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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 AM  ABC  February 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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john: three people linked to a shooting in raleigh expected in court today. why one of them has been charged. barbara: cold case murder that could heaoscars, a look at the big winners and on the red carpet. good morning, carolina, welcome on monday february 29. leap day and 6:00. 49 degrees, i'm john clark. barbara: i'm barbara gibbs. we will have more on the big stories but first it is time for weather and traffic. if you like yesterday, that is good. don: you will love today. the only problem today is folks have to go to work. but we have a great day shaping up. if you are one of those folks that has to work outside you have a good day. temperatures will jump today. 40's now and we will be in the 50's by 8:00.
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could take lunch outside. temperatures across the region running in the 40's and 50's. 47 roxboro, 49 chapel hill. 49 wilson. 52 sanford, 49 fayetteville. we look at the day ahead 47 an mainly clear. lunchtime 65 mostly sunny and going home this afternoon 68 degrees and lots of sunshine. document looks great. then it gets cooler. let's tack traffic with amber. amber: good monday morning. chopper 11 h.d. just took off from r.d. so they are with us over the crossroads saying good morning to you guys. it is a great day for flying. we have nice clear weather to start and no fog, no precipitation and you can see no problems here around crossroads wake county looking good there. that continues all across our viewing area. live returns showing the same thing. a lot of green coming back and you don't see any colors from the road weather index this morning. happy to start the day nice and quiet.
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new hope and daly. durham no problems freeway alston avenue fine and we will lets you know the drive times in a few. john: three men charged in connection with a shooting and robbery at a shopping center are expected in court today. one of them is one of the alleged victims. anthony wilson is life to sort it out. anthony: all three including the victim you mentioned are accused of involvement in a double shooting at shopping center. it was in the ashton square shopping 1234er shortly after 1:00 p.m. raleigh police arrested the first two friday and said wright is the suspected gunman. tally helped him steal freddy garcia's wallet. witnesses say they heard they or four shots go off. garcia and another victim were
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also facing a charge of assault with a deadly within. there is a fourth suspect in dunn. she's charged with conspiracy to commit an armed robbery with a dangerous weapon and commit robbery. more on that and appearance of the three on "eyewitness news".." barbara: today a wake county jury could get the case in a cold case murder trial of a shaw university student. edward lawing is carjacked with chemical ing chemicaling lecoy mcqueen. friends testified that mcqueen was pregnant at the time and law abortion. he was arrested shortly after dropped. then police refiled charges against him in 2014. now to a developing story one person recovering from smoke inhall lease after a fire broke out here on north carver street.
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from the home when they arrived just after 8:00 and it was badly damaged. it is called an accident. john: a fire earlier in the day also being called accidental. firefighters were called to the 1400 block of greenside drive yesterday afternoon. damaging half the home. no one was hurt. jo developing this morning fayetteville police are investigating deadly crash. they say a person died when the car rannoff strickland bridge road. the tkraoeufrdriver and another passenger were not seriously hurt. guzman faces a list of charges including misdemeanor death by motor vehicle and d.w.i. it was hollywood's biggest night and there were a couple big surprises including sylvester stallone not getting best supporting actor. john: the best picture was
