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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 1100 PM  ABC  February 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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ey>> see what is happening this instant. abc 11 eyewitness news at 11:00 starts right now. joel: a valentine's day snowfall flying the tribal. the wintery weather making an interest. that winter weather putting this in first alert murdered.
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heather: angelica alvarez isn't breaking news 1 showing us where the snow is falling right now. we will break in the latest timing in just a moment. a decision for multiple school district about classes on monday. here are the districts that are closed. wake, durham, chapel hill's scarborough, orange county, and from county, granville, vance and warren counties are all closed. joel: a lot of districts on a two-hour delay tomorrow. again, wade. county public schools are closed heather: you can find that list any time on liz, what do we expect? liz: we are seeing our first snow coming on now and we are likely to see more overnight into tomorrow morning.
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concentrated on the northern counties. that will be north of raleigh. all the circles you see her snowflakes -- with snowflakes are local storm reports. people have been reporting snow falling in many different places. let's take you to some of the reports rest now that right now. -- reports right now. another report near buckner think granville county. 's images have articulated there. quite a bit falling in orange county. this is just the start of what is to come. we would likely see more bands from the south and work your way all the way up towards wake in the virginia border. a little bit of a break for a couple of hours before that moves through. you will see a big band of snow. one more finally pushing on through. it looking a little bit more
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earlier some of the snow was evaporating before it hit the ground. a winter weather advisory in effect for all the areas in purple. that will go in effect right now through tomorrow at 1:00 in the afternoon. back up to the north and west and the triad winter storm warning is in effect through 9:00 p.m. tomorrow. these areas could see slightly more snow. 2-4 inches good fall. and look out for a little ice as well. dew points coming up in just a bit and i will help the see more snow as we go for the overnight hours. it looks like more that will be coming our way at 2:00-4:00 in the morning. by 5:00 or 6:00 we could see some moderate snow falling in places and very slick roads. i will have the impact for you coming up in just a bit. heather: list tweeted this photo of the snow sticking to the
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with more winter weather coming the dot is for. for a long night ahead. angelica alvarez is in breaking news 1. what you see? reporter: we are seeing some flakes settling on grassy areas and on cars. we are in durham. you can see the roads are wet were some the flakes of already melted off. about an hours time the dot says they will have sand trucks back out of the run was again. they were out in full force on saturday. 100,000 gallons of brine. despite all the prep work several schooled systems are delaying opening tomorrow in many people are preparing for what could be a messy monday morning. >>reporter: is coming our way.
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>> i have an 89-year-old father and 85-year-old mother. i will solve down the roads for them. for robert, winter might not be the end of shorts season but it does mean the end of him driving himself. >> i don't drive in it. i don't mind going to work in it . reporter: marvin says his wife feels the same way. >> driving me to work. reporter: the department of transportation as to floyd a fleet of trucks this weekend and is already don't more than 111,000 gallons of brine of the roadways to help with whatever comes our way overnight. you can see the roadways are wet from the dusting we got earlier.
