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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today Sunday at 7am  NBC  January 10, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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plus new surprising details about the hollywood actor who met with drug lord el chapo before his capture. good morning. welcome to nbc 6 south florida today. it is sunday, january 10th. thanks for waking up with us. i'm julia bagg. erika del gadiogado, good morning. >> good morning. the first line of showers and even thunderstorms over the atlantic waters that, beginning to move further and further away from us. however, we are keeping an eye
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outside of miami dade and broward county. some of those beginning to ten per western portion of the broward county. we are expecting possibly an isolated thunderstorm or two ahead of a cold front that is expected to leave us changes tonight and tomorrow. all the way down south you'vee been reaching the homestead area, visibility down to less than a mile. keep that in mind if you are heading out this early in the morning. right now we're 68 in miami, and first alert forecast because of the showers in the forecast, i'm going to leave them throughout the morning hours but the best shot of showers today will be coming up later in the afternoon. >> it's a potential jackpot of nearly $950 million wasn't enough to make you want to buy a
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5 billion, that's right, with a b. that's right, no winning ticket. >> $1.3 billion jackpot, lucky for u it's still up for grabs. the winning number for the $900 million powerball drawing of 32, 16, 19, 57, and 34. the winning powerball number is 13. the first five can be in any order but the sixth must be the powerball number. this morning none of that matters because there were no jackpot winners in the state for last night's drawing. the chances of winning were just 1 in 1.92 million. now, in georgia lines were extra
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from alabama, one of just six states that does not participate in the powerball. in one california store, home to seven previous winners, people lined up for a chance toub the lucky blue bird. the jackpot started at 40 million back in november. as people rushed to get their $2 ticket, prize just eps growing. even though no ticket matched all six numbers, there were several tickets matching five numbers without the powerball. the lucky few great million dollar each. the next drawing is wednesday. erika glover, nbc 6 news. >> nbc 6 this morning working to get information on two new shootings foryou. at we told you in breaking news at 11 last night, someone shot a man in the head of the northwest
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police are not releasing much details. watch for condition updates on the victims and new details on our nbc 6 app. >> where there's unity, there's strength and we have strength here tonight to take back our community. >> shootings like those last night all too familiar here in south florida. last night community leaders me together hoping to do something about the violence plaguing our streets. this march against gun violence happened in south weather miami dade honoring amir castro. he died just days after christmas in a drive-by shooting. neighbors telling us they want to work together to stop the next one so vigils like the one up see here will become a thing of the past.
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enthusiasts flooded to the gun show. >> obviously gun control a very touchy topic. and here at the gun show, as you would exct, most people don't like president obama's executive order on gun control. however, i did speak with some who do like it. take a look. rifles, handguns, classic pistols. the florida gun show in miami, a gun enthusiast's dream. some argue president obama's legislation on gun control is unreasonable. >> we have our second amendment for the reason, to protect ourselves from the government and f fom each other. >> we already have these laws in place, they're just not being enforced. >> the orders will expand requirements for background checks. the fbi will hire more people to
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on the no-fly listrom biographybuying guns. and if you're doing private sales, you have to do a background check. >> your friend, your neighbor knows you. that trust in my opinion should be enough. >> there was one supporter of it we ran into. >> i think it necessary for our safety. >> regardless of what side of the argument you're on, you're going to want to get these out of the hand of bad guys. here's some opinions on how that might be done. >> i think y y have to have community. you have to have people watching their neighbor. >> it has to be completely controlled. >> in miami dade county, two more shootings, one woman killed, two more men shot. >> y'all need to stop this violence! >> many would argue that's all the more president obama's executive order is trying to
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>> right now there's no clear way to prevent these heinous crimes from happening.g. for right now, bobby brooks, nbc 6 news. >> pressure off president obama's executive action on gun control, you might spot something missing at the white house. when he gives his final state of the union address, things might be different. normally the invited guest sits next to the first lady. but that seat will remain empty. it's a symbol of those who lost their lives to guns. special coverage on the state of
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at the9:00 here on nbc 6. >> and several towns in syria that have been cut off from efforts by years of civil war are finally about to see some relief efforts. see the heart breaking images that led to a new deal. >> south florida, not the best voting day. we are expecting scattered showers and possibly isolated thunderstorms. if you are heading out to the atlaic water, please be careful. biscayne bay will be at a moderate chop all day. janet? cough if you can hear me. don't even think about it. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? it works on his cough too. cough! it works on his cough too. mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs for 12 hours.
