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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  January 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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jawan has the night off. let's get over to meteorologist adam burg with more in the dip of the temperature. adam? >> we are talking about how temperatures will be plunging tonight. but what is interesting about the situation, and it was fresh out there, 59 degrees. this is the coolest number since last march. so it is significant. but if you think about it this way, it is ridiculous. 60 degrees is the average low. so for 59 degree reading to be the coolest since last march, i think that is half of the story right there. it has been so warm. our lows lately have been 75, 76, 77 degrees. average lows, again, like i said, around 60. we've been so far above average, temperatures near average feels like an arctic blast, right. temperatures below average this afternoon. miami, 76. we made it up to 72. the afternoon sunshine helped out. 73 in ft. lauderdale.
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we have a really good shot of making the run for the 50s again. here is the overnight first alert forecast. rain chances, going for 59 around 6:00 a.m. so we are talking 50s again tonight. we'll talk more about the temperatures and tracking the rain. stick around. >> and you could get the forecast in your neighborhood any time of the day. just use the nbc 6 news and weather app. brand-new video as we see for the first time the dramatic raid that ended with the capture of the drug lord joaquin el chapo guzman. we have the details behind his last e@forts to remain on the run. marissa? >> he is back inside of a mexican prison for a third time. the dangerous operation was all caught on video with a camera attached to a marine's vest. and as you are about to see, it was violent. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: the wild pre-dawn
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marines on the missiono capture el chapo. the video released shows the assault. five of his bodyguards died as they fought to keep him free. they had an array of weapons at their disposal, including rocket launchers. true to form, guzman escaped through a secret door behind a mirror, down some stairs that led to the city's storm sewer. officials say he and his security adviser got to the surface and stole two cars to try to get away. that is when they were stopped by police. this is the house he was hiding out in. a four-bedroom, fi-bathroom safe house left amess, riddled with bullets after the raid. now that mexican authorities have their man, they want to speak with oscar winning acto sean penn who met with el chapo in an interview in october. in a made for hollywood plot twist it appears kate del castillo set up the meeting.
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anything wrong meeting with the wanted fugitive. at this point legal experts say it is not illegal, just unethical. but authorities say the secret meeting may have helped lead to his capture. penn's contact opened a number of leads to his whereabouts. the process to bring guzman to the united states to face murder and drug-related charges have been temporarily halted by a mexican ferd ral judge. it could take a year to extradite him because of the legal options now available to his defense team. live in the studio, marissa bagg, nbc 6 news. a man didn't think through his disguise when he robbed a gas station. video shows a shirtless man during a robbery last month. he appeared to be holding a gun. he walked out with $500. he did cover his face but yo
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body, including a swastika on his left chest. if you recognize the man, call crimestoppers. two crimes 15 blocks away from each other and tonight miami police are investigating a violent armed robbery at a cell phone star and a carjacking. cobbs -- cops are seeing if the two crimes are related. amanda plasencia joins us with more. >> reporter: this cell phone store is the site of the frightening armed robbery that left a employee with a huge gash on his head and police left searching for the two suspects behind the crime who are still at-large. scattered blood drops litter the sidewalk after a violent armed robbery in a cell phone store. the blood coming from this man. he was wearing bandages after his head was banged up when two men attacked him. police say the men
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to rob his wireless store. 10:00 this morning. >> 10:00 in the morning, it just happened like that. it could happen any time. >> does it make you feel unsecure. you are here and working hard and people come in and rob you like it is nothing. >> reporter: the robbery happened on northwest 7th near 19th street. those who work in the area say it is not the first time this store hasbeen targeted. >> it is the fourth time they have robbed this place. it is crazy. i don't know what is going on. and it is way too much. fourth time for the same place in one year. >> reporter: an employee who works at the barbershop next door walked in during the robbery and it spoked the guys off. a few blocks away, police were at an armed carjacking out of the victim's driveway. tonight cops are looken for that stolen vehicle and invest gating whether there is a link between
