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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 PM  ABC  March 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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of the city. streets are shut down so they can get by. these residents want to continue to shine the light on a shooting that has rocked the city. good evening. getting official word of his death, a shooting after a foot chase. there is frustration targeting the raleigh police chief and her five-day timeline to release a report. reporter: steve, a lot of skepticism. there has been virtual radio silence for police. not much new and that has fueled skepticism and calls for better >> we see there is a bullet hole
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reporter: was little information from police, folks have been looking for answers for themselves. skepticism seems to infiltrate every corner of this neighborhood. but calls for more information from police are coming from different corners. raleigh counselor eugene weeks was here this morning. >> we have to wait for the investigation, for the five days. you need to talk on a daily basis to the community about what you're doing. reporter: mayor nancy mcfarlane seem to indicate that might happen. mayor mcfarlane: we are committed to ensuring that information is shared as soon as it becomes available. reporter: weeks was at the press conference and did not speak up, but it echoes something we have heard in the neighborhood for
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police say a preliminary autopsy has been done and hope that information will be shared as it becomes available. >> i'm hoping and praying something will come out of it. if not i will make a phone call. jon: with not much coming out, there are a lot of rumors, as you can imagine. steve, we are also told that the naacp will be conducting its own investigation, collecting stories on the street and from eyewitness accounts, so they are not caught flat-footed if the fbi report comes back with something other than it is expected to. jon camp, abc 11 eyewitness news . steve: thanks. we want to take you back to chopper 11 hd live overhead. those marchers are making their way back to southeast raleigh.
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and marched down to the wake county courthouse. our reporter elaina athans tweeting out that some of the people on the courthouse steps are saying, this is a sprint, not a marathon. you will hear our voice. we are frustrated. ed crump is in downtown raleigh and we are watching it live overhead from chopper 11 hd. the naacp and local pastors are rallying around the denkins family. tisha: neighbors continue to react. we have more on the community response. reporter: tisha, steve, there are people in this neighborhood have already made up their minds about this case and there are othersd who just want the proof wherever it leads.
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she had still not been able to identify her son's body. >> we had a phone call. reporter: that call came late in the afternoon. the fbi confirms that akiel denkins was the man shot by raleigh police officer d.c. twiddy. now this mother looks to the help of pastors and the naacp. >> proof, no matter where it leaves. proof. no matter what i thing it causes, truth. reporter: transparency in the investigation is what they want, but some have already taken sides, blaming raleigh police for not taking responsibility for issues in the community. >> whoever shot him needs to be punished. >> look around. what do they have? that is sad.
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reporter: today pastors and the naacp are urging calm and patience. community leaders say they will look into akiel denkins' death with scrutiny. >> there are questions that need to be asked. was he unarmed? was he running away? who found the gun? did the gun have prints on it? whose prints? what is the history of the gun? again, a warrant for arrest is not a license to kill. reporter: community leaders have asked raleigh police for officer d.c. twiddy's file. they want to know his training record and if there have been complaints. the naacp will meet with the
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we are live in raleigh, abc 11 eyewitness news. steve: thanks. the shooting is top of mine for members of the raleigh city council. as jon camp showed us, mayor mcfarlane addressing the shooting, beginning the meeting with a moment of silence. there was a discussion with a recommendation of police body cameras being added to the march 15 agenda. an initial talk was scheduled for monday before the shooting. can spalding renewing his call for body cameras across north carolina. he has called for funding of police body cameras for the past you'd of years. he says it would benefit the community and law enforcement. our extensive coverage continues on you can watch the entire naacp news conference at the site of
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mcfarlane's news conference in its entirety. that is online at tisha: a new ordinance that toughens rules that makes it easier for animal control officers to declare animals dangerous. margaret spellings wrapping up her first day on the job. steve: the new unc president talking about that job. it started with controversy. students protested the former u.s. secretary of education. spelling says the criticism is not fair and hopes opponents will embrace her. >> i like to think there are a lot of people who want me in this chair also. but my job is to serve every single person in the state. this is about affordability and accessibility and accountability, really, in higher education.
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visit all 17 campuses to smooth things over and watch her new initiatives. tisha: four schools on the verge of having their bell schedules changed. which schools and why? coming up in a live report. steve: and on capitol hill, we are looking at senator richard burr's loved of canned meats. things are getting cloudy after a beautiful day, chris. chris: they sure are. we are drive for now. the rain jumped the border with
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it's coming our way. the son of a civil rights attorney josh stein learned early about justice, equality and doing what's right. senior deputy attorney general, one of the "most effective" state senators, josh stein fought to make schools safer, cracked down on domestic violence, and stein took on scam artists who prey on seniors. stein: we need an attorney general with the independence to stand up to the special interests and who will always put the people of north carolina first.
