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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 1100 PM  ABC  January 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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the warning to students. >> see what is happening this instant. abc 11 eyewitness news at 11:00 starts right now. heather: touchdown in california. the panthers arriving in style in san jose. cam newton and the rest of the crew showing off their super fashions for super bowl 50.
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hundreds of you watched the panthers plane arrived on the left. it marks the end of a cross-country journey from charlotte, west to san jose. one of the game fans lining up at bank of america stadium to give our team a memorable sendoff. eyewitness news is living california with mark armstrong and joe mazur. let's begin with mark. reporter: how are you? it just looks epic. super bowl 50. everybody will remember this one. we will remember it if the panthers can pull the victory over the denver broncos next sunday. the whole town is made of like a giant party waiting to happen. they just needed the main guests. the two teams did just that, flying into san jose international airport. we were there is the panthers arrived. the plane touching down. american airlines in the first one off the plane was the head coach. cam newton always the main attraction wherever he goes.
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i thought he might even change his outfit during the flight. he still had the same look on the left charlotte in. clowning with his teammates. thomas davis had a go pro strapped to his chest. almost as many them were filming us is filming them. it's a whole big scene that they are all drinking in. it's all building up to the game next week. we will have more later in sports. joe mazur joins me but now back to you. heather: the fun is beginning in california. eyewitness news is with the panthers three super bowl 50. mark and joe are there with behind-the-scenes action. be sure to connect with them on facebook and twitter for inside access leading up to the big game, like these tweets from mark of the k-9 unit. you also see the hats given the players as they stepped off the plane.
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for a missing 15-year-old girl. carry police are looking for corey anna farrington. she weighs around 180 pounds with shoulder length blonde hair. sherrington had on a pink or white north face jacket and blue decency disappeared. she was last seen on west cove lane. knack to a case making national headlines. two virginia tech students are in jail tonight, charge stick it is with the murder of a 13-year-old girl. her lifeless body was discovered days after she vanished. angelica alvarez is live with all the latest of elements. angelica: this started wednesday morning. 13-year-old nicole lovell's parents found are gone. her door was barricaded and it escalated when they found out
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>> late saturday night and the investigation that is to davis eisenhower, a virginia tech student. reporter: to this mug shot, a stark contrast to suspect. charged with kidnapping and murder. tonight is suspected accomplice, 19-year-old natalie kiefers also studying engineering. she was charged with disposal of a body and accessory after the fact. police believe eisenhower knew the victim. he used the relationship to take advantage. >> i don't think about happened to her because she was always the cutest little thing. reporter: he was last seen on wednesday -- she was last seen on wednesday. lovell had a liver transplant when she was small and needs
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they search for days for her. yesterday please underbody 80 miles away just over the border in north carolina. her father posted this on facebook. devastated when my daughter has been found dead. i am so in shock. i know nothing more to say. i am broken. today investigators are also searching the virginia tech campus. they would not specify what they were looking for the confirmed it was in connection with her death. angelica alvarez, abc 11 eyewitness news. heather: just a tragic story. and exploding transformer put hundreds of people in the dark in north raleigh. it happened just before 6:00 at leesville road. the power pole then caught fire. the problem has since been fixed
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i-95 is back over tonight after a tractor-trailer carrying cabbage is flipped, shutting down the essay for several hours. according to investigators the driver was under the influence when he crashed. it happened around 10:00 this morning. troopers say he drove into the grassy median near mile marker 132 which caused the truck to jackknife and flip. he and a passenger were taken to the wilson medical center with non-life-threatening injuries. no word if any message was written on them. and iowa tonight its election eve. after months of hectic campaigning a candidates are facing their first test of the ballot box.
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races in both parties and that means undecided voters hold the key to victory. donald trump's wife, daughter and her husband joining him on staging council bluffs today. bill and chelsea clinton with hillary clinton in cedar rapids. here is abc's brady hitt on the final push. reporter: in this final push for iowa votes -- >>. thank you bill, thank you chelsea reporter: both hillary clinton and donald trump are bringing out the guns, their families. >> even the unbelievable. the best dealmaker. the best master negotiator. reporter: that includes trump's wife and chelsea clinton. >> please join me in welcoming, i hope, our next president. reporter: the latest polls show trump leading the gop race. >> you have wonder for to
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reporter: on the democratic side is a tight race. >> with our job is for the next 24 hours is to make sure there is a large voter turnout. reporter: sanders'volunteers knocking on 75,000 doors this weekend alone. cruz attended church in iowa. >> i pray to god's will be done. reporter: senator marco rubio casting ctruruz as a favorite. >> he's been millions of dollars here. reporter: the candidates is spent more than $33 million combined in ads alone right here in iowa. they have been flooding the airwaves all weekend long. heather: college campus and alert. the threat forcing campus at an oklahoma school indoors.
