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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 PM  ABC  March 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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i know this place where you can go and get a job. this is an issue in our city where we live. now it has hit home. this is what has brought everyone together. we should always be together. >> the naacp and local pastors say they will be meeting on thursday with attorneys to investigate the case with scrutiny. joel: now let's get the latest on the investigation. jon camp is covering that part of the story where the shooting happened. >> a few hours ago we got confirmation the person shot was dinkins but that is the only information we have today. for many that is not sitting well. yesterday the police chief promised a fair and transparent
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even that delay, it is causing skepticism. already people talking about possible cover-up. police are looking for information more quickly. >> as you wait, community what you are doing. -- as you wait tell the community what you are doing. reporter: calls the police have gone unreturned.
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>> we will see you next hour. we have continuing coverage of the police shooting in raleigh. at the bottom of the hour ed crump with the wake county district attorney who will be looking closely at the evidence in the case. there is more in-depth coverage at you can watch the full news conference. anna: a police chase in wake forest ended at the front doors of a food line.
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when darrell white pulled into this shopping center they pitted his charger. they say a trooper pulled over after going 82 in a 65 mile-per-hour zone. they say white took off. troopers say white was driving with a suspended license. joel: two crashes on the raleigh beltline tied up traffic. it involved five vehicles. we have chopper 11 hd overhead. rescue crews had to cut one driver out of their vehicle. we are working to find out that
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tisha: a protest with students staging a walkout protesting margaret spellings on her first day on the job. anthony wilson in chapel hill. >> they made it clear they do not like margaret spelling. that is how the student show how they feel. it is part of a statewide protest on the day she assumes her duty as the president. >> i don't know if it's going to change anything. i hope it does. i hope that margaret spelling will respond to the feedback.
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quite like this. we don't really know how she is going to act. we don't know how she is going to perform. we need to give her a fair chance. >> anthony wilson now at the unc campus in chapel hill. steve: voting is under way in a dozen key states. the biggest primary of the political season. donald trump and hillary clinton both hoping to build on their delegate count with challengers on both sides looking to stop the momentum. the state with the most delegates up for grabs. >> on the biggest day of voting until the general election, a final super tuesday push from the candidates.
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crews voting in texas counting on constituents to bring a much-needed win. >> there is no doubt any candidate who can't win his home state has problems. >> donald trump polling ahead nationally among republicans. hillary clinton stands to beat donald trump easily if they face-off in november. >> hillary cannot make america great. >> i was working on [inaudible] reporter: the candidates are looking ahead to another big voting day two weeks before florida primary. trump and clinton will be there
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results. marci gonzalez, austin, texas. joel: breaking news, donald trump just announcing a stop in north carolina ahead of the primary. his website will be in fayetteville. that is scheduled for 7:00 p.m.. it comes days after he announced he's opening a campaign office in fayetteville. tisha: thousands turning out today for a funeral of a northern virginia police officer killed in the line of duty. it was her first day on the job. after being sworn in, two officers were also shot and they are expected to survive. the suspect is a -- is in jail facing capital murder. his wife was killed before police arrived.
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cafeteria appearing before a judge. he's only 14 years old and charged with attempted murder. his lawyer entered a denial of the charges today. the boy fired at students and a butler county school. two students were shot. the injuries thankfully are not life-threatening. authorities have lawsuit against her stalker.
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over here going up in flames outside of a gas station in san francisco. the flames reach the roof of that gas station. you see a lot of black smoke in the city. there is an explosion. they are getting blown accords. officials say the bus driver who parked saw smoke coming from the engine. memorial for antonin scalia up. he died while visiting a ranch in texas. the memorial service in washington, he was one of the most influential conservative justices in history. he served almost three decades on the supreme court. president barack obama meeting face-to-face with the senate republican leaders vowing to block his nominee no matter who it is.
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grassley sitting down with president obama and joe biden to discuss the successor to justice antonin scalia. steve: firefighters continued dousing hot spots from a warty acre brush fire fueled by windy conditions. the fire melted the siding on one home and burned a bar and several other structures. thankfully no one injured in this. cumberland county and harnett county all called in to help. now to the 5:00 weather headlines. if you didn't have to be out fighting a fire, it is nice afternoon around here. reporter: that time of year, a breezy dry day. you can run the risk of fire danger getting hot.
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weeks for the home opener. it felt like baseball weather today. 70 degrees, a gray day. 70 in durham. upper 60's to the north. a beautiful day in the low 70's down south. it is dry now. midnight to 2:00 we will start to watch showers, our way. we will tell you how long the rain lasts. you're going to need that jacket again tomorrow. it is turning cooler. steve: we will see you for more details coming up the store but it was close. how her quick thinking saved her life. steve: a terrible accident changes the lack of a local cake decorator. her inspiring comeback story coming up.
