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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  August 23, 2019 9:00am-10:45am EDT

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it's ziprip friday. that means it's time to take this show on the road. all summer long we've been coming to you live from somef the communities that make thehe place to be. and for the next two hours, we're calling falls church home. >> whoo! >> so pull up a chair or come on out and see us because a special edition of good day at 9a starts now. yes. good morning. we're in falls church. it's our fifth anniversary of
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apreatps tri party. >> we're having a par! >> we're trying to do yet awesome zip tripliin comg fromac virginia, and nobody can standstill. can weay just our dee jay has been awesome this morning. >> kicking butt. >> i love>> yes. >> dee jay, hats off to you. [ laughter ] >> all right. ve we've done a lot but w got a lot still yet to do. >> absolutely. again, we'll let you know the five musttops when you come to visit falls church. so much history here. i justno can get enough of all the history here. >> we got tucker tries it me. we're doingre some scarow making it will be a lot of fun. >> instead tucker tries it will be mike masters it. >> i like it y. eah. that's how we do it. >> we're calling it also we've inspire you maybe to be a part of this little community, this walkable city that's so close to washington, d.c., we'll have on the market.
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g oh, mydness. every time we come out actually i'm like, oh, falls church. looking forward to allf t then i'll be right back. we have a great interview comi g up about, you know, where you can move. >> have another taste. you guys are going to do a taste of falls church. we'll have a dance performance, too. in aition -- >> we are? >> in addition to theseoves. >> the dancing never stops. >> exactly much it' true. one big dance party it hasn't rained on it just yet. >> you see the clouds above our head. watch out for a few showers later on this afternoon. but then w clear it out. we have a gorgeous weekend to look for to. >> i saw some sun. >> all right, guys, fun for good day just beginning. maureen and cori backto on in you guys. >> all right. y, welcome everybody. welcome intod the loft for goo day d.c. we're glad you're with us this morning. >> friday we've made ie t. >> wve made it. >> happy friday. >> it will be beautiful day.
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>> it is going toife beaul. serious and breaking news to tell youut a right now before. this is just coming into fox5 newsroom. david coke has died. coke along with his brother charles was the co ownerstf coke indues but the brothers are best known for helping build a massive nwork of conservative donors thatelp mobilize voters. vid stepped down from running the organization just last year for health reasons. he was 79 years old. morebo detailsut the cause of death if we learn it will be given during this newscast. and 9:03 time for top five at 9:00. first up, some sad news out of florida. the coast guard has decided to suspend its searc forwo missning firefigh walker liveghi ouville firefighter brian mc clooney were last seen a weeing a leaving a boat lauh in fort canaveral heading on ash g trip. crews found a gear bac
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belonging to m clooney on monday. since then they've been unable to find any evidence. walker's family hasn't given up. >> that it-year-old man is dead after he was crushed by a malfunctioninglevator. policeay the man was exiting the eirvator on tst floor but before he could it just dropped pinning him between ahe first flnd the basement. several other people were on the actually.ith him witnessed the accident unfold. some people got out before he york city's department of buildings is now investigati the new york times saying that the building where ts happened separate elevator issue. attorneys general from all 50 states now working with 12 of the count biggest cell phone carrierso help fight robo calls. more than 48 billion robo calls were just made -- were made just last year alone. cell phone carriersdg areing to implement free technology that will detect anddle for this new technology to be put in place. also no guarantee they'll be able to block all unwanted cal
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calls. all right. to sports now burgundy and gold pickin u theirs first one of the 20 falcons 19-seven. case keenum spending first half under of under center. haskins took over after and 32nd half scoring drives buted it wasn't all good news for the rgjoburdan a ree possible concussion. i understand this is probably seventh concussion of his career. so, um, not looking good there. we wish him well. finall maureen you need to calm down. ] [ laughter >> what i do? what happened? the wait is over for taylor >> yes. >> her new album lover is out now. lovend of its complexityion of coziness and chaos. this is tailor's seventh studio album. about relationship with actor joe alter within. you will be able to see her perform monday night when she
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opens the mtv vma's maureen is the number one switch tee in the >> i'm so excited. oh, my gosh. love her. m is it about me, me? >> alws about you. >> yes. >> tay tay, i'm so all right. let's get serious now congratulations taylor swift all i meant.. >>you know also missy he will 80 dropped her track. >> she's also with the vanguard awar mtv. >> yes, she is lots of music news. we have breaking news from the sports aorld to tell youbout the capitals star cuts nets so far suspended from all international hockey fo cocneng.fforour testi posite youbo heard rumblinut this does not affect his status nhlet p star deleted everything from his instagram page also cos weeks af video surfaced from last summer that appead with soe white powder. at the time he admitte being b g he's been suspended.
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bad flus.see how this all place out. tea tgh for the him and his >> the cap from the beginning they were going to do a thorough investigation into this. >> it looksl. like they we'll see how it affects the overall season for the caps and for the playe. we'll see. details as they become availab available. .> all rig okay. they become available, in falls church let's head on out to them. allison what you get into right now, a? o hey, cori. so, yes, course we're enjoying the morning out here in falls church. i'm sitting with pete peru oi he pun something called the perutti project. how are you pete. >> i'm doing very well. very >> we love falls church. >> it's beautiful here. today is great. g >>geous. tell us what you do a year round here's a hint it'samps but it's all year round >> we do enrichment programs after school and provide camps, summer camps, and anything from science to art duringarhe school yend during the summer. and then werted the perutti ofngder them oh kidsnhance t
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that maybe don't have the money to pay to go wre paying fortheye some special somebody nig tht makoe sure things run smoothly for everyo to particinoute i o get invve is>> yeeee c ddo that. >> yes, i completely saw the need it started -- we startedth bar oody camp 15 years ago we started doing after schoolra for kids reaching out saying can wee a part of it and i said of cour >> yeah. >> i've been a teacher for 17 years and then i saw the need in my own i classrooms and said why not open up to everybody? ht.r right. ll us about how your mission fits in with where err in jist learned, you know, not a part of the county it's its own little independent beautiful small town. tell us about how it fits. >> well it's ay p social economically diverse area. so it's pretty important that wy
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not just as importantoran for tn af srdee those kids that might t be advantaged as them to be on the same par wittt a exactly t.s. >> then 1 bar ooody project, 15 y ago. >> have kids come back and tha ie taught that have employ s been throughhe camps a great experience for everyone invo ped. >> what aasure to talk to you. how do peopleou get inch if they're watching? is itfo only ndairfaxts of fallsh.hurc co well very diverse, you know, offerings. >> how do people get i touch. >> baroody we want newbeoard memrs. if anyone is interested.
