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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News 9AM  ABC  January 31, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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this afternoon. look at the temperatures getting in the mid to upper 60's today. a beautiful day. and warmer tomorrow. and then we're talking thunderstorms midweek. details on that coming up in a few minutes. caitlin: thank you, steve after a tragic ending this morning in the search for a missing girl from virginia. investigators found the remains of 13-year-old nicole madison lovell in north carolina. her body was taken back to virginia for an autopsy. the teen was missing since wednesday. this morning we know that this 18-year-old virginia tech student is being charged with her murder. david isenhourler is in jail being held without bond. anthony: a fight that sparked a shooting al durham's north gate mall. police are trying to track down the suspects. the shooting started after 7:00 last night. several rounds were fired in the parking lot. by the time it ended one person was hit in the arm. we are told that person is expected to recover from their injuries.
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robbery was busted after going on a joyride. abc11 eyewitness news was the only station there moments after this man was arrested by durham sheriff's deputies. his name is willie daniel, accused of holding up a store on miami boulevard at 3:00 yesterday afternoon. and after the robbery daniel ran to j.j.'s and yanked an 82-year-old out of her pickup truck, pushed her to the ground and fled off down u.s. 70. authorities were chasing daniel and he hit several cars and then he eventually ditched the stolen pickup truck after hitting another car at the shopping center. minutes later deputies finally arrested him. only on abc11 eyewitness news will you hear from the crash victims. >> he ran into my car. all that i heard was boom, boom, i noticed there was like a line of cops behind the car that ran into me. caitlin: again all of this
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afternoon in broad daylight. no one was seriously hurt, thankfully, but there was a child under of the car at the shopping center. he was taken to the inside and will be ok. and danielicize behind bars facing a long list of charges. anthony: this morning plea questioning a person they describe as a person of investigate after a shooting and stabbing at a denver motorcycle expo. one person shot to death seven others wounded. it is not clear what prompted the violence, police are saying it sarred when a fight broke out. investigators believe there was more than one shooter. caitlin: a political and personal issue taking center stage in durham yesterday. family and immigrant advocates packed into grace baptist church last night trying to stop the deportation of four teens from central america. one of the teens is accusta of durham. his mother says that he was taken into custody by i.c.e. agents on thursday morning on his way to school.
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her son. she's not sure if he is in north carolina. he came to the u.s. to be forced anthony: a shift in focus this morning, the last two inmates have back in custody after breaking out of the jail in california. investigators will try to figure out how they manning today get out of the maximum secure facility. after a week with s.w.a.t. raids it was a citizen that led police to the men. the man flagged down officers near san francisco's golden gate park yesterday morning and pointing out a white van that looked like the one the inmates were stolen. both suspects arrested after eight days on the run. caitlin: now to vote 2016. one day left before the moment of truth in iowa. the latest "des moines register" poll is showing the cases are
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we is the latest from des moines. [music plays] reporter: the insurgent candidates walk away with a win in iowa. >> what the abundances -- pundits are saying the young people come out to rally. but they will not come out to participate in the caucus. how would you like to make the pendents look dumb. reporter: bernie sanders played to his largest crowd yet, sanders within three points of hillary clinton. but hillary clinton appeared confident. joined by the whole family on the trail. >> i'm just thrilled that chelsea and bill can be with me. reporter: and also joining here, gabby giffords. >> it is hard for me, but -- january i want to say -- these two words -- madam president. reporter: and on the republican
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trump at 28 and ted cruz at 23. as trump hits hard. >> you can just run. reporter: ted cruz laughed it off in public. >> when donald insults you it is interesting. >> he has decided to run a deceitful campaign. reporter: with marco rubio on the run it is worth noting 45% of republican caucus goers have yet to make up their mind. anthony: ahead on abc11 eyewitness news, an update on a story we first reported yesterday morning. what we are learning now about
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in johnston county. steve: welcome back, everybody. good morning to you. beautiful out there, live look into terminal two at r.d.u., sunny skies. the tarmac is lit up with the sun. 49, and a breeze at five. numbers warming quickly, too. by lunchtime 62 degrees and climbing from that point. flirting with 70, not in the triangle, but the sand hill as good bet.