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the governor's office weighing in on the weather. they are asking people to please follow the forecast in reminding us that state troopers will be keeping an eye on the road for any trouble spots and for anyone who might find themselves in trouble. angelica alvarez, abc 11 eyewitness news. joel: we are -- hopefully all that brine is working the way it is supposed to. heather: here are some of your abc 11 eyewitness photos. you can see snow blanketing the car in the ground. joel: this is from orange grove road in hillsboro. they got a good little dusting. over an inch or so. heather: lisa found her car covered in a blanket of snow in durham when she went to take the dog out. that was a big surprise. melanie is excited about the
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her message is, "ayyay snow." we want to see your pictures in your videos. joel: we have been in touch with officials over at the airport. they tell us about a dozen departures for tomorrow morning are already canceled. you for going to the airport, check with your airlines to see if your flight is on time. one more check of live pictures. this is state university in boone. more than half the snow good pileup in allegheny before the system winds down. heather: these next 12 hours are the most critical. you can stay one step ahead of the winter weather by downloading the first alert weather at. pp. get any school closings were delays. speaking of that, you will find a full list of closings and
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the breaking news bar at the top of the homepage directly to that page. eyewitness news will be covering long. we will be helping to prepare for the worst spots on the roads with reporters across the triangle in fayetteville. joel: we are working to get more was shot today. they are recovering tonight. you see that yellow crime scene tape surrounding the home where it happened this afternoon. this is off of hodge wrote. we do not know how badly the child is hurt. a nationwide search for a new police chief and durham is down to 14 candidates. city officials posted another community forum to get input on any chief at immaculate conception catholic church. the remaining 14 applicants when i go -- undergo more extensive
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the city is urging residents to fill out online surveys on what they want to see in their next top cop. you can find a link on . heather: their will be no autopsy performed on the late supreme or justice antonin scalia. that's according to a source familiar with the case. they say the decision was made by his family and officials in texas. he died in his sleep during a hunting trip to texas. his body is being flown back to virginia. his death is already starting a major political battle over his successor because it could tilt the court in democrats'favor. we talked to a political scien
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>> the obligation to nominate a supreme court justice is with the president of united states. it also gives the senate a role in advising consent. the senate will deliberate andclaimed it's been 80 years since a supreme court justice appointed a supreme court justice. >> justice kennedy was nominated in 1987 and confirmed in
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without solea it is split, 4-4. >> so now it will be critical for some important decisions coming down the pipe. reporter: that includes abortion, affirmative action and redistricting battles here in our state. that creates an element for north carolina conservatives. caitlin knute, abc 11 eyewitness news. still ahead, the triangle not the only region on alert for winter weather tonight. preparations are keeping our nation's capital up and running. heather: the race and raleigh
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a live look from breaking news 1 out in patrol in durham. this is -- the road a little slick. part of our viewing area under a winter weather advisory. we can be at in for a messy morning commute. stay with us. steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars! woman: that's amazing! that's amazing! (shrieks)
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>> keeping you connected. find us on facebook, get notifications for the latest eyewitness news updates. joel: bill bell is set to give his state of the city address tomorrow. it was postponed because the
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last year's address he said he would focus on reducing poverty and crime in the city. heather: a man charged in interim county murder is accused of assaulting the victim's wife and child. he is locked up in the durham county jail. deputies say he stabbed his neighbor on glen road after some sort of argument. his body was found in the backyard last night. his wife and child were not. seriously hurt joel: new details about the deadly pileup on a pennsylvania interstate. we now know 64 vehicles were caught up in this mess, with 73 people going to the hospital. three people died in saturday's crash. officials say at least one person remains in critical condition tonight. the interstate reopened this morning. 's passing snow squalls appear to be the source of the directs. heather: washington, d.c.'s
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officially deployed ahead of the storm is to bring 1-4 inches of snow. more than 200 plows are on standby ready to target bridges, overpasses and major routes. in northern virginia nearly 2500 trucks are trying to clear entry roads. washington is only a few weeks removed from the historic lizard -- blizzard. joel: hundreds of runners lacing oldest road races. is the run for the roses 5k. the kick up this afternoon. it includes a couple of competitions. the race benefits the carolina canines for service, for veterans who have looked limited -- who have limited mobility. i get up this morning and i checked the phone and i said whoa, way too cold. i'm going to stay indoors.
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the couch and cover-up. liz: we got down to 15 at rdu. a little too cold for me. we are dealing with a different problem. we have warmer temperatures and more precipitation falling. a lot of that falling as snow right now. you will see most of the snow finally off to the north and east. that will be east of louisburg right now along the i-95 corridor. all the areas with circles our local snow reports we have seen over the last few hours. this note has into need to fall throughout the triad in northern counties. there is a lot that can come with this storm. this is happening through about 3:00 tomorrow. that is the winter weather part of it. we will have an expected precipitation. a lot of people don't understand what we mean. snow, sleet, freezing rain all possibilities depending on where you are and the timing. messy roads likely as you go through tomorrow morning.
