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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 1100 PM  ABC  February 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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joel:>> see what is happening this instant. abc 11 eyewitness news at 11:00 starts right now. joel: the military family asking for prayers tonight after a wild and violent crash seriously injures a mother of twin girls. good evening.
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cut her out of the vehicle. they say this started overnight one of the car -- when another car backed up on aviation parkway. the driver died. joel: angelica alvarez leading us up with this one. she spoke with her husband. she is a duke university hospital tonight. reporter: she's in a lot of pain and medication. her husband is right here by her side. joshua is talking but his wife of three years. he standing here outside of this hospital where she lays inside a hospital bed. she has a neck brace, broken bones and is in pain. she was on her way home this morning with a cousin. all of a sudden here on i-40 the car in front of them started
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he says he got a text from his wife asking for help after the crash. when he got on scene he snapped these photos and watched as his wife was cut out of the car. he says her injuries, she was already healing from a broken ankle and after she is just relearned to walk after another car accident. now she is ready for a new battle and healing, her husband hopes this will be her last. >>. she needs our prayers and support reporter: troopers believe alcohol was a factor in this crash. she says she might be able to go home in a few days. that is still up in the air. if you would like to help the family with medical expenses, we have a link on our website, just click on this story. heather: they have already been through so much and we wish her a speedy recovery.
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police hope you will recognize a suspect in these home surveillance pictures. they are believed he is responsible for breaking into multiple cars. the photos show him rummaging through a car art inside somebody's garage. call riley -- raleigh police if you recognize him. joel: the shooting spree michigan apparently random. michigan's governor saying when the injured was a 14-year-old girl who was working hard to stay alive tonight. there were questions about the suspect, identified as jason bolton.
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an uber drive he will be in court tomorrow. joel: thank you. we will stay close to this story and bring you any overnight developments about the injured tomorrow morning right here on eyewitness news. heather: a standoff with a raleigh neighborhood on lockdown for over four hours. police heather guns drawn run a home in southeast raleigh. officers say the weather this
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lebraon kennedy who refused to come out. everything ended peacefully around noon. kennedy is. now in the detention center facing a list of charges joel: this probably standoff went off for two hours today before it was all over. our crew on the scene spoke with carthage police. an officer knocked on the door of this house on pinehurst avenue. they heard with satellite a gunshot coming from the back. the everything times reports -- aberdeen times reports the neighborhood was evacuated. a man and woman came out around 4:00 and said they had been asleep. no charges were filed. heather: carbon monoxide poisoning may be to blame for the death of six people in michigan. officials say they were discovered this afternoon in a home near flint. it appears they had a generator running in the basement after a power outage. a relative found for children
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you should always run generators and well ventilated areas. fire races through this megaplex, leaving nothing but a nifty metal shell. they were on board the double-decker bus when it caught fire outside of chicago this afternoon. everyone got out safely but their luggage was not so lucky. officials say the bus was on its way to minneapolis. firefighters do not know the cause.
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candidates b tuesday you will see some major victories. joel: sanders also touted his support among latinos in nevada. clinton won with african-american voters, a group the mix of a large portion of the electorate in south carolina where she holds a commanding lead heading into next week and's primary. heather: president obama and the first lady are playing host to the governors for the national governors association conference. the president said he is not naive and believing politics can be a noble endeavor. obama recalled how president johnson urged a gathering of governors to work together for the common good. three days after john f. kennedy's death. he also made time to crack a few jokes.
