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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 530 AM  ABC  February 23, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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barbara: a chilly and damp start to the morning and could be just the start to a rough couple days. we have breaking news one on the roads and meteorologist don schwenneker tracking the possibility of severe weather. john: a vote in charlotte that cover many complications across the state.
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welcome on tuesday february 23. produce i'm barbara gibbs. john: i'm john clark. we will have the news but first weather and traffic together starting with meteorologist don schwenneker in the first alert storm center. don: good morning to you. let's show what you is going on as far as radar. we have showers right now. live look at first first and the bulk of the rain light to moderate mainly in the northern counties. you can see it really extending just north of i-85. that is the border between the heavier rain and light drizzle. even back toward siler city this is lifting north and east. if you are not in those areas you are relatively rain free. cooler terms. 40's. 41 roxboro, 43 sanford, 48 fayetteville. 46 goldsboro. alonging at the day ahead some rain, spotty drizzle, 43. by lunchtime mainly cloudy, isolated shower.
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this afternoon just a few showers around and 50 degrees. the better chance of rain and thunderstorms is tomorrow. we will talk about that in a complete forecast in a bit. now we have weather and traffic with amber rupinta. amber: thanks, don. good tuesday morning. you are starting with a stray shower or two around the area. some of us have it. we have breaking news one monitoring the road conditions. they are along 40 near gorman and you see some of the rain on the windshield. the volume is very light and it is early at 5:32. a few extra minutes always good when you are dealing with precipitation. as don said it will be just scattered today. tomorrow could be interesting. 85 roxboro henderson, roanoke rapids, most of the activity with the precipitation. and west of sanford and southern pines. anywhere you see green. we have an issue here this is around south boston one lane
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on john randolph boulevard southbound from seymour drive to john randolph boulevard. u.s. 360. and the showers on this tuesday. john: now to the developing story out of charlotte that could have implications across the state. the charlotte city council voted to adopt an expansion of the unanimous discrimination ordinance setting up a possible showdown with governor mccrory. gloria rodriguez is live in the raleigh "eyewitness news center" with a follow-up. gloria: the around protects members of the lgbt community if certain rights are denied including the right to choose what bathroom to use and that is what is drawing the most controversy. >> you want a man my size, 6'1", 250 ponds in the bathroom with a wig on with your 4-year-old girl that looks like this? gloria: the around drawing these comments last night. after 2 1/2 hours of public
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with a 7-4 vote. one resident who is transgender supports it. >> if you take a transgender woman and force her into the men's room which is what the governor wants to tkodo you will put her more likely to be harassed. gloria: in means members of community will not be denied the right due to sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. in addition to bathrooms, public showers and locker rooms it includes businesses including restaurants and clubs and hotels. governor mccrory has said it could threaten the safety of much who pass the through charlotte and threatens a he will take legislative action if it passes. we are waiting to see if that happens. >> the only portion i think the state needs to be involved in is the issue regarding locker rooms
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gloria: this will take effect april 1. here the state has the authority to weigh in on issues passed by cities. live in raleigh, gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news. >> you should suffer and die the same american melissa did. barbara: a mother reacts to the man who killed her daughter. travion smith was spaeurtd death but will be in prison live. it took the jury less than an hour to send him to life in prison. his attorney shed taers as the jury announced it. >> i'm very thankful that his life has been spared. only thing i can do is guarantee that those who love him care for him will moat vitamin to be the best that he can be.
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the circumstances of the stabbing beating and robbery of huggins-jones in her apartment whiler daughter found her outweighed his unfortunate childhood. this is the sixth death penalty case in a row in wake county to spare the defendant's life. there's not been a death penalty in wake county since 2007. john: now to the latest on the michigan uber driver accused of killing six and wounding two others. authorities continue to assert that jason dalton picked his victim at random but so far they have not been able to determine a motive. he gave several rides as driver in between shootings. he appeared in court monday and was denied bond. uber is defending its hiring safety practices saying dalton passed a background check and it gives more than 100 rides without an issue. barbara: members of the raleigh police union prepare for an important vote meeting to decide whether to boycott working
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concert. she will perform at carter carter-finley in may. critics are upset with her shraut to the block panthers during the super bowl halftime show. last week the miami police union upheld the illary clinton's lead stands now after a couple of big wings on the democratic side. john: governor mccrory makes good on a losing super bowl bet and why that is a win for local charities. don, what about the rain? don: we have rain in spaoptsdz we will check the terms. they are cooler this morning and they will be cooler throughout the day.
