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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News Saturday SEVEN AM  ABC  March 12, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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concerns. caitlin: back here at home, shots fired near n.c. central's campus overnight and 18 caught in the crosshairs and how he's doing this morning. anthony: the tar heels are taking on virginia in the acc championship game, welcome on this beautiful saturday, march 12 in the raleigh, eyewitness news center. the parade is going to go past or big winter. caitlin: let's give you a look in front of our station on fayetteville street. anthony: that's not what i thought it was. caitlin: anthony was excited, he thought it was going to be one of the food trucks.
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anthony: this angle shows is what's going on but we can see everything including those of you who come down to watch the parade. steve can't wait. steve: we can't wear green. caitlin: that's my favorite color. steve: apostle billet he of a shower to -- the possibility of a shower today is really low. you see very light activity this morning and we cannot rule out a spotty shower this morning just about anywhere. temperatures are in the 50's with some low 60's. clouds are around them spotty sprinkles and drizzles are going on. otherwise, mostly cloudy skies. if you are going downtown, numbers will be mild.
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p.m., we will be at 70 and there is a chance of a sprinkle but otherwise, mostly cloudy skies. rain chances are ramping up and we will talk about that in a few minutes. anthony: a rollover car wreck in orange county happened on highway 70 south of 85 to the durham/orange county line. our crew says to people were ejected from the vehicle and rushed to the hospital. no word on the extent of their injuries. caitlin: a teenager shot near n.c. central campus in durham, authorities say the teen was 14 years old. the boy was of errantly shot on lawson street near austin avenue and should recover. he was with a group of a party when shots were fired. there is no information on a possible suspect. we are getting word of a shooting that happened on north raleigh boulevard in raleigh. police have not released much information but we know one person was shot and taken to the hospital.
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a.m. anthony: tensions were toiling over at it donald trump rally in chicago and five people were arrested and two police officers injured. this is the scene inside the venue at the university of illinois. donald trump was set to speak but that was postponed at the last minute and you see the results, violent clashes with trump supporters and protesters getting physical. thousands of people were outside protesting earlier in the afternoon. donald trump says the reaction is not directed at his policies but he says it reflects more widespread anger across the country. other gop candidates are reacting. >> the responsibility for that lies with her testers who took violence into their own hands. in any campaign, responsibility starts at the top. anthony: potential of violence has been building since the donald trump rally in fayetteville when a cumberland
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protester inside the colosseum. the man who through the punch is now charged. caitlin: a possible big news for bernie sanders after a judge said 17-year-old who will turn 18 before the election can vote in the ohio primary. bernie sanders set a high turnout for next week's primary could help them like it did in michigan. earlier in the day, he brought his campaign to the capital city. he talked about raising the minimum wage and providing free tuition to public colleges and universities. he said he would be the best candidate to face off against the donald trump. >> i think if you're going to vote logical and you want a candidate who will defeat donald trump in november, you know what? i am the candidate. almost every poll out there shows me beating donald trump
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almost always by a greater margin than hillary clinton. caitlin: speaking of hillary clinton, she will be back in the tar heel state ahead of the tar -- tuesday primary and will appear in charlotte on monday evening. ted cruz will come back to the area, planning to make a campaign stop on monday at fayetteville tech it donald trump plans to hold a rally at the university in hickory monday morning. you can learn details on the upcoming rallies . anthony: early voting today but leaders of the naacp say they are several issues at polling locations. dr. william barber said when he went to vote in goldsboro, he saw no signage explaining the voter id law and he says signs were improperly displayed. if you have any questions, go to our website for answers,
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caitlin: the mother of the man killed by a raleigh police officer is renewing demands for answers in her son's death. rolanda byrd will be joined by her family and the naacp to call for transparency and truth in the investigation. her son akiel jenkins was killed last week. his mother plans to speak at 1:00 this afternoon in raleigh. anthony: another member's -- another mother is remembering her daughter. caitlin: she was murdered two years ago and friends and family came together to honor her. >> friday has not been easy for rona fowler. she is looking for family to comfort her and guide her through the pain since her daughter was murdered two years ago. >> she was 15 years old and it's hard every day. we are trying to embrace
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>> there was the benefit concert to honor the team. en. many of the crowd knew danielle and tried to find her when she vanished. she was ultimately found at the bottom of the south river, her body weighed down with cinder and investigators say her ex-boyfriend choked her to death, stuffed a sock in him out, then tossed her over a bridge. he is now weighing a plea deal. >> we will not stop this fight until justice is done. >> the family is not only hoping for justice but a better future for the victims of domestic violence. >> i am trying to stay strong, be uplifting and trying to keep a clear mind at the same time and said or my family and others who are here who find themselves in the same situation. >> the family raised money from
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foundation to help domestic violence victims. anthony: the showdown is happening in the acc championship game. unc will play virginia tonight. the cavaliers beat miami 73-68 last night. unc routed notre dame earlier in the way. much more on that crushing victory coming up and sports and you can watch tonight's matchup on our sister station, espn at 9:00 p.m. caitlin: good luck to the tar heels. a possible break in a decades old cold case and the discovery in virginia they could be linked to the disappearance of a virginia tech student. anthony: get ready to channel your inner irish today at the st. patrick's day parade rolling through downtown raleigh past hour news center, just hours
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it's 62 degrees at 7:08 a.m. -- 7:09 a.m., it can only get better. steve: it will be another above average day temperature wise. some light, spotty showers north of the triangle and you can get caught in a brief shower.
