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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News 4PM  ABC  February 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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anchor announcer: eyewitness news at 4:00 starts right now. joel: and at any moment, we are looking to see if a driver who crashed into four. anchor: a dispute over what happened. this happened in johnston county. andrea blanford is live, where two victims are still
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andrea: well, anna and joel, they are still in good condition, and this is after they were struck and thrown from their bicycles on that road. suffering from some sort of head injuries among other things, and we did talk to a fellow cyclist. he is doing ok. his injuries were the least of the group, and a fourth cyclist suffered a broken leg. he is recovering at home. they were on a bike right meeting from downtown raleigh and had already -- leaving from downtown raleigh, and has already started back when they were seemingly out of nowhere thrown from their bikes. they were writing single file. he said as he was going down, he could see the car still driving
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came back hysterical. that driver was on the scene and said she was trying to avoid another car in the other direction, but he says he doesn't remember seeing another car. >> i do not remember. i do not know if it was because of the event or whatever, but i do not remember seeing a car coming towards us either. that is what the driver said, there was a car coming towards, and she could not get around us. i do not know why she could not put on the brakes or avoid us the other way. andrea: now, we checked back with the highway patrol, and they said there absolutely was another car at the time of the crash, but it was not clear how far up the road that car was. they are talking with the johnston county district
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what kind of charges will be filed in this case. looking to see its beak, alcohol, or even texting were factors in this crash. anna: that seen with the windshield looks like it could have been much worse than that. thank you, andrea. and now, a jury is deliberating whether the murderer of a mother lives or dies. it took only one hour to convict travion smith last week. what is the latest? reporter: the legal folks here at the justice center say they do not think they are any more likely to come back with a death penalty, but if they do, it would be the first since 2007. attorneys may bear final arguments for and against the
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tisha --travion smith rested calmly. one of the prosecutors showed crime scene pictures to make the point did some of her family sobbed and then left. her then eight-year-old daughter found her in may 2013. aggravating factors were much more important than the factors the defense said should pertain to be death penalty. >> the law requires that you up with the position of the death penalty, because the aggravating factors are substantial. >> there is always a role for mitigating circumstances, and their is always room to urge mercy in a case.
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if they get a quick decision, it could be passed court today, just to finish filling out all of the paperwork. joel: thank you. the naacp firing back today over the congressional maps drawn up by republicans last week get they are calling the maps unconstitutional, asking the federal court to refuse them. reporter: blasting the new map strong up by republicans, calling on the court to step in. this was for the june 7 primary. over the last couple of months, something similar happened in virginia. republicans say it is in the state constitution, but lawmakers draw the line.
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republicans last night passes constitutional muster. the naacp was arguing they were drawn using political data, and that is also illegal, pointing out that map already found out to be unconstitutional were used in it two elections. >> we have serious reservations about these. it should be deeply concerning to everyone in north carolina, every north carolinian, that we have had two elections already held in this state where state legislators and the united states congress who have used districts that look unconstitutionally constituted.
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say they are legal, but there is no hope for a quick process because the first round of primaries are just weeks away. anna: coming up on election day in north carolina. you said it was rainy. joel: chris hohmann is here. chris: some rain here and there, and we will show you on first alert doppler. in downtown raleigh, we got a little bit, but on radar, not that far away from downtown, and especially in orange county, you see a band of light to moderate rain, but it is dry south, showers developing across the sand hill. it is going to get wet, mainly light rain and drizzle, and then that tapers off tomorrow afternoon.