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this afternoon. so photographers like the pretty sunsets with the high clouds should get nice color to the sky. and mild, the temperatures in the 60's by the time the sun is going down. and note by monday night, i have sprinkles here. the front will come through with little fanfare, but a sprinkle and spotty light shower. notice the time, it won't matter, most of us asleep. but the clouds will thicken up and temperatures come down on tuesday, still, well above the average of 52. look at the numbers in the 60's for a while and then the cooling trend by the end of the week the mid 4's for highs on friday. travel-wise looking good, all major hubs at r.d.u. no delays. abc 11 eyewitness news accuweather seven-day forecast. is coming up. anthony: thank you, steve. new this morning a wayne county man charged with murder, morales is accused of shooting and killing 22-year-old morales. goldsboro police are saying they got into a fight.
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the suspect walked off, he returned and shot the victim and took off again. the victim was found in the 3500 block at east ash street and pronounced dead at the scene. the suspect was arrested in wilson county and transferred to the wayne county jail. caitlin: new details on the story breaking news this time yesterday morning. firefighters are trying to pindown a fire on a deaf men and left others homeless. the flames at their worst before crews were able to put them out. this burned out home on 5th street is here e.m.s. fire and police departments. family members describe the victim, michael davis being quiet, but nice, he was 43 years old. >> just pray for him, just pray for the family. you know, that's my most concern. you know, that's what i did this morning when i woke up. caitlin: according to family members two children around junior high school-age were living in the home and a woman studying to be a breacher.
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u.s. from london has turned around mid flight.
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scrambling. anthony: welcome back. 9:13. 46 degrees outside. these stories making headlines this morning. the remains of a 13 years old girl send from north carolina to virginia for an autopsy. a virginia tech student is charged with the murder of nicole madison 11al missing since wednesday. and an emergency meeting is set tomorrow how best to control the zika outbreak spreading across the americas. here at home, 76 people in a dozen states controched the disease. four are pregnant women.
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and abc11 eyewitness news is with the panthers our special live coverage begins today from santa clara. much more in sports and you can get coverage on line, caitlin: new this morning a flight from london to chicago had to turnaround two hours into the flight because of a mechanical issue. the british airways flight had to make it back to the airport in london. the pilot w at base jumper's body after he went missing last weekend. they believe the someone
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an autopsy will be performed to confirm the man's identity. anthony: patraeus pled guilty last year to a charge of mishandling information at the director of the c.i.a. this stems from an affair. the defense department told a senate committee the army has conceded the review of the case and recommends no additional action. time is running out to enroll in healthcare under the affordable care act. today is the last day for signing up for a health insurance plan for 2016 unless you qualify for special exemption, you need to carry health insurance or pay a fine. and new hampshire -- shop owner making a unique offer. caitlin: he will do tattoo the presidential candidate, donnell trump for free. all right. so bob is saying trump's
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resonate would him. the most popular tattoo request for trump is his slogan. new this morning an ohio community coming together to help a retired police officer to purchase his long time cape partner. matt hickey offered $3,900 for his partner, ajack. however the city is saying the dog had to be sold at auction because he is public property. a gofundme page has been setup and raised $2,400. and according to the page, the extra money will go to buying protective clothing. i love german shepherds. you would imagine after working with the dog that long, it would be like family. think about our pets. they work the dogs.
