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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News Extra  ABC  February 6, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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next. heather: for the first time in 19 days the blue devils returned home to cameron where they face the wolfpack for the second time in two weeks. and coach k fired up in his first game back from that health scare earlier this week. blue devils playing off of his energy. early on. brandon ingram the long jumper. he had 14 today. n.c. state, though, down eight early. but maverick rowand, the corner three, cuts it to a five-point game. the wolfpack had no answer on
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for grayson allen. in transition. finishing with the slam. duke led by six at the break. the wolfpack starts out punching in the second half of this one. cat barber. the jumper cuts it to a one-point game. later on, barber this time, feeding malik abu on the alley-oop. and state takes the lead. 50-49. but luke kennard wouldn't let them have it for long. he had six triples and gives the blue devils back the lead. but it was still a ballgame in the final few minutes here. barber is fighting through the lane for the lay-in. 79-76. the duke lead and grayson allen hits the wolfpack with the dagger here. three ball. he led all scorers with 28 points. barber and kennard had 26. duke wins. 88-80. >> the guys are being mentally tough. and really focused in on practice. and i think it all starts with our preparation. and then execution once game time comes. and that's something that we
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a continuous process. >> they couldn't really throw the knockout punch on us. they tried and our guys kept battling back. and i couldn't be more proud of our team. i'm disappointed. but boy, we never laid down. >> carolina on the road versus notre dame. marcus paige. finally found his shot again. he was 4-5 from fleep range in the -- from three-point range in the first half. north carolina led at the break and the second half, brice johnson the jumper there. the heels led by as many as 15. but the fighting irish stormed all the way back. off the blocked shot. demitrius jackson in transition. pushes all the way in. and that gives notre dame the lead. the final 1:20, carolina down five and paige working through the lane. tough shot puts carolina within three. and the tar heels had a chance to tie in the final 20 seconds. marku paige, another three. no good. u.n.c. upsets 76-80.
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and closer to home n.c. central looking to make it five straight over the aggies. trailing by one at the half donta holmes shot a spotup three and put the eagles up six. but a&t climbed out in front. 61-58. final 1:20. left corner to rashan madison. that three ties it up and went to overtime. and there, eddie arababa with a three, a&t never looked good from that point on. donte holmes had 22 points. central falls 67-63. heather: exciting game. >> yeah. heather: all right. thank you. that's all for eyewitness news at 11 clock. and debate night in new hampshire. the fierce exchanges between the republican presidential candidates. and new charges for three teenagers accused of throwing bricks from overpasses on
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tonight, the damage >> see what's happening this instant. avense eyewitness news at 11:30 starts right now. heather: right now at 11:30 we are watching the skies and tracking the chance for snow overnight. good saturday evening once again from the first alert storm center. i'm heather waliga. here with meteorologist liz horton. and it really depends on where you live with this one. some people might see the snow and some people might not. liz: you're exactly right. this system seems a little bit backward. this time south and east of the triangle that actually have the best shot of seeing some winter weather overnight.
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really does look to be little to no impact with this storm. if you see any accumulation and likely on the ground, or elevated surfaces like bridges or overpasses. and the system will move through pretty quickly. come through overnight. and exit by tomorrow afternoon and evening. so really doesn't look to be all that big of a deal. let's take you through first alert predictor. showing -- the triangle, north, and cloud cover. down to the south wayne county, gold bureau toward wilson. fayetteville and we're seeing some more snow through the next few hours. we certainly have some rain showing already. we've had a few reports of some sleet down toward fayetteville. so keep in mind only going to continue to get a little bit cooler. and we're going to see more precipitation. so that will show a little bit more of a risk here for those of you that live in this area. notice it moves out to the east by 7:30, 8:00 tomorrow night. we clear out overnight. and monday we shift our focus to a few more storms around here. what's the snow forecast look like? looks mainly like less than an
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few areas toward goldsboro and could see more in isolated spots. we're not concerned any major impacts to the roads at this point. and the watches, warnings or warnings, none in effect and the timing when this heads away and when we can see warmer temperatures in just a few minutes. heather? heather: looking forward to that, liz. thank you. and vote 2016 and the debate and the granite state. and you just saw it live right here on abc 11. as the republican candidates for president squared off three days from the new hampshire primary. it's a high stakes contest. will donald trump stay the frontrunner despite his upset loss in iowa? now will his chief rivals, ted
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posi manchester, new hampshire. heather: tragedy hanging a dark cloud over raleigh's krispy kreme challenge. race officials saying a 58-year-old runner died. here's the tributes on social media tonight. reporter: we are at the bell tower right now and remnants. race. there are tents. that are pitched all around me. as well as some bundles of balloons we found. this was the starting line for the krispy kreme challenge. the victim stepped off here. and then just went a short distance. on hillsborough street. like hundreds of other people this morning, the victim started off the day excited to conquer the challenge ahead of him. but organizers say one mile in, he stepped out. complaining of chest pain.
