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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  January 14, 2016 12:37am-1:37am EST

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>> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers."" tonight, ice cube.ewew from "norm of the north," actress heather graham. music from kelsea baerini! featuring the 8g band with glenn kotche!r r >> ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. >> seth: good evening, i'm seth meyers this is "late night," how is everybody doing tonight? d [ cheers ] that's good to hear, let's get to t last night's state of the union address was president obama's shortest during his time in office, though it was still much longer than his first draft. [ light laughter ] byby have fun! president obama's state of the union address last night was of focused on the wage gap, the
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danger of climate change and p, house speaker paul ryan, on the other hand, was focused mostly on trying to start a fire with his [ light laughter ] ] president obama said last night that he treated his last state of the union address just like s his first, because he's just as hungry. probably because he's only been allowed to eat kale for the last seven years. [ light laughter ] a buffalo man had his car frozen in a block of ice overnight after he parked too close to lake eri which sounds frightening, but not as frightening aa buffalo man! [ light laughter ] he's just trying to meet people, though. i know. a fort worth man fell into a large construction hole while walking to purchase lottery tickets.l when asked what he would buy if he won, he said a ladder. [ light laughter ]
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week that it flew passengers a total of 223 billion miles in 2015. said the passengers, "for the love of god, please let us off this plane!" [ light laughter ] the ma cast of the hit sit-com "friends" will reunite for a two hour special in february. the episode will be titled "the one where you're reminded of your mortality."de the "washington post" has a new article out profiling the history of baby carrots, revealing that the bite-size vegetables are actually carved it from larger carrots. the article was written by the guy at the party no one wanted n to talk to. [ light laughter ] they're not actually children of larger carrots. still, the name would leave you to believe. they're not bred to be smaller el carrots, simply carved, if you will, whittled. [ laughter ]
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i have reams of data. google maps is adding a new feature that could use past location data to predict and suggest potential destinations while they're calling it "the reason for your divorce."e [ audience ohs ] i want to say to my head writer, should pull that joke. you were right. [ light laughter ] a german meals on wheels charity apologized this week after serving three senior citizens dog food that was incorrectly labeled as vison and potatoes with garden vegetables. it should have read, i can't believe it's not venison and potatoes with garden vegetables. [ light laughter ] one of the leaders of the oregon militia stand off posted a video to facebook showing that among the supplies they've been sent were several boxes full of dildos.ul on the bright side, some of
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relaxed now. [ light laughter ] and finally, in a radio interview tuesday, texas senator ted cruz attacked republican frontrunner donald trump by saying that trump quote, "embodies new york values." that brings us to a segment we call "a couple things." [ cheers and applause ] p first thing, how dare you imply there is such a thing as new york values. this city has the most inconsistent values of anywhere on earth, because it's filled d with people from everywhere on earth.wh on a subway ride in new york, you can see one man give up his seat for a pgnant lady, and then see another man say to a different pregnant lady, i'm not moving. it's not my fault you got knocked up. [ light laughter ] second thing, you can't use new york values as in insult to appeal to iowa voters, because i'm pretty sure during the holiday season, everyone from iowa was here trying to get a selfie with themselves and a 70-foot tall christmas tree. there was a line at the m&m store. those weren't locals.