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police need your help searching for the criminals. if u know anything about the robbery or the carjacking. call crimestoppers. amanda plasencia, nbc 6 news. new tonight, a new south florida boating business suffererg a setback after crooks made off with pricey parts. they are based in australia and set to open on wednesday. but during the weekend thieves made off with two outboard engines that could cost as much as $45,000 to replace. it sits off of i-95 near stirling road. it parks the inflatable boats outside to draw customers but they attracted the wrong crowd. detectives are searching for four people behind a violent attack in deerfield beach. cameras were rolling. deputies say thieves made off with the victim's tablet, cell phone, skateboard and backpack. they assaulted him when he tried
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what may be a toyota suv. if you think you know the attackers, call police. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused south florida golf course. jamie guirola is joining us with more on the deadly drive. >> reporter: investigators aren't the only one with questions. friends and family want answers as they try and make sense of this horrible situation. >> gone, but not forgotten. late this evening, friends wrapped this sign with a message, flowers and teddy bears. they are trying to wrap their heads around the tragedy that unfolded here. >> it is a piece of a car. something you take as a memory, to hold on to. you come back when everything is settled down. >> reporter: the loss may never settle for those who took a piece of the crash with them. it happened on sunday night after dinner when this audi plunged into a lauderhill lake in a country club.
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and it is still not reality et. but say a prayer for them, for the family. just to get a moment of clarity. >> four men were inside of the car. three of them died. police say the driver, desean prince, struggled to help them and is still recovering in a hospital after swimming to shore. >> it could be me and her driving home. we are mothers. we could have not made it home. >> that is bad. we are all very close. best friends. you wouldn't call it friends. you call it family. >> and the other two victims were fathers. they were remembered for their love for their children. >> his dauter is my daughter's age. and`their daughters are one and about three. >> they are both dedicated to their daughters in their life. >> officials have not officially identified the 15-year-old in the car. live from lauderhill, jamie guirola, nbc 6 news. president barack obama will talk to the nation tomorrow in
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the white house has said that the commander-in-chief will talk about the economy, climate change, health care reform and foreign policy. his crimetime address is his last high-profile opportunity to speak to the public before the voting happens. but he won't ask for the democratic party in the white house or push for a certain candidate. he will outline his domestic and international priorities. the tonight the white house announced a list of special guests in the first lady box. among them spencer stone, one of the men who prevented a terror attack on a paris-bound train st august. the party of a shooting victim and a seat will be left vacant to represent all victims of gun violen. the first group of cubans stranded in costa rica getting ready to leave the country. 8,000 have been stuck there since november 14th when nicaragua closed doors to them. we report from costa rica tonight.
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shelters where they have been living for months. as could you see in town, everyone is living in a community. people playing basketball. there are about 500 people staying in this shelter alone. many of them here have been selected as the first group of the 180 migrants leaving costa rica tomorrow on the pilot program. many leaders came to an agreement to help them reach their final destination which is the united states. the plan for the group, they must finance their own trip. this le fly to el salvador and take a bus to the border with mexico. once they reach mexico, each person has to find their way to the united states. the mexican government will give them a 20-day period to leave their cotry. the trip cost is about $555. not including the mexico portion of this trip. so a very big day for many gathered that shelter. they are telling me they have mixed emotions because they have
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very grateful for the generosity and we will be here tomorrow. we'll also be at the airport where the first flight will take off. so make sure to stay with nbc 6 for the latest details. live from costa rica, laura rodriguez, nbc 6 news. >> and she'll be live for the refugee migration in the coming days here on nbc 6. follow her on facebook and twitter for updates. up next, a south florida taxi driver shot on the job is speaking out. >> i'm alive now. >> here what else he has to say no that he is home from the hospital. and a look at the btal winter blast that turned a car into an ice sculpture. and with cooler temperatures, we are tracking rain across south florida. what does it mean for your morning commute? more on these temperatures, stick around.