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>> b-a-r-o-o-d-y. >> t much. >> thank you so much. >> s h yolly,oou over to you ri. allison i'm with the official dog wngler of falls church. this is colleen. who are these two. >> this is alex and this is russell and they're with lost dog and cat rescue foundation. >> you know what they're sing, we want a home, we want a home. we want a home. coming up we'll find out more abou this amazing organization and actually how you can helpey them out. 're in need of not only etmes for pbut for volunteers. we'll talkbout that plus of course sincerce we'rell g aive e five must stops. five reasons for to you come out. let me just giveou a hint. there's a whole lot more than five reasons to come enjoy this community community. your very special edition of good day live from falls church coming to you after thereak. a dog. gosh, maybe i just found i'm phil mickelson.
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welwelcome back to good day at a coming up fo live fromalls church this morning. we have an amazing crowd here as always. n arms and we arejust welcomed o having a whole lotf fun with everybody that's been a part of this special zip tripn this friday.
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meanwhilecan you resist face? oh, goodness. of course i m'm noty talking abt mine. this is colleen sh ih. the lot of d and cat rescue foundation. there we go. and we've got t very eager beavers here that are hoping to find homes but they're just two examples of what you guys have tavailable, right. hat's right. that's right. we have many, many d in our care right now that are for great homes in this and beyond. we have sixve adoptionnts every weekend and keep all of r dogs and cats up to date on our website so you can brows and seif your nextamily member is waiting for you u withs. >> die hear you right in saying eacheekend.x adoption events >> yeah, yeah. >> between five and six adoption events each weekend. , lhroughout the northern virginia, maryland area. average going say on w many pets do you have available for adoptiont any given time. >> sometimes upwardsf 150. >> really?ea h. cats and dogs together. >> where are most of tgm comin from. >> many of ourogs and cats stay with us at our animal care
9:15 am
falls church we rescue them from all over the country. this summere've helped out a number of area animal shelters near and far that we just overwhelmed with dogs and cats, and know that we can get them adopted in this area. youhat's really amaze when think about other animal shelters across the they'rwhelmed and you're helping other animals shelter with your -- with your shelter. >> that's right. natural disasters strike. >> sure. >> we are onhe first line saying we'll take your dogs and cats that were already available forio adopt so that you can lookissig mforon volunteers. we are. we are, and we're so blessed to have the tremendous crew ofnt volurs that we do have. they help us foster animals. they help us take care of them, day to day.he they takese dogs just like aler and on dog ventures for us so they get out of our animal care center. helps them get ready for adopeoon.
9:16 am
and pe can learn more about volunteeringnd taking our animals out for dog ventures oeb our wte as well. >> how do you know if your fa fly is reaor a dog? or a >> well, s jetimes youust have to eeienc one you're ready. >> i mightgus jt alex as we speak. alex, how did you know myt famiy be looking for a dog? we f, t youor the work that youha arenk doing. weppreciate it. >> absolutely. >> and appreciate you coming out and iss 1ue1: o'c ilock my new part of the zip trip thisin that, it over to allison. i know you've f gotive must stops.. i do don't think you're not going share those pooches later but any way, we are talking about the five must stops as we standb by thiseautiful new acura. oneeike this will b given away -- wait a minute. ss ada, miss ada is in this car, you g much she's determined to win thisu acura. yove to wait until next week, t >> okay. [ laughter ] >> she's so lovely.
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any way here arehe feist must stops in falls church. ♪er rs> nu five, the falls church f market brows the award winning market rain shine on saturdays. come with the r mipe iind or be inspired proce to pack for your family' lunches. it's the only farmers market in the region open year round. numberou fr, center. find international dishes to delight yo senses. stroll through the center and pick uuthentic vietnamese food pastries with vtnamese coffee spend day here with over 120 family owned shops to choose from number c three,herry hill e dan familho ushouse to playou iofn th te grt outdoors. stop by the farmhouse for a bit ofistory, restoration efforts reflect how tdus home looked ring the civil war era. two, th.
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george washington came here alg with george mason and francis this owed to the past served as a hospital for union troops. a modern addition it is sits next door to the historic church. discuss history when you visit end an evening at the home ofeap th's biggest retro dance pear. dind evidence that legendary acts b out their meow sick openfirst as a movie theater in thes the venue kept the art deco theme help celebrate20 it year anniversary with good music and vibes. ♪ five great reasons to visit the area. it is so lovely her, and meantime ,ready toou riden izip atox5 1 today. so if you're not and you have not entered, go
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ead and hurryp you only have until 11am today. please goo foxdc.cor/contests and ent your chance to within a two-year lease on a new 2019 acura rdx. five finalists will be selected mby r drawing. [ lahter ] >> on monday next monday all finalists must attend the final zip trip event on august 30th, 2019. at national harbor in order to be eligible to win. one winner selected at the final zip trip and all entrants must be o8 yearsf age or older. miss ada just made it turningda5 to the prize is provided by dc area c.m/co antestsva. arele you're such a good sport >> thank you. allison. >> holly, back to you all right. allison we've done such a good job of promoting falrc m covhue. i'll takeha thaonet is not for sale but you know what, if you
9:20 am
you're watching thisale as good day coming up we're going to he o the market segment so you can seet is available in this amazing community. we also are going to do our first responder friday and even have a special life dance perfornce much it's all coming up in just a little bit. live from falls church on this very special friday edition of good day d.c. ♪ shopping for backpacks... ...and mom also gets a back-to-sc yol bag? that for less. ntross has the brands you for back to school. and it feels even better wssn you find them for le. at ross. yes for ls.