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sexual abuse by roman catholic priests won over the refuse napolitano. >> leonardo dicaprio. barbara: his losing streak is over. leonardo dicaprio won an oscar for the role in "the revenant." during his acceptance speech he talked about climate change. he had been nominated five previous times. >> brie larson. john: bree already son took home the could oscar for "room" about an be a detect eded -- an abducted woman. barbara: we have not forgotten about the red catholic fashion. coming up in about 10 minutes we will show you some of the head turners and one or two misses. it is 6:06 and 49 degrees. a local greenway could get a facelift and your input is needed feel >> details of the open house. and also ahead a controversial
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what happened to this woman this has some saying the deputy went too far. barbara: appppr american hero is honored. why the president will award this navy seal with the medal of honor. we have a beautiful leap day ahead of us. don: good morning to you. as you head out the door we have
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we see showers on the don: welcome back. taking a live look at the commuter forecast. as you drive in you will see lots of blue skies, mild temperatures this morning, by 10:00 we are in the upper a50's. currently 46 roanoke rapids, 47 roxboro, 5 hillsborough, 48 durham, 47 raleigh. 49 now cary. 50 sanford. 47 lillington and 49 in fayetteville. looking at the day ahead mainly clear and 47. lunchtime 65 and mostly sunny and late day 67 degrees under mostly sunny skies. lots of sunshine today and tomorrow warm and we will talk
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rain and cooler temperatures. barbara: today the 20u7b of cary is talking about redesign of part of the parkway. a stretch of it will be improved. the proposed design includes upgrades it the trail, path alignment and relocating sections it reduce flooding and elevated bridges to reduce flooding the. an open house will be 5:00 to 7:30 at the senior center. john: the arrest of a suspected shoplifter begins our must-see video. you saw a also preparation officer and sheriff deputy saturday. the entire incident was recorded by camera worn by the deputy. he asked her to go back in the store but she refers and she pulls away and begs him not to take her into custody. he glance her and attempts to place her in handcuffs but as
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bled. you see that. this is being viewed around the world and folks criticizing the deputy for the way he handled the arrest but the sheriff stands behind the deputy's actions. now to another video that is pretty unusual. mother nature's power on display this time in hawaii incredible video as some of the strongest waves recorded in 50 years hit owe wahat high last -- oahu. ing about waves slammed in rock. it is reported waves up to 70 feet in hawaii last week. something different here we head it china and clumsy panda. he strefpls a little too far from his bamboo and it causes him to fall off his platform. it frightened his friend who
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become to eating bamboo -- back to eating bamboo. desperate search for a child snatched from a park. barbara: where police found the 4-year-old. and pizza deliverer killed on his first day on the job. deepening. what new e-mails reveal about who knew what and this is connor like so many kids, he was missing things in school - distracted - disengaged - just not getting it. we tried tutors but they didn't connect. then we heard about sylvan's
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personal lessons, taught by sylvan certified instructors, using technology kids love. i've never seen him more engaged. and the results are kids like connor typically
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john: welcome back. here is a look at the headlines. three people arrested in connection with a shooting on capital boulevard in raleigh that injured it friday are expected in court. carlos wright the alleged trigger man is held on a $1.1 million bond. he and tie kwan talley are charged with conspiracy to commit robbery. freddy garcia who was shot in the incident was charged with
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with intent to kill. a judge is expected to consider whether to toss out a defend magazines lawsuit -- defamation lawsuit that janice kickin dickinson filed against bill cox. she she said she tried to include that story in the 2000 memoir but her publisher refused. and spotlight was the big winner at the oscars for best picture. lonard dicaprio won best actor. brie larson best actress and sylvester stallone lost best supporting actor. barbara: a positive conclusion in the missing 4-year-old girl girl. mailsy lilly was on a reservation. she was abducted. she was checked to make sure she was not hurt. a suspect is in custody.
