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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News 4PM  ABC  February 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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this is where the people have been for the past 2.5 hours, and also, spin that camera around. this is how close we have been to this activity, as we have seen at least 100 people talking to police, shouting at police. very few answers at this point. all of these people have been looking for some kind of official answer. all we have been told is that there was an officer-involved shooting, and they are saying it is not unusual when something like this happens. talking to dozens of people about what happened, and they have helped to fill in the blanks, at least as eyewitnesses are telling us. it today. there is a 24-year-old man who came out of the corner store and
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hopped the fence and was shot. the mother told us he was not armed. witnesses say he was shot five to seven times. those were the number of bullets and shots they heard. there is a story that he was hit in the back. no official confirmation of this. we did speak to the mother, and before she could identify who the victim is concretely, that still has not happened, but she was convinced. the stories going around this crowd about shooting her son. >> getting away with it. guess what? he is going to get away with this one. they are not going to get away with this. jon: over the past couple of hours, this crowd, again, has been going. we are told the black panthers
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nation of islam as well, and we are told that the naacp is on their way here for members to come and support. we will have more from the sea over the next couple of hours. reporting live, we will let you know what is happening, and we understand there is a live press conference with the chief of police, and we will take you to that. >> at bragg and east streets while trying to arrest a suspect who was wanted for a felony drug charge. the suspect was shot and killed by the officers. it was known that a firearm was located within close proximity to the deceased suspect. that evidence along with the other elements available at the scene will be processed.
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are customary in situations such as this are still in their early stages. as always, these investigations will be conducted thoroughly, and we won't follow the plan and the evidence wherever they lead. the state bureau of investigations will conduct a criminal investigation concerning the officer-involved shooting, and its findings will wake county district attorney. the raleigh police department internal affairs will conduct an investigation that will focus on department policy matters. additional information about the incident will be provided as promptly as possible. i will provide an initial report city manager within five working days. again, our thoughts and our
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i asked everyone to please be patient while the follow-up investigations are being conducted to determine the facts about what happened today. again, i ask for your prayers for the families, for our police department, and most of all, for our community. thank you. joel: so that is the raleigh police chief brown, for the first time going on record, talking about this release-involved shooting, and firming that a man was shot and killed on -- confirming that a man was shot and killed on bragg and east streets. she did not say if the weapon belonged to the suspect or if the officers felt threatened by the weapon. arrested multiple times.
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aspect of the story. angelica, tell us what you have learned so far? angelica: we have found out he has been arrested 16 time since 2011. as you can see behind me, it is still very much an active seen out in this area. again, according to the arrest record, just last year, he was arrested at least eight times, from drugs, cocaine, two weapons charges, assault on a female, trespassing, injury, resisting officers. people out here say no matter what is past or what happened out here, they do not believe it should have happened this way. it is still an active seen. there is an intense crowd, and we will be here and bring you another update. again at 5:00. for now, we will send it back to
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anna: an irony, the city police chief was expected to speak today about body cameras, but the meeting with the chief was postponed. the mayor called the situations what was going on during the meeting. >> the shooting was lighting up down to the front row of the chambers and showed a staff shooting. there were three other presentations. she did leave the room with a had a concerned look on her face. the last item of the budget work session called for a report from the police chief, the was supposed to talk about body benefits of using them and the
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time for the chief to come forward, the mayor instead ended the meeting. >> they did not have body cameras available. it is obviously a sad situation, very sad. ed: she did say it was such a sad irony that this presentation had to be put off because of this involving a police shooting. anna: a lot of people feeling that way this afternoon. joel: and just in, a verdict in the murder trial of edwin christopher lawing.
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verdict after just one hour, him being found guiuiy in the death of his girlfriend at the time, lacoy mcq ueen, and the sentencing phase is coming, and her family is testified. she was killed, 20 years old, in 1996, a shaw university student. she wanted to be a doctor. he was an n.c. state students, and she was pregnant at the time with lawing's baby. and there was a guilty verdict, guilty on first-degree murder, and the judge just tim. he was just sentenced to life in prison without parole.
