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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  February 19, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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worldwide, we will likely see the number of cases in north carolina increased. the good news is that all but one of the u.s. cases analyzed so the virus is much more common. they also don't even know if they've ever have the virus. there is one case in texas where scientists believe one victim got the virus by having sex with someone who had it. even though state officials are making a point to report north carolina's first case, they say there is little to fear from the zika virus right now. >> i don't think we need to worry about what's going on in north carolina at all. the current concern is what is happening in central america and the caribbean. we are concerned for those people and we want to make sure that if people from north carolina travel there, they
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ed: health officials note it is protection against mosquito traveling. are most at risk here. because women can transfer the virus to their unborn child. if you are thinking about getting pregnant and traveling countries, they recommend not doing it all. yourself from mosquito bites. barbara: ed crump, thank you for the life report. john: u.s. officials added two more caribbean islands to a travel alert for pregnant women . in the meantime, pope francis suggests that women threatened with the virus could use artificial contraception. however, the pope is not relaxing his stance on abortion despite calls to restrict antiabortion laws in the face of the outbreak.
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the zika virus and how it spread and how to protect yourself right now at you will find this trending story right on the front page. barbara: acclaimed author harper lee has passed away. according to multiple reports, the author of "to kill a mockingbird" died in her hometown . she divided her time between living in new york city coming where she wrote the novel in the 1950's, and her hometown. it was her only novel until last year when "go set a watchman" was released. legislators are voting on a new congressional redistricting map and a new primary date. jon camp begins our live team coverage. jon: a big day down here obviously. here's what we think is going to happen. we think the house will approve new congressional maps.
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a new primary date for that race. those votes happening right now down here at the legislature. it has been a busy morning. lawmakers still trying to figure out the ins and outs of this 11th hour changeup and what it means for voters, taxpayers, and congressional candidates. and a lot of questions about what happens if the u.s. supreme court ruled that the primaries should go on as before. also, thousands of absentee ballots have already been returned. officials say it is too late to print out new ballots. the board of elections director clear up some of the confusion. she tried to keep it simple. her vice -- vote in the primaries as you normally would. go to the polls, vote early, do what you normally would do. vote on all the races including the congressional race. if there is a new primary, that
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you will vote again. we will jump back into the legislative session. we will keep you updated on social media and on and abc 11 at 4:00 today. barbara: she continues our live team coverage with reaction from lawmakers. gloria, good afternoon. gloria: it ended with comment, but it did not go as planned because only one person pull-up commented. they're been plenty of opportunities for people to offer input. >> i'm really disappointed though. of days, i've not heard good discourse. gloria: he was the only person to speak with public comment during the meeting.
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of the process of creating new congressional maps and finding a new primary date. he says he is now not affiliated with any party because of this. >> there wasn't really mention of the citizens and what we are doing. i'm disappointed in the system. i'm disappointed and a lot of maps i've seen. the 1992 map is a mess. gloria: the committee of allotted one hour for public comment but moved on after nobody else wanted to speak with them first half hour. there was heated debate between republican's and democrats about the match. >> how can you assure us under that criteria that under the court decision that half americans in the state will have an opportunity to elect persons of their choice? >> we did not consider race in drawing these maps. gloria: the committee voted to give a sizable recommendation of the senate bill on redistricting. be sure to tenant at 12:30 p.m. as i will have more comments
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follow on facebook because i'm posting updates from the legislature at gloria rodriguez wtvd. barbara: thank you. time is running out to register to vote in the march primary. if you have not done so, register to vote by today. that's to participate in the march 15 election. if you mail in your registration form, it has to be postmarked with today's date. you can get your form at the post office or local library. john: a sentencing hearing continuing for tradingvion smith, accused of killing melissa jones in her apartment. the defense has called several members of smith's family to the stand to testify about his abusive childhood. smith could get the death penalty for the murder. barbara: we are learning about the conditions of people involved in this crash in
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it happened around 6:30 a.m. and we are contacting highway patrol with more information. john: we are working to find out if any charges have been filed car. this new the intersection of garner road and rush street south of downtown. police say woman was seriously hurt, but would not go into detail. at last check, officers detained the driver. shooting in raleigh. the call came from homestead drive. police now tell us there was a fight at that location and shots were fired. a car was damaged, but no one was hit. barbara: governor pat mccrory's veterans employment initiative is that fort bragg. they're holding a job fair as part of a project launched last spring to help veterans work in north carolina. the job fair runs until 3:30 p.m.. antonin scalia is body is lying in repose at the supreme court.