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great day either. and a potential for some severe storms, potentially an active weather day, and then things settle down. we have more of the details coming up. anna, joel? anna: breaking into a fayetteville home and trashing caught. they are searching for a second 16-year-old. images. greg barnes joins us with a closer look. here is what a neighbor captured. greg: police cars like this lining the streets in this upscale neighborhood in north fayetteville. the property owners have been going in and out of this house when vandals literally broke in and trashed the place. look at these pictures. police say the vandals trashed
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in the walls, ripping out light fixtures and kitchen appliances. they turned on a water faucet in the second floor. wax it is uncalled for. they had nothing better to do than to break into this home, commit this much amount of damage, and by doing these things to this house, they will be charged with a felony. they may not realize it right now, but they will be charged with a felony. greg: they say the vandals got in and out of the neighborhood through a title under the bypass, and authorities say they need to make that tunnel more secure. investigators at this point believe there may be more vandals or teenagers involved. in fayetteville, greg barnes. joel: thank you. talk about adding insult to injury.
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gunman who went on a rampage in michigan over the weekend, sharing their shock and sadness for the victims. anna: and the statement they just release moments ago, and the latest in the investigation. and underway right now, a lawsuit. and increased cancer risk linked you will want to hear this. joel: and a live look outside the raleigh news center. downtown raleigh right now, some rain moving through.
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anna: right now, a connecticut judge is hearing whether or not a lawsuit involving the sandy hook shootings can go forward. in madison, north carolina, there is the maker of the firearms. -- the owner of the maker of the firearms. there is a law that grants
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since the law passed in 2005, nearly every lawsuit against gunmakers has been dismissed. joel: charges filed today against the man accused in a series of random shootings in western michigan. his family released a statement expressing their shock and disbelief. elizabeth has the developments as investigators search for a motive. elizabeth: a 45-year-old man with no previous criminal record now charged with six murders. the uber driver appears before a judge by video. >> is there anything you wish to tell the court at this time? elizabeth: for the victims' families, condolences from
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uber confirmed that he passed a background check. dalton stands accused of shooting eight people at different locations in kalamazoo, michigan, filling six and injuring two. he was reportedly picking up passengers in between the shootings. >> driving along, speeding along, and then finally, when he came to a stop, i jumped out of the car and ran away. elizabeth: matt called 911, and that was about an hour before the first shooting. he was cap customers during the rampage. -- he was picking up customers during the rampage. his family released a statement saying they are deeply sorry and that they are praying for everyone affected. his court date is set for march
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anna: bill cosby's wife camille was in new york, while appearing in a defamation lawsuit against her husband. there was a conference room at the hotel where she was under oath get eight women sued bill cosby for defamation, claiming he portrayed them as liars. the liars say camille has no relevant information and that conversations with her husband are confidential. and the apple involving a man involved in the san bernardino shooting.
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e-mail says it is a case it is investigation. apple has until friday to respond to the court order. the u.s. supreme court is back in session for the first time antonin scalia a. he was 79 years old and had been a justice for decades. president obama's out to fill the vacancy, but others say the trading places, the democrats are in the deep south, while the republicans are out west. donald trump is still riding high after his big weekend when in south carolina, scoring all
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also another big rally for bernie sanders in greenville, south carolina. and new efforts from the white house for a peace deal in syria. a truce pertaining to the syrian civil war could go into effect this weekend. president obama called russian president vladimir putin and talked about establishing a nationwide cessation of hostilities between the armed opposition and the syrian regime and allies. there are terror groups who are currently operating in syria, like isis. anna: now, the cdc has raised its warning about exposure to formaldehyde in flooring made by
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they had previously estimated between two and nine cases, and that is that the cdc believes that some people exposed to laminate flooring are three times more likely to get cancer than the agency previously predicted. and we have breaking news right now. major delays on a durham freeway. check this out. this was in the northbound lanes . you can see it is causing a major backup and southbound lanes. they have gotten down to just one laying there, so everyone is trying to get over. and it was nasty. joel: no, not helped at all by the weather situation. not raining here right now though. chris: we will show you the radar. upper 40's to the nose, and a
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we have got some rain around this evening and tonight and into tomorrow, but what we are really concerned with in terms of active weather will be on wednesday, and there is a threat of severe weather. damaging wind, even isolated tornadoes on the table for wednesday. not tonight, not tomorrow, not tomorrow night, it's something we will be watching. fairly heavy here. northern wake county and southern durham county, back into southern orange county, and some heavier rain for parts of the triangle right now. here in downtown raleigh, not much going on. occasional light to moderate rain. there is a breakout in fayetteville, more rain developing. as cooler air moves in, it will be a wet evening. 51 degrees right now at our first alert station.