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joel: and new at 4:00, a car bursting into flames. chopper hd was over this in raleigh. we do not know if anyone was hurt. officers are investigating because. anna: a cumberland county woman reaches out after deputies shot her dog. she called them. she was trying to sell her home, and andrea blanford is live at the sheriff's office. andrea, walk us through exactly what happened. andrea: she said it should never have happened. they say her seven-year-old was growling --
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and i was going to say get inside, and they shot him. >> a house with a stranger on the property, but we have to do what we are paid to do. reporter: they are trying to find the man who caused abraham to call for help in the first place, and a nonprofit agency is coming in to cover all of the veterinary bills, and we will get back to andrea blanford later in our newscast. joel: and we go to chris hohmann. happy leap day. chris: and this is the last day of meteorological fall winter -- me urological -- meteorological
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by midnight, we will be in the 40's, and tomorrow is still another warm day, so need your the way. we will tell you what it looks anna? anna: it may feel like spring, but the flu is spiking in some areas, and it is f we will give you a look at what you need to know and what is at
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john: biggest primary day of the election season. barbara: i will introduce you to an ama joel: well, tomorrow is the biggest day before the primary voting. the candidate's not in the lead are hoping to survive and onslaught. marci gonzalez. marci: today, the jets are flying. mr. trump: he could not be elected talk catcher. mr. rubio: we are not going to let a con artist take over the
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mr. cruz: the only people who can beat donald trump is us. marci: 1610 delegates at stake. mrs. clinton: america has never stopped being great at what we whole. mr. sanders: we can get the nomination. shows 49% of republican voters support donald trump. mr. trump: get him out. get him out. marci: rushing off controversies over this endorsement from david duke. >> would you say unequivocally that you condemn them and you do not want to their support. >> well, i have to look at the
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i do not know what group you are talking about. marci: he says he has disavowed him. marci gonzalez, texas. guindon. she was killed, two other officers hurt area joel: in michigan, knowing something was wrong with the flint water. it shows they discussed
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huron. the e-mail was dated six months after they started using it. researchers later found elevated levels of lead, and they are looking at why they were using the watcher with anti-corrosive agents required by law. and a spokesman said those were preliminary items. anna: a u.s. bank is involved in a scandal. citigroup says it was slapped with officials alleging corruption and money laundering. talking about using banks for millions in bribes and kickbacks, and officials are now questioning whether they turned a blind eye. joel: this morning, president
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to a navy seal, edward byers, using his body to shield an american doctor, and he is believed to be the first to receive the medal of honor while serving with the legendary seal team six. anna: at the division headquarters, expecting to deployment. the soldiers are scheduled to arrive around midnight. look for the latest in the morning starting at 4:30. joel: we want people to know that we are continuing to cover this story in raleigh of an officer involved shooting. it is said that the crowd is upwards of 150 people.
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a pursuit from raleigh pd, but we heard from police chief brown a little over half an hour ago, and they did not say if the weapon found belong to the suspect or if the officers felt threatened. we want to let you know we will continue to follow this situation. anna: all right, let's look at the weather because it is perfect. chris: that about sums it up, and that is the end of meteorological winter. let's check out january and february. the warmest on record, nearly 13 degrees above average, and january and everywhere a cold or area because we were so overwhelmed in december, it will be one of our warmest winters on
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lot of it fell as sleet, and the 100-your average is 715 average -- 7.5 inches. here is a look at rdu, a west went at it team. a gorgeous day. 72 in chapel hill, fayetteville with 74. perfect out there, as we said, and mild temperatures all of the way to kansas city, where it is 72. this shot of chilly air, it will not get your, but it will be noticeably cooler. high pressure off the coast and a southwest winds. you do not see it now, but there is snow in the upper midwest and the planes that could spark some severe weather today and tomorrow to our west, and much of tennessee and alabama and
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they, it will be in a much weaker state. we will find out if there is any thunder or lightning with it. overnight, temperatures dropping into the upper 30's or low 40's. we are dry for the most part tomorrow. showers try to come our way, but they will not have much success until after midnight, it looks like. shortly after midnight, a couple of hands of showers will roll through the region. it will be gone by 9:00 or 10:00. we may see more wednesday or thursday early on, and then it is on. a warm front that comes through wednesday morning, and we are back to sunshine by afternoon, wednesday with temperatures staying in the 50's all day long for the high temperatures. enjoy it, into the low 70's
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much cooler wednesday and thursday also, a shot of rain cool weekend. anna: at this point, we are happy to see sunshine. thanks, chris. college students on alert. bullied, how technology can help. reporter: an auto mechanic and a higher bill. >> i do not think a lot of
