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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 AM  ABC  February 8, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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current numbers from across the region, 29 roxboro right now, 28 sanford. 28 southern pines. 34 fayetteville. 36 clinton. 34 in goldsboro. looking at the day ahead, right now 23. by lunchtime we are 49. through the late day could see rain around, 51 degrees. that rain may end as a few snowflakes in spots. don't anticipate any accumulation. we will talk about the colder weather in a bit. barbara: some counties are on school delay. johnston and wayne county schools on a two-hour delay and edgecombe three hours. john: we have breaking news. raleigh police investigating a shooting in the 2000 block of lodge creek drive off old wake forest in north raleigh. we go to gloria rodriguez live on the scene. good morning, gloria. gloria: good morning. i'm in front of the hodges creek apartments where the shooting
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this is on hodges creek drive off old wake forest road and behind me police have blocked off a portion of the street as they investigate. the shooting feels reported at -- was reported at about 1:20 this morning. the police department is not telling us much of what happened with you a police officer told our photograph are there was a body in the parking lot. police roped off the cream scene as they investigate -- crime scene and they are continuing the investigation right now and police told me they have not made any arrests. they didn't give us any information on the suspect's description but they are following up on leads. we will stay here and bring you know it. live in raleigh, gloria news. john: thank you, gloria. barbara: it was not the outcome carolina fans hoped for the denver broncos winning super
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john: the broncos were too much. cam newton was sacked seven times by denver's aggressive defense and carolina had two fumbles that led to denver's two touchdowns. a not so happy cam newton faced the media. >> they made more plays than us and that's what it come down to. i mean, we had opportunities, we dropped balls, we turned the ball over, gave up sacks. three errant passes. that's off the podium. in denver it was a night of celebration. peyton manning winning his second super bowl. the big question is whether he will return next season. >> let this sink in. it has been an emotional week. i look forward to celebrating with my friends and family and i
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that and enjoy the night. take it one step at a time. john: manning is the first quarterback to win rings with two different teams. panther fans gathered at houses, restaurants and bars last night rooting for the home team. barbara: anthony wilson has fan reaction. anthony: it was a busy nights for bars and restaurants as hundreds watched at carolina ale house. by the end many were upbeat. there were a few bronco fans in that crowd. some left wearing big grins. it was a hard pill to swallow for panther fans at the super bowl. one left with her hands up and there were not a lot of smiles. >> it is hard to win a game with four turnovers.
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five minutes but that fourth turnover did them in. >> our tackles couldn't handle their ends. that is what i was afraid of. they were too strong and cam didn't have time. anthony: in charlotte these people left but many filed out early while others toasted a great overall season. fans are already looking forward to next season, barbara. barbara: all right, anthony. governor mccrory is recovering after being slightly injured in a manner car crash after leaving the super bowl. his car was rear agendaed in san jose -- rear-ended and totaled. hospital. before the accident the governor's office released this statement congratulating both teams on a great season. i want to first congratulate coach ron arrive arerare ra -- the super bowl.
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denver broncos on winning super bowl 50. i truly believe this is a contest between the two best teams in the nfl. coming up at 6:00 live team coverage of the super bowl. tisha powell and mark armstrong report live from santa clara and we have a report from charlotte. john: garner police are looking for a hit-and-run driver who killed a woman. amber rupinta has more on this developing story. amber: police are revealing a few more details about the skwreupblt. they tell us the victim was 22-year-old kayla higgins who was walking down highway 70 after 3:30 sunday morning when a minivan hit her. her body was fondund around 8:00. they fond what they believe to be her purse. police are not sure of the minivan's make or model but said it should have front and right side damage. you are asked to contact garner police if you have any
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barbara: 5:06. testimony expected to resume in the capital murder trial of a raleigh mother. john: melissa huggins jones was beaten and stabbed to death. traveon smith is on trial. a jailhouse informant took the witness stand but it was shrouded in secrecy because of concerns of safety. the judge ordered the camera off during his testimony. we will stream it live at we have a traffic alert for drivers in the triangle. barbara: we will tell you about good morning, don. don: we are preparing for a very cold week. we will talk about that in the complete forecast coming up. as we go to break we check the
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don: let's look at the bus stop forecast. as the kids head out they will see sunshine. we have some delays in eastern counties. if you have school today mostly sunny to start and by 8:00 even if you are below freezing you will be having warmer temperatures. a couple of folks at freezing. 32 in south hill, 32 louisburg. 33 oxford, 28 roxboro. 31 chapel hill.