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when new yorkers wants m&ms, they don't go to the flagship store. [ light laughter ] third thing, new york is huge and donald trump is not new york. donald trump is like times square. there hasn't been a real new yorker in times square since al this guy got home. [ light laughter ] donald trump runs his mouth constantly, most new yorkers quietly go about their business. they literally had to start a campaign, if you see something, say something. because before, when we saw something, all we did was think, "eh this [ bleep ] guy." [ laughter and applause ] not like i would say anything, but give me a break.ny fourth thing. if you absolutely had to come up with a consensus of new york values, they would be these -- one, don't get attached to an umbrellath.w you're always gonna lose it, just let it go, find a new one. o, if you root for the jets, you're asking for it, that's on you. three,e,on't eat your pizza with a fork. [ cheers and applause ] see, he does not have new york
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final thing, hey ted cruz, no ones talks [ bleep ] about new yorkers, except new especially not some canadian born, dr. suess reading, na one-term senator from 1800 miles away. this has been a "couple things." [ cheers and applause ] we have a fantastic show for you tonight. he is an i@onic rapper, producer and actor. he has a new film "ride along 2." ice cube is in the house tonight.he [ cheers andpplause ] i'm so very, very excited about that. also, she is one of the stars of the new animated movie "norm of the north," heather graham is with us on late night tonight. [ cheers and applause ] and she is a rising star in la country music, she's gonna be performing for us tonight, singer/songwriter kelsea ballerini joins us. [ cheers and applause ] cannot wait for that. but before we get to all of that, have you ever noticed when you guys are googling things, have you ever noticed that there are millions of results? now usually you only look at the first page or two, but i've
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last few pages, where the internet becomes wierder. [ light laughter ] becomes lonelier. so allow me to take you into the bowels of the internet, with a segment we call "deep google." [ applause ] tonight on "deep google," the statue of liberty, one of the most iconic symbols of american cultre. so let's google the statue of liberty. now, here's the first page of results. pretty much what you'd expect, wikipedia entry, information on e tourur but to look down at the bottom, at all of those os in n google. that means we can go deeper.go deeper into, "deep google." [ light laughter ] let's check out what's on page six. o "rejected statue of liberty renovation proposals." let's check that out. over the yearsmany renovations have been proposed of the statue of liberty. here are the ones that didn't make the cut. all right, let's check out what they proposed in the 90s.
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liberty.reck [ light lauger ] proposed in 1994. i'm glad they didn't do that. up next, the "rachel of liberty." [ light laughter ] that was proposein 1996. that would have been a bad call. the "jurassic park of liberty." [ light laughter ] good movie, it'd be a terrible o statue4of liberty. folks, would you believe that was only page 6? that means we can still go deeper. deeper into, "deep google." [ thunder ] [ scattered applause ] [ light laughter ] let's check out page 85 in the search results. let us in the butt!5 . a petition by daniel schuster to open tours to the butt portion of the statue of liberty. it seems kind of risky but i'm the kind of guy that takes those risks. let's take a look.ib >> hi, yeah. i'm starting a petition to open up tours to the butt portion of
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they let you in the torch. they let you in crown. why not the butt? [ light laughter ] i mean, what's the deal? it's always the same answer. oh, the butt wasn't made for people to go inside. there's no space in there. i don't buy that. i mean, okay sure, maybe it won't work. but they never even let me try. not even on my birthday. [ light laughter ] and even though, i know it's not so high up, i bet that view from the little port hole is real nice. [ audience groans ] let us in the butt. >> seth: that dudes got issues. [ cheers and applause ] but folks! that was only page 85 which means we can still keep on diving intntdecaying carcass of freedom that is, "deep google." [ thunder ] [ cheers ] page 210, "monumental podcast:
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check it out. your host, adam asher interviews real people who really visited the statue of liberty. click here to play. [ click ] >> very exciting episode today as we get to sit down with mr. scott kaplan who once visited the statue of liberty in 1992. let's have aisten. so, scott, thanks for coming on "monumental." >> thanks for having m adam. >> so, put me in the driver's seat here. you get off the ferry. >> mm-hmm. >> you s s foot inside the statue of liberty and what do you see? >> well, i mean, the first thing you notice is, is the steps. >> mmm. the steps, right, right. for those of you who aren't familiar, there are steps. >> and, and, and, more than just five or six of them, adam. there were hundreds, if not thousands ofteps. >> absolutely incredible. and now, these steps, they were going up? is that correct? >> yes, yes, yes, up, up, yes, yes, up. >> fascinating. and could they also be used to go down? >> pardon? umm, down? >> yes, the statue steps? >> oh, well, it's just this once, a while ago, but if i, i
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direction steps. >> seth: fascinating. and you know i don't know if you caught this, can we take another look at that website. that podcast was 4 hours and 33 minutes long. [ light laughter ] all right folks, let's cut to the chase and dive to the very bottom of the champagne supernova that is "deep google." [ thunder ] [ cheers ] [ light laughter ] page 980, the very last page. where did the statue of liberty go when david copperfield disappears her? you know, i've always wondered what was going on in that trick. i'm absolutely mesmerized me when i first saw it. let's check it out. one of the greatest magic tricks ever performed is david copperfield's vanishing and reappearance of the statue of liberty? but where does it go when it
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let's watch the video. >> there's the birthday girl. that's right girl, you can do it. yeah, there you go, hit it harder. [ screams ] [ light laughter ] this has been "deep google," we'll be right back! with ice cube. [ cheers and applause ] james drove his rav4 hybrid, unaware death was lurking... what? he was challenged by a team of lumberjacks. let's do this. he would drive them to hard knocks canyon where he would risk broken legs, losing limbs and slipping and dying. not helping.