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caitlin: one of your dogs. steve: we're doing the whole. caitlin: his loves his dogs. much to your wife's dismay. steve: lulu. we're going to -- get the test done, she can handle it. little dogs there is little danger. she will be fine. all right. $750. caitlin: oh, wow. costly cleaning. steve: all right. let's get to. a beautiful shot at the beach. wrightsville beach someone is walking around. it is chilly, not bad, not swimming weather, but nice to held to the beaches today. and the headline as great day for us, upper 60's, high clouds that come in later on this afternoon. a pretty sunset for you. rain will be coming in on wednesday and maybe thunder, too, keep an eye on that with a strong front and cold air behind it, temperatures start to come down on thursday, but by friday the temperatures in the mid-40's
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on thursday. and colder air is on friday, that could linger into the weekend, too. starting a new month tomorrow, the average is 53. the average high on the 1st, by the end of the month, 59 degrees. the average high, nice to see warming there. typically we don't have much change at all, one-degree change in the month of january from beginning to end. 39 in roxboro a cooler spot. and 4's now, warming quickly. the numbers to climb to the upper 60's this afternoon. and look at the low tens. we start the day off, hack at this, if you like jogging in the morning hours, typically this line of 32 degrees. it is a mild morning coming in. 4's one day we'll be in the 50's. a popular placed to the playgrounds. 62 midday and upper 60's fisafternoon. a wonderful day for you. clear skies for now. we have clouds coming in, high
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and the frontal boundary with little fanfare it will move through monday night and give us a sprinkle. the bigger storm in california, significant snow in the next 36 hours in the mountains of colorado, the southern mountains three to four feet. in aspen they have the x games right now, they will probably pickup a foot of snow in the next 24 hours. the heavy snow will be traveling across nebraska, and kansas, and into iowa, we know the caucuses tomorrow. a big voting day, the snow doesn't get there until tuesday. this will not be an issue. it will be dry tomorrow. and cloudy, but the snow will hold off. good news. here is the front, a good southwest push ahead of it. tomorrow, again near 70 for a high. high pressure is going to nosedive down a little bit, not cool air but cooler. 50's to mid-60's towards lumberton. and then a surge of warm air is on wednesday, with the strong
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thunderstorms around. put a tiny chance in tuesday, that's in the morning of a sprinkle. rain is likely on wednesday. if the front stalls on the coast, we could pickup a shower. not only on thursday, but maybe friday, too. a question mark in that abc 11 eyewitness news accuweather seven-day forecast. we're going to have to watch that closely. today no question. upper 60's to 70's. and a beautiful day today. tonight mild. we should be at 32. and looking at 47 for a low. so a warm start to the day tomorrow and a warm afternoon. clouds come in on groundhog day. that means maybe he won't see his shadow. caitlin: let's hope not. steve: we'll see. wednesday a shower and thunderstorm and then we start to cool down as we end out the workweek. caitlin: not not liking the 40's. steve: all right. our days off, anthony. all right.
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anthony: welcome back. movie fans getting another big round of clues overnight who will take home the oscars this year. caitlin: the screen actors guild has the best of the best. now, here is a recount. reporter: oscars -- >> queen latifah. reporter: not so much.
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reporter: not evem nominated -- even nominated for an oscar. >> not people. knock that thing away. >> from queen latifah. >> this is what we talk about with diversity. >> orange is the new black, two awards. jason bateman, the man who played his father on arrested development. and jeffrey acclaimed for his role as mora on transparent. >> i'm cannot stop shaking. >> supporting female actor, winning men hitting the -- meant hitting the road.
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i'm going to sit on a plane. >> a standing motion picture cast. best into the oscar's best picture race. >> it is something special you were doing. >> i felt in my heart it was a special, special thing. >> leonardo dicaprio. >> to my parents. >> and for larson, her best female actor win for room, culmination. >> why is it right now in your life? >> i'm really grateful to have the so much life, so many trials and tribulations. >> and how to get away with murder's violet davis now a fourth time sag award winner. >> you have the powerful emotional moments. >> i think that when you observe
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you would not even expect. >> i'm always watching people. >> thank you. anthony: all right. the next half hour, shots fired
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anthony: we are coming up on 9:30 this morning on the last day of january. the 31st. still a chilly sunday, 46 degrees, but it gets better here. i'm anthony wilson. caitlin: i'm caitlin knute. wonderful to have you with us on this sunday morning. we're reaching you on multiple platforms. on-air, and anthony is live on facebook, and i'm live on periscope and twitter. that was a super close up of steve. it is something fun we like to do to give you a behind the scenes look, in between commercial breaks we will chat with you. if we get too distracted we have the log off. steve: absolutely. weather is quiet today, too. caitlin: good. good. yeah. why not. steve: hey, so temperatures today will be well above-average, typically 52. we're close to 70. absolutely. great day today. look at the numbers right now.
