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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News 9AM  ABC  February 20, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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take a look at the numbers across the region today. it is going to be nice. plenty of clouds arg. don't expect a lot of suggested to. filtered sun at times coming through the clouds. temperatures climbing to the 60's. 65 for a high between hours, between say 3:00 and 4:00 this afternoon. a little warmer tomorrow. more clouds and maybe a shower late in the day. and then cooler with some rain likely next week. more coming up in a few minutes. caitlin: hey, thank you, steve after a story new this morning. a shooting in durham on south miami boulevard near tw alexander. a person was shot twice, but the injuries are not considered to be life-threatening. no suspect information at this time. anthony: breaking news now, two nypd officers wounded in a shootout with a suspect. the confrontation started after the suspect drove his car into their cruiser.
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officer was hit in his bulletproof vest. the officer has blunt force trauma and other officer shot in the right hip. both are expected to make full recovery. the suspect shot multiple times. no word yet on his condition. caitlin: and overseas, a powerful storm bearing down on fuji. tropical cyclone winston made landfall overnight. it is expected to grow stronger considering the storm is packing winds 100 miles per hour, and gusts over 220 miles per hour. this is the equivalent of a category five hurricane. the winds and heavy rain could spell disaster for the country's low lying region that are prone flooding. the u.s. supreme court. the high court will not stop an order forcing lawmakers to draw a new congressional map. caitlin: that means congressional elections will happen in june. hegwhere what it means.
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to say, the supreme court will not intervene on a lower court's ruling to get them changed. even though democrats complain it put republicans at an advantage. >> they know we live in an evenly divided state. they also know that the map they drawn is designed to produce three democrats and 10 republicans for congress. that's not replacing those who need to be. reporter: republican representative david louis was among those in charge of drawing the new map. >> i think electing republicans is better than electing democrats so i drew this map in a way to help foster what i think is better for the country. reporter: he and other conservatives took heat for not considering race at all this time around. republicans maintain their following court order. >> i believe we complied with the letter of the law. reporter: voters will cast their ballots on two separate
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the state board was elections scrambling to minimize confusion at the polls. >> i think we set ourselves up for care also. caitlin: that was healthwhere the report. so again the supreme court's decision means that the house primary will be june 7th. however, the presidential primaries will go on march 15th. anthony: an arrest in a drive-by shooting that hurt an 18-month-old boy. durham police charged marion lanie with assault of a deadly weapon and possession of a firearm. that toddler was shot inside a home daycare located on great bend drive on tuesday afternoon. the boy went to the hospital for treatment of his injuries. he has been released. investigators are saying the child was not the target and the shooting does not appear to be random. caitlin: as many as 4,000 people are expected to attend the funeral today for the late supreme court justice, anton scalia. >> this is after a mass turn out yesterday. governor mccrory paying his
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the governor's office tweeted this photo yesterday.
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joe biden is his wife will his family and friends will attend a private burial. abc news, washington. anthony: this is a big day in
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voters head to the polls for the republican primary south carolina and democratic caucuses in nevada. hillary clinton and bernie sanders attended casino stops and in south carolina donald trump appears to hold a lead. it would be a painful blow to ted cruz who christian values and southern are roots are expected to give him anege. caitlin: a house fire in durham. we are getting new details in on this. so this location here, it is on mossdale after, it is office of university drive in durham. crews are saying the fire began in the basement. it was contained there, but the upper two levels of the house had smoke damage. no injuries reported. anthony: developing this morning rocky mounttinal police are looking for a shooter 82 injury ad13-year-old girl. it teen was inside of her home and she was hit in a bullet. two groups of people got an argument and the bullets started flying. and the teen was wounded in her
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hospital in greenville and is expected to recover.
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bit in the fight against apple. steve: welcome back, everybody. good morning to you. overall looking just cloudy out there. temperatures nice and warm, though, 52 degrees at r.d.u. today with a breeze around 5 miles per hour. overall it will be nice, pleasant temperature today. low to mid-50's in some places already. 49 at siler city, and 52 in fayetteville. and out the door this morning the temperatures warming quickly. in the mid-60's throughout the afternoon. so warming up nicely. a lot of clouds around today. we're not worried about rain, just mid and high level clouds from the west. carolina in action today taking on miami, 63 before the game when you're heading back out to your car, 64. so no jackets required today.
