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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 AM  ABC  March 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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instant,a donald trump rally. >> plus, a fire overnight and a teenager caught in the crosshairs and how he is doing this morning. >> unc is hoping for redemption as the tar heels take on virginia in the acc championship game. good morning on this saturday, march 12 area a perfect way for a parade which is why we are here. caitlin: we are in green and you are looking out front and this will be filled with people later this morning. there has been a little bit of set up for the parade. steve: i can't rule out a passing shower. the best will be to our north
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colder normally this time of year. we have some of those sprinkles mainly off to our north. the way they are set up, we could see more of the spotty showers develop any time as we go through the morning. temperatures look like this around the area, 50's and low 60's. there are light, spotty showers to the north and we will be mostly cloudy today that if you're coming down to the parade, temperatures will be in the 60's and getting close to 70 by close to 1:00 p.m.. overall, most of the activity this morning has been to our north. a better chance of rain tomorrow we will break that down coming up. caitlin: a teenager shot near n.c. central campus in durham and authorities tell us a 14-year-old boy was shot on lawson street. he is expected to recover.
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group leaving a party when shots were fired. there is no suspect information. anthony: we are learning five people were arrested at a donald trump rally and two police officers were injured. this is the scene inside the university of illinois and he was set to speak that it was postponed at the last minute. that sparked violent clashes. trumps of orders got physical and the crowd spilled outside were thousands protested early in the afternoon. trump says the reaction is not direct about his policies but more widespread anger across the country. other gop candidates are reacting. >> the responsibility for that lies with protesters who took violence into their own hands. in any campaign come responsibility starts at the top. anthonyl: the violence has been building since the fayetteville
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one man through punch at a protester. caitlin: a big boost for bernie sanders, judge says those who turn 18 before the presidential election can vote in the ohio presidential primary. he has been popular among young democratic voters. he said a high turnout will help him like it did in michigan. earlier in the day coming brought his campaign to the capital city. he talked about raising minimum wage and providing free tuition to phe said he would be the best candidate race off against donald trump. >> if you're going to vote logical and you want a candidate who is going to defeat donald trump in december -- in november, i am the candidate. almost every pull out there shows me beating donald trump often by double digits in almost
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hillary clinton. -- and always higher greater margin than hillary clinton. caitlin: secretary of state clinton will be back in the tar heel state. ted cruz will be coming back to the area with a campaign stop at fayetteville tech and donald trump plans to hold a rally at the university in hickory on monday. you can learn more details on the upcoming rallies on her website, look under the politics section. anthony: the north carolina naacp says there are issues at polling places. one person did not see any of the signage explaining the voter id law. he says those were improperly displayed so if you have questions about the voter id law or what to expect of the polls, go to our website
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caitlin: the mother of a man killed by raleigh police is renewing her demands for answers. she will be joined by the family's attorney and members of the north carolina naacp and dr. william barber who call for transparency and truth in the investigation. her son akiel jenkins was killed last week and there are still questions that remain unanswered. his mother will speak at 1:00 p.m. in raleigh. antyhony: another mother remembering her 15-year-old daughter whose life was cut short. caitlin: she was murdered two years ago and friends and family came together to honor her. >> friday has not been easy. she looks to family to comfort and guide her through the pain. it's been two years since her daughter danielle was murdered. >> she was 15 years old and it's hard every day. we are trying to embrace everybody. they have a school concert tonight.
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to honor the team. >> many in the crowd knew her well and desperately tried to find her when she vanished. she was ultimately found at the bottom of the south river, her body weighed down with cinderblocks and investigators say her ex oil friend choked her to death and stuck a sock in her mouth and tossed her over a bridge. >> we will not stop this fight until justice is done. >> the family is hoping for justice but also a better future for the victims of domestic violence. >> i am trying to stay strong, the uplifting and try to keep a clear mind at the same time and be supportive for my family and other people who are here. caitlin: the family raised money from this event and they're hoping to start a foundation to
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anthony: the showdown is set to the acc championship game. the cavaliers beat miami last night. unc routed notre dame. much more on that victory coming up in sports and you can watch tonight's matchup on our sister station, espn at 9:00 p.m. caitlin: a possible break in a decades old cold case and the discovery made virginia that could be linked to the disappearance of a virginia tech student. anthony: get ready to channel your inner irish today with the parade today. steve: i think the weather will be good. it will mostly be drive but you cannot rule out a sprinkle or two. you see light showers off to the north this morning.