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clerks are standing vigil by the body of their former boss. and you ramis has more. >> after a week of his passing, antonin scalia is mourned in the nation's capital. court police serving as pallbearers and former law clerk serving as honorary pallbearers. the casket carrying the body slowly brought up the supreme court steps to lie in repose of the great hall of the court, casting the shadow of abraham lincoln. one of the great rims of washington, somber and dusk with light. >> let us pray for the coming of the kingdom. >> antonin scalia and son, a priest, offering prayer. >> you have called your servant out of this world. >> when you are native,
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and longest-serving justice, his republicans and democrats alike. >> he influenced a generation of judges, lawyers, and students, and profoundly shaped the legal landscape. american hero. he was a lion of the law. including his nine children and 36 grandchildren come and friends as well as president obama and the first lady will pay their respects today inside the building where he built a legacy. after the private ceremony this morning, the public viewing began. it can be viewed by mourners until 8:00 tonight. the funeral is set for tomorrow at washington, d.c. at the basilica of the national shrine of the assumption. vice president joe biden will attend. john: a traffic alert for folks traveling i-40 this weekend. barbara: how a little inconvenience can make for a better commute monday. .
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fort bragg soldiers. john: will it be open season for alligators in north carolina? officials decide on hunting for reptiles. barbara: let's look outside on this beautiful friday afternoon. 47 degrees this afternoon . >> it is looking good, guys. a chilly day but nothing on doppler right now.
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barbara: chopper 11 hd just arriving on the scene of a gas leak near lake haven drive near shelley lake. when elementary school also nearby. we don't know yet if this has affected the school by the ghastly gas leak. the road is shut down in both directions. crews digging a trench may have caused the ghastly. -- ghastly. john: a traffic alert that may get you to the i-40 construction zone. crews plan to smooth over i 40 westbound and that they construction zone. crews will apply a thin layer of groove. winter weather has delayed the project. you should notice a difference by the end of the weekend.
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be extensive changes to the go raleigh transit station. barbara: nancy mcfarlane joined other leaders for the groundbreaking at the square station. the project includes new waiting areas, bathrooms, wi-fi, and more bus lanes. work should finish in about a year. john: a lot happening right now it fort bragg -- more than 70 troopers and their families have been reunited. they have arrived back at pope army airfield overnight after serving him nine-month long deployment in iraq. they left last june and where there for an operation inherent resolve in iraq. unc greensboro becomes the latest university to rename a building honoring former governor charles a copacock. barbara: he promoted education but also led white supremacist campaigns. duke and easy you have both dropped his name from campus
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if former member of the children's racing family died in a plane crash. john: new details we are learning about this fatal crash
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barbara: and getting your z'sbarbara: we are learning more
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officials say the pilot reported engine problems before the crash. he dropped off a client and was returning to lexington thursday night when it happened. police say shoppers discover the wreckage in the woods. he was a longtime pilot for richer children's racing. he was working part-time for various corporate customers. the crash is now under investigation. john: now to the investigation attacks. fbi agents searched the southern of gunmen syed farook. agents been around for hours at the home thursday and they were seen taking a computer and
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encrypted iphones could allow others to design a backdoor to accept other people's iphones and ipads. john: a texas judge ruling in the case of so-called affluenza teenager you can catch will be moved to adult court. captchas given probation for a drunk driving crash that killed four people when he was 16 years old. a defense expert argued his wealthy parents called him into ability. captain's mom -- caps off and his mom took off last year to mexico after he allegedly violated probation. cats could face 120 days in jail and finish his tenure provision. if he violates his probation, he could get 10 years for each crash with victim.
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against holding an alligator hunting season this year. they say them up together more information about how many alligators are in the state. john: in nairobi, kenya, people from a national park today. one lioness and two cups were captured and to others have on their own. it is unclear whether more lions remain on the loose. barbara: steve stewart is here for big weather this afternoon. it is beautiful. steve: nice and sunny outside, but you need that jacket with temperatures still in the 40's. we will not get much warmer. take a look and talk about the active days coming our way. it is going to be next week. i think the most active day will be tuesday where we could get some moisture in here and maybe heavier rains at times. it is something we will keep an eye on and still left over rain potential into wednesday.
