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tv   ABC Eyewitness News at 530 PM  ABC  January 13, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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anna: major changes on the way for people trying to get onto fort bragg. joel: a drivers license may log -- may no longer qualify as acceptable identification. >> these changes are a result of a post-9/11 law that basically cracked down on identity fraud. many states have not complied with this law yet but the feds have offered and october extension to put everything in place. that has resulted in the changes you see now on fort bragg. illinois, new mexico and washington, if you hail from any of these states and want to visit fort bragg, you will need more than a drivers license, effective immediately. a law was passed by congress in
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the government says the licenses issued by these five states don't meet standards. acceptable forms of id include a passport, a permanent resident card, or a machine-readable immigrant visa or an employment photo. >> obviously this is fresh and there is only been one reported problem of someone having illegal access to fort bragg today. if you have a north carolina drivers license you are ok and if you have the new dod id you are also fine, but if you have visitors coming in from any of those five states, you will want to remind them that they will
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anna: an attorney accused of crossing and ethical line undergoing extents -- intense cross-examination. is it first of -- discharged of violating rules of conduct. >> you can see the relief at the end of her testimony in this hearing. she spent tuesday afternoon and the first part of this morning's session answering questions on her relationship with a man convicted of murder. part of the case was scientific evidence. a process -- process used during cross-examination. >> it was your opinion that his innocence had already been
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>> the state says she did not return it when she realized her mistake and send it off for testing after other requests were denied. testing from the hairs used to convict him, if not to declare him innocent. >> they did not establish a link with dna at a crime scene. but she is under the microscope here. >> she could be reprimanded or discharged. joel: new information about
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anna: plus an mlk event, and construction of a mega-church is underway. joel: new information on a double shooting. we now know they are connected. officers found two people shot. a couple of miles away police found a car with a little holes in a parking lot. police said that was the victim parked car. the two people shot are expected to recover. police have not released any suspect information. anna: city and county employees to part in an event to mop -- to honor dr. martin luther king junior. they gathered at first presbyterian church to remember his legacy.
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pastor of the baptist church. joel: today they broke ground on the church is slated for completion in 2017. still ahead, the cdc warning right now across north carolina. anna: and now to cough syrups for children are being recalled. we'll explain the dangers just ahead. joel: just ahead, troubleshooter diane wilson was a story you need to see. first here istisha with a look at what is coming up at 6:00. tisha: what we are discovering as the countdown to powerball is happening right now. probably city council heading to charlotte on the train and under
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why the mayor says the $31,000 tree is necessary.
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criticized f>> the dosage cup included in the box had incorrect markings, leading to fears that children may be given to much medication. the over-the-counter cough
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na batches sold in nine different stores. here's a list of those stores. >> he says if you have these products, just use a kitchen spoon to measure the medicine for your child. he also recommends two teaspoons of honey before bed for a cough for children two years and older. joel: general electric says it's moving its headquarters from connecticut to boston. the ceo said the decision came after reports that connecticut intended to raise their tax rates. he also said it is a better environment for ge. they also plan to sell its fairfield, connecticut offices as well as its iconic 30 rockefeller center building in new york city. anna: just minutes after alabama
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national championship, some of the players were ready to celebrate with it trip to the -- trip to the white house. in 2009, 2011, 2012 and now 2016. this will be the last college football team visit since -- in president obama's final term. the trip generally takes place in the spring. the president seems to love sports so much. effort to rally support and votes. and a reminder about the oscar nominations that will be announced tomorrow morning. you can see it right here live
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joel: the republican candidates will face off in a debate
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anna: on the democratic back much harder.