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coming down next week and the highest probability of rain is on tuesday. tuesday. got to take to great kids last week at spring valley elementary in durham. fifth graders there. you can see their faces. we had a good time talking about weather. thanks for having me. and another school this week on tomorrow and looking pretty good traveling out of r.d.u. all major hubs at this hour no delays. your abc 11 eyewitness news accuweather seven-day forecast. is coming up. anthony. anthony: thank you, steve. beyonce backlash, the super bowl show could impact her up coming concert here in the triangle. caitlin: yes. the union could vote next week to boycott security at her show. elaina athans for us. [music plays] elaina: it was a super bowl performance that dazzled some and enraged others. beyonce saluted the black
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stage with a leather jacket and others dancers. they coded her anti-police and pro violence. unions in miami, tampa, and asheville are boycotting the tour and urging officers not the volunteer to work at her shows. raleigh is strongly considering a similar move. the president of the police administration board tells abc11 eyewitness news officers of all different races and walks of life saw it deplorable. >> i agree. i came from a law enforcement family. i agree. i hope they boycott it. i'm trying to say that on facebook, too. elaina: beyonce is set to roll into raleigh on may 3rd. people are trying to get a hold of tickets. fans known as the be hives are message. they call it freedom of speech. >> i think she made a political statement.
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but i'm with her. yler beyonce has not commented on the backlash. the union here will meet next week to make a decision on a possible boycott. elaina athans, abc11 eyewitness news. anthony: 9:15 now, the u.s. is taking the fight to isis.
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eyewitness news. anthony: welcome back. 51 degrees outside, a quarter past 9:00. the supreme court refusing to stay a lower court order that demanded north carolina legislators draw a new congressional map. the decision means house primary elections won't happen next
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it comes down to the votress in south carolina and florida today and the republican prial primary another test of donald trump's strengths a frontrunner and the democratic caucuses for hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a state that is racially diverse. payback day today for students in wake county, the students on year round tracks one, three, and four head to school to make up for monday's snow day. students on the traditional calendar will make up the last day -- lost day on monday, april 25th. caitlin: new this morning in the possible comp ruambulance in thebut the ceo is saying the software is too dangerous to create, because it would threaten millions of customers.
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morning about a u.s. air strike in a islamic state camp in libya. hostage since november are believed to been killed in the air strike. u.s. fighter bombers targeted the training camp with isis members there near the border. they believe that the strike killed dozens of isis militants including an operative considered to be responsible for deadly attacks last year. city. the gusts there 70 miles per hour sent debris flying from two construction sites and caused a wall to collapse at one site. washington police closed downtown streets because of the debris. and willis tower, known as the sears tower, closed the popular sky deck. saying the elevators can not
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at o'hare airport 160 flights were canceled. a desperate race of time to reach a woman traveling down river. firefighters had ropes and a ladder for her to hold onto. the woman lost her grip and floated away from first responders, reached out, grabbed the wall, the boat came to the rescue with no type to spare. the woman has hypothermia but recovering at the hospital this morning. caitlin: wow. lucky for her. and again, hats off to the first responders. it is amazing risking themselves. steve: risking their lives to help others. anthony: she is glad. caitlin: have a weather-related question from twitter. mark asked why we are talking about this cyclone, this is winston in fiji, why not a hurricane. you had a good answer.
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there is typhoons, cyclones, and called them willy-willies, but australia said that they are dust devils so. when i was in school, that's what it was called. but they don't call them willy-willies anymore. caitlin: if we had to say that on air, i would feel silly. steve: willy-willy winston. so depending where are in the world. the same thing. caitlin: thanks, steve. steve: our active weather days coming up. it will be tuesday and into wednesday with the potential, of getting decent rain in here. tuesday is the wettest day. you can look at the wind with the deep moisture on tuesday. and then notice the snow line to the north. this will be an all liquid event that's good news. the low back here could bring more rain to the area on
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our long-term models not showing a significant amount of rain. gsf and the international under an inch of rain. the high temperatures in the mid to upper 60's. a chance of rain late tomorrow the northern and western zones. the rain is coming, a chance on monday south and east of the triangle and the front stalls to the front. along the front an area of low pressure moves in on tuesday and wednesday. higher probability we will be dealing with rain, and colder, too p. low average on tuesday. keep in mind, mild with a zonal flow through monday. and monday into tuesday cooler weather comes in and then a little bit warmup. notice the winds ahead of the front kind of boost the temperatures back to the mid to upper 50s and quickly that cold air is behind it on thursday and friday. meantime, live at terminal two right now seeing the clouds out there. camera bouncing a little bit, the winds up around 10 miles per hour and the temperatures at the sensor.