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the suspect and girl are not blood relatives. a young father is killed on his first day on the job as a pizza delivery driver. john: he was wrapping up the day when his car was struck by a woman fleeing a deputy in orange county florida. the woman fled an attempted traffic stop for speeding and ran a red light striking the 23-year-old man's car. it was early sunday morning. she suffered only minor injures and was charged with vehicular homicide. he is a father of a daughter and he died at the scene. the suspect was scheduled to go on trial in april on charges of fleeing law enforcement in another incident in november. barbara: to new developments in the threaten water crisis new e-mails reveal the governor's aides knew something was wrong with flint's water as far back as october 2014 and the e-mails showed they discussed switching
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threaten river and it is dated six months after flint started using its own river for drinking wart. in response snyder's spokesman said they were preliminary concerns before aides knew about the head problem. john: today at the white house president obama will award the medal of honor to a navy seal for a hostage rescue mission in afghanistan from 2012. ed byers is receiving it for using his body as a shield to protect the american hostage while shooting a taliban fighter. he is believed to be the first service member to ever receive the medal of honor for actions while serving with seal team six. and getting into the happiest places on earth will cost more depending on the time of year. disneyland in california and walt disney world in n. come with demand based pricing. they charge three different prices depending on time of year. value one day pass monday
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regular pass for most weekends and summer weeks is $105. the price goes it $112 on peak days and that includes most of december. spring break week and july weekend. disney is the party company of abc11. barbara: back to the beg night, the academy awards the other big talker is the fashion and this year had something for everyone in bold colors, soft shades and body hugging looks including this by charlie less theron in this christian did i your tkpoupb. another winner rachel mcadams stunned in this green backless gown that included a haoeuigh shreut. brie larson had this royal blue
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jewel accessory. and this again with maroon and floral bordering. many called this look featuring the risky neck line a miss but others said it was a hit. another gown showing up on the worst dressed is this dress with a diamond cutout a hot mess. i wouldn't go that far. another on the worst dress is heidi klum. she mixed too much material with a awkward chief annual making this gown one of the worst. john: i have a question. do you think that some of these celebrities wear these just so day? barbara: yes, i do. don: i'm just a guy but looking
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that were terrible, they were not that bad. we have seen some that are like what is that? barbara: remember the tkpwaosz thing? there have been some that were not terrible the they are not great. barbara: that one suit was terrible. block with red stuff. john: i did like chris rock's white tuxedo. barbara: he looks like he is ageless. don: he looks like when he was 20 years old. he is not that old. gorgeous day. if we look at the friend the next six days only above average today, tomorrow, wedges. thursday back to average and friday and saturday below average. we look at what is going on now raleigh. temperature right now 47, dew
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southwest winds eight miles an hour. looking into downtown durham you see the nice light in the sky, sunrise a little ways away but we are gaining every day. 50 now, 48% humidity. southwest wind nine. numbers from across the region 47 roxboro, 49 in chapel hill. 48 southern pines, 49 fayetteville. 47 clinton and 46 roanoke rapids. clear skies across the area and we will see a lot of sunshine to start. there's a weak frontal boundary to the north. you see the shore activity and this is rain. we have been seeing snow the past few weeks but this is rain in pennsylvania and new york. we will get few clouds. by lunchtime mostly sunny and 65 degrees. as we go into the evening we stay in the 60's. clear night tonight. through lunchtime tomorrow a few more clouds tuesday and tuesday night into wednesday we see some rain working through. and wednesday morning you may
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at this point we are not at risk for any severe weather. raleigh mostly sunny and mild. 53 at 9:00. 65 by lunchtime and 2:00 this afternoon around 70 under mostly sunny skies. numbers from across the region. you will top out today in the up are 60's in durham and 70 smithfield. 68 wendell, 68 who will st. patrick's, 67 chapel hill. 70 pinehurst, 72 raeford. 71 fayetteville, 69 lillington. 70 tarboro. wilson 69. 64 roxboro under memorandum skies. tonight in the 40's for overnight lows. 43 raleigh. 45 fayetteville. normal for this time of year is 46. seven first alert seven-day forecast forecast, tomorrow back near 70, more clouds especially in the afternoon. on wednesday rain in the morning and i think we clear lue the day, 60. thursday 33 and lots of sunshine. friday could see more showers and staying cool as we head
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tomorrow gorgeous. john: locks wonderful. barbara: we have an issue. amber: serious accident right now chopper 11 h.d. over this. it is durham this is south miami boulevard and hundley road. a pedestrian is struck at south miami and hundley road. so you will need to detour around that investigation that is going on. that is all the information we have right now. meantime it is a great day for flying because the weather is could noting, nice and dry, no everything is clear. another accident into raleigh new hope and don't lay the secondary road just off crabtree valley mall area. 540 here good. no problems on that interstate. everything on time. still pretty early but volume is
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barbara: 6:23 and 49 degrees.
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john: we will tell you what is one crest 3d white smile... all it takes... turn the tables.
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...than the red box. for a smile like that, crest 3d white... is the way to whiten. quilted northern works so well people can forget their bathroom experience. but sir froggy can never forget. "what's worse", he thinks... "that my arms can never relax or my eyes can never look away?" there's only one egg that gives you better taste and better nutrition in so many varieties. classic. cage free. and organic. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. john: welcome back on monday, 6:26. barbara: remark the calendar. apple is changing date of the next big product event. john: reena ninan and kendis gibson have our tech news. >> in our "tech bytes" change to apple's next big event.