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if you do have to hit the work, your evening commute will be slippery but should not be quite as slippery with winter weather. they will be happy announce on tuesday as well. let's go to your first alert weather station and durham. 24 degrees. we have seen snow collecting a grassy surfaces and roads. wind out of the northeast at 8 miles per hour. clayton about 24 right now. 22 on the ground at oxford. 21 at roxboro. about 26 in rocky mount and wilson. a quick burst of snow moves through in the last hour or two. it's finally pushing off to the east. is pushing into virginia and west virginia. there is a bit of a breakout towards charlotte. overnight. more is going to come from the south all the live towards wake
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hours. minutes. a winter weather advisory in purple. in north carolina. county. warning. the reason you can see slightly more impact than the rest of us who are only under the advisory. expect 20. freezing event. about 24 in raleigh. 26 in fayetteville. if you have to hit the work, please allow extra time. 27 at 7:00. 28 by 10:00. and snow. in the mid morning hours we can depending on where you are. will be rising above freezing. in. with that comes the changeover to rain.
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lower 40's for our southern counties. let's take you on through when we could see which type of precipitation. if you live in the hills, this is mainly going to be a sleet and freezing rain event for you. wake county, durham county, orange county, all over towards the east to the north you can be seeing light snow which could then changeover to freezing rain by the time you get to the midmorning hours. by 9:00 we could see this changing over to a bit of an ice issue. it does not look like we will see a lot of major key relation but it can be slick. by lunchtime the rain begins mixing in from the south and spreading off towards the triangle. eventually we will see that luther our entire area later in the afternoon and evening. the good news with this is temperatures are going to be warm enough that you should not see any major problems from it.
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have your bands of showers on tuesday. that is a separate issue. that could clog up the morning commute on tuesday. it was a most of the impact of the north and west. 1-3 inches likely for the northwestern sections. less than an inch likely for the triangle. mainly rain and a wintry mix from wayne county down towards cumberland and the coastal plain. our ice accumulation not as bad as what we thought. looks like a less than 1/10 of an inch. it looks like the rain may be one of the biggest issues we see. between one and shantou inches days. -- two inches possible. by wednesday we should be looking at a lot more sunshine around here and a return to near normal temperatures. 58 expected on tuesday. could be 55 on wednesday.
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somewhat 30 degrees warmer than what we will see tomorrow by wednesday. joel: thank you. sports is next.
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, sponsored by your local toyota dealers. reporter: has not been a great couple of weeks for north carolina. the coach went down with vertigo. today it is all good again. pitt visiting the hill. roy williams back on the bench. he was feeling just fine. starting with the defense, to justin jackson to marcus paige. two-handed. jackson an assistant machine. brice johnson had to of 19. 26 assists in the game. jackson had six of those. sets of page again, this time for a long jumper and a 15-point lead. heels are cruising and playing half. he had six assists. page again.
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turnovers including 16 fast-break points. jackson had 14. 19 turnovers for the panthers. joel berry putting the finishing touches on an easy 85-64 win. >> we just really wanted to knock them out and play hard. we got too many turnovers. the effort was there. >> we just decided they go out there and knock them out. reporter: the 11th annual hoops for hope gain. n.c. state posing syracuse. rihanna day feeling at home. she had eight street for -- straight for the orange. alex peterson buries the 3.
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williams cannot get it to go. they have got unc next. speaking of, the tar heels got thrashed by florida state. unc dropping to 4-8 conference after the 31-point loss. weight force beat the blue devils. nascar great jeff gordon will not be on the track next sunday when the flag drops to start the daytona 500. the 24 car will be at the front of the pack. different again this year. thence for two rounds. not a single lap run. 44 drivers getting that first round crack.
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driver to land a pole position at daytona.
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introducing the new multiplier scratch-offs. a chance to win. and a chance to multiply your winnings. yea, that feeling
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it's all about winning the since -- vaughn gets his first win since two of the five. kobe bryant, final nba all-star appearance in toronto. getting some pointers for a couple of hall of famer's. and in the festivities begin with lots of that dunking. lebron james seems pretty good. not a whole lot of defense in this one. michael westbrook the kevin durant, a little reversal. how about rosen? that is kobe getting the role first. still getting it done.
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of not going to show the score because is anybody really care? it's really a continuation of the dunk contest last night. zero effort and lots of flash. anthony davis, nice. we can do that on a foot hoops all night long but were not. they scored like a million points. set all kinds of offense of records. heather: we need the mascot from last night. joel: thank you. this offer eyewitness news at 11:00, coming up at 11:30 liz horton is updated timing. heather: when she expects the
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