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about. heather: home sound support for a raleigh woman battered during a mugging. how you can help with her medical bills. first, a live look outside the raleigh eyewitness news center on this sunday evening. still 56 degrees out there and another nice warm up on the way. liz: that -- clouds outside right now. it will be a little milder overnight. warm weather continues to marvin
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first tuesday new scratch-off tickets from the north carolina education lottery it's crazy out here. monday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. it's tuesday! tuesday! very first tuesday, tuesday t-t-t-tuesday, tuesday first tuesday that's me and yous-day! us-day! it's big news tuesday! it's scratch-off you tuesday! tuesday! the very first tuesday! find us on facebook. heather: and oklahoma collis on lockdown because of a suspect running through campus with a
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the tent scene unraveling at oklahoma baptist university about half an hour east of obama city. university officials are warning students to either stay inside if they are on campus or avoid coming to the university altogether. policed least last saw the suspect running near the baseball and softball fields. it's unclear why authorities were after him. ed armed and dangerous. it appearsogether. authorities say the get help
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we are actively investigating other suspects that might have possibly help them escape. heather: law enforcement say the teacher that tend children's books also wrote mushy love notes. a tremendous amount of support for a popular woman viciously attacked earlier this week. by now you do about the mugging that left her in a neck brace. a car wash fundraiser rate and almost $600. its generosity like this that abc 11 is proud to highlight. on this warm sunday water and soap are going much further than for just 30 cars. -- dirty cars. >> helping people in need and that is what life is about. heather: the organized this carwash and raising money for his friend, noun in a brace bruised and battered. on friday be writing the story.
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heather: she's the former manager of a once popular and now closed -- in downtown raleigh. sees a leader in raleigh's irish community and she was mugged and beaten by three men. no longer having the business to fall back on and with medical bills piling up, the community she entertained for years is coming to the rescue. >> if one car came, that's better than what we started with. heather: her friend owns the car was company. he doesn't know knight but did not hesitate to call in history to watch what and 50 cars rolled through, all the drivers choosing to donate whatever they could to help someone in need. >> it makes me proud to be from raleigh. is my hometown and to see the community come together -- i'm very glad to be part of it. heather: so many people helping out. 20 at the 500 $65 the more than $16,000 on a gofundme page you see what can help the folks in the triangle are willing to
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the knights of columbus are planning a barbecue friday. they will donate whatever money they receive from that event to any. -- annie. you will find a link on the abc 11 mobile app. it was a good editor car washed. liz: we were doing anything we can to get outside. my dogs were loving it. i hope he got a chance to enjoy it. will be nice tomorrow. maybe not quite as much sunshine is what we saw today with temperature still pretty warm. 57 still in durham. your seven-day on the corner of your screen. seen these kind of temperatures this late at night. 55 and roxboro. 55 right now in clinton. most of the east coast dealing with those very mild temperatures. you will soon see a big line and that cuts off the cooler air from the warmer air.
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we will be seeing that and the couple of days. the big picture not bad. quite real estate over texas. the final -- frontal boundary right over here. not bringing too much trouble. the next big system is actually right now in california. the center of the system bringing a lot of precipitation. an area of low pressure off of you towards nevada and salt lake city and denver. whole lot of snow right now. it will continue as this continues to strengthen in the coming days. a lot of watches and warnings out. winter storm warning some of the many. blizzard warnings in effect the further east to go. and on up towards iowa they might even have blizzard watches right now. this system will be tracking up to the east in the coming days. for us clouds increasing overnight. not to much activity as we go through your monday morning. things look to be pretty mild around here.
