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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  January 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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a south florida son torn up while talking about his own mother being stabbed in a home invasion. it's a story you will see only on 6. thanks for joining us. >> that woman stabbed by an intruder who is still on the run tonight. >> nbc 6 reporter joins us live from the medical center where the victim is recovering. >> reporter: we are only six days into the year and raquel torres spent every one recovering here at the report. her son said she say strong woman and that strength may have been what got her through a
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some of the pictures you are about to see could be graphic. raquel is grateful to be alive. an intruder stabbed the 65-year-old grandmother multiple times in her homestead townhome before sunrise on new year's day. >> she was watching and hears something and turns around and the guy is there. my house? he starts talking in spanish to her. all of a sudden he attacks here. >> alex has been byis mother's side. she had a spleen removed, a punctured lung and needed stitches on her arm. sierra took this cell phone video and said the attacker must have slipped in through an open sliding glass door. he was worried his mother
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>> i got kids. i can't believe the guy is still out there. >> homestead police are investigating, but no arrests have been made. torres only said he was a hispanic man. she was able to get out and run to the neighbor's who called 911. >> it's hard for me. >> the family told me homestead police will be at the hospital here to interview torres. as for her well being, she has to be here a few more days before she is well enough to go home. reporting live, i'm marissa bagge, nbc 6 news. >> we want to bring you the moment everyone has been waiting for. grab the tickets and take a look at the screen. >> the winning numbers are 2, 11, 47, 62, 63, and the power
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coming up, nbc 6 will have a closer look at the huge power ball drawing and what they are saying they will do if they win all that cash. best of luck to all of you out there. >> an unpleasant surprise greeted students as they return to dorms after winter break. mold. this is not the first time mold has been discovered in the older buildings like smith hall. laura rodriguez has more on the messy mold. >> although the university said the residence hall has been deemed safe, students and parents say the living conditions are anything but safe. mold on backpacks, shoes, and even pillows. this is what several students say upon arriving at the dorm. >> the whole building was filled with mold. it was on the elevators on the floor. the rooms of the wall. >> jose's daughter lives at
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semester she was already complaining about the mold, but when she returned from miami, the problem got worse. >> the living situation right now is not appropriate. you send your children to study and you are expecting to have a healthy environment. >> vasquez's daughter as well as two other students say the mold is so bad they have respiratory issues. >> between that and coughing and having a hard time breathing. >> when i moved in, i had bronchitis. through the whole semester, i was not able to get rid of it. >> video shot today shows personal belongings, now trash, out in the dorm hall ways. a sign warms others dangerous, don't touch. mold. >> they think just reimbursing is going to fix it. health is more important than paying for a mattress pad or a pillow.
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that said housing staff began working to resolve the problem, clean rooms and repair damaged items. the environmental health and safety department followed up checking the entire hall and deemed it safe. >> i don't think it's for people to continue to live here. >> they said the problem has been resolved, but some students believe the only constitution is for everyone to move out. nbc 6 news. >> miami police want to know if you can help them identify this man. officers say they found him behaving strangely on new year's day and took him to the hospital. they haven't been able to id him and they are asking for help. he is between 20 and 30 and has a tattoo of i had squirrel on his torso. police closed the case of a violent fight and arrested a girl for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. chopper 6 was over the scene near 19th court and northwest 58th avenue.
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school got into a fight. rescue crews fount one boy lying on the ground and took him to broward medical center and expected to be okay. >> scare when an armed robber challengers her store. watch when the man walked into smoothie king. the robber grabbed several hundred dollars and walked out. all while the manager was in the back at the time. the clerk was so shaken that she later quit. >> it doesn't happen normally, but she is okay. doing great. spoke to the family and the man. it was her first experience, but she is doing great now. >> take another look at this guy here. if you recognize him, call crimestoppers. an elevator becomes a death trap at the ocean king apartments. 47 rear old jose perez hernandez
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worked to repair it. they found a wedge on the third floor and it has not been maintained. >> a boca raton teacher found himself in court instead of a classroom. he was arrested for allegedly sending nude pictures to a 14-year-old student. nd was set at $100,000. the principal said he will not return to campus and will be reassigned in a position to have no contact with students. >> a suspended deputy accused of unjustly accusing a man is maintaining his innocence. and so are his friends and fellow deputies amid allegations he was not justified to kill. he pleaded not guilty to a manslaughter death.
