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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  January 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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million can buy. >> dating disaster. the search is on for two women who drugged dates and robbed them. it's a story that is all new tonight. good evening. >> coral gables police said they met up with allegationed victims at the heart of the gables. >> live from the gable where is this all went down. stephanie? >> reporter: detectives here from the coral gables police department said the crimes both started at restaurants feet away from each other and ended at the victim's home. coral gables police are looking for two women who said they committed almost identical crimes in two restaurants in the city. suspect one is identified as a sort black female with long hair and tattoos on her torso and back. she was wearing a shirt and a skirt when she walked into the
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evening of january 6th and approached a man sitting at the bar striking up conversation. the two had drinks and left to the man's home. the victim said they kept drinking and soon he suspected he was drugged. the nxt day this woman was gone and her male victim woke up to find his rolex missing. paranormally it's something men do towomen. scary. >> this is near many restaurants across the street from morton's where another man was approached by this woman who detectives say also started conversations and had drinks with the victims. police say the woman described as a short black female with long hair and tattooed wearing a red dress and ended up at the male victim's he where they continued drunking. the man found his watch, cash, and a firearm was stolen.
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they have not said if the woman were work together or the drugs that were used. >> anyone with information on the cases is asked to call police or crimestoppers with the number at the bottom of your screen. >> stephanie, thaha you. a live look as the magic city is sparkling tonight. we have seen showers this evening and may be if store for a wet weekend. john morales is joining us. >> at least parts of the weekend could be wet and that rain is moving offshore. this area of rain has intensified tonight as it moves towards the east. it's linked to an area of low pressure and it's expected to exit to the east. this rain is not coming back and new areas could approach by tomorrow as you can see. the showers and even
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at this hour anded heading further towards the east. as i said, the rainfall was not that impressive as this area of low pressure moved through d we are talking from 2/100s to 8/100s of an inch of rain. the highest was 14/100s of an inch. visibility was down to the low two miles and it's going to be a foggy night for the interior areas and itill be foggy tomorrow morning. if you have plans for earlier in the day, we will have the full weekend forecast. >> you can get the forecast in yr neighborhood any time of day. >> the president of mexico tweeted out mission accomplished. we have them. nof the drug lord is back in the hands of mexican law enforcement and the question is will he stay there or be sent to the united states.
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drug lord's home state. he was recaptured from the maximum security prison. >> el chappo guzman is behind bars again. he arrived in jail in mexico city this afternoo he held a press conference in mexico city confirming the capture of fugitive drug lord el chappo guzman. >> this morning in the municipality of sinaloa, members of government institutions achieved the capture of joaquin guzman. >> mexican drug lord had been on the run after a caring july 11th escape. his second successful flight from a mexican prison. the president callele the recapture an achievement that was the result of the coordination of our armed forces.
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federal police and the country's attorney general's office and the center for national security. the navy's statement said marines stormed into a home before dawn. mexican soldiers surrounded the home after a neighbor reported gun toting men in the residence according to the navy. they were fired on from inside the building. five suspects were killed and six others arrested, the navy said. guzman,,leader of the sinaloa drug cartel set off a manhunt on july 11th, 2015 when he escaped into a hole in his shower at a prison near mexico city. he fled on a m mtor bike that led to a residential construction site.. he escaped from prison once before in 2001. at that time he escaped hidden in a laundry cart.