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products march 21 a week letter than originally expected. >> a new mini iphone under a ipad will likely be unveiled. a new smart phone. you can get samsung's latest phone in real gold. a u.k. company selling it in 24 karat cold. rose gold and platinum. the price tag about $2,400. from twitter history made at the oscars. leonardo dicaprio's win generated more than 440,000 tweets per minute. that beats the previous record holder with 250,000 per minute. >> those are your "tech bytes." have a great day. >> can is 6:27. presidential candidates stumping ahead of super tuesday. >> will it put everything in order in the chaotic race? latest controversy surrounding
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barbara: we are the son of a civil rights attorney josh stein learned early about justice, equality and doing what's right. senior deputy attorney general, one of the "most effective" state senators, josh stein fought to make schools safer,
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and stein took on scam artists who prey on seniors. stein: we need an attorney general with the independence to stand up to the special interests and who will always put the people of north carolina first.
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the winners, upsets and biggest moments feel john: a crash shuts down a
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barbara: chopper 11 h.d. is over the area looking for trouble spots. weather and traffic coming up. good morning, carolina, welcome on monday february 29. leap day, 49 degrees. john: thanks for tuning in. all the overnight developments in a bit but first weather and traffic. here is meteorologist don schwenneker. don: we have a great day shaping up. with the sunshine and warmer temperatures we will see mild conditions. look at the temperature climb through the day. we start in the 40's but 8:00 to 9:00 we are in the 50's and then 60's by lunchtime. gorgeous conditions stick around all afternoon. from across the region 47 roxboro, 46 objectionxford, louisburg. 51 sanford, 52 smithfield. 49 fayetteville. looking at the day ahead. 47 right now under mainly clear skies. by lunchtime 65 and this afternoon 68 with lots of sunshine.
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we have warmer testifies tomorrow but then it gets pretty calendar. now we have weather and traffic with amber rupinta. amber: we have the issue in durham chopper 11 h.d. was just over the scene of appear accident so south miami and lumley there is a report of a pedestrian struck there. they have just moved over here to the durham freeway and chapel hill street. nice picture from chopper 11 h.d. there. it is clear with the weather and on the roads. interstates very good shape at 6:31. a little volume 40 westbound and clayton bypass is within. a little red coming back with the live return there. following this accident into raleigh new hope and daly, 40 and rock quarry nice. a little volume westbound on 40 going into joined raleigh and we will show you the drive times coming up.
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rushed to the hospital after this accident in do you recall. chopper 11 h.d. was over the scene on south miami boulevard and lumley road. fortunately it appears the injuries are minor. an overnight crash in raleigh closes part of a imagine road. it was around 2:00 a.m. on north new hope and daly. the drive hit a power pole knocking done lines on the road feel the car then went down an embankment and through a fence before ending,in somebody's yard. the northbound lanes were closed several hours while crews made repairs. barbara: one person is taken to the hospital after this fire in raleigh around 8:00 last night on north carver road. four were displaced. one person suffered smoke inhalation. the cause is called accidental. john: an american college student being detained in north korea apologizing for trying to
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>> i ask the government of network nor your forgiveness. please, i made the worst mistake of my life. john: he was in tears as he offered his apology. north korean officials say he asked to make the public apology but it is unclear if he was acting on his own accord or was forced. this is the first time we have seen him since his arrest in january. barbara: today the wake county public school system host as forum to talk about the latest statistics on academic achievement. drop out and suspensions. specifically the forum will focus on how to to eliminate gaps between students. it sis at southeast raleigh high school at 6:30. john: the oscars wrapping,after midnight. barbara: at will of focus was on
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night progressed it was morethe winners could have their oscar trophies engraved. john: more on "good morning
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6:36 and race for the white house continues to ramp up. barbara: coming up latest candidates open a campaign office here in the triangle. >> what the front runners are doing ahead of super tuesday. barbara: weather and traffic together let's take a live look from chopper 11 h.d. over durham and this is the bull stadium and it will be another gorgeous day if you liked yesterday you will love today. don: it is almost baseball season. i think spring training games start tomorrow. as we go to break we check the temperatures.