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here we go with our first alert predictor. occasional rain, mostly light, but some patches of moderate rain and drizzle. this is especially for the triangle northward, and then temperatures stay cool, so no threat of severe weather. there is a stable air mass for tomorrow. it is body back out to the west. it is not going to rain the entire night in any one spot. this is over the deep south, and they are bracing for what could be an outbreak of severe weather, a moderate risk in the deep south, and parts of mississippi and alabama, there could be some strong long track tornadoes in this section of the golf coast. probably not as high as that, but a fairly significant threat coming our way. 40's in the triangle with occasional rain.
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front for wednesday. a windy, warm day. pressure goes through the midwest and the ohio valley. some warm unstable air. it will be a windy day, temperatures near 70, and showers and thunderstorms developing, especially in the afternoon, and a line of intense thunderstorms moving through. this is the main threat that there could be an isolated tornado on wednesday, and between tonight, tomorrow, and wednesday, one to two inches of rain are possible, as well. mainly rain in the morning, then drizzle in the afternoon. little warmer in the south. that is settles down, thursday, dry and cool through the weekend. we will take that. anna: we need some sunshine.
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anna: and we have a verdict in the travion smith trial. >> so that been the case, we will bring the jury up, please. joel: ok, so they are waiting for the jurors to come back in the court, and that is, the man that you see on the screen, travion smith, found guilty of killing melissa huggins-jones. will he live, or will he die? they deliberated for just over an hour before finding him guilty of first-degree murder. those are the two choices they
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give him the death penalty or life in prison. anna: they have not sentenced anyone to death since 2007, and it does require a unanimous consensus. it was just about an hour it took to find him guilty, and that is about how long they have been deliberating this afternoon. they were testifying about what kind of childhood he had, but the prosecution was arguing that that did not outweigh what he did. joel: the mitigating factors. >> please step out. just one moment, please. so, ladies and gentlemen, i want to thank all of you for
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professionalism with which you have conducted this trial. i know this is an emotional matter, and hearing the recommendation by the jury. these control your emotions, and please step outside if you feel you must have an outburst. i would just ask you to bear that in mind as we continue to conduct this trial. so thank you. bailiff? all right, members of the jury, the bailiff has indicated you
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could i have someone stand question yes, juror number nine. is it correct that the jury has come to a unanimous recommendation? all right, very well. if you would hand that packet to
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madam clerk, could you read the results of the recommendation? clerk: ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we have agreed on a verdict in the recognition of sentencing in the case of the state of north carolina versus travion smith. in the case number13crs211979, you have answered issue 1a, do you unanimously find the evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant himself a, killed or tented to kill the victim or b, intended to kill the victim, or c, intended that daily force would be used in the course of the underlying felony
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issue in the underlying fatality with indifference to life. yes. issue 1, do you unanimously find the evidence beyond a reasonable doubt the existence of one or more of the following aggravated circumstances, answer yes. issue 2, do you find from the evidence the existence of mitigating circumstances question -- circumstances? answer, yes.
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beyond a reasonable doubt that the mitigating circumstance or circumstances found is sufficient to outweigh the aggravating circumstances or circumstance found by you? answer, no. are these your answers, so say you all? we, the jury, unanimously recommend that the defendant, travion smith, be sentenced to life imprisonment. are these your recommendations? do you still assent thereto? judge: i am going to ask the
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recommendation that you agreed to end that you continue to assent to, so, madame clerk, if you would tell them to start with the floor person, please? she is going to call your name -- identify you by juror number rather than name. clerk: juror 9, could you please stand? u.s. from a person have returned the verdict in the recommendation in the case of the state of north carolina versus travion smith in case number 13crs211979. you have recommended that the defendant -- joel: the last time a wake death with 2007, and that did
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travion smith, his life has been saved. factors. he will spend the rest of his life behind ours for the murder of melissa huggins-jones. anna: you can continue to get updates on this on, and we have updates also on facebook and twitter.