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47 in raleigh. 48 in fayetteville. just two days ago we were seeing 20's. these temperatures are quite different. than normal low as 32 degrees. the bus stop in the morning canceling the light jackets. it will be chilly to start that are ready warming up to 53 by 9:00. tomorrow afternoon will be very similar to today. a few more clouds of their. mostly sunny today and tomorrow we will be more partly sunny. 69 in raleigh. 68 in durham. 70's for lumberton and clinton. talking about how windy it was today. tomorrow will be not as windy. winds between five and 10 miles per hour. ec is a few clouds building and throughout the late afternoon and early evening hours. mostly confined to the northern sectors. we can see a few tiny showers as
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not talking about anything that or heavy showers. by tuesday in the second most of this will be seeing mostly clouds and that is about it. things will change on wednesday. this is the cold front dropping through monday into tuesday. you can see it pretty much dips down. we get a bit of colder air. temperatures top of your 60 on those days, still above average. on wednesday is what we see this frontal boundary right here push towards our area. this is a strong front. we could be seeing severe weather. on upper portions of arkansas and the tennessee valley. it will likely weaken some but we can still see some strong storms. is the same system bringing all the snow. you can see it for -- racing off towards the east. it will stop around 4:30 the afternoon on wednesday. you can see this long, strong
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east coast and some heavy rain possible that this. we could also season gusty winds. just something to keep in mind, evening drive. because of this we are raising chance. dropping down on the backside of that. about a 40% chance on thursday. and towards the weekend eggs are clearing up pretty nicely. the alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather and mild temperatures stick around through wednesday or thursday. we will likely see quite a cool down on the backside with highs only in the 40's for the weekend. at least the sunshine will return. it will likely feel again the winter. groundhog day on tuesday. it's going to be cloudy for many people. that could be a hint of what he might predict. heather: thanks. the carolina panthers are
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next and sports we are taking you behind the scenes of their arrival. put many of you are saying on social media about cam newton's bold fashion choice. mark armstrong and joe mazur standing by live in san jose. we will check back in with them after the break. a reminder we want you on our breaking the scene. if you see something happening, send us pictures or video to
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the regis using the wd>> abc 11 eyewitness news sports sponsored by your local toyota dealers. reporter: mark armstrong live with you outside of levi stadium in santa clara, the site of super bowl 50. just sounds awesome to say. it sounds awesome for me to say. imagine how awesome it is to be one of the participants. the carolina panthers certainly excited to be here. before they could get here they had to say goodbye to all those adoring fans in charlotte. that was quite the scene earlier today as they boarded the bus is at bank of america stadium. all those hundreds of fans on hand with the know-how much they are loved and how much the work they have back in north line of as a voyage westward -- back in north carolina as they voyage
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just one loss all year long. 17 wins. to playoff wins. they hopped on a plane and a couple hours later we were here to greet them and we saw the planes to sending. joining me now is joe frazier. 10 of these are playing the pro bowl in hawaii. >> they got here late but better late than never. both teams arriving safely in the bay area. a week from right now the dying embers of super bowl 50 will be taking place. here the excitement is just beginning. touching down just fess 7:00 eastern, panthers arrived an hour late but certainly in style. leading the charge in all areas was cam newton who was impossible to miss. his energy still high. it was a long travel day, complete with a sendoff. >> the whole north carolina community has been a big part of
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>> proud of our team and the way we have competed. this season has not been a fluke. joe: former panther mike rucker helped serve as a team ambassador, one who was into this whole experience. >> memories come flooding back? >> absolutely. ever coming down the tarmac and just knowing you were here for the super bowl. you have an opportunity to get that ultimate goal. >> was going to the players minds right now? >> gear excitement. -- p or excitement. -- pure excitement. at the end of the day you are here for a purpose in -- and that means holding the trophy of. it does not come quite often. we need to take advantage of it. reporter: the broncos arrived earlier in the day. peyton manning leading denver to the eight super bowl appearance.
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sunday there grabbing for a trophy. that is roger craig, the former 49er great getting his hands of the trophy here last night. they will be playing for that trophy and somebody will be lifting it up across the street about a week from now. reporter: lots to talk about tomorrow is media day. we will send it back. heather: coming up, it's one of the first meetings between these
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we break down theheather: despite an overall edge, they had not beaten unc and the last few tries. how. she became -- began her two-game suspension. the pack won six of their last seven. the heels five-game skid. is the early jumper. maja spencer speeding to the lane for a layup. state stretches the heels beyond the arch.
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one-on-one in tradition. she holds up using the glass for a three of her own. showing her strength here. she finished 12-12. they stepped in the gas pedal in the third. a bucket and a foul. she ended with 20 points. n.c. state had no problems with this one gravity largest fakery since 19 -- largest victory over the heel since 1980. >> we came up with a lot of confidence and a lot of energy. holding them to 21 points is pretty impressive. we shot the ball extremely well. knocked down a lot of three's. >> the emotional leader in the coach. as far as my responsibility, it
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ngozi: three on three for the nhl all-star game. metropolitan versus atlantic division game. the squad would lose, 4-3. the other big highlight of the night can do pacific central division game. patrick kane ties it up at three all. after that he received bess proceeded to drop his gloves. all in good fun. scott named all-star m.v.p.. heather: just playing around. ngozi: it's a fun time in nashville. they were tweeting out about having a good time. heather: thank you. that is all for eyewitness news
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coming up, the deadline the affordable care act is just hours away. what you need to know before time runs out. then a meeting of the minds in raleigh.
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schoolers have for making our>> see what is happening this instant. abc 11 eyewitness news news at
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