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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  January 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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coming up. >> a sudden dog attack has a family in tears as two of the dog's owners ended up in th hospital. the family dog is dead. >> we are following breaking news. a car was stolen with a child inside. >> the child is and sound, but police want to find the suspect. >> the 6-year-old girl was found about a mile away from the gas station. nbc reporter is live at the breaking details. >> reporter: we are at the gas station where this happened off of sample road. the 1700 block. the terrifying moments were caught on surveillance outside of this gas station outside of the convenience store door and
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with the little girl inside. >> the opt ma speeds out of the gas station and a 6-year-old girl was inside the stolen car. seconds later, you see her stepfather running after the vehicle. >> trying to jump on to the trunk and he was unsuccessful. >> also caught on camera, the moments leading up to the theft. here's a man police are looking for. he is wearing a blue shirt and what looks like a red cap. he walks to the back of the car and ducks down and makes hi way toy driver's seat. >> it was not running, but there was a remote key fob. >> they spotted the 6-year-old girl crying. >> when the child is being taken out of the car, the sususct actually when he stopped and turned to the child and said something about get out of the car. >> the girl was found and the
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it unfolded around 7:15. >> we tell people and we leave it unlocked and the second they had the key in there. at this moment police are searching for the car and the person who sold the vehicle. that car is 2012 black kia opt ma. cqqv 13. if you know anything, make sure to immediately call police or if you want to remain anonymous, call broward crimestoppers. reporting live in coral springs tonight, laura rodriguez. >> water woes tonight. thousands of gallons of water caused a mess after a break in miami.
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to nearby sinesses. stephanie is live from miami with more. stephanie? >> reporter: let me give youa i look at the sinkhole. you can see workers busy getting to the root of the problem. officials say this areaill be closed to drivers until at least tomorrow afternoon. they will be out here fixing a problem caused by a 12 inch water main break this afternoon, creating this mess on these miami streets. >> they were working around 3:30 and we heard a big explosion. we didn't know what it was. >> . >> the hole started getting bigger and bigger.
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the business took a hit when water rushed in. >> we got a messed up waiting room, but the department is also flooded with water. we have diagnostic equipment that got flooded. >> he estimates the damage between 60 to $80,000. officials say the break seems to be due to natural causes. >> we were able to shut it off and isolate it. >> the businesses are a nuisance, but not a problem. >> i am healthy and we are safe. anything like that. this is an accident. >> miami-dade sewer officials said the county will cover the cost due to damages on his property created by the water that nobody could have stopped. officials say in terms of the size of the water main, it's significant, but not the largest
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live in miami tonight, nbc 6 news. >> an elderly woman is recovering after a dog attack. her pet chihuahua did not survive the attack. >> the elderly couple feared for their lives as the woman was attacked here along the sidewalk just outside of her home as you mentioned. her chihuahua, 3-year-old, died after that dog attack. the husband so overwhelmedith emotion had a heart ax tack watching it happen. >> her wounds are deep. she was out on the daily morning
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two unleashed american bulldogs attacked. >> they basically devoured him. she got her left hand and tried to pull the dogs away. she winds up with 100 stitches. >> devastated by her dog's violent death, she was rushed to stitches. the nightmare didn't end there as her husband carried the dog's body bag home, he collapsed. >> my father suffered a heart attack. gucci is just not a pet. he was a family member. >> animal services has both dogs as partof the investigation. both are american bulldogs. the black female was the aggressor in the attack, but it's the white male who has the chip. the officers are trying to locate the owners. they hope all pet owners will learn from this. >> don't let them loose. don't allow this to happen to any other family. this could happen to your family.