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steve: there are some sprinkles in the northern county this morning.
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lot of clouds are expected today. temperatures are in the 50's and there is a 62 at rdu. everyone else is in the 50's this morning. as you step out the door, it will be mild with a lot of clouds and temperatures by midday will get to around 69 degrees and we will continue climbing to low 70's later on. a lot of clouds and sprinkles in the northern counties in the best opportunity for a sprinkle will be to the north. the numbers will stay well above average. all the way into next week, by the end of next week, temperatures come back down and we could see numbers closer to normal by friday. don't forget tonight we lose an hour of sleep so make sure you turn your clock forward one hour before you go to bed. a lot of clouds at rdu but no delay's out there, all major hubs are looking great.
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anthony: look for a sea of greenwashing over fayetteville. the 34th annual st. patrick's day parade will start at 10:00 a.m., hundreds of floats and bands and dance groups will be there. you can come see us outside the raleigh news center. if you can't make it downtown, eyewitness news is bringing the parade home to you. there is a live stream on caitlin: tomorrow, thousands of runners will take art in the seventh annual tobacco road marathon and half marathon in cary. much of it is run on the american tobacco trail which is pretty flat. abc is a proud sponsor and i'm running the half and of on-chip
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have a good abc 11 team represented. anthony: we are all pulling for you. i her husband side this morning, coming up, this final celebration of her life in the folks who showed up.
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anthony: welcome back and happy st. patrick's day. five people were arrested after rally for republican presidential candidate donald trump who canceled in chicago. the protesters packed the arena and more gathered outside and organizers feared possible violence. we reported the arrest during an isolated confrontation. early boarding today ahead of the presidential primary on tuesday. there are concerns from the naacp about polling places concerning the voter id law. if you have questions, you can go to our website for answers, it's that time of year when most of the country trades an hour of sleep or an extra hour of daylight. daylight savings time starts sunday morning at 2:00 a.m. there is note time change in hawaii or arizona. caitlin: human remains
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linked to a decades old cold case. police believe they belong to 20-year-old robert kovacs who disappeared in 1998 and was believed to be on his way to a football game when he met -- when he went missing. nancy reagan is in her final resting place this morning right next to her late husband. the former first lady's life was celebrated yesterday by 1000 invited guests who gathered at the ronald reagan reagan who died on sunday at the age of 94. anthony: people in louisiana are keeping and i am rising river waters as they try to recover from major letting. more rain is expected to stay but not as much as they had earlier in the week. families have been forced out of their home because of the severe flooding and in the northwestern part of the state, the waters
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the governor is calling on the federal government for help. caitlin: a big birthday bash today for the woman whose dance moves made her a star. anthony: you remember her dream came true last month when she got to dance with president obama and the first lady of the white house. today, she turns 107 years old. she has a commitment to volunteering. she volunteers daily for the past 20 years and she still mentors children today. caitlin: wow. anthony: i love that story. caitlin: 107, still dancing, still giving back. steve: i can't wear green otherwise i would disappear. and i don't have anything green. we not have much active weather
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days we will talk about sunday into monday with a chance of showers. the timing on sunday looks to be later in the day and we will see moisture coming in but not real intense. we will get some moisture coming up at more showers possible throughout the day monday. the tobacco road race early tomorrow morning, the chance is pretty much zero four rain. once you get past 11:00 a.m., the chance of rain starts to sneak up a little bit. temperature should be fairly warm for the race starting at 50 degrees. later in the afternoon, lower 70's. you might get a shower this morning but it will not be much. temperatures are in the low to mid 70's for highs today. rain chances likely for sunday afternoon but another chance into monday. we have above normal
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rdu is under mostly cloudy skies. areawide. on average, we are a little bit cooler than this time yesterday. if you have things you need to get done, not a bad day to get temperatures climbing to the lower 70's between 2-4:00 this afternoon. if we get a shower, it will be very light and spotty in the best that will be in the morning hours to the north area a big area of low pressure across texas and high pressure off the coast is helping bring in all this moisture from the gulf of mexico causing the flooding rain that will get heavier in the louisiana. the bull's-eye will be closer to memphis.