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fayetteville. 28 southern pines and sanford. we look at the day ahead mainly clear right now and 32. by lunchtime temperatures climb near 50. through the late day 50 degrees with a few showers on the way. it hr bwill be wet this evening and may see a few snowflakes. we will talk about that in the complete forecast in a few minutes. barbara: a family of three displaced after a fire broke out in their home. it started just before midnight on charles street in raleigh. no one was hurt but it was damaged. john: unbelievable scene in baltimore, maryland. begins the must-see video. the driver of that van facing charges after hitting a woman. a dramatic sunday morning as the driver was apparently trying to get away from men who were pounding on his van. he slams into the back of the car and floors it in reverse
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woman was struck. he then zooms down the sidewalk. police later arrested him saying it appears he was assaulted but that didn't excuse his actions. the victim suffered serious inju
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361 short of the record said in wales in 2009. barbara: we have a traffic heart in the triangle. a section of morrisville parkway closing for six months between bristol creek and crabtree crossing. it is to a contractor with build a rail overpass and eliminate the rail closing. a detour will direct you around. the roads are already heavily traveled so drivers are encouraged to allow extra time in the area. sounds like fun. may need patience. 5:12 and 32 degrees. family tragedy. john: how two brothers were killed while sledding down a bobsled track at canada's olympic park. barbara: mardi gras mars. violence that leaves family
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john: the broncos are the nfl champions beating carolina 24-10 in the super bowl. carolina. cam newton was sacked a record tying seven times. he was so upset he just walked off during the post-game interview. governor mccrory slightly injured when his car was rear-ended while leaving the super bowl in santa clara. it happened on route 237 california. he complained of pain but didn't seek treatment. a passenger was taken to the hospital. we are on the scene of a shooting investigation at the hodges creek apartments off old wake forest road in raleigh. police are not telling us much but there's a big police presence there. barbara: mardi gras celebration
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somebody opened fire yesterday. both victims died on the scene. four others were hurt. police say they received a call about a fight and shots were fired shortly after the parade. two teenagers are dead this morning and several injured after police said they broke in olympic park in calgary. they believe at least eight teenagers tried to go down the bobsled track but didn't realize it branched off into a different track with a large gate. they slammed in the gate and two died on the scene. the survivors are so traumatized they have not been able to peek to police. john: in new england bracing for a massive winter storm. a blizzard warning for parts of the east coast. the national weather service says southeast massachusetts can expected this morning.
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northern new jersey can get two to three inches between monday night and tuesday night. and the snow could stretch into wednesday. while the super bowl feels a disappointment -- was a disappointment for panther fans. the halftime show was not. barbara: cold play headlined. they opened with their famous song and their performance was bright and cleveland but some said -- cheerful but some said they were upstaged by their guest. bruno mars brought down the house dressed in black leather and gold chains. owe he rocked until queen b took it. she was surrounded by dancers
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power anthem formation. she took a tumble but recovered. later she and bruno mars would face off in a dance-off. this was her second appearance and his. don: did she change outfits? john: i don't think so 6789 don: the overunder was 1.5 fplt. barbara: it seemed quick. john: she announced her tour and she will be at carter-finley stadium in may. don: the onion which is a parody site had an article, fake article about the halftime show marred because cold play's microphones worked. everybody pounded them saying they were not that good. there they were fantastic. barbara: i liked it. don: bruno mars is talented and can dance.