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>> seth: welcome back to late night, eperybody. band. [ cheers and applause ] also, we're very excited to have back behind the drum kit tonight. one of my absolute favorite bas. glenn kotche is here this week. [ cheers and applause ] be sure to check out "star wars." wilco's album released last year and it's nominated for a grammy in the best alternative album category. the week first week of february, glenn and wilco are playing a series of sold-out shows at brooklyn's king theater and also at port chester's capitaltheater. congratulations on the nomination, and thank you fo being here, glenn. really appreciate it. [ cheers and applause ] you guys are very excited about
12:54 am
he's a rapper, actor and writer who you know from his work in films such as "friday," "21 jump street" and "barber shop." you can see him back alongside kevin hart in the new action comedy "ride along 2" which opens in theaters on friday. let's take a look. >> what you got for me? >> i tried to get into this and it fried my computer. it's like it has acid for blood. >> aliens. so i've never seen a device locked this tight. someone encrypted this to a level we can't crack. >> hacker. >> freelance hacker. we should make a hacker a fracker. >> do you ever listen to [ bleep ] that flies out of your mouth? >> no. >> this is next level hacking. the only way we got lucky is because our guy has an ego and he left his tag. >> who would do that? >> this guy. >> out of miami. >> he looks like a low budget ass jackie chan. >> that was a good one. >> i know. >> seth: please welcome to the show ice cube!
12:55 am
i'm very excited to have you here. >> i'm excited to be here. >> seth: congrats on the film. >> thank you. >> seth: this is obviously a sequel. you're a producer on the film as well. >> yep. >> seth: so whenenou're putting the second one of these, do you feel pressure to make it funnier, bigger -- is that something you're thinking about the whole time? >> yeah you know, you want to make it better. we were like, we're going to switch out atlanta and going to miami. then we added a few new pieces. we added ken jeong to the mix, we added olivia munn. you know, with kevin y y got a bit of ugly. with olivia, you got a little bit of pretty. [ light laughter ] you balance it out. so we had a great time. and benjamin brat, you know what i mean? he like, oozes miami. soit was just a great, great step up to our game. >> seth: now there's also action in these films. it's a comedy and there's very good action.
12:56 am
you, but kevin wanted to do his own stunts. >>h, yeah, kevin -- [ light laughter ] every acr thinks they want to do their own stunts. [ light laughter ] and you think you're tough. he thinks he's tough. he works out and does all these this water gag at the end of the movie, i want to do it, i want to do it." >> seth: was it waterskiing, is that what it is? >> not quite. >> seth: okay. >> but he almost drowned. [ light laughter ] and they didn't see him waving for his life, they thought he was being funny. yeah. >> seth:id you see him waving for his life? >> i actually wasn't there that day, but i did see the dailies, and yeah, he almost drowned, man, you know. [ light laughter ] dude was taking -- water was shooting up his nose, he was screaming, and he was done. >> seth: of all the ways to dl your own stunt and die, drowning is probably the most embarrassing. i would say. that's a bad one.
12:57 am
that's what they get paid to do. >> seth: don't take their job. >> after you do it three or four times, you know. get the stunt man in here. it hurts. [ light laughter ] >> seth: i also want co congratulate you on the film "straight outta compton." just an incredible film. congratulations. [ cheers and applause ] and one of the things about that movie, there is a scene where your character, of course, which is you, is while you're writing all the music from your nwa days and whatnot, which are very like socially conscious and about police brutality you were also writing the movie "friday." >> yes. >> seth: was that -- have you always sort of been balancing the sort of work that comes out angry and work that you have that comes off as humorous? >> you know, it's like it's part of how we grew up. in the 'hood, you have so much drama but you have so much comedy. you know. everybody is trying to make everybody laugh.
