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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 PM  ABC  March 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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nancy reagan's love for her husband played a prominent role in the service. her daughter told mourners how her mom was adamant about reuniting with her husband after his death. >> she never stopped missing him. she told me once that the reason she had the television on all the time was because it filled the house with sound and made her feel less lonely. tisha: davis said her parents were too halves of a circle. steve: to vote 2016 now. and the kind of crowd you see following bernie sanders on the country. joining him here in raleigh today. these pictures tweeted of people lined up around the duke energy center in downtown raleigh. the rally for the democratic presidential candidate came with a familiar tune here in the triangle. tisha: he's saving his strongest attacks for wall street and donald trump with four days until primary day, we asked the vermont senator about his strategy for winning voters. reporter: sanders told me he's
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beeth out hillary clinton for that democratic nomination. he urge aed -- urged the 5,400 supporters who turned out to see him here today to turn out at the polls on tuesday, to ensure a win for him here in north carolina. as senator bernie sanders' supporters like to say, they're feeling the burn for the man who promises a political revolution. >> bernie sanders is a fantastic man. >> we have the man that we've been waiting on. reporter: sanders, whose campaigned to bring campaign finance reform, now has message for the undecided voter. >> if people want to vote with their hearts and dream about the nation we can become, i hope they vote for me. if they want to go with their minds and understand how we can do it and how we can defeat trump in november, i think they should vote for me as well. >> health care is a right of all people, not a privilege. [cheers and applause] reporter: standing ovations
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sanders says he'll tackle as president expanded tuition to public colleges and universities. his opposition still asking how he'll pay for it all. >> they say it's a lofty goal and it's a campaign promise you won't be able to keep. >> tell me. you know how much college costs in germany? it doesn't. do you know how much it costs in scandinavia? it doesn't. those countries understand that it's important to invest in the young people. reporter: he took that message to the stage. >> wall street was bailed out by the congress. now in my view it is wall class. to turn that idea into a reality. >> we have money in this country. we have money in the banks. and we have money in the wealthy people. reporter: even though he trails hillary clinton and delegates, he's confident momentum is on his side. already setting his sights on g.o.p. frontrunner donald trump. >> at the end of the day, love
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[cheers and applause] reporter: several times today during his hour-long speech, sanders mocked his opposition who referred to his ideas as radical, saying that the people who get to know his message and get to know his campaign, the more people who get to know him, the better he's doing. he's really expecting a win here in north carolina on tuesday. steve: thanks. new at 6:00 in vote 2016, donald trump will make one more stop here in north carolina. before primary tuesday. trump's campaign manager in the western part of the state confirming a rally at a university in hickory. the event is at 10:00 monday morning. that makes four campaign stops in the tar heel state this election season. tisha: a new high point university poll revealing that any republican candidate would beat out democratic frontrunner hillary clinton in north carolina. in a matchup with clinton, john kasich shows the most promise with 53% of the votes to clinton's 38%.
