholeleeeas b i retend to pa so lgeseed by a popular, may mahe wa oom.
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rape a sftson iern t netflix d 13 reasorans we're not showing you aracy ster, mnd sexua gith sar is the to i af nd ist >>he
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inrynqui may ostver may not be otulr adts in arson's life can s as a teaching opportunity, say this is just amo vi e, real. were this to happen, this would be taken very seriously or you could be putting yourself in some sort of jeopardy. whether it's getti in harm's way or possibly running foul e t will haveucore on fox5 morning. chief tom aerntgomery county poe superintendent of montgomery county schools jack smith will g l ive oshow. back to yoth it was certainly a fal day out here, live look at t capitol dome, nicelear night but
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chilly. >> absolutely. and if you'reooking up at the trees they're definitely ng cgi can olexpect for tomorrow and n or the morning. oing to stick >> arndnoou, fe'o se we th smis, aca linas, anotherndupn tthe m teovniergh inmoeacomm earlier drg ive slower and beefulary' h
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cooler than yesterday gan, 57so 56 at lot goi tsee eas muc flo. 51 ats,at d winchester, 49 at martinsburg, 53 at athis hour,ur 56 at annapolis we'reto talking 50 for a r aovernight lodew, n onin mos clgroudy. ipdocetl anticate th toat w rent clos to the overnight hours earinlieright orso. caer, i ie than that, but we'll have lookar so ao t i'll let you know when you recall you will a see sunin it a t abit. back to you. >> do you recognize this man? police in the district are asking for find ho
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suspect in a deadly shooting yesterday morning intheast about 6:00 a.m. at the sa tayer 0 gastion in the nine hundred block of. police identified the man and say he worked at the gas station and anyone who recognize t suspect onr screen issked to callpolice. a>> metro train this morning is i crical condit to itti happenedioni atgh the fredt a a m ot drovehe ft fowhrm aas h poce d not olo igbiceas po lutentce w goveor thee threats ofriously.
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on comin fus u chel. tpr acwe'l us west point prank gonem announcer: the following will surprise you about overturncer: the following will surprise you about
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ojennidave brat saidthe'd votel suthe wto reduce e deficit.ll of this advertising.xi'm , and i approve this message. but instead, he voted to increase it why? brat went washington, ta ng hundreds of thousands fr, wall street banks, and other corporate special interests and votreet banks, big tax breaks, t nexa dave brat went washington, and all we got was bil
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icmoeyrrise got richd pills for the ane eredomsidr mugthd pills ly cpaindependent senator for thin washington. the washington post enesdoo"" she's strump's foot soldier." jennifer wexton is the er ious an" " substantive".. she's strump's foot soldier." "ms. wexton would beh a breath of air" in congress.
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i'm jennifer wexton. a breath of air" in congress. .m >> lnow, voters across the country will head to p theolls to determine if republicans maintain control of congress. on the campaign presidents with differenctt piures fox's jane a look mzlet at how they a addressing aravan.ion. do you want to let tantha
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just pow i d roneporter: presi ralliedoreras vot to tennessee with vice-president mike pence. mo if you wanttenio natnal bord. re crimeit, vote for the democ. >> reporter: hisndia blasting t current commdean for creating hysteria over the . even the, nding them downcaslo military me de othatf.e rse frbeom multiple former commander in chief also de a stop in if there's no an absencepor
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comped with the 2014 midterms, i turnout.cer jane killed while surfing in afghanistan. serving indied after a n the armyio was the mayor of at g on deny, a itth cousandyiles north of salt lake city. the married father of seven kidd temporarily st down as mayor before being depyed to afghanistan inin january.itial . >> new details sbout theuspect
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in a shooting at a florida yoga s anne arundel school 2007 beforeresi er at the tallahassea studio before he started shooting whe>>a 22 he year old have to be euthanized because of a prank go wrong. aurora has been e air force academy mascot for more than two decades. she was injured during the football team's trip to new york to face army when a group of west point cadets took the birde both of a roar a'sju wins were red while in their care and she may have to be putbee >> oh, that's terrib. >> life look out there. this i alexandria. no rain this evening but that may change come monday morning again. >> it's actually going to change before the night is overnk
