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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 PM  ABC  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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duringtisha -- on the street. tisha: jon camp is on the scene at southeast raleigh. jon: this is a bumpy shot as we are on the street. you can see there are cars passing by. this street is feeling uneasy. that's because what has happened is police have taken down the crime tape. the whole crowd has floated off the street, mostly to see for themselves what all these rumors have been about. we now have a better idea what might have happened and where. this is the route a lot of people have been firing since the police lifted the crime tape. this is where the victim
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still nothing official particularly of value. we talked to people who claim to be eyewitnesses. they tell us that akil denkins came out of the corner store and started running from police and was shot as he was tried to jump this fence. ear -- eyewitnesses and ear witnesses say they heard and saw shots. before we are told about the eyewitnesses, there is video about this. the mother making a very compelling case that her son was unarmed. here is what you had say about that. corrects this one will not -- >> this one will not get away with what he has done today he was
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he wasn't running towards the officer. officer. times. jon: this is the fence they were talking about in this is the group of gentlemen. were talking about. panthers nation of islam are here on scene. is also some sort of vigilance and :00 your tonight, some kind of vigil -- there is also some sort of visual at 7:00 here tonight, some sort of visual.
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tisha: the police chief says akil denkins was wanted on drug charges. angelica: outside of the drug charges you mentioned, denkins has interested 16 times and's 2011. this last year, he -- six times since 2011. they range from assault charges, assault on a female, larceny, and assault on a police officer. police were trying to arrest denkins for a felony drug charge. >> during the course of the pursuit, the suspect was shot and killed by the officers. initially , it is known that a firearm was
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angelica: the scene has in released. the police chief says she is well aware that the community wants to know more. right now, they are asking the public for patients and as for the family, the police department, and our community. there will be a vigil later on tonight near the area. we will keep working the scene out here and bring another update again at 6:00. steve: raleigh mayor also addressing today's shooting. ed: what mayor turned to irony. body cameras are now being worn by many police officers across the nation and here in north
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the hope is that wearing them gives investigators a better idea of what really happened. but the shooting happened an hour before the meeting started in the chief never showed up. she was going to talk about the benefits and concerns of the new technology as well as the cost involved. instead, the mayor and did the meeting early and then spoke to reporters. i don't know if it would have made a difference. irony in it. the primary thing is we don't want the situations to happen in the first race, cameras are not. -- the first place, cameras are not. ed: she showed a tweet on her phone about the shooting to her
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on live in downtown raleigh at city hall. tisha: a wake county judge sentences chris lawing. lacoy mcqueen was pregnant with his baby when she was killed. the family wept openly after he was found guilty. >> i did yell and scream -- you shot the dog, dog and steve: a dog -- you shot my dog. you shot my dog. steve: a dog's shot. there is an internal investigation into what happened to a german shepherd named astro.
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that astro will pull through. the sheriff's office is looking into the shooting. cameron called 911 6:00 saturday night. a man who saw that her houses for sale showed up unannounced saying he had cash and wanted to see inside. she felt uncomfortable. the dog chased them back to the car and she called for help. deputy say, when they got there, no one was in the driveway. because of the nature of the call, the officer went to the door with his hand on his gun. to protect himself, he shot the dog, hitting him right in the eyes. cameron says that the dog never
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tisha: two students recovering after being shot by a classmate in southwestern ohio. the student pulled out a gun in the cafeteria and opened fire. two students were hit. her injuries are not said to be like learning. ronald hamilton worked at the pentagon and police believe he was arguing with his wife all day saturday and things escalated when she called 911.
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his plan was to sell secret videos. andrews has filed a lawsuit against marriott hotels, seeking $75 million in negligence. michael barrett was sentenced to two hillary clinton are well ahead of their closest competitors. will be an exciting night to watch very we will have all the results here at 11:00. a navy seal getting a medal of honor from president obama white house today. tisha: rescued a hostage while
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this -- telamon and at the same ta -- taliban insurgents at the
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josh stein for attorney general. tisha: chopper 11 over the scene over a deadly police involved shooting. a lot of people still out there on the scene. a vigil is expected at 7:00 p.m. we will be there to give you updates on the investigation. steve: tonight, a local community is turning to the eye team for help. -- yhr -- the i-team. killing people in the community. went to work. water. >> the water stinks.