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clinton's 42%. even ted cruz and marco rubio would win. high point university also polled republicans against bernie sanders. again, john kasich, the big favorite, with 52%, to sanders' 39%. donald trump would also win 47% to 44%. ted cruz and sanders would tie in a hypothetical matchup with 45% each. sanders is preferred over marco rubio. steve: the ncaa now responding to this sucker punch seen millions of times across the country. this video is taken this week during donald trump's fayetteville rally and it led to criminal charges. now civil rights leaders want to take the issue a step further. live with that new fallout tonight. reporter: the naacp says this election season is toxic and lacks consistency when it comes to voting at the polls. state naacp president says he's witnessed the confusion firsthand. when he went to go vote
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signage on the walls about voter i.d. and poll workers spoke inaccurately about the new law. he says the voter i.d. bro chures macon fuse some voters. >> the average voter would be turned off. or turned around. this is all they have. this is not what the state promised. reporter: but republicans and the state board of elections disagree. >> we've seen no real reports of anybody having problems with voter i.d. they're happy to show it. it makes them feel like their vote is secure. reporter: the n.c. board of elections released a statement saying the state board of elections requires posters at each polling site and we have worked extensively training county directors to properly inform voters about voter i.d. and reasonable impediments. another issue raised by the naacp, racist underto ens from the man accused of punching
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rally in fayetteville. yesterday deputies charged mcgraw with communicating threats after a video surfaced of mcgraw threatening next time to kill him. >> those words can manifest themselves into a license and separation for violence. this must be investigated, not just as an assault but as a hate crime. so true. under state and federal law. reporter: the victim is filing a complaint with the naacp. as for the voter i.d. law, if you have questions go to our website, abc tisha: thank you. an apology tonight for the mom of a wake county student charged with biting off part of another girl's ear. >> i really truly feel sorry for the family and me and my daughter sincerely apologize and we both hate it that this
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tisha: today a wake county judge reficed to lower amber's $15,000 bond. the judge saying it was because of an outstanding assault charge against her. a week ago today she was headed home on a bus with other east wake high school students. according to the sheriff, another girl threw a lunch bag that hit the girl, which led to the fight. that girl's mother tells us her daughter is at wake med having surgery on her ear. the charges are all the result of her fighting back after being bullied. steve: it's not $3 a gallon thankfully but gas prices are rising again. we're out on pump patrol today. unleaded gas going for $1.89. up the road at the b.p. it's $1.85 a gallon. it's $1 dollar 83 at the shell. gas prices are six cents a gallon more than they were a week ago, according to a.a.a. a lot of people out trying to find gas. they see within a matter of hours the prices going up. you have to get it when you can.
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when they lasted. steve: it's one of the biggest converts in the -- concerts in the country. tisha: tonight it comes to raleigh. gather brooks on stage. the first of three nights in the triangle. he's talking to us. steve: plus final preparations under way for the st. patty's tomorrow. where you can see it if you can't make it downtown in the morning. and chris is with us in our downtown raleigh storm center. that was video from last year when we had rain at the parade. right? meteorologist: nothing more than a sprinkle, a really spotty shower. we'll talk about that. meanwhile, if you're going out this evening, it's dry now. even though a cool front is coming through the region. temperatures 80 today. we only fall into the upperer 50's by tomorrow morning. very warm night coming up. no need for a jacket. we'll talk about rain chances for the weekend and how long this warm weather lasts in your first alert forecast coming up. tisha: thanks. first, the a.c.c. tournament. u.n.c. chancellor showing her
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7:00. tisha: chopper 11 h.d. high above the arena in rest raleigh tonight. country music fans all kinds of excited for gather brooks and trisha yearwood. some of them in full tail gate mode before one of three concerts this weekend. it's a comeback of sorts for
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fans couldn't be more ready. steve: how do garget and trisha feel about being on the road again? we spoke with the superstar couple this afternoon to get their thoughts on it. reporter: this was a dream interview. they were so gracious and generous with their time. garth, so humble. so is trisha. he's thrilled with the success because he said he honestly thought no one might show up. but they are showing up, selling out arenas across the country. this is garth's first large tour since he semiretired in 2001 to raise his three daughters. at home with trisha. you can see the love between the pair this afternoon. and the love they have for music and their fans. >> i think i get it. i think i understand how rare it is to stand here at this age, have the biggest selling tour in the world and get to be a part of that. that's -- that shouldn't be
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so people always say, what would you tell, if you could say anything to people, i would say thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. because this is the coolest gig on the planet. >> i love him. he's my best friend. i've known him forever. but i am a fan. when he walks up on that stage and he does his thing and i see how he just loves his audience and what he gives, i just am inspired every night. i really am. reporter: again, a sprinkle of tickets are still available for tonight's show that starts at 7:00. guys, we've put our whole one-on-one interview with garth and with trisha on our website at in the entertainment section. right on the home page you're going to want to see it, they were really engaged with us. it was great. steve: it's cool to see how grateful he is. you get the feeling none of this is going to his head. reporter: that's right. he didn't act like that at all. very nice and grounded. steve: a lot of humility. thanks. tisha: can't wait to take a look
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a weather milestone that hasn't happened in five months. steve: the mercury rising to 80 degrees here in the triangle today. it felt great. chris will be here to tell us what we need for tomorrow's st. patrick's day parade and whatever else you have cooked up for the weekend. and he's timing out our next chance for switch to centurylink prism tv, and get the same great channels cable gives you, without having to deal with cable. yes and? and...there's whole home dvr. plus tons of on demand options
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steve: look for a sea of green taking over fayetteville street outside our downtown raleigh studio tomorrow. the 34th annual st. patrick's day at that aid -- parade steps off at 10:00 a.m. you'll see hundreds of floats, bands, dance groups and plenty of luck of the irish. of course, you can see us right outside our raleigh eyewitness news center.