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announcer: abc 11 is keeping you connected. like us on facebook and follow us. joel: at charlotte, they say a patient with mumps is off campus and in isolation. a female student has also been negative. there have been some probable
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they say it is for those who have not been vaccinated. anna: a husband and wife celebrating after successful surgery. there was a need for a kidney, and his wife was a perfect match. undergoing a four-our transplant surgery, the 35-year-old is recovering and doing well this afternoon, and this story is even more incredible, if you can believe it. a perfect match for you less than 1%. today, we learned that his mom had a kidney donation from her husband, and they are now calling it a family tradition. cyber bullying is on every
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>> they can get into a lot of
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anna: yes, kids are just a bar to today with so many messages. you just try to filter the ad once out, or short. it gets harder every day, i am sure. and a man without pants. we have details coming up, and the car they were driving. joel: plus, getting your car repaired is going to be a bit taxing. the extra fees coming to your car repair bill, and that is not
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joel: we continue to follow the breaking news, an officer-involved shooting in southeast raleigh, and are
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-- at the scene at bragg street and east. there is a lot of anger, and we can tell you that raleigh is now trending on twitter. a man shot dead by police during pursuit, and a weapon was found by the's body. -- by the deceased's body. anna: we do not know if that weapon belonged to the victim. we just know that he took off, and that is when the suspect was shot and killed. he was wanted on a felony drug charge, and that is what brought police to the scene in the first place. this was shortly before noon, and the crowd has grown to about 100 people. joel: findings will be turned over to the da, who has already
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-- who already put out a statement, promising a throw investigation. anna: asking for directions, when a victim approached a car, they tried to grab the engine's arm, and that is when they realize that the man had no clothing on from the ways down. -- from the waist down. all they know is it was a hispanic man driving a red, four-doors to dan. -- a four-door sedan. joel: a new tax on labor. tim has more with how customers
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kim: the people who feel a car are the ones that are going to feel the impact. they are going to see a sales tax on labor. auto mechanics have said they have been trying to get the word out. it may not be a significant increase, but on larger repairs, there could be an increase of $15 in their total bill. mechanics tell us they are not happy about this. >> i just do not think we need another tax. people are still struggling just to get by, and we talked to people every day who have to look at every dollar they spend. tim: this includes detailing and
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revenue is expected to be supporters say the money will go towards local schools and economical covering projects in rural areas. anna: we are going to have to thank you. and it is that bernstein this season a local hospital put out greg barnes is live. who does this restriction apply to? greg: right now, just to children under 12, but they tell me that the flu outbreak so far has not been that bad but that they have seen a slight uptick in the number of cases coming into the emergency room here at the medical center, so they say they are being proactive, announcing that all children
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temporarily banned from visiting patients, including at the hospital and the rehab clinic here in cumberland county, as well as in other areas. the restrictions also limit the number of people who can accompany patients in the yard -- in the er, and they say these right now are just a precaution. >> we are concerned about the younger children, because they are in close contact with their peers. greg: right now, doctors say they are not sure what or who is to blame for this slight increase in the number of reported cases, and the doctor says that many of the cases he has seen have medium to mild symptoms, but the hospital says it is not taking any chances. it says its restrictions will remain in effect throughout
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anna: there are a lot of people sick out there. thanks, greg. and announcing it is selling a network of life insurance companies for nearly $300 million, massachusetts mutual taking over the metlife premier client group. earlier this year, metlife said it would then off its retail sector to create more value for shareholders. no word on if the triangle will be impacted ivies dale. -- impacted by the sale. joel: one area of roadway will be improved, and they will be relocating trail sections and elevated bridges.
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proposed changes will be head beginning at 5:00 p.m. this evening. popular trails. so you can get your say on how it should the. anna: all weekend long when i was riding around, now is the time to think about it. joel: absolutely. still ahead at 4:00, a crash, and a husband and wife are dead. we are going to take you to the scene and show you what else could have been involved. anna: but first, listen to this. >> we had a neighbor who followed the cat. anna: that is right, a wake county woman got stuck in a storm drain trying to save an animal.
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little kids. reporter: the best part? it is no secret. one of the most popular parks in raleigh, but these programs are designed for that. >> new program to bring people to the park. especially with younger kids, families with toddlers or preschoolers. reporter: a program launched from monday 10:00 until 11: dirty, there are play dates, and registration begins in march. >> they are about 1.5 hours long. -- until 11:30, there are play dates. there are some for parents and bigger kids.