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he ignored the commands, but he was using ear butts and they think deputies want to cover that up. >> the international community faces a challenge after north korea said they detonated a hydrogen bomb. white house press secretary josh earnest said analysis from his stations in asia were not consistent with the test of a drogen bomb. military officials said the intensity of the blast was way bflow the level you would expect from a hydrogen bomb. it could take days to verify north korea's claim. >> the migrant crisis is entering a new phase. they announced they mapped out a planned. a pilot program for a group of 180. the first test will depart on tuesday.
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and more in they leave from san jose. that includes airfare, bus fare, foot, taxes and health insurance. they can stay for 20 days while they find their own way to the border. the foreign minster expects as many as 7800 to make the trip, but the country is only allowing adults to travel on the test route. they will make changes as neeed, but it's clarity for thousands after months in limbo. >> there is a rise in boat traffic and more against the patrol teama. they think it's because of fear that the u.s. account end privileges. they believe it means migrants were more willing to resist and confront crews. in the first five daysf the year, cubans took to the seas on the dangerousjourney. >> a jewel thief is right here
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>> see the security video of her in action. >> residents of this homeless shelt complain of a bed bug administration. administrators react. >> forced out by flame, a video has no other choice than to jump out of their apartment. >> drying out and clearing out. now the sun may be around. i will have the forecast. >> then a reporter stabbed in e back. what went wrong that ultimately landed him in the hospital >> the home court is taken
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thing according to . >> complaining about conditions. people staying in a homeless shelter said it is infested with bed bugs. infestations in shelters are not uncommon, but those station
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jamie is joining us live from the chapman partnership. >> residents are losing sleep. that's how bad the bed bug problem is here. tonight they said it knows there is a problem and they are trying to fix it. >> they are horrible. i have gotten bitten left and right. >> residents at the homeless shelter are complaining about what they described as inhumane and horrible living conditions. the biggest worries are for the children. >> i'm in here for my newborn. he sleeps in a swing because i am scared he is going to get bid. he could end up in the hospital. >> they have been complaining for months and feel like nobody is listening. >> i complain every day and it's like a whoever. they shoot me to the side like i don't matter.
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with me. he has to sleep in a swing and i have to check him to make sure he has no bites. >> they respond to complaints on nbc 6. >> it's frustrating for the lez dents who live here and for the employees that work here. >> they have been tackling the problem for a while including monthly fumigations and screening at the door. >> when new residents come in, we treat and eradicate any bugs they may be bringing in with them. >> residents complain about the quality and safety of food and mold in the room. >> there is not a problem with food. we passed every health inspection with flying colors. >> the same goes for the mold issues according to the partnership. the facility had about a million dollar budget for capital improvements. nbc 6 news. >> a florida couple was accused
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like an animal. a radiologist was charged with child abuse and used zip ties that bound their 12-year-old daughter while keeping her in a playhouse described as a glorified cage. the child was there so long she would soil herself. police were alerted when she escaped and went to a neighbor for help. the parents said they had to restrain her because of violent outbursts outbursts. they are in d.c. f custody. >> a jump a boy and his parents made from a burning building in canada. the amateur video shows the 10-year-old boy dangleing for his father's arms before being dropped to safety. his parents jumped out of a fourth floor to escape. there report that is the ladder on a fire department truck malfunctioned. they landed in snow and were taken to the hospital where they are recovering. >> amazing video.
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after he is accidentally stabbed on camera after testing a protective vest. a company making knife-proof vests and decided to test it out. he put on the vest and a rep was demonstrating. watch what happens. the knife penetrated the vest, lightly wounding the reporter in the upppp back. here it is. the company that makes that vest said that he stabbed him in an area where there was no protective material. he said he got stitched and was discharged from the hospital. >> the fbi is on the hunt for a serial jewelry thief behind a multistate free. they conducted it over nine month, making off with more than a half million in valuables. following similar sets in
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the fbi said she is considered armed and dangerous. >> a young giraffe had to be put down following a streak accident. he was looking into an accident where keepers were examining a giraffe and his head got stuck. he panicked causing a spinal injury that left him unable to stand. the zoo made the difficult decision to euthanize him. >> the rain last night and into this morning ended in the afternoon and now there is only a couple of stray showers left. we will loom in for the shower activity and it's momong north to south. things are looking quiet. look at the totals from this evens.