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♪ welcome back to good day d.c. on this frida as we are live in falls church this rning. having yet anotherncredible zip aipre.lways highlighting communities, we like you tot'now wha realavaibln you're watching and you're like, you know what, that just might be my nee. so with that, let me introduce to you jennifer kelly. she is with rm per benjam wit bh ohf you. >> good morning. >> good morning. f >> thank you so mor coming in. we live in abbreviated world. we'lgive everybody abbreviated look at some of the things t are available here in the falls church area. >> okay. >> what are we going to begin? >> we will start with a twodr bem, two bath condominium. couple blocks down the spectrum condo building. and the p 5ri05ceoint >> okay. >> this property just went under contract it was on market for eight days. >> wow. so that kind of -- i was going
9:24 am
to ask you what is -- how competitive is the condo here and i think you just answed my question.. >> so 1115 square feet o garage parking spaces. >> oh wow. >> breakfast bar in the kitchen that hasngeatibig open windows. lots of great amenities in the building as well. >> sot that one under contract in eight days. what's the inventory for condos right now? >> um, it's sporadic. last week there were 17ho listis in the w city. >> oh, gosew. >> a of them are condos. t not a ton.ifferent optionsbu. >> all right. of inventory overall. >> you need to do your research. keep your eye out and jump on it when something becomes available, right. >> exact >> let's talk about our second house. >> okay. this is a townhome, um, colonial style all brick, two c garage. lives like a single family home. thee bedrooms, thr h andalf baths. 925,000 listed by remax west end and it has beautiful just
9:25 am
stunning floating staircase that's curved. >> nicor >> gous. that house has beautiful curb appeal for sure as we're looking >> one unique thing also is that wrrounded byd lands. you can see the creek from a the dend the patio. so you're in the middle of a bustling metropolis. t >> so closeo big city and yet you have thi grown space that is just -- that is amazing you n see why people want to livel here. right. >> very unique. >> third house this is more on the high end. what are you gettinghi fors priss point? this is brand new construction craftsmanetyle hom list boyd article ton realty, and it has six bedrooms, five and a half baths. very large. evergreen is known for ene efficiency. they've won multiple awards for at. beauful w work moldings,
9:26 am
trim work, gorgeous white onch whiteen. beautiful hardwood floors. iet street, nice front yard. >> do you see this a lot in this area where maybe someone buys th lot, does a tear down and then they build new? >> happening all the time. >> all the time. >> very common. >> is that something where a lot of times you can get in onhe ground floor so you can pk your appliances, do that kind of thing? >> definitely. or wait until it's bui outy the builder's choice. >> it goes both ways. case by case. >> on average how long do properties stay listed here.n >> withiyear to date from ra aary toge days on markets 46. >> ail lit more than a lonth. that's not a of time, right. >> no. >> again, need to know what you want, know wre you want to be. though i'm thinking there's nota any bace to be when you're talking about falls church and sections of the city. >> no. i'd say n at all. very convenient location. the metro is so tysons. very close to d.c.ote'haou
9:27 am
p wroba>>bly don't like. you actually got to fund that. federal l credit union comes in. ike them issomeone l available. ngickly give me an idea of the prods you guys have available for peoplebuooking to >> that's the thing. we have l veryow rates especially todays rate environment we can make even buying that $1.5 million home a little bit more easy foro you afford that's all it's about afford ability. we have first time home buyer programs 1% financing. jumbo loans finance that that, here's the best part. weave a construction to perm program that will helou finance the construction ofhat $1.5 million property. >> you know what else wou >> absolutely. ld woup. hel >> this year bring in the check, please.lafayette federal credits giving away a check for $7,500 to one lucky viewer. registration is open on only till 11am.
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so thekilock isng this morning. you can find all c thetest rules there. you onlyin have until 11am this morning to enter. you have to be 18 or older and f the prize icourse provid provd teby lafayet federal credit unio. just imagine your name right there on that nice sized check. [ applause ] >> let's send it over to mik now. hey, mike. need $7,500 for though it always uplus we got mike' additionf tucker tries it. we'll be building some scare crows. tune in come onooack here g day d.c. zip trip c fallshurch rolls on right after the break. ♪ ♪
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>> welcome back everybody. we f are live alls church, virginia, for our zip trip. second to the l almostas over. we're having a blast here in falls chuh we're doing mike tsho it. e fore're w corier cibolstctob o we want to get ths story. this will take i was minute. >> we are. >> what's the key to the perfecw scar. >> the key is the perfectca have
9:32 am
sleeved shirta ng, long sleeved pants and straw to stuff it. r ng as youlomthing doesn't matte. got ajus st the sleeves. i'll have you start with the pants. >> all r.ig shthirt. >> these won't quite fit me. >> nope. you'll take some and stu it.uchu stuff? should it just -- >> get it nice and t tight. >>ight as you can. >> get as much ithere as you can. you can rips all thi apart. >> oh yeah. >> it's a mes activity. >> go for it. >> go, mike. tso why the kids love >> uh-huh. >> you want t make it all the way down to the feet. >> it's harder than itge looks o iterlle.he t >> it is. okay. >> i've got my body almstt stuffed now iart working on the arms. >> this isn't fair. you're a little bit of a pro. >> we'll end up with straw in our hair. i'm used to that. certnly not worst thing i've had there. you got a pie in the face last time.
9:33 am
>> okay. >> this beats that a little bit. >> glad i can make it easy foru. >> what's the hardest part this >> this pretty easy. >> the head the hardest part. assembling it. we can start working on the head if you think you're ready with >> i want to mention farm days you have coming up in october. tell me about that. >> yeah. it's kid friendly. it's open to the public. admission is free andsm there'sa l fee for a lot of our activities like we have hay rides and pony rides. >> okay. >>e have pumpkin painting. and the scare crowsre one of aropmost events but itul p depends on a lot of community support because we need those donated clothes to make it happen. >> okay. you're asking folks to bring down some of the sized scare crow. >> you can oui wdn'te adult clothes we n . today. >> we thank you forng doi on tho put some of this str into the bucket. nice looking pants there. >> thank you.
9:34 am
>> just stuff lt on in jiked. >> we want child's sized head here. >> we're donedylr.ea maybe a than that.more [ laught >> now we're going to tie altogether. we got someri 29 gh someutciut s of time. so when it all comes stuing it - >> stuing it in. tying some knots between the head and legs and adding some. >> all right. real quick.ey es farm day is when. >> october 12th,. saturday >> all right. here at cherry hill. >> right here where we are cherry hill farch down in falls ch, guys. lots of fun. we'll finish p this together and scholl you the finished product. fourau now we'll send it b inside the studio to you. >> i lovet. mike masters it. >> very nice effort. >> tucker he's coming for you. he's on your heels. >> i know he i. >> my gosh. >> he's younger and cuter. i'm in trouble. >> passi that torch, right. >> bringing the two of you together i don't even want to know what shenanigans you've been up t
9:35 am