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at least my final one is president. [applause] [laughter] >> i'm just kidding. that's a joke. heather: president obama says he is not planning on running for governor. he just wanted to see how michelle would react. governor mccrory making good on a super bowl bet in washington dc. >> i don't know if it was the referee, the back climate in california, but something did not work out too well for us. not only that but i told my car at -- totaled my car after the game. i would to officially congratulate governor hickenlooper for the victory by the denver broncos. heather: after car graduating -- congratulating the governor, he showed off his denver broncos jersey. but he quickly take it off
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underneath. the friendly bet benefits several causes. pet food will go to animal shelters. joel: well played, governor mccrory. nobody said he couldn't wear panthers jersey underneath. still ahead, stranded at sea. a daring rescue the pullman from chilly waters. heather: the reason behind this massive crowd of officers and west raleigh. first, a live look outside the eyewitness news center on a pretty pleasant sunday evening. steve: temperatures very pleasant. we are above are high temperature in many places. showers late this afternoon into the evening. quiet for now but rain coming. more details coming up in a few minutes. joel: check out this facebook
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he is off to the big apple for going behind the scenes of our favorite abc programs. you can follow steve on facebook. steve daniels wtvd for his steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness
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>> keeping you connected. find us on facebook. joel: and arrest marking the latest in nash county's push to end a drug trend. they charged antonio knight
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detectives say he was caring 120 bundles of heroine with an estimated street value -- heather: if you are near nc sta te you might've heard small explosions this morning. it was all part of a tactical training exercise put on by the raleigh police department. a number of first responders from wake county and n.c. state participated. in lasted about two hours. police shut down part of western boulevard. joel: we are working to learn the name of a person killed in this wreck on dogwood acres drive in orange county. firefighters say it ended up this morning. the hospital. we are waiting to hear about their condition. gas prices continue to drop. down five cents over the past two weeks. the national average is $1.77
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experts say it's less likely that prices will continue to slide because crude oil prices are about the same a month ago. here in the triangle our average is $1.72. heather: signs of unrest in india. demonstrators burning buses as they demand their caste gets more guaranteed jobs. a water crisis after mobs shut down a water supply system. 12 people have been killed since friday and 150 more hurt. joel: a brand-new look at the damage from a tropical cyclone that is responsible for the deaths of these 10 people. these pictures show how tropical cyclone winston wide-out communities in fiji on saturday. the country no longer under curfew but a state of emergency will stay in place for 30 days the damage. heather: by dramatic rescue of
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these surfers found clinging to their surfboards on saturday. strong currents pulled the group too far from shore. you can see coast guard swimmers pulling them into the bucket and then loading them into a helicopter. water temperatures only 51 degrees with a 49 degrees air temperature. despite that they do appear to be in good condition. joel: back at home it was april in february. but don't go pulling out shorts just yet. heather: i like this trend. steve: a lot of shorts and t-shirts today. a little cooler. we have active weather coming our way over the coming days to look at some of these numbers. hope you enjoyed it. much. record. 70 dan in fayetteville. -- down in fayetteville. wednesday could actually have
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we are talking about the rain coming in. it will be chilly as we going to tuesday with high pressure over new england. overwriting moisture brings us some showers. this will really intensified that it stays out to the west. here is the trailing front. watch the showers and maybe thunderstorms coming in. the rest of the week, even next week and should be relatively quiet and clear. rainfall between one to maybe 1.5 inches. decent amount of rain. all the models agree on timing. it will be moving in monday night into tuesday morning, and then again on wednesday. looking pretty good out there right now. mostly cloudy skies. 50's and some 60's out there. the average high right around 57 with temperatures at 11:00 hour. it will be a mild at the bus stop tomorrow morning. cloudy and not worried about
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when they come home tomorrow not expecting rain. it will probably be late tomorrow night into early tuesday morning. cloudy skies. maybe a sprinkle lord to. -- or two. we are having the winds from the northeast tomorrow to give us cooler temperatures and a lot of clouds. 6:00 p.m., light spotty showers show up and maybe looking northward. then as we go to around 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning quite a bit of rain coming our way. rain all day on tuesday. you see the warm front to our south. late in the day things will quiet down that we have cool air coming in the northeast. than the warm front lifts up. it looks like it's going to be a significant warming and maybe a couple of thunderstorms embedded with the showers on wednesday. wednesday is our most active day.
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you can see upper-level charts with the warm air across the carolinas. then behind that we will see temperatures going down again. they could have numbers in the 40's by friday. likely rain tuesday and essentially wednesday. after that rain-free into the weekend. that temperatures for tonight your 54 of mild the ninth tonight. 52 in raleigh. maybe some patches of fog. tomorrow, mostly cloudy and a cooler day. low to mid 50's for highs. we will hold off on the rental tomorrow. the ringtones and to early tuesday morning -- the rain comes in early tuesday morning. rush-hour could be a little nasty with a thunderstorm around. and then by thursday drying out and lots of sunshine friday, saturday into sunday.