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clou rigdy and take a satellite l a radar, look at all the clouds ovnigghtthh, two areaskeepingons ght innd s ecdeni eso the re's rey theth time g tth cnce o of a th. but to the south s we ham fro oand tcaharot isoi, we are goind u seetngai beoi w a ptty we're goinseert swi fgel th to bst o or two, thatould possiblye ance
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w see. temperatures right now, 51 degrees at dullat, lp manassas, 53 at cuer, sam at fredericksburg this ur, 51 atbaltim 56 degre esor at annapolis, and 46 at wes while mtmar is at 49 andti cumbernd and 49 so. overnighttonight, cloud nticipatin seeing of that rl.g seeaiemperatures into hwest,seem5 t oour the n nthepere 4wi s but not mbad.0s not cold at wast night, because last night we had t was for whater es so c s going tora ea toug sot'thse ur goeois. aumblof it3 degesl b.by8:idda weastncew
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mout o because as that warm front heads more to the north and start pull we'sre going toaw startay tseeino st tr time'reis going tve . s we s initgol e cocudy skies,ho at all in terms oth at handy. once we get to tuesday, another in thet a'll have thend de allhat un cou-day forecast. struggling ig. htok fhesam wiu. to stops agaquartet myain whoac today. he nfcas i asla they g o on e the next week ce tampa bars they. distric pa downtin purple ftown womes ti tcancer. the 5k run and one mile run walk finis off this morning after00d hed .on pennsylvanianue nea 13t
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street. the eventh supports survivors a works to raisend awareness, fun and toefeat g dynecogic cancs, aonown canrser the mge the cebelt. is, there arees dollars so that we can advance h the field and so we can also event cancers. itiese race i part of the end wl >> coming caup, a c been madeol on a 15 year old case in the district.>> but t i in t ahat'haou
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at this critical moment in america...
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to live by them. woreas i'm tim kaine, awho are counting on me.gedg many of aydite ponros.ioct cod lose reproductive to live by them. woreas i'm tim kaine, awho arhealth care. nam ben. .
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>> pass thuteng turkey. >> the gaylord national resort getting ready. na etixconal harbor hotel. went andgiv gy ves a c ouple we ito go. it is dneniuttiesreoeg i shape here at the gaylord national. the ice is the artisans are fs is rachel r i wm in d us in. >>here. but we do give everybody bluerk opensn thisco6t thell be able
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to come insideon'tdeyee theculptu csomginar a hugely >> c p olor>> rpallets. >> yes, frosfrhead.
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eall urgen yoll n see. ilorwor: rly l zo ane ti. an tthd fw, ictom ie
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lyouy and>>e n. inheou>>itsowl el stiote d snearanyears. her story breakafte♪r the 'j"promise has turned to dust.""
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"sm je ernnifex aruser "cont,e ved acss t the beginning.
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a fiatth oan winner! a fiatth oan geichas cens ages wh o winner. winner.y me! ya oh, hi ! good luck.
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of prince willm suspecoctunty he was takenoas the hosp. t we willup spect in fnoas a ad a. adhero. gas ame. ca bcoitynd the sta ab la. they were given blankets and
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od afo shelter. they waits ton plaeforeontinuin ly you see it on t intrees, thesky, perfection today. in thehas codeol buthappens whe >> enr right vere rain tomorrow andght.toni g , we apor su. tiaprnow
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mme fo youo bedpa pre warm andun nts te seasonalineagas w 5 thnkl satellite moti, re 5 a49 leona
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radar forkl'rse y hrsar t south of usninro west. clouds moving fromhe skou ath ad weather om tomhegva sroeyms, t h y thave quiterro t t0s ait tma
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notarea, eaus right ut gak. pme eantld thuter5:0st btha you ses
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her f the crredtu fox5's plim a little bit in dbelief. overwhelmed. but my heart is smil >>or bailey has been waiting since september 6, 2004, to say those from theti det a tonycrme a d of my lungs. >> reporter: tony aiken with a r
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when police arrived2 pir oln tyo fff ro was shot npoinhet ny aiken told police he wasde h that wereut p what may have occurred to t causehe death reporter: a outh inurney, godyi
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ohae had t dohere e.cth secdr eelalinnglame malanm is gon toigg teeen t oa
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orin silurng r b e beleddao open inf th most inspr
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omom ste, it's coming from some voo wants to as fox5eln a v yerouylan worerw ld t's ouem'v? out. she said yesecnl oonel after s . ut i theotore roreppeop
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frr:hat's the keyop tpeoiness. w
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bt'ha ti pr rove ththisdefi mc.
