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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  January 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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we will continue following the story and have more for you on the news and weather app. also someone, somewhere may be a millionaire tonight or close to a billionaire. the dwing of the biggest jackpot ever is being held as we speak. millions of people are holding tickets hoping to be the lucky winners. we go to stephanie live at a gas station there in north miami where they are feeng the power ball frenzy. >> the power ball frenzy here and everywhere in the country it's to say. $900 million and we just got the winning numbers.
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32, 16, 19, 57, 34, and the power ball is 13. it will be interesting to see if there is a winner. >> a single $2 cket can change your life. >> it only takes one. >> this gas station was extra busy this weekend with customers trying their luck. >> i have a lot of family. >> feeling lucky. >> i don't play every week, but i will win today. >> from single tickets to more than one. it's not uncommon for them to lineup when a jackpot is on the line. this store sold several winning tickets before. >> i have a feeling we will be second or third, but we had a lot of winners, 10 million on this store. >> that are is nothing compared to the $900 million jackpot up for grabs today. the power ball drawing took
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non-script building in a vault buried two stories underground. no one person is allowed to enter without two other independent observers. the odds of winning is 1 in 292 million. this is the biggest jackpot in history and the history of power ball and any lottery and the numbers were just drawn and we will know soon jump if there is a winner and who it is. live in north miami tend to, nbc 6 news. >> the final number that was being drawn here is $949,800 to be exact. the lucky numbers are 32, 16, 19, 57, 34, and the power ball is 13. good luck to you. >> a new fresh face at dolphins camp. they announced the coach and the move to miami is historic.
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latest hire. >> he had grews, but felt good about the dolphins's situation. it is the highly coveted coordinator. the dolphins acted fast to make sure the top choice didn't get away. the 37-year-old is introduced as the new head coach. >> we are looking for competitors every day we step into the building. we feel like we are building that right now. >> we found that person that will lead us for many, many super bowls in the future. not this year. it will take time. there is no big prediction. i know what you want to say. >> part of the pitch, the weather and a tax break. mike said sdif and no state income tax, but about 100? >> i was not sure if you were
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>> in a one on one, i got more into his personality. >> you are a bit of a workaholic? is that fair? >> i just really enjoy the job i'm able to do day in and day out. trying to figure o o a way to get better. >> caffeine and coffee? >> i'm a huge coffee guy. >> have you had cuban coffee? >> i haven't. >> you will. >> hooey is the youngest coachch and youngest in dolphins history. how did he earn the players's respect? the former quarterback helped him learn the answer. john said players don't care what you have done in the past, they want to know how you can make em a better player and get them paid. if you can do those things, guys will help that.
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him is a good one. peyton manning. i asked how they feel about south florida and the weather, he said he doesn't know and hasn't had a chance to ask them. nbc 6 news. >> where there is unity, there is strength. we have strength here t tight to take back our community. >> politicians church leaders cominging to to say enough is enough. after a 7-year-old was shot and tilled days after christmas. there was a peace walk and they will not allow people to lose their_ lives to gun violence and they're being proactive instead of reactive. hundreds of gun enthusiasts on the head of president obama's executive order on gun control.
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about the president's plan. good evening. gun control is a couchy topic and you would expect most people don't like president obama's executive order, but you speak with some who do like it. take a look.i >> rifles,i hand guns, pistotos. a gun enthusiast's dream. not a dream is `resident obama's executive order. >> we have the second amendment for a reason. that's what it comes down to. >> that sets ourselves from the government and each other. >> some say the current laws are plenty enough. >> we had these laws in place and they are not being enforced. >> that sets requirements for background checks and the fbi will hire more people to do the checks and ban anyone on the no-fly list from buying guns.