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temperatures in the 4's, and a 54 in southern pines. sanford at 32. fair skies around for now. and catch high clouds this afternoon. mid to upper 60's today. and tomorrow even warmer. then we're going to watch for potential thunderstorms on wednesday. more coming up in a few minutes. caitlin: thank you, steve. developing this morning -- durham police are investigating a shooting that happened outside of a small, at the north gate mall after 7:00. there was a fight that started inside and it spilled into the parking lot. we know one person was hit, put the injuries are not considered to be life-threatening. right now, police still don't have suspects. anthony: this morning a student from virginia tech is charged with the murder of a 13-year-old girl. remains of lovell were found yesterday in north carolina. lovell disappeared wednesday from virginia. 18-year-old david isenhourler is in jail this morning and phasing a adduction charge.
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messages written on posters inside of grace baptist church in durham, the crowd asking stop detaining four teens, one of them an 18-year-old from durham. i.c.e. agents approached him before he left for school this past week. we have more from the student's mother. >> he will not be released. reporter: 18-year-old's mother standing on-stage with advocates pleading that her son be returned to her. in spanish, she tells us her son was taken thursday morning at 7:00 going to school at risk side high school. he walked out of their front door, immigration officials with there in unmarked cars. they identified themselves as i.c.e. agents and hauled him way.
9:28 am
her son, but he is in north carolina. wilson's story is similar to three other teens they are fighting for here inside of the church. they are saying they fall under president barack obama's immigrant plan. wilson came to the u.s. from honduras after that date and after his family. they knew he could be taken, but hope they had would more time. they hired an attorney. and right now, she's placing all of her faith in god. caitlin: now, her son was actually fleeing honduras to being forced into a gang, there he was seeking refuge here, unfortunately, they could not establish asylum in time.
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you on the abc11 eyewitness news mobile app. three people arrested on friday night in wake county charged with a murder in durham, both men are facing murder charges. durham police are saying espena was their getaway driver on january the 15th. rodriguez died after he was shot on miami boulevard. right now all three suspects remain in the wake county jail without bond. hours after those charges, demonstrators taking a peaceful approach trying to stop active violence across the bull city. they marched through the streets and prayed along the way. [ chanting ] their voices carried in the chilly air over downtown durham. hundreds of people on the move on a mission. >> the violence has to stop. we have to be united. we come together and unify. one to another. we are excited about what's going to happened in durham.
9:30 am
walk that paused at several location associated with justice and journalism encouraging action. >> the power of prayer in jesus christ's name. standing together as one and god get their glory. come together across lines to do what god wants us to do. anthony: the situation that has all of the people out marching. he is not just a pastor and repping people who find themselves on the other side of the law. >> yes. i'm a defense attorney, i know them well. i have been helping them in the past. so but -- again, i, i think the bigger -- message is a message of unity. no one entity is going to address all of the issues. anthony: like the 2014 murder of 29-year-old track coach mohammed during a home invasion. people who knew him march today say. >> you're not going to sit back and let it happen. we need to support our young people.
9:31 am
reach out to the guys doing these things. but you can't stop. anthony: and a hope that concerned people seeing them will also step-up. >> take time to mentor someone. menor a person. but -- but -- team up. anthony: the way that did. caitlin: there was a protest in durham for those who died in police custody and behind bars. those waving banners and held signs outside of the durham county dispensing center. three people have died at the jail including mccaine and mcmurray. both men passed away due to medical neglect locked up. the inside/outside alliance is demanding an independent investigation of those deaths.