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>> rojas said if not for a quick thinking driver who pulled her mother into the car, things could have been worse. >> i don't know who she is. may god bless her and thank you so much. you saved my mother. >> that bulldog will be in quarantine for tendays, but she will likely be deemed dangerous as for the rojas family, as they try to recover, they will searchch for a new puppy to love soon. >> we are getting the look at a community that comes tl discuss putting an end to gun violence. more on what came out that was meeting. jamie? >> president obama held a forum
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violence was the topic here tonight witit parents of murdered children demanding justice and change. tonight an arrest from an october murder. a teenager locked up for allegedly shooting and killing a girl as she sat in the car in florida city. >> her death was a 17-year-old girl who was killed bya 15-year-old with a gun. we were able to capture him in new york. we don't want to celebrate any raves or capture. we want to drive home that we need to put the guns down. >> just last week in miami-dade, a 7-year-old shot ask killed in a drive by. a 13-year-old shot and he is still in the hospital. >> the real problem is our youth is dying. >> at a church, parents spoke about the gun violence both present and past. i'm prayingng he is going to get
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>> demandings be enforced and more investigations and victim advocates. >> i'm angry. someone had called me "ack and at least had the decency to tell me we have a name. maybe some of. >> be concerned about what's going on and have sympathy and have care for the parents that are going through this. we ourselves are victims. >> gun control did come up here. tonightthe florida legislature is considering bills that would give people the right to open carry and carry guns on campus. live tonight in miami gardens, nbc 6 news. >> thank you. we are getting our first look at the bloody bus stop brawl in lauder hill.
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police say a 16-yr-old girl stabbed her classmate twice as they got off the b. you can see the knife sticking out of the boy's back. cops arrested the girl for battery with a dely weapon and the victim's mother did not want to show her face, but her son is in stable condition recovering at the hospital. >> you have to think about what you are doing when you care. she took them at the school when she got off the bus. >> fortunately we have a lot of witnesses that remained on the scene. >> a judge ordered that teen girl held on house arrest and she will be able to go to school. the son was involved in the fight because he was defending a friend. >> a crook robbed a restaurant under a minute. this happened in a kfc on sunrise boulevard on west 30th. the thief slides over a counter and demands money. he stuffed the cash into his book baba and yanked out the
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there were terrifiecustomers waiting in line. >> stopping a pair of thieves before they strike again.n. home surveillance caught one man checking this car in hopesp it was unlocked. he walked away empty-handed. they rummaged through a number of victims and stole from four of them. in one case, the thieves made off with the firearm. >> still ahead, a case of animal abuse. >> what happened to this adooble little kitten after it was declawed. >> a moldy mess at florida state university. what more students are saying about the conditions in the dorms. >> today was the most beautiful day we have had since the beginning of winter. will it last? we will get rain soon. details are coming up. >> plus, a can opener for a good reason. where this bridge is locate and how many accidents like this
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>> south florida's hockey team getting national attention. you have to see how the record
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barely, but thanks to a >> two people are facing felonieafter a botched declawing operation. the woman who owned the kitten said she couldn't afford a veterinarian. this was toby the cat when he was healthy. it died after being declawed. >> she is charged with animal cruelty saying she couldn't afford to have the kitten declawed so she gave it to this man, not a veterinarian. he had the kitten declawed. >> it's major surgery. the pet has to be under anesthesia. >> bad idea. declawing a cat is no simple procedure and atually involves
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ffline's toe and the nail. >> the pet can have infection and permanent damage to the nerves and permanent damage to the bones. you can have death. >> that's what happened to toby. an infection set in. police say he suffered for several weeks. she took toby to this animal welfare society and he died a day later. she is charged with animal cruelty. the man faces the same charge for helping with the procedure. there good reasons to have a cat declawed, but it must be done right. >> it is not illegal when it's done by a license the veterinarian. >> she knew he was not a licensed veterinarian. >> one of the most read stories. fsu students saw their
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i mother said it's the reason her daughter has been so sick. the conditions have forced her daughter to move three times in one semester. even sleeping in hotels during fins. the school safety department followed up on the mold and deemed the situation safe. it's not enough for the family who said they are paying for an off campus apartment. >> 17 were rescued after an elevator was trapped at a salt mine. the group was stuck for nine hours in the salt line in lansing, new york. one of the vertical beams was loose under the elevator, causeing it to be stuck. a basket was lowered by crane and the miners were lifted to safety.. >> a bridge known as the can opener is the most unforgiving under pass in america. you can see why. it has been the scene of at least 101 crashes since 2008 involving trucks slamming into
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the bridge had the clearance of 11 feet, two feet lower than usual. the state department of transportation plans to install more sophisticated warning sensors. >> i think today was off the charts in terms of beautiful weather. we had sunshine and comfortable temperatures. if you look live, rain is starting to show up to the west of naples. that rape is headed eastbound and eventually is going to reach south florida as early as tomorrow. readings in t mid- to lower 60s at 71. we have a 62 degree reading and
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66 in miami and fort lauderdale. was today the best weather since let's say the beginning of autumn? i think it was. clouds and it could rain and a good chance for the weekend. off to the right, up until yesterday morning was generating rains. i bring it up to the west because it has been a strong system and generating winds and trying to acquire some tropical characters. the national turn center is trying to track it and a slight chance it could become subtropical storm alex, the first name on the list of the 2016 season that doesn't start for five months. it's out at the atlantic.