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also, northern california is getting heavy rain. they have snow in the mountains but not as much as last weekend. another foot of snow is possible and these are impressive storm systems that move across the country. for us, cloudy skies and spotty light showers to the north and we will watch the moisture to the south causing flooding to the deep south but that will get here eventually, increasing our rain chance. flash flood watches continue across the mississippi valley but for us, sprinkles this morning and we could see some more as we go through the late morning hours. don't expect much. it will be very brief if you get caught under one. tomorrow, high pressure off to the coast and we will get some moisture coming in so watch for showers late in the day. a break break and more showers are possible into monday.
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very warm. the highest probability of rain chances looks to be on sunday. the temperatures stay rather warm next week tuesday get out and vote, 78 degrees and 79 wednesday and clouds increase by the end of the week and still above average. we are looking at a nice stretch of warm weather. last weekend i thought we turned a corner. caitlin: we knew we could count on you. anthony: it's now 62 degrees at 6:22 a.m. caitlin: garth brooks is
6:25 am
anthony: after the break, we anthony: this is a huge weekend in the triad for country music lovers. caitlin: garth brooks returned this -- last night and she has -- and he has two more shows this weekend. >> fans packed into tmc arena by the busloads. >> i'm looking for shameless because there ain't no shame in me, baby. >> some came from hundreds of miles away. >> we invited our friends down
6:26 am
>> tailgaters did not hold back. all of them were eager to see darth brooks and tricia yearwood take the stage for the first time in nearly two decades. >> i was a little could a kid and i want to see them ever since. >> i've got friends in low places. >> it's the fans that garth brooks says brought him back on the road after retirement. >> it's rare to stand here on this stage and get to be a part of that. >> three nights of back to back concerts each a little different. >> believe it or not, there will be somebody that comes to all three shows. >> with his wife by his side,
6:27 am
>> a lot of people say you are working with your husband, do you get sick of it? it's what we had dreamed about. >> the couple plans to check out some of the local fairs around raleigh and they're looking forward to all the city has to offer then it is back on stage for two more nights. there are still tickets left. after tonight's performance, i've a feeling tickets won't last long. anthony: i wonder if we will see him down here for the parade. caitlin: you never know. i am so upset i'm not going to see them this weekend. anthony: garth and tricia, come on down. caitlin: i will buy you some coffee. anthony: coming up, a man arrested outside our news center and why police were looking for that man in the first place.
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>> the big stories happening this instant, wtvd abc11 eyewitness news continues. anthony: saturday, march 12. i understand we have more stars appearing in the area.
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he is appearing in a comedy club so good morning. caitlin: we were talking about garth brooks and tricia yearwood so we're a hotspot for a tivoli with st. patrick's day going on and the big race tomorrow. are you ready? steve: i'm as ready as i'm going to be. the weather today will be mild with temperatures around 72 degrees. maybe a sprinkle or two around and there are a couple going on now east of the triangle. i cannot rule out a passing shower through mid-a today for just about anyone spot. it will be light and brief. temperatures are in the 50's-lower 60's right now. light showers to the north and a lot of clouds around and mostly cloudy today. temperatures will be in the 60's
6:32 am
1:00 p.m. a 20% chance of rain but there are a lot of clouds today. a better chance of rain and more coming up on that. caitlin: we have breaking news -- a rollover car wreck in orange county on highway 70 south of 85. the durham, aren't county line is where this happened. two people were ejected from the vehicle and rust to the hospital. there is no word on their identities or their injuries. anthony: tensions are rising on the presidential race. donald trump postponing a rally because of protesters. caitlin: they clashed sparking shouting matches and rights and marches.