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steve: good morning, mostly cloudy skies and temperatures are in the low 60's in durham. cloudy skies but driver most of us. sprinkles in the northern counties so i cannot rule out a brief shower through the midday hour. numbers are in the 50's and 60's for now and we will warm up with 70 today. the warmest air will be down in the sand hills. our temperature trend will be going up. by midday, near 70 and the normal high is 62 degrees. you can see the cloudy skies around with mostly clouds today but a warm stretch of weather coming our way with temperatures in the mid-70's next week. by thursday, we cool down and friday temperatures will be back down to the 60's but still slightly above average. set your clocks ahead one hour
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out of rdu, is looking pretty good in a major hubs are showing no delays. anthony: the annual wearing of the green begins this morning on fayetteville street. a lot of people aware and back color outside the raleigh news center. you will see hundreds of loads, dan's, dance groups. our team will be on a float so come down and see us. operation. if you can't make it downtown, we bring the parade home to you with a live stream on caitlin: another big event is going on the triangle tomorrow. thousands of promise will take part in the seventh annual tobacco road marathon and half marathon in cary.
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but much of the trail is fast and flat and paved. where a proud sponsor of the marathon and we will have live shots from there tomorrow morning. i will be out there live and then i will run. i will come back of the end to let you know how it went. anthony: are you ready? caitlin: i hope so. reagan is back by her husband's aside. coming up, the final celebration of her life and the guest who showed up to pay tribute.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. anthony: a major power outage reported in raleigh him and nearly 7000 people are at acted in a runs along i-40 between try on road in downtown in an area on lake wheeler road. the outage was caused by animals damaging the equipment. he estimated restoration time is 9:45 a.m. caitlin: human remains discovered a virginia could be linked to a an old cold case. police believe they belong to 25 euros robert kovac -- 25-year-old robert kovac was from virginia tech and then went missing near the new river gorge bridge where the remains were
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resting place right next to her late husband. the former first lady's life was celebrated yesterday by 1000 invitedshe died on sunday at the age of 94. anthony: a convicted murderer who escaped from a transport dan in new mexico is behind bars again. joseph cruz spent two days on the run was captured yesterday and police are still searching for another escaped inmate. he is convicted of bond robbery and shooting at a police officer in northern new mexico. caitlin: a big earth a bass today for the woman whose dance moves made her a star. anthony: her dream came true last month when she got to answer president obama and the first lady at the white house. today, she turns 100 the seven years old -- 107 years old. she is big on volunteering. she has volunteered daily for
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mentoring children. caitlin: wow, that says a lot it happens. i think she is too cute. anthony: she is awesome. steve: this warmth continues. we will see above average temperatures for the next week. the active day will be tomorrow and monday, getting showers around and that timing is later sunday but even monday, chance of showers. the tobacco road marathon tomorrow and the numbers will be in the 60's to start the race but i the afternoon, we will be in the 70's and not much of a chance of rain during the race. the rain chances start to ramp up a little as we go through the afternoon. the highest of ability will probably the in the evening. sprinkles in the northern counties right now and you can see on radar him a there is not
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a live look into fayette phil. -- into fayetteville. mainly upper 50's but a few low 60's out there like at rdu. we've got some things that need to get done. it's a good day to get outside with numbers in the low 70's through the mid-day. it will come down a little bit later on. record rainfall continues across the south. i pressure is off the florida coast bringing all this moisture in on the south. more rain is expected over the next few days. the potential for four inches of rain -- additional rainfall across the ozarks which will exacerbate the flooding concerns and northern california will be getting heavy rain and that will cause more issues with flooding
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the northern mountains could see up to 14 inches of additional snowfall. the storms continue to be impressive moving across the country. for us, cloudy skies and more clouds will be happening today and then the rain showers will increase. flooding is a major concern across mississippi in the ozarks today and that will shift toward the east for tomorrow. we are seeing sprinkles right now with a few more possible in the midday hour and even early afternoon. nothing to be worried about. tomorrow, dry early and later in the take, i expect to have moisture increasing with scattered showers in the afternoon and continuing through the evening and then a break and more showers are possible into monday. the southwest breeze will boost our temperatures back up to the
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the highest of ability of rain tomorrow and a decent shot on monday and after that we are dry and temperatures remain warm. highs today in the lower 70's. mid to upper 70's in the sand hills and cloudy tonight and the average low is usually 39 and we are nearly 20 degrees warmer than that for an overnight low. low 70's tomorrow and watch for showers late in the day and monday a shower chance but tuesday, get out and vote, 70 degrees and sunny area wednesday 79 degrees, well above average. by the end of the week, cooler but that 64 is above average. a warm week for sure. caitlin: we will take it. this weekend is a country music lovers dream in raleigh. garth rooks himself is back in raleigh. anthony: we will catch up with
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away and you nex all right, 3:15. k, you better watch out boys, i'm on a hot streak today. what's that? wait. what's that? man, that's just the ice cream truck. you ain't got nothin. we got time. you don't got time. i've got time. no you don't. [arguing] look at that! ahhhhhh!