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you can see it has a front with it and producing rains in the eastern gulf of mexico and this rain is moving quickly towards our state. it will affect the entire peninsula anddhe first folks to see it will be the lower florida keys. you can see that rain advancing towards you from the west. you will see rain and perhaps ft. meyers and naples as well. as far as miami, that's when you can expect that rain to approach. the forecast looks a bit unsettled and temperatures reaching 80 over the next couple of days. 7:00 in the morning, you are being affected.
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midday hours and the showers and rumbles of 80 your high for tomorrow. a risk of showers and thunderstorms. a good chance of rain and rain on sunday. lingering on monday and it will be cooler after a front moves through the area. >> manatees on the move from endangered to a threatened classification of series. the fish and wildlife series said the population and manatees are primarily found in florida, but the range extends to puerto
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sandwich had them talking. the federal government released the latest dietary guidelines and susuests americans limit the added sugar to 10% of the daily calories. they advised people to cut back on salt and saturated fats and
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>> a picture of a cheese sandwich has people talking in indiana. take a look at is. a senior upset with a sad looking meal and posted it online. the policy followed regulations and similar to other districts. students and parents said it could be carried out in a better way. >> i think the worst part was that they did it when you were paying in front of everybody else. if you didn't have the money you needed in your account, everyone got to see that. >> the superintendent said the policy does not apply to those who qualify for free or reduced lurches. it district had to pay $50,000 in unpaid school meals. >> you may have watched j-lo showing her acting shops here on nbc 6. >> the suspect fired a second shot. >> twice?
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>> jenny frfr the block produces and stars in nbc's new cop drama has new york detective harley santos. a mother who runs with a group of dirty cops after getting caught with the fbi and strgles to walk the line all while working to keep everything together for her teen daughter. >> we make messed up choices thinking in the long run it will turn out okay. >> shades of blues airs every thursday followed by the nbc 6 news at 11:00. >> janet jackson posted a two-monday grap dreesing rumors that she has throat cancer which she denies. she she postponed dates to her tour for an unspecified reason.
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the shows and sunrise scheduled for march 9th. >> let's go, panthers. >> the miami heat are on bort. this is amazing.
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>> even though playing in a different country extended the team record for the longest streak ever. let's check in on the moments. still awesome. they did get the first shot of the game until 12 minutes in. it's a nice shot. reilly smith makes it 1-0. eight seconds later, they intercept the bad pass and scores another goal. showing why he is an all-star. the oldest goie at 36 stopping the two-manpower play. third period now is the money line. the game down the stretch, but
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longest at 2014 and the league. tonight's team mvp and gets to wear the spacey and space hoodie. it still remains secret. >> lots of love and big cats around the world. lion country safari and rolling for the cats and the tweet. the panthers celebrated with a kitty cat picture. sending love with the rat emojis. the dolphins have interviewed the guys some believe is a favorite to get the head coaching job. adam gays is the bears coordinator and spent time in the same position for the broncos, but they have competition.
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philadelphia in tonight's can't miss click, a teacher proves he has
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they dance to the popular song. >> that's nothing.
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