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before the big contesttom cole the allegations false. -- trump called the allegations false. caitlin: president obama is weighing in on the standoff between apple and the fbi. he was at the sxsw festival infects us. -- in texas. he said the national security decisions may affect the public privacy. >> i suspect the answer will come down to create a system where the encryption is as strong as possible, the key is
6:35 am
accessible by the smallest number of people possible for a subset oflp the fbi access and iphone used in the san bernadino terrorist attack. anthony: a wanted man charged with sex offenses is arrested right outside the raleigh eyewitness news center. you can see the huge police presence yesterday afternoon as raleigh police say they spotted the man who had warrants out for his arrest. he was wanted for sexual assault on a female and indecent exposure and sexual battery. a student is behind bars accused of biting off another students year. she was charged with assault and inflicting serious injury. the wake county sheriff says the 18-year-old student was headed
6:36 am
of the students hit her with a lunch bag. the started a fight that led to the year biting incident. her mother apologized. she said this charge and a prior assault charge are the direct result of her daughter getting bullied at school. caitlin: we are updating you on activities in the community. today is the last chance to take advantage of the wake county church is special prom shop. he apex united methodist church is providing more than 1800 prom dresses, shoes, jewelry and accessories for students who might not otherwise be able to afford them. they have been donated. yesterday, nearly one hundred people showed up in the first 15 minutes on the prom shop is open from 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. anthony: enjoy prom night. easter is close by. caitlin: coming up, how you can help other families celebrate the holiday in we will tell you
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steve: a lot of clouds around with temperatures mild. looking at the radar, it looks quiet with spotty light showers north of the triangle. we cannot rule out a sprinkle or
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steve: good morning, a live look at terminal 2 at rdu. it's basically dry with a few spotty light showers in certain places. most areas are in the 50's but chapel hill is 61 degrees. stepping out the door, a lot of clouds around with temperatures getting up to 69 degrees by mid-. we have a slight -- by mid-day. a lot of clouds around and a slight chance of showers. mid to upper 70's expected in the sand hills. the temperatures are above average in that will last through thursday. the average is 62. that's where temperatures are now. tonight, we lose an hour of sleep and you spring ahead before you go to that tonight
6:41 am
the marathon tomorrow. all major hubs are showing no delays at this hour. we will have the seven day forecast coming up area anthony: the durham rescue mission needs help getting ready for its easter basket giveaway. caitlin: weeks point how you can help. >> so far, they only have 14 easter baskets but they hope to have 1500. they have a long way to go and i need your help. >> there is a lot of parents out there who were struggling and working part-time jobs. it may not seem like much but an easter basket can make a big difference. >> the durham rescue mission gave away 1300 baskets last year and this year their shelves are almost there. the mission says the holiday is huge for them because it stands for everything they believe in. >> easter is celebrating the
6:42 am
that is the basis of our faith and our christianity. it's the reason we do the rescue mission. >> they are hoping a small gift will make a a difference and uplifting the life of every needy child gets one. they are asking for your help to reach their goal. >> it's a lot of baskets to raise in a short amount of time. they have not been coming in this year as they have in the past. i have been here when we did not have something to give to a child and that's an experience i never want to have again. >> you can either make a donation on their website and's testify you want to donate for an easter basket or dropped off at the center for hope and we have the information on our website, anthony: your generosity is appreciated. caitlin: we covered a lot of the stories at the durham rescue mission and they are very appreciative to get.
6:43 am
alert after the zika outbreak and why travel restrictions are easing up a bit. caitlin: o say can you saying, how you can earn a chance to
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notice i did caitlin: welcome back.
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central campus in your room, it was a 14-year-old roy shot on lawson street near alton avenue. the team is expected to recover. the showdown is set for the acc championship game, unc will play virginia tonight area the cavaliers beat out miami last night. earlier in the day, unc routed notre dame 78-47. the st. patrick's day parade is taking over downtown raleigh today and you will see hundreds of floats, bans, dance groups and plenty of green. you can see us outside the raleigh eyewitness news center and we will have our pop-up studio in operation. if you cannot make it downtown, we will stream the parade on
6:47 am
anthony: the inspector general of the department of health and human services michigan and the state auditor general to launch a broader probe. the u.s. government has revised the zika travel warning. they say it's ok for pregnant women to travel to south america. they say the mosquito is rarer at higher elevations. caitlin: entered performers means the circus will not go on in fayetteville. the big top out the box circus is canceled. it was supposed to go on friday. crown of officials say the injuries happened on wednesday. we're trying to learn how serious the injuries were. if you bought a ticket, they say you can return matt for a full refund. do you think you have what it takes to sing the national anthem at a durham bulls game?
6:48 am
they are holding auditions to find performers for their 2016 season. you can show up between 830 a.m.-10:00 a.m. and register on site. the lyrics have to be memorized and performed in a traditional style. anthony: it's a good idea to practice. you can do it by yourself and have no problem but in front of a crowd -- caitlin: i think i sound great in my car but in front of my husband, he reminds me that's not my greatest talents. steve: even singing to myself it's awful. caitlin: now i really want to hear it. steve: no, you don't. anthony: probably sound ok. steve: i don't. i'm certain we will get rain tomorrow afternoon and i am certain i cannot sing. let's get right to it. active weathered they tomorrow and monday with showers around
6:49 am
for the big race tomorrow at tobacco road, 7:00 in the morning with a slim chance of rain. it does not pick up until we go to the midday hours and the early afternoon. temperatures will be mild to start the race, in the 60's. by mid-day, we are getting into low 70's. last year was colder. sprinkles out there this morning of the northern counties looking to the north, we cannot rule out a spotty light shower just about anywhere this morning. otherwise, expect a lot of clouds around. we are seeing temperatures around the area mainly in the upper 50's. we are starting the day a little cooler than yesterday at this time.