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need to apologize to you. we no longer offer an excuse to bet on when we'll arrive. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. not only will we give you a one-hour arrival window, but our new tech tracker feature will alert you with the exact time we'll get there. you'll even have their name and picture. anthony: this is a huge weekend for country music fans. caitlin: garth rooks played last -- or brooks played last night and has two more show.
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>> i am looking for shameless me, baby. >> when he falls in my lap. of miles away. >> we invited our friends down from new jersey. >> tailgaters did not hold back , all of them anxious to see take the stage for the first time in raleigh in 20 years. some couldn't wait to hear their favorite songs any longer. places. caitlin:>> garth brooks says the fans retirement. >> it's rare to stand here at this stage and have to be a part of that. >> three nights of back-to-back
7:27 am
>> believe it or not, there is going to be somebody who comes to all three shows. >> with his wife of 11 years by his side, the country music power couple is sure to put on a show. >> we enjoy each other's company. people say you are working with your husband? it's what we dreamed about . >> . couple will check out some of the local fairs in raleigh. it is back on stage for two more nights. there are still tickets left. after tonight's performance, tickets will probably not last long. anthony: it looks like a good time if you have tickets. caitlin: if you don't need yours, you can give them to us. i have seen him twice before and he does not disappoint. i'm running in the half marathon
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anthony: we've got more news coming up. a man arrested right outside our raleigh eyewitness news center. why police were searching for that man. caitlin: then, a very special prom shop proving to be your buddy ron once said he could install your ceiling fan. he couldn't. and that one time ron said another chili dog was a good idea. yeah, it wasn't.
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anthony: welcome back. this is an almost perfect saturday, march 12, 62 degrees at 7:31 a.m. and if you're coming down for the st. patrick's day parade, it will be fun. caitlin: bring your green. the weather man can't wear it. you would just be a floating head. we can try that later. steve: not a perfect day with clouds but temperatures well above average. we are at the normal high right now. we have a few sprinkles out there and i cannot rule out a passing shower through midday. it will not last long at all. 50's and low 60's and 62 is the normal high we will probably gain 10 degrees today. we have broken cloud cover to the south and you will be warmer
7:32 am
for the parade downtown, mostly cloudy and a slight chance of a sprinkle. you don't need a jacket. by 1:00 a.m., 70 degrees. the warmth continues but a couple of days of rain are coming up. anthony: tensions are rising as the race for the white house heats up. a rally for donald trump was posed owned after security concerns. caitlin: thousands of protesters and supporters clashed.