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>> the instructor will be on the stage, and we will have a lot of people out there dance away in the morning. reporter: and there is a hunt and a scavenger hunt for kids between 12 and 17 years old, and every friday night in april, movie night with free outdoor movies, but before then, families can also try their luck on st. patrick's day. >> we will have pieces around the park, and it defined one, you can win a prize. joel: do you think that is real gold? registration is recommended for events, especially the play dates, which can fill up quickly, and you can find more on the, anna: the kids love you when you
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>> she followed a cat in there, thinking she could find her way out, but she could not. joel: a woman trying to save a cat try -- traps are self inside a storm drain. anna: stephanie lopez spoke with her, and police, ems, fire all racing to say her this weekend. stephanie: she would do anything to help animals, even if that means climbing into a storm drain. she said she heard a echo meow in a storm drain, and that is
4:48 pm
it was hurt, but it ended up being her who was stuck in the maze below ground. she has rescued several baby squirrels after the severe weather storm, and a stranded dog. she said she could not stand the thought of sitting by if an animal be hurt. grace i have got to get him. i started crawling through, and it is like a maze down there, and i did not know where i was going. to save this little guy. i got some bumps and bruises. and they said do not ever do that again. reporter: they say the doc has since been rescued by its owner.
4:49 pm
anna: new at 4:00, a pastor was eating a service when he got a call. their home was on fire. flames raged inside. pastor douglas watched as they sifted through the rubble of his home. the one item they found that survived the fire? the pastor's study bible. >> they say the god is good to you. the bible did not earn. all of this burned, but this did not. god protected his word. anna: also destroyed by the higher, a cabinetmaking business. they have not determined the cause of the fire, but they are happy that no one was hurt.
4:50 pm
we are staying on top of that police involved fire, and steve has more. steve: there are fast reading development, and we have chopper hd overhead and cruise on the scene. you can see as we look live at the neighborhood, about 100 people have gathered. eyewitnesses are telling us what days off. the police chief said the man was shot during a police chase, and a gun was found near him. things are changing. we have live team coverage coming up. also, turning to the i-team for help. people are getting cancer, and they are telling us their stories. the i-team went to get some answers, and chris is outside our downtown raleigh studio. 71 degrees right now. i guess it really is essentially -- spring is here, right?
4:51 pm
chris: we have another nice day to kick it off, but it is still officially winter. we will tell you about some rain coming your way and chillier weather also. steve: keisha and i will have all of that and more, coming up. we will see you at 6:00. -- tisha and i will have that. joel: the justices left in place the suspension of a mississippi student who posted a rap song online, criticizing the coaches. he sued the school after being suspended seven days over it. the lower court said it made no
4:52 pm
joel: hogan suing a media company for $100 million for publishing a sex tape. it says they violated privacy by using the footage. it was taken down under a court order. the lawyers argue that hogan made his sexual exploits a matter of public. to have it, and american is expected to roll out there a version later this
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anna: a husband and wife die when he has hedges fire. davey newton and his wife naomi were rushed to the hospital or they died this morning. charges are pending against the
4:57 pm
joel: they are trying to figure out how the cup truck ended up on its rear bumper. no word if anyone was hurt. anna: a man is recovering after falling dirty feet. the 23-year-old fell yesterday afternoon while trying to take a picture with a group of people of one of the highest points of the mountain. he was flown to the hospital with serious injuries . as the weather gets nicer, they are reminding able to be aware of your surroundings when you visit, maybe not take a picture on the side of a mountain. joel: another step at expanding charlottes are. last september, city leaders approved the nearly $8 million
4:58 pm
the concourse will be built at the side of the former rental car facility . it will take more than three years and more than $10 million to finish. anna: two men released on bond after police say they found dead and dying puppies in the shed of their home. the men have been charged with five counts of animal cruelty resulting in death. one is a corporal assigned as a marine fueler. joel: infuriating and heartbreaking. anna: let's send things over to
4:59 pm
steve: i did -- a deadly shooting in wake county. a mother trying to make sense of it from eyewitness accounts here" see was running away. they couldn't catch them so they shot him seven timestisha: -- seven times. tisha: police believe that a his own brother. community surrounded i can't. >> i heard about it for years. to many people dying and don't know why. steve: my investigative report is just minutes away. but we begin with a deadly shooting. we have chopper 11 hd overhead. police are thereon alert a lot
5:00 pm
duringtisha -- on the street. tisha: jon camp is on the scene at southeast raleigh. jon: this is a bumpy shot as we are on the street. you can see there are cars passing by. this street is feeling uneasy. that's because what has happened is police have taken down the crime tape. the whole crowd has floated off the street, mostly to see for themselves what all these rumors have been about. we now have a better idea what might have happened and where. this is the route a lot of people have been firing since the police lifted the crime tape. this is where the victim


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