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welelme back. a south florida taxi driver is home from the hospital after being shot on the job. but the man who robbed him remains on e run. >> reporter: as he left the hospital in a wheelchair, jose pena baez was in good spirits with a well-deserved homecoming with his family. >> i have my family again. and whatever person passed at this moment, i'm happy. >> he said he feels lucky because st over a week ago he spent his birthday fighting for his life after he was shot during a robbery. surveillance video captured the frightening moments that landed the cabby in the hospital. around 4:30 in the morning, he had stopped at a gas station. as he went to get back into the cab, a man with a gun came running at him and demanded his money.
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and baez ended up getting shot in the leg. he managed to hobble on one leg and call 911. but the robber ran away with cash and hopped into a getaway car. police are now looking for two men in their 20s. >> my life now is changed. >> reporter: he said his life is changed but he is grateful to be alive and back with his loving family. even though it was a terrifying experience, he plans on going back to work so he could provide for his three children. >> i have three kids. i need work for my kids, for my wife. and for me. >> baez is happy to be out of the hospital but his assailant is still out there. if you know who the men are call crimestoppers at 305-471-tips. detectives still looking into three shooting scenes that rocked miami over the weekend. they all happened on saturday night within a three-hour period. and now p pice are urging the community to help them find the
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the crime sent one man to the hospital, killed another and claimed the life of a 15-year-old boy. authoties have not said whether any of the three shootings are connected. the shooters, though, are still on the loose. new video tonight of the woman behind a string of jewelry store thefts across the south. abigail kemp made his ferst court appearance in atlanta today. she is accused of a crime spree across five states holding up jewelry store workers at gunpoint and tieing them off and making off with millions. the 24-year-old hit six stores and never wore a mask. if convicted, she'll face up to 20 years in prison. two window washers are back on the ground after getting stuck in scaffolding at the chase bank building that is 75 stories tall. the washers got stuck near the 71st floor when the machine malfunctioned. they were guided to the safety through the wind.
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in oregon, a pet store wants to capture a bglar with a snake in his pants. he was caught taking the python out of his cage and putting it into his jeans. the snake was 2 feet long a a worth $200. the snake isn't aggressive but lucky it wasn't feeding day. before breaking ground, there is a change of plans for the miami world center. officials say ty are going to develop a new open-air, high-street retail with high-end stuff instead of a closed mall. it will be closer to lincoln road style. many retailers there have been making the suggestion to the open-air style. ground breaking for the project in downtown miami is expected to take place later this year. if you bought a powerball ticket for wednesday night you might win the largest jackpot ever offered. it has grown to $1.4 billion.%
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with the winning numbers since november. powerball tickets must be purchased by 10:00 p.m. on wednesday to be eligible. the grand price will be paid out over the course of 29 years. and what are the odds, you may ask? one in 292.2 million, but you'll never know unless you b a ticket. and i would still do the weather -- maybe. all right. it is a beautiful evening if you like the rain. beautiful temperatures. i know a lot of us are ready for the cooler temperatures. but, yeah, the rain, maybe raining on your parade a little bit out there. can't tell from this shot. but let's show you live first alert doppler radar. all of south florida socked in the rain. on the light side. nothing too heavy. i can't find too many places with more than just a couple hundredths of an inch of rain. even though it is active, it is
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deerfield beach to weston and pembroke pines and across miami, into kendall, coral gables, wet drive home for jackie tonight. sorry about that. but certainly something that we are tracking. and we're going to be tracking it through the first half of the day. let's show yr commute forecast. this is how it will play out for tuesday. it won't be like that. it won't be that blue. we are still dealing with showers out there. i do think the rain is beginning to taper off. but clouds through much of the day. clearing skies. i think for your evening commute, that is the better of the two. and temperatures in between 8:00 d 5:00 p.m., with the cloud cover, might struggle to get out of the 60s. so here is the surface map. we'll zoom up and out. north winds at the surface. the front that brought us the big cooldown across cuba, but we have mid-level moisture running up and over the front. could you see the movement from southwest to northeast.