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big tax breaks,of thos frospecial interestsies, announcer: the following will suse you about barbara comstock: barbara comstock: "i think roe vs wade should be overturnedhe state sho decide a ulannouncer: that's right. comstock supports taking away a woman's right to choose. she voted to defund planned parenthood 6 times, limiting women's access to contraception. tock votes wit ninety eight percent of the timean.h
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jennifn: endorsedy the waingl pt. s a woman's right to choose. jennifer wexton for congress. s advertising.s i'er wexton, ani prove this message. seen m's fake apad? bnnifer wcoex a dealck leto mas 6ve .injennifwcoex a dealck leto mas 6ve the's so hethryob rbe re etoot s
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ondaybusenty kick ted los colum shootout e thecend g thne 's fit e ta his new
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homee waoo sethe un and ig hht >> leteto jul18thng dc united nauguraame nrinumhis mls debutn on everne's mind mama anthree w? aynehs rooney d ronet. rooney. we are hng that exciting forse this r city. >> thank you. >> reporter: i think it's fair to say you've exceeded exions. have you surprised y atpe
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the success y found heou ye,reen igreat. everyone t,ked about coming the players have been fantastic. >> reporter: and the other ee players haven fantastic. butney has been phenomenal in 20.appearan ces,goals, sevenass. the onlysi thing grea hison the he dc united stty w you h came e was ruggling. hey were in the ar there the tt nobody wants to face. >> an impact int is you? urse h helping them in scoring goa and creating goals, but without the team, withouty teammates, it wouldn' bepossible. >> trooney, putting goal. . >> reporter: in fact,oone
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stabending out is fitting in. wayne, you are one of theer bes s in the history of the premier league. so how do you come her and be just one of the >> ts isy team now. outside myfamily,hey're t closest peophele to met' ands how we have to treat it. >> reporter: is it true you joined the fantasy football league in the locker room? >> yeah, i joine it. didn't know moouchiously abou tt it. >> reporow are youte ing? >> i'm doing ngood. orepter: but you're having a>> r good time. >> also have a time, wa gyne's family. >> reporter: what does your family like about dc. >> it's a nice place, we in are and thesre l >> r wayne, his wife colleen and their four boys have particularly enjoyed just doing rer things. something his super srdom across the pond never affords. >> it's a lot easier to do here
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than back home, and i think tha benefits the kids more >> reporter: there are things h. othefamily, friends, and greenidge meantime. >> do hear it's hard to play fifa? >> yeah, the time difference makes it a bit icul enlayt.h inwork, which is ihetime t 9 so it's a bit diffiocu r: som hieor nex ofisra and dur, ter: twors thlan. ring a medical incident on aa t
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e aciall c laprofiled. an >> plus yyour a pen may ha a a a al t adegenerative disease. e 'rgoing to explain coming up next we bey d justicsome, bo we plidgi wantginiato a flag thll, ar atorkssents with emic oprtunity a d chance for a g.conopoan i'lloo work with any vi c bsild that virginia.wet use weamericans.'re
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. >> we, it's a quick and tasty meal for kids but instant soups could apparently increase a kid's chance of ending up in the emergency room. a ne stud country shows microwaveable foods like instant soup or noodles cause nearly ten thousand burns in kids each yeartwo out of every tenbu scal s that send children to emergency rooms are blamed on spills from microwaveable
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instant soup. doctors are supervision of school age kids when they eat microwaveable foods. >> and your use after all. a n study scientists looked at data from 1.6 millionpeople. eyouthnd f those apndix removed at a young age may not dinelop par k since disease. they don suggest y have it remove s they it may help develop the role in parkinson's. >> cbs is testing out a es pription based delivery service for pscription drugs and on line purchases. for $48 aear you get free delivery, a 20 percentcou on all cvs brands and ten dlas in a monthly store credit. the pilot pro is only available in boston right now. cvs is looking to rivalh arted a aca hard time convincing flight attendants that she was in fact