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the weekend is looking great. temperatures in the myths upper 60's. a lot warmer than we are right now. clouds around on sunday. and maybe a passing shower sprinkle late in the day, counties. a chance on monday, but likely tuesday and potentially all the way into wednesday as well. high temperature start to go down below average starting on tuesday. one for sunday so enjoy that. we could see weather coming and tuesday that could be reinforced as we go to thursday and potentially all the way into next weekend with cold air coming in. this is the european model, the coldest of the models. it is holding temperatures to the upper 40's to near 50. regardless, cold air is what you will see this weekend. blue skies out there and 48. a light breeze at three miles per hour. lower 40's around roxboro. everyone else in the mid to upper 40's and fairly uniform
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heading out to watch the canes tonight, it will be cool before you head into the game. 43 degrees when you head out back out to the car. clear skies for now in a couple high clouds. the return flows want to pick up some high clouds tomorrow. we will see those in the sky. temperatures in the low-to-mid 60's. even warmer air comes in on sunday. i cannot rule out a shower in the evening. the best chance is probably late night when this front starts to move on through. it has little fanfare. i think the mountains will pull a lot of that mr. out. as we going to tuesday, rain chances are ramping up. tomorrow, slight chance of a shower, talking 20%. temperatures in the 40's to near 50's. how about down in daytona?
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course daytona 500. the weather will be great for that with numbers in the low-to-mid 70's. 49 in henderson and 53 in fayetteville. the average highs a little below that this afternoon. tonight is partly cloudy but not nearly as cold. low to mid 20's and we will be in the mid to upper 30's and even around 40's for the lows thanks in part to the wind shift. that means a nice one day tomorrow. upper 60's on our sunday. watch for a cloud deck late and maybe a shower by the evening. monday, a rain chance and 60. temperatures fall back down to the 40's. looking good. barbara: thousands of walmart raise. john: we will tell you how much coming up.
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barbara: more than a million walmart workers will get a raise tomorrow. the company will boost its minimum wage to $10 an hour from the current nine dollars. that applies to all of walmart's hourly workers, including some supervisors.
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majority of the coo berkshire hathaway will remove jobs from the payroll. john: a new study on sleep found out how much sleep you get can have a major impact on your health. barbara: more than one third of americans do not get enough sleep, which is seven hours or more. those who don't get that much are putting themselves at risk of obesity, heart disease, and other serious health issues. americans need to learn healthy sleepy habits like going to bed on time and turning off televisions and other devices. they confirmed case of t special session of the journalism lee
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>> the only station with three newsrooms in downtown raleigh, downtown durham, and downtown fayetteville, abc 11 eyewitness news continues. barbara: breaking news -- state officials are reporting the first confirmed case of the zika virus in north carolina. they say the person recently traveled to an area where the zika virus is prevalent. ed crump is live at the department of health and human services with more on this. ed: it is likely we will see more cases of the zika virus here in north carolina as that virus spreads worldwide. all but one of the cases in the
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analyzed so far bye most common way for the viruses to come by mosquito bite in central america and the caribbean. the state has little to fear from the zika virus. the biggest risk is for unborn babies because the vast majority of adults who get it don't even know they have it. >> 80% are a some somatic and 20% have fever, rashes, and muscle aches. rarely are there other issues associated with it. i certainly think that much of the world's attention has been directed around the microcephaly. ed: health officials do note that it's always a good idea to try to avoid mosquitoes and use repellents when you travel.
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is for pregnant women who can transmit the virus to their baby and they believe it is causing some problems with birth defects in these babies. they are recommending that women who are pregnant or planning to get pregnant do not travel to any of those at risk countries. within in raleigh, ed crump, abc 11 eyewitness news. john: also breaking right now, lawmakers close to approving a new congressional redistricting map and new primary date north carolina. the house and senate both working on proposals and could vote this afternoon. a public comment session this morning to not go as lawmakers thought. gloria rodriguez is live with those details. gloria: you're right about that because only one person showed up to that meeting and that person said he is very frustrated. he does not feel like the public is being heard from by lawmakers. lawmakers say they have had several meetings with the public has been able to offer input. >> i'm really disappointed.
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i've not heard good discourse. gloria: hillsboro resident blake tether was the only person to speak in public comment during the redistricting meeting at the legislative building. he says citizens were shut out of the process of creating new congressional maps and finding a new primary date. he says he is now not affiliated with any party because of this. >> there wasn't really mention of the citizens and what they're doing. i'm disappointed in this system. i'm disappointed and a lot of those maps i've seen. the 1992 map is a mess. gloria: the community allotted one hour for public comment but moved on after no one else wanted to speak with in the first half hour. >> how can you assure the african american committee that part of the criteria and the court decision that african-americans in the state will have an opportunity to elect persons of their choice? >> there was heated debate between republicans and democrats about these maps.