12:58 am
friends are the funniest dudes i know. you know it's just -- that's just part o othe neighborhood. and at the time it was boys n ththhood, menace to society. all these movies about how hard it was. and i was like, man we had a little bit of fun. >> seth: right. >> so that's why i put together "friday," because i wanted to show how much fun we had growing up, too. >> seth: now of course, "friday" has the line that is a part of, i feel like american culture whh is "bye felicia." >> yeah. [ light laughter ] >> seth: and it was so exciting that i feel one of the greatest moments in "straight outta compton" is bye felicia is also a line of dialogue in that. >> yeah. >> seth: when you were writing "straight outta compton" did you know how excited people in the audience would be to hr it said? >> actually my son came up with it on the day. we were shooting a scene. the girl in the scene was named felicia. dude comes to the door, hey man, where my girl felicia? so my son was like, the end of this scene, it would be
12:59 am
felicia. [ light laughter ] it was just -- it was his idea. it was perfect, though. >> seth: it was great. i would say the audience i saw reacted bigger to that moment than like anything than when i saw "star wars." [ light laughter ] people just lost their minds. >> yeah, it's crazy. you know, bye felicia has just become this phenomenon and you know, it was like kind of a throwaway line in the movie. >> seth: there's another phenomenon that i feel like you don't get enough credit for, which is you -- tell me if this is true. you coined the phrase it's on like donkey kong. >> i think i got it from my cousin. >> seth: okay, got it. [ light laughter ] you certainly get more credit than your cousin. >> yeah, yeah. i think i got it from my cousin. you know, when you put it in a rap, everybody going to say you came up with that. thanks for it al, thanks for that. [ light laughter ] >> seth: is it strange to you? i mean, because obviously you have a lot of quotable lyrics over your history of being a lyricist. is that that surprised you? i mean, you hear that all the
1:00 am
mean, if it's something that you said amongst your friends become like, lexicon y know, people's vernacular. you like, whoa. hey, this is dope, it's funny, and then you know, people just wear it out. >> seth: yh. >> they wear it out to the point where you like, you hear your grandmama say it. man, i'm done. [ light laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> i'm done. i can't say that no more. >> seth: well lhat one, and i will say white people have completely taken that one and ruined it. light laughter ] >> y'all can have that one. >> seth: it's a good one, because white people can use it. where as like ice cube, crazy as [ bleep ] a lot a harder for you like i know my grandmother is never going to say that. [ light laughter ] >> do you know that? >> seth: i feel safe. >> okay. >> seth: i feel safe. you mention your son. your son plays you in the film. >> yes. >> seth: and it's eerie. they have a dna advantage, but he looks just like you. he sounds just like you. was it -- did you know right away that he wanted to play or was it a process? did he have to audition? >> he had to audition. i put him through the wringer,
1:01 am
[ light laughter ] you know, the coach's son has it the worst. so i made sure that he was ready. but i was watching him for a long time, and i take him on tour with me. i've been taking him since he was real young. at 18 he started to get on the mic and rap. and i was like, "yo, this look like a aoung me." [ light laughter ] you know? as he's rapping across the stage. if this vie comes together, i'm going to see if he wants to do it and will he develop the chops? he did everything i asked. i'm so proud of him. >> seth: now, the interesting thing -- i couldn't help because i was watching it. because obviously this is your son and this is your life story. that is a peod of your life that is there were a lot of things -- was it ever weird being, oh, i'm really showing my son exactly how i lived back then? >> no, no, no. [ light laughter ] he needs to see something. >> seth: okay, because obviously due to your success, he had a very different upbringing than you. >> yeah, he grew up with a silver mic in his mouth. i don't know. [ light laughter ] you know, he needs to see
1:02 am
the lapd roughed him up a i'm like yeah, you see what daddy went through. [ light laughter ] see what daddy went through so you could get them damned xboxes and -- he's an ex-boxer -- >> seth: that's good, he had a lesson. [ light laughter ] lesson learned. [ applause ] you know, i grew up in suburban new hampshire. it couldn't have been a whiter place to grow up, and we were huge fans. i knew your music. were you aware at the time at all thth it was hugely popular in places where none of us had any idea wt is was you were talking about or any idea like the sort of life you were liling? >> not until we started touring. at first, we was like, we didn't think nobody would even care about what we was rapping about, because it was so l.a. it was so, you kno kind of like regional. so we were surprised when we would go on tour. and first we would go to the mall. all the raider gear would be
1:03 am
because that's what we used to rock. then we look at the crowd and it would be all white kids in raider gear. we like, yo, people be loving this music from all over the place. it was surprising, shocking. and i think i saw you in a raiders hat out there. >> seth: i did. [ light laughter ] it was -- it never quite looked right on me, but i did my best. >> that jerry curl was kind of funky. [ laughter ] >> seth: that was the big thing. >> the raider hat worked. >> seth: if i regret anything it's the jerry curls. now, are you happy, sad that it doesn't look like the raiders are going to la? it seems like maybe the chargers or the rams are going back? the chargers? how do you feel about the raiders now? >> i love the raiders. you know, this is raider nation. you know, i always love the raiders, you know. it's going to be nice to have the nfl back in la and i'll go when the raiders go. >> seth: okay. but you're going to just wait for the raiders? >> you know, it's like -- it's hard. see, i'm not a transformer. a transform is somebody who likes one te when they're winning and then -- they like another team when they're winning.