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i saw no location in south florida that had over an inch of rain from the low pressure system that skirted south florida and is now moving away. temperatures are nice and cool. 65 degrees in miami and fort lauderdale. 68 in key pest. close to 60 for the overnight low. the rain was not strong and the sun will return and a warming trend for the rest of the week. it skirted by across the central bahamas bahamas. we have normal winds down the peninsula. rain is not totally abst. there is some precipitation along the treasure coast just to the north of here. i would expect that the risk of rain will continue to diminish as the low pressure system moves further away. you can see that the dry air is on the way from the west that will be over south florida. confident in calling for a
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good newthere. look at the future tracker and show you what to expect. some areas of fog are possible. very early in the day. if you are traveling along the trail westbound or perhaps the alligator alley, you are bound to run into fog. the fog is mainly in inland spots early in the day. mostly sunny and really looking like a nice thursday here. stray shower picked up by the future tracker. i don't have confidence that that will occur. 79 for the high after a morning low of 62. 81 degrees onfriday. a couple of evening showers. thes would not interrupt your day, but t`ey might interrupt your friday evening plans. stick around into saturday with the risk of thunderstorms. warm on saturday with a high near 83. on sunday still rain around as a front approaches and that front
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you notice there is rain in the forecast for a few of these days assed the typical elip typical el nino picks up. >> later this month chick-fil-a will dish out a kale salad with broccoli, and roasted nuts. they will retire the cole slaw that has been on the menu for 50 years. it's lighter and less than half the calories. it takes effect january 18th. >> i like that cole slaw. >> i do too. i will miss it. >> what would you do with $500 million? >> we watched a lot of people
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that power ball tonigh >> welcome back. power ball has been trending all day. >> nbc 6 reporter is joining us now from southwest miamiidate. we are still dreaming. >> what would you do with $500 million. that's the question we asked and helping others would be on top of a lot of lists. wewe watched so many try their luck more than once for a once in a time jackpot win.
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his luck with a smile. if he should win, he said he would help others first. >> i's a great opportunity to have. >> we found the idea of helping is a common theme on this wednesday night. we ask people what will you do if you win? >> share. there so many hungry and omeless people and that could use $100. >> when you have money, you have not be selfish. >> no doubt 500 million could change a lot of people's lives. that had some thinking only positive personal thoughts as they hit cash registers. >> i am the winner. >> this man switched his routine. he bought ten tickets, five
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he was not the only one trying more than once. of course 500 million would make it possible for leftovers after helping out a lot of people. he has two dreams he would fulfill. >> buy a big house and the opportunity to do that. >> if someone does choose the numbers, we will all know soon enough. did you try your luck today? here's a look at the winning numbers. back out here live, i'm not a winner tonight, but that's okay. if there is a winner, i like many of you would like to know who. live in miami, nbc 6 news. >> same here. i would like to know as well. >> i want to know if i was left out of the group at work. i wanted to share that.
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the knicks versus the heat. about it? >> ugly one. not a good game for miami fans and maybe the best one.
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a preview with the play of the
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court is being taken down. after this one, that's not such a bat thing. that's for the fourth win in a row. they haven't been able to do that and the heat couldn't do it again tonight. look at this in the third quarter. just as you think the heat are going to make a run, the easy basket on the other end. this keeps happening. up ahead, justice winslow. they get a break and beats winslow. the defense not as good as usual. less than six minutes left. the play of the day for the heat.
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that's why they stared him down. that's good ball movement and to robin lopez. the knicks win easy. the heat played 23 home games. they were 21 and 41 with seven straight on the road coming up. >> they were trying to get the guys going. let's make this one count for a white. you lose a game like tonight. he is such a big name that there is little video of him. he is the associate head coach for the buffalobills. here's a look at him. he is 47 and he is actually won two super bowls and a full time coach in the nfl since 2003.
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for the panthers withth jaeger's early vote as captain of the atlantic division. the defenseman with a goalie and coach all heading to nashville for the all-star game. four selections of franchise highs for the panthers on the winning streak. check out the sweet. good news ming its way around the team. congrats on the all-star game and better player. proud of you.
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