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when the parade ends, you can head to city plaza for the wearing of the green festival. there will be live music, dancing, vendors, all set up there. and if you can't make it downtown, we will be bringing the parade home to you. we'll be live streaming it. you can see that video stream at our website, we're going to fire that up at 10:00 tomorrow morning. the pop-up studio is really cool. if you haven't seen that at a public event, come check it out. you get to sit on the anchor desk. just don't do too good a job. you might take our jobs away from us. you get to stand at the green screen and practice the builder. -- weather. don't be too good at that either. it's a really fun way for you to get a sense of what we do here. steve: another question, do -- tisha: another question, do we need to bring our green umbrellas tomorrow for the spotty showers we may see? meteorologist: it wouldn't be a bad idea. check in with steve stewart early in the morning. they'll be on live from here in downtown raleigh at 6:00. he'll have the radar up. there will be a couple of spotty showers during the early hours. there's a very good chance it
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any showers that do occur should be widely scattered. very isolated at best. but there is that side chance for any one spot, including here, for a little bit of rain. 59 at 10:00. 64 at 1:00. if you do bring a green umbrella, get in front of the green wall. you can see how it disappears. there's noumbrella there except for the handle. terminal two, our first alert weather station, still a very warm 77. a cool front is dropping through the region. officially 75 at airport now. there is a light northeast breeze through most of the region now. 71 in wake forest. 75, cool front dropping southwest through the triangle right now. mid 70's south. right around 70 in northern wake county. 60's roanoke rapids and south hill behind that front. still 73 in chapel hill. and still 78 around irwin and dunn and 76 in fayetteville. about a 10 to 12-degree spread from north to south with this weak front that's going to be dropping southward. notice it doesn't have any
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it it's pretty dry -- moisture with it. it's pretty dry. things improveing across the deep south, the gulf states, after the massive rainfall which drops as much as 20 inches across northern louisiana, western mississippi. incredible amounts of rain. there's still a chance for showers and storms there. so flash flood watches remain in effect through tomorrow. a piece of that gets here saturday. but we won't see anything like that guaranteed. mid to upper 50's tonight. with a light east wind wayaybove the average of 39. and there could be just a spotty shower in the morning. talked about that. by noon we're into the low to mid 60's and into the afternoon, you see a lot of clouds around tomorrow. it should be a dry afternoon after a spotty shower in the morning. temperatures will be cooler but still eight or 10 degrees above average. right around 70 degrees. here's that weak front sliding in across the state. so you see the east-northeast flow across the region. plenty of clouds tomorrow. but again, rainfall will be very sparse.
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warm front goes to the north and some of that moisture over the deep south surges northeast and we start to see the second half of the day, a couple of scattered showers. rainfall amounts will be very manageable. a half inch or less more than likely. back to tomorrow. again, a spotty shower in the morning. upper 60's to near 70 north. mid 70's to the south. go back to sunday. notice our first alert predictor. 6:00, 7:00, all cry through midday. and then into the afternoon we get these scattered showers in here. but notice, they're not all that widespread. they're pretty much gone as we get towards midnight. second half of the day will be a little bit wet. as long as that timing continues, check in with steve and liz tomorrow on that, looks good for the half marathon, that tobacco road half marathon. temperatures starting out around 60. very small chance of rain. then into the low to mid 70's through the afternoon. abc 11 a proud sponsor of that. hopefully it stays dry. a lot going on in the seven-day. time change tomorrow night.