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rex hospital and passed away there. organizers are not identifying the victim right now. but folks who knew him have been expressing their shock on our abc 11 facebook page. one viewer says his name was jeffrey and that he was an awesome guy and retired military. you would be hard pressed to find someone who didn't share a laugh with him. definitely going to be missed. it was an honor to know you. another person describes him as a very sweet and kind man. and he will be missed very much. and organizers from the krispy kreme challenge are also offering their condolences tonight. they said in a statement, we are deeply saddened and wish to convey our condolences. to his loved ones. in raleigh, abc 11 eyewitness news. heather: more troubles tonight for three teenagers charged with throwing bricks onto cars on i-95. bobby stone, javier prito jr. and alex alvarad pofment face assault with a deadly weapon and damage to property and their total number of charges to 14 each.
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slapped on the additional charges after two truckers came forward saying bricks hit them. one victim says there's now a hole in his roof. the teens will have a their first appearance on the new charges on monday. an earthquake rattled taiwan. next ats deadly crane collapse in new york. first, though, another live look outside the raleigh eyewitness news center on this saturday night. pretty calm out there. liz is track being the chance for snow tomorrow. but she says not everyone will see it. she's going to fill us in on the
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>> the big stores happening this instant. abc 11 eyewitness news continues. heather: searchers in taiwan are working into the night following a powerful 6.4 magnitude earthquake. 18 people are confirmed dead. 132 others are missing. the mayor of taiwan says life debitors collapsed at 17-story high-rise found 29 people alive. but trapped inside. despite the damage, taiwan's high speed rail service is set to resume tomorrow. next a deadly crane accident in new york. the move that went out of control. and the crane's sudden collapse caught on camera. the cap of the rain landing upside down. its arm smashing onto cars below.
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three others hurt. and go through the metal. and how it failed. reporter: officials say the operator tested negative for drugs and alcohol.
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the investigation. heather: and here at home, we are talking about the possibility of snow. it could be kind of interesting tomorrow how it shakes out. liz: yeah, i think so. it will fall overnight and by the time you wake up in the morning mainly those in the south and evaluate will likely see a few flurries. the rest may not have too much at all. let's take you to a live look at first alert doppler. you can see the precipitation already moving in. for our southern section. this is what we were referring to a few moments ago and moderate rainfall and two different viewer reports on our abc 11 facebook page about a little sleet falling in fayetteville. if you have any reports, please send them. we love to share them. especially tomorrow if you see any snow out there. or any sleet. take a picture and send it to us using #abc11eyewitness. and from sampson county to wayne county and back out to the west and mower county hitting lee county very soon. most of our temperatures above freezing. when you factor in the dew point and cool it down a little bit. and you can see some reports
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back off toward the triad of sleet or ice there mixing on in with some snow. certainly that is something we will be watching as well. i do think the bulk of the activity will remain down to the south and east. as the area of low pressure along the coast and runs right along the coast plain. and we see all of this precipitation moving in. from the east. that's the reason those of you in the south and east will probably see more impact from those of us who have -- live farther away from the coast. and freezing in oxford. also in roxboro on the ground. 38 in chapel hill. and so 44 on the ground in fayetteville. dew point is still in the 20's for the most part there. and you'll notice overnight our temperatures will continue to drop. we'll likely be in the mid to lower 30's across most of the triangle. before warming back up later tomorrow afternoon. so we will be watching. for any precipitation, to see a little bit of snow mixing in with it. 31 expected overnight in raleigh. 27 in roxboro.