6:50 am
today. temperatures will climb into the low 70's by 3:00 p.m. if you get a spotty shower or sprinkle, that will be in the morning. after that we will be drive for a while through at least midday tomorrow. the big area of low pressure across texas and high pressure off the coast of lorna are funneling in record rainfall that's been happening across the south. more rain in the next three days. the heaviest is across parts of mississippi pushing into memphis where they could see more inches of rain and they don't need anymore. california's getting big-time rain causing more flooding mainly in northern california. the northern mountains would get another foot of snow there. impressive storms have been on the west coast and stalling out across the middle of the country. it has been gorgeous for us with temperatures well above average and note threat of much weather at all.
6:51 am
sprinkles at best but tomorrow, more meister will get closer to us. that will increase our rain chances. flash flood watches continue across the ozarks. that will be the case again tomorrow. spotty sprinkles or maybe a light shower through the morning hours. maybe a sprinkle are two this afternoon but otherwise, a lot of clouds today and rain chances increase tomorrow. front to our north and moisture comes in from the south and into monday, a good break and later a shower and maybe a thunderstorm developing later on monday. it will be hit and miss. the highest probability of rain will be tomorrow. a decent chance on monday but after that, we will go dry again and keep warm. upper 60's today.
6:52 am
numbers will stay warm, back to sunshine tuesday on election day and 79 on wednesday. st. patrick's a will be 71 and plenty of sunshine. the average high as 62. caitlin: the leprechaun is dancing away. anthony: we've got 62 degrees and the tar heels are saving the best for last. caitlin: [laughing] honey, you gotta see this! time warner cable now makes your internet do more. honey! [laughing] honey? our ultra-fast internet with home wifi keeps your devices connected, [laughing] anywhere in your home. [laughing] honey, have you seen this video? [laughing] discover how much more is included. get 50 meg internet for
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>> unc will face off against virginia tonight. anthony: they move onto a rematch with the tar heels after it tight game. unc is coming off a dominant performance yesterday. >> welcome back to d.c. the tar heels have been looking of the year and they may have stumbled onto it at the right time. a dominating performance last night against notre dame. payback possibly as they lost the last couple of times versus the irish. isaiah hicks, 15 rebounds off the bench. pinson and bryce johnson brings it down. this was a close game early. demetrius jackson 43.
6:56 am
marcus paige, 4 for 7 and joel berry at the was her. at the buzzer. the fun would continue into the second. hicks with the big throwdown and look at this, marcus paige rejecting and alley-oop attempt. it was going right for the tar heels and horribly wrong for notre dame. bryce johnson, yet another shot. >> overall, the defense has been improving. this is a perfect example of how good you can be defensively. this is a top 10 offense team in the country. if we play defense today, nobody can beat us.
6:57 am
we -- and if we continue that, no team can handle us. >> this was the best win of the year. the magnitude of the game was pretty big area i think it was the best win. other than the duke win. >> the tar heels move on to their fifth acc tournament final in six years. they have not won any of them. her last title was in 2008 in with this will be the third shot for the senior class. bryce johnson and marcus paige want to get it done. anthony: just ahead in a next half hour, tensions following donald trump reaching a boiling point. we are learning about arrest made at the cancellation of a rally in schick go. it's been two years since a north carolina teen was murdered and how the family is transforming their pain trying to help other vic
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concerns. caitlin: back here at home, shots fired near n.c. central's campus overnight and 18 caught in the crosshairs and how he's doing this morning. anthony: the tar heels are taking on virginia in the acc championship game, welcome on this beautiful saturday, march 12 in the raleigh, eyewitness news center. the parade is going to go past or big winter. caitlin: let's give you a look in front of our station on fayetteville street. anthony: that's not what i thought it was. caitlin: anthony was excited, he thought it was going to be one of the food trucks.


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