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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News Extra  ABC  February 27, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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the finals.>> right now on eyewitness news, north shows heist, a gunman holds up a jewelry store in the popular raleigh shoppingshowdown and south carolina, hillary clinton coming out on top. her history messagethe republican candidates weigh in. the trail is red hot days before super tuesday. incredible video of a hoverboard burning up a home. the family's warning for you. eyewitness news starts right now. announcer: see what is happening this instant come abc 11 eyewitness news at 11:00 starts right now. >> breaking news -- three police officers shot near the nations capital. minutes ago we learned one of
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this is video from the scene in woodbridge and prince william county. the officers were responding to a domestic related shooting when they came under fire. they say the officer who died was ashley glendon. and use -- in this tweet you see she was officially sworn in yesterday. the department telling her to be safe. tonight he shooting suspect is in custody. will have much more with the story tomorrow morning. new tonight, an upscale raleigh shopping center, the site of a brazen armed robbery. good saturday evening, i'm heather waliga. story. elaina athans's life in midtown saying about the investigation. heavily trafficked area.
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investigators were seen inside of the jewelers taking pictures and talking to employees. outside, mr. store was blocked off, crime scene tape read of patrons enjoying a saturday night out at the popular, upscale shopping center. offices closed off one entrance and were directing traffic. there was an armed robbery at the high-end jewelry store. it happened around 6:30. police say a man came in with a handgun, wearing a mask. there was one customer and an employee. the thief left without hurting anyone, but took what he wanted. police would not say what was stolen come or how much was -- it was worth. again, that man is on the run tonight. police did release the surveillance video. you see him in a blue jumpsuit. police say he is about six foot tall, 150 pounds, if you have information couple lease. elaina athans, abc 11. heather: you can look for new development tomorrow morning on
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new tonight, a substantial power outage in northern durham county. at one point, around 8:00, they reported 1900 customers in the dark. since then, crews have restored electricity to those homes. it did not take long to take -- settle the showdown in south carolina. hillary clinton clinching victory over sanders. the campaign looks ahead to
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is the gop nominee, he can be defeated. heather: across the state in here in raleigh, hillary clinton's campaign staff is busy, hosting events and what they are calling a weekend of action. supporters went door-to-door in a neighborhood on persimmon ridge drive, urging people to get out to vote. on the republican side, front runner donald trump now has the campaign office in our area. volunteers cut the ribbon on gillespie street today. over the next two weeks several more trump for president satellite and regional campaign offices will open. trump picked up an endorsement today from former arizona governor, jan brewer. brewer is famous for signing a controversial bill on immigration. on a day when thousands of people casted ballots in south caroline a, here at home, people -- leaders of the naacp had their own meshes -- message for north carolina voters.
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>> was blind but now i see >> gospel music echoed inside the abundant life christian church where naacp leaders gathered on saturday. on their agenda, training for the civil rights groups get out to vote campaign. >> in a democracy, to keep people from voting, and to target black people, and target latinos, and target poor white people is a form of political wrongdoing. clicks the reverend and others mentioned the legal fight against what they call north carolina's motor suppression laws created by the republican led general a subway. -- general is simply. -- assembly. >> in the march primary there will be the option to register
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reporter: they say obstacles remain. plaintiffs challenging the law's say that what happened on jones street, reminds her of what kept her from the polls 60 years ago. >> i do not have to go through as much then as we are going through now. it is a disgrace we have to go through this again. >> the people worked on ways to organize register voters, and polling places next. -- month. lawmakers insist they are created those laws to prevent voter prod -- prod prod -- fraud. heather: statewide elections are on tuesday, march 15. june 7. shooting on capital boulevard. freddy garcia is in custody, deadly weapon.
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carlos right and another person were arrested. right is the suspected gunman. officers say talley helped write steel garcias well it. witnesses say they heard three or four shots go off in a parking lot near the bank friday afternoon. garcia and another victim were taken to the hospital. developing tonight, durham police continued looking for answers in a stabbing. their investigation is focused on the oaks at northgate apartments. that is north of i-85 off of broad street. we are working to find out the number of victims and their injuries. we will stay on top of the story and bring new information on the mobile app. new tonight, a show of support for our brave service members. the greater durham moose lodge, number 2045 held this military appreciation luncheon this afternoon. it was open to active duty military, veterans, and their family members.