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this is days before the bigdonald trump called the allegations false. anthony: a wanted man charged with sex offenses is arrested right out out our raleigh eyewitness news enter on fayette street. the police presence was obvious yesterday as the officers spotted a man with warrants out for his arrest. we learned the man was wanted for sexual assault on a female, battery. caitlin: in durham, man is assault. the man was beaten up at a bus stop and knocked into the street where a car hit him. this happen before 2:00 yesterday afternoon on holloway street. police have not released any information about a suspect but they say the victim is improving. anthony: a lee county high school student is behind bars accused of writing off another
7:35 am
she faced a judge after she was charged with inflicting serious injuries. the sheriff says the 18-year-old high school student was headed home on a bus with other students last week when one of the students hit her with a lunch bag. that serve the fight that led to the year biting incident. - ear-biting incident. her mother says this is direct result of always attacking her daughter at school. caitlin: today is your last chance to take advantage of a wake county church a special prom shop. the apex united methodist church is providing more than 1800 prom dresses, shoes, jewelry and accessories for students of might not otherwise be able to afford them. all the items have been donated. they saw nearly 100 people who showed up in the first 15 minutes yesterday. it's open today from 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. anthony: making that big a even
7:36 am
it's time to start thinking about summer camp. caitlin: coming up, we will tell you how your kids can attend some of those popular camps for free. steve is always busy with his kids. steve: there is a lot going on this weekend, too. temperatures are fairly present and i -- pleasant. i expect to see low 70's to man: life gets so busy with work, and it's really hard to just kind of put that all aside and sort of focus on having fun or playing, even. hey, playing is a lot of fun. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it.
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y steve: welcome back end in morning, we have plenty of clouds around. the brees is about four miles per hour. we are mainly in the upper 50's but a few low 60's. the average high is 62 degrees. temperatures are warming up and we will be near 70 by mid-they today. upper 70's in the sand hills. a nice start to the tate down there. -- to the day down there. i cannot rule out a passing light shower this morning. we stay in the 70's pretty much all week long. i friday, we fall back down to the 60's but even then, we will be above average. we lose an hour of sleep tonight. that means the sun will be up
7:40 am
all major hubs are showing no delays at this hour and the seven-day forecast its minutes away. caitlin: summer is a few months away but it's not too early to think of summer camps. anthony: we have details about up program accepting applications to grant summer camp scholarships. amber: scholarships is what this program is all about in raleigh. >> it provides full scholarships to several raleigh parks and recreation resources summer camps. the camps will be in nature or outdoors. amber: she is the director of the arts center and works at one of the summer camps. >> my personal favorite because i work there is art for on and nature at walnut creek.
7:41 am
art will have an opportunity to be in nature and be in a natural setting and go out and sketch. amber: the scholarships are for kids between 7-16. the goal is to connect them with the outdoors in nature without worrying about the cost which in some cases can be a few hundred dollars. >> it could be $80-$400. amber: this is one of the locations were you can drop off a scholarship application and it's right next to the n.c. state campus of the scholarships are provided by the city of raleigh and the camps run at various times. >> there is an adventure camp where kids can kayak and canoe. amber: to apply, provide household income in a reference from a nonrelative like a teacher. the child has to fill out at age but applicants don't have to be raleigh residents. they just ha to have an interest in going to a nature
7:42 am
anthony: raleigh scholarship applications are being accepted until april 15. for all the details, go to get those kids out there this summer. a new travel alert this morning after the zika outbreak and will let you know what travel restrictions are easing up for some. caitlin: o say can you sing, how you can earn a chance
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caitlin: welcome back. 18 who was shot near n.c. central campus in durham him a raise say it was a 14-year-old boy shot near alston avenue. the teen is expected to recover but no word on any suspect. the showdown is set for the acc championship game. unc takes on virginia tonight after they beat miami last night. earlier in the day, unc routed notre dame. the st. patrick's day parade is today. you will see hundreds of floats and bands and dance groups and of course, tons of green but you can also see us and our pop-up studio. we will be outside the raleigh eyewitness news center and if you cannot make it downtown, we will be streaming it live on
7:46 am
anthony: mis measure can department of health and human services and the state auditor general to launch a broader probe. the u.s. government has revised its zika travel warning. they say it's ok for pregnant women to travel to mexico city and other higher elevation areas. the kind of mosquito that spreads the virus is rare at higher elevations. caitlin: authorities in california say rock star keith emerson has been found dead in they are investigating his death as a possible suicide. he was the founder and keyboardist of the group emerson, lake, and palmer and his longtime girlfriend found him with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.
7:47 am
anthony: astronauts got kelly is retiring. it's effective april 1. he just return to earth last week after spending nearly eight year on the international space station. he will take part in ongoing research related to his mission. caitlin: do you have what it takes to sing the national anthem at a durham bulls game? you can find out today as they are holding auditions to find performers for the 2016 season. show up between 8:30 a.m. and 10:00 this morning and you can register. you have to have memorized the lyrics and i want you to perform it in a traditional style. comedian jerry seinfeld is offering his cars for $28
7:48 am
the standup comedians passion for porsches are well-known. he has 47 cars. anthony: we have seen him in that " comedians in cars" series. caitlin: steve stewart would spend on that because he is a huge seinfeld fan. your wife would never let you buy one. steve: i cannot get anything right now. caitlin: pretty pricey. steve: it's a little bit high. i think we will see mostly cloudy skies today and weather day is tomorrow and into monday where we have a chance for scattered showers. the highest probability will be tomorrow but if you are worried about the race tomorrow, only about a 10% chance. later in the day, is when the rain chances will go up.
