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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 PM  ABC  March 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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good evening. >> family, dignitaries, and friends from hollywood to washington gathered today for the funeral in simi valley, california. four of the five living first ladies and relatives of every president dating back to john f. kennedy all in attend annals.
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every detail of her memorable. abc news, simi valley, california. >> now to vote 2016. and north carolina is still very much in play.
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candidates here in the tar heel state ahead of the tuesday primary. on monday former president bill clinton was in raleigh, something for his wife. donald trump was in concord. then on tuesday senator ted cruz was in raleigh. trump returning to the state on wednesday for a rally in fayetteville. then on thursday hillary clinton holding a get out the vote rally in durham. today hundreds of people turning out for a bernie sanders rally in downtown raleigh. andrea blanford covering that rally for us in downtown raleigh. >> bernie sanders supporters today. many of them getting here early this morning, hours in advance, just for a chance to see him and get inside. two lines stretched around the building this morning. this is some video of what happened before sanders took the stage in front of some 2400 supporters. he came outside and addressed a large overflow crowd of about 3,000. in his hour-long stump speech the senator touched on much of his campaign platform getting
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ovations when he talked about raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour and providing free tuition to colleges and universities. he told the crowd he would pay for much of his proposals by taxing wall street speculators, corporations, and the wealthy. he held himself in stark contrast to his democratic rival hillary clinton, saying he has rejected super pacs and funded his campaign on individual donations. his rally comes the day after clinton rallied in durham. some people there yesterday told us they were still on the fence about who to vote for. sanders said today he hopes to convince those voters, saying he would be the best candidate to face off against gop front-runner donald trump. >> well, if you're going to vote, you want a candidate who is going to defeat donald trump in november, you know what? i am the candidate. every poll, almost every poll out there shows me beating trump often by double digits and almost always by a greater margin than hillary clinton is beating him.
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here today urging his supporters to get out and vote and to vote early. of course early voting here in north carolina ends tomorrow. our primary is next tuesday. he says in states where there has been a large voter turnout he prevailed. we're live in raleigh. abc 11, eyewitness news. >> thanks. the louisville chapter of the naacp is concerned tonight about confusion at some polling locations when it comes to the new voter i.d. law. >> so far nearly 475,000 people have participated in early one-stop voting but the naacp says that there is a lack of uniformity at the polls. today at a press conference dr. william barber said when he went to go vote yesterday in goldsboro he did not see any signage on the walls that explained voter i.d. brochures were improperly displayed. he also said there have been complaints that poll workers are giving out inaccurate information about voter i.d. or not at all. the n.c. board of elections
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"the state board of elections requires placement of posters at each polling site and we have worked extensively training county directors providing them the tools and materials to properly inform voters about voter i.d. and reasonable impediments." so far we have been at this particular polling site in durham and haven't heard any issues or complaints about voter i.d. if you do have questions go to our website abc vote. all of the information about voter i.d. is there. >> meanwhile dr. ben carson today endorsing donald trump for president at a press conference in palm beach, florida. carson saying that he and trump have buried the hatchet after months of political wrangling. the neuro surgeon describing the republican front-runner as a private, cerebral person who considers things carefully. >> tuesday is a really big day in the presidential primary process. here is a look at the numbers.