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straight to the source. steve: good morning, everyone. overall a pretty nice out there. live look into fayetteville, the temperatures warming quickly, 50
9:33 am
today, a high around 70 in the sandhills. meantime, stepping out the doors notice the terns climbing quickly. lunchtime 72 degrees, that trend over the next few days will stay with us. fair skies for now, and high clouds later on. photographers if you want a nice sunset, we could have enough high clouds to get nice color in the sky tonight. and mild, the sunset in the low 60's. a 41 comes through tomorrow night. as a comes through, i cannot rule out a sprinkle and a shower. notice the time, we will be asleep when that happens, not a big deal. but cool on tuesday down the 60 degrees. so we're really warm most days in the upper 60's and cooler tuesday, behind that front the temperatures take a nosedive. the mid-40's by friday. and travel is looking good. all major hubs at r.d.u. no delays. anthony: now a look at the zika
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36 people in a dozen states have come down with the disease. and four of them pregnant women. caitlin: the causes birth defects. now, the focused on the source where it was first reported. and we find richard beggar. reporter: the world health organization is meeting in geneva on monday to control the zika outbreak spreading across the americas. the key is getting rid of the mosquito spreading the virus. we looked on the ground how that is happening in brazil, the country's hardest hit. in the slum town people store water in and around their home, that's where the mosquito is breeding. we went out to the military who is visiting each home once a month and putting out lavaicide to kill the mosquito. if it is successful here, it could be successful anywhere, that could mean the end to this outbreak.
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michigan. caitlin: good morning, everyone. , welcome back, 9:43. here is what is making headlines this morning. one day to go before tomorrow's iowa caucuses. candidates have been busy this
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a $100,000 check at a charity event, they provide service dogs to wounded veterans. ted cruz busy downplay as new preference poll showing him just trailing donald trump, and bernie sanders in plower young voters to support him over hillary clinton. and to california, the orange county sheriff is saying the next step is to fix the secure lapse that led to the escape of three inmates. the last two were captured after eight days on the run. and denver police chief is saying a fight broke out as a motorcycle expo yesterday in colorado, one person fatally shot, seven others injured. police are interviewing they call a person of interest. anthony: and abc11 eyewitness news together highlighting a good deal in the triangle, helping families deal with a water crisis in flint, michigan. a truck packed with 10,000 it bottles of water is in flint, michigan, after making the drive from raleigh.
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to the cause. james and mbd logistics spearheaded this water drive. happening today, a carwash fundraiser for a well-known raleigh woman is recovering from a mugging this week. tuesday night she was hit in the head and dragged across the ground behind her downtown apartment. you can help with her medical expenses by searching her name on in just two days $14,000 have come in and donations on a good fund me page. caitlin: seven days until super bowl l, everyone is rallying behind the carolina panthers. before leaving charlotte,
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his message unfront of his home. he posted video to twitter to thank them. and, of course, you know, you can count on us, abc11 eyewitness news will be with the panthers through super bowl l. we have special coverage that storms today, live from santa clara as the team is arriving look for our team that are going to cover every single for us. you can connect with them for understand details, too, on facebook and twitter. look for that leading up to the big game. ask of course, also in-depth coverage on line at anthony: time here at home, not quite california weather, but warming up. steve: pretty close. caitlin: is it? steve: yeah. the temperature out there about the same. you know, out there, this is the rainy season, too, in california. so typically they will get a front once a week, and some of them are big rainers especially this year, with the el nio year. so at this point it is dry for
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but gig storm move -- big storm moving to california midweek. and what is going on right now. out to wrightsville beach. this camera is surf check it moves around automatically with the different position. and the position a minute ago was really pretty. zoomed in now waves. it is nice there. heading to the beaches today, chilly to go swimming, air temperature at the beaches in the low 60's. a great day around here, 60's for high temperatures. high clouds coming in later on today. likely rain on wednesday and maybe thunder, too, with a line that moves on through. so keep an eye on that, and colder air behind it. starting on thursday, but you feel it on friday. here is the front warm ahead of it, and wednesday and thursday, the temperatures start to cool. and it could be one of the days that the temperatures fa in the afternoon. and the colder air arrives on friday, high temperatures in the mid-40's. 53 is the average high. by the end of the month, 59 degrees.
9:40 am
46 degrees right now at r.d.u., 55 in southern pines. 50 in siler city. so warming quickly on the way to the upper 60's today. if you want to look at the low temperatures typically freezing. the next few mornings it you want to get out and do jogging and exercising look at how mild it is going to be for someone that wants to get out early in the morning. the kids that bus stop, too, maybe a light jacket, that is about it. we're in for a good stretch of warm weather. the playground is crowded, too. mid-60's in the afternoon and 70 by the afternoon. i highly doubt you will need a light jacket. and a breeze noticeable from the warm. and fair skies now, and high clouds later, and a front here that will flink to our area tomorrow night and bring in a sprinkle, i will knock the temperatures down a little. the storm in california will dump significant snow in the next couple of days in colorado.