>> owe i kno right. >> we have segmentllplanned in the . showers northwest d.c and you too can expectn t rhraighout thy letoday as ther and drier air works in. 77 now o a iorkings on in. 68 now in gaiergurperares have n falling this morning. hagerstown 66. down to 63s i morning. still see where the warmer air is hangi and annapolis 80 degrees this is going to be our coolest day thi 80mo degrees here in washington. you can see t srsthetoreak raine kinondrthw ofry towardsront rolnd wincheste pr and all of th tiso -- i'lw sho picture sago our region you can clearly see the front yoherk t arend then just north d west of us and we're going to be in for a period of showers aroundere late morning, through i'd say mido late afternoon. so make sure you got the rain het un't be an.embll h
9:36 am
the a g outoo ofe car skies athe weather we can look forwd to this weekend it gets beer here. particularly by t lateright and tomorrow. okay.0 11:0o'clock showers on our doorstep. m working throughh of the region here during afternoyo hours. u are at 2:00 o'clock. areatl that get lit moren sunshine sou maryland central virginia lower eastern shoryo might get a thunderstorm out of thi by late afternoon there we are at 5:00 o'clock. and then things will start to quiet downnd clear out as we get into the nighttime hours. so again, if you'reis going out evening for dinner you'll be in pretty gd sfternopeon. beautiful weekend. guys, 80 degrees satur aynd you .ven t oyou ncann tpehe scare crow. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> i'm just detectin >> you do weather we have a you want to do this weekend the weather should cooperate. >> we just startede to dip into
9:37 am
70s as a high on monday. that'szi ama. >> tha'rwill be -- inife watching at hom house turn off the air-conditiones please. >> still pretty humid. latetonight. >> they can live with thetu rn off the air-conditioner. it's 74 degrees. >> mom i strying tave a few bucks. turn the off. >> seriously. >> come on. >> all right. so it is a little sticky .utside let's go out to allist see w she's getting into fir oars first responder friday. are you keeping cl outeshere stt now but we don'tar like.e some . [ laughter ] >> okay. maybe not the hail, chiefe. so wre here with the sheriffs office and also sheriff's department and police department. we just want to say thank you for all y do always. >> thank you very much. we appreciate that. we want to welcome everyone to our nice little city enjoyedlloy time. want to i'm major matt kay
9:38 am
with the sheriffs office. >> good morning. >> and the police department of we have another w shheri the po. >> i te hnkan to cha nge. headedll of us here he's for hollywood. eending sometimith the sherif office oldness big break. s tell me what's unique about where we are infa falls churchr as policing and theheriffs office. >> we're 2.2 square mile city with approximately 15,000 residents. >> yeah. have a full service police cit. department and accredite full service police department, sheriff's office. we have our own courtroom the asheriff's officend police department work in conjunction for the safety of all citizens in the city of falls w church. ork for the police dem myself an so we have a very good wo herful school system. >> you are such a good spokesperson for this areaecse d
9:39 am
really how i feel. >> i love it. let's talk to police for a second if you don't mind. >> absolutely. >> sir, why are you the on one wearing a different colorau tod. >>se i'm a part of the mounted bike police. >> tell mmu aboutnity policing here in falls church. >> since i'm a part of the mounted bi unit i do a ridinotge bike trails making myself visible things like that so i like the first hand to th see m. >> it's so awesome. thank you i know it's raining i want to get maybe one more person. how you doingd.oday. >> g how are you. >> good thank you tell us how it is for you working in this community and are you from here originally? >> i am i grew upnd inover, virginia right down thetreet. om motor officer so we dot with parades lot a wndith, the e ry supportive community here in falls church gsat teeno my p. i don't want to you all out in the rain. we have something for you. we have our junior reporter and
9:40 am
a member of everybody dance here. look at the smiles. they don't care. everybody is getting. wet together thank you all for what you do s. pleatay safe out there. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> little rain didn't never hurt nobody. back to you holly. y, allison, youot that right. do we care that it's raining? >> no! >> are we going to dance any way. >> yes. >> i got everybody dance. it's company here in falls chur coming they'll give us our own special performance. we don't care whatur mother nat does. and we're also going to hav another taste o falls church as live in just a little bit. onhis very speci good day d.c. don't go anywhere. ♪ ♪ if your glasses aren't perfect, we'll fix them.
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♪ welcome ba to good day on this friday and you know what, draampeinr on c our parade because we're having the most amazing time here in falls church. i know this is where i reference caddy shack and go, i done't down for awhile. [ laughter ] >> doesn't matter. we're going to have a live dance performance for w it any courtesy of everybody a dance. what great name is that, right,or a dance company. maggie stem is the danceat or and gina o'hara is the
9:44 am
director. good m bning tooth of you ladies. thank you so much foris enduring morning. >> you can't stop them from dancing. >> when it's in you you can't right?rom dancing. >> i hear yes ya. tell me about your dance hoe compangood i've been dancers in falls church for 30 years n now. everybody dance is an inclusive community that is made for exactly the name is perfect. we want erybody to dance want everybody to feel good about ty they dance enjoy it inclusive of all dig abilities r and weeally much more focused on building phenomenal people who can dance. oho are willing to dance. >> i'm listeni you talk i'lle keep phrasing dancike nobody is wate ing. bethat's really how you want to livee. your lif tell me howou come um with the icul >> so what we do at everybody dance is well rea work together as a group entirely all of the staff members and all of the heteacosrs m educor all work at different scs roughout the area as our full-time jobs and then tea
9:45 am
dance part time. so it's allbout facilitating with dance but w growthith emotional andso lyci talhose friendships, and helping them learn in the wayshat'es>> i b at forces them to learn how to do time management and bein i tooy actually become better even academically.. >> i agree we are always a huge supporter. we have the nightur company dancers are with o t usr a number of hours we have all of us there t help with homework. they all know schl comes first. your other activities andee always try t that safe haven where they can get away one of the scanners was telling me this moing, i just matter how hard things get i know the next day is tuesday and'l i be all right. >> what moreou can y say than that. you're f very second sussull if your students are telling you. tell us what we're going to see. >> tris is aef version from on your feet broadway production. we have a company df 50ancers. we have 15 of them here with us
9:46 am
today. and very scaled down version in gloria estefan tunes tlly're amazing. see a lot of is that so. >> so much is that so. >> my gosh, i live for is that so. all right. we have dancers huddle under the tent to be out of the rain but now ty'll come on out houome right now you can pr to any and all dance gods you might know because we don't want anyone to slip in the rain i toll them if theyin didnt thit was safe they didn't have taido and theyd we're dancing anything way. we're going to dance on. so with tha, everybody dance. here we go. ♪ ♪ come on baby, s you love me ♪ >> we' c alal little bit of problem. is tanre any way we start it
9:47 am
over and have more volume. everyone is u umbrellas and paying noirnd the attention to me. let me tell yoing. ♪>> yhe t end have a dance pear. is that a deal. >> i'll make it happen. i know peopli'm going to make t. i promise >> all right. so with that, taste of falls hey, guys. ♪>> ♪ ♪ ♪ we're having a communication problem. alrchu ch having a blast.