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officially 51. low to mid 50s. and uniindependent forms. warmer than this time yesterday on average. 15 to 20 degrees warmer as we get our day started. so midday around 61. still expect to have plenty of clouds in the sky today. and at times breaks of sun peaking through. variable cloudy skies. nice and warm. the temperatures in the mid-50's today. so tailgaters for the game, no headaches at state. the game is at 3:00. before the game, mid-60's. and when you head back out, 62 degrees. clemson comes in town for today. there the clouds. zoom it out. notice the clouds back across the tennessee valley these are making a b-line right at us. i'm not worried about anything other than clouds today. tomorrow an area of low pressure gets closer to us. it could squeeze out a shower. the northern counties the best opportunity, 4:00 to 5:00. so it is nice for you guys. it does sag on throw, now,
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south the best chance of getting a shower on monday. now, where this low goes is key, our model keeps it off shower and -- offshore, and likely rain on tuesday. here is the topical cyclone winston. look at the size of the eye and the island of fiji right here moved over causing significant damage. now the storm is on the western shores there and will continue moving away and hopefully your heart has to go out to everyone who lives out there. a devastating storm. strongest ever to hit fiji. 65 today, 68 tomorrow. and a shower chance on monday. 40's. caitlin: for a day.
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eyewitness news -- [music plays] anthony: you saw it. the kid has moves like michael
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days ago this third grader. yes. third gary at pittsboro elementary put on a show during the school's talent competition. caitlin: i'm impressed. 9,000 people have viewed it. stephanie lopez got lessons from this guy and learned how he mastered the move. he loves to bust a move just like michael jackson. his mom tells us jonah didn't have a specific choreography planned for his performance, because he spends our every day after school watching michael jackson's music video and learning the moves. jonah has autism and learning to dance just like michael is everything to him. his singular interest. jonah shows us how he does the moon walk and shared his favorite moves. >> i like the moonwalk you stand and then, i just like him, because he is the king of pop. he was -- we saw his last concert. so that's how began to like him.
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start dancing in a restaurant when he gets board. people will stop. and -- people have gotten his autograph. saying you are going to be something one day. stephanie: you can watch the full video on our website, just look in the home page. in pittsboro, stephanie lopez, abc11 eyewitness news. anthony: now, you notice how he tossed the hat like michael. caitlin: he is fantastic. 8-year-old, in third grade, with autism, but moves like michael for sure. so impressed. anthy: 51 degrees. 9:27.
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...was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto . anthony: 9:30 in the morning. 51 degrees outside. welcome back on this saturday, february the 20th. we are glad that you're starting your day with us. i'm anthony wilson. caitlin: i'm caitlin knute. we are talking about the video before the break. a little boy that can do
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this guy is a huge fan, so moonwalk to the weather wall. i want to see you try it. steve: my wife, don't. caitlin: listen to your wife. steve: a great day today. the temperatures warming up nicely. low 50's across the area. 51 at r.d.u., 54 in chapel hill and 54 in clinton this morning. temperatures in the 60's this afternoon. mid and high level clouds overhead. filtered sunshine from time-to-time. at times mostly cloudy skies. and the numbers climb into the 60's today. it will feel great. and plenty of clouds around and rain free. tomorrow warming and plenty of clouds and a shower late in the day. more coming up. anthony: steve, thank you. a big change ahead of north carolina's primary. the u.s. supreme court will not stop a lower court order demanding a new congressional map. the late night decision means house primary elections will not happen next month, they are set for june. voters will likely hit the polls
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the presidential primary will take place in march. state attorneys argue that eliminating the disabilities will cause chaos. caitlin: president barack obama urging states to make the easier for people to vote in elections. the president wants to focus on voting rights during the election year, because democracy's job is to make voting easier, not harder. he made it at the winner meeting of the national governor's association. and govern mccrory is in
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anthony: hillary clinton and top and ted cruz and marco rubio gaining in recent days. caitlin: in other news this morning the attorney for two u.n.c. athletes suing the university for coercing them to take boguing classes plans to take the state to state court of appeals this is after a judge dismissed the lawsuit claiming that the statute of limitations and immunity were issues there. a former basketball player and football player didn't file the lawsuit until a year ago. the attorney is saying the case impacts u.n.c. athletes and college athletes nationwide. anthony: at the wake county courthouse, closing arguments for smith the man convict of killing jones in her north hills apartment three years ago. the defense called several members of smith family to
9:35 am
the jury will decide if he will get life in a north carolina resident was diagnosed with the zika virus. they willal not say who got the virus or where abroad and brought it back to the state. the majority of people who get the virus don't know they have it. anthony: 9:35 now, abc11 eyewitness news highlighting the leg agency of three college students murdered in chapel
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hill. ahead on abc11 eyewitness news. caitlin: breaking news now. a police officer dead, three others hospitalized after a standoff at a home in mississippi. authorities are saying the standoff ended in gunfire earlier this morning with the suspect also dead. a woman and girl were inside the home at the time. they are alive.