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delegates at state in florida, illinois, missouri, here in north carolina, ohio, and the northern mariana islands in the pacific. for the republicans it is winner take all in both ohio and florida. abc 11 is your election headquarters. follow them on the campaign trail through our news app or on abc vote. we're always streaming their visits to the triangle and keeping track of who is on top in the race for the white house. there's also important information to make sure your vote counts. check it out any time at abc >> in breaking news there was quite a police presence late this afternoon after officers spotted a man with warrants out for his arrest. several officers swarmed in to get the man into custody and arrested him just feet from our front doors of our raleigh studio. there was a bit of chaos and several people lined the sidewalk watching all of this go down. we have learned the man was wanted for sexual assault on a female and indecent exposure and
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now, to breaking news in durham police are investigating an assault that put a man in critical condition. it happened just before 2:00 this afternoon on holloway street near rochelle. police found the man at a bus stop beaten up and knocked into the street where he was then hit by a car. there is no word yet on who did this or why. we'll bring you more details as soon as we get them to abc or on our mobile app. >> happening now in wake county a high school student is behind bars accused of biting off part of another student's ear on the school bus. the student was in court for the first time this afternoon in raleigh. ed crump right now with the wake county justice center to explain how it all happened. >> the student's mother came here to courtroom 304 this afternoon to hopefully see her daughter's bond lowered annal get her out of jail. that didn't happen because 18-year-old amber romero has another outstanding assault charge. the judge would not change her $15,000 bond. it was a week ago romero was on a bus heading home from east wake high school.
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another student threw a lunch bag that hit romero and started a fight. during the fight investigators say romero bit off a large portion of the other student's ear lobe. romero's mother said after court that she and her daughter feel bad about the other girl's injuries. romero's mother, however, says this charge and the prior assault charge are direct result of her daughter being bullied. i'm ed crump right now in raleigh. >> also tonight the family of a murdered teenager from cumberland county will hold a vigil marking two years since her murder. 15-year-old danielle locklear's ex-boyfriend is charged with killing her in march of 2014 and dumping her body in a river. jamychal malloy was in court this week. he and his attorney are now considering whether to plead guilty to capital murder with a 25 year to life sentence and possibly, a possibility of parole. if malloy goes to trial and is found guilty he could face life without parole. the vigil for locklear will be held at the community center at 7:00 this evening. >> nash county is now the latest
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using body cameras. the sheriff's office making that announcement on facebook. all of the deputies are now equipped with them. the 28 cameras were bought through a federal grant. the sheriff keith stone says the cameras are part of his policy of being open and transparent. >> now a massive apartment fire in winchester, kentucky killing three people and injuring at least five others. firefighters were called to the blaze at about 1:00 this morning arriving to find heavy smoke and flames coming out of the front windows of a two-story structure. eyewitnesses say some people had jumped from a second story window in the back to get away from the fire. investigators are still trying to determine the cause of that fire. >> in texas the south by southwest interactive film and music conference landing a high profile keynote speaker today. president obama becoming the first sitting president to attend the festival in austin. the tech focused conference is known as spring break for nerds. president obama encouraging people to use technology to solve problems like finding ways
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change and ways to create more participation in the american political process. now to the a.c.c. tournament. semifinal night in washington and the tar heels getting set to take on notre dame at 7:00. the winner gets a shot at the tournament title and for unc it could mean a possible number one seed going into the ncaa tournament. mark armstrong covering it all for us at the verizon center. >> hey, guys. it's our first taste of evening basketball. they've been all matinees so far in the a.c.c. tournament. north carolina taking on notre dame for a spot in the a.c.c. championship game. the saying is to be the man you must beat the man and the irish are the defending champions. carolina has their hands full. notre dame of course dispatching duke coming from 16 down yesterday and they beat the heels earlier this year overcoming a nine-point half-time deficit. north carolina cannot fall asleep at the wheel. notre dame will make you pay. the heels largely legit vs. pitt and the same effort they'll need
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armstrong abc 11 eyewitness news. >> happening now in the triangle a big night at pnc arena. garth brooks is in concert for three straight nights. chopper 11 hd live over the arena where there is tailgating already getting under way. an 80-degree day bringing out crowds early. expect traffic delays in the pnc arena area until about 7:00 tonight. >> now to the 5:00 weather headlines. it is the firgs 80-degree day here in the triangle in five months and it feels great. cheaf meteorologist chris homan has that in the downtown raleigh storm center. >> october 9, so about five months since we hit the 80-degree mark. fayetteville did it around christmas time with the incredible warmth back in december but a warm, dry day across the region is going to translate into a warm, dry evening for the most part. there are some clouds overhead there. you see the first alert weather station. 78 degrees at north hills. mid town raleigh. everybody still very warm. upper 70's to near 80. 81 smithfield. there is a cool front dropping in.