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all this is happening after several sexual assaults and robberies after new year's celebrations. the company accept ped more than a million refugees last year. >> and a welcome event turned into a violent event, a man on a bike peppered sprayed them. he took off on a bike and police have yet to catch up to him. >> desperation is heart breaking in the syrian civil war. >> reporter: in this town, it's come to this, salt for a meal. a boy begging for food.
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haven't eaten in three days. and babies slowly starving to death. this 7-month-old is living on salt and water with milk every ten days. these pictures and videos taken by medical workers who live in the village. hundreds hereare suffering from malnutrition. many are on death's door. >> we have seen 23 of our patients, children and adults die of acute malnutrition. our doctors are feeding the children medical syrup. >> madaya has been surrounded by damascus for monlhs, no one getting out, no food getting in. in northern syria, opposition fighters are doing the same to two pro government villages, innocent civil advance caught in the middle. human rights groups say a quarter of a million people have
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civil war and now entire towns are being starved to death. >> today some hope. >> are you confident you now have safe mass and to go to madaya and these other town? >> we're cautiously optimistic. >> reporter: but deals have been made and broken before. for some it's already too late. every day they say help is coming, this man says, and it never does. >> now first alert weather with meteorologist ika delgado, south florida's most accurate forecast. >> south florida, happy sunday to you. right now temperatures are in the upper 60s and low 70s. as can you see our live first
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active over the atlantic waters and over the gulf of mexio. we have that cold front we been keeping an eye on. plenty of shower activity over the@bahamas and also out behind me now, we are seeing showers moving into the western portions of brard county. let's put things into motion for you as things are approaching to the north and east. we saw a few showers overnight for broward county and miami dade. you want to have those umbrellas handy all day long. as you can see now, everything is moving towards the east. other than that, things are okay for us but it is pretty muggy out there. that cold front will bring us major changes as early as tonight. upper 60s in miami. 70 degrees in fort lauderdale. let's take a look outside of our first alert cam. things looking pretty good right now.
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than anything but at least we're rain free so far on this sunday morning. zooming out, you'll see all the moisture over the gulf of mexico that length continue to pump into south florida, that cold p cold front across the south. temperatures reaching into the lower 80s but i think it going it be earlier in the day because when the front comes through and the showers begin, it will cool us down we'll keep in mind we could see an isolated shower or two for the first half of the day. keep that umbrella close because we will be needing it today. the bigger picture, slow live pushing toward the south, showers, scattered showers and possibly an isolated showers. temperatures cooling down behind that front. going to be a big difference tonight. today will be our main threat in
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thunderstorms are possible. oncehe front clears the area, temperatures will be in the 70s and that will stick around most of the work week. >> alexandria, virginia is a history known for its history-rich cobblestone streets but it's what lies beath as the city looks to revitalize one of its most important neighborhoods. erika hill reports. >> reporter: the land along the waterfront is known to hold keys to the city's past, but even this discovery came as a bit of a surprise. >> this was the last corner of the construction site that we were working in when we found it. so it's kind of like, oh, my gosh, there it is. >> a ship's hull, believed to be from the late 1700s. >> the unusual thing about this
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but by how heavily constructed it was, which meant this was either a ship built for heavy cargo and extremely heavy cargo or it might have been a fortified military ship. >> in a separate corner, remains of a warehouse built in 1755 were unearthed, along with bits of pottery and glassware. each layer of earth revealing clue as to how people lived in this city as it evolved. >> it really is the beginnings of our town. it where it all happened in the 18th century. >> do you anticipate more discoveries like this? >> yes, we do. we can't wait. >> the ship, which will now be dismantled, will be stored and studied.
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>> it's just the pure discovery, putting the archaeology with the history. that's why i do this. >> time now 7:18. still ahead, tonight hollywood is honoring the best in television and film at the 73rd
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see who is expected to win > hollywood is gearing up for one of its glitziest events. >> often there is more suspense about what's said than what's won at the golden globes. >> all right, all right, all right! >> but not this year.