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we'll deal with the batch of moisture, about the first half of the day, and then the disturbance should kick out of here. here is future tracker for tonight. showing the green overnight. there is one two, 3:00 in the morning we start to see the scattered showers, becoming just that. more scattered in nature. but certainly looking wet for the morning commute. temperatures with the cloud cover, not as cool as they otherwise would be. i think 60s across the keys. about the same in miami tonight versus last night. 57 in kekeall. about the same in homestead. temperatures in the 50s once you get away fm the coastline. ft. lauderdale, pompano beach, you have a chance some of the numbers being closer to about 60 degrees. your extended forecast plays out like this. again, dealing with the early showers on tuesday. i think much more in the way of sunshine on wednesday. and wednesday morning being clear, with those north winds. that is why we're going 54 for the low. and then the winds start switching to the southeast. moisture increasing.
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down right warm by saturday. d then another cold front on sunday and we might be cooler than there on monday. it depends on the strength of the cold front. too far away to know exactly at this point. but here is tuesday morning. green kicks out of here. so midday and beyond the showers are gone. cloud cover kicks out for the afternoon. f the sunshine works in earlier, i think we'll be warmer than 71. if that cloud cover sticks around, we might have a hard time getting out of the 60 over to you. >> thanks, adam. our cooler weather has nothing on this. check out the scene in buffalo, new york. a car encased in ice. here is what happened. it was parked along lake erie overnight and the waves splashed up over the rails spraying the side of the car. as sub-freezing temps came in, the car became coated with several inches of ice. the other side of the car that hardly got splashed had hardy any ice on it. >> bring on the 80s.
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more than four decades but tonight david bowie ares
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> david bowie fans will tell you the stars look different today following the death of the rock and roll icon. flowers and candles cover his star on the hollywood walk of fame. he died after cancer. his death came two days after
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release of his 20th album entitled black star. he was inducted into the hall of fame in 1996. no funeral arrangements have been announced. it is the end of an era for the ringling brothers as the show elephants are retiring this summer. the plan is to retire the touring elephants in may. the 11 elephants will be taken to the company's 200-acre center in central florida. the retired elephants will be part of cancer research. the elephants act has been show cased by ringling for more than a century. the playboy mansion is up for sale. the back drop of legendary parties has 29 rooms, a home theater and a wine cellar and a pool. it comes with a zoo license. but as a condition of the sale the current resident hugh hefner will continue to live there. the price, only $200 million. >> only.
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do you get to choose your roommate? >> in those leagues, forget about it. >> the heat playing the best team in the nba tonight. >> and my second favorite player. >> the golden state warriors host offing miami but the
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row, doing whatever it take remember how teams would circle the calendar when they
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that is what happened to golden state now. the warriors, an nba best, 35-2, undefeated at home, 17-0 and with whiteside out with an injury at golden state, winslow getting his first career start. heat going low and responding with an early three. wade playing with it injured shoulder. hard to tell here. past iguodala. but there is a reason golden state is the rest in the nba and it is the mvp, curry. with 10 in the first quarter. but the first have taken the lead in the fourth quart. the panthers looking to extend the team record 12-game winning streak in vancouver tonight. ekblad out because of this hit last night. he suffered a concussion on the play. tonight just 80 seconds in, panthers on the attack. reilly smith, and a beautiful play. 1-0, florida.
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happen without great goaltending. on his belly to make the save. he hears from the crowd. he used to play in vancouver before florida. but huberdeau adding another one. and the topline so good. and vancouver cuts the lead 2-1 in the second period. right now catss still have the advantage. as if having your season ending in heartbreaking fashion wasn't bad enough now the bengals are getting punish even more for this hit during saturday night's play game against pittsburgh. burfict suspended for three games next year for repeated violations of safety-related rules. he could appeal but if he doesn't w w he will lose out in half a million dollars in salary and that penalty cost them the game. and nick saban, the national championship, not his yet. 24-24, fourth quarter. clemson tied one alabama.
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alabama just kicked a field goal
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in can't's can't-miss clip.
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