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cooler to the northeast. that front will drop southwestward. that is going to cool us off a bit for tomorrow. it'll stay dry. later this evening there may absprinkle. a very dry, isolated temperature. keep that jacket in the closet for now. we'll talk about any rain chances for the weekend and the 80-degree temperatures that come back next week potentially all coming up in a little bit. >> thank you. the flooding has turned roads in louisiana into rivers. >> the pictures are dramatic. homes flooded, cars stalled. national guardsmen being deployed to help those stranded inside their homes. but when will the rain end? >> first lady michelle obama is used to turning heads when she steps out for things like a steak dinner a the white house but last night all eyes were on two other invited guests who are very close to her heart. we'll explain coming up. >> coming up new at 5:30 --. >> the durham rescue mission
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privileged kids celebrate easter but they still need more easter baskets. there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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>> in pennsylvania police in wilkinsburg pleading for the help of the public in a shooting spree at a back yard barbecue. police say two gunmen shot people including a pregnant woman. investigators say a high velocity rifle was used to shoot the victims in the head. at least 50 shell casings were found at the scene. the district attorney is calling the murders calculated and brutal. now to the historic rain and flooding in northern louisiana. at least three people have died during two days of severe weather. people have lost everything. >> exactly. homes sitting in water. officials warn some levees could overflow as the rain continues in the area until tomorrow. the national guard being deployed for many high water rescues. some areas are under a mandatory evacuation. >> in six states from texas to tennessee flash flood watches and warnings caused by days of relentless rain. in some places the unprecedented, rapid rise in
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>> we didn't even know it was coming up like this. >> the national guard already rescuing more than 3500 families from homes. using blackhawk helicopters to save drivers from submerged streets. in louisiana the governor declaring a state of emergency. >> this truly is a statewide issue. i have to imagine when we add up the damages it will be in the millions of dollars. >> the same in mississippi. the last time we had water this high was in 2008 when gustav hit -us. >> the historic flooding in the south already claiming several lives and destroying some livelihoods. >> and the risk still isn't over. >> can't do nothing about it. >> the same areas are expecting
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through saturday morning with up to half a foot more rain in the forecast from new orleans to jackson, mississippi. abc news, new york. >> just can't get a break on the gulf coast. that rain continues right now. >> we've been looking at this on the e dar for days. when will they be in better condition? >> by the end of the weekend it will start to dry out. they have a risk of more severe weather in parts of lawns by sunday. another system comes through. they just can't get a break. meanwhile we're sitting pretty nicely here with a lot of sunshine during the course of the week. caught it up a bit today and yesterday but for the st. patrick's day parade here in downtown raleigh weather looks great for tomorrow. there may be a sprinkle in the morning. not going to be a sunny, beautiful day but certainly no downpours are expected. just a spotty shower could easily miss downtown raleigh but there are a few around during the morning hours and temperatures very mild generally in the low 60's. heading to the beaches it's been warm but the seabreeze can do a
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while we're sitting around 80 it was in the 60's. the outer banks are in the fists. that chilly ocean water can make the ocean much cooler. 78 rdu international. 75 roanoke rapids and rocky mount wilson in the 70's. here is the storm system the upper level storm that actually started in california. made its way into mexico and stalled and pulled in. just tons and tons of moisture off the pacific. the caribbean sea, the gulf of mexico, and folks in texas, louisiana, mississippi, arkansas, just inundated. we just have some clouds around right now. the heaviest rains into the florida panhandle. they're not nearly as intense. you can see them weakening here. a little good news there. there are still flash flood warnings in areas that had so much heavy rain with the ongoing flooding. a bit of a break right now. there will be more rain over the weekend. but the widespread torrential rains are winding down as we head through the weekend for the folks there.