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tight this year at the golden globes. >> the bt drama nominee "carol" has the most nominations. >> i think "spotlight" could win by a wear. but the revenient could win, "mamax" could win. >> the edge has to go to leonardo decaprio. he wen so much physically and emotionally to put this performance on screen. >> carter sees best actress nominees kate blanchet chasing two other contenders. >> this is a race between bri
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>> matt damon's role as a marooned astronaut is expected to beat out steve carell. >> he won for "goodwill hunting" but he's never won one for acting. i think that could change this weekend. >> if amy schumer wins best actress in a comedy, that's going to be the speech of the night. >> those globe's history has shown it could have plenty of competition. >> all right. and to find out who will walk away with a globe and who gets snubbed, well, tune in tonight right here on nbc 6. >> the red carpet show begins at 7:00, followed by the ceremony at 8:00. >> they're waking up in california and then they'll be party. >> it will be like an all-day thing. we'll be anxiously awaiting.
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>> time now, 7:23 still ahead. with the state of the union coming up, many americans wondering how will president obama make his i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose
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it's all the talk on "meet the press" this morning. chuckodd joins us live for a preview of that. good morning to you. >>good morning, julia. >> trump, we know he's stirring new controversy for kicking out a muslim woman for staging a silent protest.
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yesterday. how is he disrupting this 2016 campaign on both sides of the aisle? >> it's fascinating to watch him. he did take an introductory week of bill clinton debuting on the campaign trail, ted cruz starting his bus tourr and donald trump just threw little news grenades in all dirirtions, bring up the citizenship with ted cruz, talking about the past of blnt with women and going to burlington vermont and holding a rallllright across the street from bernie sanders's headquarters. here's what i took away from my sitdown with him. he's bound and determined to win iowa to the popont of he wants to start a fight essentially with cruz. cruz has been trying to avoid it but as you can tell, he goes after him hard on citizenship, hard on issues including
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to respond to him. what you will see out of this interview is cruz v trumpis now going to get heated. >> i think the gloves are going to come off there. president obama's final state of the union address coming up on tuesday. we can expect to hear about gun control. what are you looking for in his speech, chuck? >> look, they've promised this was going to be unlook other states of the union, but what we've become traditionally expect. i've talked with the president's chief of staff, he's going to be o on the show. he essentially describes it as he wants to lay out goals he would like to see the country achieve going forward and he wants to paint a contrast with the republicans. the white house believes the republican candidates candidate are trying to run down america and they want to say that the america is doing well and is on
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>> time now is 7:28. more news ahead in our next half hour. coming up, mexico says that countrtrs willing to give up their guy. find out when a notorious cartel
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>> good morning.
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today. it is sunday, january 10th. i'm julia bagg. let get you started with erika delgado and the most accurate forecast. you called it. you said today would be the driver day. >> actually yesterday was the dry drier day. the other way around. yesterday we did tie the record at 84 degrees in miami. that was sent back in the 90s. there were some overnight showers and now a few lingering. behind me, though, the next batch of showers entering western portions of broward county. they continue to move toward the north and toward the east. as it approaches, things are going to get on the wet side. want to have those umbrellas handy.
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the forecast throughout the day. we're already 40s and 50s across northern portions of our sunshine state. temperatures are expected to cool down but not quite yet, 68 in miami, 70 in kendale. >> breaking overnight, wild weather around fort myers. this is brand new video into our newsroom from cape coral. that's where the national weather service confirms a tornado touched down last night, trees uprooted, power lines downs and homes with missing roofs. some people expected much worse considering what they heard and saw. >> we heard an explosion. this sky actually was green. these are things we're not
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>> power crews spent the overnight hours restoring electricity to thousands of homes there. most have light once again this morning. >> and speaking of light, powerball fever lighting up the country. this is the biggest jackpot in american history just got even bigger. so nobody won last night's grand prize but some people are waking up with a chance at a lot more cash. erika glover is live in the studio. >> good morning, julia. the chances of winning saturday's powerball were just 1 in 292.2 million. to win the jackpot, all six numbers must be correct. the winning numbers for the more than $900 million powerball drawing are 32, 16, 19, 57 and 34. the winningowerball number 13. at $2 a ticket, sales are soaring. one california store is home to
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lined up there for a chance to rubhe lucky blue bird. texans are breaking their own record with hourly powerball ticket sall, reaching more than $4 million saturday. alabama is just one of six states that does not participate in the powerball. $1.3 billion, this is now the largest jackpot in u.s. history. lucky for you, it's still up for rabs. it started at 40 million back in november and the payout is based on sales. as people rush to get their $2 ticket, the prize just keeps going. even though no ticket matched all six numbers, there were several tickets matching five numbers without the powerball. the lucky few get a million dollar each like the winning ticket holder in fortauderdale earlier this week. the next drawing is wednesday. live in the studio, erika glover, nbc 6 news. >> the latest now on a story we brought you was breaking nws
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police looking for one shooter after frantic moments in northwest mia dade. that's where someone shot a man in the head. investigators are trying to figure out whether another shooting near northwest 10th and 69th avenue may be connected. police are not releasing dee many details on shah shooting. watch for condition updates. coral gables police need your help locating two woen who drugged men two different instances on the same night. a woman walked up and started talking to man. they went back to her place and when he woke up, he told police he could not find his watch. a similar event happened morton's.