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back to daylight savings time. shower or thunderstorm monday afternoon. much of the day dry. looks good for election day. or at least for the primary. 77. and then dry weather wednesday and thursday. a little cooler by the end of next week. so all in all, not too bad of a weekend. not our best. but we've seen much worse for sure. tisha: exactly. we'll take this any time. thank you. looks good. steve: semifinals night at the a.c.c. tournament. the tar heels ready to tip off at the top of the hour. tisha: mark standing by to tell us what we can be looking at tonight. is it going to be a pretty tough match for them? reporter: it is absolutely going to be a tough matchup. notre dame is no joke. the defending tournament champions dead ahead for north carolina. they chase their first title since 2008. plus we speak to the crop of a.c.c. legends freshly minlted this year. some fun between james worthy
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i can't tell w there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child
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where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
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t reporter: welcome back, everybody. live with you inside the verizon center, north carolina and notre dame, not that far away. this should be an absolute dandy of a game. the tar heels' last two times out against the irish have had trouble. both games have been very similar. there was the regular season game earlier this year in south
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carolina took a nine-point lead in the halftime and then the irish would storm back in the second half. to win the game going away. their previous meeting to that, in last year's a.c.c. tournament championship game, carolina in complete control seemingly in the second half. had a nine-point lead and then notre dame just buzz sawed their way back into the game with incredible offense. really nobody plays prettyier basketball than the irish when they were on. it's a defensive challenge for the tar heels tonight. one fun matchup to watch, bryce johnson and zach auguste in the middle. i talked to marcus paige about refinding his confidence as wls -- as well. >> just trying to play more relaxed. i think a lot sometimes and i think that that gets me in trouble. it has off the court because i'm thinking of ways im improve. when i'm on the court i have to rely more on instincts. >> i think they're better than when we played them. it really comes down to controlling the paint and
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one of the things that the guys did during that spretch where we beat them, clemson and louisville, they more than held their own against a number of big bodies, that always come at you. we're going to need that same effort on the backboard from those two guys. reporter: bryce and zach, two emotional guys who are jumping jacks as well on the glass. a.c.c. legends made available to us today. spud webb for n.c. state is their legend. he was not made available to the media. but jay williams of duke and big game james worthy were down in the media area to talk to us and give their reflections on what it means to them to be an a.c.c. legend. >> i was watching miami play around and was like, what's up, old man? i'm not old, what are you talking about? back when i was playing. i was like, oh, my god, i just used that line. i'm that guy now. it's ok. i think like wine i get better with time.
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apartment off campus somewhere. he drove this old beatup 1973 ford mustang that he had since college. i thought eddie would be next in line. after roy came back from kansas, kind of like a clone of coach smith. that's why he's been able to succeed i think. reporter: jay williams doing the rabbit ears behind james. i cannot say what james said on tv, but you can head to my twitter account for that. we'll send it back to you. steve: we'll check it out.
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thanks for watching. there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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ncy reagan breaking news this friday night. the new fights breaking out at a trump rally. both outside, and inside. the clashes captured on video. >> get them out of here. >> the new security concerns after the assault earlier this week. as trump's republican rivals mount a last-ditch effort to stop him tuesday night. celebrating nancy reagan. the former presidents. he first ladies sitting beside one another. the laughter among them. the candor from nancy reagan's children. and diane sawyer among those remembering mrs. reagan. the deadly flooding. hundreds of rescues. states of emergency. and the two storms hitting this weekend. the urgent manhunt right now. a brazen escape. an american city. neighbors on high alert. two violent prisoners. one accused of murder, breaking free. and the alarming new headline about the zika virus. new cases expected in the u.s.,


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