1:04 am
i stick it out. i'm not a fairwfather fan. i'm going to stick with the silver and black. you know, salute any tm that come to la. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: excellent. >> but not them chargers. >> seth: no. good. >> not them chargers. >> seth: now, again we were talking backstage. you had 2015 was a fantastic year. one of the things that also happened, nwa inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. [ cheers and applause ] it was announced that you would be inducted. >> yeah. yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: not a lot of hip-hop groups in the rock and roll hall of fame. was that an honor when you heard that? were you excited to hear that? >> yeah, you know. it's a big honor, you know. you look at the rock and roll hall of fame and they starting to honor all types of music, you know. it's not just all about rock and roll. i ththk all music is connected in some way, shape or form, so it's a great honor. we only one of five hip-hop groups that's in there, and first west coast hip-hop group in there, so i'm proud. talking to my man dre yesterday, we were talking about what are we going to do. >> seth: so we can expect a
1:05 am
>> yeah, we going to get down. >> seth: i can't wait. [ cheers and applause ] something to look forward to. congratulations on everything. really an honor to have you here. give it up for ice cube, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] check it out "ride along 2" in theaters friday. we'll be right back with heather graham. [ cheers and applause ] inside the rack houses of jim beam, thousands of barrels lay silent. but that doesn't mean they lay idle. in fact, inside each and every jim beam barrel, the bourbon is aging, building fuller, smoother flavor, that only comes from being aged four long years. at jim beam, our history is made from the inside.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late night" everybody. you know our next guest from her roles in "the hangover" and "boogie nights." her new film "norm of the north" opens in theaters on january 15th. let's take a look. >> thank mrs. stu. >> mommy. you're home earlier. >> how was school today? >> scintillating as usual. >> olympia's just not really challenged at her current that's why magister mundi will be so great. all the students are like olympia. >> i actually think olympia and myself are a lot alike. we're both special. we have great gifts. two peas in a pod.
1:10 am
anyway, mommy, i was researching the effects of human activity in the arctic and the research is irrefutable. it will destroy the arctic. >> olympia, green homes will ing awareness to the arctic. >> seth: please welcome to the show heather graham. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: hi there! how are you? >> good, how are you? >> seth: you look wonderful as always. >> thank you. >> seth: was this always been a dream of yours, to be in an animated film? >> it is. i always watched animated movies and i really wanted to do a voice in one, so i'm so glad finally i got to do that. >> seth: now when you find yourself in the booth doing animated voice, do you yourself become animated as a performer or do you just stay very still and just do the voice acting? >> i do, i get kind of animated and then these people behind the glass watching you and you kind of feel like you go a little
1:11 am
jeong and also rob schneider. so there were a few days where we were there together and ken jeong just got wilder and wilder, and it was fun. >> seth: i like that that's a theme of tonight's show is that ken jeong is wild. >> ken jeong. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. now did you get any sort of input on what your animated character would look like? >> i didn't have any input but i was very happy. i thought my character was very cute and i liked that i had a always kinda wanted a bigger butt, and so i was really happy to have a bigger butt. >> seth: right, cause that way you didn't have to do any work and you just put it on the artist to draw it. >> yeah, it's good. >> seth: now, was this nice for you? because you have obviously been in a lot of films that have more, i would say, adult content. "boogie nights" we mentioned, "hangover" we mentioned. is it nice to do something that's actually kid friendly like this? >> it is. i don't have kids but my best friends have kids that i'm really close to. and also i sponsor these kids with the cambodian children's fund. and i'm always writing them e-mails and they ask me, you know, can they go see my movies? and i just feel bad referring these like, 12-year-old girls to watch "the hangover." it doesn't seem like a good --
1:12 am