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don: welcome back. taking a look at the out-the-window forecast, you may see a few showers, a couple of raindrops or you might not be seeing any rainfall. you just may be seeing positive fog. temperatures not changing much. 40's throughout the morning. 41 south hill. 41 roxboro, 42 oxford. 45 wilson and 46 smithfield and goldsboro. 48 in clinton, fayetteville. 46 southern pines, 43 sanford. looking at the day ahead ran now and 45. lunchtime cloudy skies and could see an isolated shower on the i-95 corridor. we will be around 50 all afternoon. tomorrow will be 15 to 20 degrees warmer but one-day warm-up. we will have that and dry weather for the weekend.
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john: hillary clinton and donald trump barreling toward the crucial super tuesday contest with some on his own hotel. john: the battle 2010 trump alleys chief rivals is intensifying. on monday ted cruz dismissed his communications director over a mistaken claim that rubio had disparaged the bible. rubio called the fired aide a fall guy who executed a culture barbara: the next democratic contest is saturday in south carolina and hillary clinton hold a nearly 3 pott lead there. meantime, she has pulled ahead
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for delegates awarded in primaries and caucuses. after the contest last week in nevada she has 52 delegateless an sanders 51. it takes 2,383 delegates to win the democratic nomination for president. john: the carolina panthers' super bowl loss is the durham rescue mission gain. butter bull delivered 25 cases of smoked turkey sausage and turkey burgers yesterday. governor mccrory defended 50 cases of north carolina turkey burgers and saupbls to a colorado food bank as part of a super bowl bet with that state's governor. he also agreed to accepted food to shelters here in knock. durham rest can you mission says they are planning a big brunch. barbara: it is 5:43 and terroristless:who is calling for them to reconsider. barbara: a lumber company at the center of a nationwide health
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what you need to know. >> we feel like these are a gift from god.
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used in vitro fertilization barbara: good morning, it is 5:46 and 44 degrees. we are waiting to see if governor mccrory follows through on a threat it take legal action against the city of charlotte. the council there approved an expansion to the nondiscrimination law. among the provisions allowing transgender people to choose public bathrooms that correspond to gender identity and not assignment.
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change in policy a threat to public safety. jury selection continues in the trial of a former n.c. state student accuse of killing his girl trend 20 years ago -- friend 20 years ago. he was charged with the murder of lecoy mcqueen but they were dropped. lawing was arrested again in 2014. bill cosby's wife will continue giving a deposition next month. yesterday she answered questions under oath in a defamation lawsuit brought against her husband by seven women who say he sexually assaulted them. john: the families of the people killed and wondered in the san bernardino terror attack are trying to help force apple to open a iphone. an attorney plans to file a brief for several families of victims and employees in the shooting rampage. james comey says syed farook's phone might have critical additional clues including
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apple resisted the push citing privacy concerns. colorado the fate of a woman accused of attacking a pregnant mother and stealing her baby is in the hands of jury. it was last march. the victim grew up in north carolina. michelle wilkins was responding to a craigslist ad when the person attacked her and removed her baby. wilkins survived but the baby didn't. if convicted lane faces up to 140 years in prison. barbara: the stock price for lumber liquidators plummets c.d.c. raising the estimate the cancer risk from formaldehyde. it says it could result in between six and 3 cancer kisses per 100,000 exposed to the flooring. it was previously two to 19kiss -- nine cases. john: a pair of women mothers to multiple twins.
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would not be able it conceive children. after in vitro treatment both became pregnant with twins for a second time. that's right. the women mothers of twins already gave birth to twins again. >> she has four five and and you i have five four and under. you have a boy girl first and she had two girls then we flip-flopped and she did the boy girl and i did boy, boy. so we've our bases covered. >> both called their children gifts from god. they also say they are calling it quits after four each. barbara: i think that is, you know. john: you have plenty. barbara: it is a yucky morning but it will get worse tomorrow. don: it is. i'm stunned by having nine children under five in one place. barbara: a little busy. don: that is a busy place. tomorrow will be a busy day. let's talk about the week ahead.