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woke up the next day the next morning missing his rolex and his gun. >> and investigators are looking to track down three people who attacked a pair of college kids. their suv's windshield smashed in with a baseball bat. investigators have surveillance video shot from the store's camera. it captures what you see here, a white dodge that raced away from the scene. and this morning we are learning that el chapo's desire for fame on the big screen may have led to his capture. he sat down with a secret interview with sean penn for a "rolling stone" article. that helped authorities find el chapo. it more likely that the most wanted drug lord in the world may be headed eventually right here to the u.s. gabe gutierrez reports from
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>> reporter: the most wanted drug lord in the world paraded in front of cameras overnight. once one of the most richest and powerful men on the planet is back where the saga ststted, the same maximum security prison he escaped from six months ago. the escape was straight out of a hollywood screen play. but it was his own desire for the spotlight that may have l l to his recapture. the ug king pin was trying to make a movie about himself and had his resources contact directors and actors. there was a failed attempt to arrest him in october. but on friday a bloody shoot-out. five suspects killed, others
7:33 am
arnold vehicles, even grenade launchers, but the mexican navy says guzman and his network did not go easily, escaping out of the drainage system and to waiting vehicles before finally being arrested. sources within the mexican attorney general's office says it plans to fulfill a request from the u.s. to extradite el chapo. the last time guzman was captured back in 2014, the mexican government strongly refused to send him across the border. this time there appears to be a sharp reverseal. >> new overnight, a b-52 bomber has returned to its base in gaum
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north korea. this is after north korea's detonating a bomb. >> coming up, find out where the fbi found this suspected jewelry thief. >> and the shooting of a police officer while he sat in his cruiser. >> we have aold front approaching our area. right now things are looking okay. our in-house model having a hard time picking up on a few showers that are entering western portions of broward county. as the morning goes on, we'll see a few more cloud.% that together with the moisture and that front approaching the area w)ll give us a good chance
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will we welcome back. investigators just outside of south carolina have a mystery there. a vacant home burned to the ground. an officer shot walter scott. new details coming to light about two men suspected of conspiring with isis right here in the u.s. one arrest happened in california, the other in texas. omar al hardan is a refugee. investigator believe he conspired with another iraqi refugee living in sacramento, california. that man visited turkey and syria. police say al hardan wanted that
7:36 am
weapons expertise. >> edward archerer told police he ambushed officer jesse hartnett in the name of allah and that he pledged his allegiance to isis. investigators now wanto know how he got his hand on a stolen gun. archer faces eight charges, including attempted murder. as for officer hartnett, he remains in critical but stable conditions while he's treated for three bullet wounds. >> winter group has taken a wild to take hold. those living in the midwest. in missouri, a few inches of snow are making for slick
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20s today. south florida, happy sunday to you. as julia mentioned, definitely frigid temperatures across northern portions of our country. we are seeing a low ressure system slowly but surely pushing towards the north and east, across the great lakes and already affecting portions of new england. that's the same system that continues to drag a cold front that will continue to affect us here as the day goes on. apart from that, things are looking pretty good. as far as our live doppler radar is concerned, showers across the state. we have plenty of shower activity over the gulf of mexico that will continue to push towards the east. the rain event has not ended just yet. we are expecting scattered showers to remain in the forecast. 68 in miami, 70 in fort
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you are seeing pembroke pines around 69 degrees. we' going to keep it mainly dry for the morning hours, perhaps maybe an isolated, light shower moving through. i'm thinking the majority of the showers will be into the lade morning. ahead of that front, temperatures will still reach into the mid to low 80s. the record for today has been set at 84 degrees, back in 1993. we're very close to it. we can also very -- like yesterday, we did tie the record of 84 degrees in miami. scattered showers stick around but then diminishing as the afternoon goes on. so the cold front nears as we see it now. showers ahead of that system that we are expecting scattered showers in the forecast, even now an isolated thunderstorm or two. i showed you this before but i want to show you again, all these temperatures across mississippi and t tennessee
7:39 am
toward the south, we'll see that cooldown as well. hour by hour, we should be okay. come noontime somef the thours moving through palm beach and broward county lingering into the afternoon hours. after the afternoon goes on, we're expecting improving conditions. winds shifting from the north overnight. in the meantime we have to get to that heat. temperatures will be in the 80s but it looks like that cool down sticks around for most of the work week. another cool down with lower humidity just in time for wednesday into thursday. >> new information now on a multi-state jewelry thief who has targeted southern states along the ea coast, including our state. the fbi caught up with the woman they believe is behind all of this. abigail kemp is now in custody and that's to several tips. olice nabbed her just outside atlanta. they believe she had an accomplice, who is also under
7:40 am
responsible for thufts amounting to $4 million from high-nd jewelry stores. the biggest happened in panama city just late last summer. >> we told you the story of a 6-year-old named samuel gonzalez who is in desperate need for medications. now w 's got it, even as he remains stranded. >> time now is 7:47. still ahead, out with the old and in with the new, the dolphins reel in a brand new
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but will he be able to lead welcome back.