9:48 am
9:49 am
9:50 am
we're not letting a little rain ruin the party hereteso t miguel.e. theik
9:51 am
eis is myh w mothe >>ag mkay. boix. a uffs iis .orsn we besin -- what does thae >> it's traditional mexican >>ch. which is with,
9:52 am
f o ourou keep comeingba ix>>ede have - our >> settle down, mike. non alcoholic have feature frol ed then we ensaad
9:53 am
today. all frui.another>> i just j havy members for t success o the restaurantbsolely. they have dones amazing an amazing location. ly like you asked oneu have to tdish particular dish. you taste it allo ] it. what you u enjoy cookinghe t that one dish or two dishes people come back for --oo. gdtnt chuck the chicken p
9:54 am
>> wh th rai we go for nk dychou. >> cheers. ourtrelig. now you've been eyeinweg enter our mug contest one lynn winner selecty bouy r onlydo from now l 11am to enter. other contest that ise with the well.ave as dowe com
9:55 am
about this how it works p we asr newsnpp te.herel r f 5'ithhe storiesox you see in o. shows we know you have a pins and now you can tell us exactly how you inract wit ttus and it's right ncratee you your opinion on a variety of stories you're talking about. it will be really easy to get involved in yr smart phone or tablheet goo see t air and we ky wio. so this i a prellttool tool ng sep keep an eye out forstte the polls on your t involve screensick up t
9:56 am
and> all t.etty cffri just more and more il>> oso t be ive.>> i'mnt ahead,o kevin ika ttwosiesalt y evws. one of them ivisng ready or not. which isin et h uhuh. u ani >> oth ng tne ael a the third installment in the butler.featuring gerar so of course. >> yes. >> we on the to talk to jirad job.r himself life. difficult all right. it's orha wht back. 96.
9:57 am
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
♪ >> get on your feet falls chur church. hey look when g we maked we make good. everybody dance much at them.ok they're giving us a very special performance this morning to kick off goo day at ♪
10:01 am
♪ ♪ all right. they continue to shake their groove thing on this friday morning, so glad that you a with us. don't think that i don't want a pair of those shorts much thish has been a a wonderful wonderful zip tripve. lirom falls church this morning. of course, we have a whole lot planned in the next hour asell well. allison joi me over here? wee . we're on right n y oujust been grabbing us, leftnda
10:02 am
we've got l pedhi ahour as well. another taste of falls church. we're going to haveet homn team. i think we've got someee rleaders coming out. allison, what are yo t going to haves hour. >> i'm busy tasting we'll meet our hometown team and just being out here this is such welcoming and warm community. >> i know. i met a fox5 family memr. >> mike rickert's mother-in-law is here and gave me a bouquet of flowers. >> she came to me. yce, you came to s me, right. >> yes. >>'m kidding. >> we are all feily >> that's just how busy we are we are out h this morning. and you'l have hometown hero i think. >> i will. >> right now we'll check in with mike and see what he's gotten himself into now. hey, mike. >> good morningetill here in fah i'ngghtri down. thnextew hou butve d't let o we're having a good time. and w teke
10:03 am
family wholellve a mys nephew k. tl about family here aw a fox5 and we le ithank you, mom.kimo surthe ier i h don't make a fol out of myself. we'll do a little, wea aren't we kadin. >> yeah. yeah, we are. your forecast forecast, expect shower activityere this morning. then into the afternoon. we could get a period of heavy rain you see the showers moving in out of few n uil s ohi eveni. and the could be sometime after 2:00 o'clock tres heavy rain like we had here in falls church for about the last 20 minutes. although this will be kind of on and off here over the next couple o hours what we're excited for is the weekend. we got sunshine coming back. we got temperatures in the 80s and they're just right around 8. most of ourre suburbs going to stay in heading
10:04 am
into next week we got temperatures in eat it threw thewes a 7 buddy. hadeat m wave. ya ty! excitement in his face. it's just so wonderful >> all right. so enjoy the bre the humidity. have a wonderful weekend but we've got muchels mor church. we've got ourow hometr we got an home duty. how does it look overtoo her th, allison? s tho much, mike. i am so happy to be with our two pillars dare we say of this area fallshurch. let me introduce to you janet haines she'sewly retired falls >> yes.crossing guard. >> yes, ma'am audrey, falls church crossing guard as well. 48 years and retiring after 52 years. >> right. >> something tells me you really did. what you >> i did. i really did. >> tell me why.
10:05 am
>> well, i had people that cooperated with mehe and t children were very . >>ai work at s james. >> i know they loved seeing you ronnings and afterno i gwoodho. >> yeah. >> well, i read a tv. with your i've beennjoying the air-conditioning, too>>. ight. o.anding out there all kindsothn not at all. >> not if you're dressed. now? cin g.are you still doinge >>ob backears t at keeps youte. >> yes. >> every morning i up i'm ready for. d th ahee.m wee ava goode time. >> right. one of those
10:06 am
hoas cedver thears i mean. s years? we've gotten so busy as a of kids of crossing the streetim tes. little ones covering and i'll say watch where oiu're g. >> righto high school they're all got them i'll say look out, watch the hole. here we go. >> right. [ laughter ] >> they all look up. >> they all look being inp. the igmorial daye? ht >> yeah. >> and so when you have somebody that -- so ifng you've been doi been in2ha years,t's my age he kindergarten and known you. what's that like when people come back and they say oh, miss haines, it's so good to see you
10:07 am
again? what's that feel le. >> it's niceo meet them. >> and for you miss aud iy. >>ave them come back and say you sll crossing? yeah. then ty'll bring the little ones. >> yea. >> really challenging toee how much ty've. >> i will just say,t's faces in the morning t andn wor soing to see you f ahellngt you'll remember us much this our juniorr.. ror >> thissor f miss audreyee righe yo are then this is for you miss ha. ys just a littlehirt s ietft >> you don't strik as t shirt >> i am. >> she's not. oh, okay. all right. thank you our hometown heroes. look at can you just c here just for a a n second. ot going to put you on
10:08 am
here was like these are my brook babies. now, i mean you must have gro >> i seen them since i began work here 12 years ago. >> only 12 years ago compared to them. >> only 12, okay. l right. you're the rookie. >> yes. >> thank you ladies. >> i'm the rocky at 48 and2. you are our hometown heroes. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> tnk you. nice meeting you. >> it was my pleasure to meet anthf oyou. y. you. >> you know what, allison, we could cheer on the hometowo he hero. why, mike. >> because we're going to do some cheering. rleaders. >> i give a softs to -- >> this is the george mason ali. you guys areuree app alam.utboe school competition team. ceptemt
10:09 am
ho game for football is next week. so we're super excited a w t ch. energy. i was. so what it takes to be a practice all c summer and then e get right back in when they com. >> all right. we got a little bit ofghow off . omowhi yngou. >> absolutely. >> we'll see the skills of allon right. >> ready, ♪
10:10 am
♪ ♪ ♪ >> across the nation, we are may john, were mason. r, laead a, white, black, we ae nmaso >> all right. >> i think they too ovvured up. bend doumwn right here.>> ? >>ift,et'so! good day,.c d.! >> n fone trip
10:11 am
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10:14 am
♪ yea! >> you know what, this a diehard crowd out here because they are still sticking with us evens though it'aining just a little bit and we're so happy to be with ourext guest great group of guys, the band. good mor>>ng. good morning. >> thanks for having us. >> kelly, i know your name let's go down the line.y. >> yes. kelly snow. hi. >> i'm dave. >> i'm alan. >> s >> okay. so let me tell you something about this -- i saw you guys bringi your equipment in. the rain was not your friend uth the equipment. >>ortunately not. >> let's talk about what kind of music you guys specialize in and upcoming gigs but first, why do people come out tnt exc drivers shows what kind of music is it. >> we play a range of covers from '880 '90's, 2,000 to top today. we aim to please, something everyone knows something they can sing along.