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we tried to help them. otherwise, they ignore us . >> they're basically saying we don't care what happened to. we want to go to court. i think that's unfortunate. john: that was gloria rodriguez reporting. we will stay on this an update on facebook and on eyewitness news beginning at 4:00. things are getting heated on the presidential campaign trail. it's just one day until the next voting contest. its primary tomorrow. donald trump sticking to his stance about a border wall after pope francis said a person who not bridges not a christian. in south carolina, polls show the race is not that close. donald trump has maintained a double-digit lead over ted cruz and marco rubio. many believing this could be a three-way race after tomorrow.
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facing 14 serious violations after last summer's tent collapse in the header. -- new hampshire. osha is now saying the circus did not build the tents correctly and ignored seven severe weather alerts. john: now to this terrifying chopper crash in hawaii. it went down with five tourists on board. a 15-year-old passenger in critical condition. anna laurel is here with new details. anna: a15-year-old boy is in critical condition after he was trapped underwater when this helicopter went down in hawaii's pearl harbor. the other people on board near pearl harbor suddenly plummets into the ocean just 20 feet from shore. a family of four, including a 15-year-old boy and the pilot on
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thebystanders save the last thing they heard was the chopper sputtering and then two loud bangs before the crash. heart stopping to watch, isn't it? the pilot should be able to tell investigators what went wrong.
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airborne and special operations museum in fayetteville unveiling a new plaque honoring smiling al alvarez. it honors his commitment to the army and his country could alvarez join the army during world war ii and was assigned to the first infantry division. his first action was landing on omaha beach on d-day. oliver is has been a big supporter of the museum even before it opened. barbara:" on a bus packed with students almost struck by a train. what officials say the bus
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the bus driver was fired. two women near atlanta are lucky to be alive today after their cruiser try to investigate the cause of that crash. barbara: sad news from north carolina zoo. the oldest chimpanzee they had has died. cherry died peacefully in her sleep after declining health.
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an animal autopsies being performed to determine the cause of death. a disturbing story out of argentina where tourists got to hands-on with a newborn dolphin. the dolphin died after the group took the dolphin out of the ocean and handled it after taking photographs. the beachgoers appeared to left the dolphin to die on the same. they are urging people to return come across them. johntest flights are set to begin later this year, but it's not clear when it will be ready for tourists. raleigh, north carolina.
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find the jeopardy clue crew this weekend? john: a brush with death. a bad decision caught on tape. where this passenger narrowly escaped a collision with a train. barbara: look at those beautiful blue skies there. a little chilly today. steve stewart is in for don this afternoon. steve: it is chilly out there with temperatures in the low 60's.
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it looksjohn: lots of you tune in at 7:00 weeknights to watch "jeopardy" on abc 11. here in the studio as a member of the clue crew. they travel around the world to record clues given to contestants. maguire is with us. what brings us to raleigh? >> is like homecoming. we were here 10 years ago. i'm excited to say this time crew teens. we are doing the annual team tournament. this is a tournament that alex always tells the viewers is his favorite. auditioning. we are testing youngsters between the ages of 13 and 18 for our upcoming tenement. john: i guess i miss on this again. >> you're too youngg.