7:49 am
north. don't be surprised if you're caught in a brief shower today. the farther north you live, the better chance of that happening. 50's for most of us and a couple of low 60's out there and warmer than this time yesterday. not a bad day to get out and do work around the house with temperatures climbing into the low 70's by 3:00 this afternoon. the probability goes likely into the afternoon. cloudy skies for most of us and broken cloud cover and sunshine and the sandhills and we will see the brakes moving through as we go through the midmorning hours. more clouds are on the way with rain. we are showing quite a bit of a dividend but i think it will be less than this. a spotty light shower or sprinkle possible over the next
7:50 am
just expect some clouds today and temperatures in the low to mid 70's. the frontal boundary to the north will give us rain chances keeping us in the 70's. a bit of a break and we will see more showers around and warmer with mid to upper 70's on monday. the best chance of getting showers is late in the day monday. the highest of ability will be tomorrow late in the day in a decent shot on monday and after that, we will be dry. if you been sneezing, pollen categories are in the high category. keep that in mind. that will be the case for days to come. it's the invisible pollen, not the kind that covers everything. 72 in raleigh and 77 and say it phil and cloudy tonight in the upper 50's. mild overnight and a warm day
7:51 am
later in the day. we should be ok for the race and the shower chance continues monday but tuesday get out and vote as it will be sunny and 78 and we will see temperatures come down a bit. by friday with clouds around and low 60's, that's still above normal. we are talking about a warm week area caitlin: thank you. anthony: it will be nice weather.
7:52 am
7:54 am
caitlin: coming up, ma caitlin: unc will face off against virginia tonight in the acc championship tonight. anthony: there will be a rematch with the top-seeded tar heels after it tight game earlier this season. mark armstrong has the highlights. mark: the tar heels have been looking to find their form for much of the year and i may have stumbled onto it at the exact right time. a dominating performance last night against notre dame and here is how it looked. payback possibly on their minds as they lost last couple of times versus the irish. isaiah hicks, 15 rebounds.
7:55 am
bring -- bryce johnson brings it down. demetrius jackson to bj beauchamp for three and then things went high wire -- haywire. marcus paige, 4 for 7 for 16 points and joel berry at the buzzer. they go into the break up 41, 22 and the fun would continue into the second. another throw down and look at this, merck's page rejecting and alley-oop attempt. it was going right for the tar heels and horribly wrong for notre dame. bryce johnson, yet another rim rocker, 78-47. >> overall, the defense the past couple of weeks has been improving. this is a perfect example of how good we can be defensively against the top 10 offense of
7:56 am
if we play defense the way we did today, no one can beat us. >> they were uncomfortable and if we continue to do that, and out think any team can hang with us. >> it's the best win of the year because it's right now. the magnitude of the game was pretty big area i think it was the best when other than the duke win. mark the tar heels move on to their fifth acc tournament of the glaring problem is they have not won any of them. their last title was in 2008 in this is their third shot for the senior class. they want to get it done. caitlin: it's official, this el seahawks quarterback russell wilson is off the market. he recently proposed to his girlfriend sierra and she said yes.
7:57 am
they started dating in april of 2015. anthony: that's a good looking couple. caitlin: imagine the children they would have together. steve: no kidding. for today, a lot of clouds around and maybe a spotty light shower but a better chance tomorrow of afternoon and evening rain. temperatures will stay well above average for the week. caitlin: we have an update to breaking news -- we told you about the power outage in wake county with 7000 people affected and the power is now back on and it was apparently due to animals messing with the equipment. anthony: now you can watch us. thanks for watching this morning. i believe in building ladders of opportunity for people, knocking down the barriers that stand in the way. hillary knows educationis the way up...
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so she wants pre-school for every child... ...great teachers... ...and college without crushing debt. together we can break down barriers for our kids so they get the education they need and deserve no matter what zip code they live in. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound)
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(elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, chaos at a trump rally. the angry clashes, physical violence. supporters and protesters facing off in chicago. officers hurt. the entire event canceled. >> tonight's rally will be postponed until another day. >> his opponents now taking their own shots. >> this is a sad day. >> donald trump himself weighing in this morning. what will this mean just days before more crucial primaries? underwater. the thousand-year flood. nearly two feet of rain in the south. houses underwater and floating away. >> my little boy wants to go home, and we don't have a home right now. >> we're live in the storm zone this morning. sacked. the cleveland browns cutting johnny manziel.


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