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camp. >> reporter: adamamates had interviews with other teams but he said he felt good about the dolphins situation because of the owner and team management. now he's in charge here in davey. the dolphins acted fast to make sure their top choice didn't get away. 37-year-old adam gase introduced as the new dolphins head coach. >> i think with adam gase we fond found the person who will lead us to super bowls, i'm not saying this year. it will take time. i know what you guys want to say. >> part of the draw, the weather and a tabs break. >> i don't know how many times
7:43 am
maybe about a hundred. >> i wasn't sure if you were listening. >> you are a bit of a personality. is that a fair way to describe you? >> i don't know. i just really enjoy the job that i'm able to do day in and day out. hours don't seem to matter. it's trying to figure out a way to get better. >> how do you get through it? caffeine, coffee? >> i'm a huge coffee guy. >> cuban coffee? >> i haven't had cuban coffee. >> red bull? >> i'm a huge red bull guy. >> he never even played football. >> a former quarterback helped him. >> he said players don't care what you've done in the past. they want to know hough you can help them on the field, how can you make them a better player and how can you get them paid? if you can do those type of
7:44 am
>> another player vochinguching for gase is a pretty good one, peyton manning. he has a wife and three kids. i asked how do they feel about south florida, the weather and everything. he said he doesn't know yet, he's been so busy, he hasn't had a chance to ask them. >> time now 7:52. coming up, a look at our top stories. first, a live look for you at miami from our first alert let's get these dayquil liquid gels and go.but these liquid gels are new. mucinex fast max. it's the se difference. this one is max strength and fights mucus. mucinex fast max. the only cold and flu liquid gel that's max-strength and fights mucus.
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ugh. does your carpet ever feel rough and dirty? don't avoid it. resolve it. our new formula not only cleans and freshens but also softens your carpet so it's always inviting. resolve. a carpet that welcomes you. . the powerball jackpot grows to $1.3 billion, the biggest in history. >> two shootings in miami dade
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police wonder how they might be connected. one man took a bullet in the head late last night. another person got shot just a few blocks away. a big gun show continues at the miami dade fair grounds. aside from lots of talk about the weapons, people are also reacting to president obama's recent executive action on gun control, while some applaud stricter standards, others say he's stepping all over the second amendment. >> a deadly shooting aboard a commuter train outsidean francisco. last night's ordeal had some thinking it could have been a teorist attack. the shooter did wear military fatigues but police are not talking about a motive just yet. one man is in custody. >> wild weather around fort myers. the national weather service says a tornado touched down in cape coral last night.
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>> and 2015's best in tv and movies being honored tonight at the golden globes. comedian ricky gervais is back for his fourth time as host. and check out our nbc 6 app for all the stories we're covering for you as you wake up this morning, including some showers. >> that's right. we are expecting scattered showers to remain in the recast throughout the rest of the day. the one over the atlantic waters is pushing further into the atlantic. over toward the gulf of mexico, the showers continue east. this afternoon we'll deal with heat. temperatures in the mid 80s. come wednesday. >> ooh, i'm getgetting excited
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a group of wounded warriors getting the chance of a lifetime, swimming with dolphins in the keys. the mammals were quite showoffs as well, doing some tricks for those soldiers. it all sponsored by the wounded
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the soldier ride through keys good morning.
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