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light headache, nausea. i just have to believe this will lead to perhaps a cancer-causing effects. steve: he is so concerned about his water that every week he buys cases of bottled water. john contacted the i-team for help and brought people to the baptist church show we could hear their stories. steve: i know you all want answers. and that is what we do with our investigative reporting. william is one for sisters. they have all had cancers are to have dad i -- to have died -- they have all had cancer. two of them have died. >> it went to her bones and she
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>> it's something going on. steve: harvey cozart lost his wife and mother to cancer. >> heard about it for years, too many people dying in the area and don't know why. steve: mary corkery is a breast cancer survivor. next in 2011, i was diagnosed -- >> in 2011, i was diagnosed. family members and coworkers to cancer area >> -- to cancer. >> i lost two brothers, to brother-in-law's to cancer. steve: there is no evidence of a
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the people of granville county north up the triangle are not buying it. >> i don't know what it is, but i hope we can find out. steve: our review of stay cancer data shows why people want answers. beginning in 2001, the rate of colorectal cancer started to rise. it was 70 set -- it was 70% higher. and granville had the highest total cancer rate anywhere in the state. then it was 24% higher than the state average. >> there are 28 people i know that have cancer or have died of cancer.
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friends have died of cancer. steve: these to be the town from cyst. -- town pharmacist. he has theories about what might be causing it, like the old vinyl factory that used to be at this location. it was so contaminated that it became a superfund site. >> they just don't a hit in the ground and it seeped into the soil. steve: the other theory is camp butner, a world war ii army post . we want to get you the help and push people to find out what is happening here. this is deeply disturbing and alarming.
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>> the risk exposing people to cancer that we don't know anything about, we have to find out. steve: residents are hoping that answers will come soon. >> i am very concerned and i pray and hope that soon they will be able to pinpoint it or find a remedy. steve: people are concerned about the water. the south granville water and sure authority declined an interview with the i-tea. -- i-team. it is proud of its track record for providing safe drinking
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concerns. let's keep the conversation going this evening. we can connect on facebook. chris is with us now tracking some rain heading our way. chris: you are right. but later tomorrow night and early on wednesday. meteorological spring begins tomorrow. warmest december on record, almost 30 degrees above average. january february were below average. between the three months, the record warmth in december, it will be the 11th or 12th warmest winter on record. an inch and a half is the record. we will be way below that. a gorgeous spring-like day.
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60th south hill. 70 degrees around samford. a really nice day to roundup february -- round out february. temperatures much colder in the upper midwest. there is some snow. some of that will come our way. tomorrow, ahead of it, there is a right of severe weather across the tennessee valley. tomorrow night into wednesday, we will not see a repeat of last week. there's no threat of severe weather with the system coming in. it will be chilly tonight. as you head out tomorrow morning, about 44 at 8:00.
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then 70's again. the cold front starts to approach. it is dry though. fast 10:00 or 11:00, we see showers coming from the west. after midnight, 1:00, 2:00 a.m., a couple of showers cruising through. i don't think there will be any thunder or lightning with this. along and east of 95, there could be a lingering shower early on. he will noticed a -- you will notice a big change coming. the front comes through early wednesday. behind it, much cooler air will keep us in the 50's for highs on wednesday as high pressure builds in. but it like a nice day wednesday overall. temperatures cooler, but nice overall.
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some showers tomorrow night, back to sunshine and breezy wednesday. cooler by thursday and early friday. right now, the weekend looks great. back to 60 again by sunday. tisha: we love the warm, sunny weather. steve: a congregation is mourning the death of their church pastor. >> awful. tisha: church members are in shock your buddy ron once said he could install your ceiling fan. he couldn't. and that one time
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>> we heard, how, powell, how -- we heard pow, pow, pow. and we all ran out. steve: their pastor shot presumably by their brother. today, daniel schooler was charged with murder. the pastor was the only intended victim. tisha:tisha: president obama
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joel: tensions high in southeast raleigh tonight. a police shooting leaves a 23-year-old man dead and a community outraged. anna: the shooting happened on laurel street. joel: the police chief said it began as a possible drug arrest.
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neighborhood all afternoon with breaking new developments. jon: this crowd is thinning somewhat. aside from the thinning crowd, still a lot of agitated people. folks are very skeptical about the limited information coming from police. many convinced this happened just like the narrative that formed about it right after the shooting. 23-year-old akhil jenkins -- akil denkins was shot coming out of the store. we have already seen the nation of islam on scene. we asked the mother of the man who we believe was shot police. still some question about his


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