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qualified to treat a sick patient. she said her doctor credentials were questioned even thoh she was just trying to help. fox's jim with the story. >> the days whenever dr. travels, which is often, she carries this. ric t practice medicine came in handy tuesday night when the passenger next to her fell ill. >> lots of shaking, hyperventilation. >> without being asked, dr. stanford presented hericense to a flight attendant. >> she looked at it and walked down to the back of the p tlahe attendant approached me and said well can i seeseour licen again. i was like absolu fly. >> aew minutes later the second flight a attendantsked for aca clation as stanford worked to calm the passenger down. >> i talkedst with the fir attendant she said you're not really a doctor, you're a head doctor excuse me? what do you mean by that. you're not an md are you. >> this is after presenting her license to the flight aendants
10:55 pm
twice. oddly enough she attended a medical conference a couple weeksn ago odical bias at wh h she interviewed anoth doctor who hadnoth delta enid charged that flightat antendtsro help a sick passenger in aavor of white male doctor. >> at that time she did not actually have her credentials on her and that's when i began to with my license. lways equipped >> and yet that prior incident prompted delta too longer require flight attendants to ask for credentials for offer of assistance. >> it was disconcerning here i was trying to help a fellow passenger who happened to be seated next to me and my value and worth in that situation was questioned. >> jim more relyy, boston 25 news. >> allright. coming up, just in time for the holiday season,th geoffe giraffe is back in stores, but noat toys r us. we'll tell y
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chain you may spot him at when we come back chain you may spot him at when we come back ♪ i believi've heard sssriesnt from people acro virginiamoing. that hved me to take action on veterans unemployment, i believi've heard sssriesnt from people acro virginiamoing. the opioid epidemic, and pediatric healthcare. but we can't make progress when we're divided, when our leaders pit us against each other for political gain. in the senatyo i'll always listen to and focus on solving problemsi that matter to va and to america. in the senatyo i'll always listen to i'm tim isine, and i approve th message.
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in maryland, democrats are on the front lines. with so much at stake, ben jealous is the bold leader marylanhineeds. s plans will get our schools back to number one and protect our healthcare. maryland's teachers, nurses and president obama agree. ben jealous has the "courage to move families forward." let ustand up for our kids let us stand up for families
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let us stand up for our state de ben jealous, crat for governor saying barbara comstock'sorses je"promise has turned to dust." she's trump's "unquestioning foot sdier." jennifer wexton is the "clear and convincing" choice. "smart, serious and substantive" ... "ms. wexton would be a breath of fresh air" in congress. i'm nnifer wexton me and i approved this ssage
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cause i've worked acro party lines to get things done.' tha's how we can fix congressma it work for us again. >>re geoy the giraffe is back from his vacation? >> a layoff. >> he's mning his r for the holiday this time he will be in the aisles ofkroeger stores. the announcement comes just five months after toyr s us of its s students put their shoe making skills to the test. students for the annual walk on water race at frida
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international university in miami.e first placnners got 1,000 bucks plus an additional grabbed for setting a new record for crossi the lake less than a minute and 30 seconds. >> a good workout. >> the news tonight far from over. >> the news at ta11:00rts right now. >> ahead tonight, shots fired andolice take down a suspect. the latest on an officer-involved shooting in in woodbridge, ia. >> plus what we've learned about a possibleen link betwe pular netflix s and a sexualssault case involvingtg members of aomery county and a race to the finish. the message president trump and former president obama are sending to voters during their final push on the campaignai l. your news starts now. >>h we begin wit breaking news out of prince william county. >> police shot a suspect who


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