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day is tomorrow. today we will see spotty showers but tomorrow the storm prediction center has put the entire viewing area under a slight risk of severe weather and we are seeing an enhanced risk that does include raleigh. that is one of the higher risks we have seen in a while so we will have to watch for this tomorrow. we will talk about the specific threats in a moment. live look at radar and on first alert doppler xp, the most powerful radar in the carolinas, we are seeing showers over the northern half and they are sliding north. drizzle out ahead of it. so even in raleigh though we do show rain on the radar you may see drizzle and patchy fog. 45, dew point 43. 93% humidity. looking into downtown fayetteville no rain but fog there. 48 right now. 93% humidity east wind six. everybody in the 40's this morning from 42 roxboro to 48
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46 smithfield. 43 chapel hill. satellite and radar showing a damp day because of cloud cover. showers mainly north and west. over toward charlotte it could be very wet. by lunchtime most of that has shifted east of i-95 and through the afternoon a spotty shower and pockets of green. that doesn't mean we will see widespread rain. it could rain any time today. then as we go through tonight into tomorrow morning, tomorrow morning you wake up to a couple of showers. tomorrow afternoon here is the line of showers developing and it is not much on the radar. our model is underplaying this a little. here is the line and doesn't show yellow or red. that doesn't mean it is not going to be bad. i just think tomorrow afternoon could be very interesting as far as weather goes. we will talk about the severe weather threat for tomorrow. flooding flooding, i don't think so. maybe some isolated streets. large hail, bumped that up and
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doesn't mean we will see wide spread tonight outbreaks but the possibility is there to see within. we will have restating wind, a lot of energy and we elevate that moderate risk for damaging weekends tomorrow. it will -- winds tomorrow. it looks like a mess kwreuy wednesday. today cloudy, rain ending this morning and near 50 and be around 50 all afternoon. a couple of showers on the way. tonight across the region just a spotty shower and northeast winds five to 10. near 503 durham. 50 cary. 54 fayetteville. 50 sanford. 51 lillington. south hill 45, 46 roxboro and 50 in louisburg. tonight showers with overnight lows upper 40's. temps don't change much overnight. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather tomorrow temperatures back this the 60's. 67, storms likely in the afternoon. thursday windy, cooler, temperatures falling into the
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on friday, 49 degrees with lots of sunshine. saturday 51, sunday 56. then as we go into next week temperatures near 60. barbara: not bad. getting through the next couple of days. don: today just cool and damp. tomorrow afternoon is something to watch. john: wet roads, amber. amber: we have a little fog and we will show you how it is at 5:52 and lake wheeler a hreullittle spray -- excuse me, lake boone trail. i knew there was a lake in it. 440 and lake boone trail. moving well in both directions. you are dealing with rain showers there. same in fayetteville. fort bragg skibo road and yadkin road, quiet there but seeing some precipitation coming down in that area. as don said if you are heading
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rain because you see showers all the green on the mapping system. here is some fog around laurinburg, lumberton and elizabethton. a little heading into fayetteville. durham freeway and alston light. majors accident free. same here 540 and u.s. 70 not seeing problems or delays. drive times 40 eastbound five minutes u.s. 64 to u.s. 70. belt align good, westbound capital to 70 four minutes, no problems on the durham freeway. i-40 to 15. barbara: it is 5:53 and 44 degrees. want to go to the moon? get in line. john: nasa getting a record number of applications for the
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barbara: and what the guy hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it
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down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love
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john: welcome back. 5:56 and 44 degrees feel barbara: the number of people wanting to be astronauts is skyrocketing nasa receiving a record number of applications for 2017, more than 18,300 applied far surpassing the 8,000. but spike in interest won't result in a spike in the number accepted into the program. the thousands who apply only between eight and 14 will be chosen. john: the world's most interesting man is apparently thirstier justice. most interesting man in the world in the does he can cyst beer commercials is a legal
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they say he failed to pay commissions. he stopped making payments in november 2014 believing that the firm had earned enough. he is seeking actual damages, interest and attorney fees and the agency is seeking 10% of his pay during the period of time of the last payments. i won't comment. 5:57. you might dodge raindrops this morning. barbara: we are live on the roads in breaking news one looking for trouble spots.
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barbara: we are tracking showers, breaking news one on the roads live for you right now to show you what you can expect. john: beyonce' backlash. the vote by the raleigh police union. how it could impact her concert in the triangle. barbara: escalator disaster. dozens much people go down. john: good morning, carolina, welcome on tuesday february 23, 44 degrees at 6:00. barbara: thank you for joining us. we will have more but first meteorologist don schwenneker is in the first alert storm center tracking rain. anchor: good morning to you. we are seeing showers. first alert doppler xp, the most powerful radar in the carolinas, showing rain mainly over the northwestern half of the area from south hill, the line for the heavier rain is i-85. north of that that is where you are seeing rainfall in person and southern mecklinburg counties.


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