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sign -- sunshine in time for the weekend. coming up, mark armstrong breaks down the performance against tampa bay. a reminder we want you on our breaking news team. is something happening where you are?
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11:23 pm>> abc 11 eyewitness news sports sponsored by your local toyota dealers. mark: pretty much every game right now is of vital importance to the hurricanes have hopes. especially when they are matched up against a team ahead of them in the standings. that was the scenario tonight. the lightning four points ahead of the canes. the hurricanes short-handed. face-off, collects the puck and away they go. nordstrom, that is a beauty of a goal. 1-0, good guys. can't but will tie it. brown will park in front of the net and not score. state legend ted brown, the all-time leading rusher, and his dad happy about that development. 2-1. jordan flexing the wraparound muscles.
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best always know where stephen is. the canes didn't and that will leave a mark. a golden opportunity to tie the game late. big ben bishop. 4-2, final. another crucial loss for the canes. the heels started out on fire. a monster individual after 30 points. helping put carolina of by 17 early in the second quarter. and then stay kind of flattened them. company wilson caps and 18-0 run. the romp continued in the third. my is spencer knocks down the jay, 32-5. this is indicative of what happened to carolina.
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69-61 went spencer defender will drop up and say why don't you shoot the three? 25 points, 10 assists, five rebounds. a 2-66. the blue devil women off from a win from virginia tech. trying to get a win back home. knocks down the three right there. some nice passing. amber hinson but for a cutting green for the layup. up and in. the freshman from spain making it rain. georgia tech a little better in this game. harris and knocking down the corner three ball. 64-59. they are now in serious danger of missing the ncaa tournament. still ahead, a dazzling finish at daytona. the closest ever.
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mark: the one and only daytona 500. big names find big trouble but everyone is talking about the finish. the slimmest of margins decided this one. chase elliott on the pole. not on the track for a long before finding trouble. 19 laps, nudging the car next to him and catapulting off the grass. the grass did his car no favorites -- favors. missed 40 laps getting fixed. dale junior in contention. similar issues. he is off course and eventually banging into the wall before coming to a skidding stop. he was checked out and released. he's doing ok. even has a smile on his face. looks to have the edge inside within denny hamlin would push back on the outside and will win by the slightest of margins.
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history. michael jordan's buddy and that fire suit is your champion. the first ever in a playoff. >> i don't know where it came from. i don't know what happened. i can't even figure out what i did. it all this came together. i feel this wouldn't be possible if the team wasn't sticking together. >> i had the lead. >> he just side drafted me. probably should have run them up a little bit more but i thought i was close enough but i couldn't. mark: to baseball. duke wrapping up his three-game series. brian mcafee in the early going. duke with two runners on for phillips and he knows what to do
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just knock it over the fence. a three run homer to right. it gives him a 3-1 lead. for the second straight day he is a walkoff hero. rebels when the series. 5-4 today. first time to beat a top teen since -- team since 2009. penn state won two out of three. north carolina pounded ucla. the tar heels take two out of three from the bruins. joel: again -- let's play again. that is it for eyewitness news at 11:00. coming up, if skiing is in your
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before heading up the mountain.>> see what is happening this instant. abc 11 eyewitness news news at 11:30 starts right now. joel: a tough break for a family that seems to be enduring more than its share of hardship slightly. heather: she is at duke hospital recovering from a bizarre and deadly crash on i-40. she was riding in a car overnight when she was hit by a car going backwards. the highway patrol identify the
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martinez was killed in the crash. angelica alvarez with more. reporter: she has been here since early this morning and her husband has been right there with her. it was just after 3:00 this her. she had been in a crash on i 40. bonita martinez was driving with a passenger when all of a sudden he put the car in reverse. williams was in the car behind them and crashed right into him. he died on the scene. is passenger suffered minor injuries. her husband said she had to be cut out of the car she was in and she has several broken bones and a possible brain bleed and he is praying for a full recovery. >> a good word. anything of that nature. heather: troopers -- reporter: troopers believe


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