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upper 50's low 60's tonight. mostly cloudy skies. a cool front is dropping through but temperatures are still going to be about 20 degrees above average for this time of the year. for overnight lows. heading out tomorrow morning again just a spotty shower. 58 at 7:00 a.m. 62 by 11:00. here is the front. it drops southward. high pressure slides off the coast. there is not much moisture with this front so a few spotty showers in the morning. i think the afternoon is dry. mostly cloudy. cooler. especially the further north you are. then sunday the front goes back to the north as a warm front and some moisture comes our way. a little piece of energy from that upper level storm will bring us a few showers but not looking for anything like what happened along the gulf coast. rainfall amounts a quarter to maybe a half inch in a few spots on sunday. tomorrow nothing more than a spotty shower in the morning. mid upper 60's north. near 70 in the triangle. 76 fayetteville. still above average. not as warm as our first 80-degree temperature of the day and the average is 62. plenty of clouds but not a terrible day.
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the morning hours fairly dry. good news for the half marathon at tobacco road. notice midday into the afternoon a few scattered showers. they're out of here by midnight. that can lead to another chance of showers or even a thunderstorm on monday afternoon. but for the race day sunday tobacco road look at the rain chances. very small in the morning. they ramp up into the afternoon. but so far it looks pretty good with clouds around and mild temperatures. first alert accu weather seven day, scattered showers sunday afternoon. don't forget your clocks tomorrow night. 75 monday. much of the day dry. a shower, maybe a storm in the afternoon. then tuesday, wednesday, thursday dry, warm. it gets cooler. by next weekend you should see we may actually be back to average with temperatures 60 maybe even cooler for highs by then. >> we will keep enjoying these numbers we're having now. very nice. thank you. >> absolutely. >> president obama hosting a white house state dinner for the prime minister of canada for the first time in 19 years. >> it was two others who stole the show. the first daughters malia and
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black tie event at the white house. boy, have they grown up. >> they sure have. all right, listen up. former wolfpack qb austin wilson
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just ahead there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone.
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if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message, and i ask for your vote. >> one of the nation's largest support groups for veterans has fired two top officials after news reports accused the group
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the wounded warriors project reportedly spent 40% to 50% on overhead including extravagant parties while other veterans' charities usually have overhead at 10% to 15%. the wounded warrior project says the top two executives the calling for the show season one to be taken off the air. the seattle seahawks quarterback russell wilson is off the market. he recently proposed to singer girlfriend sierra and she said yes. they made the announcement today
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he wrote since day one i knew you were the one. no greater feeling. # true love. sierra and wilson a former nc state player started dating in april of 2015 and have been a happy couple ever since. >> president obama and the first lady held a different kind of state dinner at the white house last night. for the first time the first daughters sasha and malia joined the festivities. you can see here inside. they look really stunning and very grown up, too a cool shot that is joining their parents there for a very special event at the white house.
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ladies. >> malia is getting ready to go off to college. the white house not said where. >> there is a lot more happening. straight ahead at 5:30 -- guard ends up in the hospital after trying to help someone he thought was in need of help. we'll have the latest on the man hunt to find the person who shot him twice and stole his car. >> coming up an i-team investigation into a former
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or vision problems may occur in some people. may cause low sodium levels. the most common side effects are nausea, constipation and vomiting. brintellix did not have significant impact on weight. ask your doctor if brintellix could make a difference for you. if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution
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and not just the powerful few. anchor: tonight a plea to the i team. help stop the dump truck dangers. >> hundreds of dump trucks are tearing up their roads and putting them at risk. i team reporter john camp investigates. reporter: with all the construction around, it makes sense that the extra dirt and debris has to go somewhere. and sometimes it goes to this old farm in north raleigh near the durham county line. the property is 140 acres. the massive mountain of dirt dumped dozens of feet high and truck after truck, piling it


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