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gtisha: major developments in the jesse matthews junior case. he entered a guilty plea to avoid the death penalty. he is accused of murdering hannah graham and morgan harrington. matthew has served three life sentences in a separate case. he was convicted of assaulting a 26-year-old woman in 2005. steve: can you imagine living life without one of your arms and what if that catch you from making a living? tisha: a young cake artist is living that reality after something went horribly wrong. now all she wants is to take her life back. >> these are the best of the best. tisha: she's proud of her work and rightly so. look at her stunning creations in this bridal magazine. look at this.
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one incredible work of art after another. already the head decorator is having to relearn her incredible skills. >> i went from a healthy 26-year-old girl to having my dominant arm lost in a matter of seconds. tisha: on a sunday afternoon having fun with her husband in goldsboro. >> it was a freak accident. we were going through a mud puddle with the atv. it rolled over on my arm. i remember thinking it is off. reporter: her attitude is
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>> they told me it is like losing a family member. it is true. reporter: customers have not been told what happened though her absence is felt. >> she is family. >> they have been beyond good to me. i just need an arm and i will be back. reporter: this is what kaitlyn wants. an amazing piece of technology. some cost $100,000 and more. >> we are trying to provide the greatest amount of function. that will allow them to live life again and feel whole again. reporter: her insurance said no three times. >> the third time i was devastated. >> coverage denied. he says that doesn't mean it is right.
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i'm ready to give back -- get back to my life. i want to show people i can do it. i am ready. steve: an amazing artist. she has the right attitude to move forward. tisha: she will eventually get that new arm and move on. steve: chris is back with us now. it is a beautiful start to the day around here. tisha: we will have some rain overnight. reporter: most of us will be sleeping. what a great day to kickoff march across the region, temperatures into the low and mid 70's. it stays dry until 11:00. we start to see showers role in. temperatures in the upper 50's
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first alert weather station. water temperatures are still pretty cool. you get the wind off the ocean. it can be cooler. 10 degrees cooler than rdu right now. there have been times we have been around 80. just bear that in mind. it can sometimes be cooler at the coast. 68 roxboro. 72 in fayetteville. a glorious day again. southern pines 70 degrees but it is cooling off through the midwest. 24 in chicago. 26 in minneapolis. some cold air, you will feel it tomorrow. the rain is a good distance. there hasn't been a huge
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here is the risk of severe weather through 7:00 tomorrow morning. there could be a clap of thunder. it is still winter in detroit. wonder storm warnings in effect. 6-10 inches by the time it's over. back here at home, heading out this evening we are all drive. that is about it. they sneak in here, there could be multiple downpours. it is in the coastal plains. by sunrise pretty much gone everywhere. there is a leftover shower.
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quickly behind this. we should have a sun filled day. pretty sparse, a quarter of an inch. mid-upper 40's to near 50. showers coming down. a lot of sunshine. it will be breezy. much cooler than it has been. first alert seven day, clouds increase thursday. morning rain thursday. a bright weekend. to put in perspective, 1-2 feet of snow fell with the high of 20 across central parts of the state. anchor: this is much better than that.
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steve: we have the latest on the breaking news unfolding in wake county. people are concerned about the police involved shooting of a 24-year-old man walking from their southeast raleigh neighborhood along garner road toward downtown raleigh and wake county. 100 people are there. they are blocking streets and letting them continue on this march as they raise awareness about what happened yesterday. they want answers from the wake county district attorney. that investigation continues. there you see the rpd as well as the breaking news crews on the scene shooting that as the
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steve: check out this incredible surveillance video showing a fed ex driver hunkering down, narrowly escaping a tornado in
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she hid behind a soda machine just moments before that tornado tore through the store. that is video from a drone flying overhead showing the extent of the damage. at one point the coke machine falls down the powerful wind. she talked about the experience on facebook. she said she did not have time to be scared. she said that god told her to hold on to the door. tisha: the lastmplanted a tracking chip in
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a popular birth-control device being closely examined by the fda. steve: it is calledassure, and coming up, changes women can expect to see. this is an update on an i-team investigation involving a raleigh doctor pushing the
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reporter: this case could end up>> see what is happening this instant. from the raleigh eyewitness news center, abc 11 eyewitness news at 5:30 starts right now. anna: hi. i'm anna laurel. joel: i'm joel brown. chopper 11 hd live over a margin raleigh. you can see folks they are marching from the southeast raleigh neighborhood. we believe they are headed toward the wake town he justice center. we will continue to watch this. in the meantime, ed crump set down with the wake county district attorney.


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