>> so no. now i feel like they've been sending me the link to "norm of the north" and they're very excited to watch it. >> seth: well that's good. that's progress as far as giving something back to the kids. >> yes, yes. >> seth: this was also very exciting for me because this is the complete opposite, obviously, of doing voice work in a movie. you directed your first film. >> yes, thank you for asking me. i directed a movie and it was so amazing. i had an amazing time. >> seth: do you feel like when you went into directing for the first time, that you had things in your head based on having worked with many directors over the years? that you knew what you wanted to do differently or the same as different people? >> it's funny cause when i first started i was really scared and i thought, do i know what i'm doing? and then when i got there i realized, i've been doing this my whole life, i really do know what i'm doing. and i had amazing time. and a lot of the crew and cast came up to me at the end and said, "this is the funnest job i've ever had." i think it's i was having such a good time. >> seth: that's fantastic. what's the film about? >> it's a sex comedy. it's a female-- [ laughter ] >> it's a sex comedy. >> seth: sorry cambodian kids. [ laughter ] we got to watch "norm of the north" again! [ laughter ]
1:13 am
"norm of the north" on a loop. no, no, it's a sex comedy. basically -- it's about if you grow up and you're told you're going to go to hell for having pre-marital sex, how do you have a normal sex life after that? >> seth: gotcha. [ laughter ] yeah, no i thihi that-- that would be funny to watch -- probably a less funny to live but, yeah. now, was it based on experience? did you -- like when you're writing a sex comedy and y/u have obviously relationships where -- [ inaudible ] have you had sex? [ laughter ] >> no, but i really want to! >> seth: gotcha, gotcha. >> i'm hoping that maybe tonight. >> seth: they always say do it in a movie a few times first to get the feel of it and then before you do it for the real thing. >> no, i mean i was going through a break-up, and i was sad, this was a few years ago, i was in bed, i was crying. i thought, a a of this stuff is funny if i had perspective on it. you know? and i thought about all -- some of the red flags that i've seen with past boyfriends, i thought, i want to lah at all my stupid mistakes. so i wrote the script, and i based some on some friends, and some on myself and some i made
1:14 am
and then it was kind of amazing that it actually became real, and we shot it and now it's a movie. >> seth: now, when you mentioned those red flags, you mentioned those exes, were there any exes that it was so clearly them that you had to call and say, "hey, heads up, someone -- hey greg, there is a craig in my movie and he's a lot like you." >> i hope it's not that clear. >> seth: oh, that's good. >> i'm hoping, yeah, yeah. >> seth: so you tried to like -- >> i tried to -- it's not exa. it's, you know. >> seth: gotcha. now we mentioned "boogie nights" a couple times. a movie i love, and i recently read an oral history of the film and one of the things -- i can't remember who said it, but they mentioned that when you were roller girl, at one point you just sort of rolled off the set and were just sort of rolling around van nuys, which is sort of a weird place to be on roller skates. is that true, did you do that? >> i did. i mean it's fun when you have roller skates on, you really just want to roll around. you know? >> seth: yeah. >> you know, you can just go so many places, so yeah, i rolled around. [ light laughter ] >> seth: gotcha, is it true you still have your -- roller skates from the film? >> i do, i do, i have them in a closet. actually, my friend had a dog and she named her dog dirk diggler and they said their dog just died whicis really
1:15 am
picture of me with dirk diggler and the roller skates. >> seth: before it died? >> before the dog died, yeah. >> seth: yeah, that's better. [ light laughter ] >> we had a special moment together. [ laughter ] with the roller skates and her dog. >> seth: that's very nice. well congratulations on both "norm of the north" and your directing debut. >> thank you so much. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: it's wonderful to have you here. >> thank you for having me. >> seth: heather graham everybody. "norm of the north" opens everywhere friday. we'll be right back with more "late night"! [ cheers and applause ]
1:16 am
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late night," everybody. before we continue with tonights show i wanted to take a second
1:19 am
show. very excited. it's a great lineup. beginning on monday -- >> hey seth, aren't you rgetting something? >> seth: um no. i don't think i am. >> are you sure? >> seth: yeah, i'm sure. >> so you mean to tell me you're going to go this whole entire show without mentioning that today is the 19th anniversary of jamiroquai's classic album "traveling without moving"? [ light laughter ] >> seth: yeah, no, i was definitely not going to mention that. [ light laughter ] >> what? come on, player, you know that's the album that has the hit song "virtual insanity" on it, remember that? >> seth: yeah, i mean i remember the song. >> yeah, yeah, it's the one that goes -- future mayhem [ light laughter ] virtual insanity >> seth: like i said i remember the song. always seem to be governed by some >> seth: i remember the song. i remember it. >> well then talk about it. [ laughter ] everyone in this audience is foaming at the mouth, practically underneath begging