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private sales, you will need a baground check as well. on that note, there is more disagreement. >> obviously your friends and neighbors knows you and trusts you and that should be enough. >> there was one supporter we ran into. >> it's necessary for our safety. >> regardless of which side you are on, you want these out of the hands of bad guys. here are opinions on how that might be done. >> you have to have community. you have to have people who are watching their neighbor. >> itas to be completely controlled. >> two more shooltings and one woman killed. >> you need to stop the vioonce. >> some argue that's all the more the executive order is trying to do. >> one thing is certain on both sides of the argument. there is no clear way to prevent
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happening, but hopefully in the future they hope they somehow can be stopped. for n n in miami, bobby brooks, nbc 6 news. >> president obama will honor victims at his last state of the union address next week. they will honor the victims who no longer have a choice. traditionally are thes invise a way to underscore a theme. he hopes it will be a reminder of those who have been killed and also serve a message to kk to do something about this. you can watch mr. obama's last say the of the union here on nbc 6 starting at 9:00. >> sounds like something out of a movie and we are learning a desire for fame on the big screen may have been drug kingpin el chappo's undoing. the cartel leader, one of the most wanted men in the world.
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where he faces multiple charges.
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overnight, once custody acting on tips. they busted abigail kemp near atllta atlanta, georgia. she and her partner in crime swiped more than $4 million in high end merchandise. they hit six stores including hooer in floater. the biggest theft back in august is estimated she made off with more than $400,000 in jewels. she tied themm up and stole
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gloves to revent minutes. a tornado touched down and trees and power lines are down. it was unlike anything that they have ever heard. >> it sounded like a train. like a trait train coming throughhe back yard. >> always a train. at least 9,000 people are without power in that area at this hour. back at home, cape coral is not far from us. >> that are line has been off to the east. itits quiet now in the cape coral. we will keep an eye throughthe overnight. if we see rain, it will be the window between 2:00 and 4:00 a.m. a lot will fall apart as it moves off to the east and
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a lot of rain into therea into west wall and points north. it has been fine in the two-county area, but rain chances that will lay out for you in the fixture few minutes. a very impressive line and a lot of activity beginning to weaken. how about miami-dade county. skies partly cloudy and visibility is fine. a mild evening and temperatures will be well above average again tonight and into tomorrow. then changes kick in. that tied the old hoard high. the week ahead, weatherwise it's up and down. cool air and better established and finally a taste of winder coming our way. winter in january.
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we are going to settle the temperatures down. 75 in miami and 76 in fort lauderdale. the front itse has a line that develops late in the day. we will get a nudge on the front bringing it through the area tomorrow afternoon and cooler air is setting us up for a great forecast o o monday. watching those showers and a window of opportunity. a lot of the activity will windle and could see isolated if not scattered showers. sunday morning into the 70s and lower 80s before e front. winds turn to the north and we are down to the upper 50s and
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that will feel nice. after midnight. isolated showers possible. your sunday starts off and get to the mid-afternoon hours and 82. cold front sweeps in and we clear it out monday. morning lows in the upper 50s and we are in and out of the
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you . >> how young is the new head coach? 37, three years younger than don schuller when he beeme the miami head coach. the youngest coach in the nfl and a lack of age, experience, that is not holding him back and not stopping him from having power. at the press conference, we learned that he will have final say over the roster and will be
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>> if i end up finding the coordinator, that is the direction we will head. >> if you are arguing with the coach and the players know, who am i really reporting to, who has couldability, year after year they have been winners, it's where they coach. it's accountable for everything. >> gays is considered a quarterback whisperer. they wouldn't say it, but they hope he will come in and be the guy who can finally get the most oust ryan tan hill. we go back in the studio for the rest of sports. >> in the gables, the hurricanes looked to increase the-game winning streak against the seminoles. they had no problem with the 'noles.
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boards and shooting guards. 20 came in the second half and it's 7-7 from the field. they helped them notch the eighth win in a row. the final score here is 72-59. meanwhile, the heat travelled to utah for the second installment of the road trip. it was neck and neck in the first. highlighted by the chase down block. in the second half here, the heat in the game with 11 straight points. that wouldn't be enough to keep up with the jazz forward gordon hayward. he is 32 and lighting it up. they are up in the fourth. we can't forget about the playoffs although they wish they could.
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with the opening kickoff and 106 yards from the score. that's the first player to score in the postseason kickoff. final score here is 30-0. counting down the golden globe awards and the twitter page posted a picture at rehearsals today. the brightest stars in and film. he completed the caption testing, testing. who will get a globe and who will get snubbed? it begins at 7:00 followed by the ceremony at 8:00.
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