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>> we have new details on a car theft that saw a child get taken for a scary ride. watch as a man enters the gas station thursday nighteaving his 6-year-old stepdaughter in the car with the keys. another person got in and they dropped the car off. she was not hurt. the police are still looking for the car and the thieves. >> several families were forced out by flame. three family dogs did not escape the fire. joining us live from hollywood with more tonight. steve? >> a difficult and long day and even longer night for the people who used to live in this apartment building off u.s. one in hollywood. there was a huge fire earlier. crews spent the night patching up the building and it started in the upstairs unit. some of their pets didn't make
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>> everything is gone. the touches and everything. >> the clean up after a devastating fire with gaping holes being boarded up and people who used to live here. at the peak with flame shooting out of the windows and another angle shows thick smoke billowing from the building. >> i thought it was just the smoke detector. i knew. they were great with kids. >> it broke out about 2:30 in the top unit of the apartment building. it's off u.s. near hollywood boulevard. firefighters responded within
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portion of the building was fngulfed engulfed. a pot on a hot stove may have caused the fire. this unit suffered the most damage and all four are uninhabitable. a 30 dog died in the fire. nobody was hurt. >> some of the people being put up at a building in the neighborhood boned eye the same man who owns that building. they are calling it a kitchen fire. nbc 6 news. >> a woman lost her life after her car spun out of control. the aftermath was caught on video near 12th street. they think the woman's lexus burst into flame. the fire reached several stories into the sky. sirens and alarm filled the morning as crews worked to put the flame out.
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in front of them blew up and there was about kept on blowing up. >> there was a lot of action in the street and nothing like this. >> investigators want to find out if speed was a factor. tow trucks. >> a couple was attacked after a baseball bat to steal their suv. they were shattered in oakland park after midnight at a 7-11. the victims claimed video caught one of the ax tack-- attackers were inside the score. >> deputies are hoping that video will catch a remorseful robber. he held up a clerk at a little caesars to help buy a christmas present.
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the little caesars. he said he pointed a gun and asked them to please open the safe and that he was sorry for doing this, but his kids need christmas. as you can see the robber was dressed in all black and he had gold teeth and a mustache. if you have any information, call crimestoppers. >> talk about lost soles. they lost shoe when is it overturned near sun life stadium. he was bringing in the shoes from new orleans so they could be distributed to people in need. the mess was cleaned up and no one was seriously hurt. >> a boy accused of a murder will stay behind bars in his trial. >> you were indicted for a first-degree murder. how old are y? >> 15. >> just 15 years old, christopher walker is accused of murder.
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hours after police found him and sent him to south florida. cops think that walker is responsible for shooting into a car back in october, killing a 17-year-old girl and hurting the two boys she was with. >> polk county deputies in relation to a triple homicide. they believe a van could be headed to miami. they are searching for three men seen leaving in a white commercial van. the older model has unknown writing. east magnolia about the time of the shooting. it appears to be drug-related. >> a police officer appeared to be ambushed. he confessed to shooting the top who survived a violent tack. >> flirting with record highs. also lots of rain.
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weekend. >> causing artistic controversy. you can take a look at it a decide for yourself.
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what you we a back with a suspect who was inspired by isis to shoot a police officer. he walked up to a police cruiser and opened fire on the officer at point blank range. the officer was shot three times in the arm and still managed to return fire and hit the suspect who was arrested. the officer survived and will require extensive surgeries. the gun was reported stolen from another home in 2013. archer traveled twice and was not on any terror watch list. >> a father is under
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took a wild ride along a busy highway. take a look at the pictures. officers responded to a 911 call attempting to enter traffic. he took off on a motorized toy truck and ended up in the roadway by cutting through neighbors's yards. they used a blanket to cover the toddler who was only wearing a shirt and diaper. >> i was shocked. that's why i took the pictures. i thought nobody is going to believe. >> the father told witnesses that the toddler got out of the house bying on climbing on a chair and unlocking the door. >> the mayor unveiled a series of sculptures. the piece is deticketing the parallels between man and dog as they mark their territory. the public art is not displaying the right message, some say.
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>> it looks like cigar. >> the graphic display has people taking action. >> wow. coast to coast it got even bigger. >> joining us live and by tomorrow night's drawing, it might be making someone an instant blionaire with a b. >> a billion dollars is almost unheard of. so much so that if it reaches a billion dollars, that will not be able to reflect that. tomorrow promises to be the busiest. one billion with a b. convenience stores and gas stations have seen a surge of customer who is see a potf gold as the power ball jackpot
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>> a lot of people are going to be crazy. >> the customers know this chevron has a history of selling winning tickets sold in 2007. >> for myself.f. every week i feel like that. >> power ball selling close to $145,000 in tickets a minute. in a highly secured building, burying two stories and no one person and two hours before, each ball is solid and is weighted to make sure all are equal. each is 80 gram, about the weight of a super bowl ring.