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honor their courage and service you the home. the damage thefirst coming heremy heart aches for him. raleigh eyewitness news center on a chilly, saturday night. live -- liz: clear skies tonight means chilly weather. tomorrow it means sunshine and warmer temperatures. will let you know how long it will stick around coming up after the break. >> here as i look at the powerball numbers, 22, 11, 63,
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heather: tonight we are help. miller is one of 14 people injured. five of the six victims killed in a shooting spree in kalamazoo, michigan are being run member this weekend. this is the tribute to mary lou. she was one of four people shot and killed at a cracker barrel parking lot last saturday. most recently, she worked part-time in a church preschool. and childcare program the ceverything was fine until authorities believe the batteries from a hoverboard
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dan was just getting home from work. open the door to the house, and saw my wife's jacket in both gifts his daughters received around the holidays. video and audio of what happened in the home reveals how hideously destructive the devices can be. greg's i really, really was happy that i was not there -- >> i was really, really happy i was not there when it was going off. heather: they say they hope families will get rid of their hoverboard. a warning by the u.s. consumer product safety commission says in the past three months there have been 52 hoverboard fires across the country. causing at least $2 million in
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to this stunning video of a dump truck driving through an intersection, hitting several cars before going off of a bridge. investors tonight want to know why the driver did not stop at the light. crews spent eight hours cleaning up the mess yesterday in austin, texas. the gravel truck wound up at the bottom of a creek. five people went to the hospital. officers are now trying to find out what caused the truck driver to lose control. abc 11 together with the kid museum to inspire the next generation of journalists, children of all ages and headed out to the career fair this afternoon. steve kamali and i come i showed up at the pop-up studio. because also had a chance to learn about all kinds of other careers. they met a variety of professionals from architects to dentist. the kids science career fair encourages children to testdrive their future, and pursue their interest in school. we have had a lot of great stand-in. they will be taking our jobs soon. liz: we have been talking a lot about the warm-up that is coming
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i know i am excited. heather: cannot wait. liz: sticky right now to show you the active weather days, luckily, not worrying about that for sunday, monday, or tuesday. it was like wednesday will be the first day we see signs of weather, rain will push through. you notice an area of low pressure approaching. for the time we get to the morning hours of wednesday, it will likely be off the mountains. by the afternoon we could see a few showers. friday a bull's-eye day for showers. will keep an eye on that for you. at the start of the week it will be nice around here. overnight tonight, not anticipating any major weather. clear night ahead, satellite and radar right now, not showing any weather over our state. over south carolina, georgia, virginia, pretty much the entire southeast is clear. you'll notice the clear stuff goes out towards kansas.
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to the north. , a few clouds for some areas of new england. other than that, called. -- calm. winds around for miles per hour. a lot of sunshine, temperatures are starting to fall. 40 in raleigh. 37 in chapel hill. 40 in fayetteville. little bit cooler for wilson. we will be cool tonight. not nearly as cool as we have been in the past few night. no more 20's. 33 expected overnight for the 30 in roxboro. 34 in fayetteville. that average low is about 36. where we normally are. winds from the southwest around five miles per hour. morning, it will be chilly. by noon, 58 degrees. it will only go up. your afternoon highs will be in the 60's for pretty much all of us. 65 expected in raleigh.
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52 today in raleigh. that will feel better. 67 in fayetteville and clinton. 63 expected in roxbury. it will be breezy, gusts up to 25 miles per hour tomorrow. a lot of sunshine in store. not only here, but also los angeles, the oscars or tomorrow evening. heather and i always love to look. at the live from the red carpet stuff that starts at 7:00 you're on abc 11. the big show starts at 8:30. 75 degrees there. here, a little cooler. off to the south and east. the wind comes from the air mass. that is what we like to see, march. you will notice a cold front march. the bad news is it will be party week. -- weak. we may see an increase in cloud cover with that front. also the possibility of a shower
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a couple of the models keep us dry, another one rings a bit of shower activity to the area. either way it will not be a video -- be a big deal. the focus will be here along the foundry. by wednesday we will see more rain chances. you'll notice a 60% chance of an. you -- and then. we will dry out thursday, another system approaches from the south bringing a larger percent chance of rain. let's take a look at the forecast powered by accuweather. temperatures here like this are good. nice springlike weather. rain chances increasing on wednesday. the bigger news is the temperatures behind that will provide sunshine on thursday, ohio 49. by friday, moore -- a high of 49. by friday come o'morain. -- by friday, more rain. no more 20's and the forecast
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we cannot rule them out for a week or two. heather: stay away, it is almost spring. thank you. a monster showdown for the tar heels coming up. carolina travels to charlottesville to take on virginia. the outcome does not go in their
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we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. including one-hour arrival windows. we'll also tell you how long our visit will take
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and how to: now, abc 11 eyewitness sports sponsored by local toyota dealers. joe: unc let a big opportunity slip away in charlottesville. the tar heels hit more threes and out rebounded the yahoos, but lost to north carolina. they started the day i came up on miami. he goes for 13 of the cavaliers first 18. a hot hand for unc left alone. his second deep bucket, cavaliers of by four. cavaliers by three at the break. barry led the tar heels with 21. second half, unc get the equalizer courtesy isaiah hicks.
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unc trying every defense possible without success. corner three, he had 26. cavaliers starting to pull away. he shows him aside. gets the hoop. roy williams not pleased. the last few minutes the heels have a chance, justin jackson nails at three to cut it's a five. uva misses the front end of a one and one. brice johnson, who has had a great season, falls and loses the ball. that sums this one up. for the road team. carolina goes down, 79-74. statistically speaking, n.c. state is one of the worst teams in the country defending the
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of the 350 one teams come onlthey rally for the 73-65 win. n.c. central tumbles on the road. playing turnovers, committing 18. central falling to six and eat -- eight in league play. they wrap up monday night against savannah state.
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joe: north carolina and oklahoma state are easily matched. on the diamond they are ranked 10th and 11th respectively in the national polls.


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