1:20 am
mad hatter jamiroquai. [ light laughter ] >> seth: no one in this audience expects me to talk about jamiroquai. >> well, she said she would burn down your apartment building if you didn't. >> seth: leave that lady out of it. >> talk about jamiroquai. come on, man. remember that video of him room? >> seth: alright, you know what? you love jamiroquai so much, name one other jamiroquai song. >> cosmic girl, canned heat, space cowboy, hotel california, witchy woman, life in the fast lane -- >> seth: alright, hold up, hold up. buddy, i don't want to call you out here, but the last three songs you named you called were very clearly eagles songs. [ light laughter ] >> stop getting into semantics man, it's all art. >> seth: i'm sorry, excuse me, did your hat just get bigger? [ light laughter ] >> maybe. [ light laughter ] maybe the world got smaller. won't you talk about the qaui? >> seth: nobody calls them the qaui? look, i just don't think it's an important album and i kind of feel like it's not worth it to celebrate the 19th anniversary of really anything. >> what about pearl harbor?
1:21 am
[ light laughter >> look, seth, i didn't want to play this card but i just got ba from the doctor with a bad diagnosis. >> seth: oh. i'm m ally sorry. what was it? >> yeah, he said i have a terminal case of virtual insanity. >> seth: okay, that's it. you're done. you're done. we're moving on with the show. >> no, seth, please talk about jamiroquai. >> seth: i don't even know what you even want me to say about jamiroquai. >> i don't know, maybe something like this. the year is 1997. [ light laughter ] president bill clinton begins his second term in office. steve jobs returns to apple computers as a ceo, and john travolta warms america's hearts as an angel in a little film called "michael." but most importantly, funk and acid jazz history was changed forever with the release of
1:22 am
third studio album by recording british artist jamiroquai. [ light laughter ] but folks, our story doesn't begin there. it begins in wangford, suffolk, england on the 30th of december 1969 with the birth of jason luis cheetham, also known as jamiroquai. >> seth: hey man, i'm sorry, how long is this whole thing going to take? >> well, there's 17 more hat changes. >> seth: just out of curiosity, what do you do for a living? >> i'm a private military contractor for blackwater. >> seth: alright, you know what? give it up for that lunatic. we'll be right baca with music
1:23 am
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: as the first female artist in nine years hit number one with her gold certified single. tonight's musical guest has quickly has become a rising star in country music. here to perform her song "x-o," please welcome to the show kelsea ballerini! [ cheers and applause ] i'm looking in your eyes and i can see just what your doing baby i'm the one you're losing
1:27 am
you might be sitting there holding my hand and you might be acting like you're my man while we listen to the cover band, thinking you're a rockstar singing my favorite song trying to cover up the fact that the girl from your past hasn't been here all along you're still in love with your ex, oh and i ain't one to be nobody's second best, no stop holding onto me when the truth is you can't let go i think we both know i'm looking in your eyes and i can s s just what you're doing baby, i'm the one you're losing, you can't help it you keep choosing your ex, oh
1:28 am
blond, but i ain't dumb baby, i see you're here with me, but you ain't moved on sitting in the middle of a flame still burning boy, i ain't your match you can stop all the pretending cause when this night's ending you're still gonna want her back you're still in love with your ex, oh and i ain't one to be nobody's second best, no stop holding onto me when the truth is you can't let go i think we both know i'm looking in your eyes and i can see just what you're doing baby, i'm the one you're losing, you can't help it you keep choosing
1:29 am
you're still in love with your you're still in love with your yeah, you're still in love with your ex, oh and i ain't one to be nobody's second best, no stop holding onto me when the truth is you can't let go i think we both know i'm looking in your eyes and i can see just what you're doing baby, i'm the one you're losing, you can't help it you keep choosing your ex, oh you're still in love with your ex [ cheers and applause ]
1:30 am
everyone. her debut album "the first time" is out now.
1:31 am
[ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to ice cube, heather graham, kelsea ballerini everybody! glenn kotche and of course the 8g band.
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