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>> on the 15 years i've been on the show, it's like picking your favorite color on the rainbow. favorite city? international travel be at the top of the list. rome, italy, and of course raleigh. john: how long do you stay at each location? >> it depends on how long we are there and what we are looking for. it averages somewhere between awake and maybe a few days. john: rome for a week sounds good. we have had a number of people from our area on jeopardy. is this something you have to train for a just have to be extra smart? >> we just had a student over at nc state who did extremely well. he was in our college tournament and was a semi finalist he ended up going home with $10,000. it is something you cannot really study for. a lot of times, you either know
12:48 pm
the best way to do well on the show is to watch the show. it's a simple as that. you get a feel of what our writers are looking for. typically, categories remember stay the same. john: i'm impressed by the contestants. 7:00 on abc 11, jimmy maguire of the clue crew, thanks for being with us. here's the must-see video. >> we begin with infrared video of police chase in ontario, canada. it began as a driver sleeping at a wheel at a part intersection. officer knocks on the window. he hits a post and that an tech the car right on top of the hood of the car. the man keeps driving as sparks fly from behind the car. is arrested. police charged a man with impaired driving. now to some stunning video on
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watch as this man jumps on the tracks and trust across to the other side. he is almost there and a train comes barreling down. train officials released the video as a safety warning after recording more than 140 close calls with trains having people. check out this video. the person who uploaded it calling that driver behind the wheel the best worst driver ever. the driver was caught on video this week weaving back and forth on an icy road in rochester, new york and comes dangerously close to a neighboring pickup truck while avoiding any accidents. thankfully no one was hurt. take a look at the spectacular natural phenomenon that is delighting as it is at your summary national park. it is called firewall and it happens only this time of year. it's an optical illusion and looks like fire flowing off a cliff. park rangers say it is the son falling through a waterfall. the angle has to be just right and it happens only for a couple of weeks in february. what a beautiful sight to see
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news must-see video. back to you. john: eyewitness news is following several developing stories. first, let's talk to steve stewart in the raleigh eyewitness news center. steve: the weather outside is a little chilly. it is pretty as you said earlier. it's a nice weekend with more clouds coming in late. when is the next active day? when are we going to have activity? it is really tuesday and wednesday. tuesday is probably the most active. we have a lot of deep moisture coming our way with this prof. there's potentially decent amount of rainfall coming on tuesday. in the meantime, i'm nice weekend for you with highs in the mid to upper 60's. the warmest day will be sunday. maybe a shower sunday evening. rain is coming though. a chance on monday, but likely tuesday and wednesday.
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monday through tuesday, we get a little cooler. it is cooler yet as we go late into the week. the potential does exist for a cool week coming up. enjoy the want what we have got it over the weekend. 49 degrees in the windsor calm at less than five miles an hour. across the region, temperatures in the 40's. there's 50's now and southern pines paid roxboro write it -- 50's now in southern pines roxboro right around 40 degrees. it will be chilly in the 40's when he had back up to the car after became game. all need a jacket but not that. a couple high clouds could drift and later on and that is all we will see in the skies later today. tomorrow, the high shift to the south. the winds around the high will take around these high clouds. it will get the sun to sharply. we are dealing with a southwest flow so temperatures go up we are talking mid 60's tomorrow. as we go into our sunday, we are
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a little thicker cloud that. i would not be surprised that the sandhills reach 70. we could see a shower coming ahead of this front that going to the overnight hours. a shower chance on monday, but rain likely tuesday as the front stalls and it wave of low pressure moves along the front . going skiing tomorrow? a slight chance of a shower. otherwise, temperatures warmer. last weekend had temperatures in the single digits with wind chills at 20 below. the daytona 500 is sunday. temperatures will be in the 70's if you have plans to go on down there. whether it is not a factor for that race. 49 henderson. 53 fayetteville. the lows will not be nearly as cold with the mid to upper 30's and maybe a couple of 40's and the sandhills tonight as we get that when shift that is going to usher in warmer air. high clouds and 65 tomorrow.
12:53 pm
your plans to get out. i think it will be dry during the day. as we going to the evening hours, squeeze out a shower. a shower chance monday with rain likely tuesday. we will continue that rain chance into wednesday and finally drag things out by the end of the week. we are cooler next week, so take an inch of the 60's while we have got it. john: i will take your advice.
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eybarbara: eyewitness news is stories. we will keep it close with what assembly. details as the voting maps and primary dates get change. john: a confirmed case of the zika ved crump will have new reaction including how you can protect yourself. barbara: a new development on the vortex run accident at the carolina state fair. the owner of that ride pleading guilty. the incident that the internet triangle family in 2013. what punishment john joshua macaroni faces. john: you can stay up-to-date by going to abc more on your abc 11 mobile app on your phone or tablet. barbara: a view full day for the weekend. steve: warmer and significantly warmer.
12:57 pm
tomorrow. flirting with 70 on sunday. enjoy it as we get cooler and rain comes back next week. john: jimmy maguire, you got the young people pretty much all selected. if you want to get on jeopardy, with they should do what? >> go to it is called action. register and we will set a reminder, you can take the online test. john: i got to do it one of these days. >> also check us out on instagram at jeopardy. and to be more selfish, jimmy kluger. john: thanks for coming in. "the chew" is up next. barbara: i am barbara clark for john gives an steve stewart. john: tell alex we said hello. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.
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