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following drivers with cameras joel: new at 4:00, distracted driving revealed. following people before they were crash, and in two thirds of the crashes, the drivers were visibly distracted. texting while driving led to a threefold increase. eating at the wheel led to nearly double the risk. anna: bulldogs and some lesser known breeds are climbing in popularity. the annual breed ranking from
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the german shepherd, golden retriever, bulldog, and beagles fill out the top five. there are poodles, rottweilers, and boxers. and rescues are the best. all dogs go to heaven, so they are all good. joel: still ahead, and apex firefighter arrested over the weekend. we are told what he was doing inside a grocery store that led time. >> a man accused in court today. coming up, we will tell you the owners are saying. reporter: a former n.c. state student on when it comes to sports, my friends know i'm their girl. that's because i have my own playbook for keeping up with what's happening on and off the field - my at&t bundle.
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anna: 10 shots fired, and two of them hit a toddler. joel: this is more of what we are learning about the drive-by shooting that affected a childcare center. the accused shooter is behind bars.
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the daycare, and they told youreporter: the court appearance is march 14. the durham police are still investigating, and they have not released a motive. joel: thank you. for almost two to go decades, investigators have worked tirelessly to find the evidence they need to prosecute the man they suspect murdered a shaw university student back in 1996. today, the 20-year-old cold case took a big step forward, and we were there. reporter: the jury selection began today in the case of a man accused of murdering his
4:40 pm
edwin lawing is being charged for the second time in the murder of lacoy mcqueen. they had a romantic relationship, and her remains were found in 1997. he was charged that year, saying that he wanted her to have an abortion, and she refused, and then came a second set of charges. this was after tests of old evidence. today, prosecution and defense lawyers said they will need about two weeks for their witnesses to testify. we will keep you updated and let you know on, twitter, and on our mobile apps. joel: anthony, thank you. a firefighter from apex under
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he was in jail on friday after police say he grabbed someone's backside at a harris teeter store. and then he was booked again for allegedly running a red light on sunday and having a blood alcohol level 3.5 times the legal limit. chris: some rain coming down in pretty good clips. other areas are dry. it will be a rainy night. triangle. northern wake, franklin county, areas also. the heaviest rain is tracking east and stopping a little bit to the southeast, almost to the line back towards the durham freeway and interstate 42, so a little bit of a slow go. it is still of a break, some more rain down south that will
4:42 pm
there will be a occasional rain through the evening and into tomorrow morning. temperatures rise slowly into the 40's, and tomorrow will be a cool and dan day. wednesday is the day we are most concerned with. severe storms possible before it dries out. he will tell you much more about that coming up. anna: ok, thank you, chris. we will be watching. and new, a doctor accused of inappropriate behavior with a patient. reporter: that dr. is back at his office today. the arrest warrant says he had sexual contact with another person by force. the doctor has been charged with one misdemeanor count of sexual battery. the 74-year-old doctor turned himself into police on friday. operates in fayetteville at the medical arts center. his website says he also
4:43 pm
in a criminal complaint, the accuser says she went to dr. garter for a consultation about weight loss surgery. she said he slowly rubbing her stomach and feeling her breasts. dr. carter said he always did a breast exam on female patients. she does not want to be identified but tells me he was not conducting a breast exam but that it was sexual. >> a doctor fondling you, any time a man start groping a woman that it is not wanted, it is denitely a problem, but for this man to do that is upsetting. i feel like it is predatory. reporter: i called the doctor's