10:15 am
>> that's my favorite. >> okay. i'll have to come out to the showand i know that you have eat coast entertainment is behind you guyin so beh all the shows. where c people catch you? if you want to highlight a couple p shows. >> we'll belaying in october we've got private c eventing up september. ottober wel be at our favorite spinslow on wilson in arlington v have a we'll also be playing later on in november iba we're doing,, what else we got his weekende. >> wre, yeah >> tomorrow evening we'll bet george mason basically welcoming thetu sdesn. >> we've never done live karao karaoke. wel see. >> okay. i forgot to ask about what everybody plays. >> what's you instrument, the voice or is it a base or a guitar? or the drums, whatever. >> i sing and i play keyboards and rhythm guitar. >> i play the base. >> okay.g and play guitar
10:16 am
so is it cool that the drummer is the coolest member of thnd . >> absolutely. >> that's what thought >> most humble as well.>> hat do you guys think is special about this area tt we'rn falls church? >> i mean they've been very welcoming s today. it's been a great -- i wish i spent more time.i' been only been driving through when i use to live in arlington it's a lovelyeo town. >> the pe are super duper warm seriously. >> no. no matter where you go you findt he'l are either always have stuff to do. always wan to talk to you. >> right. e appetite for live music is it alive and wel >> i thinko, yup, yup, yup. >>heeople always thinky can sing with the car i don't care key but as a lead singer, do you sometimes want to say, please, step away from the mic. you can be honest. >> hav f. >> okay. so again,dy go tobo any the college event or back to school kids. >> i think technically it's for back to school kids.
10:17 am
if you look like a college stonent. >> ifou d looke a college student you try to lik >> yes. the band will know. >> we're really sorry the. aiav wtbu tsrip season. >> we hope so that would be wonderful. >> how long hasollywood dreams r going to stay rige h >> we like the dmv. hollywood. we hope you guys have continued success. thank you so much. >> thanks a lot. >> all right. no way you can do a little a cappella thing. >> no. aire r wne're really sorry about that.t bu excellent drivers thank you. one more question. how did you get the? >> long story short,e came up with a couple of namrom movie quotes and the excellnt drivers was part of i'm anex llent drive from rain man and that became the name of the ban. >> that is so weird. >> yeah. >> it's a l.l olir
10:18 am
>> okay. but i love it. soank you g us.uys >> thank you. rat j.ushaint'lysex n excellente e mat'ybsne txtime to go back to mike in our junior reporter. [ cheers and applause ] you got it allison. we won't let a little bit of t rain dampen ourhis is one ngup we have the junior reporter and today that is -- >> bennett williams and i -- i'm the junior reporter and we'll be right back after this bre. >> nailed it. we'll be back in just a minute. ♪ minute. ♪
10:19 am
10:20 am
10:21 am
♪ all ri take a look at the fan cam this morning in falls church, we are having an absolute blast out second to last zip trip. hard to believe summer wenzi by so fast. p trip season did too. big grand finale next week. we can't wait to bring that to you for now i can't wait to bring you juniorr reporte and that is mr. the ben williamh morning. good morning ben. >> yood morning. >>ou doing this morning. >> i'm doing goo. >> so you're a student at localn tary school. what's your local elementary school. >> thomas jefferson elementary. >> all right. sht out. what grade you going into this year. >> excited for the school year
10:22 am
to start. >> yeah t> was your favorite memory from this summer. >> probably going to hawaii. >> you went to hawaii. i've never been. why didn't i get thene pho call. >> i don't know. >> you haveo idea who i am much that's the correct answer. urian junior reporter for the day. i got to ask you first, any idea dwho you want to be a report .a >> babb player. you play youowike n it. >> yeah. >> wt's your positi --yo >> the defense. that's good. defense wins championships s they say. bennett your duty as theun jr reporter is to throw me whatever questions you can. tyou >> yeah. >> you ready? >> yh. >> all right. the mic is is your hands for a r you are now the boss. i'm your interviewee. fire away.>> kay. who was the most famous person you met? >> the most famous perso i met? ooh, um, let's see. there were a couple that came i.
10:23 am
maybe -- let's sts. santana moss heen in from in the washington redskins. um, we had -- i always forget his name hawk eye from the avengersnd his name always slips off but he was just in not too long ago. jeremy renner. jeremy renner was in from the avengers. you know the avengers. es yeah. >> i'll switch. who's your favorite >> pbly spiderman. >> spiderman he hasn't bee into the studio maybe we'll get him in before too long. i'd say jeremy renner the most famous i personally met in the studio. >> cool. what is the -- a journalist you must get to travel a lot. where is the coolest place you've got to go. >> that's seize one few years back w had total eclipse where the moon moves into front of the sun and you get that nice little halo around it they sent me down sthou we were in rockhill, south carolina, and i have never seen ything as incredible as the full solar eclipse. we saw there. so that's the coolest p i've
10:24 am
ever been sent. >> cool. also, i'm going into third what did you want to be when you wereraoing into thirdde. >> i wanted to b the a police officer. ai always wanted to be firefighter. and i thought i would do somethi along that route. i didn't ever reay plan on doing reportingitntil atle later on in sometim les just fal tinto place. that's happened with me. >> cool. >> i also whatr is you favorite. ice cream f >> that's easy. you know birthday cake. >> yeah. >> i love bdairth it's dusicio from cold stone creamy. i don't know if we're allowed to give shout outshe i loveir >> also, what is your favorite spy.t to >> favorite sport to play is lacros. i played lacrosse since i was pretty young. since late middle school early high school but so that's been like ten years now. l right.ot ofal fun.
10:25 am
we're out of time. how dl. that fee >> great. >> great gd. bennett you did awesome job. congratulations, i think you'd be a good reporter ifoe basketball thisn't work out. i have a feeling it will for you. cool? right. that'sll>> our junior reporter. bennett williams everybody much we'll send it over to holly. kiwhat young on right now. >> this is a little something i whipped up ick mike, i don't know if my spare time in between my segments. okay, it wasn't me. it was this other hometown teamw thate're higher lighting this morning. these young brilliant minds designed this robot and we're going t talk about how it's ans, and how in the world did they do it? t's all coming up next on good day at 1. don't anywhere. ♪ ♪ alright, so this is how it's gonna go down.