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concert. don: he is awesome. precipitation chances. i will give us 30% chance tomorrow. i think it is mainly a rain chance today and tomorrow. in between you may see wednesday through friday not seeing any. that is good because it will be awfully cold around here. i love the p.n.c. building lit up with the panthers colors. 32 and dew point 23. 69% humidity. winds calm. sunrise 7:10. r.d.u. temperature 35, 58% humidity. northwest wind two miles an hour. we have clear skies and not seeing anything in the way of rainfall across the region. or even really cloud cover. we had precip yesterday with the low. it is pulling up to the northeast and will cause problems in new england. here we are dry. we are watching two systems. we have this one, a break, then this one.
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wisconsin to iowa to missouri. it will bring us very cold air and chance of precipitation. by lunchtime we're partly sunny and dry. should be fine if you are taking lunch outside. this afternoon into this evening we have green showing up on the map. i think we see precipitation today. it starts off as rain. we will have colder air filtering in and that could end as snowflakes. not much accumulation. tomorrow the same, rain it start and end as snowflakes. then tomorrow night into wednesday it gets clear and very cold. we are watching a couple of systems. that is the low to the north and this is what drops through today and gives us the chance of precipitation. another front falling tomorrow gives us another round of rain, maybe a few snowflakes. behind it look at this, lots of cold air and that pours in and gets awfully cold for the midweek. the rest of today raleigh mostly sunny, temperatures to about 50
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this afternoon clouds and around 50. mostly sunny to start, durham to 51 for a high. 51 wendell, 52 smithfield. 53 goldsboro. fayetteville to 53. 51 sanford. roxboro 48. 51 louisburg and 52 wilson. tonight rain could end as snowflakes. 30 raleigh and fayetteville. 30 durham. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather, tomorrow terms back into the 40's for a high. 43 wednesday. just 40. thursday upper 30's. friday into sunday temperatures around 40 degrees. awfully cold. today the warmest of the tphebgsnext seven. john: it was bruno mars two years ago. the shark. don: did they have a shark last night? barbara: i didn't see it if they
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5:22 and 32 degrees. chipotle closing their doors
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>> topping america's money some volkswagen diesel owners could be in for a windfall. the head of the claims fund says it will offer generous compensation packages to those whose vehicles exceeded emission limits. 600,000 in the u.s. are affected. all chipotle restaurants will be closed until 3:00 p.m. today to review food safety. this after the chain was hit with a series of food borne illness outbreaks. they began the big marketing campaign this week. and this plug is for you. at least twice. during post-game but ises broncos q.b. peyton manning said he was looking forward to having a few beers and specified budweiser. the company insists it didn't pay for the plugs. the two mentions worth more than $3 million in free advertising.
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driver rescued in the triangle.
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geico for your boat. see how much you could save. barbara: a shooting investigation at an apartment complex in raleigh. john: governor mccrory in a car wreck in california just minutes after the super bowl trophy was headed to north carolina but it was a rough game for the panthers. how taking the defeat and post-game message from coach rivera to the players. welcome on monday february 8, 32 degrees, 5:30. i'm barbara gibbs. john: i'm john clark. the threat of icy roads putting some schools on delay.
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schools on a two-hour delay and edgecombe three hours delay. barbara: it is time for weather and traffic together with meteorologist don schwenneker in the first alert storm center. don: a little more wintry precipitation yesterday mainly sleet. but it is above freezing in many counties and we should warm quickly. looking at temperatures, by 9:00 we are 39 and by 11 we are 47. we will see 50's this afternoon. pretty typical for this time of year. 29 right now roxboro. 32 louisburg. 33 oxford. 31 chapel hill. 34 fayetteville. goldsboro and wilson. lunchtime 49 and partly sunny. afternoon expect late day rain showers and 51 degrees. we will see temperatures dropping tonight into tomorrow and that could change over a little bit of rain to snowflakes. i don't think we will see much accumulation in the overnight hours.
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days we have very cold air.
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