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>> do you want to be in the audience for "dancing with the stars?" >> go to and find out how to enter. steve: crunch time in wake county tonight. the school board is considering changing the bell schedule. tisha: angelica alvarez has more on what it means for students and their parents. angelica esther mark reporter: there is not a lot of pushback on the proposed bell schedules. here is the breakdown. six schools are affected, but the schools are seeing the
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if approved, they would start and end 45 minutes later. the high school would start 40 minutes earlier. that start time was requested from the school to give kids more time with afterschool activities. there was no decision on that tonight. they want to hear from you before discussing this again march 15. another question, how the state election maps are affecting school districts in wake county. some concerns include changing who parents talk to, especially parents involved in board advisory councils in the district. >> in the past, parents knew their local board member and they attended the schools roughly in that district, and they came to these meetings at least four times a year and had very direct input into what they
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reporter: no clear solution on that tonight. they will come back with more information and possible policy revisions. live in wake county, angelica alvarez, abc 11 eyewitness news. steve: thanks. we learned something interesting at about senator richard burr. our senior senator, turns out, is a fan of spam. tisha: he said, hands down spam is one of my favorite snacks. obviously he did not have a plastic bag to cover the can. he really enjoys the snack and frequently offers to share it with the staff, but they do not always take him up on it. i cannot know how long it has been since i've had spam or if i have ever had spam. steve: hmm. i don't know if you are missing
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tupperware.steve: we are back with a live look from chopper 11 hd. that march is ended in southeast raleigh. the march just wrapping up. people who are concerned about the shooting death of akiel denkins. we will continue following that story through the evening on
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tisha: you may not know who julian able is now, but abc 11 is helping to learn more about him. steve: he was the architect of the duke campus. they are naming the quad after him. they are taking this and other steps to make his role at duke more prominent and widely known. probably an overdue honor. tisha: yeah, he also helped to design the library at harvard. steve: chris is back with us to talk about the changes on the day. we need more days like this. tisha: it's really nice, crisp, but we have rain overnight?
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if you have plans to be out, temperatures will be falling below the 60's by 10:00. raleigh-durham international, looking good there. temperatures in the upper 60's, clouds overhead. the camera bobbing a little bit in the wind. it's a nice day to kickoff march. southwest winds at 13. we have gusts that 20 or 25. at that can create a problem with rush fires in cumberland county. 64 south hill, roanoke rapids. fayetteville, 70 degrees. not that far away, there is chilly air. 23 in chicago. 25 in minneapolis. with the air mass coming this direction, we will see much cooler air for tomorrow. not that cool, but you will see
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you see a little rain in boone, back toward murphy. heavier showers in alabama and georgia. nothing severe. a small threat of severe weather. this goes through 7 a.m. tomorrow. you will see some showers, maybe an isolated cloud or thunder. that's about it. it is still winter in some spots. winter storm warnings there. six to 10 inches of snow possible when it is all said and done. in the viewing area, the western parts of the viewing area -- by 12:01, showers again. getting toward fayetteville by 2:00 a.m., 3:00 a.m..
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by 4:00 a.m., it is a long interstate 85. it will be moving out quickly. any leftover rain at sunrise will be moving out quickly. leftover clouds really in the morning to the east. otherwise it will be mostly sunny, but breezy, cool day. rainfall well most of us are sleeping. mid 40's to 50. cloudy in the morning. could be a shower. only 50 at noon. highs tomorrow 15 to 20 below what we had today. low and mid 50's raleigh and durham, upper 50's fayetteville. in northwest breeze at 10 to 20. you will feel that change. it will be rather chilly tomorrow. high pressure building into the region. cold tomorrow night. the system gets here tomorrow night. rain coming our way and that it moves out to the weekend.
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forecast, clouds tomorrow night. clouds increasing thursday into early friday. the weekend nice and bright, cool during the day. then we're back to where we were today, in the 70's. it will take a well though. tisha: we will stay for good. steve: i can't believe we are talking about wolfpack football. this always seems to speak up on us. mark: yeah, n.c. state football fires up. plus, the panthers move on josh
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ba (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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ckckck>> now abc 11 eyewitness news sports. sponsored by your local toyota dealers. mark: i think we can fairly call last season a disappointment for the wolfpack. they surely have the fire stoked this season to improved. will they settle on a replacement for the quarterback? jacoby myers is expected to push. the new offensive coordinator
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and foremost, they are cutting down on the number of big plays they will allow. >> we've got to live up to it. >> i feel like i have to stand up to the physical at some point. >> i like the energy. i like the hustle. but there's a lot of things we've got to correct coming up. you can't argue with the hustle and the effort. mark: when i asked if he plans on copying jacoby frill facial hair from last year, he made it clear -- all right. i do not pretend to know marcus
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for four years now, i'm confident to say they do not make them any better. he repeated as the top basketball player in the acc. his senior night speech was one dramatic or here is a portion. >> you're going to be fine. you're going to be a great player. i can't thank you enough for that. it allowed me to be confident. [applause] >> i tried to be every bit the player you wanted me to be, but you have made me a better man. so, thank you. thank you. mark: on the verge of the tournament in greensboro, [indiscernible] the second team included dominic wilson -- and the panthers put
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so he is back next year. steve: making some money.
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sh breaking news tonight. the first major clues coming in right now. the super tuesday showdown. as we come on the air, the first exit polls are in. what the voters are saying. what's driving them at the polls. can donald trump be stopped? the high stakes battle across a dozen states. trump and his 11th hour pitch. >> i can do practically anything. >> marco rubio and ted cruz, battling to take trump cown.
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embarrassment to america. >> donald trump could be a disaster. and hillary clinton tonight, and her pivot to the national race. how she would take on trump and the republicans. >> they're now running their campaigns based on insults. long lines at this hour. will there be record-setting turnout? and scout voercould voters be sending clinton and trump on a collision course this november? abc's powerhouse political team on it all. it's your voice, your vote. "world news tonight" begins now. good evening. and it's great to have you with us on this super tuesday. and let's get right to it. the single biggest day of voting in the presidential primaries. at this hour, voting still under way. long lines. the stakes enormous. a record turnout is expected tonight. straight to the pictures coming in at this hour from arlington, virginia, lining up at a fire station there. steady turnout at a church in atlanta, the south playing a major role tonight.


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