9:41 am
probably get a foot. x games going on right now, fresh snow on the way there. they don't need it. others three to four feet. now, a swath of heavy snow from california, kansas and iowa. the thing is after voting. more of a tuesday event for them. so no excuses. folks will be able to get and vote. and strong southwest wind ahead of if. i expect to our temperatures near 70. this front will nose in from high pressure to the north so a little bit cooler air will fill in. a lot of clouds around, too and gradient from the north tomorrow southern counties. and cooler, a surge of warm air will come back. this strong front will move through on wednesday, with that could get showers and thunderstorms around. right now, high likelihood of that happening. if that front stalls along the coast, that some of the charts
9:42 am
our eastern zones might catch a shower. a bit closer to us, meantime, the temperatures today up to 60's and 70's. beautiful, just high clouds later on. partly cloudy skies, and mild tonight and a nice warm day tomorrow. cooler on tuesday, but still 60. still above-average. and then wednesday a lot of rain and maybe thunderstorms around, but by friday, back down to -- a shot of winner, 45 for a high. >> that better be short lived. >> a few days. >> ok. >> we can handle it. >> ok. i hope. >> i didn't like that response. not the reassurance response i was looking for. >> all right.
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>> after a lackluster loss to georgia tech earlier this week, mark godfrey challenged the team, n.c. state has struggled to put together a complete game this year, so doing that against a ranked miami team would be a boost for the team. and godfrey is saying barber played great. he did it again here. the lay in, and later barber driving, beating contract. he led the team with 30 points on this one and gaw help from ago. on the block here, stepped on this man and the finish. state led by five at the break.
9:45 am
there. here off the inbound pass. martin, draining the three, and then less than a minute later -- feeling it again from beyond the arch. the three -- 13 points. gives n.c. state the largest lead of the game at that point. when this one looked like trouble, you can see martin there, three passes, and 19, two complete halves helped the pack pull-off the upset. they asked win this season. >> anyway, move like this, so i feel like this is anything, and we came out and won, not just miami. you know, we got a chip on our shoulder to go into the next game. >> i like our enthusiasm and energy level, and i liked our enthusiasm and energy at pract nothing last two days. and if carried over. miami is a really good
9:46 am
>> u.n.c. trying to clean up against a boston college team with last place in the acc. the perfect start for the heels. marquis the screen. and knocked down the three. on the replay here, he is breathing a sigh of relief. the first three of the game. later -- keep it going off of nate missed here. putting a body on him for the tip shot he is good. 12 points and breakout of that slump. and johnson continued his double-digit streak. from the top of the page, there he is driving, there is the jumper. heels led by 11 at the break and the pace. 12 steals on the day. three from him. finishes with the flush. transition. bumped and the foul. he had 13. johnson had 17 points and 11 rebounds. and u.n.c. wins easily. 89-62.
9:47 am
that way, they only had five. they were underhanded. look at the two guys that were hurt. and defense forced some turnovers and they had more turnovers. >> it is no secret here that cam newton wins the popularity contest with panthers' fans. now, with a week to go, she joining favorite. it with a star in denver. >> i like cam newton, this one of my favorite quarterbacks. peyton is my favorite quarterback, other than that it is cam. the way that his personality is on the field. i'm a big fan of everything he has going for him. if he played defense, he would have probably got $220 million, he probably would rush the mass and do safety and that stuff, too. >> i'm a big fan. >> our crew is in california. ready to give you super bowl
9:48 am
they will have live reports and behind-the-scenes access on social media. you can catch additional coverage on anthony: thank you. caitlin: last night was a special night for a friend and colony. larry. anthony: got the v.i.p. treatment attending the u.n.c. and men's boston college game last night. >> larry is very missed. he looks great. the game. still to come -- a robbery. a stolen vehicle.
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