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joel: verizon's bank close to $2 billion to boost its networks to improve coverage. they are buying a fiber-optic network, a deal that is expected to close in the first half of next year. they also have an option to buy another section in 2018. it is for internet access, cloud computing, and other uses. anna: all right, listen to this. get out a pen. free money. right now, citibank is offering a $500 cash bonus if you open a checking account by the end of the month. but you have to be careful when it comes to getting that bonus, like a minimum balance or purchases made. here is what other banks are offering. you can get $100 at wells fargo, and if you sign up for a college
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bank, they are offering a $1000 bonus. that is good stuff. joel: greasing the wheels of the lubitz. anna: and free shipping. joel: plus a look at the first
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minimum purchase to qualify for free shipping, if you are by more than $25 worth of books, will still qualify. amazon prime remains at $99. those who subscribe to get free shipping on all orders. and overhauling another program that they say will help speed up services at checkout. some customers would ask to bring up different transactions at starbucks, and the new one is based on how much you spend at
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am a: -- anna: samsung has released a camera capable of taking 360 degree pictures and videos. it is set to go on sale this year. no word on how much it will cost. joel: your move, iphone. anna: a big year for duke university. joel: happy birthday. since 1986, students have pitched tents on the lawn to be a long the first in line for one of basketball's rivalries. we have more on the tradition. reporter: at least one student from each tent must show up
4:53 pm
someone is supposed to be watching be tent. if you miss a check, you are bumped into the end of the line. it is a tradition that dates back 30 years and speak about the duke/usc rivalry. one group that labeled their tent das boot. it is named after the regional tent shape, and these veterans have outfitted theirs with a reclining couch and insulation. checkers tell us upholding the tradition is a huge part of the love for their game. one person says he hopes their tradition will hold up. >> it is hard between classes and coming here, but it is like a childhood dream come true.
4:54 pm
it is something that is well worth it. we do all of the tent checks. we will come out in the middle of the day or the middle of the night and wake everybody up with a bullhorn. a very committed friend. reporter: of course, everybody we spoke to hear say they are hoping for another big duke university win. stephanie lopez. joel: stephanie, thank you. do not even think of cutting in that line. anna: and the times when there was snow on the ground in those pictures. and you will have to batten down the hatches. joel: new reports of cars stolen outside of fire stations while the crews were busy fighting
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anna: joel: a red-hot glow filled in old schoolhouse that went up in flames last night. firefighters were called to the scene just after 5:00. the building is nearly 100 usual event is a sinner of controversy in the town. -- is the center of a controversy in town. anne: someone broke into vehicles at a fire station. investigators say they broke windows out of cars parked at the department last night.
4:58 pm
they police haven't said if break-ins are related. joel: a new security system to get on base. legacy badges used before will no longer work. starting tomorrow, only those who have registered will be able to get on base without having to get a temporary pass. anna: if you ever wanted to work at an amusement park, now is your chance. there will be a job fair and open house this weekend. they are looking to fill more than 4000 positions in multiple departments. they also offer wage increases in every position. the job fair is saturday from 1:00 to 5:00 at the park in
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anna a lot happening right now:, including the sentencing of a raleigh mother. joel: a home trashed by vandals. good evening, everyone. all those stories ahead. but first, a live look outside. the ring moving in just over the last hour. this is the start of what will be a rainy few days. chris: some wet weather out there, like to moderate rain for sure. i will show you the areas that are impacted by this rainfall around the triangle. you see the yellows and even a little bit of red. southern drum, actually, much of
5:00 pm
-- waken into franklin county -- southern durham, actually, much of durham, northern half of wake, and into franklin county. scattered areas of rain becoming more widespread through the evening hours. still wet for many in the morning. especially triangle northward. tamara looks damp and cool. the -- tomorrow looks damp and cool. anna: now to breaking news in raleigh. a jury sentences travion smith to life in prison, scaring his life.


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