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warm don: welcome back. bus stop forecast, kids going to school will need the jackets on the way to school. they won't wear them home. it will be around 70. we will be in the 40's through 8:00.
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rapids, 50 hillsborough. 49 louisburg, 4 joined raleigh. cary 49. clayton 45. 49 goldsboro and 50 sanford, 47 lillington. 49 fayetteville. looking at the day ahead 47 now and mainly clear. lunchtime clear skies and 65. through the late day near 70 with lots of sunshine. we have warmer temperatures tomorrow and then pretty cool. we will talk about that with the rain chances in the seven-day forecast. >> we believe that as long as we are able to talk to the voters of north carolina we can win here. barbara: the bernie sanders campaign trying to regain campaign after a crushing defeat in south carolina. it opened the first election office in the triangle off north church street. and as the campaign trail heats up offices are popping up all over. clinton has an office in raleigh and saturday an office opened for donald trump in fayetteville.
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up for grabs and candidates competitors. john: we are keeping you connected to big stories online. barbara: amber is tracking t. good morning. amber: good morning. a couple are trend being stories you may see on social media. this is just starting to trend. selma hayek who found her dog shot dead on her washington ranch and that is trending.
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dog so that authorities are trying to figure out who went on to her ranch and killed it. you may recall she is a very passionate person about animals and rescued a lot of them and let them live safely so she thought. oscars are a big trending story. you will find so many hash tags for oscars all over social media. leonardo dicaprio dominated everything that has to do with social media because everybody is so excited he won and there is the fashion, lady gaga had a big touching performance. you can read all about everything if it was past your bedtime right on the home page the winners, losers, fashion. some of the awkward moments including one by stacy dash and the reaction to that. and this is a 90-year-old woman
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she was diagnosed with cancer and they gave her an option for treatment and she said i'm going ton a road trip. she got in the r.v. with her son and daughter-in-law and have been making their way across the country and went to mount rushmore, yellowstone national park and drives miss nora is the facebook page and #drivingmissnor are. you can follow it here. disney world, grand canyon. who knows where they will driver next. they said she is doing great because of being outside and having so much adventure. back to you. barbara: travel therapy. john: good for her. barbara: 6:43 and 47 degrees. cancer concerns plaguing one local ton. john: steve daniels has an exclusive preview. >>
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and -- it went it her bones and she died.
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sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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barbara: tonight a local community turns to the i-team. john: people are getting cancer and many dying. they turned to steve daniels to investigate. reporter: john under barbara good morning. they tell us story after story about loved ones and friends and neighbors all dying a slow and sometimes painful death from cancer.
6:47 am
they want to know what is killing people in their community. the i-team went to work to get help. i know you all want answers and that is what we do with our investigative reporting is get appearances to help people. >> heard about it for years a lot of people, too many dying around the butner area. >> about 2011 was diagnosed with breast cancer. no reasonable reason. absolutely no reason why. my sister law has cancer fighting for her life. i lost two brothers, two brother-in-laws, both of cancer. >> my baby sister had cancer of
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her bones and she died. reporter: we have obtained data supporting concern and we are getting people involved so this community can get some answers about the sister impacting so many people around them. i hope you will join me for the investigation tonight at being a /- -- at 5:00. barbara: very interesting story. tune in tonight. don: we have an interesting it will be warm. shots of sunshine. it is a tough day to head back to work. when they are this nice it is really -- john: when it is raining it is bad to head back. barbara: it is monday. my mom says there's a fresh start. you start the week off with a fresh start. don: she is retired. we will look at what is going on. it is a fresh start every day when are retired. barbara: come on. don: temperatures before normal. by thursday back to average and friday and saturday maybe a
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we will talk about that but now a live look into joined raleigh and temperature right now in the capital city 4. dew point 33. southwest wind eight miles an hour. looking into fayetteville, temperature right now 50, southwest winds 12 and we will see the temperatures staying mild the next several days. for the rest of today in raleigh 53 and mostly sunny skies. by lunchtime 65 degrees. as we go in the afternoon we will see the temperatures into the upper 60's today under manual skies mostly sunny skies. you will top out today in 68 in holly springs and cary. 70 smithfield. 68 wendell, 68 siler city. you go south where fayetteville will hit 71. 68 sanford, 71 goldsboro and 70 pinehurst. north, south hill will be 63. 64 roxboro.