9:39 am
called into that scene last night. it is not clear which agency the officer worked for. steve. steve: all right. thank you very much. good morning, everyone. right now we're looking nice out there. mid and high level clouds moving overhead. so not the prettiest day. but the temperatures nice and mild in the 50's outside. and some areas in the mid-50's like chapel hill 54. 52 in stanford and roxboro. and r.d.u. is at 51 degrees. and clinton 54. so expect the clouds this morning, not rain and temperatures warming up nicely. getting to the 60's. really no jackets required. even shorts and t-shirts to go for a jog today. feeling pretty good. the clouds stretch back to the -- so again, lot of clouds coming our way. a thicker cloud deck tomorrow. u.n.c. at 1:00 today. 64 before the game. when you head to your car 64. and no rain and jackets
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temperatures warmer tomorrow. and then a different next week, maybe up-and-down here, wednesday might be a little bit of warm hair trying to come in ahead of our next front. had a good time talking to the kids at springdale elementary last week. the fifth grades in durham last week. we had a good time talking about weather. and hopefully they learned something. we talked about technical stuff, higher end stuff. travel-wise looking good out of r.d.u., all major hubs no delays. your abc 11 eyewitness news accuweather seven-day forecast. is coming up. anthony: thank you, steve. the legacy lives on for three college students murdered in chapel hill, an interfaith food drive. last year's drive collected enough food to provide 20,000 meals to the food bank of central and easton north carolina. they hope to do it again this year. starting at 10:00, you can drop off food at the islamic center in raleigh. -- caitlin: a big night in fayetteville. jason aldean coming to town. that means a lot of traffic in the area. so here is what you need to know
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the parking lots open at 3:00 this afternoon. and there is first come, first serve. the concert starts at 7:30. you want to arrive early.
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anthony: a good idea. caitlin wants to be there. caitlin: good morning. and welcome back on this saturday. here is what is making headlines so far this morning. under a nationwide curfew after tropical sigh clone winston made landfall and a month long state of disaster because it is am most powerful storm to hit the island nation. winds reaching up to 177 miles per hour and wind gusts exceeding 200 miles per hour. residents are urged to hunker down and not venture outside. the funeral for supreme court justice scalia will be held today at the basilica at the national shrine. looking at washington, d.c. this is the nation's largest roman catholic church. it is can hold 3500 people.
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arrest in a drive-by shooting that hurt an 18-month-old boy. the 26-year-old is charged with assault with a deadly weapon. the toddler was shot inside of a home daycare on tuesday afternoon. anthony: a heartbreaking story this morning about a new york father who died after saving his daughter from a burning home. their 9-year-old daughter. he never came back out. his wife apparently carried the other two kidsuffalo state university is under investigation. he died thursday night. and police are looking that claims of his death may be linked to a hazing incident.
9:46 am
the campus chapter is suspended. caitlin: hoverboard makers could get hit with recalls. the consumer product safety commission listed a warning to manufacturers, imports and retailers because some models are prone to catch fire and even exploding. the u.s. consumer product safety commission reported two different reports of fires that usererize saying that were caused by hover boards in 24 states. and several airlines have banned them, they are not permitted on public streets and sidewalks in london. and new york city has banned them altogether. anthony: but they are very popular. so how -- are they selling if they are that dangerous. caitlin: i don't know, what a hot item around christmas time. a lot of kids asked for those and got them. steve: i will tell you, we have one.
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i wondered if you were going to say it. what do you do now? steve: my kids on that. emma the other day sweeping the house on the thing they know how to get spinning around. all right. they are good. i rode it. caitlin: and? anthony: did you fall? steve: and sure did. i looked -- i looked awful. all right. anthony: the gravity. steve: all right. let's get right to it. see what is going on. our active weather days. not today, really tomorrow either, tomorrow a lot of clouds. i'm really looking forward to seeing how tuesday will play out. we could be dealing with rain here. this is the european model showing deeper moisture with the trough over us on tuesday. i put the snow line in there, too. so this would be a liquid event. notice that the upper level low back here could bring more rain into the area on wednesday. so a couple of days you could get decent rain. not a lot, 3/4 of an inch to in a inch.