10:26 am
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10:28 am
b well welack to good day at 10a our trip sip this frid is ifalls church, virginia. we hav had some impressive people come out this morning. someey v pereople and right now we've got i his pable pittable and assume pr smart. s p homeea tn owtogether and thi ut dpee' hsan mgteagllin me a lt
10:29 am
had to do. >> the kids had six weeks to build the robot. they got the game first weekend in january afterix imr fo.this thing had to be reay le who >> yup. >> and then what you will does it have to do? y ou -- et t>>hey knows. they're smarter. is that what you're telling me. >> yeah. you steju but theyork. k you remember one of the drivers, right >> okay tell me your name. ben.l >> ben, tel me about driving this baby. >> so we have two different drivers me and jk. >> uh-huh. >> jack controls the movement to the robot oy control the >> okay. so when you guys were designing, doou all participate in that or do you just work on one certain function? >> um, it's a team effort to design the robot we all delegate different parts of the people to differenteople. one person might design the someone could design the electronics or the lift it's a
10:30 am
team effort. >> we should say mother smarts because she mad it rain which makes us not be able to actually demonstrate the tbuellt did you on the project. >> well my name is sarah and i'm mechanic. but i'm also the head of out reach on this team. >> so what exactly, wha makes this one so special? >> this robot. >> um, i think the fac thate all got to wfek on difnt toth kerind of a calljust come it our own. for example, i worked on the arm with a couple of my fellow teammates't, and i know, it just felt like a collective effort, but i proud of my own individual work. great.'s really i want to get everybody in. tell me about the name. >> of the robot. >> so wen't actually like give the robot a name this year. but basically it's we have a co osut ed. can you say it on. >> um, but yeah building athotfr
10:31 am
k. a lot of time and dedication, so when something goes wrong, we l have to work together to fix it, um, so y there were lot of renditions. a lot of additions that we made on this robot. the original one does not look like w this. e went through a lot. it was a tou proce too a much ao a. i understand. t 1418 what doesha under organization at first.ur o tey just givevery e >> they assign you go with it. >> how did you do that competition. oc we ad>> world championsps cmpionshu made to the >> so for t herhad a ha the primary purpose of making sure don falle cargo ship or rocket ship we could score points that way. your robot succeed?s it to watch
10:32 am
pretty satisfying. the sands aree iklyrealld champ. >> you rearedy toe' bring anotho build along. we'rheng goi to pieces and build ather one. >> the next goal hopefully to primove we learned our brighds if are at hw there'orld champions ships and thens there's being named te tomorrow town's team. it really close second but any way,hat we want to go ah wead ahnd tue c ganiv put thr room and y houopulef for nexuyoa expiration that you truly are. let's send it over to allison. hey, holly. right here withnhi ts falls chu. so amazing about thie question. satsl
10:33 am
walkable, and close to the city. so it's got it all. >> iat suspect a place to raise a great daughter. ar ]enpp all right. sir, en therc >> cit connected. in a small city.outh ye non-pro. thsce wolork together oddui community. what do you love about fallschu? >> well, withverybody has said but ii lov can w here,al take yoga class at the mount of community center the new restaurants working ands it's nestled between arlington and fairfax. ing.ood morning, sir, how youdo >> doing great good what's on your merd. >> you being h at fox5 being out he. it's excellent. there's bowling, picnics there's park it's a great communi. >> six? here for a cspltye. mina
10:34 am
and our chi andnldappy aoy.rom goodeo pries als.ways be kind muchng
10:35 am
to.mething that'or t crch nvery. easiest and move important thg in live to be kind. all righte . wedg much more action out of falls church. comi n and twoews ovieheat t wed kevin is sharing his reviews of aady or not ndfallen. plus angel star gerard tler will be joini us live to talk about all the detls of the latest installment in the banning franchise. we cannot wait. it's so excitin exciteing. t's view our brand new fox5 fan cam. people in falls churchwi sho us the you, too. you're wching good dayt 10a. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ this is annie.
10:36 am
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♪ i just came t get a i have to ll the others.
10:39 am
ouno, don't. you can help me, please.nd >> this doesn't well for you. i just don't want toe the one to serve you up. >> daniel, i'm begging you -- >> i have goosebumps this is a ewclip from the horror comedy ready n orot. in new bride has to survive killer game of hide and seek and we do meaayedyh s ho so stranngt whoa, whoa. >> thisolsutely insane what a concept. so it's cool because like you don't get a lot of fre original movie have been done before but i hadn't seen done like this. >> in this way. >> essentially, on the day of her wedding samar weaving place the leading character names grace she get a wealthy family.e a br trying to survive a
10:40 am
that is being played by her inws . so essentially the in laws they think that there's some type of, um -- >> curse. >> element or curse that if the don't play this game when someone new joins the family they all die. she hap pns toull the card for hide and seek a you'r seeing here which is the only gam what i understand that lea hoteg else it would have been fine. >> my goodness. >> now seep in mindhe does not know this. when they pulls that card she t gin winly --his is her wedding night by the way. she ginly goes around to actually hide and then realizes they're all coming after her inm aderous with. >> in real way. >> it's very vy well done. very very not for kids. very violent but also finds a strangely comedic toneha tt somehow works samarra weaving is absolutelymazing in this movie movie. i really really think she's one of the best working today. she's going to be in the new
10:41 am
bill and ted mie. highly rem this film because it is very very unique. four out o five for ready or not. i'm actuallyin thi about going 4.5 out of five now that i'm talking about the more and more. i just saw it last night. s >> it reex with you. >> it's really great. it's really really unique. cool a. ll right. another exciting movie to tell you about this one is also out this t weekhe third chapter of the fallen trigy angel has fallen. take a look. >> what is that? >> is at -- they bats? ♪ >> all right this tim around secret service mike banning finds hill self framed for an assassinatn attempt on the president, of course, we know this is kind of -- that it's what's been woven throughout the
10:42 am
trilogy. >> yeah. >> but we're very luckyo be able to join jirad butler live to talk about this exciting third installment. good morning, gerard. >> hey, cori, hey kevin. good morning. i saw the film a last nightdded to your box office for the heekend,nd i mean i'm a big fan ofse films in regards to the acon and the practical ef cgi particularly to sequence w just saw with the drone sequence the facial recognition. there's really powerful moment in that sequence where your character sends murphy -- sent the prepped to the water and essentially take the missile and ity rkind of shows this idea this amazing idea o what these people do for our country. can you talk about kind of like tting in point across in the mif ole film at the same time? >> yeah, i think we really endafed to many examine some thh ptsd. >> yes. >> also just to be make kindf
10:43 am
note of the service that these people do for their country that is unnoticed every day. you kn, and the armed forces and secret service and police, um, and that moment of sacrifice when it ces down to it, they got to do their job and lay down their live to save the president, and it'ser powerful, and that's kind of mike banning's journey the whole way through these three movies, but this one we definitely got a lot deeper. lot more personal an lot moreed heart. >> gerard, as you start to s the success of this franchise yd touo develop throughout the films, do you get to have more say i his narrative and the chang that uease ioviesroce sdudo when wea stru ctue creating thi characterllnd hum
10:44 am
e wayors if anything in this movire oudi ct the even more and give it this element of truth and we would sit for hours just talking onel cuen to us and i think t it's but powerful experience. v >> gerard is working with rick e called greenland i want to talk to you nick nolte my favorite scene in thegir e antwaye takese inds the. you and your father nick nolte's character are being traed down and a bunch of explosions are going off. i mean this scene.e >> every. >> to me was seen that made the entire film worth seeing. it was just so awesome does the dialogue and make sure you stay throuhe the credits t audience there's a special scene with him and nick a welch talk about that relationship and kind of that was a really cool they
10:45 am
knowou guys got to do together i thought. >> oh, my god. that was one of the most fun n couple oights i've ever had filming. one just working with nick, um, you know as a father, as this damaged mind and soul that's a vietnam vet gone off grid, and what that did to our this mountain and he's been up n to a o u attacked, scene io ae laugh or cheerapr cl l sin name ma for a long time. it's ver-- [ laughter >> it's awesome. >> to be in the middle of tvese explosions ary time -- because it's bakely when i'm gone too far? am i actuallyave htlaug get that visceral fhings?