6:50 am
tonight back into the 40's for overnight lows. 43 raleigh. 45 fayetteville. 42 durham. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather showing temperatures tomorrow 69, warmer tomorrow and warmest day of the next seven. showers tomorrow night into wednesday, 60 degrees and thursday 53 and much cooler. friday 49 and saturday 50 and sfp sunday is dry. this was taken last week. that is a shelf cloud taken by jordan peterson it was downtown toward the p.n.c. building. that is the sign of a big thunderstorm and he snapped that last week. thank you for uploading that to amber: now you need batman on top of that building.
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amber: we have chopper 11 h.d. giving us some aerials and it is nice and clear. the weather is smooth sail being for you. they are -- sailing right now around 540 interchange and that is manufacturing fine. r.t.p. north raleigh nice. you will see the road weather index is not returning fog or precipitation. 40 westbound is the clayton bypass about 21 miles an hour to get through the merge and picks up past there. 540 fine. 70 to 1 is fine, 10 minutes and no problems here. 85 northbound four minutes u.s. 70 to n.c. 55 fplt. john: 6:52 and wake county murder trial could be going to the jury. barbara: update to the winners of the oscar. >> do you want to be in the
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abc11 wants to send you to the live premiere.
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find out how to enter for your barbara: we are following a lot of big stories. john: here are some you will be hearing about. first an overnight crash under
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north new hope was closed several hours overnight at don't lay road after a car slammed into a power pole knocking lines down on the road. it then went through a fence and into someone's back yard. no word on the charges. barbara: wake county jury could get the case in a cold case murder trial of a shaw university student. edward lawing is charged with killing lecoy manage queen in 199 1996 1996. she was pregnant and h spotlight won for business picture and brie larson pws actress. -- best actress. barbara: at love big moments but lady gaga's performance got the most buzz with the song she
6:56 am
of sexual assault. it got a standing ovation. don is looking for a very nice monday. barbara: we have a great day. the out-the-door force is clear skies, mild terms, 40's and 50's. by 9:00 everybody in the 50's and lunchtime mid 60's and nice weather sticks around and seven-day forecast up near 70. showers into wednesday and thursday dry and 53 and friday chance of rain and saturday and sunday back where they should be in the upper 50's. amber: been a pretty good start to monday on the roads. dry and clear and we have typical delays like this 4 westbound and clayton bypass. other than that interstates looking nice. barbara: "good morning america" is next. john: thanks for watching and make it a great day. barbara: we end with this
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h.d. over falls lake. it's the early mornings and the late night calls. it's caring about every last detail. it's finding the little things that make a big difference. you do it because it's yours. it's personal. locally owned. locally served. chick-fil-a. d morning america." good morning, america. chris rock stealing the spotlight at the oscars. >> well, i'm here at the academy awards otherwise known as the
7:00 am
>> facing the diversity backlash head on. >> you're damn right hollywood's racist. >> leonardo dicaprio finally breaking through with a win. >> i do not take tonight for granted. >> lady gaga with a show-stopping performance. happens to you happens to you happens to you >> the moment that brought everyone to their feet. a rock star reception for donald trump. >> wow, wow, this is amazing. >> commanding a massive crowd in alabama. facing fire from all sides after failing to condemn the kkk. >> not only is that wrong, it makes him unelectable. >> but can anything stop the front-runner's surge on the campaign's biggest day yet? and is hillary clinton on the verge of locking down the nomination? and we are taking you behind the scenes of hollywood's biggest night like only "gma" can from the red carpet to backstage. you won an oscar, brie.


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