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headlines across the state, including additional security at a north carolina high school after a brawl. joel: plus a father's forgiveness for a man who took his sons life. anna: let's start inland north county with a big role inside a high school cap and syria -- cafeteria. six students were arrested. you can see in the video students throwing punches, kicking each other in the cafeteria while others are standing on tables watching the whole thing. one student suffered a minor injury. the sheriff says more arrests are coming. joel: a grieving father in lexington has a touching message for the man who killed his son. according to police, the 21 year old was walking south on the
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he died monday from his injuries. mark strickland took to social media to forget the driver of the car, saying i was told that you stayed with my son and called for help. i want you to know that i don't blame you, accidents happen, and you stood up and took responsibility like a man. anna: just days away from the big playoff game in charlotte. the panthers will face off against the seattle seahawks. if you don't already have a hotel room, you might be in trouble. the panthers game is ringing advance and a lot of other groups like sports network who have been booking a lot of rooms for several days. chances are you will have to go further out. as you gear up for the sunday game, remember our team will bring you all the action on the
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the panthers face the seattle seahawks. mark armstrong will be there, he is always right there. it's a lot of fun to see. we made it there really cold day today. now we have to deal with rain. >> sunshine and warmer temperatures will feel pretty good, back in the 50's after only in the 40's and in some cases 30's for highs today. temperatures are falling fast and will continue to do so for the next several hours. one computer model just keeps us in the low 30's. it will probably dip into the 20's during the evening hours.
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there is fayetteville, 44 degrees right now with a lot of sunshine. it was on the cold side near the virginia border. holding at 41 at rdu as of 5:00. probably at 6:00 reading. you'll need that heavy winter coat if you're going to be out and about this evening. about 28 in raleigh, 27 in durham, 28 at clinton and 29 in fayetteville. just a little bit below average. temperatures fall fast this evening and then sort of level loft. it warms up nicely into the low 50's by midday and low to mid 50's into the afternoon hours with definite warming. boosting our temperatures to a
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mostly sunny skies, a light southwest wind, upper 50's in fayetteville with sunny skies. 52 degrees in roxboro. and i stayed tomorrow but rain comes away friday. low pressure will run up the east coast, and temperatures will be way above freezing. as we go through the day, our model doesn't have the rain coming in until after or during the evening rush. i would say more like midafternoon into late afternoon, steady rain through the evening hours and overnight. half-inch to maybe an inch of rain but by saturday morning it is gone and temperatures are in the 40's. a nice smile day on saturday. right now sunday looks dry. after sunday, a big dip in the
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-- a nice mild day on saturday. a big chunk of arctic air will barrel down the east coast and send our temperatures to what could be the coldest of the season so far. the rain spread thin friday and in friday night, back to partly sunny saturday and 56. then the cold air comes in and temperatures barely get above freezing monday at maybe tuesday . january is here. but the sun will be out. anna: david mirror with a look on what's coming up on world
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david: video of the americans apologizing. the major nor'easter we are tracking and powerball fever tonight across the country. and 85% chance now that someone will finally win this thing tonight. anna: this online shopper learned the hard way about scam artists prowling the internet. what you can learn from her experience. you will want to see this, straight ahead. but first we had outside, it is so cold. 41 degrees and everyone is bundled up. we are just a few degrees from freezing. thankfully is going to warm up. stay with us, we will be right
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joel: designer purses and those popular ugg boots. anna: one pitfall not to fall forward when it comes to these high ticket items. >> it's the name brand that attracts so many. you will find many of these online but not all are created equal. >> i had admired a friend's pocketbook.
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i was told they had discontinued it. >> she went online and found a site that said all lines were sent with the letter of authenticity. >> the price was pretty much on target for what would be an authentic back. >> her order totaled $1400. >> there was a red flag because the certificate of authenticity was not there. so i kind of figured something was off. >> but that was not the biggest surprise. >> literally within an hour or two i received a phone call. >> the call was from postal inspectors who were tracking the website and items being sent to customers. the investigation began after several customer complaints were filed. >> ever able to confirm that
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>> inspectors say dozens of big ones lost close to $1 million. >> i thought it was a great find, and i was wrong. since then i have pretty much purchased my bags to good old-fashioned way. >> the suspects pleaded guilty to attempted wire fraud and counterfeit goods charges. if the price is just too good to be true, stay away. and lastly, look at the shipping policy. if it takes weeks to arrive, typically that means it's coming from overseas and is not the real product. anna: she spent over $1000, but that is still a big discount for
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joel: send us an e-mail or reach out on twitter or facebook. tisha: the stakes are high tonight, $1.5 billion on the line. steve: in the past, there have been four powerball winners from north carolina. hundreds are getting the stores hoping to become the fifth winter. >> we are now just eight weeks away from the presidential primary here in north carolina
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state and what they could m 6:00 starts right now. until most of our dreams of becoming the country's first billion air are crushed. tisha: the odds are not in your favor, but that's not stopping get a powerball ticket. the eagles express convenience
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