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and fayetteville and clinton, by tomorrow afternoon most of us will warm up to the 40's. 47 expected in durham, raleigh, sanford, 48 there in fayetteville. normal high, 53. so obviously we're going to be a little below the average temperature. cloudy skies are expected. and most of the rain is going to be for our eastern areas as opposed to those north and west and it looks like the potential for the most snow will likely be south and east of clinton and aoest of i -- also wayne county and sampson county although many other areas could also see a dusting. we're going to break it down for you and make it more simple. essentially if you're all the way toward roanoke rapids and western side of i-95 you will likely see a rain event. i'm not seeing you won't see snow. you may. see snow showers mixing in but likely more rain than snow. down to the southeast, you could see more of a rain-snow mix. at times it could be more snow than rain. and i do think you have the potential of seeing a slight amount of accumulation. although with rain mixing in,
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event either way. rain tends to waub away snow so not looking at anything really major around here. the biggest threat might be refreezing as we go into monday. notice, though, many of our models indicating that we could see some rain out of this. as much as .6 inches. toward goldsbroro tworled the coastal plain. strong wind possible with this system which will be quite strong by the time it does. and edge out toward the north carolina coast. back behind now, we see a cold front come through. that's going to bring us a chance for more showers on monday afternoon. and we could see the cold surge right back behind that. so if any precipitation is falling, as the cooler air moves in we could end up with a few snow flurries then as well. and you can see all of the predictors showing the snow accumulating here as we go toward the morning hours. continuing to stay mostly to the east. before finally pushing off. then we go on monday more rain enters the picture. and we really could see a few fluor i.r.s. then. not only then, but also on tuesday.
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moves on in. we'll have to watch the temperatures closely. with cooler air on the back side and you can see the blues and purples indicating much cooler. first alert 70 forecast powered by accuweather after the precipitation chances on tuesday, we clear out and see a lot of sunshine wednesday through next saturday. and finally, we could end up hitting 50's again by next weekend. and it will feel pretty good around here with more sunshine. heather: yes. looking forward to that. thanks, liz. a controversial recommendation on alcohol and pregnancy. tonight, an apology from the centers for disease control. and why the c.d.c. continues to stand [content sigh] ah, excuse me? mr. jones? hi. already? you booked an appointment. i just started cookin. we at time warner cable
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i haven't even started to bronze yet. we no longer give you an excuse to work all day perfecting your tan. starting to even it out. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. including one-hour arrival windows. we'll also tell you how long our visit will take
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heather: a health alert now. the c.d.c. apologizing after a controversial recommendation to women. it says women should refrain from drinking alcohol. saying the risk to a baby is too high.
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their child at risk. today, the c.d.c. telling abc news we were sorry some people took offense at our communications. heather: he's the nfl's newest m.v.p. but cam newton from one of his team's biggest defensive weapons. more on the striking friendship
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next. heather: the panthers' power has been collectedive this season but two names helped propel the team on opposite sides of the ball. cam newton and luke kuechly are different on paper and messed well in more ways than one. mark: leadership takes many forms. the panthers are proof of that. among their captains, two guys who couldn't appear any more different on the outside. >> the yin yang twins. well, i'm ying. and he's yang. >> yin yang is a good way to put it. he's got all the fashion. and i'm sure i could learn something from him. i'm pretty straightforward. mark: cam newton and luke kuechly will never be respected -- mistaken for each other. >> cam newton lights up the room and luke has this ability to just kind of sneak in.
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a mutual quest for excellence. >> he's the ultimate professional. and as a matter of fact he puts so much pressure on me, when he first got here. staying late and watching extra film and making sure everyone on the defensive side knows what they're doing. and for me watching, you know, it was a competitive enviousness that i grew and i was like dang, and he gets it. >> he brings great energy. and he's just fun to be around. and i think that's probably the biggest thing that i appreciate about him. is his competitiveness. his toughness. and what you see is what you get from him. mark: while they may carry and clothe themselves in strikingly different ways it's their similarities that helped power the panthers to the doorstep of football immortality. >> a lot more similar than people realize. and that are both very competitive. ultra competitive. and they both want to win tremendously. they're both very team oriented. very goal oriented.
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they put themselves last. heather: my favorite moment between these two is right -- dressing up for halloween. and put -- and on instagram. tsms the funniest thing. like completely on. the smile and everything. heather: sounds like a bromance. liz: hopefully this time tomorrow night we are celebrating a panthers super bowl victory. >> yes, hopefully. heather: we're also talking about the chance for snow. liz: that's right. and we're already seeing sleet reports. we've already confirmed those also with the national weather service. down toward cumberland county. so if you live down there it's not just you. 47 degrees tomorrow. we do have a chance for precipitation. it could be some snow showers. and east. warming up slightly by monday. and cooling down again by the middle of the week. heather: join us tomorrow morning on abc 11.
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