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will be randomly selected. the odds of winning are one in 292 million. the odds of losing are nearly 100%. nbc 6 news. >> let me give you a brief synopsis synopsis. the chance of rain is very, very slight. the rain is moving away from us. tomorrow's rain if it appears will be in the afternoon. there is a slight risk of thunderstorms. the biggest chance will be for sunday. the fog is developing in parts of deep southern miamiidate county.
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includes the bulk of miamiidate as far as the thick fog is concerned and mainly the western suurbs of broward. then it can take until mid-morning. the fog tracker has pockets of fog for parts of southern dade county. if youave plans, be careful if you will be jogging or on a bike. 72 right now in miami. 71 in fort lauderdale and cooler in ental. here are the weather headlines. this is what we are seeing. we had two cloudy days and this is the weather pattern that we see in the el nino winters. so many weather patterns and we will have plenty of those. this weekend warm and humid and especially on sunday. that will be the highest rain chance. the one system that is affecting
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very close to us moving eastbound and away from us. during the overnight hours, as it does again, it will take the rain with it. keep in mind fog for late tonight and the fog will dissipate. slight risk of thunderstorms in the afternoon. let's look at the future trackers and how it is expected to unfold. 7:00 a.m. and fog with light wind when we start to see sun later in the day. this is the noon time look. low clouds and a couple of showers. the chance of rain is only about 20%. 68 degrees and fog. maybe that slight risk of a thunderstorm. 83 by the way, o degree shy of the record high temperature on saturday. 84 would tie the record on sunday. that's the best chance of rain ahead of a cold front that moves through and drops the temperatures for next week.
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ls mostly 55 to 65. >> nice, john. thank you. let's look at this, everyone. amazing video out of california. a man forced to do quick thinking here. he said that he noticed rain and a little water on the highway, but out of nowhere, take a look at this. a wall of water and lots of debris. he knew he had to act quickly so he put his car in reverse and tried to outrun the waters. he did just that. it slowed down enough for him to turn around quickly. >> the minnesota vikings are set to play a wild card game. they prepped the field ahead of the playoffs. rolling the tarp over the turf and that kept it from freezing. the vikings move from minnesota fields to a domed stadium. you can catch sunday's game
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>> the biggest party, the golden globes.
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. >> if you are a single guy looking for love, buy a dog. a group of professors surveyed 1200 users who
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their profiles and owning a pet makes someone more attractive. not just any pet. 39% said owning a cat is a deal breaker. >> ricky gervais is looking to get the last laugh this sunday. he hosted the show three times before and not since 2012. some wondered if he would ever host again as he took shots and he said you are going to have to tune in to find out. >> this can offend everyone in the world. it's the not knowing that is exciting. >> new year's day, he tweeted out an apology for the things he will say sunday night. oh, boy. the show airs sunday followed by the golden globe awards show at 8:00. >> the miami heat is in action tonight. we will have an update on the
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>> the dolphins appear to have a taking on the phoenix suns, the heatpening up a-game road trip and so farr this hasas gone back and forth. the first game back to phoenix, he had an early impact scoring the first six points and the heat would have no problems
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both m mking big plays for the lead. in the second half, big runs that lead tofu league changes. as the search for a head coach continues, one candidate emerged as a favorite. dan campbell got his chance today. he is stepping in with the 5-7 record. he was elevated from tight end coach. campbell is considered a long shot for the job, but was named as a candidate when the season ended. reports are now that chicago bears coordinator adam gays has emerge as the favorite. he will be the first candidate to interview twice with the dolphins. we will keep you posted. students may be scheduled to hospital back at the u on monday.
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the 13th ranked c ces will be there tomorrow night. it's pay back and last season's guard scored 30 pots in the final four minutes and to bring the team back from the deficit. the early loss is t play. the game's head coach is not taking any conference opponent lightly. >> this league from people who observed it might have as many as ten teams. who will finish 13th. it will be someone with good find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
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