10:46 am
reacrom audience get film. who was amazing.nelson i know he was a technicalvi adr on the film, and i thought it wasrilliant to talk to him about -- he has cameo on the film for people who look out for him he's awesome. but i wanted to talk to you haout t idea of when you're dealinea withl secret service members and you're dealing with a movie that deals with secret serv how are you balancing not giving away actual secrets? >> u that's a good question. it'somhing -- there's certain things they say he can't o can't tell you that irrelevant yeah, we can tell you that but we ct 't put tha the movie. surprised. like i remember when we me a he olympus that the two had on t planned this how the sf you were going to take the white house this ihat you would have to do. i was surprised thay saidt. i was like you can't take down the whitouse. that's impossible.
10:47 am
but, um, mickey was incredible. actually turned out to be a rprisingly talented y actor asl. wel great. we got to let you go. th worldan t tere york characteran and joh tlowigickes i need this to ham you and ian new receives sepl.ea called wick has fallen or [ htgatthe >> that sound like a goodde i >> yeah, man.o tayou soon. congratulations. >> thank you, guys. >> of course just can catch angel has fallen it is in theaters right now. >>yeah. i saw the film last night i was& talking to him just now about cene.ick nolte i'm telling you right nuse -- nick nolte know, he hasn't been in ton of films recently. >> yeah. >> he wasreat in warrior which is mma film.s but there' a scene as he referred to so nick nolte plays his father in the film. er uh-huh. >> vietnaman kind of off the grid for a long time. when they go to this ment, him
10:48 am
and many mike banning team up. >> it looked so epic. >> for an act mnent. so it's father and son two different w backgrounds, fighting these bad same time and it is awesome. >> it is everything action fans want. >> to me this movie workse becaus the act. there was some dialogue was ale dizzy at times but overall i think it's a fun action movie i gave a 3.5 out of five. cut down a little bit on it make make an hour 40 but overall i was very veryss impressed witne action and rick did aooutle grdt of the movie. >> a nice third part to t i trilogy. >>s a solid return back to the what i loved about olympus. i wasn't a huge fan o london but i loved oh let me l limb pus felt about olympus has fallen >> there of it. things to do thisyo weekend if u won't head out sighted forow on this friday let's head back outside to falls church for our zip trip. what areetou guys gng into now? pplause ]and we cannot believe that our time is almost coming to an end.
10:49 am
>> right. >> it has b lot ofun. we have a lot of thank us. our first thank you goes to matthew, dj pumping u up the entirebsolely. he's been excellent. also we goto to jenny carol and the only numberublic libraryn falls churreha wthe t is the mary riley styles public library. i have one more. to mrs. judy robertson the entire staff at elementary school. good morning.>> >> um-hmm. yes. good morning. >> nowe'll w. this is dave and he has two restaurants, writ? f i do. >> herealls church. >> i. to clarendon's beach shake and lazy mike's deli cass tess zen.t >> it's name a you. >> he's myather,. >> claire and donai. who're. >> no chair. >> who is don. >> there don. >> we hoped the restaurant in clarendon and we name the
10:50 am
restaurant after clareon. >> there's a dave and row beck becca. >> brilliant. >> love it. you are business with your sister with the other restaurant, is that correct? >> that's true. we bothh own bot restaurants. >> both of them. it's famil affair. >> we both see a lotfach on the. >> they have two restaurts theyo their own restauran. >> that's what's hag. >> tell you about your specialties. what people come in for. >> the bla ma hee, ma hee blackened and brown rice, black beans and corn c las and cabbageortiixturell. and spicyrs if you s >> pound of peel and eat shrim shrimp ashet coast. >> jum ebo. >> very big we get ours 90% af the shrimpround from southeast asia always from the texas gulf
10:51 am
coast. fromri ala of mexico they're awesome. t they're op sellers for they're oulici s .. this don donger a blackened -- sorry, half pound .amburger >> whoo! >> it comes with fries on top is a creamy shrimpi scamp sauce. >> did you just hear the crowd. >> they're like whoo, that's what i'm talking >> a crowd's favorite. >> this just seems like summotime and the beach t me. is that a favorite for you? i mean your whole thing is ease seize going and delicious and summertime. spirit of your menus. 1 00%. my sister and i from north this restaurant in florida there's a few of them around here there's noteal nil when we opened this, we found out that there was not a lot of choices i came back fm florida for visiting not a lotch of ces here for good seafood
10:52 am
for reasonable price whole family we have all kinds of stacks and stacks of high chairs. an have aam greatily time and out wery reasonably that's wt we really had y b familouetchoicesg arthur tree cher's neither of s. that's who we'refat. h ceg erins franchise many opportunity with lazy mike's. >> i'm definitely ready to o back to flori if you want a franchise i'mll a in. >> i can hope one atox5. >> lazy mike's we have homemade ice cream started out lazy c sunday ilarendon as well and we make ice cream lazy sunday for 23ears and lazy mike's is the third of lazy sunday. we added the deli we make own corned day beef and all day br tkfast. >> f rest of you have to out co and visit. this isheave, t best gone down salesman in falls church. nice to meet you. ou>> thank. [ cheers and applause ]
10:53 am
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will join him a little want.atei wiing. we were jus-- >> let's fols d church. hey, guy hey. >> we have a huge problems. >> huge pblem. we have one>> jt one. >> we have a crowd of people heat want one shirt. what are we going applause ] >> we're going to give these >> aww. [ laughter ]eahank finlsgs chur. they were amazing. this is ourny last. >> two give aways.
10:57 am
>> we got like three minutes to. go, go, go.
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