9:48 am
offshore, minimal? any rain on tuesday. regardless a warm week, mid to upper 60's. a lot of clouds around and a slight chance in the day. i'm getting a slight shower. rain coming, though, a better chance on tuesday and wednesday, and a slight chance on monday. and monday the best chance south and east of the triangle of that happening. and then turning cooler next week, the numbers in the 60's back to reality. so a warm weekend. cooler air starts to come in. a lane break midweek and could see warmer air coming ahead of the next trough, we call that prefrontal warming and then the cooler air spills in throughout the workweek with the temperatures falling back to the 40's by friday. in north hills seeing the clouds around. 55, though, a little bit breezy. and notice the direction of the breeze, southwest, that is keeping the temperatures up. we will continue to climb from here, low to mid-60's. look at the difference in 24 hours. we are 15 to 20 degrees warmer than this time yesterday.
9:49 am
there. and by lunchtime, we are talking 60 degrees. still a lot of clouds, though. not rain producers, but plenty of clouds moving by. and breaks in the sky from time-to-time and hazy sun moving through the clouds. mid-60's, feeling pretty good for this time of the year, the average high is 56. state at action today at against clemson, the temperatures fine before and after the game. no jackets required. tailgating should feel good. high clouds from the west. look at the high clouds back to the ozarks and thicker clouds tomorrow with the southwesterly flow and boost or temperature up, and a spotty shower late in the day. the best chance in the northern counties, the front will move through into the overnight and monday. the best probability of rain is monday south and east. that cool northeast breeze should bring the temperatures back to the 60's. and the big question, an area of low pressure is developing along the front. where will it go.
9:50 am
triangle and if so a rainy day on tuesday. there's fuji this morning. look at the size of the storm. this is a tropical cyclone winston, a category five hurricane, and it moves just to the west of fiji. they will see ilproving conditions, but a powerful storm to hit them. numbers in the 60's today. enjoy, mid to upper cloud cover. and tonight the clouds stay. the numbers mild, upper 40's to 50 for the low. and look ahead the temperatures warmer tomorrow, more clouds and maybe a spotty shower late in the day. monday a shower chance mainly south and east. and then on our tuesday rain is likely. temperature around 48. so we will keep an eye on tuesday. regardless, if it does rain a liquid event. so no worries about snow.
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anthony: 51 right now. not likely. mark: "star wars" night at pnc arena on friday, the turnovers returned hop from canada and get back to work. still no justin who is frozen and continues to be sidelines with a leg injury.
9:54 am
climb from the east. noah from the blue line. and chris over jones at the tip, make the 1-0 turnovers. the second period tied at 1-1. stahl to nordstrom, and look at this, that is a rubber missile right there from nordstrom, what a shot, 2-1. and the third, stahl in a major goal drought. he will drive the net looking to end it, doesn't get it to joe. jeff crammed it in. and 3-1, hurricanes, the sharks would cut that to 3-2. and then jacob's attempt is blocked into skinner. 21st of the season. and jordan -- 5-2. this team refusing the dropout of layoff contention. and to the hoops, the wound is fresh at north carolina after wednesday's home loss to duke. the thing is, national hype aside, they have an important
9:55 am
the heels and cans tied at 10-3. and paige knows what up. >> i mean, the game is -- the biggest game of the year for us. so shouldn't be too hard to be motivated. mark: no it should not. the good news for matt jones no serious damage to his left ankle. bebad news it is sprained badly enough he will not play today at louisville. he hurt it late in the first half on that drive trying to score versus north carolina. that means luke will be into the starting lineup for the blue devils. he played brilliantly versus the heels, stinging them for 15 points including a late go ahead three-pointer. state hosts clemson today as well. a rough night for manning and dukes. the school announcing on friday, that thomas, the team's leading scorer and rebounder has been suspended for two games for violating athletic department policy. and word for hudson, he scored a career high 22 versus pitt and given the boot off the team. they have lost 11 straight
9:56 am
they do host winless b.c. on sunday in the acc toilet boil. and high schools hoop -- bowl. and a first round thanks to shots like that from george. and huskies trying to hang around, william has tough make. need shot. they were in over their head. brock was too much. the lickty split inside. and then george with the assist for the bucket and one right there. and brock it an easy 19-11 boards. john led the way with 24. and the wildcats pulled a double. duke opening up their college baseball season. bailey clark one of the top arms in the nation. zack at short. nice stop on the short hop
9:57 am
more from clark -- this is the stuff, the heat. and. calcame from behind to win, 5-2. that will do it for sports. all of the hoot highlights later today on back to you. anthony: thank you, mark. you may have seen this picture floating around the internet. snoop dogg tweeted it. caitlin: a picture and the video. so -- more than 230,000 followers on social media. it started with a video their mom posted that went viral and
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so you have both dogs now who (donkey sound) (elephant sound) between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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